Kodi 16.0 Alpha 1 & 2 – Jarvis at your service

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Sep 03, 2015 in Pre-Release

While we are still working on improving the Kodi 15 release by adding numerous fixes, developers have been working on new features and new fixes for Kodi 16, codenamed Jarvis, for quite some time now. Let’s take a look at a few of those features and fixes that have made it into alphas 1 and 2 of Kodi 16.

DirectX 11 upgrade

DX11One of our developers afedchin took on this task and completely revised our DirectX 9 implementation and upgraded it to the more current standard of DirectX 11. Don’t worry if you still have an older card, we only use low level features so you don’t need to run to the shop for new gear. So why is this so important? The old DirectX 9 implementation we were still using was done in a way that it could fail for newer videocard drivers. By updating it to DX11 proper support is assured for the newer video cards as well of a whole lot of other improvements across the board.


4:3 Non-linear Stretch

It’s perhaps a bit late in coming, but Kodi finally supports stretching 4:3 content to 16:9 in a way that doesn’t warp the content that’s occurring in the center of the screen. Finally, you’ll be able to watch Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, and Duck Tales in full screen without the awkward screen stretching from the past.


Event logging

Have you ever added your folder of movies to Kodi and then discovered, sometimes weeks later, that a movie never made it in? A solution for issues like that is finally starting to take shape.

Event logging is an option that tracks some events and shows these in a chronological order in system settings -> logging. By the time of the final release of Kodi 16, we will have refined what will actually be shown in that list as it currently only adds the basic “notifications”. Ultimately, we think this may become an incredibly useful feature, as you’ll finally be able to see all of the things Kodi is doing and, in some cases, failing to do.

EventLogging01 EventLogging02

Split up skin settings

One long awaited change is splitting up skin settings from the core Kodi settings. In the past all skin settings and Kodi settings were saved in one big file. What’s the problem you might ask? Well fact is that the more skins you installed and tried out the bigger the file grew all loading it takes a tiny bit of time. Additionally it wasn’t easy to start fresh with Kodi settings without also losing all you skin customisations. Now all is split up like we already had done for all other add-ons, you can now easily remove Kodi settings and keep the skins settings intact. Additionally you can also just copy the skin/add-on settings to any other Kodi installation and they would instantly have the same settings as you had given the fact you also have installed them there. On upgrade from any previous Kodi or XBMC version to 16.0 we will process and convert the file without you even noticing. All will be done automatically.

More information:  http://kodi.wiki/view/Userdata  -> “user_data”

Image resource add-ons

Although not of real importance to end-users, it’s really convenient for our skin developers. Before each skin had to include all the images it wanted to show. For example most skins show the studio or recordlabel when browsing library. Each skin would have to include these images for it work and as such each skin would have to update the included images. On average this came down to about ~20Mb of files that were shipped with each skin. By putting that into separate add-ons all skins can now make use of the same resource add-ons if they wish without needing to care for updating the images any more. This cuts down download size of skins on install/update and the image add-ons can be updated separate from the skins itself. This makes handling skins much easier and less resource intensive.

Other Important Changes:

  • * Start of integration of ADSP handling (no add-ons shipped yet)
  • * Improve image resizing and caching algorithm to improve image quality of images
  • * Added support for the musicbrainz “ARTISTS” tag in id3v2, ape, xiph.
  • * Add date added to music library and use it for sorting
  • * Support saving skin settings as add-on data instead of in guisettings.xml
  • * Image resource add-ons which provides common image libraries than can be used by several skins and add-ons.
  • * Don’t mess with the long and short date formats defined in the language files
  • * Win32: Proper 24.0/60.0 Hz refresh rate in fake fullscreen mode
  • * Add sort method for albums “artist / year”. This will sort the albums chronological per artist.
  • * Moved some add-on categories to “look and feel” in add-on manager
  • * Series recording added for PVR
  • * Add a “none” option for preferred subtitles

An enormous list of improvements

Besides the list above there has been a lot of work done in all areas in our source code. Removing old code, splitting up parts in more logical chunks and making it all more resilient to future changes. All these changes are part of a massive change list that only makes sense to developers actually knowing what the source code does. In short we will no bother you all with summing up the list. It’s just something that is worth mentioning that not all improvements have to be actual features and are visible to users. We prefer that the program actually works than adding bells and whistles.


Should you want to download and install this alpha (monthly) build please visit our download page.

Get involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can, or donate to the XBMC Foundation if you like. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

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  • Ace Love Sep 03, 2015 

    These new features look pretty sweet :)

    I think if you’re doing a Jarvis build you guys should put some voice search capabilities in.

