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Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Apr 24, 2016 in Release Announcements

Once a ‘final’ version is released some new bugs and/or problems usually appear out of nowhere, and this release is no exception. Even though tens of thousands of users were already testing the 16.0 version before release and we as team trying very hard to prevent any problems, as soon as millions start using the released version some problems we either did not think of or which we did not notice before pop up. To counter some of these new issues, we’re bringing you this maintenance release called 16.1 which has some additional fixes on top of the 16.0

It should be ok to just install this on top of your current Kodi 16.0 version without uninstalling previous version. For the MySQL users out there; we never bump the database versions in our bugfix or maintenance releases – you can safely keep using it within your network.

Fixes done in 16.1

  • • Never cache addons directories
  • • Fix typo when calculating forced ratio size
  • • AndroidStorageProvider: Ignore /mnt/runtime and don’t call Exists all the way every some 500 ms as this will affect performance
  • • Set of fixes for DirectX rendering
  • • Fixed crash under JSON-RPC on iOS/OSX
  • • 20% performance gain on opening EPG guide window
  • • Add missing libgif.so to the Android package
  • • Fix Kodi freezing if no ADSP add-on is present
  • • EventServer security fix by only allowing localhost
  • • Fix possible lockup when entering EPG grid
  • • Fix possible problems with rendering on Windows
  • • Fix possible non working key presses after a key long press
  • • Don’t do a video chapter skip if there’s only one chapter
  • • Fix possible lock up by increasing timeout to let screensavers properly exit
  • • Fix render capture (bookmark images) on certain hardware with DXVA on Windows
  • • Fix problem in ZeroConfBrowser that could cause problems on exit
  • • Fix crash one OSX 10.7 when trying to resolve HDD names
  • • Fix possible crashes when using VAAPI and DXVA video rendering
  • • Fix song reported on playback of songs from cuesheet

The complete technical list can be found on our Github milestones.

Improvements so far in version 16

More in depth information can be found through the following links about the 16 release. Visit the other announcements listed below for previous beta fixes.


General: So far in version 16 there are no add-on changes that would impact any add-ons except for PVR. Since our 12.x Frodo release there have been some gradual changes but in general all add-ons, even from that time should still work, of course there are some exceptions. If the add-ons worked in Gotham, Helix and Isengard then we are happy to say that all these add-ons should still work.

Skins: Sadly due to the amount of changes we’ll have to announce that skins will have certain parts non working. This release will mark any version 15 skin (or earlier) as incompatible and will ask you to switch back to Confluence. This means that for you to continue using Kodi 16.0 you will have to switch back to Confluence or wait till the skin you use has been updated in our repository. Good new however is that a variety of skin have already start updating to latest changes.
Available skins: The following skins are already updated for version 16 and will auto-update when you upgrade. We’re sure more will follow soon.

  • • Aeon Nox 5
  • • Amber
  • • AppTV
  • • Black Glass Nova
  • • Box
  • • Chroma
  • • Cirrus Extended
  • • Confluence
  • • Eunique
  • • KOver
  • • Metropolis
  • • Mimic
  • • Nebula
  • • Phenomenal
  • • Rapier
  • • Revolve
  • • re-Touched
  • • Titan
  • • Transparency!
  • • Unity
  • • Xperience1080

Call out for developers

As you may or may not know is that Kodi is maintained by a group of volunteers since its first inception dating back to the original XBOX days. Over the years many volunteers have spent countless days if not months on every aspects of what makes Kodi great. This consist of writing and maintaining the code base of Kodi, expanding to new platforms, maintaining the forum, wiki, website and download server and more……

So why do we need you? Well the fact is that over the years the core team of Kodi has remained about the same size while the amount of users went from couple of thousand to many, many millions. Not forgetting the fact that it went from only a XBOX application to what is now running on Linux, Windows, iOS, OSX, Android. All this still with the same amount of people. Now comes the time that we will actually start calling out for some help. To put it simple we want to ensure that Kodi remains alive on all platforms while at the same time lowering the support burden each developer now faces these days. Each of the core developers has his own specialty and since Kodi is quite big you quickly run out of developers that know enough of certain sections. Add to that the changes needed for each operating system upgrade that happens and all the problems that arise with that.

