Kodi 16.0 “Jarvis” – Release Candidate 1

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jan 21, 2016 in Pre-Release, Site News

The time has come to bring you all Release Candidate 1 for Kodi v16. It took a bit longer than we anticipated due to some problems along the way though they should be under control now. This release consists of some nice features but more importantly the continues effort on making the underlying code more mature and future proof which should result in a more stable Kodi in general.

Some of you commented on several occasion that we should first fix the “known problems” in our previous versions before jumping to the next one. The fact is that fixing those problems correctly is such an undertaking that we simply can’t keep working on the previous one. Our team vision is to keep moving forward and along the way release version for users to use and enjoy that are considered stable enough. We don’t force people to upgrade so if you like an older Kodi version for some reason just keep using it. This vision is known as Release Early Release Often (RERO) on which we’ll make a more in depth review soon.

With that said lets focus on some things that have been changed and added which are noticeable for the end users.

What did change in Kodi 16:

  • • Implement the more future proof DirectX11 for Windows which still works for DirectX9 video cards;
  • • Event logging which among others shows which video files didn’t got added to your library;
  • • Skin settings are now stored as separate files like any other add-on which makes migrating settings a lot easier;
  • • Image resource add-ons which provide a single point of entry for skins to share common used images like movie studio icons and record labels which saves quite a lot of space and bandwidth;
  • • Audio DSP  (Digital Signal Processing)  add-on integration and are already included which could make things possible like equalizers, sound processing, fake surround and more
  • • PVR/DVR section has been extended and improved massively which now also handles series recording
  • • Music library improvements which includes asking to scan to library when adding locations and also better tag scanning
  • • Button long-press which extends the functionality of a single button to handle two functions which is great for button deprived remotes
  • • User interface now supports a new stereoscopic depth effect for 3D TVs or VR headsets
  • • Extend the UPnP server/client integration between Kodi installations
  • • Android now support a Surface Rendering which keeps the interface at normal HD resolution while allows playback of 4K on supported devices
  • • Removal of the infamous libstagefright on Android  which served us for the past years while the Android platform matured to a fully fetaured MediaCodec
  • • Add-on manager underwent heavy changes which includes slightly different structure, per add-on auto-update on/off switch, better update/rollback support to choose from repos,
  • • Extend the included keyboard layouts which includes Korean and Chinese
  • • Improved multi-touch support which now also works on Linux
  • • Gives skin developers a more reliable platform to work from and reduce amount of work for adapting to new Kodi versions
  • • Greatly improved audio and video playback in general
Event logging Scan music to library
EPG v16-recordings
ADSP manager ADSP Equalizer
v16-addon auto update v16-keyboards


With the list above we only highlighted some of the more noticeable features.  The complete list is huge which could fill several pages. A lot of changes went in Kodi 16 like removing old code, splitting up parts in more logical chunks and making it all more resilient to future changes. All these changes are part of a massive change list that only makes sense to developers actually knowing what the source code does. In short we will not bother you with summing up that list. It’s just something that is worth mentioning that not all improvements have to be actual features and are visible to users. We prefer that the program actually works than adding new bells and whistles. Most of the times new features are just a side effect of cleaning up our code.

Improvements so far in version 16

More in depth information can be found through the following links about the 16 release. Visit the other announcements listed below for previous beta fixes.


General: So far in version 16 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham, Helix and Isengard then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: Sadly due to the amount of changes we’ll have to announce that skins will have certain parts non working. This beta will mark any version 15 skin as incompatible and will ask you to switch back to Confluence. This means that for you to continue using Kodi 16.0 you will have to switch back to Confluence or wait till the skin you use has been updated in our repository. Good new however is that a variety of skin have already start updating to latest changes.
Available skins: The following skins are already updated for version 16 and will auto-update when you upgrade. We’re sure more will follow soon.

  • • Aeon Nox 5
  • • Amber
  • • AppTV
  • • Black Glass Nova
  • • Chroma
  • • Confluence
  • • Eunique
  • • KOver
  • • Mimic
  • • Nebula
  • • Rapier
  • • re-Touched
  • • Titan
  • • Transparency!


Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page.

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

Official remotes

In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone. These can take control of your Kodi installation from where you browse your movies, tvshows, PVR/DVR, start add-ons and navigate through the interface.

Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
org.xbmc.kore Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

Like Kodi itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.
We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation. All donations go towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchase necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

Discussion - 85 Comments

  • bledd Jan 21, 2016 

    Thanks gents!

  • Florian Jan 21, 2016 

    AWESOME!!! Many thanks for all your efforts!