    “Hey Kodi, play The Avengers!” :)

    • James McMorine Sep 06, 2015 

      This is exactly what I was thinking. When I first saw it, I actually thought it was just a voice search add on

    • Diko Sep 08, 2015 

      I’ll second that!

      • Joe Sep 08, 2015 


        • Martin Sep 18, 2015 


          I was so happy to see it since I thought it would be voice control aka. Ironman.

    • thiago Sep 09, 2015 

      Heeyyy can you implement the 3d 1080p/24hz frame packing? is better than SBS and top and bottom to watch movies, and is that and a menu and iso reader that i will wait to get out of power dvd and use only kodi

    • Bob Sep 13, 2015 

      Good call however, amazon firestick has a download feature that has a voice and keyboard search.

    • Dojoroda Sep 20, 2015 

      Just a nice add on wide or system wide search would be awesome…Sort of similar to Spotlight on Mac or the search on the Roku boxes…

    • raky_B Oct 28, 2015 

      and i hink it would be nice that we can jusy STOP Kodi manually when it trying to open something and it doesn’t go 5, 10 or more minutes, instead of turning of Kodi and try again.
      actuallu, best solution would be if status “working” don’t change itself in 30 sec or 1 minut, Kodi cancel that option alone

      • kato Nov 17, 2015 

        I completly agree. A bad addon, or URL not well captched can keep you waiting a couple of minutes until a timeout. Please give a try and solve this.
        Thx in advance! :)

      • paul Nov 27, 2015 

        Great work from you guys I have had some take up to three mins before it stops trying to load very annoying that’s if it doesn’t freeze thankfully its only once a day or so

  • Chris Sep 03, 2015 

    I’ve got a question about 4:3 non-linear stretch and probably can all ready guess the answer. I know I have a couple of DVD’s that I used some form of stretch with Kodi and it looked decent. My question has to do with movies and shows grabbed with PlayOn, whe I play so,etching from Netflix it gives a loading screen that’s full screen then the 4:3 episode or movie plays. Will this make those movies look 16:9?

    • Jack Sep 03, 2015 

      Unfortunately Playon won’t apply – what Playon does is transcode a video of the videoplayer on a simulated 16:9 monitor, meaning that the image you’re actually seeing in kodi IS a 16:9 video that just happens to be black on the sides. No way to change that I think!

      • Chris Sep 03, 2015 

        Like I said I probably knew that would be the answer. Sucks for me since I hate the side bars. BUT this feature will be nice for my dad since he still refuses to buy blurays and gets DVD’s because “they’re cheaper”.

      • Gaz Sep 09, 2015 

        I don’t know if this helps you out mate ;) I went to….System>Settings>Video>Playback and changed “Minimize Black Bars to 20%. Then Display 4:3 Videos As Stretch 16:9.

        Helped me out a bit but i think some streams are hard coded to 4:3.

        Hope this helped if you haven’t tried it ;)


    • Deana Sep 12, 2015 


      Sorry to sound like such a doofus…this is probably a stupid question, but what were you talking about when you said you used “dvds”? Again, sorry if that sounds stupid.


  • Fail$tyle420 Sep 03, 2015 

    Sounds great! Really looking forward to this next version! When will the animated posters make it’s way into Kodi? I know a custom version of Kodi already has the support on Wanilton’s forums.

    • Ace Love Sep 04, 2015 

      I’ve just looked that up now, the cinemagraphed covers are awesome. I’d love this!

  • Andres Sep 03, 2015 

    what about DSP? Eq?

    • Ned Scott Sep 04, 2015 

      Audio DSL add-on support is included in v16 builds. I think some (maybe all?) of the actual ADSP add-ons are having a temp build issue, so they might not be in the Alpha 2 build, but that is just a temp thing.

  • Wouter Sep 03, 2015 

    Nice one.

    One feature I would like to see added is, cleaning up the database with old entries/artwork once videos are removed from the library

    • Roger Sep 06, 2015 

      Yep that would be a nice feature!

    • Bob Sep 07, 2015 

      Yeah this would be one of the most useful features, cleaning old files from the library is a long slow process at the mo

  • nibble Sep 03, 2015 

    Will 16 include Audiobook support, or at the very least the ability to resume audio files like videos?

    • Ned Scott Sep 04, 2015 

      Not sure yet, but it’s possible that it will go in for v16. A lot of that work has already been done.

      • Joseph Zajdler Sep 06, 2015 

        Listening to Audiobooks using Kodi on my mobile or tablet in he car then continuing on my media pc when I got home would be great.
        Currently, I am using Smart Audiobook player on android which creates a resume/bookmark file in the same directory as the audiobook mp3s, which I can sync using BTSYNC, which allows me to continue on another android device,

        This would be a great additional feature to audiobook playback on Kodi.

