Kodi goes Windows Store

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Sep 20, 2016 in Site News
Kodi Windows Store Announcement

With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft announced its Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) feature which in theory should allow regular desktop applications to be converted to UWP-like store app without any real code changes. With the Desktop Bridge developers would gain easy access to the Windows Store, leading to easy distribution and several other bonuses such as access to the UWP APIs which could open up future improvements such as Live Notes and Tiles. Team Kodi looked at the development with a little disbelief. Due to Kodi’s code-complexity and the fact that we use hardware-acceleration for both audio and video playback we did not believe it would work for Kodi.

Not long after Microsoft made their announcement, a representative contacted us asking us if we were willing to be part of the Windows Store. They told us they had tried the Desktop Bridge converter with Kodi and had successfully converted the application. We were quite shocked that converting Kodi was this easy, and of course gladly accepted the cooperation Microsoft offered to get it done.

The process

We actively worked together with the Microsoft developers to further improve their Desktop App Converter and the process of using it. These improvements should make it easier for other developers to convert their applications in the future. We are very thankful for their help and are looking forward to a continued collaboration in the future.

The initial version Microsoft had converted was Kodi v16 and this worked straight out of the box. However, with development of v16 already almost stopped and v17 coming, we really wanted Kodi v17 to be the first version of Kodi to be available in the store. At first, we encountered several issues attempting to use the Desktop Bridge with Kodi v17. Desktop Bridge has some minor restrictions and with our big code cleanup we hit one of them. With the help of one of the Microsoft representatives and some Microsoft developers we were able to identify the problem and a few code changes later on our side, we were back in business again. When we later ran into an issue that we could not immediately solve, but Microsoft developers stepped in and gave us some helpful pointers.

All we had to do now was wait for the final launch date when this could made available for the wider public.

Note that converting an app with Desktop Bridge does not create a full UWP app. It will not be possible to run Kodi on anything else but a Windows 10 desktop computer or Surface. Getting Kodi running as a true UWP app would allow installation on other devices. This is currently still a dream as it requires quite a few changes before it would become a possibility.

Releasing Kodi on the Windows Store for desktop can be considered a first step in the right direction, and we will certainly try to get there eventually… making the circle back to the XBOX would complete our journey where it all started.

The benefits

What does it mean to have the app in the Windows Store? It is still the same Kodi version you are used to use, without any limitations. Although it is still possible (and always will be) to download and install Kodi from our website, it is now also possible for Windows 10 users to download and install Kodi from the Windows Store. This brings a few benefits, such as automatic updating. The Windows Store application uses the same userdata as the version from our website so you can switch between the two versions without issues.
NOTE: This also means that if you are currently running Kodi v16 and want to try out the Windows Store version, your Kodi databases and add-ons will be upgraded to the v17 versions. You might want to make a backup of the userdata before!

For the Kodi developers the added benefit of the Windows Store version is that it will be possible for us to get some crash logs statistics from the Windows Store. This enables us to see what kind of crashes our users are experiencing, making it possible to correlate errors and focus our development effort.

How to get it

Well obviously in the Windows Store and search for Kodi! Or you can click this link and go straight to the store page itself. Yes it’s still free as we will never ask for money.

Kodi Windows Store page

For now we have added our Kodi v17 beta 2 to the store and will continue updating it till the final release comes. Afterwards we will just stick to final releases so you don’t need to worry about getting potential unstable builds afterwards. For those who don’t use the store you can still download the Windows version of Kodi from our official download page.

Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS which you can use to control every Kodi version in your home. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 17.0 Krypton builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.

We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation, and t-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

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  • Windows 7 User Sep 20, 2016 

    Wait are you saying that even if we download Kodi 17 from kodi.tv, that it won’t run on Windows 7?

    • Martijn Sep 20, 2016 

      No you can still install that on Vista and up

    • Jasonjkay Sep 20, 2016 

      No, it just means that any device running windows 10 can download kodi from the windows store instead which means automatic updates. All older windows will have to continue downloading from the site as usual.

      • Philip Sep 20, 2016 

        No, NOT “Any Windows 10 device”, just Windows 10 x86, which is what you would run on Desktops, Laptops and Tablets.

        Windows 10 Mobile, XBox and IoT (Any ARM devices) are NOT capable of running this from the store.