  • Glenn Lunder Jan 21, 2016 

    Superb, can’t wait to upgrade to final release on all our devices – and starting to drool over what’s in store for Kodi 17 :)

  • JiSiN Jan 21, 2016 


  • ludo Jan 21, 2016 

    hello j’ai upgrader et j’ai perdu la souris sur kodi. comment je fais pour la retrouver merci
    windows 7/ kodi jarvis/ aeon nox 5/ french
    merci beaucoup pour ton job

  • Kenny Bethea Jan 21, 2016 

    Jarvis is on deck! Great job fellas!

  • Ritesh Raj Sarraf Jan 21, 2016 

    This list of features is fantastic. I’m really excited about the Video Library Addition Notification enhancement. Thank you.

  • Cade Foster Jan 21, 2016 

    I’ve been using the Beta 16 Jarvis, can I upgrade or do I have to delete and download?

    • Chris Jan 21, 2016 

      I have always done in place updates. Give it a run and see what happens. If it crashes and burns please give that feedback on the forums and the Devs can decide to look into it or not.

  • Mike Maloney Jan 21, 2016 

    V16 will be a great release!! The list of changes looks superb… :)

    Appreciate all the work from Team Kodi.

  • Michael Jan 21, 2016 

    Thanks for the nice looking update! Hoping Eminence follows up with 16 as it’s gorgeous. I’m particularly interested to how much better hdhomerun will work on Android’s version.

  • Chris Jan 21, 2016 

    What is meant by greatly improved audio and video playback? Stability? Number of formats? Audio/video quality?

    • JOe K. Jan 27, 2016 

      I completely agree. What are the improvements?

  • Sinister Jan 21, 2016 

    Looking good so far…Aeon Nox 5 upgrade didn’t go well though, had to remove it and reinstall several times, but finally got it working.

  • Steve Jarvis Jan 21, 2016 

    Thanks for all the work you put into this.

    Also thanks for naming it after me! LOL


    • Damien Jan 22, 2016 

      I’d definitely be flattered!!

  • JD Jan 21, 2016 

    Thanks for the great work again guys! Winter is my off season for work, but I will be sending a donation your way once work picks back up in March.

    I’ll wait until the final release come out before I upgrade from Isengard. I assume that when I do upgrade I will need to do a clean install, correct?

    Thanks again Kodi team!

    • Chris Jan 21, 2016 

      A clean install is rarely a requirement. In fact I don’t think I have ever done a clean install unless I botched something messing with files I shouldn’t have. Install the RC and give it a whirl. The team can use all the feedback on potential bugs before it goes final. We all appreciate user found bugs :)

  • JD Jan 21, 2016 

    Thanks for the info Chris. Since I don’t need to do a clean install I’ll go ahead and give the candidate a try and report any bugs I find.

  • A Jan 21, 2016 

    Ugh. Please figure out the optimal skin format and stick with it. It’s so frustrating to have to find a new skin with almost every release. I’m still sad about losing Xeebo around helix.

    • Kib Jan 22, 2016 

      That would mean never ever adding any more dialogs or new options to the application.
      If you are super happy with Xeebo, consider adding the few required changes yourself so others can use this skin on a newer version.

      • Dranzerk Jan 26, 2016 

        Yah because everyone knows how to do that stuff..

  • KodiFan Jan 22, 2016 

    KODI is the ultimate HTPC software in my opinion. You did a good job evolving it to the point it’s at now. Keep it up! Big Thanks. YESSSSS!

  • John Buchanan Jan 22, 2016 

    The program’s exit function does not work, and the installer/program software needs to be signed

  • ANWBUXTON Jan 22, 2016 

    Have the audio passthrough changes in 16 Beta 5 been incorporated into this release? I have an ATMOS AV and would like to take full advantage of it…..:o)

  • Seth Jan 22, 2016 

    I love the vision, been following since version 12 on my Android stick. Every single update has resulted in massive improvements. I’m excited for the newest updates. Keep it up!

  • Buzz Jan 22, 2016 

    What I truly miss (from KODI 14>?) is the ‘force refresh’ feature

    • Mike Maloney Jan 22, 2016 

      What do you mean with force refresh???

      • Dranzerk Jan 26, 2016 

        He means that sometimes you have lots of TV shows/movies added, and instead of it updating at certain times, you can force it to refresh to ad them instantly. It is/was a pretty nice features.

        • negge Jan 28, 2016 

          Update library is right there in the side blade.

  • Taddy Jan 22, 2016 

    You guys are amazing!!

    One feature I would like is an auto update option, where when selected Kodi auto updates to the latest release!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!! :D

  • Dutch Jan 22, 2016 

    Great work,

    Just one comment to make.
    I have been in the coding world for the last 35 years, and found the KISS principle the best.

    It stands for Keep It Simple (Stupid).

    Last word I often use for myself.

    But same with this great product, which I have been using for years.

    Good product, but try to keep it simple.

