Kodi v17 “Krypton” – Default skin: Next Gen

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Nov 19, 2016 in Pre-Release

Past March we announced that v17 would feature a brand new default skin called Estuary and since then it has been included in every build we have released. During this period our developers kept improving on how it looked, behaved and made use of the latest features that got included from what is shaping up to be the final release of v17. Since more and more users also started to use these development builds we started to receive a lot of feedback, where most was positive there was also some negative or at least constructive comments. As we are not deaf to these comments and try to create the best experience, our skin developer phil65 went back to the drawing board and rethought on how to incorporate this feedback into wat should become the final skin. With some help from ryanmah for the mockups, ichabod-fletchman for helping out this didn’t resulted in a total rewrite but simply reworking some parts of how the skin looks and behaves. The underlying skin code still remains the same for a very large part except for the parts where a smarter way of doing this magic was found. The visual top layer what you will see should still feel quite familiar if you have used any past v17 builds as not everything was redone.

So what have we done you might wonder? Well images speak a thousand words

v17-estuary_ng_000 v17-estuary_ng_002
v17-estuary_ng_006 v17-estuary_ng_008
v17-estuary_ng_009 v17-estuary_ng_010
v17-estuary_ng_011 v17-estuary_ng_013
v17-estuary_ng_017 v17-estuary_ng_018
v17-estuary_ng_019 v17-estuary_ng_020
v17-estuary_ng_021 v17-estuary_ng_022
v17-estuary_ng_023 v17-estuary_ng_024

It will also include some different colour schemes so you can tweak it to your liking. We will hope to include this update skin as soon as possible into our beta builds and hopefully will be something that a a lot of people will enjoy.

v17-estuary_ng_026 v17-estuary_ng_027
v17-estuary_ng_028 v17-estuary_ng_025

These are just some examples as we’ll be adding several more over time. It should also improve compatibility for non 16:9 screen like 21:9 widescreens and the more square 4:3 screen sizes.



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  • zureba Nov 19, 2016 

    this skin is amazing can create pvr to watch torrent stream TV ? thanks

  • Gyin Nov 19, 2016 

    Wooohooo the skin looks awesome!
    Can’t wait to try it on my little nuc!

    • Archer Nov 20, 2016 

      Phrasing !

  • Venkatesh Nov 19, 2016 

    Amazing improvements. Except few issues like Hardware Acceleration codec issues and skin helper service failure issue, this is a great app for my Bravia Android TV

    • Hitcher Nov 20, 2016 

      Nothing to do with the skin.

  • Android Nov 19, 2016 

    Kodi is very swollen
    Will it run on less powerful devices? :(

  • Lemos Nov 19, 2016 

    Hi, I don’t know if this is coming in the next build but there are 2 features that I think that should always have been on kodi. One is to show on the progress bar when whatching a vídeo a preview on a small pip/preview like YouTube or Netflix, this is so helpful! This should be implemented as soon as possible. The other thing is the time to hide all options/buttons when whatching a video, now it’s a fixed time and in my opinion it’s too much time, i think this should be defined, for me i like 2/3 seconds and now it seems like 5 or more and it feels like an eternity… Good job on kodi, love it for a long time! This new skin looks really good!

  • bleze Nov 19, 2016 

    Will native 4K resolution be supported or still just 720p which is upscaled?

    • Klojum Nov 19, 2016 

      Estuary is a 1080p skin. So it should upscale fine on a 4K monitor/tv. Native 4K skins are possible, but I haven’t encountered any of them yet. Just like 21:9 skins, which are rarely created/supported.

  • Billy Nov 19, 2016 

    Nice to see better legibility. Looking forward to try it. The only feedback I can say based on the pics is that it looks a bit dark and gloomy. Has a kind of murky vibe to it.

    • Victor Medina Nov 20, 2016 

      Dark is good. Most people watch TV in the dark which makes it easier on the eyes. You must be an Apple fan boy that prefers all white crap everywhere.

      • Mike Nov 20, 2016 

        That’s really not necessary

      • Matt Nov 21, 2016 

        Well that escalated quickly…

      • Iain MacMillan Nov 21, 2016 

        Why would you write that? Are you a 14 year gamer on a rant about some youtube video? Light and Dark settings have their use for people of differing eyesight quality. Since when did white directly link a person to a product? What an inane comment.

