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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jan 09, 2017 in Dev Journal, Site News
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When deciding on a code name for the release of Kodi 18, we determined to do things just a little differently this time around. Normally, when we pick a new code name, we go through the suggestion threads, gather together the top 5 or top 10 suggestions, and vote on them. We did something similar this year, compiled a huge list of names, including quite a lot of excellent ones… and then 2016 happened.

We’ve lost many important people this year, but possibly none quite so near and dear to the hearts of our team as the woman who portrayed a princess from Alderaan, a member of the Imperial Senate, a general, and a traitor. Leia wasn’t a top choice in the user suggestion threads. She wasn’t even a top ten choice. But, on the week it came time to vote, we learned of the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, and thought there could not be a more fitting tribute than to name a version of Kodi after one of the most butt-kicking princesses in cinematic history.

As we dug deeper into this option, we considered the history of that galaxy far, far away, and realized that 2017 was to be a special year in the Star Wars universe. The 25th of May marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, a movie that entered theaters and changed the world. Kodi has a history of naming its releases after figures and places from sci-fi and fantasy, and Star Wars is a major… well, perhaps THE major reason why. For us, Star Wars is not just some sci-fi movie. It is one of those iconic events where everyone on the team knows either where they were when it first came out or cannot remember a time without the adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and a couple of ridiculous droids.

It hurts our hearts to have lost a great woman and actress and, with her, the character she portrayed, the princess we grew up with. It feels fitting, then, to announce that Kodi 18 will be named “Leia” in honor of the late Carrie Fisher, as a tribute to one of the characters that defined an industry, and as a celebration of the whole Star Wars universe.

May the force be with you, always.

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  • Jägs Jan 09, 2017 

    I never reply to these, and despite liking previous “L” suggestions, I just wanted to say that I wholly approve.

  • PatK Jan 09, 2017 

    Nice one, unforgettable.

  • CMW44425 Jan 09, 2017 


  • Glenn Schache Jan 09, 2017 

    Awesome choice. You have given me goose bumps. May the Force be with you!


  • Fonzie Jan 09, 2017 

    Perfect choice.

  • TheQ Jan 09, 2017 

    A very fitting choice.

  • Max Jan 09, 2017 

    May the force be with you, princess…

  • L3ft2 Jan 09, 2017 

    Couldn’t have made a better “L” choice. Good job

  • Darth Mengon Jan 09, 2017 

    May the force be with you,the team and of course, Carrie!

  • Roquen Jan 09, 2017 

    For the princess! May the force be with her!

  • Bill Jan 09, 2017 

    I could have not found a better name for Kodi 18 if I had tried. An excellent name for Kodi 18. May the force be with us all.

  • wrxtasy Jan 09, 2017 

    Good Choice. Very fitting and respectful.

  • Adam Kent Jan 09, 2017 

    A perfect tribute

  • LoLig Jan 09, 2017 

    Beautiful choice guys!

  • RobeL Jan 09, 2017 

    May the force be with you.

  • Jason Jan 09, 2017 

    Love the name and when will we see a release and second can you guys change the background to our princess just for this new one.

  • Stefan Jan 09, 2017 

    What a nice idea of you to do this -Good choice-

  • kikassridec2 Jan 09, 2017 

    very nice touch guys,

    looking foward to kodi v18. Leia

  • Carl Jan 09, 2017 

    That is perfect. Nice touch, guys.

  • BLUEnLIVE Jan 09, 2017 

    Couldn’t be more perfect.

    Leia, May the force be with you, always.

  • [email protected] Jan 09, 2017 

    Yet another message strongly approving this tribute to such an icon of our generation.
    Keep doing an awesome job, thank you for all the team is doing to entertain us :-)

  • Speedymouse Jan 09, 2017 

    A perfect tribute.

  • wibble Jan 09, 2017 


  • Khanabadosh Jan 09, 2017 

    Well chosen +1

  • redglory Jan 09, 2017 

    Completely agree with Kodi 18 name! :)

  • danilovesky Jan 09, 2017 

    Great choice!

