Kodi v17 “Krypton” Alpha 3

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Aug 01, 2016 in Site News
Kodi v17 alpha

With this announcement we’re happy to release v17 alpha 3. This v17 release which the users have named Krypton features a huge amount of rework in various areas like video playback, live TV & PVR, music library, skinning and more. All these areas underwent heavy changes which are now coming to an end and ready for the masses. This means this will be the last alpha and we’ll soon be pumping out beta builds at a steady rate so the broader audience can give Kodi v17 a try. However let’s first focus on what changed this past month.

 Skin features

As you have noticed we included two new default skins. Estuary for regular use and Estouchy for touchscreen devices. At the same time we made sure some limitations we had to deal with in the past are now solved or at least improved. One of those was that the context menu (right click) didn’t work on any media items that were displayed on the home screen. Well now you can call up the menu like in library view.

v17 homescreen context movies v17 homescreen context add-on

Add-ons can now include screenshots which will be visible within Kodi itself to give you an idea how they will look.



More more changes were done in different areas however we’ll let discover those yourself.

Music library

This section received a lot of love during the past year to get it up to speed again and it’s certainly catching up to the video section. Some of the improvements include better tag scanning, browsing speed ups and a lot more tag fields to be used and shown. You music enthousiast will certainly be happy with these changes so we encourage you to try it out and leave you feedback on our Kodi forum.

Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

To make it easy i just copied the list from one of our developers on the changes that happened in this section.
• Extend Kodi eventlog with PVR events, namely ‘create/delete timers and timer rules’ and ‘start/stop recordings’.
• Guide window: Allow timer creation for EPG in recent past.
• Timer window: Add option to hide disabled timers.
• Separate windows for “Timer Rules” and “Timers”.
• Guide & Search window: Add ‘Edit timer’/'Edit timer rule’ to context menu.
• Timer rules window: Echo up important Status info to Timer Rules.
• Guide window: Use timer logos depending on its state (needs skin support).
• Added enhancement and improvements to the PVR add-on API (connection state change handling, asynchronous EPG updates, and more – needs support from the different PVR add-ons!).
• Channels window: Add support for sorting channels by ‘last played’.
• Recordings window: Separate TV and Radio recordings.
• Guide window: performance improvements, especially on first open.
• Guide & Search window: Add ‘Delete timer rule’ to context menu.
• Add “ShowTimerRule” builtin, so one for instance can map a key to open the “add timer” dialog which is pre-filled to create a epg-based timer rule.
• Rework PVRManager: add-ons are now owned by add-on system.
• Make instant recording behavior configurable (fixed-time vs. current show vs. interactive).
• Timers: Allow to change timer type for existing timers. Makes it possible to for example ‘transform’ a timer for one episode of a show to a series recording (timer rule) for that show.
• Recordings window: make ‘group items’ setting persistent.
• JSON-RPC api: Sync pvr types fields with current implementation.
• Lots of bug fixes in all areas.

Game controller add-on

In the past it has always been a pain to configure game controllers within Kodi. There were some XML files people could download and copy to a certain location. This has now been solved by making them add-ons (like almost everything else) which you can install with a click of a button. This rework of the controllers was needed for retro gaming feature which may land somewhere in the future. No sadly that doesn’t mean retro gaming will be available in v17 but we keep our hopes up for the future. Adventurous users can grab a build from our forum though here.

v17 game controlles

3dlut and simple ICC linking support for color correction

Developer laurimyllari added a ColorManager class that supports loading madVR 3DLUT files, and loading ICC display profiles, creating source profiles and linking them. Users can use this to correct their display response with a 3DLUT file, or emulate other displays (with whitepoint, primaries and gamma selectable at runtime) with an ICC profile of their own display. The ICC profile linking is still work in progress, but is functional and shows what can be done with it.


Other improvements

Well as always we did the usual round of bugfixes and stability improvements that happen during the entire cycle so let’s not bore you with those. Though here are some mention worthy improvements form that list.

