Kodi v17 “Krypton” Alpha 2

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Jul 02, 2016 in Site News
Kodi v17 alpha

Yes it’s finally here……

The name Krypton

Since the dawn of time, or at least since 2008 each released version has received a code name next to the version number. Giving each development iteration a code name in a certain category is kind of a tradition that is not only applicable for software but also for hardware. Google does so for Android, Intel and NVIDIA also names their chips. Who are we to break this tradition and as such we follow in their  steps with a theme that started out with mythical places or  names. For our v17 release we actually let the public chose the name and with an overwhelming majority they chose the name “Krypton”.

Looking back so far at what our small team of developers has done to the code, the name Krypton certainly gives a certain emphasis to it that fits. As you may have noticed it took quite some time before we came out with our first Kodi v17 alpha 2 (sorry that we skipped alpha 1) and we have some very good reasons for that. Several years ago we set a path that we wanted to improve our code base instead of just slapping on new features and this release will certainly be no exception to that goal. Certain parts of our code underwent a complete overhaul or in some cases even went through a blender to be almost rebuild from the ground up.

The improvements so far

The expression don’t judge the book by it’s cover is certainly something that holds to this release. Sure we have an awesome new default skin however the vast improvements are deep in the bowels of Kodi core code. Since Kodi v16 there were 1179 pull-request (code change requests) which hold 3735 commits (code chunk changes) spread over 6679 files done by 39 different developers. As you imagine we can’t possible list all changes, improvements and whatever more we have done during the past months. Instead we’ll just list the most important or at least understandable changes for non developers.  Should you which to see the full and extensive code change you can see them here and here.

Estuary and Estouchy

Past March we announced that we had replaced the aging Confluence skin which did it’s job since 2009 as default skin. V17 will mark the new arrival of Estuary and Estouchy (touch enabled) skin as the new default skins. Many months have been put in getting these skins build from the ground up and utilise all of the new features Kodi has to offer. During this period we also rethought on what was actually needed for skins and with this we also added features we only came up with by rebuilding this skin as we wondered why it never was able to do it in the first place. The home screen has been revamped and now utilises a smartplaylists implementation to automatically show you what probably interests you the most. We suggest you just give it a try and see for yourself. If you still prefer Confluence skin then you don’t need to worry as it’s still available from the official Kodi repository.

Estuary: Movies Estuary: TV Shows
Estuary: Movies Estuary: Albums
Estuary: Albums Estuary: Video sources

For a more extensive initial review you can read: A brand new look for future Kodi versions

For support you can visit the Estuary or Estouchy forum section.

As many of you already know is that each version we also do a lot of changes to how a skin works which sadly also means not all skin will keep working in the new versions. Some of you then say we shouldn’t do this however I can tell you it’s all backed up by the people who create these skins as often they request it their selves. These changes make future skin version easier to code and more feature rich. We are happy to say that already several skins are Krypton ready: Aeon Nox 5,  Amber, Confluence, Mimic, Rapier, Titan, Transparency will auto update once you install and switch to v17. We’re sure more skins will become available once we near beta, release candidate and final.

Video Player

Since the beginning of XBMC back in the days while it was running on the XBOX there was something like DVDPlayer. As the name probably implies it was used to playback DVD discs/files. During the years this DVDPlayer was improved and patched up to stay within modern day standards of video playback expectancy. However it became clear that for the future a major overhaul and rewrite was needed to keep up and be future proof. As such the developers who did the AudioEngine in v12 picked up this job and have now transformed it into VideoPlayer. Together with some platform developers they ripped out the old DVDPlayer code, chopped it in pieces, put it in the blender, picked the needed pieces and put it back in without breaking the rest of Kodi (hopefully). This certainly wasn’t an easy job as DVDPlayer was like the bottom block of Jenga tower that needed to be replaced while still being entangled throughout the whole tower. It had it’s tentacles in parts of the code where it shouldn’t have been in the first place. Probably over a year ago work started on getting this untangled and made ready to be replaced by the new implementation.

Well now you might wonder what does this all mean? Well a whole lot and it will probably not be as clear when using Kodi as a normal user. From a developers side it means a lot as the code is now more contained in it’s own section which makes maintenance a whole lot easier. As for the users here are some things they will notice already or in the future.

First wave of changes include:

• DVDplayer was very interwoven with other components, that only allowed a single instance of it. One important goal of VideoPlayer is to allow multiple instances, i.e. using VideoPlayer infrastructure for transcoding. Instead of rendering to audio device and display, it would render to an encoder which could be a file or outputted as stream to another Kodi instance. Don’t get your hopes up yet as this just makes it possible but not yet available.
•  Rework of videorendering, including many fixes and minor improvements for all platforms. OpenGL got new features like dithering (reduces banding when transforming from limited to full range colour space) and first round of 3dlut (look up tables stored in OpenGL units for fast access used for colour profile calibration) which has been added for next months.
•  Almost complete rewrite of audio/video syncing and  make it more robust and accurate
•  Hardware acceleration for DVD playback

•  VideoPlayer can switch resolution without any noticeable effect. (provided decoder support it)
•  Multi source demuxers of i.e. external audio files
•  Improve playback of live streams: PVR and streams that can be identified as live. Live streams won’t fill internal buffers after playback was started. Sooner or laters buffers will overflow or stream stalls if no special treatment is applied.

Video stream selection

You might already know of the possibility where you can select the audio track of a movie like different languages or quality. With video stream selection you are now able to select a different video stream should that be available. Although not widely used concert DVDs are certainly a good example where you are able to select a different camera angle for watching the concert. Although this sounds like a niche feature it’s certainly important for the next feature we will bring up.