    Just a small typo — should be Alderaan (not Aldaraan)

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 09, 2017 

      Good spot – so much for proofreading! Corrected, thank you.

  • Blackbolt Jan 09, 2017 

    Fitting. I like it.

  • DarkStreets Jan 09, 2017 

    A great choice. I love you guys and ladies. Thank you for bringing us Kodi. All the best with the next revision.

  • Mike Jan 09, 2017 

    Great idea and what a tribute, well done Kodi team

  • Dana Jan 09, 2017 

    Beautiful choice for a wonderful young lady at the time
    That the move was made ..I feel this was see will be able to
    Live on with in the universe of kodi .
    I can wait to see how well kodi 18 will come out to carry
    Her name .And as long hen it be out .

  • Lee Mangion Jan 09, 2017 

    Dreadful choice.
    Is Kodi now going to be named based on recently dead people from now on as a policy?

    Sycophantic pleb thinking.

    • Scott Jan 09, 2017 

      I kept reading the comments just to see if there was going to be a dumbass that would disagree with the perfect choice. I was impressed at first and started thinking the world was on the same page. But…… You win being the one dumbass. Congratulations :)

      • h.udo Jan 09, 2017 

        Internet never disappoints!

      • Mike W Jan 09, 2017 

        Agreed Scott. Lee you are a moron!

      • derek chmielarski Jan 09, 2017 

        I agree lol…

    • CLAKMEDIA Jan 09, 2017 

      I wholly agree. What’s with all the names of dead Sci-Fi people? It’s a media centre! I use SPMC now anyway. It doesn’t have code names.

      • Matt Jan 09, 2017 

        You realise SPMC is a fork of Kodi yeah? So it will still be Kodi v18 Leia underneath.

        That’s like saying “I bought a Lexus because I don’t like Toyota!”

        I guess in this case, you and Lee are the 1%. The 1% who wouldn’t be missed if they walked away.

      • KB Jan 09, 2017 

        1) You must be fun at parties.
        2) You DO realize that SPMC uses Kodi versions as a base right? It’s not like you are boycotting Kodi by moving to SPMC. It’s still basically under the hood.
        Also, lighten up. If you get bent out of shape every time a technology-related product shows some science-fiction/fantasy awareness, it’s going to be a tough life for you. Besides, it’s silly to expect a creative coding team to NOT also be a little creative with their naming. Leave the boring stuff to someone else and recognize /applaud the little attentions to detail that show up when creators take pride in what they are releasing.

      • Ego Jan 10, 2017 

        Go to SPMC’s website. What’s the first content you’ll see under the header? A codename.

    • Gil Bates Jan 09, 2017 

      What are you talking about? Leia’s not dead, it’s Han who (possibly) died in Ep. VII!

    • Aspegic Jan 09, 2017 

      Nurse! Nurse! Lee is out of bed again!

    • levander Jan 11, 2017 

      haha! I agree.

  • kodi-wan-kenobi Jan 09, 2017 

    Your choice honors Miss Fisher in a way that even in death, she lives on in the hearts of millions, and to name v.18 of kodi after our beloved princess is a testament of the love we all have for her. Long live the Republic!!! Long live Kodi!!

  • Waltman Jan 09, 2017 

    Well chosen, the force will be strong in this version.

  • Kazuya_UK Jan 09, 2017 

    Awesome choice. May the force be with you, always!

  • Drumstel Jan 09, 2017 

    Guys you rock, not only at coding but also as giving tribute to those we dear….. As major Star TREK fan I also like Wars enough to say May the force be with the Kodi team and Live long and prosper!!!

  • Zebraitis Jan 09, 2017 

    So, with this name for Kodi 18…

    We finally get holographic projection capabilities? Will it play on my droid?

    • h.udo Jan 09, 2017 

      1. Holographic projection is being worked as we speak.
      2. Please be more specific about the droid model. R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, C2-B5?