• Added “Copy to Kodi” functionality on iOS which adds the option to the iOS share sheet of apps to “Open In” Kodi
• Bump a variety of external libraries which Kodi uses to function which includes ffmpeg 3.1
• On Windows all the external libraries were rebuild with Visual Studio 2015 and received some DLL loading cleanup which hopefully solve some startup problems on some installations
• Video playback got further improvements in the wake of the big change from DVDplayer to VideoPlayer

Should you wish to see the entire changelog then you find it here


Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page. You can install these build just on top of your current Kodi installation.

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement.

Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 16.0 Jarvis builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page.
We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation. All donations go towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchase necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

Discussion - 108 Comments

  • Polarrys Aug 01, 2016 

    Great News !!!

    Thanks to Kodi team for this update.

  • cowfodder Aug 01, 2016 

    3Dlut capability is awesome! Looks like I’ll have to bust out dispcal and put one together for my nexus player.

  • MrKieranb Aug 01, 2016 

    Awesome loving kodi v17

  • paul Aug 01, 2016 

    like to keep up to date with what is happening, I was list wondering in the comments from the last alpha built it said you have a new feature? is this the new skin, curiosity has the best of me move, keep up the good work

  • Mario Aug 01, 2016 

    RTMP playback support on Windows has been removed – can you give any info as to when it will return?

    I have read that the plan is to move to ffmpeg supporting this via a inputstream addon, but from what I saw on Github the build info excludes the Windows platform right now.

    Thanks for any info, ETA, etc


    • Free Aug 21, 2016 


  • planseek Aug 01, 2016 

    Argh still no windows x64 builds!
    However it’s really awesome! Thank you so much!

    • DOGONE Aug 12, 2016 

      No wonder KODI v17 does not work properly on Windows 64bit

      • Martijn Aug 12, 2016 

        What? It works perfectly fine on 64bit

        • Peter Aouad, P.Eng Aug 16, 2016 

          The worst release of them all.

          Kodi 17 under Windows 10 needs lot of updates.

        • jay Aug 22, 2016 

          kodi keeps freezing every time I start it.I tried uninstalling and installing it again but I does not work.Please help me I have a windows computer.

        • jay Aug 22, 2016 

          how do I get v17

  • samyrenards Aug 01, 2016 

    Could you apply the hevc/x265/openhevc (sorry don’t know the exact name) patch in the kodi video decoder like in lavfilters or some mpv builds? My core i3 can’t decode hevc/x265 on windows and it’s really annoying, I use an external player just for this!

  • Martin Aug 01, 2016 

    So great flexibility (complexity) with respect of PVR timers. I am still not sure whether this is a curse or blessing. So all critically depends whether this can be operated intuitively.

    What I would desire to have is an Offline PVR mode.
    1. when connected to the PVR server, one could mark recordings which are then stored locally on the machine running Kodi.
    2. when not connected to the PVR server, LiveTV menu is still available but only Recordings which have been previously marked as offline can be played.

    Use Case: Installation on a portable device like tablet or notebook.

    Thanks to all you developers keeping this project alive.

    • Mario Alejandro Aug 08, 2016 

      KoDi, Llega una Aplicación de Reproductor Multimedia con una Tormenta de còdigos Abiertos y una Tecnologìa muy nueva y sin fines de lucro Muchas Felicidades por Un Extraordinario Trabajo en Team “KoDi ” . Atte. Mario Alejandro Marquez Medina .

  • Mikael Aug 01, 2016 

    Great work! However, I found a few bugs in the Music section. In “Singles” and “Files” it is not possible to switch view type. The option is greyed out and locked to WideList.
    It also would be awesome if the tag reading could show Albumartist in all view types (Wall, InfoWall and Shift). Now it’s only visable in WideList mode. Thanks!

  • robwebset Aug 01, 2016 

    Like the idea of the Addons having screenshots. Couldn’t see anything on the addon.xml wiki page for it – but took a peak at estuary source at it uses an section, some questions:
    1) Is this the only way to do this
    2) If this section is added to kodi v17 – will it be ignored by earlier kodi releases? (So the same addon could work for v16 and v17)
    Thanks for another release!

