Kodi v17 “Krypton” Beta 6

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Nov 30, 2016 in Pre-Release

Kodi 17 features a huge amount of work in areas like video playback, live TV and PVR/DVR, the music library, skinning and more. It features a new default skin, as well as a new default touchscreen skin, named Estuary and Estouchy, respectively. With all this work done over the months some bugs might slip through and were hoping to quickly squash the coming beta releases. The changes for this sixth beta are the result of the continuous effort from the developers, either from inside the team or outside to get v17 into final release shape. and any outside. We sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with question.

Fixes done in this Beta 6:

• Show select dialog for director button in the information panel if there’s more than one director
• Fix video stall on Android during skipping of video or when opening the player controls
• Fix potential memory leak in image handling
• Fix several problems in the cmake build system
• Redact username and password from the log if user has advancedsettings.xml
• Fix creating temp folder when handling add-on updates on Windows which fixes the problem from Beta 4
• Fix possible crash on handling certain fonts
• Fix possible EPG lock up
• Fix ASS subtitles on Windows
• Fix memory leak with ASS and certain regular subtitles on all platforms
• Revert change that broke RTL (right to left)  language subtitles
• Force re scan of music file tags to makes use of the newest available library structure
• Fix not updating the favourites menu item after changes had been made
• Add privacy policy screen in system information
Remember last used subtitle service when searching again
• Fix hash checking in add-on installer which caused certain add-on not downloading when multiple repositories were installed
• Fix conversion of POPM music tag values to the new 0 to 10 rating
• Fix several issues to further improve controller support
• Update CEC library with additional fixes
• Fix some tag reading issues from music files

A full list of changes can be found here

• Microsoft has rolled out a fix for users of the Kodi UWP version in combination with AMD videocard that had BSOD. For more information see: Blue screen with error code 0×139

Known problems

• Upgrading the skin you are currently using fails on Windows. Temporary solution is switch back to the default Estuary skin and let the other skin update and then switch back.

We are trying to find the cause solve these problems. Of course there are some more however these are the most noticeable ones. Remember this is still Beta software so please be patient.


What’s new?

Privacy policy

Your privacy is an important factor that the XBMC Foundation and Team Kodi considers in the development of all of our software and services. We are committed to being transparent and open. This Privacy Policy explains generally how we receive information about you, and what we do with that information once we have it. As such we have added this privacy policy to our website and also made it available from within Kodi itself to read.


WARNING:  This of course does not mean your privacy is totally protected. In the end you are still responsible yourself for whatever you install or share. For the official Kodi repository we have a set of strict rules in place for any add-on that is added or updated and strive towards protecting the users from any harm that might come from using them. However once you decide to install any other repository or add-ons from outside our official repository you must make sure you are informed of any consequences. Do not blindly install any add-on but make sure to read up on what it does and what it might share with others. If you are not sure then take the safe route and don’t install it.

You might want to read this: Be aware what additional add-ons you install

Force music tag re-scan

With Kodi v17 a lot has changed in regards to the music library and part of this has been better tag scanning and usage. For this to work to it’s full potential it’s mandatory for your music files to be re-scanned and the available tags to be extracted. After you upgrade and enter the music library a choice will be giving to re-scan now or later. As this re-scan can take up quite some time and resources you can answer NO and continue browsing your library. Once you exit library and re-enter you will be prompted again asking to re-scan. Once you answer YES Kodi will start scanning all your music files and extract the tag data they contain to a certain degree. As mentioned this process takes quite some time depending on the size. During this time Kodi might be somewhat slower than normal. Do note that this will not reset your library to a new state or that you will loose data. It will simply update what is available and will leave all play counts and the rest as they were.



Estuary and Estouchy: next generation

Past March we announced that v17 would feature a brand new default skin called Estuary and since then it has been included in every build we have released. During this period our developers kept improving on how it looked, behaved and made use of the latest features that got included from what is shaping up to be the final release of v17. Since more and more users also started to use these development builds we started to receive a lot of feedback, where most was positive there was also some negative or at least constructive comments. As we are not deaf to these comments and try to create the best experience, our skin developer phil65 went back to the drawing board and rethought on how to incorporate this feedback into wat should become the final skin. With some help from ryanmah for the mockups, ichabod-fletchman for helping out this didn’t resulted in a total rewrite but simply reworking some parts of how the skin looks and behaves. The underlying skin code still remains the same for a very large part except for the parts where a smarter way of doing this magic was found. The visual top layer what you will see should still feel quite familiar if you have used any past v17 builds as not everything was redone.

