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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Feb 21, 2016 in Release Announcements, Site News

We are proud to announce the release of Kodi 16.0. Kodi 16 is a heavy under-the-hood improvements release, but let’s review some of the more prominent features coming out.

Event Logging

The first big step in making Kodi better at communicating with you, the user, is the addition of event logging. With this feature you always have a constantly updating list of all the most important things Kodi has done recently, along with little issues you can fix. For example, when you scan in a library for the first time, the Event Logger will provide you with a list of videos that didn’t quite make it into the library, each one of which is clickable, so you can go straight to the offending video and fix it personally.

Event logging

You’ll also get a constant list of all recently updated add-ons, so if a recent update breaks, you’ll know the update happened and can then easily rollback.

Long Press

More and more hardware companies are coming out with remote controls with a very limited button set. In particular, all current Android TVs are lacking a dedicated context menu button altogether. To deal with this, we’ve taken a page from the touchscreen UX and added a long press feature to remote controls. Now, if you press and hold the OK/Enter button for a few seconds, you will pull up the context menu. In the future, long press may be extended for additional functionality. For a better view of what this means, see the following video.

4:3 Non-linear Stretch

It’s perhaps a bit late in coming, but Kodi finally supports stretching 4:3 content to 16:9 in a way that doesn’t warp the content that’s occurring in the center of the screen. Finally, you’ll be able to watch Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, and Duck Tales in full screen without the awkward screen stretching from the past.


Add-on Manager Changes

In the ongoing quest to improve our our add-on manager several changes were done in the overall handling of each add-on. These changes include the following:

  • • The roll-back button on add-on info panel has been replaced by Update
  • • The Update button now opens a list of available versions of the add-on. Should you have several repositories installed that offer different version of this add-on you can now choose which to install.
  • • You can now disable auto-update per add-on through the info panel individual from others.

The add-on info panel can either be reached through the add-on manager or selecting the add-on in any section by either right click, use context menu (“C” key or long-press OK) and choose info or use the “I” key to directly open the panel.

Music Library Improvements

The music library has rarely received the same support as Kodi’s video library, and this release begins to change that. In the past, adding music to Kodi’s library required extra steps after simply pointing Kodi to the music folders. Now Kodi will attempt to automatically scan the music files into the Kodi music library. For music files to be scanned correctly, they will need to be properly tagged. To read more, visit the Kodi Beta3 blogpost.

Platform Specific Changes

DirectX 11 upgrade

DX11Developer afedchin has gone through the long and arduous process of updating Kodi to DirectX 11, which brings with it support for modern tools and modern graphics cards, while maintaining backwards compatibility with old DirectX 9 cards. This major shift will help Kodi for Windows stay up to date for a long time to come.

Android Surface Rendering

Some newer devices that can do UHD or 4K playback lack the power to also create the Kodi interface at a 4K resolution, and this creates a problem. We have been forced either to downscale the video to a lower resolution to make sure the interface was snappy, or show full size video but the device might not be able handle the high resolution interface. We’ve now altered the way we display Kodi on Android. The video is always displayed on one Android surface while the UI is  displayed on a second Android surface. This allows Kodi to display its skin at its native resolution (typically 720p), while simultaneously displaying 4K video on the same screen.

It is important to mention is that this doesn’t apply to AMLogic devices with proper permissions as these will still use amcodec. Any other Android device that is not able to do “android surface rendering” has not implemented the standard Android MediaCodec API in the proper way and will need to be upgraded on the Android-side to support the new feature.

Other Important Changes:

  • • Start of integration of ADSP (Audio Digital Signal Processing) handling (no add-ons shipped yet)
  • • Improve image resizing and caching algorithm to improve image quality of images
  • • Added support for the musicbrainz “ARTISTS” tag in id3v2, ape, xiph.
  • • Add date added to music library and use it for sorting
  • • Support saving skin settings as add-on data instead of in guisettings.xml
  • • Image resource add-ons which provides common image libraries than can be used by several skins and add-ons.
  • • Don’t mess with the long and short date formats defined in the language files
  • • Win32: Proper 24.0/60.0 Hz refresh rate in fake fullscreen mode
  • • Add sort method for albums “artist / year”. This will sort the albums chronological per artist.
  • • Moved some add-on categories to “look and feel” in add-on manager
  • • Series recording added for PVR
  • • Add a “none” option for preferred subtitles
  • • Properly handle wired or bluetooth headsets on Android and only use PCM output
  • • Fix playback of VP9 and VC1 video codecs on Android
  • • Use best possible icons from other Android apps while browsing these in Kodi
  • • Enable true 1920×1080 output on AMLogic device without up-scaling
  • • Add Korean, Chinese and Czech keyboards
  • • Add multi-touch support for Linux platform
  • • Improve touch-screen keymapping
  • • The item that you had previously chosen will now be selected in the selection list instead of just starting at the top of the list
  • • Decouple Kodi and system volume on Android which removes the double audio volume slider
  • • Karaoke support has been completely removed as it wasn’t functional
  • • Further improve DX11 implementation in Windows
  • • iOS9 support
  • • Various PVR fixes and improvements
  • • Various improvements to the music section
  • • Three finger touchpad mapping in iOS to make room for new tablet gestures which will be available in Alpha 4 to complement existing tablet gestures.
  • • Kodi now supports being compiled with Xcode 7
  • • The Kodi GUI now supports a new stereoscopic depth effect for users of Kodi on 3D TVs or VR headsets
  • • Add stereoscopic depth for Confluence skin
  • • Extended support for browsing movies by country and through UPnP as well as user-ratings which we be added in future versions.

An enormous list of improvements

Besides the list above there has been a lot of work done in all areas in our source code. Removing old code, splitting up parts in more logical chunks and making it all more resilient to future changes. All these changes are part of a massive change list that only makes sense to developers actually knowing what the source code does. In short we will no bother you all with summing up the list. It’s just something that is worth mentioning that not all improvements have to be actual features and are visible to users. We prefer that the program actually works than adding bells and whistles.


To upgrade from any previous build, just install on top of your current version. If you have installed Kodi from Google Play, you should be receiving an automatic update notification in the next day or two.

Call out for developers

As you may or may not know is that Kodi is maintained by a group of volunteers since its first inception dating back to the original XBOX days. Over the years many volunteers have spent countless days if not months on every aspects of what makes Kodi great. This consist of writing and maintaining the code base of Kodi, expanding to new platforms, maintaining the forum, wiki, website and download server and more……

So why do we need you? Well the fact is that over the years the core team of Kodi has remained about the same size while the amount of users went from couple of thousand to many, many millions. Not forgetting the fact that it went from only a XBOX application to what is now running on Linux, Windows, iOS, OSX, Android. All this still with the same amount of people. Now comes the time that we will actually start calling out for some help. To put it simple we want to ensure that Kodi remains alive on all platforms while at the same time lowering the support burden each developer now faces these days. Each of the core developers has his own specialty and since Kodi is quite big you quickly run out of developers that know enough of certain sections. Add to that the changes needed for each operating system upgrade that happens and all the problems that arise with that.

To put it in perspective we basically have only 1 developer for each section or even complete platform. As already mentioned the entire team consists of volunteers which means everything is done in their spare time next to having an actual day time job and a personal life. This results in having only a few hours at most to spend on what they see as their hobby which i can say they are passionate about. Over the years the team consisted of many different developers who gave all they could but due to whatever reason had to change priorities which resulted in not spending time in Kodi anymore.

So in short what we are looking for are C/C++ developers who are willing to put in some of their spare time in maintaining and improving our core code. This can either be doing some minor bugfixing, reviewing existing pull requests for code contributions or even creating some of their own code refactoring or feature additions. It really doesn’t matter if you are just a student just starting out on C/C++ or are already a senior programmer. We would welcome anyone who is willing to do their part on any improvement that is needed. A fair warning is that our codebase isn’t for the faint hearted as it’s quite massive and we are quite strict regarding code review before we merge anything. However don’t let this frighten you off as our current (or outside developers) will certainly give you pointers on improvements to get it included.

What we currently need most are developers with knowledge of the following components to improve current implementations:

  • • Windows DirectX11 / audio / video
  • • Android NDK / audio / video
  • • iOS & OSX / audio / video
  • • General knowledge of C/C++ and willing to do some coding in areas of their interest.

Any bugfix can be send to our main github code repository for review straight away. If you are not sure or want to take on a bigger task or change feel free to open up a thread on our forum where you write down your proposal to get some initial feedback.

Wiki pages to get you started: http://kodi.wiki/view/Development
Forum: Developer sucbsection
Code on Github: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc

How to Contribute

If you use Kodi, we encourage you to report problems with it on our forum first and after – if asked – submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can and donating to the Foundation, or buying a shirt from the Kodi Store if you like. For a current FAQ on Kodi 16, visit our Jarvis FAQ. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on any or all of our listed social networks.

Previous Reading

To read about even more of the features of Kodi 16, feel free to check out the past Beta and RC blogposts.

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  • Patrick Feb 21, 2016 

    Thanks for all the hard work you have done to this release. Keep up the good working!

    • Geo Feb 22, 2016 

      That sure is one UGLY logo you’ve come up with. And I thought your sweatshirts were bad!

      • Rufinus Feb 23, 2016 

        thank you for the feedback

      • Ralph Feb 23, 2016 

        haha ^ looks like someone busted a nut all over the shirt.

      • Mark Feb 23, 2016 

        Well, he’s not wrong. The logo and shirts are not pretty!