To put it in perspective we basically have only 1 developer for each section or even complete platform. As already mentioned the entire team consists of volunteers which means everything is done in their spare time next to having an actual day time job and a personal life. This results in having only a few hours at most to spend on what they see as their hobby which i can say they are passionate about. Over the years the team consisted of many different developers who gave all they could but due to whatever reason had to change priorities which resulted in not spending time in Kodi anymore.

So in short what we are looking for are C/C++ developers who are willing to put in some of their spare time in maintaining and improving our core code. This can either be doing some minor bugfixing, reviewing existing pull requests for code contributions or even creating some of their own code refactoring or feature additions. It really doesn’t matter if you are just a student just starting out on C/C++ or are already a senior programmer. We would welcome anyone who is willing to do their part on any improvement that is needed. A fair warning is that our codebase isn’t for the faint hearted as it’s quite massive and we are quite strict regarding code review before we merge anything. However don’t let this frighten you off as our current (or outside developers) will certainly give you pointers on improvements to get it included.

What we currently need most are developers with knowledge of the following components to improve current implementations:

  • • Windows DirectX11 / audio / video
  • • Android NDK / audio / video
  • • iOS & OSX / audio / video
  • • General knowledge of C/C++ and willing to do some coding in areas of their interest.

Any bugfix can be send to our main github code repository for review straight away. If you are not sure or want to take on a bigger task or change feel free to open up a thread on our forum where you write down your proposal to get some initial feedback.

Wiki pages to get you started: http://kodi.wiki/view/Development
Forum: Developer sucbsection
Code on Github: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc


Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page.

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

Official remotes

In addition to creating Kodi, the members of Team Kodi have created official remotes to be installed on your tablet or phone. These can take control of your Kodi installation from where you browse your movies, tvshows, PVR/DVR, start add-ons and navigate through the interface.

Kore™ (Android) Official Kodi Remote (iOS)
Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

Like Kodi itself, both official remotes are free and open source software.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.
We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation. All donations go towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchase necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.


Discussion - 129 Comments

  • KlausRN Apr 24, 2016 

    Upgraded my Kodibuntu without problems.
    Summary information says:
    Build: Kodi 16.0
    Compiled: Apr 23 2016.

  • Doug Apr 24, 2016 

    I must say, I’ve been liking the key long press feature! It really helps us button impoverished.

    • Vitaly Gurevich Apr 24, 2016 

      I know I needed that so bad!

  • twgs Apr 24, 2016 

    I’ve been using Kodi (XBMC) for many years, and I’m normally excited when a new release comes out. Unfortunately, Kodi 16 and Kodi 16.1 rc 1&2 had persistent crashes and black screen problems on my system, and the “stable” release of 16.1 is no different – I tried it this morning. Is this the end of an era…?

    • kodi user Apr 24, 2016 

      instead of complaining on a free software, help the community and use the forum for a bug debug log post. there are billions of hardware devices which can impossibly be all tested.

      • twgs Apr 28, 2016 

        I DID use the forum, and I DID post debug logs. Unfortunately, nobody on the forum has been able to offer a solution. I know from using the forum that other users are experiencing the same issues I am, and if you read my comment carefully, you’ll see that I’m really not complaining: I’m just stating a fact and posing a question.

        • JoJo Apr 30, 2016 

          “My butt hurts” and “how can you fix it?” = just stating a fact and posing a question.

          • twgs May 02, 2016 

            Wow, that’s harsh… Really, I’m very sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I just wanted to offer my two-cents worth, but I can see now that did the wrong thing. Please do accept my apologies.

    • Peter Apr 24, 2016 

      What platform are you on, my android phone updated earlier today and it is doing the same thing (Motorola X force 6.0.0)

      • twgs Apr 24, 2016 

        I’m using Windows 8.1.

        • Chris Apr 25, 2016 

          did you report this issue with the RC releases? Can we see some logs? It is really hard to fix a problem without good recreates and log files attached.

        • Muppet99 Apr 25, 2016 

          On my laptop with 8.1 no problems. Also after an update to win 10 (free till june) 16.1 runs like a charm. Maybe you could have some driver issue’s?

    • Hoox Apr 25, 2016 

      Same for me. Black screen when waking up from standby.
      Need to do alt-tab and back for it to show correctly.
      Windows 7 SP1.