  • Adonis K. Sep 03, 2015 

    I’m glad you guyz took the time to refactor the codebase, make it modular and easier to develop. It’s one of the things that most projects are afraid of doing because they will fall back in providing features but meanwhile the technical debt keeps rising.

  • Szymon Sep 03, 2015 

    So still no retroplayer …. next release, next release ….

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 03, 2015 

      For the record, none of us has ever said next release. Retroplayer is a huge project. There’s absolutely no way to know when even some of the pieces will make it in.

    • Ali Sep 04, 2015 

      Come-on, don’t bring games into Kodi :(

      • morbid Sep 04, 2015 

        As long as it’s modular or the stuff can be hidden… what does it matter to you? I don’t watch live TV, yet I don’t complain about Kodi supporting PVR’s. I watch movies and play Atari Jaguar games… so I can’t wait to see what the Kodi team does with Retroplayer!

        • Paul Sep 16, 2015 

          I have a set-up on a RPI2 running OSMC. I then installed Retroplayer via SSH. The retro player start appears as a program addon that launches Retroplayer and it runs fine. I close retroplayer and Kodi launches. Job done as far as I’m concerned.

          • Paul Sep 16, 2015 

            I forgot to mention I’m on the latest stable release, 15.1

          • Kib Sep 21, 2015 

            I think you are talking about a seperate program?

            We are talking about an complete integration into the kodi library, with metadata, instant file playing, cross-game controller support and easy setup. See http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=164725 and http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=194

          • Pete Oct 01, 2015 

            I have a similar setup but I don’t think its workable for some configurations, I would guess you can’t do similar in android for instance. Anyway lets face it a built in version would be nicer and even opens up possibilities for more complex plugin development as libretro doesn’t necessarily have to be used for emulation.

            I am sure its a huge project and will take time to get right so thanks to the people working on it.

      • Ego Sep 10, 2015 

        You are aware of Kodi’s origin, right?..

    • Stelios Sep 11, 2015 

      While I appreciate it is important to some people, what could it possibly bring to the table that the brilliant HyperSpin does not already support? I can truly say that Hyperspin+Kodi has changed my family’s life. Thanks guys :)

  • Oberon Sep 03, 2015 

    Still waiting for an official proper “Play random Movie/TV-episode/Season” feature…

    • nedscott Sep 04, 2015 

      This should be possible in Kodi v15 and up, thanks to context menu add-ons. Someone could make a new context menu action that says “Play random episode from selected” and it would work on a selected TV show, folder, season, etc.

      • curti Sep 04, 2015 

        I should be able to do this by modifying my context.show.runtime add-on. A couple of options could include only randomly play watched episodes from a specified show, play unwatched movies, etc.

    • Zebraitis Sep 05, 2015 

      You know, I accomplish that “play random” by running the old add-on “PseudoTV”.

      While some complain that it doesn’t work for them, and its feature set is fairly limited, it does provide a DirecTV-like menu of channels and throws your movies and TV shows into categories for you… as well as have a time option as well. (ex: Don’t like what is on the Sci-Fi channel now? scroll forward some hours and see what the next Sci-Fi movie may be).

      If you have a huge library, it’s a great program.

    • rmrector Sep 12, 2015 

      I’ve put together a context item that can play a random video from (hopefully) any sort of list that Kodi can display. It may not be ‘official’, but thanks to new add-on options in Kodi 15 it’s about as straightforward to use as one could expect.


  • Pierre Dionne Sep 03, 2015 

    Still no mention about real library handling multi language (audio). As important of year, genre and Country

    Big disappointment!

  • petter Sep 03, 2015 

    superb great work
    Still no dts-hd on mac OSX
    Ore will it be hd support for macosx

    • Ned Scott Sep 04, 2015 

      That’s an Apple/OS X limitation. No OS X applications have HD audio passthrough.

  • Senaxx Sep 03, 2015 

    Is headless version also on the roadmap for version 16? I know there is emby, for central content management, but i prefer kodi i think

  • MrSpotmarker Sep 03, 2015 

    I’d love to see a offline caching feature. Like – If youre at home and stream content from network sources where your whole library is locatet, but when you’re planning to go on a trip with your laptop/tabket/smartphone you can tick off a movie or two that get “cached” for offline viewing.