      • Mickey Duckman Mar 08, 2016 

        Yer TRIZNIPP’N son! I gave them hoodies out for Christmas AND Kwanzaa gifts!!!

    • David schoen Feb 23, 2016 

      I don’t know about you but since I installed version 16 it is horrable. Alot of add ons don’t work right.i hope they are fixing these problems and fast.

      • Kib Feb 24, 2016 

        Are you talking about add-ons from our repository or add-ons from third party developers ?

      • William George Wardino Feb 25, 2016 

        I can’t figure how to set up my library of video files. Is there an e-manual or directions somewhere?

        • David Wang Feb 27, 2016 

          Hi William,
          I have set up my KODI with library files. Referen below YOUTUBE directions.


      • mel Mar 15, 2016 

        i agree, version 16 is dreadful, worst thing i did was update, the mouse doesnt work on it, trying to scroll through addons is like being in acid with the background pics completely blocking the text. try and view movies and it goes to a black page with file playlist. cant get to watch anything it just goes to a black page with text and wont do anything else. worst version ever. and they call this improvement. i call it rubbish with a capital C lol

      • Paul Harsley Mar 28, 2016 

        Mine keeps crashing too. Sometimes in startup sometimes during watching and using.

        • chuckiecc Apr 11, 2016 

          My Kodi (Jarvis) on NEW install on Firestick keeps crashing as well. 15.x works fine on other one, but NEW firestick, clearly doesn’t like something. *seems* like their might be a memory leak in the code somewhere or overflow buffer problem somehow. I don’t know this for a fact, but having played with digital video players over the years, when they acted this way that is what was wrong. Typically a small piece of code out of place or something.

          I see others have had this problem as well. It crashes during movies and re sets or simply just crashes period. Weird..

          guess I should uninstall and go back to 15.x? suggestions..???

    • Robert Feb 29, 2016 

      just downloaded kodi 16 everything seems to be working, except movies have no color or very little not vvid like 15.2

      • Brian Apr 14, 2016 

        Robert, can you talk me/walk me through in simple plain how to upgrade 15.2 to Jarvis 16.0 please….. my email is available there

    • dpreece Mar 03, 2016 

      I cannot disable the subtitles in system, video/subtitles. there is not a button for NONE. I am using windows vista and have used it with the previous version. I have unmarked subtitles in the addons, but it still shows up. I have gone to audio settings, and unmarked-still shows up. where do I go for system wide turn off?

    • Cindy Mar 03, 2016 

      Kodi 16 is not downloading on my computer.. I have a new IMac..

      • Moses Apr 24, 2016 

        I have the same problems. Did you get your issued resolved? If so, how?

    • marco leopoldino Mar 28, 2016 

      estalar kodi

  • NickS Feb 21, 2016 

    (I know that I am repeading Patrick’s comment) thanks for all your hard work

  • Marco Feb 21, 2016 

    Awesome! You guys rock! Don’t let those crappy resellers distract you from making the community happy with your product!

  • Marco Feb 21, 2016 

    I was hitting F5 so often, waiting for this release, that it took your site down last week. Sorry :-)

  • Atreyu Feb 21, 2016 

    Congratulations on the final release !

  • Martin Winegums Feb 21, 2016 

    Congrats on this final release, up to Krypton.
    Where does it ends?

    • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

      It ends with Krypton. After that we’re all buying a big boat and retiring in the Caribbean.

      • STEVEN809 Feb 22, 2016 


        • Rochell Feb 27, 2016 

          I turned o the remote manager and downloaded the file for Android-Arm to my pc and added it to the download folder in ES Explorer and it worked perfectly for me. Hope this help!

      • luis Feb 22, 2016 

        cheers for you trip to the caribbean

      • Carl Feb 24, 2016 

        Forget the Caribbean. Come to New Zealand – the real life middle earth :)

      • Brizzriel Feb 24, 2016 

        Everything is super laggy ever since I updated to Jarvis, a lot of my add-ons no longer work and there is no option to roll back the update. I have a very involved setup with many subscriptions and the like that I don’t and in some cases can’t replace please fix this. You should really read all of the comments on the Google play store for your app I think you will be shocked to find out how many people are considering uninstalling and not reinstalling Kodi until you fix it if ever. I sincerely hope you listen to the users on this one. Thank you for a great app I love it I just don’t love the Jarvis update.

      • ROBBIN Mar 04, 2016 


      • bigdog May 13, 2016 

        i tried kryton and now my kodi will not connect to server tyied to unstall still the same it keep saying check network setting no verison of will anymore on my pc can you please help with this problem?

  • israel Feb 21, 2016 

    i do not have a DXVA HD option
    only DXVA

    • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

      Genuinely no idea what part of the blogpost prompted this comment.

      • israel Feb 21, 2016 

        i mean this http://i.imgur.com/isep9yg.jpg

        i lost DXVA HD render after upgrading to 16.0 jarvis

        • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

          Ah, I think it’s not something to worry about. Kodi has moved up to version 11 of the DXVA API, where it’s just called DXVA. You effectively have a better, newer version now.

          • israel Feb 21, 2016 

            oh i see. thank you very much ^.^

          • DHMK Feb 24, 2016 

            My main desktop PC has hardware acceleration but my XTreamer Ultra2 (with Geforce GT520M, Win7 64bit) has no hardware acceleration any more. DXVA is activated. Is there any solution or have to go back to the previous version? Thanks!!!

          • Martijn Feb 24, 2016 
    • afedchin Feb 21, 2016 

      In Jarvis DXVA is actually absolutely same as DXVA-HD in previous versions.

  • Jean Feb 21, 2016 

    Thanks for all the hard work you have done but still no browser or app to play Netflix.

  • Gerhard Feb 21, 2016 


    super work…but where can i find Generic x86_64 Final Builds (OpenElec)

    • Klojum Feb 21, 2016 

      OpenELEC (beta) builds are not yet in the making.

  • Alvaro Feb 21, 2016 

    Not yet for ios on cydia, right?

    • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

      Yeah, should be next few days, just like Google Play.

    • scottjames Feb 22, 2016 

      no kodi for the apple tv 3 yet is the guys

  • whatever· Feb 21, 2016 

    Version 16.0 crashes at startup on Allwinner H3 platform. Version 15.2 runs ok, but only at 1280×720 resolution. H3 supports [email protected]

  • Soteris Feb 21, 2016 

    Great news guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Opvolger Feb 21, 2016 

    I use profiles. On my android tv and tablet. The first boot crashed at the profile select screen. After all closing the app on tablet and a reboot of the TV. The second boot was no problem.

    I like the long press. Now I can disconnect my Bluetooth mouse.

  • Robert Feb 21, 2016 

    Duck Tales whoo hoo!

  • Tomer Feb 21, 2016 

    Thank you so much for making Kodi even more better. You all can be proud!
    Thank you!

  • Tommy Feb 21, 2016 

    DL right now, found a typo? on the download page in the important text
    “Any other means of watching illegal content…” I would suggest removing the word illegal or rephrase the whole sentence. That’s my humble suggestion. :)

    Great work! Thanks for yet another fine release! <3

  • tomer953 Feb 21, 2016 

    No reference to supported skins\new skins? (ahm..ahm) :]

    • zag Feb 21, 2016 

      Aeon Nox 5
      • Amber
      • AppTV
      • Black Glass Nova
      • Chroma
      • Confluence
      • Eunique
      • KOver
      • Mimic
      • Nebula
      • Rapier
      • re-Touched
      • Titan
      • Transparency!

      • tomer953 Feb 22, 2016 

        and Phenomenal, my new skin that recently added to Jarvis, which I hoped that will be listed here too :) but i’m just kidding, huge thanks to the devs. greetings.

  • LongMan Feb 21, 2016 

    It warms the heart to see this release. Particularly after the recent “storms” here on the forums. To all members of TEAM KODIi, A Big Thank You. Your work is truly appreciated. Now, more so than ever. Mere Mortals would have walked away during the last month or so. Your Patience, Strength and Diligence speaks Volumes.

  • Thomas Zydek Feb 21, 2016 

    Wow!!!! Fantastic work!!! Thanks so much for all your efforts you put in V16!!!!

  • gakuon Feb 21, 2016 

    thx mates!

  • JB Feb 21, 2016 

    Truly amazing software engineering accomplishment with a forward thinking vision. As a fairly new user of Kodi, I am looking forward to exploring all of it’s unique features. Thank you for your efforts.

  • djafer Feb 21, 2016 

    hello friends, I did update code jarvis and no color when you watch film what problem help me

    • Rick Feb 26, 2016 

      Same here with bad color. using win10 64-bit. I don’t see this issue listed anywhere else?

  • uniV Feb 21, 2016 

    I was a kodi dsplayer user for a long time.
    I saw you will add some of the madvr features.
    Are you working on them? If yes which ones exactly?

  • kikassridec2 Feb 21, 2016 

    many thanx for all the guys hard work in putting together kodu 16 (Jarvis)

    bring on 17 Krypton!

  • Friendly Pharmer Feb 21, 2016 

    Thanks for all of your hard work! How can I update my firestick?

  • LunchBoxDon Feb 21, 2016 

    Anyone else having issues with advancedsettings.xml not working?

  • keopsis Feb 21, 2016 

    Nice !
    Now I’m really looking forward to seeing a good looking ‘default’ interface like plex one.
    Kodi looks a bit vista like without extension.

  • sylvio Feb 21, 2016 

    How do I install skins in Kodi 16?

  • djyoyo Feb 21, 2016 

    Awesome, thank you!

