Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” Release Candidate 3

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jan 12, 2017 in Pre-Release

Just before New Years’s day we released our first official Release Candidate which marks the final step towards the final release of v17.0. These Release Candidate builds are dedicated to gain further feedback from users who are willing to take the jump towards v17 and we sure are grateful if they do as that provides valuable information on general stability and usability. Our team will certainly try to tackle as much of the reported problems as possible with the limited resources we have. We do want to note that since we are just a small team some of the reported bugs might not get fixed due to lack of developers or time. As such we would certainly welcome any developer who has the ability to help us out to try and fix the bugs he or she encounters and submit it to our code base for review. We sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with answering their questions.

Fixes done in this release candidate:

• Update Estuary with some bugfixes and improvements
• Revert change that cause video playback problems on some files
• Fix mouse not reaching right side of the screen on OSX
• Several fixes regarding general video playback
• Several fixes regarding EPG/PVR
• Several fixes and improvements regarding cmake build system
• Update to CEC 4.0.1

A full list can be found here

What’s new?

In our first Release Candidate announcement we’ve already covered most of the new features. Should you have missed this you can of course still read up on it here: Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” Release Candidate

Krypton nightly builds

As you may have noticed we only release a new beta or release candidate once in a while that includes a list of fixes that were done since previous release. Additionally we also create these so called nightly builds specifically for Krypton that include the latest fixes that our developers have included and will end up in the next beta, release candidate or final release. By providing these builds we hope that users who install these will help us confirm the problem was fixed or identify if we accidentally created a regression from previous builds made. These nightlies are safe to install on top of the Kodi v17 you already have installed on your device and can be found on the download page. Be sure to get these builds from the Krypton folder and not from any other.


Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page. You can install these build just on top of your current Kodi installation without doing a reinstall or cleanup as we do a full migration if needed.

•  Official Kodi 17.0 development downloads

Of course we have also updated Windows Store with this latest version which will be updated in due time so please have some patience.
Get it on Windows 10

Bug reports

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement as it is not a reporting or help section. Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 17.0 Krypton builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page. We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation, and t-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

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  • Lars Kuhlmann Jan 12, 2017 

    Cant wait to the final release

    • Jamie Jan 14, 2017 

      I often wonder why you enable comments on these posts. At the very least delete all the “it no work”, “Kodi suck”, “tv streams no work”, “I prefer [other distro]” irrelevant comments. It’s a losing battle directing people through the proper channels so force them.

  • lip Jan 12, 2017 

    Can’t believe have to use the installer to add PVR as not in repository. Then will try installing again from Windows store to have auto-update… geeez…

  • DarkStreets Jan 12, 2017 

    Neither can I :)

  • Toby Jan 12, 2017 

    This is so awesome! Thanks and cant wait for Krypton final release. Donation on its way ;)

  • TheCommunist Jan 12, 2017 

    Awaiting final release eagerly, for my firestick

  • BlackAlfa Jan 12, 2017 

    I am using RC2 right now there I am using PVR every day to watch TV and this is also there I see small ups now and then so to see that there is several fix on this part makes me looking forward to test RC3 to see if all is ironed out now. Nice work and thanks to the Kodi team,

  • daveW Jan 12, 2017 

    Hoping to see the addon caching PR reverted, it makes all add-ons much slower! Big regression from the beta releases.

  • Perlacher Jan 12, 2017 


  • Connry Jan 12, 2017 

    I use libreelec 7.0.1. Why? Everything works. End of story

    • Kenn Smith Jan 12, 2017 

      I always wonder what causes someone to post something that has nothing to do with what the original post is about.

      • Bob Jan 13, 2017 

        Sometimes I get heartburn when I eat pizza.

      • AndroidTech Jan 13, 2017 

        Too show off actually..

        • PHIL B STARK Jan 13, 2017 

          He has more VHS tapes than anybody, that’s why! This release obviously represents a lot of hard work and moves Kodi into a new arena.

    • James Jan 16, 2017 

      Congrats…now go play in your distro sandbox and stop commenting about them in the Kodi forum!!

  • NickS Jan 12, 2017 

    Love the artwork

  • Marco Jan 12, 2017 

    10th. Great job, lets go final…

  • Achilles Jan 12, 2017 

    Great to hear. Is it true that Retroplayer will be integrated into Kodi 18?

    • Kib Jan 14, 2017 


  • Jeremy Baggaley Jan 12, 2017 

    Kodi 17 sucks can’t watch anything on it keeps freezing kodi 16 works just fine

    • Klojum Jan 13, 2017 

      That’s why there is a Kodi bug tracker as well as a Kodi forum where you can deposit all your complaints and bugs. Your remark “Kodi 17 sucks” unfortunately is not sufficient for a full bug report.

  • Jay Jan 12, 2017 

    Still getting tearing/flashing screen in Fullscreen mode. Setting screen settings to windowed works fine. Using Ubuntu v17RC3 – AMD E2-1800 Radeon HD gfx.

    • Ozz Jan 13, 2017 

      I’ve a similar problem on LibreELEC, it was caused for the use of DRI3 (AMD) instead of DRI2 on older GPUs.