      • costa Nov 27, 2016 

        never had an Apple anything, but I prefer light colors to dark ones.I watch in a well lit to dim lit environment on a room size screen, so a not too harsh contrast is prefered.

    • Prizm Dec 06, 2016 

      I agree, my first thought was that it was a bit too dark and murky. The layout itself looks promising though. Many skins have a light version, so maybe this will as well. Lighter coloured interfaces are more inviting.

  • Marciano Nov 19, 2016 

    Am i right that in the screenshots that the pvr section have now fanart?

    Or was that already possible?

    • Art-101 Nov 19, 2016 

      It looks more like something is being watched and the guide had been brought to the front over the top.

      No change there.

  • Joel Klotten Nov 19, 2016 

    Thank You to all developers! It looks amazing!

  • Jimmy Nov 19, 2016 

    For sure it looks better, more user friendly to non tablet devices :) Thank you!

  • Mitchell Nov 19, 2016 

    Looks nice, but without a horizontal home menu option I’ll never be using it.

    • Oliver Schmid Nov 20, 2016 

      I could not agree more. And it’s a slap in the face for anyone that’s been using the horizontal Confluence skin since what seems like forever. And from what I see in the pictures this new skin is going to be even harder to use for those non-nerds newbies that are using Kodi for the first time. I maintain a high number of Kodi setups for those friends that have a hard time doing it themselves and that’s about 90% of them. It’s a great thing that there are plenty of skins to choose from. This is a perfect example of why folks love the simplicity of Apple products.

      • DOOBOB Nov 23, 2016 

        I suggest you stop volunteering to manage/maintain a friends set up. Either get smarter friends, or stop being a know-it-all.

      • nils Nov 28, 2016 

        This is exactly true. My parents will have hard time. They refused to use kodi.

        I had to setup appletv4

        Pretty sad. Kodi was never mainstream product .kodi team does not gave the vision to reach the wider audience. Which is pretty sad.

    • imnee Nov 20, 2016 

      The horizontal menu was the one and only thing I disliked about Kodi. Especially when using a mouse. I absolutely love having everything on the screen and not having to scroll left and right to access features. The new interface is spot on.

      • selven Nov 20, 2016 


    • Matt Nov 21, 2016 

      Did you not hear?
      Vertical is the new Horizontal!

    • Pete Nov 21, 2016 

      I love the new skin don’t take the criticism too hard its obviously going to divide opinion. Personally I prefer everything on one screen, I think it works better for more input methods and quick navigation.

      I have shown a few newbies and despite the complaints on here about it looking too complicated in general they prefered the new interface over confluence.

  • Juanma Nov 19, 2016 

    This looks so beautiful… So amazing.. I just stand up and clap to this professional work and is the best example of taking advantage of an active community to improve even more a very polished product. Kodi team is awesome

  • Steve Nov 19, 2016 

    is this build available now? I DL the latest nightly and its not this one… ?

  • Frank Nov 19, 2016 

    A big let down from Confluence. Change just for the sake of change. No thanks.

    • Hitcher Nov 20, 2016 

      If you don’t like it then simply stick with Confluence.

      • Frank Nov 21, 2016 

        Of course I can stick with Confluence, I know that. Doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to express my dislike for the new skin. Or are only positive comments allowed on these hallowed forums?

        • ZeroOneZero Nov 23, 2016 

          You may well like Confluence but it looked so clunky and amatuerish that it I know at least 5-6 people who were so put off by it they uninstalled it. The new skin looks nice, has a more consistent layout and is frankly far more professional looking. In fact you’re literally the only person who seems to like Confluence on here

  • MrMooCow Nov 19, 2016 

    Please fix the TV Guide in Estuary because it doesn’t handle digital subchannels properly for US OTA. Instead of showing “12.1, 12.2, 12.3″ it only shows “12 12 12″.

    (running pvr-mythtv plugin, get channel #s from backend option). works properly on Confluence.

    • negge Nov 28, 2016 

      Can you open a ticket for that on trac.kodi.tv? Basically none of the developers are from the US (which is the only country that has subchannels) so support for this usually requires some mild complaining.

