Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” Release Candidate

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Dec 29, 2016 in Pre-Release

UPDATE: Due to some packaging problems for Android and initial response we had to do quick bump to RC2 to solve this. If you had downloaded and installed RC1 before 31 December (available from system information) please upgrade to the newer version.

We want to close the year 2016 with a blast and as such we are happy to announce this Release Candidate of Kodi v17.0 Krypton. This final Kodi v17.0 will be action packed with a lot of features, changes and bug fixes and we left no stone unturned. Nearly every section had at least some maintenance done to make Kodi better than it already was.

First and foremost we sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with answering their questions. Now that is done lets look at the biggest changes that were done.

What’s new?

Estuary and Estouchy: next generation

Past March we announced that we had replaced the aging Confluence skin which did it’s job since 2009 as default skin. V17 will mark the new arrival of Estuary and Estouchy (touch enabled) skin as the new default skins. Many months have been put in getting these skins build from the ground up by phil65 and utilise all of the new features Kodi has to offer. During this period we also rethought on what was actually needed for skins and with this we also added features we only came up with by rebuilding this skin as we wondered why it never was able to do it in the first place. The home screen has been revamped and now utilises a smartplaylists implementation to automatically show you what probably interests you the most. We suggest you just give it a try and see for yourself. If you still prefer Confluence skin then you don’t need to worry as it’s still available from the official Kodi repository.  With some help from ryanmah for the mockups, ichabod-fletchman for helping out this final version of Estuary.

Home screen Movie library

At same time the touch skin Estouchy also got matched by our senior skin developer ronie to match the Estuary look.

For some  more screenshots you can visit the release announcement here: Default skin: Next Gen. Regardless you’ll see when you install this new update.

Setting section has been more clear

One of the things probably most of us hate the most is going through settings and see what they do. Often are not clear what they do or just not obvious. We felt the same and we have now made a big shuffle of certain settings to group them in a better way and improve the text and help description. I’m sure it’s not perfect and things still need changing however it’s already a big step forward. Additionally we’ve put a central button in settings screen for adding new media sources that you can add to your library. To make a long story short here are some screenshots to give you an idea on how it looks. Other than that I guess you’ll just have to try for yourself. Remember to look at the bottom of the screen as that often contains hints on what a settings actually does.

Settings Sources

 PVR made easier and better

With v17 the way we handle PVR add-ons has been given a makeover as well. With these changes we hope that the  threshold of getting PVR running inside Kodi has been greatly reduced. Once you configured and enabled the PVR add-on you are ready. No more additional options to enable to get going. Of course you will still need to set up a PVR backend/server first however that is outside of our scope of work. Additionally a lof work has been done to improve stability and usability to this section. Switching channels, EPG (electronic program guide) as well as setting and changing recording timers have all been greatly improved. From the user interface little has changed besides the new default skin and some settings that are moved or are now a bit more clear what they do.

Channel list EPG


Privacy policy

Your privacy is an important factor that the XBMC Foundation and Team Kodi considers in the development of all of our software and services. We are committed to being transparent and open. This Privacy Policy explains generally how we receive information about you, and what we do with that information once we have it. As such we have added this privacy policy to our website and also made it available from within Kodi itself to read.

Privacy policy

WARNING:  This of course does not mean your privacy is totally protected. In the end you are still responsible yourself for whatever you install or share. For the official Kodi repository we have a set of strict rules in place for any add-on that is added or updated and strive towards protecting the users from any harm that might come from using them. However once you decide to install any other repository or add-ons from outside our official repository you must make sure you are informed of any consequences. Do not blindly install any add-on but make sure to read up on what it does and what it might share with others. If you are not sure then take the safe route and don’t install it.

You might want to read this: Be aware what additional add-ons you install

Add-on manager changes and features

Since v10 the add-on repository has been an integral part of Kodi and has made it a breeze for expanding the capabilities and receiving updates for these add-ons and skins. Together with the skin changes we did in Estuary we certainly hope to make the experience a bit better.

Unknown sources….

