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Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Aug 09, 2015 in Community Updates

By default Kodi starts with the Confluence skin which gives users almost everything they need to enjoy it as media center. Though one of the great powers of Kodi is that it can be adjusted in many ways. One of the most noticeable ones is changing the so called skin. Each version of Kodi (and XBMC in the past) had it’s own array of third-party skins to choose from made for that specific version. By changing this you get an entire new look and feel as well as several new perks that don’t come by default in Confluence. These skins are created by Kodi enthusiasts and they develop these skins during many months months. Yes it can really take many months before a skins is close to it’s end result. First they will have to design the concept and then work out the details and code it all up till it’s actually usable and can be shared with all of you. The ones that have been update to work with Kodi 15.0 are listed bellow in an alphabetical order and not by popularity or number of downloads. Remember that they cost a lot of time to create and each has their own advantages and look and feel. As such treat them all with respect and be grateful at these developers for sharing them.

We’ve include each with a link to our Kodi add-ons website which lists all add-ons available in our official repository. As well as the dedicated forum sections, wiki page and a YouTube video showcase that should give you a general impression of how they look when using them. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg as most if not all are highly configurable to adjust it to your specific liking (within limits of course)


Not all skins support control using a mouse or touchscreens. This is intentional as the skin developers have decided to only allow control using a remote or controller. Additionally not all support PVR. Please respect these decision of the developers as they have their reasons to do so.

Name Aeon Nox 5: Redux
Author BigNoid
Description Redux: Completely redesigned to create a modern look, while retaining the classic Aeon feel.


Name Arctic: Zephyr
Author jurialmonkey
Description Arctic: Zephyr is the third iteration of the Arctic skin created by jurialmunkey. Arctic focuses on being simple, clean and minimalistic with a light spin.


Name Back-Row
Author Sharpe
Description Back Row is all about recapturing the magic of going to the cinema in your own home. The skin has been designed with this aim in mind but has taken on board many good ideas and suggestions from the XBMC community. Over the years it has become a polished theme that can be easily customised to suit your needs. So go grab some popcorn and fool around on the Back Row.


Name Black Glass Nova
Author Tgx
Description Ported from MediaPortal, Black Glass Nova is an easy to use and fanart oriented skin designed for Full HD TV screens.


Name Cirrus Extended
Author paradix
Description An modification on the original Cirrus Extended skin created by Butchabay


Name Mimic
Author bryanbrazil
Description Mimic: A Kodi skin with touches of reFocus and Aeon Nox. Many thanks to BigNoid and Jeroen.


Name Nebula
Author Tgx
Description Simple and full-featured light or dark color skin designed for Full HD TV screens.


Name Neon
Author kib, bumpaneer
Description Neon started as the excellent Night skin by mcborzu, inspiration from djh_ and liberal amounts of knowledge, code and graphics from Jezz_x’s work on Confluence – all rolled into one by stoli.


Name Rapier
Author Gade
Description The goal is to provide a simple to use but clean and elegant interface that focuses on efficiency when browsing your media. Important considerations are put on usability, performance, and providing the user with flexibility when it comes to customization. Rapier tries to support all the latest features Kodi has to offer as long as it fits in with the skin’s design goals.


Name Titan
Author marcelveldt
Description MediaPortal’s Titan skin ported to Kodi enriched with lot’s of features.


Name Transparency!
Author ronie
Description What is Transparency!? Short answer: a fanart skin. The main goal of Transparency! is showing your fanart, fullscreen, in all of the views, all of the time. Besides this, it also tries to support every neat new feature Kodi has to offer. To save everyone a lot of time and trouble hacking the xml code themselves, all of these new features are already included in the skin, pre-configured and enabled by default (wherever possible).


Name Xperience1080
Author Piers, xhaggi, ‘Black
Description Xperience1080 provides a clean, full-width, panel-based interface.


So far these are the skins that are listed as Kodi 15.0 compatible in our repository. This doesn’t mean that the other Skins currently listed don’t work at all. However some might lack a feature that has been added or changed in 15.0 In due time we’re sure most other skins will be updated as well to be fully compatible. Some skins have already a working version available for testing which can be found in the skin forum section. This however might require some technical knowledge to get these installed.