At same time the touch skin Estouchy also got matched by our senior skin developer ronie to match the Estuary look.

For some screenshot you can visit the release announcement here: Default skin: Next Gen. Regardless you’ll see when you install this new update.



As previously noted, this is only a small summary of all the improvements in Kodi 17. For more, see the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 posts. Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page. You can install these build just on top of your current Kodi installation.

•  Official Kodi 17.0 development downloads (near the bottom of the page)
•  LibreELEC Raspberry Pi / x86  versions can be found here

Bug reports

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement as it is not a reporting or help section. Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 17.0 Krypton builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page. We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation, and t-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

Discussion - 156 Comments

  • AJ Schmidt Nov 30, 2016 

    good thing you guys fixed the ASS subtitles

    • Ryan Dec 02, 2016 

      Yeah, that really stunk before :)

  • Tony Nguyen Nov 30, 2016 

    Best update ever. Awsome and powerfull skin. Appreciate your hard working, guys.

  • Jacob Nov 30, 2016 

    It looks really good.
    I just noticed that the “Install from Zip-file” icon in the main menu doesn’t work.
    Tested with arm64 version on Nvidia Shield.

    • farsighted99 Dec 01, 2016 

      “Install from zip file” doesn’t work for sure.

      I can’t find anything. I’m not sure I like this new interface; a bit too drastic… Meh

      • atreyu Dec 05, 2016 

        Install from zip not working confirmed.
        I am sure it will be ironed out at some point

      • Daniel Dec 05, 2016 

        Confluence is still available as an optional skin if you don’t like the new one

      • ugur dal Dec 24, 2016 

        zıp dosyasından yükle seçeneğinin yanında arama var. ona tıkla tekrar çık. yazılı olarak zıp dosyasından yükle seçeneği gelecektir. bu şekilde zıp dosyasından yükleme yapabilirsiniz.

    • Magi Dec 11, 2016 

      If you click SEARCH, then press CANCEL it takes you to a slightly different screen with these selections. Install from Zip works from that screen.

  • MetalKettle Nov 30, 2016 

    Great news. Thank you for your continuous updates. Krypton is gonna be great.

  • aCiDjEsUs Nov 30, 2016 

    Thank you for your hard work.

  • Flavien Nov 30, 2016 
    • Jacob Dec 01, 2016 

      It’s a false positive from only one AV. Quite frankly i wouldn’t trust Quihoo.

      • James Dec 02, 2016 

        Not so, Kaspersky (is that name good enough for you?) killed my kodi after I tried to install a daily a few days back and beta6 is doing it again today

        Detected : not-a-virus.PDM:RiskTool.Win32.DelShad…

        I have two option. Disinfect with restart and disinfect without a restart.

        FY: It’s bad form to have a go at someone just for reporting an issue he’s/she’s had, especially when you don’t know what you are talking about.

        To those that do. Am running Windows 10 64bit & latest kaspersky internet suit. Hope that helps

        • Jacob Dec 02, 2016 

          I uploaded the kodi-17.0-Krypton_beta6.exe to Virustotal.com and it didn’t find anything. Even Kaspersky says it’s clean. It seems that those AVs corrected their error. It was a false alarm.

          • james Dec 03, 2016 

            yup, the installer finished this time :)
            Not sure what I make of the interface changes in win 10 (on the initial screen). all the menu’s now go offscreen on 1080p to the point where favourites on the left side menu disappears ??because “add-ons” is higher up the list?? Surely that’s a setting, and an occasional one at the?
            and the button bar across the top, which was fine as it was, now requires a lot of scrolling. No doubt the rest has many improvements it’s just that seemed like a step back, so I thought I’d feed that back (it’s not a complaint)

            I had hoped I’d find the resolution had dropped to 720p (it happens sometimes when you remote in) but no, it seems this is how its supposed to be. I’m guessing it’s a “phone related” decision, but i thought that was was what es-touchy was all about?

        • Terry Dec 03, 2016 

          i’m sure you can get your money back from Kodi for what they changed you for Kodi.
          Stop crying and help them look for soultions.

          • james Dec 04, 2016 

            I guess your english could do with some work. Nobody was crying. I just thought the commenter I responded to was being a grade a twit. The first chap quite helpfully let the team know there was an issue. Jacob more or less called him an idiot and questioned whether he even had a right to say anything based on his perceived “quality of AV product”. All I did, after uploading my daily and beta to kaspersky (“in order to help”) was point out that Jacob would do better not being so negative as it just ain’t right.