    • Monti Apr 29, 2016 

      Never had this problem so must be something else other than 16.1

    • RONALD GREENE Jun 21, 2016 

      try resetting your box.

  • djyoyo Apr 24, 2016 

    Awesome, thanks!

  • APerson Apr 24, 2016 

    Will there be an update to 16.1 for the ubuntu trusty package? It would be great to have one last stable realse before dropping support.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • JB Apr 24, 2016 

    Thank you for another extraordinary program achievement. It just keeps getting better, if that is possible.

  • CvD Apr 24, 2016 

    16.1 is not yet in the stable repo on launchpad right?

  • XenoBIT78 Apr 24, 2016 

    Thanks but still no visulizations for buntu in willy?

  • Jason Apr 24, 2016 

    Great job, keep up the good work.

  • Florian Apr 24, 2016 

    AWESOME!!! :-)

  • Realprims Apr 24, 2016 

    Thank you for your hard work

  • Junny Apr 24, 2016 

    Importing guide from clients take a long time!!!!!!!!

  • sheldon chappell Apr 24, 2016 

    Had an older version of xbmc, not sure what version, worked pretty good. had computer problems and lost it. trying to load 16 clock keeps adding mins. when I was able to download, says cought in loop and will never play. Remove and reinstall and still cannot get it to load properly. Frustratedl

    • Kennith Edwards Jun 08, 2016 

      I have no audio or video uninstalled reinstalled Jarvis & [random crappy piracy add-on] with nothing but same results Help!!!!!!

  • jiffjaff Apr 24, 2016 

    Will the Kodi Cydia repo offer version 16.1?

  • Liam Apr 25, 2016 

    No Estuary yet. Right?

    Thanks for this awesome release,Team Kodi! :)

    • Patrick Apr 25, 2016 

      Yes, the Estuary skin is KODI 17 only while KODI 16.x is only bug fix release.

      @Team KODI: Thanks for this new release. You did a great some and give so many of us a great experience :)

      • Liam Apr 26, 2016 

        Thanks, Patrick. :)

  • Klok de Purt Apr 25, 2016 

    After the update (Kodibuntu), summary information says build: Kodi 16.0.

    Is this correct or are the 16.1 sources not yet available?

  • Massimo Apr 25, 2016 

    Actually on win7 it crashes more than it was doing before.. Had to downgrade to 16.0 Any time i swap from window to fullscreen it was crashing..problem i was having now and then with old version…but not so often… :(

  • FLHTHEMI Apr 25, 2016 

    Updated from Kodi link to 16.1 for Android arm7 final but google play store is indicating I need update?

  • Tial Apr 25, 2016 

    I am new to Kodi currently running 15.2 on my amazon firestick and it just told me I need to u0date… I don’t know how to u0date is there more guide to it?

    • LuckyD Apr 29, 2016 

      1. Install Fire Installer version 3.2.3
      2. Click on “update”.
      3. Then click on “update to latest version” on kodi.
      4. And uninstall fire starter just in case Kodi updates again and repeat these 4 steps again.

      • LuckyD Apr 29, 2016 

        1. Install Firestarter version 3.2.3
        2. Open Firestarter.
        3. Click on “update”.
        4. Then click on “update to latest version” on kodi.
        5. And uninstall fire starter just in case Kodi updates again and repeat these 4 steps again.

        • Lisa May 01, 2016 

          Where do you go to find firestarter?

        • ra May 09, 2016 

          installed on a fire tv sick and versions 16.0 and under worked fine, updated to 16.1 and can’t get anything to load at all. 16.1 however is flawless on my samsung s7. could you tell me what would be the best thing to do from here step by step!

  • RRain Apr 25, 2016 

    Excellent update.
    Works much better now.

    • Angelica Apr 25, 2016 

      How do you update Kodi to 16.1?

  • Martin Apr 25, 2016 

    After updating to 16.1 epg informations in tv module under each name of chanel are gone ;( Android tv and sony xperia z3c

  • Allan Apr 25, 2016 

    The problem with subtitles in 3d playback are still present.
    If the source is over/under the subs are in the middle of the screen.
    If the source is sbs the subs are crammed in the bottom left.

    This problem first accured in ver. 16.0

    Please fix it.

