Kodi Available on Google Play, Not on Amazon

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jun 21, 2015 in Site News

As you may have heard by now, we have a few announcements to make that should be of particular relevance to you Kodi for Android users out there.

Google Play

Firstly, Kodi is now available in Google Play. You can download it at the previous link or using the following QR code.

The version currently available on Google Play is Isengard 15.0 Beta2. We’ve decided to go with Isengard as the first release for Google Play, because it is dramatically more prepared for the feature set that modern Android devices like the Nexus Player and the NVIDIA Shield Android TV bring to the table, including support for 4K and HEVC, among other things.

The benefits of installing the Google Play version of Kodi are fairly simple. You always get the most recent stable release without needing to mess with finding, downloading, and sideloading apks. With that said, we will continue to publish apks on our site, so if you’d rather sideload, or if your Android device doesn’t have Google Play, we’ve still got you covered.

Amazon App Store

On a less positive note, as you may know, we’ve been informed that Kodi has been removed from the Amazon App Store because, according to the Amazon representative, “it can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content. Any facilitation of piracy or illegal downloads is not allowed in our program.”

As others have noted and we agree, this seems to be an absurd statement, purely because the same can be said about any web browser or media player that can play an online stream, which is approximately all of them, including at least one that Amazon prominently displays on its Fire TV packaging material. The version of Kodi submitted to the Amazon App Store is shipped as a purely vanilla media player, and the add-ons available from within the Kodi repository are entirely piracy free, pointing only to legal streams available to anyone on the internet. Installing piracy-related add-ons onto Kodi is roughly as difficult as installing pirated apks onto an Amazon Android device.

Perhaps most frustratingly, while Amazon has removed the Kodi app from its app store, in its physical store it continues to sell set top boxes that are clearly violating the Kodi trademark by associating Kodi with pirated add-ons and other material. Which means, as far as we can tell, one of the biggest single organizations pushing the use of Kodi for piracy is Amazon itself.

If you’d like to read more on the topic, AFTVnews and TorrentFreak do a pretty good rundown of the situation as it currently stands.

Kodi Protest Collection

We spent some time going back and forth trying to find a shirt to protest Amazon’s removing Kodi from their App Store, but at the end of the day, we decided all our ideas sounded a bit too much like the proletariat protesting the establishment. So instead, here’s a cool, distressed looking shirt that we like a lot. Important to mention is that compared to previous T-shirts, the prices for shipping are far more reasonable. Have fun!



Credit to forum user Tinwarble for the cool Kodi Shield image.

Discussion - 74 Comments

  • Zebraitis Jun 21, 2015 

    Cool shirt, bro.

  • TaGi Jun 21, 2015 

    Totally agree with KODI developers opinion.
    I’m afraid KODI is simply “outshadowing” any other similar APP sold at amazon store and that’s the main reason !!!

    Shame on you Jeff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Jun 21, 2015 

    Is Kodi able to appeal Amazon’s decision? There must be some sort of appeal path as part of an appstore rejection…?

  • buzzra Jun 21, 2015 

    While I am glad that Kodi is officially in the Play Store, the choice of a beta version ONLY is dissapointing, at best.

    So now all of the faithful users who have been supporting Kodi since for many years, and run multiple STABLE systems in they’re house sync’ed up via MySQL are left out. The only choice is to continue to side load and hope for the best, until NEXT YEAR when 15 stable is released. Thanks alot.

    You should have but BOTH the stable and beta releases in the Play Store. Google has provisions for this and lots of other Android apps do it successfully.


    • Martijn Jun 21, 2015 

      Sorry to say but you sound a tiny bit (a lot) ungrateful.
      Keep sideloading while the rest can enjoy a better version than 14.2 ever was. No one forces you nor should you demand the team what they should do.

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 21, 2015 

      15 stable isn’t getting released until next year? This is news to me.

    • Dave Jun 21, 2015 

      As I always love to tell people who complain like this: if you’re that dissatisfied, you’re more than welcome to request a refund for the money you have paid :)

      • Zebraitis Jun 21, 2015 

        You are jumping to an assumption here… Many of us who run larger systems, and MySQL, are already grateful donors.

        I know that I have dropped several payments, bot to Kodi, as well as developers at Pivos.

        Still, I have noticed a recent trend in the past few years that is a bit disturbing: Users expressing a bit of concern or even offering suggestions are dismissed as “ungrateful” or .. well, just dismissed.

        Part of the growing pains, I suppose, from a semi-legit hacked together product to a respectable product.

        But guys: we’re not curing cancer here… or solving global hunger. Just putting together and/or using a product that plays a video or audio.