            It seems jacob ain’t the only twonk with a keyboard so I will say the same to you. If you have no clue what you’re talking about, and have nothing good to say, can I suggest you say nothing as you’ll look slightly less stupid

          • Robert Dec 05, 2016 

            He was right James, the problem was with the low quality AV software. Your ignorance and insulting really isn’t needed here.

  • iceman Nov 30, 2016 

    thanks for all your efforts, even with my old *** tv, it runs so nice and its a pleasure to to have it.

  • Juan Nov 30, 2016 

    Kodi best sofware thank you guys God bless you all

  • Raymond Dec 01, 2016 

    [Fix creating temp folder when handling add-on updates on Windows which fixes the problem from Beta 4]

    So many people reverted back to KODI 16.1 because they did not know that they could create the “temp” folder manually. Now it’s all aystems go for KODI 17 final !

  • HUSNAIN G ALI Dec 01, 2016 

    Is passthrough fixed on Android TV (Sony bravia)

  • wallou Dec 01, 2016 

    Thank you
    No trouble for me with nvidia shield with arm64 apk
    All working perfectly, the default skin is better
    PVR IPTV is better, more faster
    Good job.

  • JB Dec 01, 2016 

    Thank you for the latest update. Your forward looking vision for Kodi, time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • Greig Fine Dec 01, 2016 

    I am somewhat new to Kodi so am just learning, but wanted to say thank you for all the work you are doing with this program. I continue to be amazed at all that it will do, and am in awe of the dedication to this project provided. Thanks ever so much for the enjoyment you bring.

  • ADDISON Dec 01, 2016 

    Is there a fix for Kodi stopping unexpectedly. I am using Jarvis but for some reason I can update to Krypton

  • Seturan Dec 01, 2016 

    kodi-17.0-krypton_beta6.exe detected as malware by Kaspersky AV

    • Tyler Dec 15, 2016 

      its a false positive that has only been detected by 2 AV softwares.

  • Ray Dec 01, 2016 

    Great to see that hardware acceleration on my android tv is working like a charm again! Thanks guys!!

  • Rudders Dec 01, 2016 

    Finally I can upgrade from Beta 3.

    Not too keen on the default skin as everything seems to be too big for the screen even on my 55″. I’m sticking with Estuary MOD as it looks much nicer and tidier and you can adjust the transparency for the fanarts to show through more. The default Estuary should take some of these features over.

    Great effort though Team KODI. Still the best media centre.

    • raumich Dec 02, 2016 

      Estuary MOD is great. It shares the same qualities as Estuary (Estuary is a nearly perfect skin) but improves on many aspects. You stil can’t configure Estuary the way I want to do it. but I can with the MOD.

      • Edje Dec 16, 2016 

        Where can i find the skin Estuary mod? Or is that an addin?

  • mazey Dec 01, 2016 

    if catagory icons could shrink a little so we get 2 lines of shows per page would be nice, also the default blue theme has a greenish blue background now it doesnt look good at all. bring back the blue one plz :)

    • Allan Dec 01, 2016 

      I also feel that they take up too much vertical space that would be more valuable to display content. Rather than make the category icons smaller, I suggest eliminating them altogether – using only text labels. I don’t feel the icons add anything to the text (and in some cases, I don’t even find them illustrative of the category). Text labels only for the categories would be tidy, allow consistent width with the media icons below, and allow more content to be displayed.

  • Rudders Dec 01, 2016 

    Also just noticed that DTS capable receiver is now missing from audio settings. Only AC3 showing. TV is capable of both though.

  • Lauren Dec 01, 2016 

    How many Betas are there going to be before we get a release.

    • Trenchant Dec 01, 2016 

      Presumably as many as it takes to make sure that all show-stopping issues are resolved, and then it’s on to Release Candidates. Considering how much change is involved in Krypton, it could be another few releases, and that’s absolutely how it should be, especially now that so many people have Kodi installations that auto-update to the latest stable version. It’s more important than ever before.

  • chris Dec 01, 2016 

    Please bring back the possibility to use a custom, non-blurred background image.

    This is a) the easiest way to customize your individual Kodi instance, and 2) i have grown very fond of my “Milky Way.png” background with “gold” theme color.

    It worked very well in beta 5 that way, and even if beta 6 now uses bigger symbols, it still might look better than the blurred patterns.

    Thanks for all your work!