Input stream add-ons

The work done with VideoPlayer has already gained one of the most exciting new features we can think of which is Input Stream add-ons. This enables possibility of native written add-ons can now handle part of the video playback selection and just hand over the video stream to Kodi. A perfect example of this is DASH (Dynamic Adaptive STreaming over HTTP)  which is something YouTube uses to give you the different video qualities depending on network speed. With Input Stream add-ons we can now have this capability as separate add-on instead of having this in the Kodi core. Here comes the video stream selection into play as you might want to select a different quality or language if made available. We’re happy to say that by default we ship the MPD add-on that handles the DASH audio/video stream selection standard and hands over the results to Kodi. The available YouTube add-on in Kodi repository doesn’t handle this feature as of yet however I’m sure it will be updated somewhere in the future.

More features will come from this complete VideoPlayer rework and we will be sure to inform you once they have been added. For now we will try to make current features work to their fullest potential.

PVR made easier and better

With v17 the way we handle PVR add-ons has been given a makeover as well. With these changes we hope that the  threshold of getting PVR running inside Kodi has been greatly reduced. Once you configured and enabled the PVR add-on you are ready. No more additional options to enable to get going. Of course you will still need to set up a PVR backend/server first however that is outside of our scope of work. Additionally a lof work has been done to improve stability and usability to this section. Switching channels, EPG (electronic program guide) as well as setting and changing recording timers have all been greatly improved. From the user interface little has changed besides the new default skin and some settings that are moved or are now a bit more clear what they do.

Estuary: Live TV

Android HD Audio and more

HD awesomeness

As you may have read several times is that the Android part of Kodi is currently low on development. It’s the platform with the largest user base but somehow there don’t seem to be a lot of developers around that can work on Kodi for that platform. Since Kodi isn’t the standard JAVA app like the million other out there working on it is certainly a challenge. Regardless for this release we still have some big improvements lined up. The most important one is probably what most of you have been waiting for and that is HD audio passthrough capabilities. Although we had a proof of concept for v16 it wasn’t in a state where the team was comfortable adding it that late in release cycle. However for v17 we can now tell you that passthrough for DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-X, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby ATMOS should all be working if your device supports this. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is certainly one of the best supported devices that use the standard Android audio methods.

Android 5.0 Lollipop (or later) as minimum

Over the years the Android platform started to mature and catch up to the other platforms regarding capabilities. This also means that we can drop all the custom code we had to add in the beginning to get Kodi running at all as that’s now becoming obsolete. One of those from back in the days was libStageFright  which we dropped in a previous release and was replaced by the standard MediaCodec from Android. With v17 we have started to clean up all the old implementations which sadly also means we had to set the minimum Android version to at least 5.0 Lollipop. It’s uncertain at this time if we even hove to go higher and set minimum to Android 6.0 Marshmallow as this contains certain features we need to improve Kodi. For now you are safe if you at least have Android 5.0 Don’t worry you can keep using Kodi v16 on all previous Android versions however you just can upgrade to a newer Kodi version.

Welcome to Android MediaCodec standards and goodbye AMLogic specific code

One other custom implementation is AMLogic code which is were it all started with Kodi on Android and we used this to acces certain hardware parts which Android couldn’t yet. As already mentioned Android improved a lot over the years and it now also means the custom AMLogic code can now be turned of and removed. Sadly AMLogic doesn’t follow the standard Android and releases firmware which is just a tiny bit different. This could mean that some devices might loose some capabilities as the firmware does things a bit different than we expect. This is all on the manufacturers side of these chipsets and they have to fix it. Sadly we can’t keep supporting this deviation from the standard API as we are low enough on developers already. We sure hope AMLogic will see this and start to follow the Android standard that has been set since Android 5.0 With dropping all these custom code we hope we can keep moving forward with Kodi on Android and make it much easier to maintain for the future. For Android 7 Nougat we even had a lot of help from a great guy at Google who implemented some features for us and we are looking forward on using that. This absolutely does not mean that Kodi will not work on AMLogic chipset devices anymore.

Note: You can auto receive latest alpha test builds by subscribing here. Remember this link as you need to unsubscribe as well. Warning: this will auto update all Kodi instances registered to that account.

Add-on manager changes and features

Since v10 the add-on repository has been an integral part of Kodi and has made it a breeze for expanding the capabilities and receiving updates for these add-ons and skins. Together with the skin changes we did in Estuary we certainly hope to make the experience a bit better.

v17-addon-navigation v17-addon-check-updates
v17-addon-repo v17-addon-repo-skin

 Unknown sources….

First of all we added an option to warn new users that installing add-ons outside of Kodi repository could potentially bring harmful add-ons to their system. A more extensive write up (read here) explains these hazards they might get their selves into. Of course this doesn’t mean all are bad however we do feel that users should at least be warned. From now on if a user wants to install any add-on from .zip they need to acknowledge they understood the risk and enable the option to allow installation. This is a one time warning so you do not need to do this each time.

v17-addons-settings v17-addon-unknown-source-warning


Recently installed or update

From now on you are able to see which add-ons recently updated. It might come in handy should some problems arise as you not always noticed the popup telling you an update was installed. At least now you are able to track down which one(s).


Setting section has been more clear

One of the things probably most of us hate the most is going through settings and see what they do. Often are not clear what they do or just not obvious. We felt the same and we have now made a big shuffle of certain settings to group them in a better way and improve the text and help description. I’m sure it’s not perfect and things still need changing however it’s already a big step forward. Additionally we’ve put a central button in settings screen for adding new media sources that you can add to your library. To make a long story short here are some screenshots to give you an idea on how it looks. Other than that I guess you’ll just have to try for yourself.

v17-settings-1 v17-settings-2
v17-settings-3 v17-settings-4

Music library

Over the years our music library handling wasn’t always the best and luckily a while ago some developers stepped up and started improving the lacking functionality and added new features. Some improvements are better tag reading and scraping. Handling of albums and artist has also been improved with the addition of adding artist role handling for music (composer, conductor, djmixer). Certain files or websites also support mood and this has now also been added so you can now select music based on certain type of mood instead of genre.