  • FritztheCat Feb 21, 2016 

    Congrats on the build,
    Flashing green light issue solved?

  • Mitchell Feb 21, 2016 

    KUDOS to team KODI!

  • bvn Feb 21, 2016 

    Any possibility in the future for head tracking for 3d vr headsets? Or is that beyond the capability of Kodi

  • TheMonkeyKing Feb 21, 2016 

    In the words of President Teddy Roosevelt, “woo-hoo!”

    (Oh let’s keep the website and forum from crashing, eh?)

  • Keson Feb 21, 2016 

    Awesome, awesome! The best thing on internet!

  • JP Feb 21, 2016 

    Not a complaint – a serious question… Am I doing something wrong – or does Airplay still not work?

  • Chris Feb 21, 2016 

    Yay! I was wondering when this would be released. I built a dedicated gaming htpc that would use big box to play my roms and steam games and was waiting for this final release so I could finally install Kodi. 15.2 has been on my other computer. I just wanted this computer to start with a whole new install.

  • Vincent Picart Feb 21, 2016 

    Thanks a lot! great great work!!

  • Allfodr Feb 21, 2016 

    Big thanks to team KODI. One question, how do I upgrade Kodibuntu to Jarvis?

  • Claus Feb 21, 2016 

    Way not PASSTRUE DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD for Nvidia Schild.

    Beta version kodi-20160130-b2b09e8-adddroidPT-armeabi-v7a Can do it

    • fritsch Feb 22, 2016 

      Cause it’s broken, has bugs and is working really bad. That’s the reason. Ontop: Nvidia’s current firmware is broken, which will introduce noise while seeking – nothing one can throw on users.

      v17 already has that code in master … so it can be polished and hopefully shield firmware v6 is out until we release version 17.

  • danny Feb 21, 2016 

    Thanks for the hard work Guys. It keeps getting better :)

  • Nec240 Feb 21, 2016 

    Thank you, Kodi team! Email me next time you are in Honolulu, and I’ll buy you a beer.

  • Tim Feb 21, 2016 

    I get this error after I installed kodi-16.0-Jarvis-x86.apk on my Amazon Fire stick “”This Kodi package is not compatible with your device” any ideas on what my problem is?

    • Martijn Feb 21, 2016 

      You downloaded the wrong one

    • Ad Feb 22, 2016 

      Yeah, like message said! “”This Kodi package is not compatible with your device”

  • JiSiN Feb 21, 2016 

    Yes!!! Awesome!

    Btw will HEVC Main10 be fully supported?
    Especially for GTX 950 / 950 and also Nvidia Shield TV.

    • fritsch Feb 22, 2016 

      HEVC-10 bit will come to windows the very moment we bump ffmpeg to 3.0 as we picked the needed patches onto it.

      For linux it is yet unknown as the ffmpeg hwaccels still lack 10 bit support – as kodi is always early adaptor not too far away :-)

  • Russ Feb 21, 2016 

    Love the long press, great for removing right click.
    Event logging only seems to show in Confluence, not Transparency or Aeon Nox

  • Spiro Feb 21, 2016 

    New version works and looks great but a VERY important thing is missing.
    Kodi in Android stops playing live tv or vido files when screen is off. That means that the phone screen HAS to be on at all times (and battery drains like crazy) or KODI stops working.
    Some people just listens to tv while working. This was working perfect in previews version.
    Can you please fix that?

    • mazey Feb 24, 2016 

      Im pretty sure this is a bug fix as with android tv if you set the sleep timer on the tv in 15.2 you would wake up turn the tv on and it would still be playing, now the video stops which is a good thing, it would be the same for android tablets when set to sleep the video should stop not keep playing, as for the phone turn your brightness to absolute minimum and turn gps off, it would save your battery.

    • Giuseppe Feb 29, 2016 

      I strongly endorse this request. I used to turn screen off when listening to videos in bed before sleeping, and to move to a different app while keeping the morning news in the background. Now both of these are unfeasible. Developers, please add a fix! And thanks a lot for you good work!

  • zach Feb 22, 2016 

    its not working.. it keeps exiting due to something with the main loop. please help

    • zach Feb 22, 2016 

      had to install older version to have it work again

  • Fritz Feb 22, 2016 

    fantastic! this is just amazing work! congratulations on staying focused on fixing what we already had.

  • jayh Feb 22, 2016 

    I loaded version 16 on my fire stick and pac 12 addon no longer works. It works fine using version 15.2 on my computer (Windows 10).

  • lordgrantham Feb 22, 2016 

    Anyone else having issues with mysql library and set content on sources not sticking. My library is not updating. Kodi did create the MyVideos93 database but its not updating. I dropped the database and it recreated it and still same issue. The is on Ubuntu.

    Switched back to Isengard issue resolved.

    • lordgrantham Feb 22, 2016 

      edit: I meant MyVideos99

      • lordgrantham Feb 22, 2016 

        resolved — dropped MyVideos99 in mysql. Edited the advanced.xml file and had to addkodi_videos


        • Jon Feb 23, 2016 

          Experiencing the same SQL problem here. I could change my database name as you suggested, but then I’d lose all of my watched/resume data.

          Scoured the forums with no solution. Tried deleting {dbname}99 and letting it get re-created, but Kodi would just go non-responsive and appear to never successfully finish the db conversion.

          Downgrading to 15.2 for now. :( No such problem on my laptop which is a standalone, non-sql installation.

          • Jon Feb 23, 2016 

            In case anyone else encounters it, I wanted to mention that what seemed like a non-responsive Kodi was in fact, a long database process.

            I deleted the 99 db and tried again while monitoring SQL via Heidi, and saw that every few minutes my episodes table would get a little bigger. I have about 10,000 rows in my episodes table, so the upgrade from 93 to 99 took about 20 minutes — time which I thought Kodi had hung up. I only found out otherwise by monitoring SQL.

            Too bad there’s no progress bar to let you know it’s still alive & kicking! :) So if you’re having this problem, patience is key. It will finish eventually.

          • Kevin Feb 25, 2016 

            Had exactly the same problem here, appeared to freeze at the opening screen while it was, in fact, updating the databases. I don’t know how long it took – I went to bed after 5 hours and it was finished in the morning!

  • antyy Feb 22, 2016 

    thank you guys for hard work.

  • Paul Feb 22, 2016 

    Any idea why the update isn’t working on iOS jail broken devices? The update showed on cydia. I tried to upgrade it but it didn’t work. The download just stalled and returned to cydia but now isn’t even showing up as a update anymore.
    Any help please.

  • Probo Feb 22, 2016 

    Installed on Amazon Fire TV with no problems and works excellent

  • Annette Leverenz Feb 22, 2016 

    My Gbox q auto upgraded to Kodi 16, now I don’t have audio

  • Mark Feb 22, 2016 

    Great work… But every time I try and open add addons in video Kodi crashes … Any help would be appreciated. I wish I could roll back to 15.2 as this issue wasn’t there.

    • TROJAN4EVR Feb 22, 2016 

      That’s why you make a backup…If you don’t like 16…it’s easy to revert back to 15.2 with all your userdata intact.

      • Trak Mar 10, 2016 

        as soon as i click system it crashes. any ideas why?

      • Toni Dance Mar 26, 2016 

        Hiya – just read your comment – I have an Amazon TV fire stick with Kodi v16 installed, all TV shows, movies etc working fine but now it is stuck on the Kodi home screen logo – won’t go any further. I’m not technical but googled and cleared cache but unsure if I also need to clear data but don’t want to loose everything – any ideas to help?
        Thank you in anticipation

  • sammarbella Feb 22, 2016 

    Thank you very much Kodi Team!

    It takes longer than expected but finally we get Jarvis. :D

  • kyle Feb 22, 2016 

    i go to download jarvis from my INL3D web browser page and i click the ARM part on the android and it says Starting download but nothing pops up? where do i go to find where it downloaded

  • Supermario Feb 22, 2016 

    Excellent job as always. Keep up the great work.


  • sylvio Feb 22, 2016 

    I installed Kodi 16.0 on my FireTV (2.gen) with 5.0.5. But I cant install any skin. Everytime I get the message that the installation aborted.

  • JH Feb 22, 2016 


    i want to switch to german interface language but there is not other choice than english? Is this a problem with my installation or is that ok so? Is there an localisation in prospect?

    • William Feb 23, 2016 

      I believe language packs are now addons. So you’d need to go to ADDONS and ad German, enable it and switch to it.

  • Weeg Feb 22, 2016 

    Love all the updates including the long press support.. the one that takes the cake is..
    > “Add sort method for albums “artist / year”. This will sort the albums chronological per artist.”
    Keep up the good work! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

  • Christian Feb 22, 2016 

    Greetings! I’ve so many movies (> 300), Is there a way to put some search thing? like a Search box or other way… Thank you in advance.

    • djlonewolf47 Feb 22, 2016 

      Yes, search in applications >addons its called global search

  • Bob Feb 22, 2016 

    What happen to Deinterlace method? In the past I needed to use Bob with my Nexus Player, but now I can’t select it…no option at all…and it’s causing play back problems with my NP :( .

  • MelgasTvNet Feb 22, 2016 

    Hi “Nathan Betzen”.
    Excellent futuristic work. I consider absolutely superb.
    What is being done for you and your team, is a perfect vision of the future to be used now. And it’s free, what excites your dedication.
    I wish for you and your team, the continuation of this excellent computer engineering job.