Leave a comment on what your favourite skins is at the moment.

That’s it for now. ENJOY!


Discussion - 58 Comments

  • Deihmos Aug 09, 2015 

    Best skin I have used is artic.

    • manuel Aug 15, 2015 

      wich one?

  • Pete Norris Aug 09, 2015 

    I love Transparency!. I often try other skins, but I always return to Transparency!.

    • Tarkus_ Aug 10, 2015 

      Agreed. I’ve been using Transparency for some time now.

  • odoll Aug 09, 2015 

    I personally prefer the non-official CCM skin, which comes close to what I was used before Confluence became the “minimalistic” skin.

  • Vitaly Gurevich Aug 09, 2015 

    Where is Amber skin? It by far the best skin out of all of them.

  • Brad Horstkotte Aug 09, 2015 


    • Josh Aug 09, 2015 

      +1 for Ace.

  • Sjonnie Aug 09, 2015 

    I use Aeon Nox now for over two years on both my machines. Clean, fast and higly customizable :-)

  • Margaret Aug 09, 2015 

    Just upgraded to W 10…Where are all my pictures and music?

    Thank you

  • Quattro Aug 09, 2015 

    I can’t seem to understand why this one isn’t in, but Eminence is just absolutely fantastic. It’s so minimalistic, yet very stylish and modern. It’s a bit Windows 8/10 like in my opinion in styling.

  • Scott Aug 09, 2015 

    Arctic Zephyr

    • hdmkv Aug 09, 2015 


  • Superman Aug 09, 2015 

    Although there a lot of very nice skins for Kodi in my opinion the best is Metropolis!

  • Meglivorn Aug 09, 2015 

    I used Alaska for long. Then I upgraded to Gotham and Alaska wasn’t really compatible so switched to Ace. Again, a great skin, I love it very much.
    Now I’m planning to upgrade to Isengard, and Ace isn’t really compatible, so switched again.

    Now it’s Nebula. Great skin, clean gui, quick. I really like it. Still need to iron some minor things but thats just me.

    There are so many great skins for Kodi, many of them puts official devices gui to shame.

  • DV Aug 09, 2015 

    So nobody has tried Bello ? :o

    It’s my go-to skin. Tried even Aeon Nox (maybe I didn’t have time to configure deeply enough), but I went back to Bello. Very light and highly customizable.

    • Bingz Aug 10, 2015 

      +1 for bello. Should be flagship default skin IMHO.

  • Khalid Aug 09, 2015 

    I LOVE Aeon Nox!

  • Sam Aug 09, 2015 

    i like Metropolis

  • costi Aug 09, 2015 

    Ace for me, though reFocus is also nice.

    BTW. great idea making a skin showcase without actually showing the skins themselves…

  • Fabio Albieri Aug 09, 2015 

    Just open repository to derivated skins. Life is too shirt to retrieve updates from github, and there are a few GREAT skins out there (Immersive for example).

    • costi Aug 11, 2015 

      Still, at least a screenshot of main screen of each skin would’ve been nice.

  • Daryl Knighten Aug 09, 2015 

    I switch often between CCM-Aeon Nox-Silence Rom. Great qualities in all.

  • Frank Aug 09, 2015 

    For live TV the best skin is xperience1080. thanks to xhaggi for great TÜV section support.

  • hector Aug 09, 2015 

    The most complete and powerful skin is the aeon MQ5 , followed by transparency .

    • Carsten Aug 10, 2015 

      And even MQ6 is around the corner and by far the best skin!

      • Sajarac Aug 12, 2015 

        Totally agree, MQ5-6 best skin ever!!!

  • Matt Aug 10, 2015 

    Anyone know when Vision 3 is coming?

  • Seijmo Aug 10, 2015 

    Zephyr user here

  • trsqr Aug 10, 2015 

    Arctic Zephyr has become the skin that’s both usable and pretty without unnecessary bling bling. The family likes it too!

    I guess the comments here prove that we all have different tastes and no skin will be able to satisfy everyone.