Mention worthy changes

• 10bit/HEVC hardware enabled playback on INtel or NVIDIA GPU that have the capabilities (see hardware specs)
• Refactor of scrapers
• Fix possible high CPU usage with GUI rendering
• Playback improvement on all platforms
• Support for multiple external ratings and userrating from GUI and smartplaylists
• Audio and subtitle filter added to smartplaylists
• Use ffmpeg for loading certain types of images and drop external libraries
• Added PVR to eventlog feature
• Various database optimisations
• Unify behaviour of context menu
• Improvements on binary add-on handling
• Rework of rendercapture which is used by boblight or ambilight implementations
• Removes SAP streams support
• Added MVC, framepack and 3D switching support on Raspberri-Pi
• Change certain settings from spinners to a list
• Further improvements on DirectX implementation
• Further unify certain skin windows to make it easier to make new skins without duplicating same code
• Music mood scanning
• Game controller add-ons
• Improved tag reading from music files
• Improvement on Kodi rendering system which should reduce CPU load and pave the way to headless some day
• Add InProgress node for TV Shows
• Fix CPU count on Android
• Various changes to Kodi python API. Please check documentation
• Save skin settings on early exit which should fix problems with loosing settings after restart
• Improved binary add-on API
• Improvements to internal webserver
• Use number separators from the selected GUI language (example 1.000,4 / 1,000.4) and also apply this to ratings
• Update to FFmpeg 3.0 which brings improved playback, stability and security fixes
• Security and stability improvement by updating to: Python 2.7.12 / mDNSResponder to 625.41.2 / libxslt 1.1.29 / libmicrohttpd to 0.9.50 / gettext 0.19.8 / libzip 1.1.2 / libjpeg-turbo 1.4.2 / libpng 1.6.21 / lzo 2.09 / sqlite 3120200 / openssl 1.0.2h / taglib 1.11
• Enable IPv6 for CURL
• Added CMake building on all platforms. Still work in progress
• Switch to Visual Studio 2015 building
• Remove boost, CXimage, jpgIO, libsquish dependencies as they are obsolete
• Auto create code documentation with Doxygen including a to-do list (link: https://codedocs.xyz/xbmc/xbmc/)
• Moved old PyDocs of the Kodi API to Doxygen
• Added skinning API to Doxygen
• Removed dead and obsolete core code
• Fixed memory leaks
• Fixed possible code deadlocks
• Fixed possible security flaws
• Fixed possible crashes
• Fixed code flaws found by various analyses tools


Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page.

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.
We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation. All donations go towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchase necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

Currently you also sponsor us and donate to charity by buying the The Official Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case.

The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is a limited edition product. Additional units might be available in the future if there is strong user demand, but for now, get them while you can!

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  • willemd Jul 02, 2016 

    Awesome! Well done. I’m mostly interested in the better video/audio synchronization. I’m gonna find out how to install a standalone Kodi version (to not fuck up my existing Kodi installation) and see how stable it already is (or might be). Thanks fellas.

    • Richard Spears Sep 04, 2016 

      How about HDR Support Will Kodi support expanded color Gamuts going forward? Where can I read about what the new Video player Supports?

  • James s Jul 02, 2016 

    Will it be avalible in zip for fire sticks

    • Tarkus Jul 02, 2016 

      The ARM apk file works fine on the Fire TV stick. I’ve been using it for weeks.

      • Clarence Jul 10, 2016 

        Can’t get arm to download

        • Rene Jul 25, 2016 

          Once you are in ARM, keep pressing ARM 3-5 times and it will start downloading. Hope this will help you.

    • Fred Jul 18, 2016 

      Will it be avalible in zip for fire sticks?

      • Steve Morgan Jul 25, 2016 

        I am having same roblem.Cannot download and restore Kodi through USB and Back up program.Please help

  • John NG Jul 02, 2016 

    A great update, making leaps now instead of steps. Just a few addons need to make the necessary changes to avoid, fixed view issues with Estuary skin. A big change in Skin. It has taken me a bit of getting used to, but in tech, if you aren’t moving forward, you are going backwards. So maybe time for us to move on from Confluence, even though it has been a great Skin, and extremely popular.Great work by all at Kodi.

  • kibtu Jul 02, 2016 

    Can’t install android version. Only 16.1.

    • Aaron Jul 02, 2016 

      Agreed 17.2 Alpha 2 or any of the nightly builds do not work on Android. The android Appinstaller does not even see it as an APK File. So far no File browser’s will force the install either. They see it but can not force the install. And the Android AppInstaller does not see the Version 17+ APK files.
      Can you please fix quickly so we can try. Or let us know which program will allow it to install.

      • Martijn Jul 02, 2016 

        There’s absolutely nothing to fix. You probably download it a.zip while it certainly isn’t

        • Tamra Mckenzie Jul 03, 2016 

          Hi there martijn will I need to get a new box so I can update it up kodi 17 my android box is 4.4.2

        • Mako Jul 05, 2016 

          Hi Martijin, when I play the video, it doesn’t show me what quality the video is. Like in Jarvis, when you play the video, it will tell you what resolution the video is. How do I check for the resolution? Thanks.

      • skid martino Jul 04, 2016 

        i think also you need at least Lollipop 5.0 version to work and nothing under this, is that correct…

      • CanBert Jul 17, 2016 

        If you reda, you would of seen that you need min android version of lollypop so if it will not install you prob have kitkat or lower as most boxes do.

      • Jeffery D S Aug 05, 2016 

        Upgrade Android OS on your box.

    • Lynxx Jul 02, 2016 

      It says in the text not compatible with any android version below 5.0

      • Aaron Jul 02, 2016 

        Well there it is. When I read the High lights I over looked the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS was required. Looks like all 3 of my boxes do not have an upgrade to Lollipop. There are no higher that 4.4.2. Just think two of them are 4K boxes and I just look on the Manufacture website and nothing is available for a new OS at this time.
        I never though about that being an issue as I seen at the top of the Comments that it was working on a Fire Stick, I did not figure that FireStick was able to get an upgrade to Lollipop. Just Googled it and it does get Lollipop and it started from what I can see in February 2016.
        Not good for me. Hopefully there will be an upgrade of an OS on my 2 4K boxes.
        Thank You for pointing this out to me about the OS.