        • Alexkam87 Sep 20, 2016 

          Yet :)

        • Nicholas Dec 07, 2016 

          Xbox One is running an x86 processor and Windows 10. They will have to publish the app to the xbox store when ready. Windows 10 Mobile. RT, and IoT will be the more difficult options as they are ARM based.

      • gabe Sep 21, 2016 

        …and presumably people want automatic updates so their devices can start going slower because they can’t handle the newer, bigger package, so they can try to go back to older versions but they can’t because the App store gods laid down the commandments of “always upgrade for your security’s sake”.
        I think I already know where this is going…

        • ViSiON2099 Sep 26, 2016 

          Hopfully your headed in the direction of a better PC that can handle a basic application lol. If your PC cant run a new version of kodi its time for a new PC.

          • m4x Oct 02, 2016 

            If his PC can’t handle a newer version of Kodi it shouldn’t be running windows 10 anyway.

        • DANIEL YBARRA Oct 02, 2016 

          I HEARD THAT!

        • John Oct 04, 2016 

          C’mon, chill – automatic APP updates through Windows Store, can be disabled in like 5 seconds/4-5 clicks in Win10. No one is forcing anything on you – this just easens the update procedure immensly for those users that want it.

          • Subhash Oct 22, 2016 

            NO! You didn’t get it. Windows Store can deny you to download any app it has for no reason. I have windows 10 and it stubbornly refuses to download Kodi 17 Beta (2). It says I need a NEW APP to use Windows Store and I have no idea what it means. Scores of others have the same problems. In fact, Windows Store will completely control distribution of Apps. Meaning, Windows 10 users will have to get their apps ONLY from Windows Store and from nowhere else. I hope, Kodi developers will not allow it.

        • Subhash Oct 22, 2016 

          Gabe got it right. One more thing. Windows Store will become the GATE KEEPER and THE ARBITRATOR. Don’t Fall for it.

      • Michael Oct 05, 2016 

        I download the app from the windows store but when I launched the program I got a message that the backend is missing. Just installed it the old way.

  • Brian G Sep 20, 2016 

    Great news! I’m looking to work on my Kodi/HDHomeRun DVR build this weekend, picking up a Mohu antenna today. Although there must be a way to not autoupdate to a newer major build (like version 18 next year) for multi-instance installations where all versions have to be on the same version.

  • atreyu Sep 20, 2016 

    Wonderful news!
    Now I will have at least 1 useful app on my Win Phone ;-)

    • Philip Sep 20, 2016 

      Nope, it’s not compatible with Windows 10 mobile.

      • atreyu Sep 21, 2016 

        Yep, I noticed.
        How Universal is that?

        • hazenot Sep 21, 2016 

          It’s not supposed to be universal. It’s not a UWP app, it’s just an MSI installer packaged as an appx.

          • Kib Sep 21, 2016 

            Indeed. I have updated the article to make this more apparent.

    • Matt Oct 30, 2016 

      Facebook, Netflix, FB Messenger, Edge, Readit (for reddit), Spotify, Skype, Twitter, myTube all seem usable enough for me.

  • Jasonjkay Sep 20, 2016 

    Might attract some new users if it gets featured in the store, I suspect the hard core users will either stick with Manuel updates from your website to keep compatibility with external databases or are always running the newest beta builds. The most amazing would be an Xbox app, I know Plex has an app but I never use that, so keep up the great work.

    • Richard Spears Sep 22, 2016 

      But would an xbox app support all the audio codecs the PC version does? Like ATMOS inside a MKV file?

  • Mauricio Sep 20, 2016 

    Is it 100% compatible with all Kodi add-ons? We will loose some features? What about memory usage? There’s missing info here

    • max tsukino Sep 21, 2016 

      it’s the same exactly Kodi you find here in the site… nothing changes except for how do you get it…

  • Shawn Sep 20, 2016 

    What if you replace your she’ll with kodi, I’d assume you can not with this process. Will a download always be available away from the store?

  • David Clarke Sep 20, 2016 

    Great news for the pic but we need the mobile version ASAP and I know your all working towards this as well so we’ll done all round.

  • barky Sep 20, 2016 

    “eventually as making the circle back to the XBOX would complete our journey where it all started…”

    Now THAT would be awesome! Thanks for all the hard work, guys.

