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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Sep 16, 2016 in Site News
The Kodi Team in Budapest at Kodi DevCon 2016


Evening – Day 1


And that’s it for today. Tomorrow there should be less team talk and more actual feature presentations, so we look forward to seeing you all then!

Afternoon Session – Day 1

Trademark Talk

After lunch the subject of a number of different legal issues has been brought up. In particular, a conversation has started about adding a carrot to the stick that is currently the Kodi trademark policy. At present, the trademark policy is pretty conservative. People aren’t allowed to use the Kodi name in their website at all, which means the only people who do use it are people who are ignoring our trademark policy (i.e. add-on pirate people).

So now we’re going to try to set up a policy that allows fan groups to use the Kodi name as long as they fit within certain rules, specifically rules that are similar to the official forum rules.

The Add-on website

Next on the list is the fact that nobody really likes the current way of submitting addons that aren’t through gitpulls. At present, to submit, you have to submit to a mailing list, and that doesn’t really work outside of skins. Github pulls work great, but for people who are comfortable with python but not with git, github pulls aren’t really ideal.

An alternative method was demonstrated wherein you could simply upload your addon zip and a quick xml check would show exactly what’s ok and what’s missing. The next step is getting it into Kodi’s website.

Additionally conversation happened regarding possibly making some exceptions to addons accepted. In particular, if an addon ships a dll, but that dll comes from a website that specifically allows dll distribution, and the hash matches, and various other checks are made, an exception MIGHT be made. At present, exceptions theoretically could be made, but never really are. Leniency is being considered.

Conference and Dev Meetups

Just to reiterate from last year, if any devs want to go to any conference or meetup, the foundation is happy to pay for it. In particular, getting Kodi’s video devs together with some ffmpeg devs is high priority. Additionally, we’re discussing moving devcon from the fall to the spring for various reasons, but mainly because we want to make it easier for devs to go to both DevCon and VideoLan Dev Days.


Morning Session – Day 1

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Kodi DevCon 2016 Liveblog. As many of you know, my name is Nate, and much like last year, I’ll be doing my best to update the blog with as much of the content we discuss over the next few days as my jet-lagged brain will allow.



As always, DevCon begins with all the devs who are attending introducing themselves.

Switching services over to hosted services, also a discussion of switching various services

At present Kodi hosts most of all its services on a few servers, including wordpress, trac, the forum, and the wiki. This results in an incredibly amount of overhead.

The biggest issue is switching from trac to hosted jira. The biggest problem with switching to an open source jira license is that jira has a hard 5000 user limit (that’s a problem because every person who reports a bug would count as a new user). The biggest reason to switch away from trac is that the git integration isn’t great and doesn’t scale.

Another thought is switching from Github to Gitlab. This is a major idea because it could allow us to drop the idea of using jira altogether. The biggest downside is user creation. Everyone would need a new gitlab user.

After some conversation, it’s been decided to first look at Gitlab before worrying about jira or buggenie or anything else.

Next, the main website is running on a really, really, really, really old server, running a really old wordpress version. It’s all so old that we can’t actually migrate to a hosted service. This weekend we’re going to try to do all the upgrades in one big jump. A major update was already done about 6 months ago by Piers, but hasn’t been made live. This weekend we’ll fix whatever missing broken things still exist and do the switch.

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  • Ned Scott Sep 16, 2016 

    Have fun and take lots of pictures :)

  • mcorteel Sep 16, 2016 

    Why not move to phabricator? It’s awesome and free software; much like Kodi ;)

  • Ava Sep 16, 2016 

    Exciting, cant wait:)

  • Mr Sceptical Sep 16, 2016 

    Either there is not a lot going on at Kodi devcon, Nate fell asleep or the concept of a live blog is not entirely clear for Team Kodi. I think I’ll check back on Sunday evening. ^^

    • Kib Sep 16, 2016 

      There are some internal team discussions going on. :) as well as Nate falling asleep due to jetlag.

  • Michael Clark Sep 16, 2016 

    Really love to get my hands on a Raspberry PI box and build one out from scratch. Been using Pigfly boxes here in Korea and they have been pretty stable, but the Google TV platform (for me) is limited and it seems very difficult to update.

    Mike in Korea..

  • marcel Sep 16, 2016 

    Hi Guys, have fun, what does the water on the table? Don’t they sell beer? ;-)

    • Kib Sep 16, 2016 

      We are still recovering from last evening. :)

  • kkeras Sep 16, 2016 

    Any discussion about an automobile-friendly version of Kodi? Perhaps for the many Android head units out there?

  • Jimbob Walton Sep 16, 2016 

    One of those Raspberry´s would be soooo Kodiliciuos ;)

  • Jeremy Sep 16, 2016 

    Just curious how do I get my hands on a Raspberry PI

    • Nathan Betzen Sep 17, 2016 

      The Raspberry Pi cases are linked just on the right side of the blog.

  • Ned Scott Sep 16, 2016 

    Kib, you guys are getting my hopes up about the wiki. Please, pretty please, say it is so.

  • Glenn Lunder Sep 18, 2016 

    So… what’s up with day 2 coverage?

  • Chris Sep 18, 2016 

    You are talking about trademakk policy but some devs are stil wearing XBMC t-shirts…

    • Martijn Sep 18, 2016 

      It’s still called the “XBMC Foundation” so still valid to use it for us.

    • Ned Scott Sep 20, 2016 

      Please tell me you’re not this stupid. Referencing the old name is not a trademark violation. Changing to a new name does not mean one burns everything with the words “XBMC” on it. The name “XBMC” is still part of Kodi history.

  • Thue Sep 19, 2016 

    Are there comming an update on the rest of the Kodi DevCon? :)

  • Mr Sceptical Sep 20, 2016 

    I guess in the night of Day 1 after some drinking Nate either fell into the Donau and drowned or he’s still stuck in club P1.

    • Mr Sceptical Sep 20, 2016 

      Seriously, where is day 2, day 3?
      What came out of the devcon?
      What are the major breakthroughs after meeting in person this year?

  • Memphiz Sep 20, 2016 

    Please allow us to come back to the real world for a couple of days … :D

  • Spanish Inquisition Sep 27, 2016 

    Come on, chaps, what kind of LIVE(!) blog is this? We are curious! :-)

  • loz Oct 06, 2016 

    Can you enlighten us what you guys feel Gitlab is providing that you don’t get from Github?

    What are the magic feature you feel trac is providing that you feel are missing.

    I’m not questioning you’re decisions I’m just interested…

  • gee Oct 15, 2016 

    it was working not working now and its awsome

  • Pernod Mentos Oct 19, 2016 

    I actually believe days 2 and 3 of devcon never took place. Probably got lost in the matrix…

  • taxigps Oct 21, 2016 

    Handsome guys!

  • Skare Oct 21, 2016 

    What happens in devcon day 2+3 stays at devcon :)

  • Noor Oct 23, 2016 

    Are there any women working in tech areas at Kodi?

    • Martijn Oct 24, 2016 

      Sadly not that we know of. We would certainly welcome them.

  • gil Oct 31, 2016 

    keep up the great work guys! im a developer as well, how many attendees?

  • Drake Hunter Dec 16, 2016 

    Kodi is an incredible piece of software. I had never heard of Kodi or XMBC until recently. I got an android TV box and it came with a base Kodi install and wow, the user interface is great, a lot of thought was put into the development of Kodi. I say bravo! I am just a beginning to learn to code as a mid-life second profession. I hope one day to be able to contribute to such an great piece of software. I have k odi installed on all my devices now :)

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