    • Cornolius Jul 03, 2016 

      I have the same problem since the nightlies.

    • bossbrody Jul 09, 2016 

      Yeh same here bud, fresh install but it just fails at the installation point “parse error) guess its down to running android 4.4.2 ?

    • Jeffery D S Aug 05, 2016 

      If you are tying to install Kodi 17+ on an Android box you will need to upgrade Android to lollipop or newer.

      You will keep on getting an error while extracting the package every time until your OS is updated.


  • Florian Jul 02, 2016 

    Fantastic update!!!

  • Daniel Jul 02, 2016 

    Any idea when it will reach the unstable ppa?

  • پیچ و مهره Jul 02, 2016 

    Can’t wait ….
    Thanks a lot.

  • I Jul 02, 2016 

    can’t sign in youtube yet …

    • z Jul 04, 2016 

      Can’t logon to YouTube. It times out the activation code message very quickly. It allows enough time for the first code but I don’t get enough time to enter the second one

  • I Jul 02, 2016 

    3D MVC does not work yet like in test version …

  • I Jul 02, 2016 

    However, thank you for improving Kodi!

  • Ego Jul 02, 2016 

    Does video stream selection mean support for MKV Ordered Chapters / Segment Linking is coming?

  • Anon Jul 02, 2016 

    Boo, about the Android < 5.x Drop. Over 50% of the devices are still an Android 4.X

    • kibtu Jul 02, 2016 

      Yup, I have Minix H-8 Plus, it has Android 4.4.2 and it can’t be upgrade. Well … anyway … I belive You done a great job as usually.

  • brandleesee Jul 02, 2016 

    Looking forward to the Retro Gaming platform within Kodi.
    Let’s RERO up till REtRO !

    • Ego Jul 02, 2016 

      RetroPlayer won’t be in this version, v18 at the earliest

      • brandleesee Jul 09, 2016 

        No rush!

  • Ian Sutherland Jul 02, 2016 

    Now the Developers Code is out there for 4k Amazon Fire TV, for 4k Playback, are you planning on getting this to work on this build?

  • bentoy Jul 02, 2016 

    please improve the karaoke player. thank you!

  • Stefan Jul 02, 2016 

    Only me experiencing a lot of dropped frames in Live-TV 1080i deinterlacing on Nvidia Shield TV?

  • Greaser Jul 02, 2016 

    Google Chromecast support?

    Thanks for another new version.

  • Tamra Mckenzie Jul 03, 2016 

    Hi there my android is 4.4.2 how do I update it from that to lollipop? Or will I have to buy a new box

    • mjbxx Jul 03, 2016 

      Yes, it is time to upgrade toAndroid 5.0 Lolipop or newer to update and take advantage of Kodi v17 Krypton.

      • Joe Schmoe Jul 05, 2016 

        All my boxes (4 of them) are rk3288 based.
        I have not seen any android 5.0 upgrade for those.

        I guess Krypton upgrade is out for me.

        I would urge you to reconsider and cater to the install base.
        Kodi is software, a hardware upgrade is something far more drastic.

        • atreyu Jul 19, 2016 

          Just run Jarvis if you want to stick with hardware with subpar rom support

  • Haro Jul 03, 2016 

    Please fix it so it can work on iphones

  • J876 Jul 03, 2016 

    Great work and thanks to all the developers, testers, donors, wiki writers, and all the people who help out on the forum.

    A big thanks to the PVR backend developers also.

    The more people who contribute, the longer the Kodi project will stay alive and thrive.

  • Blurryx Jul 03, 2016 

    I’m I missing something, There was meant to be a new feature announced for kodi v17.
    Has it been put on hold?

    • willemd Jul 03, 2016 

      Well, the great new surprise is the Raspberry Pi case with the Kodi logo.


      • Blurayx Jul 03, 2016 

        I knew about the Raspberry Pi case with the Kodi logo days ago so it can’t be it.

      • Blurayx Jul 03, 2016 

        I knew about the Raspberry Pi case with the Kodi logo days ago.surely its not the big announcement.

  • atreyu Jul 03, 2016 

    I have been playing around with the Krypton alphas and am truly amazed by both visible and less visible improvements.
    You guys are really rewriting Kodi as it seems, building on a stable, future proof core.

    Really, really awesome!
    So much looking forward to using v17 as a daily driver!

  • Daisy Jul 03, 2016 

    Video playback of mkv files will freeze at the start as well as intermittently during the movie playback. Please look into it. TOO BUGGY for this Alpha.

    • colin Jul 06, 2016 

      Yep this is happening to me as well with all mkv files at the start on my nvidia shield TV

  • Thevion Jul 03, 2016 

    v17 is amazing! I hope it comes out the version on the raspbian repository

  • Magnus Jul 03, 2016 

    Great work! Love the new Estuary skin. One thing though…I have MYSQL running on a server (to share library) but when I upgraded to Krypton (from 16.1) Kodi can no longer show that library. I had to delete advancedsettings.xml file and create a new local db. Anyone else having this problem?

    • zebraitis Jul 05, 2016 

      Please post if you find a resolution to your MySQL issue. This is my preferred method as well. Thanks!

    • Marc Jul 07, 2016 

      Yep, same to me!

  • Andreas Jul 03, 2016 

    Propably a good thing. But I’m getting a bit worried that the Android Media/AMlogic audio thingy might break my freshly bought AMlogic based media player.

  • roland Jul 03, 2016 

    please make a shirt with the krypton logo!
    looks so cool!

  • kassem Jul 03, 2016 

    we need a fix for airplay ios 9 or 10 pls :(

    • Haris1977 Jul 04, 2016 

      +1 for this!