      • David Roberton Jan 09, 2017 


        • KB Jan 09, 2017 

          I see what you did there and second it. My fist thoughts were that it is already “playable” on Ann – (droid).

  • Leon Jan 09, 2017 

    Great name.

  • Giuseppe Stia Jan 09, 2017 

    I grew up eating bread and Star Wars…
    Perfect choice!!!

  • Jeff Jan 09, 2017 

    A perfect choice! So rare to see unanimous, and deserved, support of anything these days. Cheers!

  • Arctia Jan 09, 2017 

    Really nice…

  • pvd-15 Jan 09, 2017 

    Tribute of memory to the actress and its scenic images at industry cinema. It agree with a choice.

  • Remiz Jan 09, 2017 

    Absolutely Perfect..Very Well done.
    May The Force Be With You.

  • Jordao Jan 09, 2017 


  • dan Jan 09, 2017 

    Excellent choice!

  • leforban Jan 09, 2017 

    Great choice, nice tribute !

  • MARSHALL W LAWRENCE Jan 09, 2017 


  • MR. Sexy Jan 09, 2017 

    You guys could not have picked a better name! :)

  • JB Jan 09, 2017 

    . . . Great choice . . .

  • Twilight0 Jan 09, 2017 

    Excellent choice!

    • San3r Jan 10, 2017 

      Excellent profile avatar!

  • DesertHRO Jan 09, 2017 

    There is no better Choice than “Leia”.

  • IceApe Jan 09, 2017 


  • MangaAddict Jan 09, 2017 

    Excellent choice. Perfect tribute

  • chilli Jan 09, 2017 

    KODI 17 has a trojan-HEUR/QVM20.1 1000 MALWARE IN IT.

    • bry Jan 09, 2017 

      That is a false positive. If it was not downloaded from kodi.tv/download.

  • MoBaby Jan 09, 2017 

    It’s perfect! *sniff

  • Garret N Jan 09, 2017 

    Perfect choice, feels like the only choice after thinking about it long enough to comment!

  • Drumst1x Jan 09, 2017 

    Long time Kodi/XBMC/XBMP user here.
    TOTALLY agree with this decision, and a nice post about the importance of the Star Wars Universe to the Kodi team.

    In Jewish culture and numerology, the number 18 (represented by two hebrew letters which, when read, are “Chai” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chai_(symbol)), represent Life. I think this is a nice bonus to using her for version 18.

    The Princess is Dead, Long Live the Princess.

    Thanks for all you guys do.

    • Xonic Jan 10, 2017 

      Love that..

  • Linda Jan 09, 2017 

    Greatest idea.

  • Cpl_Poindexter Jan 09, 2017 

    Getting a little choked up just thinking about it. Excellent choice indeed.

  • Alex Jan 09, 2017 

    Can’t wait for the logo. Something to due with Leia’s hairstyle or the Xwing/Tie Fighers ?

    • Happy Bunny Jan 09, 2017 

      Not the hair… she hated the hair.

  • zomb Jan 09, 2017 

    Its perfect, I like it

  • xxxDeceptor Jan 09, 2017 

    Nothing better!

  • Syl Jan 09, 2017 

    I concur

  • Stefan Jan 09, 2017 


  • Connry Jan 09, 2017 

    “Help me obi one kodi. Your my only hope.

    RIP Carrie Fisher

  • johnb Jan 09, 2017 

    Perfect choice mate. Kodi with a heart. i love it so much……

  • Chris Jan 09, 2017 

    Love this choice

  • Wref Jan 09, 2017 

    Love it… +1

  • hawkeye74 Jan 09, 2017 

    ” I love you.”

    “I know….”

  • Noize4U Jan 09, 2017 

    “This IS the name you were looking for”

  • Rob Jan 09, 2017 

    Nicely done!

  • Mr. Smith Jan 09, 2017 

    Your choice for the name is good.

    But Star Wars is not Science Fiction – its FANTASY! Star Trek is Sci-Fi… ;-)

  • Yoda Jan 09, 2017 

    I can feel the Force in this decision, and in all the whole Kodi team.