    • Gade Aug 01, 2016 

      Yeah, the idea is to add the screenshots inside a “resources” folder and add the screenshots within the assets tags in addon.xml

      Same as in Estuary: https://github.com/gade01/Rapier/blob/master/addon.xml

      That’s it.
      And the it also requires skin support ;)


  • maureen mowry Aug 01, 2016 

    I have kodi on fire stick will it update

    • MrKieranb Aug 01, 2016 

      Just download apk from here and install it will update to new version :)

  • Miguel Aug 01, 2016 

    OMG so excited for the new skin! Cant wait

  • Ricardo M. Aug 01, 2016 

    Thanks a Lot to Kodi team :)

  • Tony Aug 01, 2016 

    Please build it for Mac OSX 10.6.8 too!!

    • Memphiz Aug 13, 2016 

      Not possible. We use features that are not available on OSX 10.6.8 or 10.7. You have to accept that OSX 10.8 is the lowest OSX Version we support as of Kodi 17.0. Thats still support for the last 4 Major OSX Releases (already counting Sierra 12.0). Thats all we can do.

  • Florian Aug 01, 2016 

    Awesome!! Thanks for your work on the new Alpha!! :-)

  • ZileXa Aug 01, 2016 

    :O No retrogaming in Kodi 17 !? That sucks.

  • Fotis Aug 01, 2016 

    Hi all!
    I have dl this alpha (and previous alpha).
    I have a problem with subtitles.
    While I see a movie, when I try to press the subtitles icon, it appears, but
    when I try to press the menu, that dissappear to the right.
    Any solution?

    • Noslen4Ever Aug 17, 2016 

      I am facing the same situation, this is happening on version !7 Alpha, including nightbuilds up to 08.17.16. Hope this gets resolved by the amazing KODI Team when the project reaches final version. Thanks!!

  • z Aug 01, 2016 

    Hello, some of my add ons are not working but one was working with alpha 2 and now it is not (Shahid Arabic add on) Also audio passthrough is not working anymore. No surround sound to my home theater.


    • MrKieranb Aug 01, 2016 

      Third party devs will need to update addons to support kodi 17

      • z Aug 02, 2016 

        Any idea about the surround sound passthrough issue?

  • Bass Aug 01, 2016 

    Awesome! The new skin is pretty good, very slim and the menu-structure is really good.
    But i got two problems with the alpha3:
    1. leaving Kodi completely idle for 35-40 minutes results in an app-crash on windows (10 x64)
    2. on my (old but pretty solid running) amd e350 apu with kodi 16 everything is smooth, with 17 alpha 3 the ui etc. is smooth, but video playback (self-converted blu-rays in 1080p with dts-hd audio etc.) stutters noticeable but the cpu / gpu are only around the 25-30% load…

    but for an alpha: awesome job! i’m excited for the next releases… :-)

  • Rouven Aug 01, 2016 


    about: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Linux

    i want to tell that the instructions for installing kodi on debian jessie are incomplete and kodi crashes at start. but i found a solution:

    additionally to the given instructions you need to run the following command if you have a intel graphics card (integrated graphics accelerator):

    apt-get -t jessie-backports install xserver-xorg-video-intel

    and then you must reboot your computer, then you can start kodi.

    i would have posted this info in the forum, but the forum says i cannot create a account because my ip-adress has already made one in the last 24 hour, wich i didnt. dont know how that could have happened.


  • Tommy Aug 02, 2016 

    Tanks for yet another awesome release.

  • Abel Tello Aug 02, 2016 

    Is there a way not use 3 party addon and still watch live TV and movie
    TV show please let me know

    • Rudy Aug 02, 2016 

      Nope. But if you use the YouTube add-on, under the ‘Live’ section, many news organizations are joining the party!

  • kevindh Aug 02, 2016 

    I have noticed a bug where with kissanime when I open it It’d show list etc for like half a sec and then everything is just empty.. can’t click or watch anything.. nothing is displayed in text.

    On kodi 16 this works perfectly.. also tried it on ubuntu instead of windows, same thing. so still needs a bit more work because I need kissanime too much.