  • JB Nov 19, 2016 

    Very impressive, a significant achievement and forward looking vision. Thank you for your efforts and creativity.

  • Gary Littlemore Nov 19, 2016 

    When is the next ‘beta’ to be released?

  • Timmydog Nov 19, 2016 

    Looks good. Mine doesn’t look anything like this. Not sure where it’s wrong.

  • magearden Nov 19, 2016 

    Like I already posted on Reddit, I’ve been using a nightly build of Krypton for weeks now and I absolutely love it, the latest screen caps in this post look amazing and even more polished, and I can’t wait for the next beta build to try it out and see some of the key differences first hand :) again great work from the Kodi team, at the very least it proves the Kodi team is listening to user feed back. The only thing missing though is customizable menu shortcuts and widgets :/ to date my only “constructive” comments thus far ;p lol

  • purewitz Nov 20, 2016 

    Hopefully a Larger Font Size has been added. Estuary’s default font is not idea for TVs smaller than 32 inches, TVs that are at 10 feet or farther away, and for the elderly with eye problems due to aging.

    • Razze Nov 20, 2016 

      As you should be able to tell from the screenshots, that’s one of the improved parts of this update.

      • Solomalee Nov 21, 2016 

        From one of the ‘oldies’ with failing eyesight – Thank you!

    • pOpY Nov 20, 2016 

      +1 for larger font size. Estuary was nice but not usable for us because of its small font size.

      Are the font size now bigger in this skin?

  • Jimbo Anderson Nov 20, 2016 

    Pretty sweet skin. But I wish they would a voice search function like xfinity does.

  • Leif Nov 20, 2016 

    looking great, keep up the good work

  • חיים גרפינקל Nov 20, 2016 

    I am not a beta tester but can you please include a way to set the default view for all menus? I find myself continually scrolling through the choices to find media info

  • Mike B Nov 20, 2016 

    I’ve used the Windows Store version. I find it hard to enable the Subtitles because the slide out menu keeps disappearing as I move the mouse towards enabling it. Also, going back to the Home screen seems to require pressing an ESC key. Is there no way to move back up a screen with just a mouse?

    • Razze Nov 20, 2016 

      Subtitles should be fixed

  • Scott Nov 20, 2016 

    Skin is excellent, logical layout and looks great.

    Would love to be able to add direct links to addons, (android and otherwise) in the left hand main menu. I understand these addons would be navigable via the addons tab however creating an option to include custom addons in the left hand menu allows for simple navigation for the less technically inclined and possibly widget integration.

    I say this as constructively as possible as I wouldn’t have the technical ability to undertake such a task.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • MasterPhW Nov 20, 2016 

    The only thing that is missing for me are proper HUB support like Eminence and Arctic Zephyr is doing it. I don’t want to have a lot little icons on the main screen. I want to click on my movies main menu entry and a HUB will appear, where all my different paths are available.
    Probably won’t see this, so I will stay at AZ till then.

  • odoll Nov 20, 2016 

    I’d like to bring up my old feature request “Keep Focus in the Middle of a List as long as possible while scrolling” http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=223374

    • imnee Nov 20, 2016 

      I second this request! Especially when deleting files, I select a file in the middle of a list to delete and the contents of the entire screen change causing me to have to refocus on the list to select the next file.

    • jimmy Nov 21, 2016 

      I’d go a little further. When you mark stuff as watched as you’ve seen it on a different device it’s a little frustrating that focus always goes back to the go back ( .. ) entry. At least this was what happens to me in the TV “recently added” section. It’s really frustrating. That and any filters you apply being reset after you watch a trailer, etc.. this should require an explicit reset.

      That said, what’s been provided is sooo much better than using windows explorer and my terrible memory :)

  • Florian Nov 20, 2016 

    Looks fantastic!!

  • Sam Nov 20, 2016 

    I’ve been reading about this skin for what feels like a year. When’s v17 actually coming out?

  • pOpY Nov 20, 2016 

    when will it be available für us to check out this great new skin

    • mary murphy Nov 20, 2016 

      how to get back to kodi

  • Vito Nov 20, 2016 

    I still have a concern with lack of customization to display only the addons I want and links on the main panel on the left.

    • Razze Nov 20, 2016 

      unfortunately only doable with hacks, so it’s a no-go for the default skin. Might change in the future.