  • The Hidden One Jan 09, 2017 

    Excellent choice. i was one of the few who suggested it. Leia, Liberty, or Leonard (Nimoy, Mr. Spock)

  • phoenikx Jan 09, 2017 

    Great choice, guys. She will be remembered.

  • Stephanie Wallace Jan 09, 2017 

    Excellent choice, and your announcement very nicely excuted!!

  • silverter Jan 09, 2017 

    Perfect choice! love it !

  • Roger Jan 09, 2017 

    What an incredible piece of writing. So touching and a great choice.

  • DBsBug Jan 09, 2017 

    +1M .. nothing else to say.

  • rasco Jan 09, 2017 

    love it great choice!!

  • Soggy_Pronoun Jan 09, 2017 

    Perfect! Could not have gone a more honorable route. Very classy move Team Kodi.

  • Cruentuz Jan 09, 2017 

    Great choice! (I even suggested it before Carrie’s tragic passing.)

    I would also like to send a thought to Carries mom, Debbie Reynolds, who had a stroke while planning Carrie’s funeral. She passed away at age 84. One day after her daughter Carrie. :(
    May the Force be with you both!

  • Max Jan 09, 2017 

    Nothing better to do…uh?

  • Matt Jan 09, 2017 

    It’s really suits KODI (sounds right) and also a great tribute :)

  • Natalie Hughes Jan 09, 2017 

    Awesome choice. Very fitting! I concur.

  • Retsetone Jan 09, 2017 

    You guys rock, no better name for 18!

  • J-Man Jan 10, 2017 

    Seen it scrolling across the screen on the RSS feed and it garnered an instant thumbs-up from me, awesome choice team.
    I’ve known a few girls growing up that have the same kick butt attitude Leia has, being around them always puts a smile on my face when they put someone in their place.
    “Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!” – Leia
    “Who’s scruffy-looking?” – Han

  • XODI Jan 10, 2017 

    Great! Miss Princess Leia!

  • Stradi Varius Jan 10, 2017 

    Absolutely! No other better choice!

  • reksp13 Jan 10, 2017 

    Carrie Fisher – We will miss you greatly! “Leia” Great choice!

  • bassclarinetl2 Jan 10, 2017 


  • Trillium Jan 10, 2017 

    Absolutely perfect !

  • Anthony Jan 10, 2017 

    No explanation required – great and fitting choice.

  • Xonic Jan 10, 2017 


  • The_Cov Jan 10, 2017 

    Spot on!!

  • AklSpotter Jan 10, 2017 

    Just wanted to add my comments to what many above me have already commented – Kodi 18 “Leia” is an awesome choice indeed – a perfect tribute for a wonderful actress and person in Carrie Fisher.

    May be Force be with you all!

  • Martin Cairney Jan 10, 2017 

    A fantastic choice, well done Kodi!

  • LiL-BuD Jan 10, 2017 

    A great tribute for a strong woman character (here a brief resume of her life):
    - great political figure
    - hero of the Rebelion
    - some familly issues ;)
    – tortured by her father (they didn’t know at that time)
    – kissed her brother (same comment)
    - had to face the rising of the New Order alone after:
    – her husband went awol after Ben Solo fiasco
    – her brother went awol after Ben Solo fiasco
    So Disney … don’t fuck up for the last film.
    Don’t kill her offscreen or with a shitty hologram.
    You have a 50 million insurance to make a decent CGI and a fitting end for her character.
    Fans will not tolerate half solutions.
    She deserves much more !

    Great tribute from the Kodi team (thanks a lot)

  • Frodo Jan 10, 2017 

    Leia drug snuffles

  • gibxxi Jan 10, 2017 

    While this choice renders the recent codename suggestion article somewhat pointless, and I for one don’t tend to pander to ‘celebrity’ types too much, on this unique occasion I think the Kodi team made absolutely the right choice.