First of all we added an option to warn new users that installing add-ons outside of Kodi repository could potentially bring harmful add-ons to their system. A more extensive write up (read here) explains these hazards they might get their selves into. Of course this doesn’t mean all are bad however we do feel that users should at least be warned. From now on if a user wants to install any add-on from .zip they need to acknowledge they understood the risk and enable the option to allow installation. This is a one time warning so you do not need to do this each time.

Recently installed or update

From now on you are able to see which add-ons recently updated. It might come in handy should some problems arise as you not always noticed the popup telling you an update was installed. At least now you are able to track down which one(s).

Recently updated Unknown sources


Music library

Over the years our music library handling wasn’t always the best and luckily a while ago some developers stepped up and started improving the lacking functionality and added new features. Some improvements are better tag reading and scraping. Handling of albums and artist has also been improved with the addition of adding artist role handling for music (composer, conductor, djmixer). Certain files or websites also support mood and this has now also been added so you can now select music based on certain type of mood instead of genre. With all these changes in regards to the music library and part and better tag scanning and usage a mandatory music files re-scan has to be done to extract all this information. After you upgrade and enter the music library a choice will be giving to re-scan now or later. As this re-scan can take up quite some time and resources you can answer NO and continue browsing your library. Once you exit library and re-enter you will be prompted again asking to re-scan. Once you answer YES Kodi will start scanning all your music files and extract the tag data they contain to a certain degree. As mentioned this process takes quite some time depending on the size. During this time Kodi might be somewhat slower than normal. Do note that this will not reset your library to a new state or that you will loose data. It will simply update what is available and will leave all play counts and the rest as they were.

Music library Music library


Video Player

Since the beginning of XBMC back in the days while it was running on the XBOX there was something like DVDPlayer. As the name probably implies it was used to playback DVD discs/files. During the years this DVDPlayer was improved and patched up to stay within modern day standards of video playback expectancy. However it became clear that for the future a major overhaul and rewrite was needed to keep up and be future proof. As such the developers who did the AudioEngine in v12 picked up this job and have now transformed it into VideoPlayer. Together with some platform developers they ripped out the old DVDPlayer code, chopped it in pieces, put it in the blender, picked the needed pieces and put it back in without breaking the rest of Kodi (hopefully). This certainly wasn’t an easy job as DVDPlayer was like the bottom block of Jenga tower that needed to be replaced while still being entangled throughout the whole tower. It had it’s tentacles in parts of the code where it shouldn’t have been in the first place. Probably over a year ago work started on getting this untangled and made ready to be replaced by the new implementation.

Well now you might wonder what does this all mean? Well a whole lot and it will probably not be as clear when using Kodi as a normal user. From a developers side it means a lot as the code is now more contained in it’s own section which makes maintenance a whole lot easier. As for the users here are some things they will notice already or in the future.

Video stream selection

You might already know of the possibility where you can select the audio track of a movie like different languages or quality. With video stream selection you are now able to select a different video stream should that be available. Although not widely used concert DVDs are certainly a good example where you are able to select a different camera angle for watching the concert. Although this sounds like a niche feature it’s certainly important for the next feature we will bring up.

Input stream add-ons

The work done with VideoPlayer has already gained one of the most exciting new features we can think of which is Input Stream add-ons. This enables possibility of native written add-ons can now handle part of the video playback selection and just hand over the video stream to Kodi. A perfect example of this is DASH (Dynamic Adaptive STreaming over HTTP)  which is something YouTube uses to give you the different video qualities depending on network speed. With Input Stream add-ons we can now have this capability as separate add-on instead of having this in the Kodi core. Here comes the video stream selection into play as you might want to select a different quality or language if made available. We’re happy to say that by default we ship the MPD add-on that handles the DASH audio/video stream selection standard and hands over the results to Kodi. The available YouTube add-on in Kodi repository doesn’t handle this feature as of yet however I’m sure it will be updated somewhere in the future.

More features will come from this complete VideoPlayer rework and we will be sure to inform you once they have been added. For now we will try to make current features work to their fullest potential.