  • jan Aug 02, 2016 

    Great work guys, but why do it not work on my minix plus , can not install get a parsing error ??? Please help

  • Hollako Aug 02, 2016 

    Great work but couldn’t try it a dll file missing and can’t startup Kodi. i got back to v 16.2 :(

  • paul Aug 02, 2016 

    where can i find milkdrop for kodi 17 please ?

  • henrique santos Aug 02, 2016 

    Please do support kodi v 17 krypton for android 4.4 at the time so it works on OS 5.0, many users marshmellow has 4.4, please support him.

    • Zee from BK Aug 06, 2016 

      Kodi devs are VOLUNTEERS for a FREE app. They can’t support Android 4.4 forever.

  • wsippel Aug 02, 2016 

    This update broke support for 21×9 resolutions with Estuary. Used to work just fine in alpha 2, now most elements only use the ~2/3rds of the screen, leaving the rightmost third empty.

  • João Brazil Aug 02, 2016 

    Where are multiple PVR Lists????? :(

  • Rouven Aug 03, 2016 


    i want to add one more thing to my last post.

    i found that kodi sets the master volume to 100% while it starts. i think this can be a bit inconvinient to some users and therefore i did some research and found you must edit one line in the file:


    change the line from

    ; flat-volumes = yes


    flat-volumes = no

    make shure to delete the semicolon.

    then restart the computer. when you start kodi it will set its own volume to 100% and leave the mastervolume untouched. that independent volume control goes now for all other applications that use the pulseaudio interface. that also might be a bit inconvinient to some users. there seems to be a relative big discussion on that subject. i think the independet volume control is better for my needs and my ears.

    one hint i didn’t find on the internet:

    if you own a MCE Remote and you want to use that green start button:

    on my KDE installation i did edit the starmenu (kicker), useing the KDE Menu-Editor, selected the element kodi media center. on the second tab, i klicked the button for keyboard shortcut and then i pressed that green start button.

    The field now shows:


    save the menueconfig by klicking the discette symbol on the top left of the menueditor window, wait a few seconds for the system to update the config and then start kodi by pressing that green start button.


  • rocker289 Aug 03, 2016 

    I Have Win7 It Works Superfagiloues
    Time to dump Those Cheap China Wight boxes

  • rocker289 Aug 03, 2016 

    Too Many People are not happy because you People
    You people Make The Best Media Player
    And the people that have FleBargianBoxContaianerShipAmazonEtc
    Ember (Linux i) or

    • Master Cylinder Aug 08, 2016 

      Wow… I get it when folks here at Kodi are not English-primary in language…

      But man! You should try to be logical-primary!


      • Animac Sep 17, 2016 

        Oh, this made me chuckle :D

  • Ferris Aug 03, 2016 

    AMAZING I LUV it, Great JOB

  • Barry Aug 03, 2016 

    Great new looks, well done

    2 bugs found:

    1. subtitles button is not working while playing movies (it disappears like earlier mentioned)
    2. surround sound passthrough

    Keep up the good work !


  • The Jackel Aug 04, 2016 

    New to Kodi, will i have con re-add all my content plugins after i update?

  • Black Aug 05, 2016 

    I have krypton on my PC and I have Jarvis on my phone and google nexus player. How on earth do I add krypton to nexus player? There are no web pages on nexus player and I cannot get to Kodi.TV website to download 17.1. The Kodi app does not update on its own from Jarvis so I am stuck with old Jarvis on TV while everything else is on krypton, how do I get krypton on Google Nexus player?

  • JimmyS Aug 05, 2016 

    I tried to adapt to the new skin, (estuary), but I must to return to Confluence. I am afraid that Estuary and Etouchy are [b]BOTH[/b] tablet like skins, and serious lack of informations, structured easilly to the Monitor / Big Screen in numerous menus is no go for me. I tried, I truly did, but it can be only suitable for that Confluence users, which uses views like thumbnails etc. I am very sorry about that, and I am hoping, that Confluence will be usable (and most important stable and supported) at least next 5-8 years.