  • StoneOffStones Dec 01, 2016 

    Hello amazing Kodi-Team,

    the next gen Estuary-Skin looks really cool!
    Of course, now at this point of the development is not all 100% finished and perfect but the new look and feel of kodi17 ist really great and you’re definitely on the right track.
    Will submit my suggestions for improvement as issus at GitHub, perhaps these will also be taken into account ;)

    God bless you!!!

  • Poppeye Dec 01, 2016 

    Thanks for the great update!

    +1 for slightly smaller category icons. Also, please bring back the “File/Library” icon.

  • Poppeye Dec 01, 2016 

    Oh, and please bring back the little rating overlay on the movie covers, that was awesome!

  • Pawel Dec 01, 2016 

    After update from version beta 5 to beta 6 from Android Playstore i have a problem.
    I have Nvidia Shield TV and every time after update program is stopping and closing.
    I see main menu in kodi only for one second..
    On beta 5 everything worked good.

    • fault1er Dec 03, 2016 

      Same here on my 2nd Gen. Fire TV. When Kodi starts i see the home screen for a second or two… and then it goes back to the Fire TV main menu.
      In Beta 5 everything worked fine. Perhaps I have to install it clean without keeping my settings.

  • Christian Dec 01, 2016 

    Please add forward and backward buttons in kodi 17, using arrow keys for forward and backward is not very convenient, specially in movies. thanks

  • Blacky Dec 01, 2016 

    on android beta 6 live tv touch control only working turning the tablet upsidedown for rightside tuchaeras (info epg usw…).
    Stop live tv playback touchaera is ok

  • Jbcool Dec 01, 2016 

    I had a problem with hooking up to network computer that I keep my movies there. No problem with v.16
    I will give another go but will see.
    And by pass HDMI I have a white noise.

  • MUNCHY Dec 01, 2016 

    kodi is fantastic ive used it for years and its always been amazing. Untill 3 months ago. Now just like my plex kodi will switch monitors on a multi monitor setup without me asking. Its become suck an annoying big issue for me that I’m starting to look at alternatives. I have formatted my machine 3 times installed on different hds and still kodi will just switch to a new monitor. This happens with both the desktop version and the app version and its in windows 10. any tips?

  • MUNCHY Dec 01, 2016 

    forgot to mention this stared happening when I bought a zotac amp extreme and had to use display port. I have tried 4 separate display cables too. yeh I love kodi that much.

  • Twilight0 Dec 01, 2016 

    I don’t have issues or crashes with skin change on Windows 10. Tried two different skins on nearly clean installation.

  • seb Dec 01, 2016 

    in this new skin, how can I have the tv channels on the left and the tv video playing on the right but in small window. in confluence I hit ‘esc’ and ‘h’. in this skin does not give me the minimized video window

    • atreyu Dec 01, 2016 

      Nope, it doesn’t unfortunately.
      Use Confluence if you want that…

  • Steve Dec 01, 2016 

    Thanks, great work…after install, I lost my weather, and now Yahoo is not showing up as a weather choice. And WU needs me to add an aPI key or something, all I want to simple, and Yahoo was EZ….Thank you!

  • Chris Dec 01, 2016 

    I want to try this out on my Nvidia shield. Is there a way to install this and keep my current install?

  • tigges Dec 01, 2016 

    I cannot unterstand why there is still no “back” button implemented. Instead of only using my touchpad, I now have to use my keyboard, too. In the Addon details view, there is no way to close the window, other than using the keyboard. At least give us an option to have a back button… Furthermore, scolling on Mac in settings view does not work properly.

  • hrubak Dec 01, 2016 

    Hello, I updated to Beta 6 from Beta 5 and lost the “Update library” option that was located in the movies/series section, is there any way to bring it back? Thank you :)

    • StevenB Dec 02, 2016 

      Go into the movies or TV window, then press left to open the options and it’s in there

  • [email protected] Dec 01, 2016 

    Missing the dts sound on aftv2 .. Ac3 is working fine ….dts is transformed to pcm (stereo) :( tried all options with no succesfully result

    • John Rose Dec 04, 2016 

      I can confirm that dts is missing from my aftv2.

      • Timmiotool Dec 18, 2016 

        Confirm that DTS Passhtrough Option ist missing in Audio Settings and DTS Audio transformed to PCM … teststed of Fire TV 4K…

  • asaintfort Dec 01, 2016 

    Look for movies info and poster arts for our movies libraries lol

  • Claus Dec 01, 2016 

    Cool Skin, but in windows 10 it is to zoom:((
    Tanks for all your good work:))

  • Vitaly Gurevich Dec 02, 2016 

    I’m glad you fixed the ASS leak, it was making a large mess.