      In the forum there’s a fix

      • Jay Jan 16, 2017 

        Thanks for the reply Ozz. The link references Libra Elec and a change to the config file. I can’t find such a file in my Ubuntu setup, I can’t even find the folder it’s meant to be in. I’ll hunt around the menus and the forums tonight for a way to change the graphics to DRI2 in my setup. Thanks for the direction.

  • Dylan Jan 13, 2017 

    Make xbox one controller triggers for Windows work.

    • Russ Jan 13, 2017 

      Are you forgetting to say “please”? Ignorant sod

      • Kookeos Jan 21, 2017 


  • Darryl Nickles Jan 13, 2017 

    Any idea final release Krypton?
    Also, how do I know if my Tablet is 32 or 64?

    • Klojum Jan 13, 2017 

      Sometime this year, probably. :)

      • Happy Bunny Jan 18, 2017 

        And if not that, then certainly later.

        Absolutely not last year or before that.

    • MjW Jan 21, 2017 

      I had the same question. I went back to Kodi 16 RC to get an answer.
      Kodi 16 had 3 RC versions. Kodi 17 is at RC3 at the moment. So judging by past v16 versions, the answer is soon. An RC or two more, give or take.

      That sounded way more concrete in my head. Oh well, I was satisfied by the answer.

      • Kib Jan 23, 2017 

        Usually when we start releasing Release Candidates the release is near – we consider the application quite stable and are really inviting people to test it now so that big breakage bugs can be found and fixed.

        It really depends on how big the bugs are people manage to find. Not all bugs will be fixed for a release of course – if we would that we would never release at all – so some might be implemented later (in a 17.1 for instance) or not possible to be fixed in the current architecture of the code without big rewrites (in this case it would have to wait for v18 or later).

  • Malcolm Jan 13, 2017 

    Tested Kodi 17 RC 3 and still finding mouse issues on MAC where mouse cursor disappears from the screen in Kodi this seems to be an intermittent issue, as it does appear sometimes but then vanishes, so not easy to do anything with a mouse within Kodi on a Mac.

    Thanks for fixing the mouse cursor not reaching the right side of the screen guys.

    Loving the new skin and features in this version, can’t wait until it goes to final build.

    Keep up the excellent work you guys do!

  • Dave Jan 13, 2017 

    Working fine for except freezes when I shut down

    • Kib Jan 14, 2017 

      Most likely this is caused by a malfunctioning add-on. Kodi tells the add-ons to shut down and if they don’t respond after a timeout it kills them, but this can seem like a long wait. Enable debugging, check your log after you shut down to see which add-on you installed is causing this. Complain against the add-on author to fix their add-on. Everyone wins.

    • RKK Jan 14, 2017 

      Have the same issue. Is there any way to reduce the time Kodi waits for the addons to stop gracefully? How do you know which addon is causing the slow shutdown?

      It would be awesome if Kodi would be showing some “Shut down” spinner, animation or at least something so people don’t think it’s frozen. Maybe that could be something to be considered for the future?

    • trevor s Jan 14, 2017 

      it takes a while for it to quit as I noticed aswell but I waited and waited then it finally closed

  • Christopher Cicle Jan 13, 2017 

    Awesome! RC3 for 17. Kodi rocks!

  • Robin Powell Jan 13, 2017 

    The android jailboke TV box is the best 100$s I ever spent!!

  • Mark peter Jan 13, 2017 

    We need android voice integration for Android tv, that’s the only thing stopping me from switching from spmc :p.

  • Aubrey Kloppers Jan 13, 2017 

    I would just like to know if you will be adding the option to sort by “Date Added” the “Recently Added Episodes” listing?

    This release of Kodi is working very well on all my Android devices.

    Very good job!

  • gesu Jan 13, 2017 

    No HDMI passtrough,no HDR :(

  • StarChild Jan 13, 2017 

    In RC3 GUI stutter.

    • Klojum Jan 13, 2017 

      Four words do not equal a proper bug report.
      Use the forum or bug tracker if you want your Kodi problems to be solved.

      • No One Jan 14, 2017 

        If a user has to login and create an identity to report bugs. They will not do it. They might even antagonize the developer so much that the developer refuses to fix the bug and not allow co-developers to correct the problem. I have witnessed this strategy a time or two.

        • Kib Jan 14, 2017 

          If the user does not login and everyone can create bugs, the bugtracker is flooded with spam immediately. You always end up with one or the other. Logging in is done with the forum account so at least you’ll only need a single account.

      • Mark Jan 23, 2017 

        Fifteen words do not amount to proper instructions to submit a bug.
        Yay for passive aggressive replies!

        • Kib Jan 23, 2017 

          Did you go to the bugtracker? There are quite clear instructions on how to submit a bug.

  • De Jan 13, 2017 

    I cant install any addons.. None.. Help..

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 13, 2017 

      “Help” is what the forum is for, not this blog post. Please register if necessary and post your trouble on the forum with an appropriate debug log.