    • phreys Sep 22, 2016 

      I remember back when v1 or 2 was released, my step-brother that was ~15 when I was 9 just HAD to have two Xboxs in his room. I had no clue what his obsession was at the time, but I later learned of the Ouya (yeah……) but am happily running it on my laptop and fire stick, but would love for an all-in-one on my Xbox One.

      But, since it’s free to get your Xbox into Developer mode now (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/xbox-apps/devkit-activation) and I’d hope the App to UWP conversion isn’t all too difficult (I’m likely wrong…) it may be sooner than expected?

  • xapache Sep 20, 2016 

    Glad to see the Kodi Team opening up to the idea of coming back to their roots on the Xbox One / future Xbox.

    The UWP app works great for me!

    • gabe Sep 21, 2016 

      cool, that’s a romantic view of the whole thing. I love how the old devices had to be hacked and now, MS wants you in there store legit.

      The DEV must be pretty proud.

    • Philip Sep 21, 2016 

      It’s not UWP, Project Centennial wraps normal Win32 apps with store metadata to make it all work. This is NOT a universal app.

  • Joe Sep 20, 2016 

    Exactly what I was hoping for to keep my multiple PCs up to date, thanks for this.

  • moynard Sep 20, 2016 

    one step closer to Kodi on Xbox one . amazing. XD

    • gabe Sep 21, 2016 

      on XBOX? It’ll never happen, these companies (MS, Apples, etc..) don’t give anything out for free, most of the XBOX apps require a subscription or an existing cable account, not the profile of the average kodi users.

      • Anthony Sep 22, 2016 

        That was the situation for most apps and only until recently. Plex has always been there. What you are starting to see is the UWP app platform requirements for XBOX open up. A friend of mine just had his 2 UWP apps (prev. only on Win 10 and Win 10 Mobile) released into the XBOX store. He said it took a few days longer, but otherwise, no different. His apps are simply local TV aggregation/streaming apps. No subscriptions. No mandated Microsoft overlord behaviour as you are fear-mongering :)

  • RT Sep 20, 2016 

    Concept seems good – however it doesn’t seem to play nice with “portable/-p” installs.

    I’ll try it at some point when i’ll rebuild my library/mediaNUC…

    keep up the great work guys!

  • eddman Sep 20, 2016 

    Is this just a repackaged Win32 program in appx format with access to windows 10 APIs, or is it actually converted to a proper UWP app?

    If the latter, would it be possible, from a coding standpoint, to make it run on ARM processors and W10M too?

    W10M badly lacks a proper DLNA capable media player/center that can access DLNA servers.

    • Martijn Sep 21, 2016 

      Simple repackaged win32 with minor adjustments

  • Bite Your Idols! Sep 20, 2016 

    UWP means PC + Tablet + Mobile + XBONE…

    no win phone no party!

  • Gotty Sep 20, 2016 

    Today I’ll sleep with a smile on my face, not yet, but for first time from Kodi I read Kodi on Xbox could be possible some day.

    I started on original Xbox with XBMP.. next XBMC.. later XBMC on PC.. later Kodi.. I have an HTPC focused 90% to Kodi.. hope someday I’ll be able to forget HTPC and do it all from Xbox again.

    Thnx for all your great work for so many years

  • Caier Sep 20, 2016 

    Can’t boot it up from Windows Store :/
    Can’t find MSVCP140.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll

    • Martijn Sep 21, 2016 

      Update is pending which should fix this

    • hildebread Sep 21, 2016 

      Same here. Altough where does the Windows Store Vrsio get installed? because for launcher for kodi?!

  • Gouveia Sep 20, 2016 

    Why not an universal app? You’ll get mobile and pc users… think about that….

    • Anon Sep 21, 2016 

      Because it needs much more work to be done. Currently its “only” the Win32 Version distributed over the Store.

    • Matt Oct 30, 2016 

      I’m sure they will in the long term but for now they can’t just re-write large portions of their application. I would love Kodi on my Windows Phone but so few aps can even access SMB shares… and certainly not stream from them.

  • Coremailrx8 Sep 20, 2016 
  • Igotu Sep 20, 2016 

    It’ll be nice to be added to the ps4

  • ernest Sep 20, 2016 

    Big mistake you just sold out the freedom of kodi ..hello advertisements
    by the hundreds … Microsoft will be laughing all the way ..money money.

    • Kib Sep 21, 2016 

      Did you actually read the article ?