  • JoAnn Dec 02, 2016 

    Down loaded Kodi v17 to my Android box, but it would not install.

    • Ron Dec 04, 2016 

      what android version are you using….it will not work with older versions

  • Michal Chvala Dec 02, 2016 

    New graphics are nice, but the font is too small too difficult to read icons are smaller than they could be. Still is enough space around so Enlarge this could be. I have a 42 ” TV and watch from far three meters. I have an old-SIZE? It’s standard 60 ” TV?

  • iLux Dec 02, 2016 

    Thanks for the hard work! I’m looking forward to the final release of Krypton! Looks promising.
    Right now I’m still on 15.2 because of crashes and other isseus in 16.x

  • Milan Dec 02, 2016 

    And direct recording live tv in kodi 17 + Timer with pc and no tuner.

  • OliR Dec 02, 2016 

    Good job!
    From my point of view you should consider something else in the field of music virtualization. Such old virtualizations from time of WinAmp that is primeval!
    I switched off the whole virtualization – I am annoying this retro stuff.
    Please find something nice: for example, a kind of slideshow from the artist – something that does not annoy.

  • Rodalpho Dec 02, 2016 

    3 days after release and still not on the unstable PPA. How are linux users supposed to get the beta release?

  • timmom Dec 02, 2016 

    In kodi 17 beta 6,when play dvd or bd in menu navigation mode,the video quality is not as good as play the single .m2ts or .vob file,as kodi 16.x.
    But in kodi 17 beta 1 to beta 5,this problem doesn’t exist.

  • T33Hud Dec 02, 2016 

    Just updated the new beta in my phone. Nice job on the updates to Estouchy, very clean and easy!

  • Hal Dec 02, 2016 

    Is this new revision of Estuary for the visually impaired??? Why are the category icons so BIG? The recently added videos are cut off at the bottom which makes it an added navigation to get to. If you use the mouse, u can’t even click on them unless the row is fully on the screen. I don’t see why the previous main movie/tv shows menus had to be changed.. this looks messy with items half off the screen.

    • Anthony Wood Dec 03, 2016 

      Agreed. Cutting off half way is not a good look.

      I am most appreciative of all the work that goes into this project and hope that a comment or suggestion is not regarded as harsh.

    • Mario Dec 28, 2016 

      Agree. Mouse support is almost gone everywhere. And the cut-off sections in the category menus make them even harder to use. Dont like it.

  • Lanternon Dec 02, 2016 

    I would say this is still pretty serious bug.


    • Martijn Dec 02, 2016 

      I’d say it not.

  • Don Hunter Dec 02, 2016 

    Hi guys, have been using Kodi since inception and have to say, it’s great, I get a little fed up with people complaining that “this or that ” doesn’t work the way they want it to. It works for me and if you have constructive comment for guys that work their nuts of for little reward then let them know.
    Krypton is still in development, from a bunch of guys ( and girls) that work really hard to give us all an alternate system, you want more! Try contributing a little ( time or help)
    Rant over !

  • supeer Dec 02, 2016 

    PVR Manager does not start up with DVBLink PVR Client 3.3.7 on Shield TV. Anyone else having this problem?

    • atreyu Dec 04, 2016 

      Disable/enable works.
      For some (libreelec) installs it helps to start kodi only after network is connected on boot

  • Cuco Dec 02, 2016 

    Hi, awesome default skin, I’ll suggest an option to enable ratings on movies and tvshows.

    Ir remote issues, since beta 3 remote goes crazy, or just don’t respond. Is working fine in 16.1. Usb keyboard works fine too in.beta 6

    Intel nuc 6i5 Windows 10 x64

  • Oliver Schmid Dec 02, 2016 

    What ever happened to RERO? By the time Krypton is a final stable release it will have been another year just like previous releases. What’s early and often about that?

    • Zee Dec 03, 2016 

      6 beta releases don’t count as write often?

      • Oliver Schmid Dec 04, 2016 

        Of course it doesn’t. That’s just the process of a stable release. The exact same way as all previous releases. The consumer that doesn’t use betas due to instability doesn’t care about how many are released. They only see one stable release. One release a year is not RERO.

        • sgo Dec 05, 2016 

          There’s been lots of under-the-hood work done in v17. I bet once the stable Krypton release is out, you’ll see more incremental updates. You wouldn’t want unstable core features now, would you?