  • Thue Jan 13, 2017 

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out :)

  • milan53 Jan 13, 2017 

    pls upload apple tv version, I wanna try it

  • Alan brown Jan 13, 2017 

    Been trying out kodi 17 and like the layout of it keep up the good work guys no problems noticed so far

  • Honeyvhick Jan 13, 2017 

    I just bought a new box with kodi 17 and it doesn’t have no file manager so I can’t download nothing on my box so I’m returning it. Not happy. I stay with my kodi 16.1 which I love.

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 13, 2017 

      Do you mean the file manager that’s in Settings -> File Manager (Estuary), or perhaps the one that’s on the home screen next to the Settings icon (Estouchy)?

    • Wicked Lama Jan 13, 2017 

      Doesn’t have no… so it has a file manager and I can’t download nothing, which means you can download something. I don’t see any problem here except double negatives.

    • Happy Bunny Jan 18, 2017 


      KODI.TV does not sell hardware that is preconfigured with KODI software.

      Your complaint may be with those who added one + one and came up with potato.

  • atreyu Jan 13, 2017 


  • Carl Heli Jan 13, 2017 

    Awesome! Go on building the final release.

    But I still can’t find the modifications in the advanced Settings. It still Looks like in Jarvis without the separate Cache Folder.
    And in Krypton the buffering is much slower than in Jarvis – the Grey bar is increasing much faster in jarvis than in Krypton.

    Any idea?

  • Cuco Jan 13, 2017 

    Is the infinite loops on ir remote fixed in this RC3? ty

  • T33Hud Jan 13, 2017 

    Thanks for all your hard work, monthly donation set up

  • ROC Jan 13, 2017 

    Will we being seeing the Android version utilizing voice commands like SPMC offers?

    Love KODI and nothing but respect and appreciation to all the contributors!

  • Gujjar Jan 13, 2017 

    When ever I run kodi I get this message at startup
    XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p!Kodi has stopped working


    • Prof Yaffle Jan 13, 2017 

      This is not a support thread, it’s an announcement post in a blog. Please search the forum and then post if necessary, including a debug log from advancedsettings.xml if possible.

    • wae Jan 14, 2017 

      If you download from the windows store delete that and download from the website. i was getting same message.

  • Dan Jan 13, 2017 

    In kodi krypton rc3 the movies shown in recent movies afther the movie is watched is no more shown in recent movies.

  • Cuco Jan 13, 2017 

    Ok, tested again on rc3

    Still endless loops on ir remote

    • flhthemi Jan 14, 2017 

      What kind of remote are you using?
      What do you mean by endless loop? You press a button and it just keeps repeating the command?

  • John Jan 13, 2017 

    I think you guys would get a lot more constructive feedback if you put a link directly to a forum thread for each beta or RC release of Kodi when you post a news release like this (creating a thread in the forums if it does not yet exist).

  • Wade Jan 13, 2017 

    V17 is great just wish pvr.filmon would work on Windows. Works on android

  • Cat Jan 14, 2017 

    I am new to kodi and LOVE it! I wanted to download it on my chromebook, but Im not sure if its compatible, or if there’s a “special” way to do it rather than to just download the kodi app…I really don’t trust youtube apps when it comes to my electronics if you’re wondering why I didnt just look there…

  • Damon Jan 14, 2017 

    Still pretty new to the Kodi thing, how would I update it for my Raspberry Pi 3? Tried the sudo commands but still have rc1.

  • Steven Cooley Jan 14, 2017 

    Does anybody know the exact date Kodi 17 is coming out

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 14, 2017 

      When it’s ready.

  • Rab Watson Jan 14, 2017 

    kaspersky found malware in the build and deleted the rc3 exe
    rc2 was fine

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 14, 2017 

      There have been reports previously of false positives – please see the forum. That does assume “build” means the one from this site, as we obviously can take no responsibility for downloads from elsewhere.

  • Mickx Jan 14, 2017 

    Thanks. Fantastic Job.
    I’ve been following the nightliesand watching the evolution.
    Love Kodi 17!

  • dj Jan 14, 2017 

    “Play Using” my Samsung Devices stopped working with RC3 as it try’s to open then after a few seconds its goes back to my regular TV Viewing, but everything else is running and working great, thanks for all the hard work.

  • RW de Wild Jan 14, 2017 

    Would appreciate list view for Pictures.
    Now I only see Wall/Infowall/Shift. Can’t see full foldername when foldername is too long.

    Great work (17 RC3)

  • Loonen Jan 14, 2017 

    Guys, really good work. Two little things.

    1. While listening to music during a slideshow of pictures, the music does not continue after the slideshow is showing a short video clip which is also stored in the same folder as the pictures.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    2. What happened with custom backgrounds in estuary? Really nice skin btw

  • Alan Jan 14, 2017 

    good new.

  • Tor Gunnar Berland Jan 14, 2017 

    DTS-HD + TrueHD passthrough does not work. When I reinstall 16.1 everything works fine.

    • Tor Gunnar Berland Jan 14, 2017 

      This applies for Windows 10

  • trevor s Jan 14, 2017 

    like to say I haven’t had any problems yet and I backed up my kodi 17 rc 2 and restored it to my new install of rc3 without any error and all addons were enabled but same prob is you have to be patient while installing addons. if it don’t install the first time try again sometimes it takes 4 times. also if you have anything running in the background while installing addons they wont install until the process stops.