    • Anthony Sep 22, 2016 

      and you are basing this on what exactly?

      if you don’t like Microsoft, just move along..

  • Chris Sep 20, 2016 

    Once 17 is out do I just download and install like I did before from the site in order to keep all my settings?

    • Piotr Sep 21, 2016 

      You can download from Windows Store. I did it and all my library was here, so settings are definitely migrated.

    • Maverick Sep 25, 2016 

      Sure, that won’t change.

      However, If you did use the Store app, your setting would still be there. Back them up if you’re paranoid, better safe than sorry.

  • Jeremy Goddard Sep 21, 2016 

    Great work! Originally heard about your app during the Windows 8 era, when Media Center was becoming harder to access and your app was consistently rated as the best replacement. Have installed it on several devices and will be replacing the desktop version with this new store version.

    Unfortunately, there are several imposter apps in the Windows Store, such as Kodi Buddy, that are either paid or freemium money grabs from people who don’t know any better. (Do a search for Kodi and you can see all the garbage.) You should probably talk to Microsoft about getting them to remove the spam from the store so people can find your app faster and not get robbed.

    • Jeremy Goddard Sep 21, 2016 

      Wow! Playing with it and amazed how easy you make it to install extensions. I wish Edge had this capability.

  • JB Sep 21, 2016 

    Outstanding news. I believe this has the potential to significantly increase the user base for Kodi. Forward looking vision indeed.

  • Philusb Sep 21, 2016 

    Please make it available for xbox one store

  • Marcel Vanderwekken Sep 21, 2016 

    Hi, I just installed the Windows 10 app but when I launch the app I get multiple errors in a row. These are errors:The program can’t start because MSVCP140,dll is missing, And the program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing. The last one shows up a few times after I click ok. Hope this helps. Thanks

    • Kib Sep 21, 2016 

      Because of a typo the wrong dll was included, causing this issue if you do not already have the visual c runtime libraries installed. A fix has been created and is waiting to go through the verification process to fix this issue.

      Manually installing the visual C runtime libraries should help.

  • Iblice Sep 21, 2016 

    154MB’s after a code clean-up? :)

  • Anirudh Sep 21, 2016 

    Circle! sounds great, Maybe an year?

    VLC will be on xBox by December(2016)

  • Liviu Sep 21, 2016 

    Now n UWP app compatible even with Xbox One will be great

  • Michael Sammler Sep 21, 2016 

    Yay. My xbox controller works again. And Lord of the Rings played without fidgeting with anything.
    Now, can I get this into Big picture so my sofa entertainment PC is all complete?

  • Shush Sep 21, 2016 

    Good news.

  • Dark Helmet Sep 21, 2016 

    Great news. Well done everyone involved. What a turn of events to have someone from Microsoft approach and help you guys. From the outside it always looked as if MS was not exactly against kodi but had more of a neutral position towards you. Cool to have this kind of recognition by a major.

  • mdanish Sep 21, 2016 

    Please make on windows Mobiles?

  • Graham Sep 21, 2016 

    This is great news. Every time I hit start and type KODI, KODI buddy comes up, not my x86 app. Pain in the ass.

    What’s more important though is Amazon are going to have a hard time backing up their claim of pirate material if MS are coming to you for support. It’s not exactly hard to get KODI on a FireTV but once it makes it into the appstore again, that’s a weight off everyone’s shoulders.

    • Kib Sep 21, 2016 

      Maybe you should try uninstalling Kodi Buddy …. what is that even ?

  • Alex Sep 21, 2016 

    OMG!! Best news ever!! Keep up the good work. The installation worked flawlessly for me!!
    Please please Xbox one version soon!!! I’ll definitely pay for that!!!

    Kodi rules!

  • Joe Sep 21, 2016 

    I was pretty excited about this, but it turns out that it doesn’t work for me in practice.

    Some of my plugins (like the Steam launcher) require direct access to the Kodi.exe file in order to work, and the install directory is closed off (I can take ownership and access it, but based on my other apps, a new folder is created for each revision). Other plugins that require access to my mapped Z drive from the network don’t seem to be launching their targets properly either. Not sure if that’s a Krypton problem or a Windows Store problem, but unfortunately it means I’ll have to stick to manual updating my PCs for now.

  • Spencer Joseph Ford Sep 21, 2016 

    And now the april fools joke from 2 years ago (ish or more) is now half true!