    • Canterflux Aug 09, 2016 

      Confluence was utterly terrible. It looked horribly outdated, had no logical layout and was highly buggy. It was highly off putting to new users. They actually replace it with a skin that looks a hell of a lot better, is intuitive and actually looks relatively modern. Yet your instinctive reaction is to whine about it not being Confluence and demand they continue to propagate the horror show for 5-8 years? You, sir, need to shut up.

      Estuary is good enough that I installed Arctic Zephyr and then completely failed to use it. I’ve not used the default skin for longer than 5 minutes in years… it’s actually good. Encourage that. Don’t bitch about it.

      If you’re that dammed desperate then install one of the other skins that are based on it.

      • Desparate Sep 21, 2016 

        What an Abusive little Ass. An honest opinion about skins and you try to insult him. He is absolutely correct. All of these so call skins have a initial slick look and most people always go back to confluence. It may not be perfect but it works and that is all people want.

  • romca Aug 07, 2016 

    good ! good ! increasingly better . Bravo for your hard work!

  • Alfreda Haidee Aug 07, 2016 

    can someone please upload some stickers to the stickermule marketplace (https://www.stickermule.com/marketplace/)? Thank you so much!

  • jmt Aug 07, 2016 

    i need uninstall the last version to install this Alpha?

  • Rainman Aug 07, 2016 

    way too buggy… that’s not alpha, that is pre-alpha!

  • James Cage Aug 08, 2016 

    Huge CPU usage and high CPU temperature on macOS El Capitan 10.11.6

  • mazey Aug 08, 2016 

    after awhile (a day or less) not able to quit kodi something is using alot of cpu when idle and not doing anything and then quit just freezes and waits forever. android tv.

  • Ayz74 Aug 08, 2016 

    thank you team. keep it up. you have my full support.

  • Micky Aug 08, 2016 

    One more question, I really beginner, I can Kodi 17 install on my box with 4.4 ???

    • atreyu Aug 09, 2016 


      • Micky Aug 09, 2016 

        Is this answer (no) for me, atreyu ??????

        • atreyu Aug 09, 2016 

          Yes, you can also read this in the blog.
          If the manufacturer of your box releases a 5.x android version, it will be possible.
          Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case…

      • Micky Aug 09, 2016 

        it can on the Mini M8S , Android 5.1 comes in ????? atreyu

        • atreyu Aug 09, 2016 

          If it’s running 5.x, then yes.

  • Xonic Aug 08, 2016 

    Since the music section has received “a lot of love”, do we finally get a proper queing feature for music? Play next and add to queue etc? (and without auto adding whole albums?). Been dreaming of that for a looong time.. Otherwise, thanx for a great piece of software!

  • Janozen Aug 09, 2016 


    Is the coming Kodibuntu release based on ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Kodi v17 final release also?

  • Jordan Aug 09, 2016 

    Hey it wont let me add any add-ons in the video menu on my android and when i go to delete kodi the reinstall it , the screen pops up problem parsing package ? How do i fix this

  • MM Aug 10, 2016 

    Can this be updated on the fire tv?

    • Grinder Aug 11, 2016 

      Wait for the beta.

  • Vik Aug 10, 2016 

    Hi, Love the build.

    I did notice one difference during video playback. Before I was able to simply type in a number to go to that time during video playback.

    Was that feature removed? Thanks

  • DarkraiDreams Aug 12, 2016 

    I cannot watch any of my add-ons is anyone expericeing this problem ???

  • Jeremy Aug 12, 2016 

    Can you get Sling TV with Kodi? or Watch ESPN?

    • Boxeeman3206 Aug 15, 2016 

      Good question. I honestly have no idea. I’ll have to do some googling on that.

  • Jeremy Aug 12, 2016 

    Since I updated to kodi 16 I haven’t been able to adjust the brightness is there a fix or add on i need?