    Other wise i love kodi

    • henk van der stelt Aug 19, 2016 

      i have the same with subs but only as with same name in same directorie,but when its packed in the mkv file it have not that problems and subs works ok.

  • James Apr 25, 2016 

    To upgrade..do I just go through google play and apps..upgrade.. Or the kodi website?

  • Bob Apr 25, 2016 

    I updated my M8S android box to jarvis 16.1 but still says 15.2 when it turns on but when I checked my kodi from the settings menu the update option isn’t available does this mean I have the new version

  • Zebu Apr 25, 2016 

    Thanks for all your hard work, countless of hours and all the hair pulling!
    You guys are fantastic!

  • Jacob Baker Apr 25, 2016 

    Before u release a new vision make sure u do a test and also make sure their is no bugs in the new vision …. By the way I’m sure I am not the only one out there thinking this…

    • JohnyG Jul 01, 2016 

      Re the frequent demand that users have for “BUG-FREE” apps……Dream on!

      Do you actually think these guys and girls are purposely building defective code just to annoy you??!!!

      I have worked in software development & release for 20+ years and for the people that have not, perhaps its best explained that there are functionality, features and bugs.

      Functionality is something that performs as you expect

      Features are functionality that performs other than you expect (like it turns left instead of right? …or are you just facing the wrong way on your seat?) i.e. did you and the developer envisage the same requirements? How many variants of requirements are there….the song said “There are more questions than answers”

      Bugs… issues with code not performing as designed…..often due to unforeseen alternatives i.e. positive, negative ………..AND null where null was not an identified requirement

      So in summary do you know how something should work? Do you know how many variants /variations exist whether to be included or excluded.

      I therefore challenge you to submit your extensive requirements and test scenarios for your required functionality.making a positive contribution rather than doing nothing – waiting for others significant efforts and criticising. Else continue to use the software, encouraging and helping the guys with their glitches.

  • Aca Mika'el Apr 25, 2016 

    You folk are doing a fabulous job. I do appreciate it as to do many of my friends here in Trinidad and tobago

  • TCaMaLeOn Apr 26, 2016 

    Someone knows why I cant install it on my Android Box 5.1.1?

    • Daniel Feliciano May 26, 2016 

      Any help here?

  • jeeeeee Apr 26, 2016 

    yeah yeah yes

  • Atreyu Apr 26, 2016 

    Great guys, thanks.

  • catbus Apr 26, 2016 

    TvHeadend add-on stopped to work… So sad…
    ( Android / Samsung Galaxy tab3 10.1 / tvheadend 3.9 server )

    • ralphdov Apr 27, 2016 

      Works fine for me on Nvidia Shield TV and TvHeadend 4.0.8

  • Trill216 Apr 26, 2016 

    Will kodi 16.1 auto update from 16.0 or is it done manually I asked because people I know don’t know how to manually update it! So they have me do it

  • kodi fan Apr 26, 2016 

    I’m still getting Black screen, Run time errors, on Windows 10 Pro (Fresh install)

  • Martin Leiva Apr 26, 2016 

    Works really great! I just wondering,why is not possible to move the App to a second sdcard. After all this time long and this feature is not implemented?

  • Scaba Apr 26, 2016 

    Updated from 14 to 16.1 and it won’t open. Just crashed immediately. I’m on OS X. Any suggestions? I’ve reinstalled like 5 times.

    • Themawnster May 08, 2016 

      perhaps you are not running a new enough OSX for instance kodi 14 will run on snow leopard but Kodi 16 wont..it needs a much newer OSX for Kodi 16

  • Bruce B Apr 26, 2016 

    H! Great job team Kodi!!! Thank you soooo much for everything you do!

    BUT Since 16.1 Jarvis… ouch… Black Screen… Daily crash?!? I keep going back to !5.2 as it is the only “stable ” version good for my mac…

    Fresh Kodi install was flawless.. After I rebboted my computer, all my ‘dependacies” are not met?

    Reinstalled 3 times ( full uninstallation of kodi) same prob…
    Plz fix it… tired of 15.2…

  • Todd Apr 27, 2016 

    I updated to this today and all my videos’ audio are 4 seconds off. Anyone else have this issue?