  • atef sam Nov 20, 2016 

    thanks so mush for amazing improvements and your effects

  • Poupart Nov 20, 2016 

    Good work !

  • Daryl Nov 20, 2016 

    One thing that was added I love is if you have a Samsung Smart TV and use the Smart View app. You open the smart view app to connect to the TV v17 has the option play using then pick your tv and it will pass the player over to the TV.

    Very nice feature, please remember it will only play the formats that the Samsung TV support example it will not play .ts files that Nextpvr records you will need to convert them to mp4 to play. Again this is a very nice feature as the smartview was not a great app until now.


    • RRF Nov 20, 2016 

      At least SmartView supports DTS, unlike all GoogleCast devices (ie: Vizio SmartCast).

      I just hope they change the TV menu. It was so dumb having channels load in the background. Kodi16 was far superior, with the channel list on the left and live preview on the right.

      • vel2k Nov 26, 2016 


  • Mitchel Nov 20, 2016 

    Nice, I am looking forward to the full release. Question: does this v17 also support Hyperion?

  • Kif Nov 20, 2016 

    Really nice, much better for tablet devices.

  • Dbd Nov 20, 2016 

    I’ve really been enjoying the Estuary interface and am looking forward to trying out the update. Since you’re updating the skin, I have a couple of suggestions:

    - On the main menu, provide the option for the user to define what the default action is. For example, when I select “Music”, I like it to go to the “Albums” category. Instead, it currently goes to a categories list, then I need to scroll to Albums and select it. Or, I need to scroll across the top categories list on the main display and select Albums. Either way, that is many clicks. It would be great if I could set the default action when selecting “Music” to automatically go to the “Album” category on the first click. The user should be able to define the default category for all main menu items.

    - On the “Weather” screen, when viewing the full week, it would be good to reformat the display a bit. Currently, the low temperature is listed first, in blue, and then the high is listed second, in yellow. In general, when someone is looking at future weather, they are looking for the high, which happens during the day, rather than the low, which happens around 3am when everyone is asleep. Therefore, it would be good to list the high first, then the low. Also, I would list the high in a larger font than the low. That makes it easier to catch someone’s eye when they scan their gaze across the week. The existing color coding is good.

    Thanks for all of the great work.

    • Steve Nov 21, 2016 

      Weather Example. Monday starts at 12.01 AM the LOW comes around 4am before the HIGH of that day. I think they got it right.

      • Dbd Nov 23, 2016 

        I agree they did it chronologically. That’s not how most people use the weather. When looking up weather for the week, most people are trying to plan their activities, which typically happen during the day, not 4am, and what to wear. Most weather listings show the high first, then the low, rather than chronologically . I think a bigger font for the high will help it stand out too.

  • Danny Nov 20, 2016 

    Why no screenshots of the movie overlay? I was most excited to see the weather information in the movie overlay in 3rd party screenshots. A lot of the time I pause a movie or show it’s to do something outside. Like take out the trash, get something from the car, pick up takeout, etc. And seeing the weather there at the top would be very useful.

  • Splatoon Nov 21, 2016 

    Shout out for the different color schemes, those look sharp.

  • mazey Nov 21, 2016 

    i really like it except a few things (of cause lol)

    the settings should be under the menu items and what happened to the watch list on menu items. that is all lol

  • mazey Nov 21, 2016 

    can you scroll more then 10 items across on the homepage that was really bugging me badly.

  • OliR Nov 21, 2016 

    I use a 42″ Plasma TV

    I hope the font in the TV Guide is now really readable!

    So far, there was too much white space in the skin and the important texts were much too small. My old Windows MCE hab shown that much more better.

    I hope everything will be fine now.

  • corb06 Nov 21, 2016 

    The skin is excellent!!

    But Im having major problems trying to download subtitles with mouse. The Subtitle download menu goes away as soon as I move the mouse pointer from the Subtitle icon button.

    • kipo Nov 21, 2016 

      I have the same problem, it’s impossible to download the subtitle with a mouse…

  • Dman Nov 21, 2016 

    Keep up the excellent work KODI engineers, cannot wait for the next version and awesome improvements!

  • Jeff (jdf76) Nov 21, 2016 

    When will this be released just out of curiosity?