  • Shahid Feb 22, 2016 

    Last night updated to 16.0 Jarvis on Win 7. when I tried to start, it crashed at stratup (kodi has stopped working message). After several tries Ive uninstalled and reinstalled it, but nothing changed. Installed it on my Gaming pc with Win7, and there worked like charm. Can anybody help me? Im using XBMC since Frodo and had no problems with prevorious versions.

  • Frex Feb 22, 2016 

    Great work

  • HughT Feb 22, 2016 

    Thanks for all the hard work guys!

    I hope you can sort out all you issues with Pirate Box sellers without too much hassle so you can focus on doing what guys do best and enjoy most focusing on creating a great product!

    Finally (I might be being a little pedantic here!) but does the Fire TV not have a context menu button and does it not count as an Android TV?

    • Reckoner Feb 22, 2016 

      An android based box that happens to be connected to a TV is not the same thing as Android TV. Android TV is a specific platform based on android: https://www.android.com/tv/

      • HughT Feb 22, 2016 

        Ah, I wasn’t aware of the differentiation. Thanks for clearing it up, very helpful!

  • MIK Feb 22, 2016 

    Video smart playlist with path rules don’t work.
    Previous version works.

  • Aasyss Feb 22, 2016 

    First of all thanks to entire KODI team , for their hard work for us and bringing and updating new version , it is really wonderful to watch in Jarvis, lots of changes and performance wise going smooth and Love it

    Thanks Each and everyone who worked for JARVIS

  • Ryan Feb 22, 2016 

    Loving the new JARVIS !!!! Thanks so much for all the Hard Work and Man/Woman Hours put into this for our enjoyment!

  • DrK Feb 22, 2016 

    Thank u so much for this release. Pls go on with Kodi in that way!

    Long press and skin-settings as an addon r very useful and great improvements.

    And many thanks from my son, who can now watch DuckTales & TaleSpin in a better fullscreen :)

  • Flash Feb 22, 2016 

    I have an Android box

  • Flash Feb 22, 2016 

    Sorry posted before done typing…I have an Android box that won’t let me update…it tells me my device is incompatible. I’ve tried updating from the google store and by downloading the file directly with no success.
    The OS is Android 5.1.1 API level 22 (kernel: Linux 3.10.33)
    CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v71)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Joe Blanco Feb 22, 2016 

      Go to settings> disable security to allow outside apps> go to browser and go to kodi downloads>download android 16Jarvis>arm > than go back to your settings look for downloads wait till you see install / open > That’s it! …….YouTube, also shows tutorials on how to install Kodi on Android.

      Cheers mate!

  • PWW Tech tips Feb 22, 2016 

    Thanks for a new version, I’m especially keen to try out the PVR improvements including Series Link which I’ve always been baffled why that’s not there. All the best Kodi team and thanks again!

  • George The Marmot Feb 22, 2016 

    Top Notch! Thank you!

  • Vitaly Feb 22, 2016 

    You guys did good, just stop crying about everything else.

  • Movie78 Feb 22, 2016 


  • John Feb 22, 2016 

    Any news on whether Jarvis can be side loaded onto AppleTV 4? I tried the latest developments file and it wouldn’t work, said its because it’s an iPhone OS arm, but the deb file that does work in previous tutorials is also an iPhone OS arm

  • John Feb 22, 2016 

    *deb file, not developments file

  • Liam Feb 22, 2016 

    Thanks for the update seems fine other than one thing, I’m currently running low on storage space on my Fire TV and when the the low storage space comes up the video stops and closes. Before it use to just pause and when I clicked ‘not now’ on the warning it would go back to playing but now I have to start the video again. ‘Resume at …’ Still comes up but I’m not sure how this would be if I was streaming something. I’ll test later but since I have low internet speeds I like to let the video load for a few mins and worried that’ll it’ll just close.

  • Joe Blanco Feb 22, 2016 

    Brilliant !!

  • BRIAN Feb 22, 2016 


  • Probo Feb 22, 2016 

    To flash,have u tried deleting kodi in your apps and then reinstalled from scratch.

    • Flash Feb 23, 2016 

      Thanks for your reply Probo….I did a “Fresh Start” then manually configured 15.2 so it wouldn’t load the TVMC version, still won”t upgrade to 16. It’s working great right now though. Will try the delete and reinstall later and let you know how it goes.

      • Kib Feb 24, 2016 

        There is no such thing as ‘fresh start’ – it only exists on versions of Kodi that have a crapload of unsupported scripts installed. Do a clean install and don’t install those add-ons. Then if it doesn’t work, you are allowed to complain here. If the add-ons break it – go complain to the authors that (yet again) did not test their versions for the upcoming release.

      • Flash Feb 25, 2016 

        Thanks Probo.
        Did the uninstall – update today and had no problems with it. Works fantastic.
        Thanks again.

  • meccs Feb 22, 2016 

    Wasn’t Airplay Music supposed to work with Jarvis and iOS 9?

  • Louise Feb 22, 2016 

    Sent comment earlier but don’t see it and no response so maybe I said something I shouldn’t have. If so sorry but do need help. Downloaded Jarvis and now can’t launch TV or movies.

    • Klojum Feb 23, 2016 

      A news article is hardly the place for discussing bugs or other non-working issues. Use the Kodi forum, bug tracker or IRC channel for support.

  • Olivo Feb 22, 2016 


  • Rami Eisa Feb 22, 2016 

    thank you guys for the gr8 work …

    but i have a problem with the new release Jarvis …

    my laptop’s external graphic card is not working however, my internal works just fine … so the new release doesn’t work on my laptop – (Black Screen and can’t see anything), however i don’t have any problem with other release …

    so can you fix this problem ??

  • Andrei FIlip Feb 22, 2016 

    Thank you guys!

  • Geo Feb 22, 2016 

    Love how you guys think it’s ok to rip-off the Jarvis name.

    • Kib Feb 23, 2016 

      Let’s analyse this:
      1) It is a code name, not a name we use for selling anything.
      2) The name isn’t trademarked in the section we operate in.
      3) We aren’t associating it with anything illegal.

  • freeeurope Feb 22, 2016 

    Hello friends, thank you for the creation of 16 new versions. I just needed advice, why after installing Kodi 16 mi instead of Czech fonts jumps Chinese language, or similar characters. How is it removed? 16 Kodi using laptop versions of Windows.
    Sorry for bad English. Thank you.

    • Kib Feb 23, 2016 

      I normally have no trouble with bad english but in this case I was unable to understand what you were asking.

  • FrostyButters Feb 23, 2016 

    Thanks for updating on of the most used piece of software in my household. Keep up the great work you guys!

  • lilliput 45 Feb 23, 2016 

    Mine keeps freezing, this is getting annoying

  • Mike Feb 23, 2016 

    Hey guys can someone confirm if they are having problems with setting up a pvr simple client and not getting the TV menu to show up? Just curious if I’m the only one with this problem or not. Big up’s to the devs for a awesome update, cheers!

    • Mike Feb 23, 2016 

      Hey guy’s never mind I got it working so nvm it works fine, thanks again to the dev’s for the fine release!

  • Ian Feb 23, 2016 

    Updated to 16.0 yesterday on my Amazon Firestick. Sadly 16.0 has failed drastically somewhere along its way.

    With 15.2 it worked flawlessly, but that has now been replaced by crazy loading times for menu’s, black screens and worst of all, the sub-menu’s text now overlap on top of each other which makes them become totally illegible and impossible to modify :( the fonts and backgrounds have changed and are extremely difficult to read as the text is white and most of the backgrounds seem to have changed to a primarily white based colour.

    This is not a post criticising the program by the way, i am a big fan and am thankful for the effort work you guys put in to it. But I’m beyond frustrated and annoyed trying to search and find a solution to this, but have not found any yet.

    I updated the program as normal, and upon initial loadup. 16.0 was screwed for me. Do you guys have any idea what could have caused it to happen? I’d prefer not to have to do a full removal and re-install.


    • Kib Feb 23, 2016 

      It sounds like your skin might not have been updated. Try reverting to a standard skin before the update. If you keep getting trouble make some screenshots and create a forum topic.

    • Frank Feb 24, 2016 

      Ive had the same issue…16.0 is buggy with Jarvis, removed Jarvis reinstalled 15.2 and Exodus works ( the app that I want) Went as far as going through a fresh install with the same poor results. Definitely not reliable at this point in time.

      • Kib Feb 25, 2016 

        I agree, that add-on is not reliable.

    • Rin Mar 16, 2016 

      I have the same problem. After updating on my fire stick there are constant black out, freezing, and the text is white with no back drop behind text. It is hard to read the text, especially when they overlap each other. Is there no solution to this problem at all?

  • Triu Feb 23, 2016 

    Great work,
    will it be in the official repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa?
    Thought it will be always the latest stable version,
    but yesterday i got 15.2

    Or do i have to add ppa:nkvoronov/kodi-jarvis

    kind regards

  • Tommy Feb 23, 2016 

    Swedish language on android have problems showing the word season (säsong) in the series view. https://tresor.it/s#aekzvglD65vBnXh1whAGmQ

    It works as seen correctly for all seasons and it is correct in the translation file.

    Not sure what that bug is.

    • Martin Madsen Feb 24, 2016 

      Same with Danish – I just use English but I filed a bug report about it some weeks ago. It’s just collecting dust though, since no one has looked at it or changed its status.