  • kikassridec2 Apr 27, 2016 

    Thanx for all the hard work guys, seems stable for me :)

    Windows 10 pro latest build

  • Gaz Apr 27, 2016 

    Have got kodi 15.2 on my mxq box. Do i have to uninstall the current kodi before i put the new jarvis kodi on? Or can i just add it to my kodi as it is. Thanks

  • Jon Apr 27, 2016 

    I have just upgraded my Windows 10 laptop from version 16.0 to 16.1 and I have no video output just a flashing screen. The sound is ok! Went back to 16.0 and everything fine again. Not sure what is going on, but I deselected hardware acceleration but it made no difference. Is this a bug or something?

    • Avatar May 01, 2016 

      Hi, same problem here with 16.1, did you solve it yet? Seems that only we have this problem!

      • Themawnster May 08, 2016 

        no it to resolve at the moments not just you, I have the same problem..just went back to Jarvis16

  • Rob A Apr 28, 2016 

    iOS update for KODI is not available yet?


    • Jon Apr 29, 2016 

      It is for devices that are not jailbroken. Have a look on the Kodi iOS forum.

  • Mohamed Apr 29, 2016 

    Problem in picture folders with big number of pictures, it takes alot of time to load if selected, please fix in future releases

  • Rick Apr 30, 2016 

    Please Kodi team, ever since I upgraded with the latest version, Kodi has become sluggish and every time I exit it, a notification will pop up saying “terminate it in an unusual…”. Please fix and thank you!

  • VAN TUAN LAM Apr 30, 2016 

    hi, i want do a 7.1 passthrough on kodi jarvis.. when i select it, it ask me for the add on sdp..can you help please

  • Oze Apr 30, 2016 

    Me, like a lot o people I assume, use an old phone as remote, in this version, XBMC Remote, the only one I ever used, doesnt work anymore. Please fix this or at least make an official remote for old android versions. Think im going back to 16.0, its a huge issue for me.

    • Oze Apr 30, 2016 

      Using Sooky Xbmc now, so good so far… You guys know any other remotes for old android versions? Im currently trying anything on the wiki, for those having the same problem here you go


      • WeirdH May 22, 2016 

        I’ve been using Yatse without problems for a number of years now.

  • jAMES kELLY Apr 30, 2016 

    I was watching football on Kodi when the screen went black. I thought all I had to do was go home and go on Kodi again but Kodi is completely gone. I tried to download it again but no luck. Have you any suggestions?

  • Oze Apr 30, 2016 

    Yatse working fine too on 2.3.7 android… hope it helps…

    I know the problem is not in Kodi, its in the remote app, but, what ever just FYI.

    • Oze Apr 30, 2016 

      Found it! check your settings in the remote control settings, turn them off and on again and restart Kodi…for some reason something was blocking some of the remotes apps. Tried a few with the same error. Hope this helps!

  • Hollako May 01, 2016 

    Thank you Kodi Team. Keep up the good work !!!

  • JR May 02, 2016 

    Can anyone help?
    I’ve attempted a Clean Install of 16.1 Jarvis on my Android TV Box and first uninstalled Isenguard as instructed.
    The 16.1 file has downloaded from the Kodi website – I can see it but I cant open/install it – tried Downloads, App Installer and File Manager.
    I now have no OS!
    I’m getting beyond frustrated – anyone know how I might access / install the file?

  • steve Dunn May 02, 2016 

    I have noticed in 16.1 that when updating a addon and if the addon image or fanart has been updated the db files are not refreshed. I have to manually delete all db files and start kodi then the images are refreshed. Is there a chance in the near future to add a refresh database files for future releases to resolve this issue? On computer devices this isnt a big issue but on boxes its a pain. Would be nice to have a solution built in kodi.

  • Richard May 02, 2016 

    still can not delete the disk external hard movies

  • T. May 02, 2016 

    I have upgraded my firestick to kodi jarvis 16.1 and since the upgrade nothing is working properly. I have downloaded add ons and they load extremely slow or not at all. I constantly get no stream available for everything no matter the build or even with no build and just the add on and before this upgrade everything worked fine. Can I downgrade?

  • shanon May 03, 2016 

    I just upgraded to the new version and now when trying to open any show or movie it says no stream available. How do i fix this as i had no issues prior to upgrading

  • Kurt Weaver May 03, 2016 

    If I have build 14.2 do I need to unistall before doing the 16.1 or can I just install on top of 14.2?