  • Øyvind Sep 21, 2016 

    That was fun, installed it and tried to start it (had to close my normal Kodi installation) and got a BSOD :D

  • Desparate Sep 21, 2016 

    Dancing with the Microsoft Devil will be regretful in the end.

  • Rob Sep 21, 2016 

    BSOD on startup. fresh windows 10 install too..
    It doesn’t like me =(

    • erosk1988 Sep 23, 2016 

      me too.any fix?

      • utomi Sep 24, 2016 

        Mee too! Any suggestion? After start just run in to BSOD!

        • Vladimir Postel Oct 28, 2016 

          A Windows update (Version 14393.351 – KB3197954) – was released today that includes important fixes that address the BSOD issue. If you encounter this issue please update your machine. Details regarding the Windows Update can be found at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3197954

  • Toby Sep 21, 2016 

    Tried to install the Windows Store version on 2 different laptops. Got program not responding on both. Should have know not to even try since MS holds us hostage enough. Installs and works like a charm from the Kodi website. The Kodi team has it all over MS.

  • Evan Sep 22, 2016 

    Is it possible to have windows auto boot the UWP app at start up? I am currentlyusing Launcher4Kodi to achieve this with the .exe.

  • Rob Sep 22, 2016 

    Awesome stuff. For the ones who want to put a new advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml in the userfolder, this folder is now located at: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\userdata

    For the Store app, it’s no longer located in %appdata%\roaming\Kodi
    You guys might want to add this info to the WiKi ;)

    • Phil Oct 01, 2016 

      Your a life saver, I have been trying to raise a fault & thought I would read through the comments here to see if anyone else was having it.. turns out you just fixed one of my issues (where the logs are saved).

      Thanks :)

  • just_no_one Sep 22, 2016 

    Please please release it for phone we need this app on phone like air to live and on Xbox to.
    You have any plans to release it to phones?

  • sammarbella Sep 22, 2016 

    What about exclusive 3D FS (real fullscreen mode) and UWP?

    Has Kodi real fullscreen mode in the Windows Store version?

    • Piotr Sep 23, 2016 

      Exclusive fullscreen is working.

      • Paul David Sep 27, 2016 

        How do you get the Windows Store version of Kodi to run full screen (no title or task bar) when running in desktop mode?

        • Martijn Sep 27, 2016 

          hit the \ key

  • Anthony Sep 22, 2016 

    This is fantastic news!

    Glad to see the Kodi team be open minded about this opportunity and glad to see some Microsoft developers engage and help make it happen.

    For those that just want Kodi to behave as an media playback appliance, this takes us one step closer to a ‘set and forget’ solution as the Store will handle app updates.

    Am also thrilled to see if this helps get Kodi back onto XBOX. If I could run Kodi on my XBOX One devices in my house that would be the ultimate. Still, one step at a time!

  • Simmie Sep 23, 2016 

    PSA for Win10 Tablet users, you’ll need to install the Anniversary Update before you can install Kodi from the Windows Store.

  • Ivar Sep 23, 2016 

    Dont you see what is going to happend here? Soon Microsoft is going to buy Kodi. Then the users are SKRUUUUUUUUUUD!

    • Piotr Sep 23, 2016 

      In your logic also Google is going to buy Kodi because app is in Google Play.

    • atreyu Sep 26, 2016 

      Ok, you’re using some wacky logic here

  • chris Sep 23, 2016 

    Well with this version the logging files don’t appear. Turn on debug and it shows that the log is supposed to be in the roaming folder but nope not appearing.

    • Piotr Sep 23, 2016 

      Check here:

  • Jason Sep 23, 2016 

    Great…The next best thing to Kodi is giving Microsoft access. Before you knew it, Kodi gonna start popping up ads and privacy tracking for advertising purpose. They say it for your user experience, more like privacy trust. There nothing money can’t persuade. Eventually they will just buy out Kodi developer, and getting ads all over the place in Kodi….Guess we can start looking for the next best thing now. Like Mysapce, Facebook, YouTube and everything else. It gonna get run over by ads. Bye bye Kodi

    • Kib Sep 23, 2016 

      Where do you buy your tin foil hats ? They must have a great supply! :)

  • Harley Sep 23, 2016 

    Very cool! Let’s hope Microsoft’s Xbox One development team can be just as accommodating!