  • radioman52 Aug 12, 2016 

    I have 3 lower end android 4.4. mxq boxes running 16.1 with excellent results.
    The sellers have abandoned the users and and their is no known update to 5 never mind even getting the backup flash…..
    Everyone is indicating that krypton needs 5 any solutions since I do not have wherewithal to purchase newer android 5 units

  • suanm Aug 13, 2016 

    I installed KODI 17 ALPHA 3.But it can’t work .So I dunno what I should do to make it work normally. An error prompt message pops up:” A shortage of DX11.1 dll file”
    How to solve the intractable problem?

  • suanm Aug 13, 2016 

    In fact I had already installed the DIRECTX 11.1 and DIRECTX 11.2 in advance,the error prompt message had appeared “A shortage of DX11.1 dll file” when I run KODI 17 alpha 3

  • suanm Aug 13, 2016 

    The KODI 16.1 version works perfectly in my pc.My pc runs on windows 8.1.But KODI 17 ALPHA 3 doesn’t work in my pc

  • elpocoloco Aug 14, 2016 

    mp3 stream addon not working on kodi 17

  • ayron Aug 15, 2016 

    my list isn’t working guys… I did everything correctly, I’m sure of it… step by step… tried on my desktop and my notebook with different versions of windows and kodi… What’s going on?

  • Wendel Aug 15, 2016 

    How do I download the latest kodi? I have kodi 16 and it is not working.

  • Boxeeman3206 Aug 15, 2016 

    When will krypton be officially released? Not a beta, not an alpha, an official release.

  • Dan Aug 18, 2016 


    Some times when i close Kodi 17.0 Alpha3 appears an error message and i always press close the program.
    I hope it will be fixed in the upcoming builds.

    Thanks, for the good work and Kodi.

  • Georgexy Aug 18, 2016 

    I have no bug!
    Its perfect!
    But the file path, please return the information screen.

  • z Aug 19, 2016 

    where did the addon changelog go? when an addon get updates I want to see what change was made to it… this button is gone in Kodi 17.

  • Sajk Aug 20, 2016 

    Im getting horrible picture quality during playback with this version. Where The picture is supposed to be “sharp” im getting some wierd lines and streches.

    Going back to 16 with hopes of a fix.

    Great workout!

  • francesco Aug 21, 2016 

    how do I update the information so the movie cover that kodi has not found in the first search?

    thank you

  • francesco Aug 21, 2016 

    you can not manually update the details of the films
    thank you

  • John Aug 21, 2016 

    When will the final cersion of Kodi Krypton be released?

  • Ves Aug 22, 2016 

    Would i be able to import my settings from Kodi 16 to Kodi 17? Can 17 be installed on top of 16?


  • Gary Aug 27, 2016 

    Is this version not support android 4.4.2?

  • michel Aug 29, 2016 


  • Bluesoxxs Sep 02, 2016 

    This is great news and can’t wait for the final release! I’m looking forward to what this team does in the future!

  • Pamela Sep 02, 2016 

    how do you get movies and tv to kodi. have downloaded the app

    • Animac Sep 18, 2016 

      Pamela, the best advice I can give you is to read the Kodi wiki – it tells you everything you need to know. Trying to ask for advice on this comments page is a bit hit and miss, but if you read the article fully, you’ll see that they ask you to go to the forum to ask for help, not try here.

  • ricky Sep 14, 2016 

    i hope this 1 is steady

  • erika Sep 19, 2016 

    does krypton work on android boxes with version 4.2.2? i cannot dl it

  • Omar Sep 23, 2016 

    kodi v17.0 krypton alpha 3 is still not available !? you should wait next year LoL !!!!

  • denise brown Sep 27, 2016 

    I want to download kodi?

  • Tariq Habassy Oct 01, 2016 

    Version 17.0 loads the list every time. It takes too long time to switch between channels when using programs with tv channel stream.
    Every time the back button is pressed, it re-loads the channel list. In version 16.x it loaded the list once as long you were inside the add-on.

  • i installed KODI 17 BETA 3 Oct 07, 2016 

    I installed KODI 17 BETA 3. I need to know how I set the radio client.

  • ImOk Oct 11, 2016 

    for Beta 3 of Krypton, Milkdrop (or any music visualizer) has been disabled? But the files are still there after install…

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