  • chisys Jan 10, 2017 

    Best codename forever

    R.I.P. Carrie

  • Guzonja Jan 10, 2017 


  • Driss Jan 10, 2017 

    Perfect name, nice tribute

  • jamesbermudean Jan 10, 2017 


  • gabardal Jan 10, 2017 

    Goosebumps here, really nice guys…

  • Guzonja Jan 10, 2017 

    Lame that she is no longer with us, that is.

  • Android Box Jan 10, 2017 

    Have you finished Kodi 17 (Kripton)?
    Is the final version of 17 already available?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 11, 2017 

      Still work in progress. Please consult the forum and other posts on this blog for more details. This is an announcement about the naming of the version to come after Krypton.

      • Frits Jan 12, 2017 

        Unfortunately, v17 is far from being finished.
        Several errors occur.
        - Lyrics don’t work properly
        - downloading subtitles suddenly wants a username and password

        • bry Jan 12, 2017 

          Please register and submit to our forums. Thank you

  • Ipaddle Jan 10, 2017 
    • Prof Yaffle Jan 10, 2017 

      Go on – tell us how you really feel…

    • RK Jan 16, 2017 

      Come on son, better out than in

  • Mitchell Jan 10, 2017 

    I must admit, good choice. Kodi 18 will indeed be a tour de Force …

  • Carlos Jan 10, 2017 

    When the time for letter “S” comes, please name Kodi as “Spock”. Or the “N” for “Nimoy”.
    Startrek characters have a bigger footprint than Star Wars ones.
    Anyway, could not agree more with Leia. Well deserved and chosen.

  • Ed Jan 10, 2017 

    Great choice

  • Lindon Jan 10, 2017 

    The Force is all, she has become a part of it. Approve of this, I do.

  • Don Jan 11, 2017 

    The naming doesn’t really bother me – a name is a name, and this one is as cool as any other and a nice tribute besides. What bothers me is the statement that it’s the 40th anniversary of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. I was there, in the theater when it first came out – I probably saw it at least 3 or 4 times during the initial theatrical run, and there was no cheesy subtitle. Star Wars was Star Wars, and they didn’t start adding extra names until they started releasing the next 2 episodes in the trilogy – The Empire Strikes Back, etc, and then it sat there for a long, long time, until someone got the idea there was more money to be made – so they came up with the idea of making all these prequels and sequels and all that kind of stuff – I would need a chart to even keep them all straight. Once they got going they had to fiddle around with the name to help people even have a clue how it was all supposed to work… I’m not one of those disrespectful old geezers (but I’m working on it!) but it just bothers me that they have to mess with the original name to make their marketing scheme work. To me, the original Star Wars will always be just Star Wars :o ) No disrespect to Carrie of course – I was one of those kids that sat there drooling the whole time, and drooled just as hard when she was in The Blues Brothers years later!

    • David Jan 12, 2017 

      You sir, are mistaken. Fire up the original Star Wars film, and watch the opening crawl text. It starts with “Episode IV” and the next line is “A NEW HOPE.”

      • Albert Jan 20, 2017 

        The original version had no Episode IV A New Hope in the opening scroll. It was changed at the theatrical rerelease that happened after The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Rob Jan 11, 2017 

    Excellent ‘Kodi mind-trick’
    The force be with you Princess…

  • Rommel Jan 11, 2017 

    That amazing :)

  • Stef Jan 11, 2017 

    Great choice

  • mortimer01 Jan 11, 2017 

    Exelent choice

  • DV Jan 11, 2017 

    This brought tears to my eyes.

    Can’t approve more.

  • IK Jan 11, 2017 

    Great choice. It’s like a warm nostalgic hug :) )

  • Ruben Jan 11, 2017 

    Just perfect.

  • Rick U Jan 11, 2017 

    Outstanding Choice!

  • Scott Jan 11, 2017 

    Well done. +1

    • Scott Jan 11, 2017 

      In the season premier of Sherlock, layperson is told his history to his astonishment. Sherlock then explains how he knew the impossible and the layperson replies to Watson, “Oh, I’m sorry,I thought he did something clever but now that he’s explained it it’s all rather obvious.”