      • Easton92 Jul 08, 2016 

        +2 – it’s so important to me..

        • Kevin Jul 19, 2016 

          +3 critical to me as well

          • Vincent Jul 26, 2016 


  • Nelson Jul 03, 2016 

    Love the new skin. Thanks for all the other improvements. One future feature I would find handy is to be able to bookmark a place or screen or list, go elsewhere within Kodi to search or do whatever else, and then return to the bookmark with a keystroke to continue. Sometimes I run two Kodi programs to simulate the above, but it uses more cpu and resources.

  • Stefan Jul 03, 2016 

    I ugraded to the alpha and noticed my movies and tv shows databases were not taken over from the previous version, while the music database was. Did I do somethign wrong?

  • Jogi Jul 03, 2016 

    Am i blind? Where do i enable pvr in Krypton alpha 2 for Android? thx

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      This is made a bit simpler in this version: Just install the pvr.addon and enable it. Done.

  • David D Stanton Jul 04, 2016 

    Does it have plex integration yet?

  • Carl Jul 04, 2016 

    on my mediapc HEVC content was very choppy in Kodi 16 (and VLC) because it has a old laptop cpu.
    I had to use MPC-HC to play it smoothly, but that was annoying to use.
    This Kodi 17 release solved that issue so i’m very happy with that!

    good job guys!

  • mohamed Jul 04, 2016 

    1- try to fix the delay in viewing a folder with alot of pictures in pictures section
    2-let us be able to download and upload pictures to mediacenter with remote phone programs
    3- add e-books frontend to mediacenter via calibre server backend

  • Dj Jul 04, 2016 

    If I have kodi downloaded to my Mac, will it automatically update to this new version or do I have to re-download it and all my add ons?

  • Carlos Jul 04, 2016 

    when will it be available in arm apk?

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      It already is?

  • JB Jul 04, 2016 

    Truly amazing. Installed version 17 alpha 2 on HP Pavilion g7 laptop, Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i3, with no difficulty. Have just tried basic features and they worked without any issues. Love the interface, very intuitive and responsive. Thank you for your efforts on a quality program.

  • z Jul 05, 2016 

    A number of my add-ones stopped working and i had to reinstall Jarvis and restore

  • Chris Jul 05, 2016 

    … still no BD-J support in Kodi 17.
    … still no proper Netflix and Amazon Prime Client Apps in Kodi 17.

    • ertus Jul 05, 2016 

      Register on Github and add the code yourself, will you?

  • The swedish viking Jul 05, 2016 

    Hi! I wonder how I will upgrade my ATV585 Mygica to the newest version Krypton v 17?

    What file do I have to get?

  • raqueem Jul 05, 2016 

    The updating is so 1990′s. You should include a simple update procedure from within Kodi itself, without having to download separately first. I remember this was in one of the earliest XBMC versions.

    • dac Jul 07, 2016 

      i think that will be a bit hard, back in the day it only ran on xbox, so only one platform to cater to, no it runs on all different versions of linux, android, ios, window$, mac, bsd …. so a simple upgrade from within might be a bit hard

  • zureba Jul 05, 2016 

    can you create epg time zone change I need utc +04:00 I change utc pvr :)

  • costa Jul 05, 2016 

    garcias, muy bueno

  • Kingsomra Jul 05, 2016 

    I am REALLY hoping you will continue to support lollipop. I have 2 TV boxes and a tablet that I am certain the manufacturers will never make Marshmallow for, and I really do not want to purchase new hardware.

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      That’s how t goes with these cheap boxes…

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      Sorry to say it’s not gonna happen..

    • Kingsomra Jul 07, 2016 

      Since I didn’t even mention what brands, sound to me like someone is…

      >WAAAY too full of himself.
      >LOOVES being a jerk.
      >Is a sad pathetic excuse for a human.
      >Is a waist of air.

      I like my hardware.
      I’m going to keep my hardware.
      If that means that Krypton is the last build I can use then so be it.

  • aasyss Jul 05, 2016 

    Thanks to each and every person who spent their time and hard work to bring it up such a nice latest version 17 A2 Krypton , amazing performance and quality .
    Only thing I have noticed is that if one TV show is having PART#1 , PART#2…….PART#5 files in One Episode, it is taking time or stopping for a while , when shifting from one file to next file.

    But overall perfect new look , skins Open and exit going smoothly and faster than earlier versions.

    Thanks a Lot

  • Dark Helmet Jul 05, 2016 

    Thanks to all involved for the continued work on kodi.

    What is the preferred place for a bug report? In this case it’s a bug in the music section. “Music Support” in the forum? Trac?

  • NickS Jul 05, 2016 


  • Soliter26 Jul 05, 2016 

    Hi, thanks for the great krypton, the skin is amazing. Just one question : why you guys are so much against chromecast or anycast support. For me it makes no sense. Can somebody please explain? I can understand the explanation, but so far I know, you said just NO. Please answer. Thanks again.

    • atreyu Jul 06, 2016 

      My guess is sheer lack of standardization

  • Earlgrey_44 Jul 05, 2016 

    Installed the new alpha2 on the FireTV ver1.
    Video files encoded with Dolby D used to play, now they freeze.Videos with audio HD, used to show as 2ch PCM. Now they show as 2ch PCM, no change.
    Show much for HD audio pass thru.

    • Jeff Jul 08, 2016 

      I see the same behavior

    • Earlgrey_44 Jul 10, 2016 

      In the first year to two years of FTV ownership, it was near impossible to tell whether the android box, Kodi, or both was the bottleneck in the way of HD sound. All kinds of conflicting info and nothing authoritative. I now see finally though, that the answer is both! While Kodi should be fixed, I won’t be able to get there from here with my Amazon box. Time for new streaming hardware.
      My apologies to the devs for the premature complaining about Kodi.