    Bedanks voor alle personen die hier aan werken en jij, ‘Martijn’……. good work, great hobby and just well done..


  • hdmkv Jan 22, 2016 

    Great work! Love Kodi.

  • Optimator Jan 22, 2016 

    Thank you! Been here since XBMP ☺

  • Damien Jan 22, 2016 

    The best! Have been a many years user…
    From wife to kids none in my family could live without Kodi! :)
    Thanks for such an amazing work

  • Simon Jan 22, 2016 

    scrolling through movies list has been slow since beta5, is that due to vaapi?

  • Pedram Jan 22, 2016 

    I was hoping there would finally be support for 3D Blu-Ray playback. Too bad. Perhaps Kodi 17? Yes yes, I know ffmpeg has to support it first.

  • Allen Carter Jan 22, 2016 

    Network shares don’t work after upgrade to release candidate 1

  • Abhishek Prakash Jan 23, 2016 

    Good job fellas ! Keep it up !

  • Gottfrid Jan 23, 2016 

    Kodi 16 is not good for;
    * Too bad it’s not playing [email protected] as [email protected] it downsaple this to [email protected]
    * Showing pictures on 4k tv’s not good either you get 1080 as max output resolution

    • Martijn Jan 23, 2016 

      1) no its not. It perfectly plays [email protected] without downscaling

      • Gottfrid Jan 23, 2016 

        OK so then it is the surface renderer that is worse than the renderer in 15.2.
        I’m running 2 nvidia shield tv side by side one with 15.2 and the other 16 jarvis RC1.
        they are hooked up to a 65inch 4k tv through a recever.
        When playing [email protected] it is a big different in quality between the kodi versions and the 15.2 is the clear winner in image quality.

        • Martijn Jan 23, 2016 

          I have two SATV and both do 4k and absolutely no problems with v16 and v17.

          • Gottfrid Jan 24, 2016 

            Well i can understand that you see no differensen between kodi 16 and 17 because They use the same renderer.
            Kodi 15.2 has better image quality than both of them.

            This is Why I still have to run 15.2.
            For HD sound I use intel nuc and open elec Great combo but can’t play my panasonic.
            [email protected] files that’s Why I bought the satv.

  • Bernard Miville Jan 24, 2016 

    On Kodi 16.0 rc1 in Xubuntu 15.10, with the Mythtv PVR add on, when you try to configure the Mythv addon, the OK, Cancel and Defaults buttons are missing, hence can’t configure it.

    • Bernard Miville Jan 24, 2016 

      Apologies, its version 17.0 that does not have the Mythtv Ok buttons

  • Nick S Jan 24, 2016 

    Working nicely on my test system — thanks to the developers and the beta testers for all their hard work

  • LiLCLEMO Jan 24, 2016 

    Dolby trueHD and DTS HDMA are no longer in the audio settings menu like in beta 5. It worked perfect with my dolby atmos amp. Please put it back before it gets released

    • Martijn Jan 24, 2016 

      Check you setup. Nothing changed. Also this release announcement is not a support section.

      • Ryan Jan 24, 2016 

        I also do not see the options for DTS HD and TrueHD in the settings for RC1

  • Chrissie Jan 24, 2016 

    Hi, I am a keen user of Kodi and watch many movies and programs. I have noticed in the last few months that I can hardly watch anything without having problems or having to give up. Some programs are not even updating when they should. I am getting quiet fed up.

    I am hoping that when I can update to the version 16, that these problems will be sorted… Would this be the case? Also, when is the update coming live?

    Thank you.

  • Soteris Jan 24, 2016 

    I was wondering about updates to upnp/dlna. Was excited to see this in the new features list, but dont really understand the neaning of “between kodi installations”. The reason I was hoping for updates on dlna is that sometimes kodi doesnt appear in the list of dlna clients to stream content. Anyway great news as always!

  • Kaynim Jan 25, 2016 

    the best version of the javis, which corrected double click problem with hdmi cec control .Thx a lot!

  • rocco Jan 25, 2016 

    I love the new Kodi app but have one problem. I’m using a M8S tv box with Kodi and am unable to hide the time and date display. I have a plasma tv and the time keeps on burning on the screen. Is there a setting somewhere to hide the time and date from displaying on the kodi screen? Any help would be great…Thanks.

  • Noob007 Jan 25, 2016 

    First of you all, i love kodi ! And my question is , when is the final release coming??? :)

    • Kib Jan 25, 2016 

      When it is finished.

  • malamute man Jan 25, 2016 

    Hi good job with the lastest build of jarvis but it seem’s that the pvr deinterlacing has not been fix seen alpha builds the deinterlacing now works well with movies via dxva but not with pvr picture looks bad kodi 15.2 works as should looking for full build where this is fixed

  • Miksi Jan 25, 2016 

    I am sad that there is no official Windows Phone app. The Lumia smartphone has such nice value for the money, but gets ignored :(

    • James Doyle Jan 26, 2016 

      Dude, no one uses Windows Phone.