    Do we need to make any changes inside the youtube plugin code or are all the numbers still the same?

    Looks very nice.

    • Martijn Nov 21, 2016 

      I prefer you actually remove all the force view options. I’m sure we’re gonna add it as a rule some day.

      • nils Nov 28, 2016 

        I Been saying this from day 1 of this skin release.

        U can’t just change view mode number for a default skin.it will break the layout for many plugin. Force view mode can be necessary in certain situations.
        If skinner failed to fix this .I still see many people that use plugin activity on kodi be frustrated of backdated layout.

        Hope they fixed the image shade lay for file mode. It was ugly and backdated. ……….I am yet to test…else it’s great skin …properly he best of its kind….just fix the necessary stuff feature itsmprovements re second importance. If the next can’t liver undamental value…then what’s the point of feature rich skin.

        • Martijn Nov 28, 2016 

          We can and we will. Forcing views through Plugins is NOT supported and seriously stupid. Period. It will get removed at some point as well.
          Do not blame dev who make skins but the one who make plugins as they are to blame for not doing a proper job

  • OliR Nov 21, 2016 

    Is the Estuary Next Gen only a skin update (Addon update) or must I install the lastest nigthly for using that?

  • Martin Nov 21, 2016 

    May just be me but I’ve been struggling with this interface when using a mouse and keyboard. When I open the context panel on the left it collapses as soon as I move the mouse pointer over it which prevents any selection being made.

  • yajdam Nov 21, 2016 

    I just hope that,unlike the current skin, the tvshows painel in thumbs view looks something line the madnox skin where in the upper right corner of every tvshow thumbs, there’s information about how many unwatched episodes and nota just watch/unwatch. Keep up the good work!

  • supergurke Nov 21, 2016 

    Looks great !
    Much more modern than the Normal one.
    I liked the layout and the element positions of v1, but it was looking somewhere between old and modern. The new one looks much better.

  • selven Nov 21, 2016 

    you are doing a good job my commit is the options on the left it go back in

    • selven Nov 21, 2016 

      you are doing a good job my commit is the options on the left it go back in to quick it is frustrating and when i want to delete a tv episode or movie from my files that i down load

  • Alex Nov 22, 2016 

    Can you add to the menu OSD codec (O) information about buffer and cache size?

  • blurayx Nov 22, 2016 

    I really like Kodi 17.
    The only issue i have at the moment is random audio dropouts on my Nvidia Shield TV. it mainly happens with 2.0 Dolby Digital source . when i start playing the file it works fine, The audio dropouts start when i skip forward or back. No issues playing the same media files with jarvis.

  • Matt Nov 22, 2016 

    New skin looks good.

  • mrwookie Nov 22, 2016 

    Top Banana guys! Looks very nice and I for one cant wait to try it out. Hats off to you all.

  • kikassridec2 Nov 22, 2016 

    Any chance you guys could add missed/skipped ect. frames to the menu OSD codec (O)

  • Meeka Nov 22, 2016 

    Looks and works great! A huge improvement! The only thing I’d say is missing is a “Home” button.

    • Chris Nov 22, 2016 

      Is this now in the nightly builds?

    • Steve Nov 23, 2016 

      +1 on the HOME button!

  • Mitchell McClure Nov 22, 2016 

    I’ve was using MIMIC on 16 before I installed 17 beta…btw, Estuary is a pretty nice look, BUT it needs to be more “mouse-friendly”, and since its customizability is locked down, and it prevents other skin installations with dependency errors, I have two related questions.:

    1. Will Estuary’s menu items eventually become fully “editable” as MIMIC was?

    2. If not, when will MIMIC be allowed to be installed in 17 without failing from “dependency errors”?

    • Mitchell McClure Nov 22, 2016 

      p.s., How do we enable the program guide to be color coded as indicated in these screenshots?

      • negge Nov 28, 2016 

        It is the job of the PVR addon to supply the “category” to Kodi, which in turn turns it into different colors in the EPG. If your addon doesn’t support this then your only option is to use another one.

        • Ruorbe Nov 28, 2016 

          Can you point us out to the add-ons which support this function, please?

  • Bingewatcher Nov 22, 2016 

    Great new skin! Thank you everybody for your hard work

    Using Amazon Fire TV 2nd Gen and it works great.