  • Mike Feb 23, 2016 

    I updated from 15.2 to 16.0 and my fire stick is freezing up blank screen or it stays on refocus I would gladly appreciate some help

  • Triu Feb 23, 2016 

    Thank you Kib,
    i´m working on raspbian, added ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

    Installed with this HOW-TO:

    which leads to https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/+archive/ppa

    and take me to

    But if i only update/upgrade, i will get 15.2
    (without installing packages manually)

  • Christian Feb 23, 2016 

    Hi guys! Is there a way to plug a flash drive and Kodi automatically show the content, like my Smart TV or Windows box? I’ve searching for something in apps ‘n over there but cant find nothing…

  • Vicenzo Feb 23, 2016 

    Hello everyone. I hava a sound problem with the new Kodi 16. The Kodi installed on Xtreamer Wonder and i never had this problem before. I tried to reinstall it and had a same issue. Hope you’ll fix it one day but till then i’ll continue to use Kodi 15.2. Thank you.

  • Dean Feb 23, 2016 


    Just downloaded and installed on Windows 10. When I start up Kodi it just keeps crashing. Uninstalled and reinstalled, tried compatibility on Windows 7 still crashes.

    Any Help ? Ideas?

    • JB Feb 23, 2016 

      Not sure it is a Windows 10 compatibility issue. I have installed Kodi version 15 and 16 on a HP Pavilion g7 Laptop, 64-bit, Intel Core i3 processor, latest Windows 10 build, with no issues to date. Hope you are able to resolve the issue.

  • Dean Feb 23, 2016 

    Here is the crash log from Windows, hope this is useful!

    Log Name: Application
    Source: Application Error
    Date: 23/02/2016 14:33:08
    Event ID: 1000
    Task Category: (100)
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Computer: HTPC
    Faulting application name: Kodi.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56c88b73
    Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.10586.103, time stamp: 0x56a853fe
    Exception code: 0xe06d7363
    Fault offset: 0x000bd928
    Faulting process ID: 0x12c8
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d16e3eaae43522
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\Kodi.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll
    Report ID: 7d79e858-3134-46a4-8626-61d38fcb8519
    Faulting package full name:
    Faulting package-relative application ID:

  • Stuart Feb 23, 2016 

    i’m getting kodi crashing when trying to download subtitles (via opensubtitle or subscene) into my movie library. on 16.0 kodi and 3.0 shield.

    • Karthik T Mar 26, 2016 

      Me too!!! Did you figure your situation out? I am abt to try reinstall..

      I am on android

      • Karthik T Mar 26, 2016 

        16:25:23 T:1610837912 ERROR: Couldn’t load font name: __subtitle__(special://xbmc/media/Fonts/arial.ttf), trying to substitute arial.ttf
        16:25:23 T:1610837912 ERROR: Couldn’t load font name:__subtitle__ file:/data/data/org.xbmc.kodi/cache/apk/assets/media/Fonts/arial.ttf
        16:25:23 T:1610837912 ERROR: Couldn’t load font name: __subtitleborder__(special://xbmc/media/Fonts/arial.ttf), trying to substitute arial.ttf
        16:25:23 T:1610837912 ERROR: Couldn’t load font name:__subtitleborder__ file:/data/data/org.xbmc.kodi/cache/apk/assets/media/Fonts/arial.ttf
        16:25:23 T:1610837912 ERROR: CGUIWindowFullScreen::OnMessage(WINDOW_INIT) – Unable to load subtitle font
        16:25:24 T:1791408096 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer – timeout waiting for buffer

        These are the errors I see on kodi.log, /data/data/org.xbmc.kodi/cache/apk/assets/media/ folder does not exist for me..

        • dartonz Apr 04, 2016 

          I’m seeing the same issue (android), did you get an answer on this?

  • Doug Feb 23, 2016 

    You guys really do rock!!! I’ve been with you since the XBMC days and have always loved your work. I sent ya a $10 donation to offset the resellers. Please don’t retire just yet!!!

  • Triu Feb 23, 2016 

    mixed up my eeePC (Lubuntu) and the Raspbian (based on Debian).

    so i work with the Lubuntu and thought i can only add a repository
    and will get automatically the new Version 16.

    Or do i only have to wait until this will be updated.
    (don’t want to install it manually)

  • goemon74 Feb 23, 2016 

    I liked Kodi on my Nuc, but on android, especially on Nvidia Shield TV i have a big problem – the audio video automatic lip sync is gone, so a lot of my videofiles are getting unsynchronized and start to stutter – i know its mainly an android problem, but like it is now its for me unusable on Shield. How about finally adfing dts hd and truehd support?

  • Bomeranger Feb 23, 2016 

    after the upgrade to version 16.0 deteriorated deinterlacing:
    ghosting on the running line.
    Previously, it was possible to select a setting DXVA best deinterlacing.
    Now only auto…
    Win 7 x86 home premium, AMD 5570, Catalyst 15.7.1
    I returned to Kodi 15.2

  • DerEineDa Feb 23, 2016 

    Long press doesn’t work with libcec. Bummer!

  • William Hegdahl Feb 23, 2016 

    I recently updated from isengaurd to Jarvis and lollipop to marshmallow on my android shield TV and kodi is locked at 1920×[email protected] when my shield claims in its HDMI settings it is running 4k (actually 3840×2160)@60hz like it did before marshmallow and isengaurd used to allow 3840×[email protected] Plex works in 4k Netflix does and same with the stock movie & photo app. Please fix this I love kodi as my media player.

  • Rickie Feb 24, 2016 

    On 15.2 while playing videos, I always had to go to settings and use the brightness and sharpness settings to brighten my tablet. I can’t seem to find that on 16.0. I am using the Titan skin if that matters. Kodi is awesome thanks.

  • cooli rashod Feb 24, 2016 

    kodi 16 is behaving crazy. it seems as if im holding down buttons but im not. its hard to explain but its like flickering and i cant operate it at all

  • 896 Feb 24, 2016 

    Kodi 16.0 “Jarvis” → DVD VIDEO MENU ×

  • Frank Feb 24, 2016 

    Not sure if this is a glitch or what, installed Jarvis 16.0 and Exodus doesnt work. Removed it and installed Isengard 15.2 and Exodus works. Seems buggy.

    • Kib Feb 24, 2016 

      I have no idea what this exodus is. In case it is a different applications, that doesn’t make any sense. If it is a third party plugin, please ask the developer to update it. If it is a third party addon that provides bootleg video stream access, what are you doing here and why are you asking us to fix it ?

  • Tom Conolly Feb 24, 2016 

    I tried loading the Android version 4 times and each time you cannot read the writing, it is all garbled up, did something happen to the file? I don’t understand all these good reports? My friend tried and got the same result. I downloaded it from this site.

  • Zeke Feb 24, 2016 

    “We prefer that the program actually works than adding bells and whistles.” – This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Refine what’s there rather than adding or leaving in a load of features useful to very few (removing legacy karaoke support is a great move to prevent the app getting too bloated) just add some nice little touches. Case in point – in-app long keypress support is something I used to enjoy via EventGhost on my HTPC before it got downgraded to a server and replaced with a Fire TV with a FLIRC dongle. Having long keypress support would allow me a lot more control and hopefully could result in, say, shortcuts to Android Apps (i.e. YouTube with a long press of the RED button).

    Great work, look forward to testing it on my MacBook Air and also my Fire TV (as it is for now, and also the SPMC Android specific when koying uploads it).

  • Nathan Feb 24, 2016 


    I’d like encourage you developers, to put a USB flash drive support on Kodi. Sometimes we just want to put that USB thing and watch any content that is in there, like is in PC or in “Smart TVs”. I Think that’s not very complicated, just show the flash drive contents and user selects what he wants. It’s possible?

    • Kib Feb 24, 2016 

      It’s not only possible, it has been there for many versions now.

      • Nathan Feb 26, 2016 

        Hi Kib!

        I test it in two different machines, one of these is a “pure” HTPC, without firewall or anti-virus, but din’t work. When you put a USB flash, nothing happens. It only works if you add the USB Flash drive’s folders in Kodi’s library. The idea is just put the USB thing and Kodi automatically open the folder list, like any ordinary smart TV.

        thank you in advance.

  • Mahmoud Bader Feb 24, 2016 

    The best media center software ever i like it
    Thanks to all of you Kodi team .

  • Klaus Feb 24, 2016 

    Great work guys!

    A small error in the Danish translation.

    When a TV series have one (unwatched) episode i says “1 episode”, when there’s more it says “x afsnit”.

    Should be “1 episode” and “x episoder” or “1 afsnit” and “x afsnit”

  • Martin Madsen Feb 24, 2016 

    Yay! It seems to loader fast as well on the Nvidia Shield TV :) I do get a crash whenever I try to exit kodi now on the Shield, but I assume it’s a known bug :)

  • Chris Feb 24, 2016 

    iPad Air 2 ios 9.2.1

    It’s not possible to activate “Unknown Sources” under Settings-System-Addon. I had to switch the appearance tp Confluence..then it worked BUT now I can’t switch it back to re-Touched :(

  • Navin Feb 24, 2016 

    Love Kodi development so far. I hope you guys can make the tv guide a bit more simpler in future developments, like removing the switch button and just being able to click OK to confirm the channel. And maybe some changes in the original skin, i hate having to download skins that lags my system as Confluence is the best but not as customizable. thx keep up the good work.

  • Fellyfelly Feb 24, 2016 

    Downloaded Kodi 16.0 3times now on this site but Kodi can’t install on my win7 Pc, just saying installer integrity check failed, common causes include incomplete download and damaged media>>>> and when I tried with Isenguard it installed correctly!!! Are we missing something here?? Thanks Devs!!!