  • CaddyShaq Jan 14, 2017 

    Only issue with 17 rc3 for me is the Nvidia Shield controller options. In systems there isn’t an option to configure to a Nvidia Shield game pad controller. I’ve searched the forums for answers but I didn’t find the information needed. Thanks to all who make Kodi what it is with hard work and dedication.

  • navaporn metanai Jan 14, 2017 

    Move all way buffing

  • Anon Jan 15, 2017 

    i don’t eat real asian food due to my health

  • Tony Jan 15, 2017 

    allow user to adjust video resolution output

  • steve Jan 15, 2017 

    why are people asking when kodi 17 final is coming out let the devs do what they have to. i would rather have 100 rc builds than a really buggy final build

  • Mike Jan 15, 2017 

    I’ve been using Krypton for about 3 months now, I had issues with the mouse arrow not being able to stop on a desired tab. It scrolls and doesn’t stop where it should, also have had addons disappear. I’m going back to Jarvis for now, hope to get back to Krypton. Good luck team Kodi and appreciate this product,

  • Gary Littlemore Jan 15, 2017 

    I’m still getting video judder using Amazon Firestick with Rc3

    • Bob Young Jan 16, 2017 

      Yes, and it seems very slow compared to 16.1. Please developer, this is not ready for prime time yet.

  • jace voor Jan 15, 2017 

    Kodi 17 is still beta why are people moaning this don’t work .this thread should be for hardcore bug finders who know kodi inside out ..lease it’s not a forced upgrade like windows 10 stick with kodi 16 all 17 is a new skin so far

    • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

      First off, this isn’t a “thread” or a forum post, it’s an announcement page completely unintended for “bug finders”. Go to the forum and bug tracker to report bugs, end of story.

      Second, a Release Candidate is NOT “beta” software, it’s pre-release software that SHOULD be in a highly functional and stable condition with an absolute minimum of bugs. Definitely not the amount of show-stoppers that are still here in RC3. Alpha -> Beta -> Release Candidate -> Gold. This is nowhere near Gold if you’re on Android or LibreELEC on the 95% of boxes they purposely broke long-existing chipset support for and attack users for whenever it’s brought up.

  • Eddhorse Jan 15, 2017 

    Had a few non issues with RC2, will download RC3 straight away for testing, thanks for all the hard work, you guys rock :)

  • dj Jan 15, 2017 

    Update, I went to download nightly build Jan 14th for v17 RC3 + and got v18 alpha installed, please correct this as I’m not ready for v18 alpha testing still testing v17 RC3


  • ddscental Jan 15, 2017 

    Built LibreELEC with Kodi RC3 for my Kodi-cased Raspberry Pi 3, all appears to work fine.
    Hope the final version comes out soon.

    • usman Jan 17, 2017 

      can you upload the image ?
      and will it work also on rsp 2


      • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

        Could you please take support/development conversations like this to the forum – thanks.

  • Ego Jan 15, 2017 

    Can the header image please be v17′s splash screen/logo?

  • jHN322 Jan 16, 2017 

    I love 17 so far! Though I have had two small problems. First whenever I finish an episode all the way to the end it freezes and on my screen it just says “0%” when it should in fact play the next episode. I can go back and manually select a new episode but it’s quite annoying.

    The second thing is with “nextup service” add on that does not work. Are there any other similar add on like it that works? It displays the next episode at the end of every option and gives you the option skip to it like Netflix.

  • Shane Jan 16, 2017 

    I feel like no body is using this with Windows 10, I still can’t get Kodi 17 to close PERIOD.

    I always have to force close it through task manager…. Nothing installed either fresh install.

  • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

    Go ahead… Delete it here too because you can’t handle the actual truth.

    10,000,000-50,000,000 installs on Android. Go Gold with Kodi 17. I dare you.

    As guilty and as terrible as it feels, I absolutely need to say it: Kodi 17 for Android is a catastrophe, and Team Kodi should be ashamed.

    For those that will inevitably jump in with their “why don’t you do better then?” and “what are you doing to help?” or “don’t use Kodi 17 then,” as well as “it’s free software that they put their blood and sweat into, how dare you complain?!?”, I genuinely and wholeheartedly WANT to agree.

    The huge, insurmountable, and entirely undeniable problem is that the moment Kodi 17 goes Gold, it’s going to push out from the Google Play store, where Kodi currently sits at “between 10,000,000-50,000,000 installs”. Millions of installations will auto-update, basic functionality and stability will break, and the influx of complaints regarding Kodi is going to be astronomical. If the team feels unappreciated right now while all these problems are being complained about during development, how are you going to feel when MILLIONS start piling against you, and that coveted 4.5 star rating plummets to 1 almost overnight?

    I can applaud the intent behind trying to move to a standardized video player for Android and the push on hardware vendors to get on board, but the execution is akin to throwing a grenade into a room full of innocent bystanders and then claiming the fallout isn’t your fault. Yes, it is. We’re all more than familiar with Android fragmentation issues as it is. What manufacturers do you think are going to rush out to put out software updates for even 6 month old boxes?