    How and when do we access variable speed video playback? I checked the thread and it says it works, but I don’t know how to implement it without some serious coding/keymapping. The beauty of this skin is simplicity and I’d love variable speed to be simple.

    +1 for a slightly larger font as well. In Confluence, I used the larger font option and with a 40″ TV and aging eyes it helps a lot.

  • Roger Hunt Nov 22, 2016 

    Could you please add a view option for music and films where i can see more then 12 items at once? I would love such an advanced wall really :)

  • TonyS Nov 22, 2016 

    WOW!! This looks AMAZING … can’t wait for the final release!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • OliR Nov 23, 2016 

    Hi, please add time & date (!) at the Home Screen (just it was in the original estuary skin). On the other screens this is not important for me.

  • zureba Nov 23, 2016 

    This year will be the full version ?

  • Kyriakos Nov 23, 2016 

    a problem I am facing with this theme is that in all listing types the horizontal space available for movie titles is too small so some titles are being truncated and I have to hover over them to scroll into view. this is especially annoying for TV episodes that are not scraped e.g.

    this is a very long series title S01E01.mkv
    this is a very long series title S01E02.mkv
    this is a very long series title S01E03.mkv

    are shown as :
    this is a very long series title…
    this is a very long series title…
    this is a very long series title…

    unless there’s a way to at lease make the font size smaller to fit its a downgrade for me

  • Bart Zorn Nov 23, 2016 

    I like Estuary, but there is one thing I cannot find: Where do I configure my PVR add-on? In Confluence it is in Settings/System/Add-ons, but in Estuary it is not.

    • Bart Zorn Nov 23, 2016 

      I hate to follow on my own posts, but I found it.
      Main menu/Add-ons/Manage Add-ons.

  • Joe Blanco Nov 23, 2016 

    The Kodi team are living legends! FREEDOM riders of cable cutters !

  • asaintfort Nov 23, 2016 

    Very nice. Can you create a Media Library with our movies we have on our Network or Drive and search for movies information, poster. Plex of course is doing it. Zoom Player does the same. You can add multiple folders, named them, and search for movies information and posters. That will be cool lol

  • Steve Nov 24, 2016 

    GREAT JOB on this Krypton…
    I just download it and I don’t like the Power, System Icons at the top…I read from the top left down and they don’t need to be the first thing I look at…they need to be at the bottom , maybe in a box and blend into the background…just my 2 cents, but again, GREAT JOB!

  • mazey Nov 24, 2016 

    This skin is now in the latest nightly build available from downloads page :)

    • Alex Nov 24, 2016 

      Thank you!
      was very confused, where to find the skin

  • wrxtasy Nov 24, 2016 

    I’m really liking the new Estuary Skin for Kodi. Thx phil65 :)

    To be honest I really really struggled with the old one. It felt very disjointed and did not flow very well when using a remote control.

    Users are going to be very happy !

  • Edwin Nov 24, 2016 

    Im hoping 3 things.

    1: as a lot say: make the menu on the left les sensitive. as soon as you move the mouse its gone.
    2: I want to see the picture albums also in the main picture screen. I hope that stupid pic of that camera will go as soon as i put albums there. Today thats still not so.
    3: I want to see the Media Info 3 layout from confluence in the new skin. The new layouts like list, big list, etc i dont like. Is that possible?

  • Bill W. Nov 24, 2016 

    I notice that it is no longer possible to put the weather in the top bar next to the time. Is this an intentional omission and is it permanent?

    Also I notice that the home screen for media types without assigned folders doesn’t fit on the screen. The invitation to assign a folder is half off to the left.

  • igor Nov 25, 2016 

    When you do a media show radio information?

  • Poppeye Nov 25, 2016 

    I just had a look at the revamped Estuary skin in the latest nightly.

    It looks nice but not all changes are for the better IMHO. The nav menu is a bit too wide. Now it takes up roughly 1/4 of the screen and contains lots of empty space. If possible, 1/5 would be better.

    The category buttons are at least twice as big as before which I think is unnecessary as the focus should be on the movie posters. Half the size of what they are now would be perfect. That would probably allow for exactly two rows of thumbnails underneath, while now we see 1,5 rows.