      Now that you’ve suggested Leia it’s “obvious.” How could it be anything else.

  • RoberT JoneS Jan 12, 2017 

    Great One ,will be another hit.

  • TonT Jan 12, 2017 

    Very Appropriate

    Carrie did some great work both on screen and off
    Well done

  • Aaron Jan 12, 2017 

    I agree 100% plus then some. I remember seeing the (growing) list of suggestions, but “Leia”, given the timing of the votes, just makes absolute sense. Such a hard loss for everybody. I’m still mourning her death, and I’m not even family. Just typing about it, not even talking, makes me emotional. Excellent choice guys.

  • Noé Jan 12, 2017 


  • Jens Jan 12, 2017 

    Excellent choice. RIP Carrie Fisher

  • Stephen Manyama Jan 12, 2017 

    I hope this build will be just fantastic as her.

  • Boilerplate4U Jan 12, 2017 


  • robert Jan 12, 2017 

    well said, bravo

  • Luca C Jan 12, 2017 

    Absolutely amazing. A brilliant tribute. May the force be with us all.

  • Joe Jan 12, 2017 

    Outstanding choice!
    I fell in love with pricess Leia when, as a kid, I saw her first time at the beginning of the saga…
    I can still easily “see” her kneeling before the droid when she recorded the message later to be received by our heroes…
    RIP, Leia… May the force be with you!

  • corvusbellator Jan 13, 2017 

    I’m not sure if this idea has surfaced or not given the choice for V18′s name (name which I agree is befitting and lovely).

    I was thinking that it would be really cool to add an image of Leia’s holographic projection to the logo of the new version, whether in one of her standing positions instead of the letter “i” or when she’s bending to pace the disk on R2D2 to give shape to a part of the letter “k”.

    Just an idea anyway

  • Jase Jan 13, 2017 

    Very fitting name, brilliant choice!

  • David Jan 13, 2017 

    Great choice, I really like it!

  • Massa_yo Jan 14, 2017 

    Perfect Choice.

  • Bob Young Jan 15, 2017 

    Although it’s nice to think ahead why not focus on making Kodi 17 work good first? Right now it’s terrible! A lot of lag issues when browsing my pictures or videos. Going back to 16.1.

  • Mannix58 Jan 16, 2017 

    Perfect choice

  • Koyo Jan 16, 2017 

    Beautiful choice guys….. bravo !!!!

  • andres acosta Jan 17, 2017 

    You could not have picked a better name , thank you from a big fan of star wars and of kodi!

  • Alex Jan 18, 2017 

    Beautiful choice guys!

  • Jim stewart Jan 18, 2017 

    That was thoughtful, and a really nice name for the release too. RIP carrie. We will be thinking of you.

  • roliverosc Jan 19, 2017 

    Wow !!! Perfect choice it i love the nitiative. I am also a fan of star wars.

    May the Force be with you.

  • William Torres Jan 19, 2017 

    Thanks, this program is very important to me!

  • Macleod Jan 20, 2017 

    I was 8 on opening day of New Hope. (my first movie in a theater)
    I have not missed an opening day since.
    I cannot think of a more fitting title for v18
    I have the entire Star Wars Team to thank for me turning into the successful tech geek I am today. If it was not for Leia and the Star Wars Clan, I might have ended up a Rock Star..
    May the force be with us all…

  • NLS Jan 20, 2017 

    Of course.

  • strawman Jan 21, 2017 

    Best Choice! May the force be with you.

  • mlc Jan 21, 2017 

    Make sense, really nice choice

  • Asil Jan 23, 2017 

    I concur whole heartedly,
    Sometimes you don’t realize childhood memories and people takes you back and reminds some of us of a special time in our lives.

  • Dirk Dwinnex Jan 23, 2017 

    Not a name I’d of thought of but it does have a nice ring to it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out guys.

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