      • Miksi Jan 29, 2016 

        many people i know have Lumia smartphones. Tone down your ignorance a tad pls.

    • Ed Feb 16, 2016 

      Yes, Windows Phone please!

  • Eric Jan 25, 2016 

    On the picrures a

  • Eric Jan 25, 2016 

    On the pictures at the top of this page, there is in a EQ screen with biquad Filter / ADSP.

    Does anyone know where i can activate this in Kodi, or i need an add-on ?

  • Chris Jan 25, 2016 

    Just install it on Fire Tv Stick. But it crash all the time when i try to go to add ons’s Has anybody an Idear whtas the reason ?

    • Chris Jan 25, 2016 

      Grab your log file and post it in the forums please!

  • Alex Jan 26, 2016 

    I loaded Jarvis RC1 onto my octacore Android 15.1 [ Lolipop ]. Also I used the same data as I was using with Helix 14.2. The result was no picture and pvr iptv simple client was being shutdown all the time, i.e. error loading pvr iptv simple client. So it looks like there is no “LIVE TV” via pvr iptv simple client as is the problem with 15.2 version.

  • ToddeSwe Jan 26, 2016 


    It does this http://pastebin.com/CXGUGRRW when i try to play a mp4.


  • Anthony Jan 27, 2016 

    Does anyone know why many options are now gone in the android version of Kodi? Like scaling options and sync playback to display for example.

  • Smokin_Haze Jan 27, 2016 

    Kodi noobi here and was wondering. First version I ever used was 15.1. I updated to 15.2 as well as 16 rc1 but noticed when I’m in the system info tab the version that’s displayed says build 15.1 github. The splash screen however on load up says 15.2 and 16 respectively. Is this normal? I just wanna know for sure that I am getting the correct build with all the added improvements. More specifically the HD sound. I too have a Dolby atoms setup and I want to get the most out of it. Thanks!!!!

  • GC Jan 27, 2016 

    I want my TV guide to look like that sample photo :(

  • Femitchell Corona Jan 27, 2016 

    ChormeCast Funtion

  • bali0703 Jan 28, 2016 

    No 4K surface support on Nvidia Shield TV, I’m very disappointed. Isengard support it so time to get it back.

    • Martijn Jan 28, 2016 

      That’s completely false. 4k works perfectly on the SHIELD

      • bali0703 Jan 28, 2016 

        Here is a sreenshot:

        The changelog clearly says no 4k surface support (only video) on android.

        • Martijn Jan 28, 2016 

          Start reading the release blog which clearly state what has changed.
          The SHIELD DOES!!!!! support 4k and will playback video in 4K. The GUI simply is not showing in 4k. A GUI in 4k is completely useless

  • Robert Edmunds Jan 28, 2016 

    Where do I get the EPG (as shown in the photo)?

    Many thanks

  • bali0703 Jan 28, 2016 

    Exactly but the GUI looks amazing in 4K. Isengard does support it, Jarvis don’t.
    Anyway Kodi is amazing I am happy with it :)

  • TuTuS Jan 28, 2016 

    Excuse my bad english. Here my problem. I use it with my HiMedia-TV-Box Q5 quadcore.Standard setting is confluence on my TV-Box. When I change settings like language or audiosettings and I switch of my box, after restart all changes lost. What´s wrong?

  • John Jan 29, 2016 

    I’m trying to download kodi on the fire stick but I keep getting “502 bad gateway” please help .. Thank you

  • nexus Jan 29, 2016 

    hope this new version enable source removing on Google Nexus Player by long pressing the button.

  • Ade Feb 04, 2016 

    Please help me. I’ve just bought a Minix Neo U1 TV box and when loading Kodi a message appears saying ‘Version Check Using 16.0 beta3 while 16.0 rc1 is available.’ How do I update this. I know you need to go on kodi.tv but what then? I get confused with which option to pick, for example, ARM etc? Thanks for any responses.

  • danny Feb 07, 2016 

    can i talk to anybody that can help me about set up and what this program does so i can cut out cable? thank you danny maybe this a new question. so maybe iwill get a response

  • Kifon Feb 13, 2016 

    Its running fine for me, happy with this=)

  • Stephen Feb 23, 2016 

    Running great on nvidia SATV. Thanks for fixing the mysql / wake on lan issue.

    • Allan Mar 15, 2016 

      When I use Kodi v16 on my NvidiaSheld Android TV (streaming movies from NAS) the movies is lagging. works fine with Plex and VLC, but I like Kodi more.
      Any Idea how to fix this?

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