    Two rows of movie posters as before was perfect. My OCD alarm slightly tingles when I see cut-off posters :-)

    • TheUlpio Dec 03, 2016 

      I agree, nice design, but too waste space, at least buttons on the top might be all visible without horizontal scroll. Normal users need all controls immediately available and not to scroll to see if there are other choices.
      Who needs 20×15 butons on a 55″ screen? It seems to be back to the 80s when VGA monitors was a viewport of a large virtual desktop.

  • Paraic Nov 25, 2016 

    I use the Live TV guide a lot. But with the new skin, it can take multiple button presses to access this depending on where I’ve parked. For example if on ‘Movies’, I have to key down to ‘TV’ . Then if a ‘Recent Recordings’ tile is highlighted, I have to key up to the top row of icons and then across to the guide icon.
    It would be much more convenient and intuitive if I could key to the left when TV is selected and select from a sub-menu.
    I know this is a first-world problem, but I really don’t like the position / tab order of those icons.

  • joemex Nov 25, 2016 

    I found the movies covers in homepage very big and that doesn’t allow to have a more global view of the movies as in previous skin estuary.

    In general i like it.

    • janosh Dec 01, 2016 

      I did like the previous beta skin much more.

  • Nikolay Nov 25, 2016 

    Return to the original version, or make separate theme
    RSS ????
    Big Clock ((((((((((((
    I’m shocked ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • vsgsvas Nov 26, 2016 

    I am on pc and is it just me or is the cursor terrible

  • Todd Freeman Nov 26, 2016 

    WOW! What an improvement! Kudos to everyone who has put in so much time and effort to make this skin a reality.

    I’ve been using the AEON skins since I first installed Kodi many years ago, but this looks like it could serve as the default skin on all my machines. It’s only a minor irritation, but some android boxes can’t handle the AEON skins very well, so I have ~3 different skins spread across my Kodi ecosystem. It’s only a minor irritation, but I would love to have them all set to the same skin so that there’s no learning curve for guests who seem to be easily confused by even the slightest variation in UI.

    I do have two questions:

    1) Compared to Confluence, how “lightweight” is this skin in terms of system resources required to run?

    2) Would it be possible to include the video codec information in the bottom right where you now have “1080p / AAC / Run time / etc”? I’m converting more and more over to HEVC/x265 to save space, but some players aren’t robust enough to handle the codec. I would to like have that info right upfront so that someone using a lower powered player knows to stay away from certain files.

  • Chad Nov 26, 2016 

    I hope you keep the confluence skin working too. It is a rather simple skin to navigate with my fire tv stick. Nothing but problems with 17 beta 5 and Estuary skin with no options to install Confluence skin.

    • negge Nov 28, 2016 

      If you want to use Confluence you just have to install it. Last time I checked that functionality wasn’t broken.

  • Eric Johnston Nov 26, 2016 

    On my Linux Mint 17.3 system Krypton is barely usable do to the menus flying all around with the slightest mouse movement. Making a selection is extremely difficult. And already played videos keep launching again when trying to view the list of files available,

  • Bill W. Nov 26, 2016 

    Here’s an odd issue. Can anyone reproduce it?

    If I go to Music > Artist most displayed artists are wrong. The artist artwork displayed in the left field is not the expected artist default or the artist but an album art it somehow picked. It always picks the same one. I would expect that it should display defaultartist.png or the correct artist.

    Any way to fix this? If I could substitute an image of my choosing for the randomly picked image, that would be fine.

  • Nik Nov 27, 2016 

    I like the new theme but hope its a really easy ui follow.

  • vnser Nov 27, 2016 

    this is the fifth beta 17 version already, but none of the developers did not bother with error correction when KODI works with Pulse Eight USB CEC adapter.
    There are a lot of reports about this issue in the threads like this http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=281212&pid=2370320#pid2370320.
    What are the benefits of all these updates if the bug has been made in KODI 15 and does not corrected until now. Users still have to use KODI 14.2 to CEC functioning correctly.

  • Miguel Nov 27, 2016 

    perfect, I am trying it now with the last nighty build, it is really big improvement. it is almost perfect, and you guys took the right direction, I am absolutely astonisched

  • reineke Nov 27, 2016 

    Fresh and clear look, bigger fonts, good colour selection (neutral). I like it! Great job, guys.