  • phoenix6142 May 04, 2016 

    Can’t wait to test it out on OpenELEC 7.0!

  • stephanie May 04, 2016 

    so I just updated my kodi for my windows computer and all I can see is the bubbles background and nothing else does anyone know how I can fix this ???

  • MDX May 07, 2016 

    nice work. thx :)

    btw: when will be kodibuntu updated to 16.04 LTS?


  • fix this please May 08, 2016 

    this new update messed up my kodi now it buffers all the time when before i never had that problem and it will go to a black screen then reset my amazon fire stick

    • NightFury May 10, 2016 

      Bra,…what are you running 15.10 or 16.04?

      Good luck!

  • NightFury May 09, 2016 

    Since Ubunty went to 16.04 and making a fresh install of KODI, KODI wouldnot play anything at all, It wouldlock up, the screen would go white with like a checkered patern across the screen.
    WELL it seems that KODI is not the culpret,..Its 116.04. I went back and reinstalled 15.10, updated and installed kodi Jarvis and it works like its saposto. and the good thing is that i duplicated the work on two other machines so Jarvis is not the problem.
    Ubuntu has to get off there ass and fix 16.04.
    So for those of you having problems with Kodi, slide back to 15.10 for a bit longer,..It might solve some of the problems,…
    Later all

    • Vanessa Romero May 15, 2016 

      How did you go back to 15.10?

    • rochelle May 17, 2016 

      trying to install kodi but when i get to arm it wont load

  • CARLOS CASTILLO May 10, 2016 

    very good ,thank

  • Swad May 12, 2016 

    I love this software!
    Maybe the settings of phone version should be simple,just playing the videos well is fine.
    Report a problem:I installed Kodi15.0 in my TVbox(Android4.4.4),however I tried every options in Audio Settings(like 5.1,passthrough,AC3,DTS),my 5.1 amplifier still work in 2.0 mode.I connect the TVbox and amplifier with a optical cable.
    I think the TVbox optical port is outputting the just same signal with HDMI port,it doesn’t need any driver.
    Expecting your Email & plan!

  • Ashlee Marshall May 13, 2016 


    How long should it take for it to download please? i have been waiting 20 mins for it to download.

  • Bataille May 14, 2016 

    The referred download website for Mac OSX does not work. How does one report a dead link to Kodi?

  • Jerry May 14, 2016 

    Is there a windows 10 64bit version of Kodi availiable?

  • Gord May 14, 2016 

    When I try to upgrade it will not complete saying I have another file by the same name already loaded. I assume this is the kodi version 14.2 I am running. I do not want to start from scratch so don’t want to delete 14.2. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Vanessa Romero May 15, 2016 

    I just got a message on my kids saying if I do a fresh start it will run more smoothly. I did this and I can seem to watch anything. Please help I don’t know what else to do.

    • Vanessa Romero May 15, 2016 

      I meant kodi not “kids”

  • william May 17, 2016 

    my wife loves logo, but the logo show she gets on tablet does not match the logo on her TV. for instant. She watch [random crappy piracy add-on] and [random crappy piracy add-on], which lately keep dropping reception and she looked for the latest logo show Raul Paul and could not receive on her TV, but got it on her tablet. any reason this happen?

  • cAvEmAn May 18, 2016 

    I installed Kodi on a computer that froze the screen and the only way to get out of it was to CAD (three finger salute). I reinstalled the OS reinstalled Kodi and it works great now.

    Problems with the OS can be so frustrating it will make you blame your programs, your hardware, your internet connection and your sanity.

  • TFH May 18, 2016 

    Upgraded my KodiBuntu last weekend to Jarvis 16.1…
    Well, what can I say: What an improvement. Very stable, fast… TFH is a happy camper. Great job!

  • Was once a KODI fan May 19, 2016 

    Omfg…. KODI I’m starting to hate you. Every few hrs you fail. Developers stop worrying about illegal addons and android boxes and focus on development. Seems like since complaining about illegal android boxes support and development has sucked BIG TIME…

  • chris allen May 21, 2016 

    i am using kodi 16.1 jarvis. my video is not working. the sound works though. when i say the video does not work, i mean that it has all the colors of what is supposed to be there, i guess they are just all mashed up or the focus is way out. it honestly just looks like all the colors are streaming together with no discernable picture help??