  • Will Sep 23, 2016 

    Wow, I might just return to Kodi after I dumped it for Plex. (I thought the Kodi crowd turned out to be a rather anti-Microsoft bunch). Anyway, well done and here is to the return to the Xbox!

  • Gnemelf Sep 23, 2016 

    To bad it bricks your pc if your using Windows defender might wanna get that fixed.

  • PhilS Sep 24, 2016 

    Great to see some validation for Kodi from it’s original creators instead of too many ignorant and misleading media articles making it look like the work of the devil.

    As well as adding the official releases to the store I wonder if it might ever be possible to add alphas and betas or even nightlies for those happy to have Kodi updated on a regular basis and have it done automatically too.

  • J876 Sep 24, 2016 

    Interesting development.

  • ANDSY3D Sep 24, 2016 

    When I try to open the app after installing it, I get the BSOD Kernel Security Check Failure. What the hell?

    • Skibbi Oct 01, 2016 

      I have exactly the same issue. UWP just sucks hard.

  • Rudders Sep 24, 2016 

    Great stuff. Any chance of porting the KORE remote app over to Windows Store?

  • bvn Sep 24, 2016 

    Just me, but the icon with the orange frame looks dumb, why don’t you drop the colored frame around the K?

  • Johnk Sep 25, 2016 

    Hi and congratulations to all past, present and future developers of Kodi.

    I’ve been using this fantastic app since 2005 on first Xbox (Crystal vers). Since then, i have been unable to deal with other apps.

    As many in this discussion, i can’t wait to see Kodi getting on Xbox One since it’s certified UWP, it should be pretty “simple for you” to add this profile ASAP.

    Best luck and wishes, here comes your momentum.
    (don’t wait too long, you can get famous on Windows Store thanks to that if you get there “before vlc” which could ripple back to current market in my opinion)

  • Anwezzy Sep 25, 2016 

    Guys unlock the app for all the platforms please!!!!!
    UWP is microsofts chance to get huge in the app market!!
    I’m sitting here waiting for that Kodi-XBMC special edition 2016!!!!
    Lmao cheers guys thanks for all the work you do for the community!!!

  • Spaz Sep 25, 2016 

    It would be only good for a Windows tablet.
    Windows likes to take exclusive control of the audio hardware, that means more than likely no true bit stream output but rather some mangled version of what Microsoft thinks it should be.
    I’ll stick to my ODroid device and LibreElec.
    The Kernel developers have made great strides recently.

  • Me Sham Sep 26, 2016 

    Absolutely disgusting that Kodi is getting involved in this pathetic “Store”.

    I’ll be looking for a new media player now.

    • eddman Sep 27, 2016 

      In case you haven’t noticed genius, the normal independent variant of kodi is NOT going away.

      It’s quite funny how some people have no problem with apple’s stores or google play, and yet microsoft’s store is somehow “disgusting”.

  • yikuo Sep 26, 2016 

    Great news!

  • Cyberlion Sep 26, 2016 

    Una gran noticia. Aunque quedo en espera para poder instalarlos en mi celular

  • Jim Sep 26, 2016 

    When will Kodi be available for windows 10 mobile?

  • Aaron Sep 26, 2016 

    I can see this taking a turn where Microsoft require all addon / plugin require being signed, free conversion? what code are they adding? while the ease of installing would be nice. they will learn allot on how the we use the software by tracking, url blocking can be build into the host software

    This is a wolf in sheeps clothing

  • Vitaly Gurevich Sep 27, 2016 

    When I installed from Windows store, it did not create a user folder in the Roaming folder. Where is the user folder located?

    • Piotr Sep 27, 2016 

      It was said many times in this thread. C:\Users\YourProfileName\AppData\Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi

  • fatguts Sep 27, 2016 

    A full UWP would be absolutely fantastic, and this is certainly a great first step in that direction.

  • Cammelspit Sep 27, 2016 

    Wow, nice idea. Immediate BSOD the second I tried to install it and when I tried to launch it said the license was missing. Not so good a sign… :P

  • Ron Sep 27, 2016 

    What a waste of time. Downloaded Kodi as a possible replacement for Windows Media Centre, which I use as a viewer for the TV card in my computer.

    To summarise 4 hours of my life wasted; useless.

    I wasn’t born in the ’20′s, so I didn’t have to build my own car. I was born in the 50′s, so I did have write software to get 80′s computers to do something. Windows 7 lets me press a button to view TV; I see that as progress. Kodi claims to be a replacement; it isn’t; 0 stars.