  • Paraic Nov 28, 2016 

    Would it be possible to add “Add Timer” to the TV channels sub-menu? Currently, if a program I want to set a series timer for, is showing on the channel list, I have to exit ‘channels’ and go into ‘guide’ to set a timer for that program.

  • cano Nov 28, 2016 

    thank y

  • Ruorbe Nov 28, 2016 

    Huge fonts former layout was much more cleaner.

  • Ab Nov 28, 2016 

    Looks great, Nice features and not as heavy as the third party skins. IT would be even greater if you could make a possibility to make the subtitles button the default button when playing series or movies.

  • rah Nov 28, 2016 

    So, where is the home button?

    • Steve Nov 30, 2016 

      +1 Home Button

  • MichaelHart Nov 28, 2016 

    What I notice is that the UI element in the skin are not aligned to each other.

    Would you consider using a 8x8px / 48x48px grid to align text and UI elements?
    To me it now looks “schots en scheef”

  • Stefan Nov 29, 2016 

    My eyes is in love with this Improvements to the skin -Great work- :)

  • Cunninglinguine Nov 30, 2016 

    I don’t care for this skin. I was distressed to find that Confluence wasn’t even available in the v17 beta I tried (beta 3 maybe). I was able to install the v16 version but many of the skin’s functions were broken, like the playlist/queue.

    I’ve been using Confluence for years and I don’t want to change. So if it’s not available as an option in v17, I won’t upgrade.

  • widardd Dec 03, 2016 

    Wow, thank you!

    Sorry for my tone in “that” thread. I love Kodi and got emotional.. ;)

  • Phillip Whisenant Dec 05, 2016 

    How do I download kodi 17?

  • Kvietimas Dec 10, 2016 

    Simple, smarter, magic was I found. Thanks

  • Bill Tse Dec 12, 2016 

    I prefer the music display of Confluence which shows the rows of covers of the CDs. It is quicker and easier to find the CD to play. So, the new music/files display should have an option to make the display look similar to that or similar to the wall display in music/album.

  • Dbd Dec 16, 2016 

    Overall I like the look and functionality, thanks for the continuing improvements.

    As other people have said, it feels too magnified to me. I’m using it with Windows 10 on a 1080p 60″ TV. It feels like some things are cut off. I keep wanting to adjust the resolution on my screen, then realize it is set correctly.

    Some specifics: The icons at the top of the screen seem disproportionately large. Also, on the music screen, when viewing a wall of albums, I feel like it needs more whitespace around each one. It seems to crowed and magnified.

    I think it needs some tweaking to make the graphics and fonts more balanced, but definitely moving the right direction.

  • Dbd Dec 16, 2016 

    One more thing to add to my previous comment. I liked the bluish color it had originally. It was more soothing. The current greenish color doesn’t feel like it blends as well with the rest of the interface.

  • OG Dec 17, 2016 

    I really like the new skin! Well done. Here are some thoughts:

    1) The left hand nav bar feels like it is in the way we viewing movies/apps. How about a way to shrink it to icons or have it auto hide?

    2) App, Movie pic scaling on main screen would be nice. Haven’t found a way to do that without shrinking the whole screen zoom.

  • Lefteris Dec 17, 2016 

    If u can’t add new menu items, it’s kind useless for me. Hope it will be included in the next versions. Except that, very nice job

    • Alex Dec 19, 2016 

      Same for me, is it possible in latest beta ??

  • Michael Dec 19, 2016 

    How can I get back the previous (flat) version of Estuary?

    In my opinion the “next generation” version is a step backwards and a concession to the fans of the old-fashioned Confluence skin.

  • Thomas B. Dec 22, 2016 


    thanks for all that work, to create a new skin! The first version was create and Iam now very disappointed about the next generation. Could you consider to have separate versions?

    In my point of view, the new skins gives the impression of a resolution error. I googled first about those errors until I got noticed about the next version. The Buttons are far to big and cutted to the left side and the bottom. The screen place seems very inefficient used. In the previous version, the customer would have initially an overview about all functionalities and the elements are well placed on the screen.

    Best regards,

  • Jean-fanel Dec 25, 2016 

    Van den heuvel

About Kodi

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