        • Lumute Jun 23, 2015 

          Completely agree with you… Love Kodi and I am very grateful to the developers, but its sad that you are called ungrateful and asked to code your own software whenever you give the flightless feedback, sad indeed…

          This release does cause trouble with People using centralized MySQL databases, is it the end of the world? nah, but now that the Android version is getting more stable hopefully beta versions can be left out of public Google Play releases…

    • Bardun Jun 25, 2015 

      15.0 beta 2 work flawless @ home here with MySQL, profiles ++.

    • Larry Todd Jul 08, 2015 

      The version on Google Play is RC1.

      • Myles Jul 10, 2015 

        looks like the Alpha 1 version is released at Google Play and not Alpha 2

  • TK Jun 21, 2015 

    Who needs Amazon App Store?

    Can someone please explain why it matters one bit, what Amazon App Store chooses to sell or not.

    I have never ever even been there, and will never ever go there. Who has?….So why bother with them at all. I don’t get it.

    Looking forward to the final release.

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 21, 2015 

      Being on the store makes it a lot easier to find, install, launch, and use Kodi on Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks.

      • SkiAlta Jun 23, 2015 

        These don’t seem like compelling reasons for existing Kodi users, but it might possibly be a good reason to recruit new ones. I don’t really know though, does it help the cause? Does it give a larger base of possible contributors, either in code or donations? Or maybe you’re planning to sell the app at some point?

        Without further context, it just seems like AOL in the earlier days of the Internet: one remove from the real experience.

      • SkiAlta Jun 23, 2015 

        These don’t seem like compelling reasons for existing Kodi users, but it might possibly be a good reason to recruit new ones. I don’t really know though, does it help the cause? Does it give a larger base of possible contributors, either in code or donations? Or maybe you’re planning to sell the app at some point?

        Without further context, it just seems like AOL in the earlier days of the Internet: one remove from the real experience. And by the way — there is at least one MAJOR negative. You own a building sitting on leased land. What happens when Google decides to kill it or charge for it? Is this the version that will suck up the precious and scarce developer resources?

      • Uncle D Aug 03, 2015 

        I think it’s great that you can side load apps on the Fire TV and that’s how I put Kodi on mine. This issue though is that I have to dig down into the settings and scroll through all of my installed apps just to launch it. If it was available in the Amazon Appstore, it would be in both my recent and apps menus and a snap to launch (rather than a pain).

        That’s what keeps me from using it all the time and that plus the steep learning curve on side loading is what keeps most other users from even installing it.

        I hope Amazon comes to their senses and puts it back in the store where it should be.

        Uncle D

    • Tinwarble Jun 21, 2015 

      And I would say that it’s also the principle of the matter. It’s not just that they removed it from the store, it’s the fallacy of why it was removed.

      You might not use Amazon, but there are plenty that do, especially those that bought Fire TV’s and Sticks specifically for Kodi and Android apps.

    • Daniel Jun 22, 2015 

      Same here
      As long you provide the apks outside stores, I don’t care

      Blaming piracy is just a lame reason everyone seems to use these days

    • Gyges Jun 22, 2015 

      Well, take the FireTV for instance:
      Amazon App Shop: yes
      Google Play Store: no
      Ergo, Kodi via Amazon App Shop: Easy updates, no sideloading.

    • Sabra Sharaya Jun 24, 2015 

      It matters to me. Because Kodi on the FireTV could be really nice if you didn’t have to go through a series of menus to launch it.

  • thedenethor Jun 21, 2015 

    What happens if I install the store version over my current sideloaded isengard Beta 2 setup?

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 22, 2015 

      Your probably can’t. Android is pretty smart that way.

  • C Jun 21, 2015 

    Will you make Kodi available via F-droid at some point?

    • Danial Behzadi Jun 25, 2015 

      I really want to know this.. F-driod is the best

  • a Jun 21, 2015 

    Kodi/Xbmc is the best . I was happy to finally see the Kodi app in the Google store. It didn’t work on my device because it is a neon android. Will there be an android app for neon devices?
    Thanks wish you the best and Godspeed.

  • MacMus Jun 21, 2015 

    Fix not working ServerWMC please !

    Critical BUG!


  • EdSpa Jun 21, 2015 

    I have not yet rated my Amazon Fire TV and my Fire TV Stick devices yet, just because there are sufficient good ratings. But while I was reading this article it came to me that the devices “can be used to facilitate the piracy or illegal download of content.”

    I used to like the devices for so many reasons. On major point was to have Kodi for playing my recorded tv shows, internet radio and all my music from my NAS – not only the music which I bought at amazon…..

    EPIC FAIL describes fairly good the position of Amazon!