  • John Sep 03, 2015 

    Would it be possible to clear cache and thumbnails automatically when you exit kodi

    • Mike Sep 16, 2015 

      Yea I agree with you on clear all the cache thumbnails and any other mambo jumbo you don’t need. They need to fix the exit from kodi it always makes kodi freeze on almost every OS. I downloaded this maintaines add-on and it has a force close and that works like a charm every time and it’s shuts down kodi quick. Or a button on the home screen next to the power that’s a garbage can and when you click on it it clears everything from cache library thumbnails etc..

  • tommy Sep 03, 2015 


  • kabaduk Sep 04, 2015 

    Most of all I expect from Jarvis is:
    1) Display 4:3 video as: “Custom Scale”+”Scale factor”
    2) Loading external audio tracks

  • Simon East Sep 04, 2015 

    Any improvements to digital sound output on Sony TV coming? I currently have to ensure I start the amp via the TV then access Kodi via Home button and then enable pass through. Bit long winded…auto detect the amp state would be great but better negotiation when it is on would do nicely?

    It would also be nice if bookmarks for videos could be stored on the NAS and picked up by other Kodi installs.


    • Kib Sep 07, 2015 

      Bookmarks are stored in the library. If you use a centralised database with mySQL or (i believe) even with UPnP then bookmarks are accessible from multiple devices already .

  • Samy Sep 04, 2015 

    Maybe change the scanning of movies to library so that i puts everything into the library instead of just dumping the movies it does not recognize then it just puts it in the ibrary withouth the info from the scraper and just takes a screenshot…..just like other media players like WD live tv…

    • punchrock Sep 04, 2015 

      Thank you. How has this not been such a priority before?

  • Luu Sep 04, 2015 

    kodi 4k support video

    • Kib Sep 21, 2015 

      Already there.

  • Sander Sep 04, 2015 


    Is there any chance of upnp media integration being implemented in 16?

  • Enrico Sep 04, 2015 

    What about Blu Ray and Blu Ray Menu?
    I saw that now install libbluray8.1

  • Khalid Sep 04, 2015 

    Awesome news … you guys making great progress! :-)

  • Alec @ Sky Phone Number Sep 04, 2015 

    Great improvements, my compliments to the devs

  • Manolo Sep 04, 2015 

    Some advance in game api in kodi 16? I really like to view retroplayer in kodi with the game api :-)

  • Ryan Sep 04, 2015 

    Everything KODI is Great! Would also love to see Voice activation that would not only bring up my personal library but movies/shows within add-ons as well. This would need to be implemented with the fire tv of course or any hardware that allows voice direction.

  • Blitzen Sep 04, 2015 

    Oh, how I’d love to see a web browser implemented in Kodi. Right now, there’s no way to follow live streams from LiveStream.com on the FireTV stick, and a browser within Kodi would make that possible! :)

  • Cyril Sep 04, 2015 

    Great work!
    Any chane to get a new default skin with modern design?

    • Rebel Sep 05, 2015 

      I’m sure that if you offered your thoughts on what a ‘modern design’ looks like, the developers will be all over it … won’t you developers? ;)

  • Nick S Sep 04, 2015 

    Other Important Changes:

    * Series recording added for PVR

    My wife says “thank you”

  • Jeff B. Sep 05, 2015 

    Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for developing and making available a beautiful program. I’m looking forward to ‘Jarvis’ in hopes the image improvements mentioned will translate into sharper, crisper video playback. Nevertheless, thanks again!

  • Bkund12 Sep 05, 2015 

    Hi all,
    Great work!!!!
    Any chance that SACD passthrough will come in this new release?
    Thanks a lot for all the work done so far!

  • SD45541 Sep 05, 2015 

    Are there any plans to update Kodi to use the newest version of libdvdnav and libdvdread? I have lots of DVDs that will either not play (even when decrypted/ripped to ISO files), or will start but the menus will not work properly. Many of these now work under VLC since the DVD read and nav libs were finally updated about a year ago.

  • Anthony Sep 05, 2015 

    Love the “Event Logging” feature.

    Had been meaning to post a request for this type of function as I regularly miss the toasts that popup when an addon is updated, or an addon does something, and having a Notifications tab/windows to go back and review these would be great.

  • Frank Werner Sep 05, 2015 

    Rating music while playing is needed :-)

  • Luiz Carlos Sep 05, 2015 


  • Sarah Sep 05, 2015 

    Loved it

  • Dark Helmet Sep 05, 2015 

    Add date added to music library and use it for sorting

    That sounds very interesting. How are existing tracks in the library handled? By file date?

    • Martijn Sep 05, 2015 

      file date yes. It will ask for a rescan to add this to your current library.
      If you mean old method, simply by order of scanning through the folders

      • Dark Helmet Sep 06, 2015 

        Thanks for the information. Indeed I meant the rescan. Cool feature.