Android 5.0 Lollipop (or later) as minimum

Over the years the Android platform started to mature and catch up to the other platforms regarding capabilities. This also means that we can drop all the custom code we had to add in the beginning to get Kodi running at all as that’s now becoming obsolete. One of those from back in the days was libStageFright  which we dropped in a previous release and was replaced by the standard MediaCodec from Android. With v17 we have started to clean up all the old implementations which sadly also means we had to set the minimum Android version to at least 5.0 Lollipop. Don’t worry you can keep using Kodi v16 on all previous Android versions however you just can upgrade to a newer Kodi version. Certain devices will now also support switching the Kodi interface resolution itself so you could potentially set Kodi in 4K skin resolution.

Improved audio support

As you may have read several times is that the Android part of Kodi is currently low on development. It’s the platform with the largest user base but somehow there don’t seem to be a lot of developers around that can work on Kodi for that platform. Since Kodi isn’t the standard JAVA app like the million other out there working on it is certainly a challenge. One of the improvements we did manage to get added is what most of you have been waiting for and that is HD audio passthrough capabilities. Although we had a proof of concept for v16 it wasn’t in a state where the team was comfortable adding it that late in release cycle. However for v17 we can now tell you that passthrough for DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-X, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby ATMOS should all be working if your device and attached TV/AVR supports this. During the past months however we did find some limitations in the way Google had implemented audio passthrough. After contacting Google and explaining the problems we worked together towards a good alternative which was adding IEC61937 as passthrough option. This standard is something we already used on other platforms like Windows, Linux, OSX and iOS and has proven to be exactly what was needed for good audio support. As such we are happy to say that starting with Android Nougat we will fully use this standard. Devices running Lollipop or Marshmallow will use the older standard method.

Welcome to Android MediaCodec standards only

One of the last custom implementation we had was Amlogic related code which was the device were it all started with Kodi on Android. We had to resolve to this custom implementation back then to acces certain hardware parts which Android officially couldn’t yet. Due to this legacy and how we had things implemented we couldn’t switch this off just yet in past releases. Over the past months with the help of MINIX we have been working closely with the Amlogic to get everything in order and we can say Android Marshmallow and onward will have the best experience possible for devices containing these chipsets. Amlogic even went as far as adding the IEC61937 audio passthrough back into Android Marshmallow which  normally is only available since Android Nougat. We would certainly like to thank Amlogic and MINIX for going to this extend of cooperation making the experience and support of Kodi on Android a bit better. Now Amlogic has done their part on proving a good bases it’s up to manufacturers and vendors to supply updates for their devices over coming months. We are certain that manufacturers with good support will send out these updates as soon as they are ready. What does this mean for you regular users? Mostly we kept the proper support for devices running Android 5 Lollipop and you shouldn’t notice any real difference. Should your device receive the newer Android 6 Marshmallow you will gain these improvements mentioned above. For devices using other chipsets we don’t really know but we are hoping they will follow.

Windows Store

KODI_BLOG_WIN_300x300_CIn case you missed the big news some time ago, Kodi got added to the Windows Store as a Desktop Bridge UWP app. It is still the same Kodi version you are used to use, without any limitations. Although it is still possible (and always will be) to download and install Kodi from our website, it is now also possible for Windows 10 users to download and install Kodi from the Windows Store. This brings a few benefits, such as automatic updating. The Windows Store application uses the same userdata as the version from our website so you can switch between the two versions without issues.

NOTE: This also means that if you are currently running Kodi v16 and want to try out the Windows Store version, your Kodi databases and add-ons will be upgraded to the v17 versions. You might want to make a backup of the userdata before! You can read the full announcement here: Kodi goes Windows Store


Game controller add-on

In the past it has always been a pain to configure game controllers within Kodi. There were some XML files people could download and copy to a certain location. This has now been solved by making them add-ons (like almost everything else) which you can install with a click of a button. This rework of the controllers was needed for retro gaming feature which may land somewhere in the future. No sadly that doesn’t mean retro gaming will be available in v17 but we keep our hopes up for the future.