  • chris allen May 21, 2016 

    i am using kodi 16.1 jarvis. my video is not working. the sound works though. when i say the video does not work, i mean that it has all the colors of what is supposed to be there, i guess they are just all mashed up or the focus is way out. it honestly just looks like all the colors are streaming together with no discernable picture help???

  • Was once a KODI fan May 24, 2016 

    Wow dont wanna approve my comment. Why’s that? Because I’m right? And you know that less donations will come in?

  • Rascal May 28, 2016 

    Still having the same problems as with 16.0, Kodi is crashing all the time, so back to Isengard, once again… Win 7

  • chuck bertolino May 30, 2016 

    I only have 700k available with 8gb after install, is this normal?

  • Ann May 31, 2016 

    Hi my fire stick won’t let me install 16.1 Jarvis. I have tried clicking the enter button many times and sometimes I have received a message saying web page, removed, moved to another address or temporary down. I have been trying for 5 days. Also tried opening in more to browser page but just takes me back to the ES page and nothing appears. Have they updated the fire sticks so you can’t add Kodi.

  • Artimus Jun 04, 2016 

    Hi there i’m new here, I have a problem updating to 16.1, I have I 68 box, linked up to my TV, have managed to download using kodi updater from play store, it did multiple downloads don’t know why, but non of the files open, my current version is 15.2, if anyone can help would be much appreciated,thanks

  • Artimus Jun 04, 2016 

    I managed to use apkinstaller it starts to install then I get, x app not installed

  • spazz1968 Jun 07, 2016 

    great job team kodi

  • spazz1968 Jun 07, 2016 

    im enjoying kodi

  • Dave Jun 09, 2016 

    Using Nebula on 16.1 and the loading banner wont disappear upon loading content. Using Amazon fire TV box. Forst issue in 2years


  • Stephanie Jun 14, 2016 

    Running Win 7 on a 32 bit system which version of Kodi do I download. I downloaded current version of Jarvis but it would not show video only could hear the sound once installed.

  • Artimus Jun 19, 2016 

    Jarvis will not install I get x app not installed after I download from kodi, I am using the apk installer

  • Pander Jun 19, 2016 

    To get 16.1 into Raspbian, please upvote https://bugs.launchpad.net/raspbian/+bug/1571196 after logging in on Launchpad

  • Maze Jun 20, 2016 

    Kodi 16.1 still crashes when pictures folder contains a large amount of pictures. Is it still the bug described one year ago:


    Pleas fix…. this used to work even with my old XBMC on my hacked first generation XBOX back in 2002! That’s 14 years ago now. Back in the good old times :-)

  • Jimmy Jun 27, 2016 

    Will a 16.2 be released or is it on to 17.0?


  • keith roddy Jun 29, 2016 

    every time i turn my box on kodi starts as though its a first run can i do anything to run as normal

  • quin Jul 05, 2016 

    In the 6 months I’ve had this KODI mx8 box it has worked only 50% of the time. HUGE disappointment.

  • Anony Jul 06, 2016 

    I keep updating Kodi to the so-called latest because add ons have a tendency to stop working and it does the same thing every time-buffer and then kicks me out. I’ve cleared the cache, reinstalled and still same results. So today I uninstalled Kodi completely and reinstalled the latest-Jarvis 16.0 & 16.1. I get a gui error and I uninstall and reinstall again. I get the same error. So now that I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi for the umpteenth time I think I’m done. I barely use this program anyway. If one have Kodi on their system DO NOT and I mean DO NOT uninstall it even if you’re having problems. Chances are you won’t be able to reinstall it w/o having any problems.

  • winston mccalla Jul 09, 2016 

    does java runtime helps kodi to perform in any way?

  • aangelalittle5046 Jul 18, 2016 

    Hello. Tell me where I can do background check?

  • Madzoro Aug 13, 2016 

    Where can I buy the kodi? I bought a Matricom from amazon but didn’t find any instructions or kodi on the box.

  • tamara Aug 16, 2016 

    So, i accidentally updated Kodi 16.1 on my firestick and im not a big fan of it… is there anyway where I can uninstall it and get back the old Kodi what i started with ??? please help me

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.