    No wonder Koying split and forked if the team is this unbalanced and impartial towards their Android user base. How can anyone expect to attract Android developers considering the rest of the team’s animosity and indifference towards the platform?

    I’ve been a long time Xbmc/Kodi user ever since it was the greatest thing to hit the original Xbox, when the spirit behind the development of the software and its long-standing support even after the platform itself folded was to squeeze the most out of the available hardware. What Team Kodi considers hacks and what they drove Koying away for was the absolute backbone of existing Android capability, and to so bluntly and arrogantly cut the heart out of the entire platform is an unacceptable travesty of shameful proportions.

    I hope the entire dev team reads this. Thank you, sincerely, for the blood, sweat, time, and energy put into Kodi over the years… but when those Play reviews start coming to rightfully rip you apart for literally the most deplorable act of mass user abandonment in Kodi’s history, I implore you take a moment to reflect on how your team not only broke the software, but the entire spirit of the project.

  • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

    Constructive criticism – The most damaging team the Kodi team can possibly hear, so it must be silenced. That’s the spirit of free speech in action right there.

    10,000,000-50,000,000 Android Installs. Again… Go Gold with 17.

    • Bob Young Jan 16, 2017 

      Well said Trenchant!

      • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

        Not according to “XBMC Chief and Kodi Project Manager” Nate Thomas, who I quote from the forum posting they immediately silenced and moved to “trash”, but that they arrogantly and condescendingly continue to reply to even after banning me and ensuring I can’t reply:

        “”* natethomas remembers similar posts when we dropped the Xbox.”

        There you have it folks. Unless you’re one of their extremely limited range of approved-ish Android devices, they’ve officially dropped you.

        Kodi has spit in the face of all their Android users.

        Rather than engage in dialogue with their community, they silence and bark at anyone that brings up the Android issues THEY CAUSED in Kodi 17 by removing all of Koying’s code that allowed 16 and prior to work so flawlessly across countless devices. Now it doesn’t even function properly on official Google hardware such as the Nexus Player or Nexus 5X. It crashes constantly on whatever they now deem unworthy of being a Kodi box, which apparently entails being a hardware manufacturer willing to throw free hardware and monetary donations them, such as Nvidia and Wetek.

        If they won’t listen to reason, maybe they’ll respond to being shamed for their abandonment of MILLIONS of Android users.

    • Nathan Betzen Jan 16, 2017 

      A pro-tip from one internet arguer to another. “Constructive criticism” typically offers a solution while acknowledging problems. You provided no solution, so by definition, what you did was not constructive criticism.

      As for the rest, jeez dude, lay off the coffee. You spent so long being angry at us that you didn’t actually lay out what you think we did wrong, so I mean, at this point you aren’t even providing negative criticism. We have actually had at least one internal conversation trying to figure out what you were talking about. Some people thought it was maybe dropping 4.4 support, others thought maybe removing some of the hackier implementations of audio passthrough? We genuinely don’t know what your screed is actually, specifically about.

      That’s why I brought up the Xbox times, because we got a lot of crazy anger back then as well, mostly fairly undirected and hard to follow. I wouldn’t take my post as being a spit in the face of Android users. At least, I hope not. I’m an android user myself, and I’d hate to think I was spitting in my own face. I would take it to be a fairly offhand joke at the expense of your, from my perspective, fairly crazy rambling.

      • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

        If you really have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s because you’re really not testing Kodi on Android or listening to the constant stream of user feedback that it crashes and glitches out constantly on practically every Android device you try to run it on.

        From my end, that entails a Nexus Player, Forge TV, Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, Nexus 5X, Xiaomi Mi Box TV, and a handful of different Android boxes that all run 16 flawlessly but can barely keep a video going in 17. None of these are old by any standard, not a single one is under Android 6 — most are on 7 — and yet you guys keep acting like removing all of Koyings chipset optimizations on no notice is somehow to the benefit of the community. I haven’t found a single device to handle Kodi 17 in a half stable fashion, and you guys are 3 release candidates in and obviously on the verge of going gold with software that still behaves as Alpha on a majority of devices. How do you continue to so boldly justify that and deny the very real and significant ramifications of how your Kodi 17 software development has gone?

        Honestly, the one option I can see not turning into a catastrophic failure for Kodi 17′s final launch is to completely limit its installations in the play store, but that still does not justify manufacturimg a need for your faithful users to have to abandon relatively recent and capable hardware because you guys are sticking to principles that make no sense at this time. The Xbox was long dead when you dropped it. Are you telling us it’s unreasonable for us to expect anything but an Nvidia Shield to work properly?

        • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

          Solution: put back in the optimizations until such a time that manufacturers are finally implementing proper Android standards, and reach out to those manufacturers to push them in that direction first rather than using millions of Android users as hostages. I didn’t think I needed to be that blunt about it. Yeah, you say you worked with Amlogic and they released new kernels to encourage exactly that, but you know precisely how few box makers are going to bother updating their ROMs with it

        • Nathan Betzen Jan 16, 2017 

          I personally run Kodi in the Mi Box and Shield tablet on 17 and have absolutely zero problems. As for these “chipset optimizations,” I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. We’ve removed some hacked audio passthrough stuff and bumped to 5.0 on Android, but I’m not aware of removing any “chipset optimizations.”