    Is there a replacement for

    • DRM Oct 03, 2016 

      There is nothing that can replace WMC for live Tv. Kodi is mainly for videos.

  • Splatoon Sep 28, 2016 

    Just wanted to say I really love the new look, thanks again!

  • JukEboX Sep 28, 2016 

    THIS IS AWESOME NEWS! I can’t wait to install the app! I love Kodi as a executable but this will make it so much better! Congrats!

  • Zebraitis Sep 29, 2016 

    To the developers: Huzzah !!!

    Earlier this year, I finally decided that having KODI run on a Gen1 iPad was just not cutting it anymore. I decided to find a simple replacement that would pass the wife-acceptance-factor test.

    I chose to purchase a new iPad, but found the same challenges that still bothered me with the Gen1 iPad: no easy expansion, overpriced, and a need to be hacked to run KODI (and a hack was not available for that OS version)

    It went back to the store for a refund.

    I searched for a better platform and found the Surface. Looking at the specs, I found that a Surface 3 would be more than enough. Craigslist helped me find a deal on one with a docking station, pen , carrying kit, and other “stuff’ for less than the iPad.

    The surface qualified for W10, so that’s what it’s running.

    KODI 16.1 worked great… and I liked the Surface so much I bought another one for me as a personal tablet. Purchasing the MS Miracast adapter, I can project on a big screen when I travel.

    So, yeah, this sounds like an advertisement for Microsoft… but what a great product!

    Even better knowing that they are offering a lending hand to KODI !

    (So that means: 2 major 5.1 systems with a win 10 PC & Onkyo, 2 Surface platforms, 3 Pivos XIOS systems. I’m covered! )

  • Lee Sep 29, 2016 

    Is the new KODI compatable with the Firestick? and is it just a download and run situation for it?

  • Kazzy Oct 01, 2016 

    It would be awesome to see Kodi on the Xbox One. I just bought one to use as a 4K Blu-Ray Player and having Kodi on it would be the icing on the cake!

  • taylor Oct 01, 2016 

    trying to download on windows 10 is Jarvis compatible with 10 because i see it says windows 8

  • dadach Oct 01, 2016 

    Crashes my PC repeatedly. AMD 280x VGA.

    • Martijn Oct 03, 2016 

      This is a known problem for people with AMD cards and it’s a problem in the AMD driver.

  • MICHAEL BAILEY Oct 03, 2016 

    Crashed my PC when launched from the Store tried the shortcut on Desktop same thing uninstalled.

    • Martijn Oct 03, 2016 

      This is a known problem for people with AMD cards and it’s a problem in the AMD driver.

  • Marcel Oct 04, 2016 

    First setup of winstore Kodi, did not work out well.
    Think it had an issue with migrating the Kodi 16 Jarvis userdata

    So i deinstalled Jarvis and removed also the userdata folder and then start with a clean fresh install of Krypton form the Winstore.

    Et voila..working fine now…
    Looking great and working smoothly
    I am using a miniPC with asrock 1900-ITX and 4Gb memory

  • Leandro Stanger Oct 04, 2016 

    Vai tem para Windows 10 mobile app universal?

  • michel Oct 04, 2016 

    is kodi also coming to the xbox one thru the xbox one store????? i hope so

  • Dimitrie Oct 04, 2016 

    I like it but i would prefer a Comeback to the amazon store :P updating the firetv stick via adb is a pain. But i still love kodi and yes i know IT is amazons fault. May i have some time this Week and are able to fix the hardwareacceleration with vc-1 on the fire tv. Welle enough offtopic. Great Job guys! Maber i get a full Media pc in the Futur to Profit from this

  • Mark Oct 05, 2016 


    To slow

  • Mark Oct 05, 2016 


  • immortal_kssss Oct 05, 2016 

    Can’t wait till it hits XB1.

  • richard Oct 06, 2016 

    just a quick note. went to the store and the download button doesnt work. other apps do. running wi dows 10 x86

  • ThoR Oct 06, 2016 

    Anyone know of a way to launch this UWP app automatically on Windows Start? It seems to work so well now that I’d like to set it as my default Kodi instance on my Media Center NUC, controller by a Logitech Harmony remote.