    I have the AFTV with usb stick and hub from amazon, the stick and I used to be happy. But now that I know that IT CAN BE USED TO FACILITATE THE PIRACY OR ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD OF CONTENT (and that without having Kodi set up…) it seems that 1 star out of 5 is just enough!!!

  • KodiSoundsLame Jun 21, 2015 

    This is all good, more t-shirts – that is all that matters.

  • Johnny Boy Jun 22, 2015 

    Amazon SUCKS, keep up the good work, KODI ROCKS!

  • neko Jun 22, 2015 

    Will I still be able to use Kodi app I already have installed on my firestick? I currently have it sling loaded.

    • da-anda Jun 22, 2015 

      yes, at least as long as Amazon doesn’t prevent installint/running Kodi via some firware update

  • Rob Jun 22, 2015 

    I’m sorry to say…we should pull Kodi out from Amazon Fire TV…

  • AnotherRob Jun 22, 2015 

    The Amazon fire tv is a popular box which many of us have ALREADY bought. So are you actually suggesting that the Kodi community abandon those us who of us with AFTV moving forward?

    Doubt we are going to do that. Wouldn’t make sense.

  • Stef Jun 22, 2015 

    hahaha: Amazon is killing is Appstore itself

  • Tim. Jun 22, 2015 

    Do we have an e-mail for someone at Amazon or petition site to show our support to have Kodi reinstated?

    Great work as always guys!

  • kkoa Jun 22, 2015 
  • Matt AU Jun 23, 2015 

    I’ve been using Kodi since the original Xbox and it’s still hands-down the BEST media player out there. I’ve centralised my DB and can now jump from my loungeroom, backroom, tablet, phone and mancave with ease!

    Thanks guys for building such a powerful bit of kit! I recommend it to anyone who asks about the home media and love showing off the media library functions to anyone that’ll listen.

    LOL Amazon!! Bought myself a couple of shirts.

  • Fun Jun 23, 2015 

    Nice shirts! Next time look into some heathered colors… I’m a sucker for those.

  • Troy Jun 23, 2015 

    Personally, I’m glad amazon doesnt want to issue the app on the app store. I prefer being able to sideload an app as good as Kodi without some overlord wannabe trying to control it from their end. They made a cheap-enough-for-everyone tv stick and Kodi makes that stick a value at more than twice the price. The ONLY reason I bought the stick was for Kodi.

  • J876 Jun 23, 2015 

    Amazon need to get thier facts straight. The addons in the official Kodi repository do not support piracy and even in the forums, piracy addons are removed from discussions when they are found and the offending posters are removed. What is their problem?

    • Dave Jun 23, 2015 

      It’s not that simple. Amazon DOES have their facts straight. It’s true, Kodi COULD be used to download pirated material.

      The problem is that there are many things that CAN be used to download pirated material. Every web browser on earth, for example. A satellite dish. A cable modem. Many other software apps. The issue is that Amazon seem to have ignored the fact that Kodi itself is not a pirating software, and that there are many perfectly legitimate uses for Kodi. That’s what’s so frustrating about their decision.

      • Cestmoi Jun 24, 2015 

        Amazon should stop selling knives, they can be used to kill people, which is illegal in most states I know of.

  • Sess Jun 23, 2015 

    Great. Tried it and works like a charm.
    But when I play a video and send Kodi to background to e.g. brosw with chrome, the playback stops. I have a lot of music in mp4 with some video, so that is rather ugly. MX Player just keeps playing in background. Can I configure Kodi for the same? MP3s already keep playing in background. Thanks :)

  • John Bones Jun 24, 2015 

    Okay, let’s be honest. Which of you whining wimps thinks it’s difficult to install Kodi on an AFTV? God help you getting it – especially the remote – up and running on Windows.

    Bunch of drama queens.

  • Rocker Jun 24, 2015 

    Hope that the team can convince Amazon to change their minds.

  • Ashvetenry Jun 24, 2015 

    Little apk called Llama and a sacrificial app with 5 mins of work I can dive straight into Kodi on my FIRE stick from the recents list. The stick runs Kodi perfectly what’s not to love at £25? Thanks to all involved.

  • Clive Jun 24, 2015 

    I forgot which English tv channel did it but one of them did a documentry on amazon and how they treat their Staff, ha ha ha i stopped using amazon that day!!!!! And I’ve never used amazon app store. Simple don’t bother making kodi for amazon fire, the raspberry pi is perfect and android devices

  • Simeon Jun 26, 2015 

    I think the piece you are missing is that Amazon wants for you to buy THEIR stuff not stream anything locally. All of their ecosystem exists to either sell you on-going membership to Prime or sell you content inside their walled garden. Bad? Yes, same with all other walled garden providers..

    for me Kodi (already sideloaded) is a way to play local files from the NAS

  • Tommy Jun 26, 2015 

    It’s amazon’s loss. It would be funny if Kodi did the same and put a warning on the website to be advised about that the amazon fire and tv could be used for piracy without the users consent. (as could anything, even a handful of gravel).