  • h Dec 03, 2016 

    64bit verison for OSX but no 64bit windows builds?

    spread the love: buy a mac

  • Mark Dec 03, 2016 

    Would love the graphic as a background. Where can I get a copy of that?

  • pegas1606 Dec 03, 2016 

    I have some problems with the audio output through HDMI with KODI 17 Krypton. It starts rattle the speakers and no sound at all but doing it only during prolonged operation KODI not always.

  • Jay Dec 03, 2016 

    Not all addons work properly with beta version. Just a heads up. I can only confirm that “KissAnime” does not work with beta version. Please check that out =)

    • atreyu Dec 04, 2016 

      Thats somerhing the addon devs will have to look at.

  • Fred Dec 03, 2016 

    New Kodi looks very good. But very sad is, does Kodi since version 16 can’t deinterlacing on any PVR and it is un-usable. In Kodi 15.2 I had a great picture with perfect deinterlacing, All Versions above does not work. I am the only with this bug?

    • Alex Dec 03, 2016 

      same here

    • Art Dec 03, 2016 


    • atreyu Dec 04, 2016 

      You might not be the only one, but i don’t experience this

    • anarcode Dec 04, 2016 

      The deinterlace option is greyed out in this release for Android. It’s probably because the new hardware accelerated deinterlacing feature hasn’t been implemented on Android yet or it’s caused a regression. I hope it’s re-enabled before the final release.

  • Shane Wilson Dec 03, 2016 

    New skin update is more polished, but I can’t help feel that it is zoomed in too much, imo you should at least see two rows of Movie/TV Show posters along with categories. Would like to see the Refresh library button make a comeback on the front page as well.

    Would be awesome if there was a way to modify the order of the rows, but i don’t imagine that would be an easy task to accomplish / would bulk out the skin too much?

    Thanks for the hard work :)

  • João Dec 03, 2016 

    Heavy Version! :(
    Will it have a light version? :)
    For poorer people?

    • Android Dec 03, 2016 

      Difficult !!!
      Buy another device :) :) :)

  • Android Dec 03, 2016 

    I want Multi Lists in PVR!!!

    • atreyu Dec 04, 2016 

      Great, tell me when you are finished

  • John Dec 03, 2016 

    Is there an ETA on the official release of Kodi 17.0 yet?

  • baudav Dec 03, 2016 

    Amlogic S905X: x265 two pass not work.. green screen.
    T°CPU never updated. display load CPU4 truncated.
    display used space truncated.
    not display resolution in media info(when play video); not display codec video in media info before start video
    DTS passthrough KO.
    h264 4K: KO

  • Josh Dec 03, 2016 

    I’m still running beta 1. If I install beat 6 will all of my modifications and addons have to be redone and set up? I have beta 1 working perfectly for me and would hate to have to spend the time reconfiguring everything for the latest beta version.

    By the way….love Kodi 17! Keep up the good work.

    • Josh Dec 06, 2016 

      Does anyone know the answer to this?

  • Elias Jr. Dec 04, 2016 

    Where can i download Krypton 17.0?

    • atreyu Dec 04, 2016 

      You can find it on the download page.
      Scroll down a bit for the betas…

  • Frogmort Dec 05, 2016 

    It would be really nice if there was a way to pause a movie without having the picture covered with black at the top and particularly at the bottom. I like to take screenshots and also I lower my projector during widescreen movies, but now I can’t see the bottom of the image to lower it, and screenshots are covered by the black pause thing. It would be awesome if there was a key I could press to temporarily remove the black over the image while paused.

    • Graham Dec 09, 2016 

      +1 Just try to pause while the credits are rolling and you can’t read half of them

      • Frogmort Dec 09, 2016 

        I see what you’re saying, but what I do is find a bright scene. I used to be able to pause and then adjust my projector down no problem, but now I have to keep rewinding and adjusting quickly while it’s playing in order to see the image.

        Also, there is no way to get decent screenshots now with that black all over the screen.

  • greengeek Dec 05, 2016 

    Just installed it on a RP3+. I didn’t think i would like the new vertical skin, however I am loving it!!! Awesome job all involved!!!!!

  • Graham Dec 05, 2016 

    Great work! Just downloaded the Windoze store version and loving the cleaned up interface.

    Looking for the enhanced id3 tag handling promised for v17. The install didn’t seem to make any changes to the database but just hooked up to my old one (filename MyMusic56.db). Are those changes still coming?