    • Kib Feb 25, 2016 

      My guess would be your virusscanner is blocking it.

  • Martin Feb 24, 2016 

    Why is BOX skin not supported?

  • Slaky M. Feb 24, 2016 

    Thanks for all the hard work you have done to Kodi 16. It’s the first time in a long while I can not now use Kodi, due to ERROR: Exception caught on main loop. Existing. and every single time I try to maximize Kodi. Occasionally would dump crash Windows10 to due to a graphic driver failure. I know it is AMD Graphic. Anyone had any idea?

    • Kib Mar 01, 2016 

      Please take issues to the forums.

  • Erik Feb 25, 2016 

    I can’t install kodi 16.0 directly into my fire stick. That suck…

    • Tom Smith Feb 29, 2016 

      ES File Explorer is managed by Amazon. ES will get you to Kodi but will not down load when clicking onto ARM.Amazon may be blocking from downloading.

      Kodi programmers can you please advice and fix this from your end?

      Thank you…

  • OABC Feb 25, 2016 

    Thank you very much for this. Will be donating.
    Any news on V16 for Apple TV 4?

  • debolacha Feb 25, 2016 

    its just with me or when sometimes when we are in a streaming and we press backspace , it stops and close , the active streaming ???

  • debolacha Feb 25, 2016 

    thx for all the services and all you do for kodi project <3 hugs from brazil.

  • Jo Feb 25, 2016 

    My system is Mint17 and Kodi 15.2 worked fine with PVR.
    After upgrading to version 16 TV is gone and I get the message TVheadend HTSP connection lost..

  • Jock69 Feb 25, 2016 

    Recently installed Jarvis on my matricon gq box and when I now run kodi it opens for a very short period of time seconds only then crashes and takes me back to home screen on the box menu screen . Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

  • Joe Blanco Feb 25, 2016 

    There are not enough words to say how grateful I am for Kodi and there great developers. You guys rock!

  • rmlevit Feb 25, 2016 

    Beware! The option to stop Kodi from scraping media info from directories, such as EXIF information from JPG files, has been removed. Kodi now scrapes every directory for media info automatically, when you navigate into it and when you try to start a slideshow on it. If you have directories with lots (hundreds) of JPG files, the media info scrape will such up all your free RAM and Kodi will crash! You will not be able to traverse directories with hundreds of JPG files, or run a recursive slideshow consisting of hundreds of images, without crashing Kodi! This problem is platform-independent, occurring on Windows, Linux and Android OS’s! If you like to be able to run slideshows with hundreds of images, do not upgrade to Jarvis!

    • Jason Feb 26, 2016 

      Thumbnail display for large video folders broke in one of the January development builds and still needs to be fixed. This might be related to what you’re experiencing with images. I submitted a bug report about a month ago, so hopefully this will be addressed in an upcoming bugfix release. My report was windows specific, but the problem appears to affect all platforms.

    • Wheat eater Feb 27, 2016 

      Yuore right Kodi crashed on slideshow hope they fix it soon!

  • Bart Feb 26, 2016 

    So far looks amazing!! Wondering if anyone knows why the maintenance tool is empty?

    • Kib Feb 26, 2016 

      There is no ‘Maintenance Tool’ in Kodi

  • Apun Tum Feb 26, 2016 

    I installed Kodi 16 using xcode on my ipad air ios 9.2.1, it works good, but when I enable PVR addon: “Stalker Client” everything works great until I close kodi and re-open it, then it crashes right away. To fix this I have to turn wifi off then open kodi and disable the addon then turn wifi on and then enable the addon and everything works great again UNTIL closing kodi…. Please fix this issue, kodi 15.2 does the same exact thing on my ipad. seems like the problem is on ios 9.2.1 only because my other ioad with ios 9.0.1 is working flawlessly with this addon.

  • mo0og2048 Feb 26, 2016 


    hi Kodi Jarvis, where is gone song rating info?

    i hope still in db…

    • mo0og2048 Feb 27, 2016 

      as self reply…
      i found usefully view and “userrating” column!

      + older: SELECT rating, strPath, strFileName FROM song NATURAL LEFT OUTER JOIN path WHERE 1 ORDER BY rating DESC ;
      + newer: SELECT userrating / 2 AS rating, strPath, strFileName FROM songview WHERE 1 ORDER BY rating DESC, idSong DESC ;

      as base sql via: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=104387&pid=1061742#pid1061742

      Thanks for the great work Kodi Team!

  • Scott Feb 26, 2016 

    Fantastic job team Kodi. Jarvis is working smooth as silk on my 3 x Windows setup, it is a pleasure to donate for this polished media player and look forward to Krypton.
    Well done!.

  • dougeg Feb 26, 2016 

    i use your program all my life its been A good little softwhere and i use it to bradcast all my servers as i tryed so so many other and they dont work as best as you i am glade your still around and dont let eveyone hit you guys down i always send money to kodi when i can i am a very big supportr i dont no what i would ever do if i lost you guys i would use an old old verson intill the day i die as i use the softwhere fulltime and have it installed on many or more pc and tell so so many friends

  • Rod Feb 26, 2016 

    I have just noticed my m8 box is still running kodi 14 I have done a full reset on it but I’m still unable to connect to the internet to upload kodi 16 there is no buttons for me to press ? the box itself is connected do I have to put an add on in to get the browser up ?

  • Nathan Feb 26, 2016 

    Hi Kib!

    I test it in two different machines, one of these is a “pure” HTPC, without firewall or anti-virus, but din’t work. When you put a USB flash, nothing happens. It only works if you add the USB Flash drive’s folders in Kodi’s library. The idea is just put the USB thing and Kodi automatically open the folder list, like any ordinary smart TV.

    thank you in advance.

  • Brad Feb 26, 2016 

    Running Ubuntu 14.04 and really newbie on this. Thansk for all the hard work and making XBMC / Kodi looking great. However since the system updated to 16.0 (Jarvis). My Kodi would load and after few seconds… about 30 to 60 secs and it will stop and exit. I have rebooted and did sudo update but the same problem occurs. I changed to different skin in between MQ6 and Titan … the same thing. Now I just noticed changed it back to default confluence. It works and not exit itself. If there anything I need to to to update the library perhaps?

  • erik Feb 26, 2016 

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • LAmantaa Feb 26, 2016 

    thanks for this update. i was waiting for it long time ago

  • Bobby Feb 26, 2016 

    Thanks for the great work TeamKodi! I love the music app as I was able to correctly scan my library and it looks great.. One thing though, I can’t find any option to loop a song. Is it possible?

  • brandon Feb 26, 2016 

    Hi where do i post problems or issue with the kodi 16.0 release

    • Atreyu Feb 27, 2016 

      On the support forum?

  • Joachim Feb 26, 2016 


    thanks for the great Jobs you always did.
    I miss the lightness and brightness Button in the Video Options in Kodi 16.0?
    I’m often used this for individual adjustment. Is it possible to integrate this again?

    Thanks, Joachim

  • billy Feb 26, 2016 

    every time i download the new update i get a zip file. i unzip the zip file and no APK file is found. not sure what im doing wrong. i tried the android ARM and x86. help please

  • felipe Feb 27, 2016 

    you have to root (with kingroot)your AFTV and then you have to install a program “sdfix” to allow an app to write in the usb stick, i did this and its working again


    • Davel Feb 28, 2016 

      Thanks for the info Felipe, do you know why it stopped working in Jarvis final release, when it was working fine in the 16 RC versions

  • Danny Feb 27, 2016 

    I need help please, I recently installed kodi but it keeps crashing after I installed something on it, I need to know how to wipe the app clean so I can’t start fresh any suggestions please

    • Jeffers355 Feb 28, 2016 

      Do a full uninstall app/program android/windows and re-install, easiest way I think

  • Ienidualc Feb 27, 2016 

    On the site to download JARVIS “Ubuntu: 64 bit *
    [Help], “downloading is being downloaded HELIX.

  • Greg Feb 27, 2016 

    On AFTV the menu button on the remote does not bring up the context menu. Instead it takes me back to the AFTV home..

  • Dmulex Feb 27, 2016 

    Hi! How can i upgrade on openelec Rpi2?

  • Javier Feb 27, 2016 

    It doesn’t work

    error exception caught on main loop. exiting

  • Graham Leyland Feb 27, 2016 

    Just updated to Jarvis today. Worked fine on my computer but on the media box I now have no sound. Tried a couple of times from a clean install and nothing. Any ideas on how to fix this or go back to a previous build? Any help greatly appreciated. thanks.

  • tim Feb 28, 2016 

    How do I update kodi to 16.0 on my Amazon fire TV stick without a computer?

  • scott Feb 28, 2016 

    Something seems amiss with deinterlacing of 1080i content. I had no known issues with the 15 releases. 720p is fine, most normal 1080i programming looks ok. However I was playing back a 1080i stream of College Basketball today and it was not smooth at all, very tough to watch. No matter how I set deinterlace, on, off or auto it was still noticeably jerky. Watching live via FIOS set top box the video was perfect. Hopefully something can be done here. I’m using the Nexus Player.

  • shar Feb 28, 2016 

    still no support for home/unmatched videos outside the file manager, ha??? no thanks.

  • mark Feb 28, 2016 

    just upgraded my android m8 box to v16 Jarvis and its randomly crashing.

  • chris Feb 28, 2016 

    my shortcuts are not saving.. what should i do to keep them saved?