  • IT-RT Jul 05, 2016 

    Very good again.
    Had some crashes using favorites on FireTV
    Everything else seems to work stable.

  • Mark Jul 06, 2016 

    I was on 15, but then I thought for some stupid reason to try 16 again but 16 is still buggy and the worse version ever released. I decided to have a try of v17 and at least it plays TV episodes without it going to black screen after one video. However play back is not perfect I tried one movie and that would produce a line going across the video in places where the frame rate of the whole screen was not in sync. I shall try a few other movies but so far for me 17 has been a far smoother ride.

    • Mark Jul 08, 2016 

      I am replying to myself but I gave 17 a try and although it is better than 16, but once more I have gone back to using 15. The playback on most videos was terrible on most videos that I tried with lines across the screen, no amount of changes that I made to the settings would change this. I know that this is a alpha version and I will give the final version a try but Kodi has sadly gone downhill since v15. V16 is totally useless even for a so called stable build is this the end for Kodi?

  • uTomi Jul 06, 2016 

    Hi. I installed this 17 a2 but i can’t install any add-on. I mean i’m hungarian and i set the regional after that Kodi says language file installation faild. By the way i can’t update any add-on. What’s wrong? If i delete my whole old database same happend. Please help me. Thanks.

  • POed Jul 06, 2016 

    Android 5.0 Lollipop (or later) as minimum is the stupidist thing you have done yet. You are starting to act like microsoft without the bucks. Not working on android when Android leads the global market with a 76 percent market share puts you in the mega dumb ass category; while your CYA convoluted ethics takes you right up there with the hubbell.

    • Martijn Jul 06, 2016 

      You’re welcome

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      Wait: Just because you don’t understand other people do stupid things?

    • Hanney Seylim Jul 07, 2016 

      What a rude comment for such a great free service and committed wonderful staff.

      You do not represent the grateful community of Kodi users!

      Team Kodi, keep up the great work! You are the productive citizens of the world!

    • dac Jul 07, 2016 

      if you dont like it use something else, they clearly explaned what happened so dont insult the opensource developers. if you know of a better way, and keep everything working maybe volonteer to work on the android release?

    • ewc Jul 07, 2016 

      Older versions of Kodi are available to download that will run just fine on your OLD hardware. If you want the latest and greatest, that sometimes means your hardware has to be upgraded too. I have never seen such an ungrateful bunch of whiny brats as on some of these announcements. This is FREE software, people. If you think that you can do better, then fork the repo and have at it. The team obviously would not have made this decision unless it had a profound technical reason. It’s a media player, not a life support machine. Don’t get so worked up about it.

      • RWC Jul 16, 2016 


    • PhilS Jul 08, 2016 

      Then do something yourself then and show everybody how it’s done.

      How can you possibly complain this way about something that is completely free?

      Sheer lunacy!

      BTW your stats on Android are incorrect.

  • David Maura Jul 06, 2016 

    Install from zip file not working

  • ChrisK Jul 06, 2016 

    Nice layout.. But ZemTv NOT working…. any help

  • Major Mojojo Jul 07, 2016 

    Installed Arm version on Amlogic s905. While it did mostly work ok, there are performance issues when displaying movie and overlaid menus at the same time, especially on 4K content.

    I also notice menu navigation has a janky feel and stutters from time to time compared to Jarvis 16.1 release, so still some work to do for sure.

  • Gregone Jul 07, 2016 

    Hi, thanks for the hard work on krypton, however when i installed it on Windows 10 it will not run getting an error saying “the procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32″

  • Gregone Jul 07, 2016 

    Getting this error when trying to install Kodi Krypton on Windows 7 the procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32

    • whattsup Jul 10, 2016 

      I’m getting the same error message on all 8 of my windows 7 32bit/64bit pc not when I install (appears to go fine) but when I actually try and run this version of Kodi. All previous versions install and run fine.

  • kikassridec2 Jul 07, 2016 

    just reading a few comments above i come to the conclusion that there is so many unappreciative people out there,

    these guys work there asses off to give us this great piece of FREE software..

    stop moaning please and be patient with these guys!!

    cudos from myself to the kodi team for the great work they have done so far- keep it up :)

  • Steve Dunn Jul 07, 2016 

    Its not ppl are unappreciative but instead those who paid for boxes or old phones without the newer android OS’s, the boxes will soon be no more then paper weights. There are only a few boxes out there that have the newer android OS’s. I understand Kodi team trying to stop their product from being distributed on boxes where ppl are charging for them plus installing questionable addons as well. I know Kodi wants to move away from that but this is only going to push ppl to forked versions of Kodi instead thus cutting their own throat over time. This is already happening. I will say this to those that wish to use this product with questionable addons, it is your right to do what ever you wish but YOU should get in trouble, not kodi or any members. I do not feel it is right to go after a dev for what ppl decided to do with their own media center. I understand the legalities involved but it will be kodi’s demise over time. Kodi has always said users can do what they wish and that kodi isnt not involved in that. How can kodi stop ppl anyways, they cant. Even if they did it would only push ppl away from kodi and more towards spmc. In fact, if kodi or the USA wishes to go after anyone it should be China but that will never happen since USA owes so much money to China so instead Kodi and others go after re-sellers who dont even know how to create custom images on boxes so again it points back to China if wanting to end this crap. Anyways, I am using spmc for my box now and will continue in the future. I have always liked kodi but seems they are going in another direction which is their choice. Enjoy that freedom while it lasts. I am not putting down k0di or any members but this is a bad business decision. If this was a legit purchased product I know for a fact this would not be the direction to go in. Thats why I rather pay for a product then go through all of this. This is my opinion which I am entitled to. Thanks for your past products but I am moving on.

    • atreyu Jul 07, 2016 

      The reason you went rambling about is just a small side issue.

    • Zee from BK Jul 12, 2016 

      You called these changes a bad “business decision”. Kodi is NOT a business. It’s a non-profit based on volunteer developers.