  • Raymond Dec 05, 2016 

    Beta 5 skin looked better. (menu bar at bottom and small settings icons at right top content box. Also the divider bars at top with clock and bottom)

  • anon Dec 05, 2016 

    still terrible support for older systems (like i said in wich 85% of laptop/pc users are still on).
    i use kodi as a library sort and have to use kmp player (wich works perfectly with movies). mainly 720p playback problems on older laptops. isengard still plays movies fine.

    When you design software on high end systems your designing it for high end system and you create buggy software for most of us not with silver spoons enough to afford laptop or p upgrades every 2-3 years. Its gotten worse for android phones in general (not just kodi), most tablets and phones are absolete within 1-2 years and phase out support for google play store (wich sucks anyway do to everyone forcing adds on thier apps).

    tsk tsk tsk. longtime kodi user. ever since windows xp was discontinued for some reason video playback has sucked for older systems, i used to be able to play 1080p playback and now have trouble playing some 720p files. :P since windows 7 started (especialy TV 720p playback and large movies).

    • Martijn Dec 05, 2016 

      So stick to some old Kodi version. No one forces you to upgrade. Don’t attack us for moving forward and not staying in the dark ages.

  • Scope Dec 05, 2016 

    I see the bug/issue I saw in Beta 5 has still not been fixed:

    Video will stutter really bad unless OSD is on at the same time… This can easily be replicated by switching OSD on and off.. When OSD is OFF video stutters, switch it ON and video displays just fine.

    Would love to run with v17, but afraid I have no option that to go back to v16.

    • Frogmort Dec 06, 2016 

      I have also noticed a ‘jerkiness’ when watching some videos. It almost looks like PAL converted to NTSC or something. Like it’s dropping or adding frames occasionally. It doesn’t always do it, but it does quite a bit. Didn’t have this problem with v16 Jarvis.

  • Raymond Dec 05, 2016 

    O.M.G !! Once you discover Estuary MOD skin by Guilouz you will never go back to Jarvis. I’m kryptonized …. (life is too short)

  • Garth Winslow Dec 05, 2016 

    Is there anyway to get a high res version of that picture?!

  • Jürgen Dec 06, 2016 

    I alsoliked the option to set my own background picture or wallpaper in Esuary … also preferred the blue color to be honest.

    Otherwise thanks for all your hard work!

  • bledd Dec 06, 2016 

    Looking forward to this release :)

    Thanks again gents. Donation coming your way.

  • Sebastian Dec 06, 2016 

    Great work. Love Kodi 17 and Beta 6 works nearly perfect on 2 Windows maschines.
    Unfortunaly external Pulse-Eight CEC Adapter is not working under Krypton (Win7). “Peripherals” is greyed out in menu.
    Tested on both PCs with Beta 6 and earlier.
    Hope you fix this bug til next version.

  • Vince Dec 06, 2016 

    Skin is nice and better now to downside.

    -Kodi crashes all the time.
    -Toogle fullscreen everything goes black for couple of seconds
    -Mouse support is almost gone
    -It buffers movies on hard drive!?

    All the minus worked perfect on previous beta. Beta6 seems and step backward.

    • Mario Dec 28, 2016 

      Agree, also struggling with mouse support.

  • posto9 Dec 06, 2016 

    Great beta. More stable than beta 3. running perfect
    Good work, thanks!

  • Michael Dec 07, 2016 

    Please add the fast forward and rewind button back. Can’t understand why such a commonly used button has been removed

  • Harry Dec 07, 2016 

    When I use 2 monitors and have Kodi on one of them, than I can’t click on the other one because it thinks that Kodi is in fullscreen so it minimizes. It’s annoying and causes fails.

  • Steve Dec 07, 2016 

    When getting the latest UPDATE…..
    What is the difference between the
    MASTER and
    KRYPTON versions?

    They both appear to be updated same date?

  • Calahan Dec 08, 2016 

    The “Install from Zip File” selection is broken

    Simple Fix – Go To “Search” next to “Install from Zip”, Hit Cancel and then it should work just fine!

  • Foradh Dec 09, 2016 

    Great work!!! Many thanks to the team.
    There is one problem with the new skin and the WOL funktion for NAS-Systems.
    If i boot up Kodi 17 with the skin Estuary, Kodi sent a WOL signal on startup and my NAS wake up. At Confluence the WOL signal was only sent if i try to access my Data on the NAS.
    I don´t know how to report this “bug”

  • selven Dec 10, 2016 

    i can’t install video addons v17-krypton-beta-6 help!!!!

    • hrc Dec 11, 2016 

      same over here. not possible at all over all beta versions used by me.