  • Jeffers355 Feb 28, 2016 

    Thanks for great release.
    Event log was something I was looking for so when something unexpected happened I could look back through recent changes to help find probable cause.
    I took a look at my event log and I have a lot of Alarm Clock started events.
    Found the XBMC Alarm Clock thinking it must have been set on in the upgrade, only to find I don’t have the Alarm Clock installed/enabled.
    Example events in the log look like this:-
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 0m 28-02-20016 6:57:29
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 0m 28-02-20016 6:54:25
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 0m 28-02-20016 5:57:35
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 300m 28-02-20016 2:38:50
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 300m 28-02-20016 2:37:49
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 300m 28-02-20016 2:36:51
    Alarm clock Started, alarm in 1440m 27-02-20016 23:27:52
    Any idea/s what is causing this and what I need to switch off?

    • Jeffers355 Feb 28, 2016 

      I am getting an additional Alarm clock ‘in 0m’ events every time I wake Kodi from screen saver mode.This may be the trigger of the in 0m alarm triggers.
      But not the early hours of the morning ‘in non-zero m’ alarms as Kodi was not being used at those times.

    • Kib Mar 03, 2016 

      Post the FULL debug log to pastebin, then link to that paste on our forums.
      The debug will show which thread is calling and setting an alarm and you can see which addon it is.

      • Jeffers355 Mar 03, 2016 

        I have a copy of the Kodi Log containing a number of alarm sets.
        How do I upload log to pastebin?
        What is address of ‘our forum’?

        • Jeffers355 Mar 03, 2016 

          I have loaded the log to pastebin, it flashed a url too fast for me to take note of it, then directed me to my posted log.
          I cannot see url at the moment, can see a reference number, how do I link as requested?

  • Trent Warner Feb 28, 2016 

    Didn’t you forget long-press for the back key (backspace)? This is working for me. Holding it brings you back to the main menu. Both buttons also have alternate actions during playback.

  • GeoTheBest Feb 28, 2016 

    After update to v16 the subtitles in 3D movies do not work properly. They only show in the bottom right of the screen. I tested it with movie and subtitles I already have wtched in v15 and was OK.

  • Jerry Feb 28, 2016 

    Had to revert back to 15.2. Could not watch any video content (local or streaming) due to extreme screen flashing. Primarily green flashing, some red flashing. Videos would play, with no errors, just could not be watched. Can anyone say seizure.

    • Alan-h Apr 26, 2016 

      I have the same problem. I had to come back v. 15 (it’s work fine). With Jarvis, all videos… you can hear but only see black and other colors cicle.

      I tried turn off the “hardware accelerated” and all same. I’m using kodi on Windows 7.

    • Cesar O Apr 30, 2016 

      Just change the render method to “Software” and the bad colors issue gone

  • lloyddlv Feb 28, 2016 

    nextup service notification app not working with jarvis upgrade. anybody got a fix?

    thx a bunch!

  • Travis Feb 28, 2016 

    I downloaded the latest version (v16 “jarvis”) and it will not open… it is giving me a GUI error. Anyone else?

  • riji Feb 29, 2016 

    I was hoping this version would be able to “play” a .TXT file in file manager; it’s a pity.

  • GeoTheBest Feb 29, 2016 

    There are problems in 3d movies and not only with the subtitles I mentioned before. I regret to say this is the first time I downgraded to the previous version (15.2). Sorry guys and of course I thank you for your hard work but something went wrong.

  • Mr Special Feb 29, 2016 

    I just install kodi 16.0 jarvis in my android box my power wizard skins dont work

  • ggbotelho Mar 01, 2016 

    i dont have any addons installed and its crashes. issue with kodi not addons. jarvis.

  • Chris Mar 02, 2016 

    The short cuts are nor saving to home screen when reconnecting device have to re add them every time … What should I do??

  • luca Mar 02, 2016 

    I’ve same problem of other users “Black Screen and can’t see anything”.

    at the momente I put again release 15.2
    hope to have some news about this trouble!


  • fern Mar 03, 2016 

    not longer happy with ut i cant search wont open half the stuff eg, comedies, romantic, and action. wont let me do half as much on it any more ive tried deleting and re downloading and still saame thing.

  • greg Mar 03, 2016 

    If I unplug my android box or firestick After setting up addon shortcuts. I lose the shortcuts and have to go trough the appearance settings all over again. didnt have this issue with 15.2 Any thoughts or is there a new setting I have to enable so that my shortcuts are saved when box needs to be unplugged?

    • Sataday Mar 25, 2016 

      I too would like to know the answer to that.
      I find a work round is to install inengard15.2 first, do all setting preferences, and then updgade to jarvis

  • Wefweance Mar 03, 2016 

    Unformat data easily

  • matt blackbourne Mar 03, 2016 

    After setting up preferences and short cuts in home screen via SYSTEM>APPEARANCE the system loses the preferences saved when rebooting system.

  • luca Mar 03, 2016 

    I have “black screen” problem too..
    Please let us know something, at the moment I uninstall Jarvis 16, and re-install 15.2

  • xOnur Mar 03, 2016 

    Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t work anymore because of an api problem. Please support the legal addons like YouTube again and fix the problem
    That all Kodi or OpenElec users can enjoy the Media Center..

    Please fix it.

  • Craig Mar 03, 2016 

    Very nice but when I create a smart playlist it no longer sorts tracks by random order when this option is selected.

  • David Mar 03, 2016 

    Ever since updating from 14.2, my sync is way out. Go back to 14.2 & it’s perfect. (Missed out 15.2 but have also tried that and sync is also no good on that).
    Any ideas anyone?
    Thanks in advance

  • Syntharjaevel Mar 03, 2016 

    DXVA2 seem to be broken for me with jarvis (windows 8.1, ATI radeon HD3200 graphics) all cores on my AMD Phenom II X4 905e CPU goes 100% so I downgraded to 15.2 again.

  • Samantha Mar 04, 2016 

    I want to love this Jarvis update…but I don’t at all. :( My apps that were working fine before I updated are not working any longer. I appreciate your hard work & I know all these kinks will soon be fixed.just wanted to leave a little feedback.

  • Steve Mar 05, 2016 

    A friend of mine has a Dragon Streams box that uses Kodi 19.2?
    Do they have any connection with Kodi developers?
    They do have some really good Sports links that are in high HD quality compared to what we can get from Sports Devil.
    Makes me wonder….hmm.

  • Nicholas Mar 05, 2016 

    Just installed Jarvis. It is working fine other than it keeps showing swipe down from the top to exit full screen, even after i make it go away..it comes back in literally 2 seconds afterwards

  • Lastcoder Mar 05, 2016 

    I’m using kodi from offical team xbmc ppa for ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

    Yesterday (04.03.16) “kodi-pvr-hts” was updated to version 2.2.14-1. kodi & kodi-bin fortunately were hold back on 15.2, so didn’t update to v.16.

    The result of the package management is, that kodi always *crashes* at startup with

    “*** Error in `/usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin’: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00007f45f80029c0 ***
    Aborted (core dumped)”

    Sorry, folks, but that simply suckz a lot … Although I like rolling releases, but since every new main version kodi breaks a lot of stuff, so a new main release is unusable – please stop that an change package management to fixed versions !

  • john Mar 05, 2016 

    hey guys, I’m a huge fan of kodi / the beast , ive downloaded the latest.. ( 16 )…… installed, uninstalled, installed……it doesn’t work……it keeps freezing, the mouse doesn’t show on it, and nothing plays! and actually just did it now which is 3:30am……..am I doing something wrong, or is it just not finished? :(

  • Trivina Negzeriàl Mar 05, 2016 

    This didn’t work for iOS jailbroken devices. I’ve been trying for weeks now and I’m still on 15.2 and the iOS needs a up bad. http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ doesn’t give an update.

  • Alex Mar 05, 2016 

    Jarvis is very laggy and my Internet connection is very good. Not sure what’s going on

  • Jonas Mar 05, 2016 

    Thanks for the great work :)

    Just a heads up for anyone having issues on Windows: I had freezes and crashes after installing 16.0 – updating graphics drivers solved it.

  • Kaf Mar 06, 2016 

    I updated the drivers for windows and now everything’s working perfectly, thanks for the help.

  • Pete Dale Mar 06, 2016 

    can you download movies and save to SD card etc with this new Jarvis version….cheers

  • John Mar 07, 2016 

    I installed 16.0 over 15.1 and after a reboot it just shows a black screen. If I alt+enter to put it in a window I can see it, then alt+tab again for full screen and its fine. If I exit and reload Kodi its fine so the problem seems to happen on the first launch after a reboot.

    Anyway, due to the inconvenience of having to plug a keyboard into my HTPC each time, I’ve reverted back to 15.2 until the problem is fixed. Looking at the comments above and also on the forum, this problem is affecting multiple users.

  • Michael Mar 09, 2016 

    Hi #kodi fans, i am having an awesome time with kodi and cant imagine my nexus player without it. with that said, i need help mapping keys without messing up the new longpress feature of jarvis. have a nexus player and as you guys might know, it has very few keys on the remote so i want to only map the up, down, left and right to next, previous, rewind and fast forward respectively. i have done a lot of research but all the maps am seeing are for isengard and all for keyboards. i know how to write the xml files as i have a modded advance.xml for my kodi but i just need this small script to make these little changes. any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  • kilzo Mar 09, 2016 

    anyone with working DSP source ? please link me

  • davie55 Mar 09, 2016 

    need some help here guys .
    when i put my box on to watch something i can hear the sound but there is no picture .
    it is driving me mad

    please can someone help me

  • Brizzriel Mar 10, 2016 

    Ok so I figured out the problem with the clear menu items after updating to Jarvis, apparently your current skin is incompatible with Jarvis if you change or update (if Jarvis update is available that is) your menu issue will be resolved. Enjoy

  • Rhadimer Mar 13, 2016 

    regards !