      Why should they continue to use workaround code for features are built onto newer versions of Android. It’s not Kodi’s job to support the TV box makers that profit from their hard work.

  • Raymond Jul 07, 2016 

    OnKey: pagedown (0xf085) pressed, action is SkipPrevious
    When watching music videos under files with “Play next video automatically” enabled in Video Settings/Playback … next file works on pressing remote button or page up button but to go to previous file you have to press twice quickly on remote or page down twice to go to previous file.

  • vxsys Jul 07, 2016 

    this version it’s not working.
    I have nvidia shield pro version, and video freeze after some seconds then play some seconds then freeze. audio is ok.

    • Antineutrino Jul 07, 2016 

      I have the same problem on the Fire TV 2.

  • Lisa-Marie HUISMAN Jul 07, 2016 

    Nothing to report or complain about. I actually want to comment on the ‘genius that is Kodi’. To everybody that is involved with concept, builds and addons for Kodi….” PROPS to to you all! “.

  • Mark Nicol Jul 08, 2016 


    Just testing last 2 nightlies Alpha 3 on the Nvidia Shield tv. Sorry to say upon load it crashes out. Alpha fine.

  • Robert Edmunds Jul 08, 2016 

    Still no feature to allow custom shortcuts on the home screen – which has been requested by a large number of users – and it won’t work on android 4.4. Nice one!

  • Luke Reeve Jul 09, 2016 

    As a long time user back on the Xbox Media Center days – there are too many selfish idiots around these days.

    1) This is free software, so technical decisions to change minimum required android version is fine. If you need to upgrade then do – if you don’t want to, then stay with Jarvis? It will still work.

    2) Remember this is Alpha, not the teams fault that you don’t understand what this means. Share the bugs but do it properly. X doesn’t work but it used to isn’t useful to anyone.

    Good work Kodi team – looking forward to beta 1 when it arrives.

    • atreyu Jul 10, 2016 

      Very well said!

  • rocker289 Jul 09, 2016 

    I am on windows7 64x and have had no problems at all

  • Td5guy Jul 09, 2016 

    Does the 0 cache tweak work on 17. Loaded it and I don’t see the chache running ahead like I use to when streaming?

    • Soxism Jul 18, 2016 

      I too have been having this issue. When i edit the advancedsettings mxl file the Cache tweak seems to do nothing, regardless of the setting. Previous version it worked. Have also tried clean installs still same issue. (This is on Windows Kodi 17 Alpha 1 & 2)

  • cam Jul 10, 2016 

    the APK/ARM link is not working. i click it and nothing happens. i even go down to open in browser and still nothing. how do i get it to work?

  • JB Jul 10, 2016 

    The developers are doing an amazing job in providing an extraordinary achievement and forward looking vision for Kodi. The end result will be worth the wait. Programming is a process. Thank you for your efforts.

  • GrimmShot Jul 10, 2016 

    I have a ReadyNAS and when browsing to the SMB or NFS share I get “Timeout”

    Shield –> Netgear ReadyNAS

  • Dnkhatri Jul 10, 2016 

    Nvidia shield tvbox video gets stuck then skips ahead to sync with the audio

  • debennett2 Jul 10, 2016 

    Is no one on the team going to address the MySQL issues? MySQL worked on nightlies up until sometime in June. Now they just don’t work. No MySQL ability no matter how you look at it. What gives? I know I’ve posted this a few times…..

  • Jon Jul 10, 2016 

    I installed and keep getting an error caught on main loop message when trying to access my video addons. Then kodi just locks up and I have to exit. Any ideas how to fix?

  • Bob Jul 10, 2016 

    Congratulations on this release.
    New to Kodi, I installed on Windows 10 with TV via Media Portal. Very smooth install and works well. I liked the Estuary skin but it did not provide volume control with mouse. I found this function in the Titan skin so it meets my needs.
    Clearly a lot of work and thought has gone into this release and I look forward to future developments.
    Well done!

  • simear2004 Jul 11, 2016 

    Tmall Magic Box 1S+, cannot install this version,why?

  • Neil Gordon Jul 11, 2016 

    Bloody Good Kody people! two thumbs up.

  • Neil Gordon Jul 11, 2016 

    Bloody Good, KODI people!!

  • Tommy Jul 11, 2016 


    Only minor issue is that I have to restart my mysql server each time I swap between my Linux and Android device or else it just hangs on android or starts without the library working on Linux. Works excellent as long as I don’t swap device.

  • Karen Jul 11, 2016 

    Excellent, no issues so far for me thanks guys.

  • Richard Jul 11, 2016 

    with this release we will be able to remove films on the hard drive because its not working with 16.1

  • Afzal M Jul 12, 2016 

    Do you have an Installation Guide to load this new Kodi version to a Pivos XIOS DS box?

  • sialivi Jul 12, 2016 

    EDL support seems to have suffered a regression in 17:
    1) For some reason when it skips a section it often skips ahead too far.
    2) After a skip, there’s no audio for several seconds. Sometimes it plays roughly a second of audio before the audio drops out.

    Neither of these issues were present in 16.1 and earlier versions. I’ll file a bug report when I return home in a few days.

  • Dan Jul 13, 2016 

    I installed kodi 17 but in the Weather menu i can’t add a weather provider. In videos menu is a way of arrange the source of files in a list way for example?

  • Mark Nicol Jul 13, 2016 

    The new Estuary skin does not tell you what quality the streams are running at i.e 720p, 1080p etc.
    The Estouchy skin provides this information, is there any way this could be incorporated into Estuary as it would be helpfull.


  • Jerome Ellis Jul 13, 2016 

    Is there no way to configure home screen to allow for add-ons on the main menu?

  • edved Jul 13, 2016 

    I installed Alpha 2 and it works perfectly well. The best part is actually getting the lossless HD audio working. SPMC was hit and miss audio wise.

    It’s a fairly stable build. I’m now getting TrueHD/Master Audio/Atmos 7.1.