  • keopsis Sep 05, 2015 

    Is a flat design GUI for later this year ?
    Because I don’t like very much the glossy look from xbmc.

    • Sn00p Sep 06, 2015 

      You should have a look at the “Mimic” skin : relies on flat design and really worth it !

  • Kivanc Sep 05, 2015 

    Will there be an update for OSX El Capitan ? For Airplay to be better without stuttering.

  • Michael Sep 05, 2015 

    I wish when the same view types for TV Shows and Movies are used they did not have to share the last position. If you don’t understand what I mean I am talking about like lets say you selected the 8th movie in your list and then when you enter your TV Shows the 8th TV Show would also be selected. Both TV Shows and Movies folders should remember which show or movie was last selected when the same view type is used for both!

  • Sheldon John Sep 06, 2015 

    Has the Forward/Rewind issue found in v15 been fixed? I downgraded to v14 because this was bugging me lot with freeze on rewind. Please let me know if Jarvis is worth it?

    (I still like the name”Frodo’ the best.)

  • Aarron Tame Sep 06, 2015 

    Well done to the Dev’s looks great!! Cant wait to test and experience all the new features. Is it possible to add support for Movie Set MetaData and extra artwork i.e. Logos??

  • Clive Sep 06, 2015 

    (supports stretching 4:3 content to 16:9) I’m so pleased this is now in, thank you.

  • Bernd Sep 07, 2015 

    Please add BD 3D Iso support

  • pjmur Sep 07, 2015 

    I have had all manner of issues getting my XBMC/KODI install working just right. It’s taken me the best part of a year to get things just the way I like them (mainly due to user stupidity :/ ).

    But now that I have it the way I like I am just in awe of the amazing work the KODI team does. The changes and improvements just keep coming at a relentless rate. (Don’t you guys have homes to go to??)

    On a completely irrelevant note, that image of the splash screen for Jarvis is truly awful. When it comes to art I am a firm believer that less is more. I love the splash screens for Isengard (15.0 and 15.1). They are clean, simple, and they convey a very clear message.

  • Xonic Sep 07, 2015 

    So when will basic audio queuing be implemented? Play next/Add to queue options would be nice. Please? :)

    • Mark Sep 08, 2015 

      Agreed. And a toggle that prevents someone from clicking “Play” and erasing the entire playlist would be nice. The official iOS remote has this problem as well. Sadly audio features like these are always an afterthought in Kodi.

  • bledd Sep 07, 2015 

    Does that logo say “opensaurce” instead of opensource ?


  • blu Sep 07, 2015 

    could you please add support for the Zappiti 4k players at the moment the resolution is locked @ 720p

  • eclectice Sep 08, 2015 

    I have tried Kodi 15.2 Isengrad on Sony Bravia 4k Android TV KD-49X8300C, but I am disappointed with 4K DLNA streaming performance compared to native Video app and VLC Player for Android TV. Please improve the hardware acceleration performance on ARM7 or maybe consult Sony on the issue.

  • Ruppert Sep 08, 2015 

    Hi kodi team I know that with a MYSQL setup right you can watch a TV show or movie on one kodi setup and stop it and then go watch it on another kodi setup in another room but I have noooo clue how to set it up right ( i’m 10000% sure i’d mess up the setup ) so my question is is the kodi team working on doing this feature with UPnP for me the UPnP is just a 123 setup for nobs like me i’d love to see this feature work in a UPnP setup is it still being worked on for a future version of kodi ? Is it a scrapped idea thank you for any info on this you guys do awesome work and everyone loves all the hard work and time that all you devs put into this 24/7 from all of us a very big THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH

    • Mike Ward Sep 09, 2015 

      That would be great. More and more people have Kodi in multiple rooms. I get “kicked out” of the den all the time by my wife and daughters and have to restart what I’m watching (and Fast Forward to 48:32.)

      Resume play? would be great in a different location on the same network.

    • Zebraitis Sep 10, 2015 

      BTW… the MySQL installation is documented right here:


      Based on that info, I have two Win10 systems, 3 Pivos Xios Linux boxes, an android Note, and an iPad Gen 1 all pulling info from one main server that wakes on demand.

      If you can read, you can do it.

  • Woerd88 Sep 08, 2015 

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

    That screenshot of ducktales made me laugh :) … nice feature!

  • Fabian Sep 08, 2015 

    Still no Dual-Audio included in Kodi 16?…pleeeeaaasseeeee include it and save us from installing the dual-audio-patch manually for every new version of kodi….how long do we have to wait until this feature gets involved? Please dear Kodi-Team…please start developing this.