          Perhaps you could point to a PR that removed these optimizations?

          • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

            You have got to be kidding me. I can barely even get Kodi 17 to run on a Shield tablet, and I have zero unofficial addons running through it. Pausing any video for more than a minute or two at a time is a guarantee for video playback failure 50% of the time and a complete and total crash the other 50%.

            The Mi Box just randomly kicks back out to the main Android TV launcher screen so often that I’m half-afraid I’m going to throw my remote through my TV at some point. Kodi and Netflix are essentially the only non-Google apps I have on that box.

            As for my Forge and my Nexus Player, menu navigation alone is enough to make them quit out. The Forge *was* a POS but is actually amazingly stable since their 6.0.1 update… except again when running Krypton.

            As for the changes I’m referring to, you guys made a whole big deal about “Welcome to Android MediaCodec standards only” in your first RC post, and Koying himself was not exactly silent about how the team prevented him from implementing device specific (e.g “chipset”) code when he chose to split from the team. Do I know the specifics of whats wrong and what’s been changed exactly? No… What I know is that there’s the complete ecoystem of Android hardware out there that runs 16 flawlessly, but 17 comes along and the only device anybody seems to not be complaining about at this point is the Shield.

            Look at your current play store reviews at all the recent comments coming in about crashes and constant issues with 17 that the users roll back from. Look at your Beta program feedback logs. Read through the complaints about Android issues that don’t get moderated out. Read external forums and check in on forks that all keep pointing the finger of blame for Kodi 17 problems back over to changes made in the media player.

            IT’S BROKEN. I don’t know how many different times or different ways you need to hear that. Whatever you need to roll back, please, for the love of Kodi… roll it back, especially before you try to go live with Krypton final in the Play Store and just obliterate your team’s own reputation. I know you don’t feel it right now and for that I’m sorry, but I TRULY, HONESTLY and COMPLETELY have nothing but the utmost praise for the work you guys have put in over the years and for the amazing software you’ve produced…There’s literally no worthwhile competitor that comes remotely close… But you took a wrong turn with Kodi 17 on Android.

          • Nathan Betzen Jan 16, 2017 

            The device specific code he wanted to implement was a hack on Kodi 16 for passthrough audio on the Shield. It had nothing to do with stability. Also, I think you are under some strange misapprehension. Koying did not “split from the team.” He is still on the team. I actually asked him, along with the rest of the team if there are any chipset specific hacks in 16 for stability that aren’t in 17. Nobody had any idea what you were talking about. Nothing of that nature has been removed from 17 that any of us are aware of. And none of us are experiencing the problems you are describing. There is a bug that sometimes causes Kodi to crash on startup in Android on some platforms, but that’s only on certain phones.

            You are welcome to submit a debug log with your issues. It is likely koying, who once again is still on the team, might be able to figure out what is causing your problems.

          • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

            First, the team has been repeatedly barking back at commenters reporting how broken Krypton on Android is with “we don’t have an Android developer anymore”

            On top of Koying’s own remarks just over a year ago: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=254431

            “Some Kodi people have a hard time accepting that an Android box might be better than their obscure Linux NUC’s or whatever, apparently, and do what I consider obstruction.

            Being sick of those games, I resigned as Android/AML maintainer for Kodi.”

            But yeah, where am I getting this from?

            Aside from the Mi Box and Shield tablet you’re boldly claiming to me work flawlessly when I know first hand they don’t, what else have you guys used from what I’ve listed up there?

            Nexus Player? I’ll accept as a rare x86 Android device it may be subject to more issues, but it’s not a rare device in itself by any standard of the word. 16 worked great. What’s wrong with 17? Nexus 5X? These are official Google devices… the platform’s standard bearers… what’s the hold up with getting these stable? Why is stability so busted compared to 16? How small is the Android device bubble that you guys live in that you’re not experiencing the countless issues being brought forward? How much actual usage and testing do you do?

            I’d have gladly submitted my logs… but apparently voicing serious concern on the state of Kodi 17 got me banned instead. That’s a hell of a way to get your community involved, btw.

          • Martijn Kaijser Jan 16, 2017 


          • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

            Yes, I’m aware that you turn a blind eye to the issues persistently being reported. That’s the problem. Thanks for your helpful participation, Martin.

          • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

            On a less sarcastic and truly sincere note, thank you, Nathan, for taking the time to thoughtfully respond to me and engage with your team this time instead of outright deleting it. I truly stand in disbelief that you can say you’re completely unaware of these problems, but I hope I’ve accomplished getting the team to pay closer attention and take a look at all the complaints pouring out throughout the community on Android issues.

            For my part, I’ll take your advice to get my logs submitted for my failures going forward. Admittedly, software testing can be a black hole of issues with no data coming forward from one-sided users not providing the appropriate data and bug reporting necessary.