  • kikassridec2 Dec 10, 2016 

    +1 Steve Dec 7

    master/krypton what the difference is ??

  • Shadowhunter Dec 10, 2016 

    I go back. Those big tiles are not useable. Doesn’t work for me. :-(

  • Felix Dec 10, 2016 

    Hello everyone!

    First of all many thanks to the ppl involved in making Kodi!

    I updated to Kodi 17 on my Android TV running Android 6.1 (Sony KDL55W807C). I’m trying to get Kodi to start, but I’m stuck at the “Add-on migration in progress – please wait”-Screen, for almost 3 hours now…

    Does anyone have an idea to fix this or is it just a matter of waiting?

    Thanks a lot in advance!



  • OSMAN Dec 10, 2016 

    master- 18.0 alpha 1
    krypton- 17.0 beta 7

  • fasdfsa Dec 10, 2016 

    please add loop button for iptv simple client we can’t watch tv

  • mlc Dec 12, 2016 

    Thanks guys for your hard work. Kodi is currently the best mediacenter in my opinion. Running for years on an ubuntu based htpc. Thanks again :-)

  • Monique Dec 12, 2016 

    Great update but where is the option to change fonts for the subtitles? It’s disappeared! Anyone who can help?

  • Dippy kaos Dec 14, 2016 

    Not sure if this applies to the other betas, but I downloaded beta 6 on both pc and android. But for some reason the sbs playback only works on pc and not the phone. Hopefully it’ll work for Android once the alpha is released so I can watch anything with my VR headset. Otherwise I have to keep downgrading to 15.2

  • Samy Gjerulff Dec 14, 2016 

    Good work guys, but also please add the option in Android version for SPDIF in digital sound, I have HUGE problems with Dolby digital when passthrough because I cant choose SPDIF like in the windows version…. when Dobly Digital playing it is stuttering ! No problem with DTS at all I have a Matricom G box Quad core

  • Looney Dec 14, 2016 

    My mac updated automatically to Sierra 10.12.2 and ever since the update Kodi 17 beta 6 is very slow and sluggish. Before was blazing fast. Don’t know how OS X could have caused this. I hope Beta 7 is coming soon to fix this

  • Tyler Dec 15, 2016 

    I cant seem to be able to use the install from zip button in the add-ons menu. as this is not a problem for those on computer who can migrate their old setting, it no longer allows android devices to install anything from outside sou.rces(Fusion)

    • Felix Dec 15, 2016 

      Same here! After I deleted all data on my android TV , the Add-on Migration process worked fine and Kodi booted into the Main Menu.

      But since I had no Add-Ons or any data left, I wanted to reinstall my addons. Unfortunately as Tyler already pointed out I can’t select the Option “Install from ZIP”…

      I’d be very grateful if you could fix this :)

  • Joe Blanco Dec 15, 2016 

    The Kodi team, should rule the world !

  • Bernard Dec 18, 2016 

    Great work guys.
    I love the new skin.
    Many thanks
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Darnell C Nelson Dec 18, 2016 

    kodi 17 is great but the volume keep muting even if I hit the F8 button or plus sign on keyboard it turn back up then turn back down why it keep doing this please fix please.
    I have a nvidia shield tv plug up to vizio 4k tv I think the hdmi cord that’s doing this

  • Joe Dadey Dec 18, 2016 

    Once again, my head’s about to explode from waiting for a new release of Kodi! You developers will never know the joy you bring to the hearts of so many who download, setup, and just plain “play” with this software. Thank you !

  • Stefan Dec 18, 2016 


    great app and update.

    I use Kodi 17 beta 6 and have some troble with the language.
    for my libary i want german nfos about the movies and it Shows only english.

    what doing im wrong?

    the scrape is german setted ..

    maybe u have some ideas?

    Kind regards stefan

  • Mathias Dec 28, 2016 

    My library did dispersed after update to latest beta. Have no idea how to get it back.

  • Gerard Jan 02, 2017 

    Great software, been using it since xbmc days, I have the whole MySQL thing going as all rooms in my house have a ‘pc on a stick’ my issue is with the krypton release, all of my pc on a stick machines kill the hdmi feed? After an unplug and replug they work again? Any suggestions? And no it’s not power settings on windows it’s set to full power on all of them

  • john paul Jan 08, 2017 

    Does the new version 17 include casting? So you don’t need local cast anymore?

  • paul days Jan 19, 2017 

    can´t seem to download

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 19, 2017 

      If you’re trying to download Beta 6 – we’re on RC3 now. Check the download links, and post to the forum if you still have problems.

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