  • Gaz Sep 09, 2015 

    Hey guys looks amazing :d Hows about adding a pop-out video window so that you can move the video screen onto another. For instance (Laptop to TV) with the ability to still control the add-ons, channels etc. from the laptop whilst the screen is playing on the TV. Would be handy to use extended mode instead of duplicate on the laptop.

    Thanks & keep up the amazing work :d

  • Scott Sep 09, 2015 

    Could there one day be an automatic update button added to kodi. It would say trying to reinstall a different version of kodi. Just something i was thinking about. I think that what youbguys are doing is awesome.

  • haywire Sep 09, 2015 

    will there be an emulator built into this release? i remember reading that they were hoping to have this included when they released v15

    is there any update?

  • kikassridec2 Sep 09, 2015 

    dts hd-ma 7.1 full decoding, finally detected and displayed :)

    ffmeg 2.8 included ??

    9-8-2915 jarvis 16 nightly build :)

    • blu Sep 10, 2015 

      Hi kikassridec2

      what operating system are you using?


  • kikassridec2 Sep 10, 2015 

    hi blu,

    windows 10 pro dev build 10532

    • blu Sep 12, 2015 

      Hi kikassridec2,

      Thanks for your reply!!

      DTS-HD works, But its showing multi channel Audio on my Denon X4000 Amp.

      My setup: Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10

  • Codeye Sep 11, 2015 

    Something to Rip DVD/CD to libray and convert files to different formats , also what happened to the tab next to viedo when inserting a DVD/CD tab that would pop up once a item was inserted . That was very useful :)

  • Francesco Sep 11, 2015 

    Retroplayer didn’t make it this time either ;____;

  • DenisR Sep 11, 2015 

    I love you for “4:3 Non-linear Stretch” !
    But what about black bar removing in PVR ?

  • Fabian Sep 12, 2015 

    Can someone please answer my question if there is any chance to integrate the dual-audio-feature from the inofficial dual-audio-patch in the near future so we don’t have to install the patch manually anymore?

  • Stefan Sep 12, 2015 

    Very very nice but the only thing keeping me from using it is that My favo skin Rapier do not work on this version….but I did test Direct X 11 on version 15.1 and working splendid at my end :) …but I really love the new 16:9 Nonlinear on Jarvis as my old movies could be seen in non weird fullscreen view…..yet maybe need a small adjustment….a tiny tiny bit as screen seamed to big (close) somehow….but maybe just me :) anyhow I would use Jarvis if Rapier was made for it….will use it when it will be updated for Jarvis though :) …..Now I’ll stay on DirectX 11 15.1 for now….yet could not see a DirectX 11 version for 15.2 -mm- oh well….Thank you for making the best mediacenter even better -Good Work- :)

    • Gade Sep 14, 2015 

      Rapier for Isengard should work fine with Jarvis? It does on my machines…

      The new features needs to be implemented, but everything else should be fine.

      Anyway, a working version for Jarvis is ready pretty soon :)

      • Stefan Sep 14, 2015 

        @Gade on my machine there is no menus on start screen (The Home Screen) + if in settings no cursor appear….So for me it do not work on Jarvis as of now but I do hope it will on the finished new version of Rapier, Thank you for your great work……Rapier is still my Nr:1 Skin to use so will look forward to it :)

        • Stefan Sep 14, 2015 

          @Gade….I downloaded your skin from the site instead of the outoupdated one and now it works???? go figure….But now it do work on Jarvis -so weird- :) thank you Gade for your work.

          • Stefan Sep 14, 2015 

            @Gade I spoke to soon as when I restarded kodi there is the empty homepage again with no menus so no way to get to stuff….So it is clearly not working on Jarvis Alpha 2 build on my machine….I have no clue why this is happening…maybe the new Direct X or else something must have changed in theming……Hope it get fixed -Thank you again. :)

          • Gade Sep 14, 2015 

            You need to either use the official version from Kodi repo or the development version from my repo.

            Out of curiosity, which language do you use (System -> Appearance -> International -> Language)?

          • Stefan Sep 15, 2015 

            @Gade I am using the right version….MY Language is Swedish.
            Rapier work on earlier versions without problem it is just Jarvis Alpha 2 this is happening on…..So it should not be my system right as the two main Skins in Kodi Jarvis Alpha 2 work with no problems……The thing is though that I love the Rapier Skin so I do hope this error will be fixed….MY System by the way is Windows 8.1 ,Intel core i7 4770 cpu 3,40 GHz ,16GIG RAM ,GeForce GTX 650 driver 355.82 ,res: 1920×1080.
            Just thought this may help to trace the problem with the skin perhaps…..Have a good day and thank you.