            Please accept my apologies for definitely going on the attack. I have great respect for the team (hard as that may be to believe right now), but the best way I could explain it right now is that I’m passionately upset with the state of Android stabililty in what’s supposed to be mostly stable release candidate software. This will have an impact across the community if it goes gold too soon in its current state, and I hope I’ve at least made you reevaluate its current status.

            Thank you, and again, my apologies.

          • Prof Yaffle Jan 16, 2017 

            @Trenchant – I came here to directly address this conversation, but you beat me to it to a certain extent with your post above – so thank you for that. Let me reciprocate with apologies if you feel you’ve been ignored or belittled. Your feedback, and that of all the community, really is valued, but the truth is that we genuinely have challenges with the Android version as we simply don’t have enough people working on it.

            Contrary to your comment above, you have not been banned from anywhere; you clearly know your Android boxes, and I’m sure your knowledge, with further constructive feedback with logs and steps to reproduce, would very much be appreciated.

          • Trenchant Jan 16, 2017 

            Cheers and thank you, that acknowledgment does mean a lot and is appreciated.

  • Charlie Jan 16, 2017 

    Kodi 17RC3 still have flickering stripe on top of Live TV Video.Windows 10, i3,Geforce GT710,ASRock110M. hdmi, with 16.1 no problems. also window mode or deactivating gphic accelaration brings no change.

  • Edgar Jan 16, 2017 

    DVBLink addon do not work in FireTV Box 2nd Generation. With RC2 it works fine

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 16, 2017 

      Please post an issue – with debug log – to the forum.

  • XJRMan Jan 16, 2017 

    Loving it so far. One issue though with Estuary is that if I do ‘Find Similar’ within either recordings or the guide, the list of programs that get returned do not show a marker so say that they have had timers set on them. They do show this in Titan and Aeon Nox.

  • warpdeagle Jan 16, 2017 

    on jarvis for ios you are able to chose your own background image in the default skin, but on win 10 and android you can not. i hope in the final release you are able to do that on all devices along with color change.

  • vferg Jan 16, 2017 

    Amazing work. This is probably the biggest noticeable update I have seen when upgrading versions since Frodo to Gotham and its absolutely stunning. The new skin, although simple, makes everything look fantastic and the new layout makes much more sense. The new music library was also a great surprise and although still needs more work its at least in a usable state now so i can finally start using it which is great news since Kodi appears to playback all my music at the best possible quality over any other player I have used.

  • oaky Jan 16, 2017 

    hi,any one know way i cant install the kodi 17 on my box M8S plus 4.4.2 is the version?

    • c3po Jan 17, 2017 

      because Android 5 is the minimum from Kodi 17

    • Koen De Jaeger Jan 17, 2017 

      Hi Oaky, you’ll need to upgrade your device firmware to 5.1.1 in order to install kodi 17.

  • Just J Jan 17, 2017 

    I have looked through Kodi 17 RC. What I cannot seem to locate is how to change the time. For some reason I am seeing west coast time. Could someone give me a brief rundown in the event I have overlooked where to update the time zone? TIA

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

      Please post any issues to the forum, not the blog.

  • Steve Jan 17, 2017 

    Thanks for RC3! Been running rc2 on Win 10 for a while now and it’s pretty solid for the most part. I cleaned out all the non approved add-ons, and Kodi runs so much better than before. Even the audio, which used to be lost after a day or so of idle, remains now since I cleaned out those other add-ons. Good job!

  • Koen De Jaeger Jan 17, 2017 

    I love kodi 17 on my old device. It runs without any issues. Streaming, youtube, pvr. I like the navigation with my harmony remote that I configured with some keyboard settings plugin. All apps have a similar structure which helps with the navigation flow. But it’s a 5 year old shuttle device.

    Seems I made a mistake? Just ordered an nvidia shield tv to run kodi with the advantage off course of having a powerfull streamer and more in 1 box. Just now I realised about the current android issues. And I don’t want to run another build from koying … . Then I miss out on new features. Now I wonder if I should even unbox the thing.

    And it’s almost mind blowing that in the entire world there’s not more android developers on this beloved software project. I saw some post from a guy working at wetek as a java developer who offered to help in this project; he said it was rejected?

    How portable is kodi towards android? Was it ever a good idea to integrate it? The feeling I have now from reading all of this, is that the kodi team is a bit keen on keeping their codebase clean and working good with any linux system for instance. And the too many flavors of android mess things up. How would it be if you’d only support android 6+?

    • Bob Young Jan 17, 2017 

      I hope they don’t neglect Android users as there are so many of us. I love Kodi and version 16.1 is amazing! I decided to test version 17RC3 on a couple of android devices and so far it’s not good. Pretty much the same problems that people have posted.

      I thank the Kodi team for all the hard work. You guys are amazing. I hope all the android issues get resolved in the final release!

  • flhthemi Jan 17, 2017 


    I run 17 RC3 on a Ugoos UT-2 RK3188T with a custom Lollypop ROM (written for a Minx Neo X7) because Ugoos is done updating. It works well for me, a little slow, but that’s expected. But running it on my Samsung S10.5 T800 with the V6.01 FW, I can’t access any of my Windows SMB shares at all. It doesn’t appear that it’s even being looked into by the team. The bug report just sits there.