    I avoid amazon, their business model is based upon reaching monopoly and that is not something that will be to my benefit.

  • Stefan Jun 27, 2015 

    I posted my opinion about what I thought of this on Torrentfreak, It is Amazon’s Lost though as Kodi is the best Media Player out there in my opinion and in opinions of them I know + as said any Media Center or whatever can be used with 3party programs ….So why Amazon Jump on Kodi goes beyond me as Kodi has nothing Piracy in it….It is all made with 3′d party programs or add-ons that you can do to any Media Player really….So Amazon is assholes in doing this.

  • Robert Burton Jun 28, 2015 

    I want to view kodi

  • Javery Onyx Jun 28, 2015 

    Installed 15.0 Beta 2 on my 2015 Sony 4k Bravia, and it wouldn’t stream any of my local video without chop. I set the changes for 4k sync as noted on the forums, but it didn’t help. I side loaded 14.2, and now all video works flawlessly.

  • David Jun 28, 2015 

    Just saw this. If you had it in NVIDIA-forest-green, I’m sure you’d find a bunch more get bought. :) :)

  • milan Jun 28, 2015 

    Will there be x86 version on play store?

  • RA1 Jun 28, 2015 

    If amazon let Kodi play on its Amazon fire devices. That could hurt its streaming/prime membership. Or at least, thats what i think is going on.

    Saying that it supports piracy is just an excuse to ban the kodi app. And nothing more.

  • eddlang Jun 30, 2015 

    “The version currently available on Google Play is Isengard 15.0 Beta2. We’ve decided to go with Isengard as the first release for Google Play…”

    “You always get the most recent stable release…”

    Does this mean that only the first version is a beta and the subsequent updates will only be to stable builds?

    If not, and there will be beta updates too, wouldn’t it be better to separate the beta and stable apps in the store?

  • Scott Jul 01, 2015 

    I have 14.1 installed on my device (sideloaded). Will I have to uninstall it before I can install from the playstore?

  • Mark Jul 02, 2015 

    I have kodi sideloaded right now to my nexus player. How would I go about downloading it from google play and not lose any of my data? Thanks!

  • Cliff Jul 03, 2015 

    Perhaps amazon should also stop selling DVD drives since they encourage and facilitate piracy.

  • Joe Jul 03, 2015 

    +1 for F-Droid. Amazon AppStore or Google Play, they are both bad one way or another. If you care about Freedom, the first thing you do is replace those digital restriction managers cum spam/spy/ads with the much more refreshing experience of F-Droid.

  • Tlaloc Jul 04, 2015 

    BIG WIN!!!!

  • Holo Jul 06, 2015 

    Is Kodi available on any specific devices or any that have access to the google play store?

  • Ace Love Jul 07, 2015 

    Ah Amazon, do they not even realise that Kodi is actually selling these damn boxes? I’ve recommended them to everyone so far, they’re great for Kodi, annoying to drop xml’s into, but they work so well.

    Shame on them for biting the hands that feeds them.

  • Kakolukia Jul 12, 2015 

    When trying to install Kodi from the Play Store on the Ouya it says ‘incompatible device’, while sideloading works just fine. Will this change with the next update?

  • Zeppelin Jul 20, 2015 

    Amazon are selling AFF Media Centre on the App Store which is Kodi rebadged! Must be able to try again for inclusion now?

  • User123 Jul 22, 2015 

    It is stupid the comment Amazon made for Kodi.

    Should VLC player be blocked because you can play illegal content? Or chrome because you can access Illegal sites? Or IE for the same reason

    Maybe Windows should be banned because you can install VLC which can be used to play illegal content? Even better ban it because it has IE by default which can be used for illegal purposes.

    It is the users responsibility to not access the content that they are not allowed. If the user decides to do it than it is not the fault of any developer/application (I.E. Kodi).

  • Tom Jul 27, 2015 

    I don’t care. I could use an APK-Installer on my FireTV box.
    We all know, that Amazon sux a lot… but the box is quite nice….

  • Ronald Aug 03, 2015 

    Amazon feel threatened because prime is rubbish.

    I’ve installed via apk on my hdx, so no probs there.

  • Darrell Aug 17, 2015 

    Has anyone received their shirt yet? Mine came in the mail on Friday. The shirt looks great. The length is good and the chest fit is good, but the sleeves are super short and uncomfortably tight. :(

    • Darrell Aug 23, 2015 

      EDIT: I’ve been emailing back and forth with fabrily and they are being real dicks

  • ay Aug 25, 2015 


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