          • Stefan Sep 17, 2015 

            @Gade I can now use Rapier but it took some work -phue- I used some files from github…..changes some .xml files….and believe it or not I had to download the version here on kodi…..to make it start but somehow the changes to some .xml files and some other files it just begun to work with the new settings for 16.9 nonlinear and stuff….yea I scratched my head as I really had no clue what I had done really to make it work -he he he- Your update from your repository did not work for me and that may have been why things got furked up in the first place……..But thanks to github and the version here I got the newsest version you made for alpha 1 up and running in my own strange way…..The whole freaking day went in to this -yawns- but I’m just happy it works now no matter how it got to work….Thank you for the update in the .xml file to alpha 1 that did a lot of help i think :) anyhow have a great eve now and thanx again for the greatest Skin :)

  • elektrinis Sep 12, 2015 

    Please add a checkbox to enable system volume control. This is killing me, have to use additional remote just because of this. Thanks.

  • cp Sep 13, 2015 

    where are the movies?

    • Martijn Sep 13, 2015 

      IN a store where you can buy them

    • Stefan Sep 13, 2015 

      @cp or your digital collection on your hard drive or Nas + you can find ad-ons for streaming movies and TV….it is your choice really what you wish to use your mediacenter for……but Kodi do not come with movies as Kodi is a legal mediacenter just as Windows Mediacenter or other mediacenters……Clearly you are new to this and need to read up on things…..Even though I laught my ass off at Martijn’s comment you may be a complete newbee at this and that is why I explained this here for you :)

  • Stefan Sep 13, 2015 

    ah I am now using Jarvis alpha 2 :) because I found the skin re-Touched to work fine and I kind of like this skin + I could not live without the new 16:9 nonlinear as it is good on old movies :) …So Rapier & re-Touched is my two favo skins now :) Thank you for a superb version…..Jarvis Alpha 2 seam to work without problems on my system :)

  • Dave Sep 13, 2015 


    I’m unable to rectify the lack of audio issue I’ve been experiencing. I’ve tried adjusting the sound whilst watching a movie and also in the system settings but I don’t seem to be able to see anything in these settings which would allow me to select audio devices. I’ve changed it to expert but still to no avail.
    The app looks and works brilliantly but I just can’t find any solution online which is applicable to my situation.
    I’ve downloaded the latest version or Kodi on a jail broken iPhone 5s, am I just wasting my time or is there a possible solution. Please help :(

  • Chris Sep 14, 2015 


    will there be BD-J support for blu ray in Jarvis?
    This is probably the function I miss most in Kodi.

  • Stefan Sep 14, 2015 

    Well I think the main skin Confluence is the most clean and is working best for me on Jarvis Alpha 2 as of now plus if I set Mediainfo 3 view it looks nice too :) so this is my second choice of skin after Rapier as of now :) Thank you.

  • Kodi Fan Sep 14, 2015 

    I’ve been using since Kodi 14 and recently updated from 15.1, now to Jarvis Alpha 2 on an android box (G Box Q), now on my remote the menu dialog doesn’t work properly. I have to long hold the menu button, which just flickers back and forth and sometimes if lucky will stop on the actual dialog. It seems to be a coding bug of sorts in the android version, could someone look into the issue and create a fix for newer Jarvis updates, thanks.

  • Kodi fan 2 Sep 14, 2015 


    When is the next update?

    • Kib Sep 17, 2015 

      Alpha’s are usually released monthly, but updates are being made daily. Check our nightly build section.

  • David Sep 15, 2015 

    How do play Dolby Atmos ??? i use onkyo 838 there is support Dolby Atmos

  • Joshua Sep 15, 2015 

    The jarvis app has changed some of the buttons on my remote for some reason=( Now to add my favorites I have to hold the options button and stop the window as it is popping up…..Everything else is running very smoothly =)

  • Redyto Sep 16, 2015 

    Please add BD 3D Iso support. It’s wery important.

  • Vineet Bhardwaj Sep 16, 2015 

    I have 2 mini PCs with AMD Radeon™ HD 8400 and Intel HD 4000 running Kodi 16. As both of them support Directx 11, how do I ensure the videos through Kodi are using Directx 11 instead of 9. I see Directx 11.1 under System Info> Video. Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks

  • Andrew Sep 16, 2015 

    Not sure if this has been noted before, but Jarvis is not compatible with the Amazon Fire TV menu button. In previous Kodi buids this button was used to access the menu when on an item to (add to favorites etc). Now it does nothing. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to add favorites now on my firetv while running Jarvis.