    Can somebody help me?

    install the latest version of kodi 16.0 and movies are very bad, with very little quality and colors are not noticeable. nesecito solve this soon, but I will have to install the previous version of Kodi.

    note: when I playing movies in windows media player or vlc to see perfectly and in high quality.

  • Rhadimer Mar 13, 2016 

    regards !

    Can somebody help me?

    install the latest version of kodi 16.0 and movies are very bad, with very little quality and colors are not noticeable. I need to resolve this soon, but I will have to install the previous version of Kodi.

    note: when I reprodusco movies in another reprodutore to see perfectly and in high quality.

  • Ed Mar 15, 2016 

    Hi! I’m new with Android TV box. I had 15.2 version and wasn’t working the best, but I had Chanel one and Genesis, and other apps that were working well and I that I liked them, but when I installed version 16 Jarvis they were gone and I can’t fine them. Any body can help me or tell me what is happening?

  • UncT Mar 15, 2016 

    Jarvis 16.1 RC seems to lock-up on both my Android boxes and my Windows boxes (7 &10)

  • Bruce Mar 15, 2016 

    Kodi Jarvis 16.1 freezing and losing volume. Need to reboot constantly. Windows system

  • Daniel farrwlly Mar 16, 2016 

    I can’t seem to find where I download kodi 16 for raspberry pi 3 any help guy’s? ?

  • andy Mar 16, 2016 

    installed Jarvis , video playback is rubbish it does not play in colour , going to uninstall it and revert back to 15.2 ……………………..operating on windows 10 pc

  • John Mutuma Mar 18, 2016 

    Kodi says dependecies not met. contact author when installing addons. What is the solution here?

  • bryan Mar 19, 2016 

    any solution for karaoke addon?

  • Jimmy Mar 19, 2016 

    I am new to KODI. I rebuilt my KODI but a lot of the add-ons do not work. What am I doing wrong?

  • Karim Manji Mar 19, 2016 


    I use Kodi on a amazon Firestick I Have been using 15.2 with great success. A couple of days ago I updated Kodi to 16.0 Jarvis. For some reason when I go to System Tweaks and try to change the Home Screen Shortcuts it doesn’t work. It used to work on previous versions.

    Can anybody help?


    • Nathan Betzen Mar 20, 2016 

      What the heck are “system tweaks”?

  • Jenna Mar 22, 2016 

    Hi there, downloaded kodi Jarvis 16.0 last night and since have lost all of my maintenance tool apps…. Im on an android box and my previous version was 14.2 everything was there until I updated …Any help..??

  • Sataday Mar 22, 2016 

    I wonder if Karim Manji was refering to the double click on home button, which doesn’t seem to be working now.
    At least it’s not working for me. Single click is OK.

  • Amy Mar 23, 2016 

    I’m using kodi on Amazon firestick and with the new update it won’t work. And when it does I can’t see what is written on the screen as all the words overlap.

  • bill Mar 24, 2016 

    hi but my kodi will not search

  • Debbie Mar 25, 2016 

    I just updated my android tv box with Jarvis and now my menus in Kodi are just boxes instead of letters. I go into the settings and part of the words come back, but the ribbon shows nothing but square boxes. Perhaps a problem with Confluence skin? Any suggestions.

  • the dude Mar 28, 2016 

    Thanks for your hard work, but I had to downgrade you broke the windows MCE remote on Jarvis. I have been using this remote without problems thu alot of your upgrades but this Jarvis update fired the remote. I uninstalled and went back and everything just works. Not sure why I need to upgrade anymore the remote was the point. I don’t want to use a mouse and keyboard to control how I use a great program to watch my media. Please fix this.

  • the dude Mar 28, 2016 

    On a side note: Instead of selling t-shirts you should find a cheap manufacturer of USB remotes and build in the drivers for this remote into KODI and sell the remote. This will help pay for the site and development. Just a thought

  • Guille Mar 30, 2016 

    Hello, I just installed jarvis 16.1on my mx tv Box and works great with all sd videos but hd videos run extremily slow and sound doesnt adjust correctly. How could I fix it?

  • Christoph Ludwig Mar 30, 2016 

    I’m using KODI with WIN7/Ubuntu on an PC and on Raspi B2 (Openelec).
    I have a really little problem:
    By playing videos (e.g. in mpg or mp4 format). stored on discs, at the end of videos KODI repeat this video.
    I must interrupt with click on the stop button.
    This is not comfortable. Returning to the list of videos is better.
    Christoph Ludwig

  • Greaser Mar 31, 2016 

    Tablet: Acer Iconia One 7 B1-770

    Kodi v16.0 “Jarvis”: Blocky text bug: https://www.reddit.com/r/kodi/comments/487hcs/blocky_text/

  • Joel Apr 02, 2016 

    Installed on RK3368 Android box, works great, other than the fonts are blurred, or people are saying unicode blocks when I go into use Kodi??? please help

  • baju anak branded murah Apr 04, 2016 

    There is definately a lot to know about this issue.
    I really like all the points you made.

  • beastfellow Apr 06, 2016 

    In Jarvis the red color flicks and the quality of video is not good. In Isengard 15.2 works fine. I tried RC 16.2 but still same.

  • phil Apr 06, 2016 

    hi there

    im having problems when downloading kodi on windows 7 im getting blank icons and i cant see the font ie text ie what the text is saying when i use my side keys any help please

  • Burim Apr 07, 2016 

    I have the android tv box (MSQ PLUS 4k) version 5.1.1 I currently have the Kodi 15.2 Isengard version installed and I want to upgrade to 16.x version.

    I have downloaded the current version 16.1 jarvis arm from kodi.tv (still have the old 15.2 version installed though) when I go to local disc and hit install 16.1 after a while text appears saying; APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED
    (can you please help me resolve this issue)

  • Barry the Big Poled Genius Apr 09, 2016 

    Doesnt even start on my M8. Literally nothing.

  • Phil Cee Apr 10, 2016 

    Does anyone know why kodi 16.0 wont work properly on my pc ? every stream i try to watch has distorted video and the colours are all wrong, any help is much appreciated.

  • CodyWanKenobi Apr 11, 2016 

    I have Kodi on my iPad, and after it did it’s automatic update to Jarvis, it completely wiped out all of my add ons. When I go to Programs, the “Add On Manager” option is not there. Only the “get more” option. Does anyone know what the hell could have happened?

  • CodyWanKenobi Apr 11, 2016 

    Actually I was wrong, I’m not on Jarvis, I’m on Isegard.

  • Peter Apr 18, 2016 

    Hi guy’s
    I’m new on kodi and I would like to know of where to download Kodi Jarvis 3 Release Canditdate

    Thank you

  • Barry Jacobs Apr 19, 2016 

    Didn’t work. When trying to view channels the color is completely off. People look green on it. Its all presented in weird colors. Also, there is no Cinema Section which used to be there in Version 14. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Polleke Apr 26, 2016 

    Never bought a a program that was so BAD,after last update to 16.1 stable ,my
    Imac crashed ,this is all the years I have a Imac never happened.
    I Must start all over again do work this program.

  • ollieville972 Apr 28, 2016 

    i have just updated kodi on my android box but there is no volume.I’ve checked all the settings and everything seems ok…is this something you can help me with

  • Jerry Apr 29, 2016 

    Was testing Kodi 15 for a few months and just ran a fresh install:

    10 year old HP PC (3GB ram, 2GB NVidia GT740 GPU)

    TWC 6Mbps down max (way below recommended minimum)
    Linux – Ubuntu 14.04 base with Gnome – Metacity (to keep the front end light but usable)
    Kodi – Jarvis 16.1 (auto login directly into Kodi front end at startup)
    Real-Debrid Account
    IPTVSubs account thru IPTV Simple Client
    Aeon Nox 5 Skin

    Congrats. I can cancel my Directv subscription and hand my wife a remote that she can use. Will be adding in more/better hardware. This is my new home media box. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Jose May 02, 2016 

    Everything works beautiful with Jarvis, but the only issue I’m having is adjusting video brightness. The brightness under the movie film icon is no longer in that location, so how do I adjust the brightness now for those really dark films?

  • Roger G May 04, 2016 

    Same problem as Jose, how can i adjust the brightness in Jarvis 16.1
    Must be somewhere but so far fooled me!

  • Mohammed May 16, 2016 

    First of all I would like to thank Kodi team for the great job .. and I encourage them to continue doing this wonderful project that deliver the future of TV ..

    I installed Kodi 14.2 on my BOXEE BOX and it’s working really great but I would like to see the new version Kodi 16 Jarvis in the future as all of the boxee box supporters wish to have it ..


  • Jared May 24, 2016 

    I updated to Jarvis on Windows Vista and now it won’t even open.Gives me a message that Directx isn’t updated, but it is. Then i have to open task manager to exit kodi. Worked ok before, maybe my computer is too old for this :/

  • Rachel Jun 02, 2016 

    Hi, Can someone help, I have updated, and videos are playing audio but the picture is showing just flickering colours.

    I have tried in [random crappy piracy add-on] and [random crappy piracy add-on] and they are both the same they also only show me SD options?

    I know that some people are saying to unselect a Decode option but when I go into this section there is only one decode option there anyway.



  • Phil Cee Apr 10, 2016 

    I have the same issue :(

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