  • ThoR Oct 06, 2016 

    It should be possible to create a shortcut with something like: “start kodi:”, but I don’t know the App Name for Kodi..

    • ThoR Oct 07, 2016 

      So I’ve found a solution for those who wishes to do the same.
      1. Run the command “shell:appsfolder”
      2. Locate the correct Kodi instance (if you have more) and right click and choose Create Shortcut.
      3. You will receive a warning saying that the shortcut can’t be created here, and if you want to put it on your desktop instead. Choose yes.
      4. Run the command “shell:startup” and copy the Kodi desktop shortcut to this Startup folder and – Voila!

  • eddie Oct 09, 2016 

    Hi is there a windows phone app or has it not been made yet

  • Nold Oct 13, 2016 

    how to add more fonts for the subtitles.?

    • Freekt Oct 21, 2016 

      i would like to know this also..

  • jeb Oct 14, 2016 

    This is really handy for me, nice work guys.

  • Randall L Hitchens Oct 14, 2016 

    If I am running Jarvis v16.? and I download v17.? beta, does it replace my Jarvis version or run alongside it?

  • Dan Oct 24, 2016 

    if this means that kodi will be UWP does that mean we could see an xbox one app at some point?

  • Kevin Oct 25, 2016 

    Xbox one app please!

  • PipesGT Oct 26, 2016 

    This would be awesome if it was available on XBOX One.

  • Christian Nov 02, 2016 

    install update aniversary win10 how to say in the store
    I download kodi from windows store in win 10, from here is all ok. but

    when i try setting language to spanish in kodi for win 10 this say “Spanish Installing” download addons but ERROR Say Falied Instaling…

  • Brad Nov 05, 2016 

    Would absolutely love if your team opened up your universal windows app to include the Xbox One! You would be heroes!

  • 2635599 Nov 16, 2016 

    oh hell fucken no forget the the windows app store.

  • mapleshadow Nov 23, 2016 

    Uwp version of the Kodi, does not support the SMB protocol. Cannot access the folder that SMB shares, but also needs to be modified.

    • manustarfoot Nov 23, 2016 

      Kodi of Windows store is OK with my NAS (smb protocol)

    • pellen Jan 06, 2017 

      I’m having similar issues with the uwp version. As I’m using mysql through advancedsettings.xml I need to access my NAS through IP with SMB. When trying to add the SMB share through IP, it just asks for the password again and again. If I add media source using the domain name, it is successfully added, but I need to add using IP for the mysql connection to work correctly…

  • manustarfoot Nov 23, 2016 

    Hope to see a true universal app ! Windows mobile end XBOX1 :D

  • X3R0 Nov 24, 2016 

    I’ve installed the app store version and it runs well. I like the idea of the bigger nicer tile on the start.

    Now to migrate my , lets call it classic install, version (16.1) to a new install i simply copy my appdata kodi dir. where is the location of this for the new app store Kodi?? I hate having to reconfigure it every time.

    Thanks guys, and awesome work!

    • X3R0 Nov 24, 2016 

      Well , shame on me for not using search..

      Rob gave the answer , so i’ll just add and make it easier to find :)

      Rob : “Awesome stuff. For the ones who want to put a new advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml in the userfolder, this folder is now located at: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\userdata

      For the Store app, it’s no longer located in %appdata%\roaming\Kodi
      You guys might want to add this info to the WiKi “

  • Zhendokai Dec 11, 2016 

    Hmm, this is very vague, it says nothing of how to install any addons. I’ve tried, and i’ve hit nothing but walls. I know how to do it on the Normal version of Kodi, but not this one….

  • gbujdomruk Dec 15, 2016 

    Is it possible to choose kodi as autoplay application for DVD ? If not, why and will it be possible in the future ? With VLC, no problem, but I want to use kodi.


  • Myob Idniz Dec 28, 2016 

    App Store version doesn’t seem to support visualizations when playing audio. None are installed, and I can’t find any way to download them.

    Same result with multiple computers and several different betas.

    Anything I’m missing?

  • Yuri Dec 31, 2016 

    Only one problem, called: Nvidia Optimus!
    It doesn’t work for the UI what means the GUI of Kodi is loading the Integrated Intel GPU at 100% all the time and crashing from time to time!

  • Matt Jan 07, 2017 

    Another vote for Xbox One, it would be such an awesome app if you could get that working. I would actually pay for it.

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