  • Abdul Azim Sep 16, 2015 

    I’ve only started using Kodi from 14.2 and recently upgraded to Kodi 15 and now 16. I am having trouble installing addons as when i open the zip from System-Settings-Addons etc. The install option is there but doesnt seem to install my addons. Am i doing something wrong? any help would be greatfully received. Yours greatfully!

    • Dave Sep 22, 2015 

      I get exactly the same cant seem to get any addins to install via zip file. dont get any errors in the log – just dont install at all. Did you get this working

  • Dilu Sep 17, 2015 


    Is the crop Black Bars Feature back in jarvis?

    Kind regards

    • Martijn Sep 17, 2015 


  • fabio Sep 18, 2015 

    move to python 3.x?

  • sergiosi Sep 18, 2015 

    Please add Chromecast support.

  • Aler02 Sep 19, 2015 

    I really do not understand why not added feature large print, complete basic thing. Man that it had to manually change the XML file .. The second thing. To end an ongoing process, which found itself in a loop. I want to open the stream in the plugin and the only reads and reads .. I have to turn off XBMC because I would have waited until the next day .. It’s also really hard to create a function that will kill the process?

  • Kenob Sep 19, 2015 

    I would like to see the saving of all library databases to an network device, such as a NAS. This way when I add a new system to my network, I don’t have to rescan all the media to add it to the new install of Kodi. It takes hours to add my media library to Kodi.

  • Nesousx Sep 20, 2015 

    I am really looking forward this new version, most especially the DirectX 11 upgrade. Keep the great work Kodi’s dev and community.

  • Robert Edmunds Sep 20, 2015 

    Installed the monthly build today and now I can’t uninstall any addons or install any zip files. Please can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks

    • kodi fan Sep 23, 2015 

      Yeah, the menu function doesn’t work properly on my android box as well. Here’s what I had to do to get to menu without using the menu button.

      I used the pointer function and ran it onto the addon, then long pressed the OK button on the remote. After holding the ok button for about a full second, then releasing it, the menu would appear. I then chose whatever menu item needed.

      Hope this helps until the developers can fix this issue in Jarvis.

  • Steve Muller Sep 21, 2015 

    Kodi is almost perfect, it just needs 3D Blu Ray ISO support!!!!

  • kikassridec2 Sep 21, 2015 

    ERROR: Exception caught on main loop. Exiting

    16 jarvis alpha 2 dx11
    windows 10 pro
    latest nvidia driver
    titan x

    • Martijn Sep 21, 2015 

      This is not a bug reporting section

  • AnubisRising Sep 22, 2015 

    Agreed, 3D Blu-Ray ISO support FTW

  • fred Sep 25, 2015 

    Have you planned to resolve the DTS passthrough issue with chip audio Realtek and HDMI audio AMD? Thx

  • Peter Sep 25, 2015 

    Can you tell me if there are any plans to create a slide show feature which views pictures in a NON random order but SKIPS pictures randomly so it looks like you are quicky scanning a physical picture book.

  • J876 Sep 27, 2015 

    Again great work by the Kodi team and all the addon teams. This media centre just keeps getting better with each release.

    It is also good your team doesn’t bloat the software so it runs on older and more modest hardware as well as the state-of-the-art stuff.

    Well done and thank you!

  • Stephen Sep 28, 2015 

    Is there any chance you could have a look at the issue with Teletext in Live TV? I gave my parents a HTPC as a gift as they are getting old and are hard of hearing and really depend on this feature. It would mean a lot to them. It’s being discussed in this thread here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=142333&page=11

  • LEN DAVIES Nov 25, 2015 

    i have a
    g-box midnight revision 2.2
    4 gb storage
    1gb ram
    a9 neon cpu
    i have lost the front page it goes straight to xbox
    can you tell me how i can replace every thing including the front page
    also which files to download and where to get them

    please help

  • Dennis Dec 01, 2015 

    I recently added Kodi 15.1 worked great. I clicked on mouse/keyboard in SYSTEMS by accident. Now I can not log in, ” Arrow/Cursor ” disappears also no log in information or image appears… I’ve reinstalled, downloaded using a different browser, tried every way imaginable, to install a version that will recognize my mouse, i can’t correct issue unless
    I can get into Systems ? Clueless

  • Paul Callaghan Dec 04, 2015 


    Hows about automatic purging of packages on exit, mine constanly get bogged down with thumbnails etc and its impossibale to restart….also the 5.1 surround doesnt work either, Anyone elso have this issue?

    Cheers, great work ppl :-)

  • albert Dec 22, 2015 

    can’t open koi on my macbook
    it crushes every time…
    version 16.4 beta and all prior version as well

    please advise


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