    • bam Aug 10, 2015 

      Maybe, but I personally have just looked at Arctic: Zephyr and Aeon Nox 5: Redux and… WOW, they both no doubt seem so much better than our old Confluence! :)

  • Manman Aug 10, 2015 

    +10 Ace


    Aeon MQ6

    all other skins is trash sorry

    All art user cd,fan,coverart usw

  • kikassridec2 Aug 10, 2015 

    Transparency for me, love being able to view all my movies in bluray cases :)

  • Carlos Aug 10, 2015 

    I love your community communication, simply perfect! That’s where lot of other projects fail.

  • foss Aug 10, 2015 

    Can someone recommend a good theme for mobile usage? Confluence isn’t that great to use on a small iPhone screen. It’s ok on an iPad, but makes me wonder: Does an optimized theme for small screens exist?

    • Deihmos Aug 12, 2015 

      I was wondering the same thing. It does not seem such a skin exist but I wish it did.

    • foss Aug 13, 2015 


      Looks like a good attempt to solve this, but is not yet in the Kodi repos. Hope this get’s some love and will make it into the official skin repos.

  • Prometeus Aug 11, 2015 

    No eminence?

  • Yogafrog Aug 11, 2015 

    My all-time favorite is Nebula, very smooth and clear. Still wait for a final release of Alaska HD . Love Kodi :-) .

  • Matt Aug 11, 2015 

    is there a skin that gives you a mini-guide like WMC has? (and DTV, and probably most cable boxes…)

    this seems a startling omission

    • Kib Aug 14, 2015 

      Several skins support PVR views, but not all. You’ll have to check which do.

  • Captainken Aug 11, 2015 

    Very nice Martijn! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy development schedule to compile this list.

  • Ian Aug 11, 2015 

    Arctic Zephyr is just pure awesomeness..the AZE mod was purely amazing too.

  • Eddie Aug 11, 2015 

    I use Aeon Nox 5 and Xperience 1080, both are great skins. Though there are so many things about Aeon Nox 4 that I miss. I’m not really sure how to do a lot of customization on Aeon Nox 5 and I’m positive I’m not using it to its potential, but I miss little things like the large showcase covers.

  • James Aug 12, 2015 

    Odd – I keep going back to Confluence. Maybe I’m just old.

  • SiGNe Aug 13, 2015 

    i’v been using Aeon Nox since version 4.0, looks great, works great!

    Sometimes i would like to try a new skin but hen i check the add on section here it doen’t give me a good overview and in cases of some skins, not even screenshots, only a short discription.
    So the only way to see of you like it or not is to install it (and uninstall if you didn’t like it), that’s not very practical.

    With other plugins too, is it too much to ask for the developers of the plugins to write a short discription or a screenshot if applicable?
    XBMC and Kodi have been working great for years, maybe it’s time to enhance the Add-ons secton?

  • Sumna Nituumakki Aug 13, 2015 

    Arctic Zephyr is just perfect. simple and clean.

  • CaBrA Aug 14, 2015 

    TOP 3 SKINS:

    1) Artic Zephyr: Simple, clean but lack some customization features

    2) Aeon Nox: One of the best choices, no bugs

    3) Mimic: Clean like Artic Zephyr, sometimes buggy when skins updates it reverts to confluence.

  • Daniel Steiner Aug 15, 2015 

    Well, you seem to miss Eminence, I love that skin as it has a sleek, simple, metro-ish look and is customisable to my needs.

  • Matt Aug 16, 2015 

    Everytime I try a new skin….. I come back to Confluence in under 10mins. It’s just too clean and functional to pass up.

    • Ssss Aug 16, 2015 

      Same here!

  • T Aug 18, 2015 

    Arctic: Zephyr is my favorite

  • HT Aug 19, 2015 


  • Stefan Aug 20, 2015 

    Nothing beat Rapier in my opinion for my needs it is the best skin out there as it have everything movie and tv series related in friendly usage….plus easy settings…and foremost it is beautiful and I Love It and would love to see it as a Standard Skin :)

  • Sarah Aug 21, 2015 

    I’ve been holding off upgrading to Kodi 15 as I thought Xperience1080 wasn’t available for this version but now I can see that it is, I will be upgrading this weekend! Everyone has their preference, but no others match Xperience1080 for me! =)

  • l4v4l4mp3 Aug 21, 2015 

    Titan <3

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