    16.1 worked perfect on this tablet but V17 RC3 is a total fail as I can’t add my media to it without using a workaround that’s marginal at best.

    But I’m still hoping for that Golden Final Release that’s perfect in every way. :)

  • Fischi Jan 17, 2017 

    It looks very great but in comparison with Kodi 1.6 it is very, very, very slow on my iMac 27″. I’m using Kodi mainly with Zattoo and it doesn’t matter which PlugIn or PVR I’m using with 1.7 it is always unbearable slower than 1.6… very pity but I’ll downgrade to 1.6 again.

    • Fischi Jan 17, 2017 

      So more exactly: it needs extremely long for getting the data of a stream … in consequence it needs a lot of time to switch between channels or sources of an addon.No fun to zap channels

      • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

        Please post to the forum along with a debug log – that will give a much better idea of what’s going on.

  • Albendia Jan 18, 2017 

    Love the new Kodi, how can I invest in your company

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 18, 2017 

      Erm… it’s not a company, so you can’t. But, instead, you can certainly make a donation out of the goodness of your heart.

  • Koen De Jaeger Jan 18, 2017 

    I went ahead and unboxed the new nvidia shield tv. To my surprise, kodi 17 is working quite well (with yesterday’s nightly build). Out of the box without changing any settings. Maybe this is though because I have just a simple HD tv. Now, I tested the PVR functionality firstly, the youtube app, and now it’s streaming a movie from the cloud. I left it on for quite some hours now. Yes, I had some moments when it seems to ‘hang’ temporaly and the remote doesn’t seem to react. But only during navigating around the menu’s. Another weird thing is that he sometimes does software decoding a certain stream (ff 264) and when reopening the stream again, he uses hardware decoding. That’s the only weird thing I encountered in the PVR functionality. I was always a heavy HTPC user, but now that I checked out this android tv box, there’s no way I’m going back. It’s cheaper and with overall better streaming hardware. Not to mention the other apps, games, chromecast functionality. The remote works fantastic, also on kodi. I never thought I would get used so fast to so little buttons ;) . TV turns on/off magically. I hope the kodi team will get more dedicated android devs to test more flavours for other boxes.

  • Airto Silva Jan 18, 2017 

    And about the subtitles in iso files that are transparent, any news? Are not you going to do anything about it?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 18, 2017 

      This is an announcement thread – please post to the forum for any support issues.

      • Tyler Jan 21, 2017 

        if only developers actually answered threads…

  • Media Center Techs Jan 18, 2017 

    Excellent news! The RC’s keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work Kodi team and community!

  • Curtis Sylvester Jr. Jan 18, 2017 

    Keep up the good work. Kinda wishing kodi would be available in the Windows 8.1 store. My PC hated Windows 10, so I can’t use that OS. In any case, I’m glad for the progress. Will Confluence be in Kodi 17?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 19, 2017 

      Confluence is already available in Kodi 17.x – just install it.

  • Roki Jan 19, 2017 

    can you please move up higher subtitle offset bar, such as on Kodi 16.1.

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 19, 2017 

      Please post to the forum with any problems you’re having.

  • Yoko Jan 19, 2017 

    I like that sushi wallpaper, where can i get it high resolution?

  • AKhterul MUstafa Jan 19, 2017 

    Love V17RC 3. The GUI is just awesome. Can’t wait for the final release. Great job guys.

  • Amir Jan 19, 2017 

    how can i get kodi 17 rc3 for ios (not jailbreak) ??? Please :)

  • betyyy Jan 19, 2017 

    when full Release kodi 17???????????????????

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 19, 2017 

      “When it’s ready” – when the worst of the bugs are fixed.

  • Daniel Jan 21, 2017 

    Will ZeroConf come back to Android before the release?

  • Zlatko Jan 21, 2017 

    Altough I loved Jarvis, it had annoying bug: Playlist.Add from remote would add each song twice to playlist twice. So , I’ve given a chance to Krypton RC3. Bug is fixed, but there is a new one:
    - radio streams (I saved them as either pls or m3u), stutter (playback is choppy) for 10-15 seconds, then normalizes for few minutes and then problems arise again periodically. Seems like buffering issues. It’s not PC (pretty fast i5 CPU), nor windows (Windows 10, lates release), nor Internet connection (5 MB/s +).
    It started immediately after Krypton installation, no issues ever with that on Jarvis.

    I hope it will be fixed soon, it’s annoying, so I am uninstaling it.

  • Leif Jan 22, 2017 

    Great job guys :-)

  • jack Casement Jan 23, 2017 

    Looking forward to “17″. Have “16″ on Amazon Firestick. If I load “17″ when it is released onto a normal memory stick, would that make any difference to performance? Cheers

  • Aisha Smith Jan 23, 2017 

    Has anyone tried this on Firestick?

  • Edna R Johnson Jan 23, 2017 

    installed kodi 17 krypton but cannot set the date pass 1992….so trying to open anything, it ask me to check the date…help

    • Kib Jan 23, 2017 

      You should set the date in your operating system. Kodi is an application. For more support, post on our forum and not on the blog please.

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