    Sweet! Keep up the good work.

  • Jocke.Sve Jul 14, 2016 

    Still no improvements for photo/picturehandling and management??
    At least a full integration of MyPicturesDB would be a good start…

    Just my 5 cents …

  • Nabeel Jul 14, 2016 

    how about a download manager on kodi?

  • Martin Jones Jul 15, 2016 

    Great work on the new build. My question is, how can i go back to the choice of provider while im watching something. They used to be the x button in the top right corner on previous versions.

  • Someone Jul 16, 2016 

    Is this support srt subtitle?

  • Michael Socrates Jul 17, 2016 

    Really need help trying to figure out how on the Movies, TV Shows and Music selection. How do I transfer my add ons to show up in these areas? It says I need to input files but what files? every time I input one it doesnt work. Currently working off the amazon firestick and an HP laptop windows 10 platform. Answers would be great

  • Mark Jul 17, 2016 

    Awesome work guys, one bug, I have been using the krypton version for a few now as i am running off ATV 4. Since the Alpha 2 release i have found that live tv streaming does not work. I have some paid services that used to work before alpha 2 and do not work anymore. Not a major issue as i just reload the older version but both the July 02 and 14 release don’t work.

    Thanks for the good work… cheers

  • Ricci Jul 18, 2016 

    Hello, newbie here. Using AppleTV4 and kodi seems to disappear every couple days.
    I don’t feel thIs is normal. Anyone now of how to stop the AppleTV from stopping my Kodi? I read that the Apple Developer app renews every 90 days. I’m ok with this but not when kodi stops much sooner.
    I need help keeping kodi as long as possible.
    Anyone know of this issue and how to resolve it

    • Mark Jul 19, 2016 

      Hi Ricci, it is now every week, no more 90 days unfortunately….so every wee you need to refix project and resign with the updated provisioning profile… if you dont mind doing this it is ok and you dont loose your stuff…. or buy a developer license which cost $99 per year, might as well by an android tv box for that price ;)

  • Joe Schmoe Jul 20, 2016 

    Developers should have had as first priority to cater to the install base,
    the majority of which is in hardware not supporting Android 5.0.

    Not having considered those shows either a lack of understanding of the frequency of hardware refresh or a lack of consideration to the install base.

    This does not discount the hard work that they surely must have put in.

  • Jefferson Jul 20, 2016 

    They say Lodi is the best to watch

  • DOGBONE Jul 21, 2016 

    I’m still going to stick with “Jarvis”. I tried out the Krypton version I lust don’t like the feel of it.

    • Rman Jul 29, 2016 

      You will still be able to go back to the old confluence skin so it functions just like it did before. I’ve already tested it and works great.

  • Mikael Jul 22, 2016 

    First of all I would like to thank the developers for great software, and the new design is a huge facelift. I use Kodi mainly as a music player and there are two things I‘ve always missed.

    1. When browsing the library, I wish the tag reading in list/thumbnail mode could show ARTIST and ALBUM, not only ALBUM (and YEAR which I see is added in Jarvis). I know I can switch to Files to see ARTIST, but it would be more logical to have it show up in library mode.

    2. When playing music in list/playlist mode, it would be great if the album cover art (thumbnail) would follow the playlist and switch cover art to the song currently playing – not as now, showing the cover for the song where the mouse pointer stands.

    I realize there are a million requests for changes, but these two I see as basic functions and I am surprised I couldn’t find any previous discussion about this in the forum section.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Joao Jul 23, 2016 

    Nvidia shield videos stop and audio continue last alpha build Night
    Not work very well in nvidia shield android tv

  • Chris Jul 24, 2016 

    I love the new look of Kodi.

    I am using it on my fire tv 4k. Are there plans to support 4K resolution on this device?

  • techguru Jul 28, 2016 

    anyone wanting to update there OLD android tv boxes to android 5…should be going over to http://forum.xda-developers.com/ and start a new thread on your particular box…some developer might port android 5 to your OLD android 4 box

  • Adailton santos Jul 30, 2016 

    Não consigo baixar esta versão 17.0 no Samsung j5 alguém me ajuda…

  • StePhan Mckillen Jul 31, 2016 

    Did a ubuntu command line update It Broke well its going

    BUT it has Lines run thought it like its on the wrong Freqee it put it into window mode it OK
    tried changing all setting not working even plug a montor into it think could be the HDMI card
    still no luck

  • subcell Aug 01, 2016 

    I have been doing all sort of testing since the Alpha 2 and I am sad to say that the build KodiSetup-20151120-08ecca5-dxva_hevc_10b has been doing much better in all the HEVC 10-bit HDR testing.

    I’ll be waiting…

  • Lucian Aug 02, 2016 

    Where to download in v 17?
    I find only Kodi v16.1

  • Fernando Botelho Aug 02, 2016 

    I have installed the kodi 17, but I can’t change the linguage from english to portuguese.

  • Richard Aug 24, 2016 

    Looks good.. got it running on iOS 10 beta 7, works ok until you install repository from zip. then it crashes unable to find logs..

  • epicdude Aug 26, 2016 

    Does Kodi 17 support 10bit or 12bit deep color output?

    Thank you.

  • J B Aug 27, 2016 

    Having a few issues getting trailers to work.

    I installed extended info script upon request however every time I try to launch a trailer it produces an error that says “extended info script error. check the log for more information”

    Any ideas?

  • john Sep 05, 2016 

    how do you stop Kodi 16.1 updating to 17

    l want to stop it updateing


  • boma23 Sep 16, 2016 

    Can we install 17 straight over the top of 16 without breaking it?

  • Greg Sep 27, 2016 

    Hi there, I have got a laptop running windows 7 and am very interested in using Kodi TV and would like to run it on this laptop. Could you please tell me if the krypton version will work with Windows 7? And if not, do you have a version that is compatible with Windows 7.
    Thank you

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.