3dlut and simple ICC linking support for color correction

Developer laurimyllari added a ColorManager class that supports loading madVR 3DLUT files, and loading ICC display profiles, creating source profiles and linking them. Users can use this to correct their display response with a 3DLUT file, or emulate other displays (with whitepoint, primaries and gamma selectable at runtime) with an ICC profile of their own display. The ICC profile linking is still work in progress, but is functional and shows what can be done with it.

A new default web interface called Chorus2

Kodi has many hidden secrets and even team members don’t know the full potential it packs. One of those features you might not know is that Kodi also has a web-interface from which you can browse your library and start playback directly on your Kodi device. It’s something we’ve never really promoted that it was available and I’m not really sure why. However the past few years not much was changed to to it and it kinda fell into decay with only minor fixes done to keep it kind of functional. For Kodi v17 this has been radically changed as we have packaged up a brand new default web-interface called Chorus2.


For some screenshot you can visit the release announcement here: A new webinterface called Chorus2. Regardless you’ll see when you install this new update.


Krypton nightly builds

As you may have noticed we only release a new release candidate once in a while that includes a list of fixes that were done since previous release. Additionally we also create these so called nightly builds specifically for Krypton that include the latest fixes that our developers have included and will end up in the next release candidate, final release or possible bug fix releases. By providing these builds we hope that users who install these will help us confirm the problem was fixed or identify if we accidentally created a regression from previous builds made. These nightlies are safe to install on top of any Kodi v17 you already have installed on your device and can be found on the download page. Be sure to get these builds from the Krypton folder and not from any other.


As previously noted, this is only a small summary of all the improvements in Kodi 17. For more, see the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 posts. Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page. You can install these build just on top of your current Kodi installation without doing a reinstall or cleanup as we do a full migration if needed.

•  Official Kodi 17.0 development downloads

Of course we have also updated Windows Store with this latest version.
Get it on Windows 10

Bug reports

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement as it is not a reporting or help section. Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 17.0 Krypton builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page. We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation, and t-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.


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  • Road Hazard Dec 29, 2016 

    Great work, installing it now.

    • mingke Jan 01, 2017 

      have macbook. just need file to download kodi. link?

      • Esther Jan 14, 2017 

        I need help understanding this kodiv16.1

        • RapTek Jan 16, 2017 

          Need help with kodi 16.1 Jarvis..Well heres a tip, because the first day i installed this program, i didnt understand diddly squat about it. BUT…Youtube is an awesome teacher..go to YOUTUBE and type ” how to install”" or ‘SETUP KODI” and specify OS platform ..IE ..How to setup Kodi in windows 7 or 8 or 10 (pick a number). if you use MacOS…specify it in the query..For android…same maneuver.. All ya have to do..is follow the step shown in the video..Take notes if you have to..or use a tablet / phone to run the video on and will help on to set it up on the computer..TRY IT..got nothing to lose!!… Cheers!

          • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

            Be careful of YouTube videos, as they normally show you how to install piracy addons that are neither condoned nor supported here.

  • Sam Dec 29, 2016 

    “This final and last Kodi v17.0″ – Does this mean kodi will not update ever again? Is this it for you guys? If so how sad :(

    I have always appreciated your work guys, doing all this for free in your own spare time, thank you very much.

    • Tarkus Dec 29, 2016 

      They’re clearly referencing the final 17.0, not the final version of Kodi forever.

    • Sandeep Shanu Jan 01, 2017 

      I don’t think so. I think it means development is completed for Kodi v 17. Now they will start with another version, may be 17. 1 or 18.

    • TrueNews Jan 11, 2017 

      Sadly I bring grave news, Fitbit bought Kodi. Current version of Kodi will contiune to work, but no further development will take place. /s

      • Prof Yaffle Jan 11, 2017 

        It will do, but only if you connect your HTPC to a treadmill.

  • ben Dec 29, 2016 

    dear guys, how to update my kodi on raspbian. atm i am on version 15.2, i would like to go on with the new release canditate :)

    • yotoprules Jan 04, 2017 

      Just install the new version over the current version, it should keep all your addons and data, but backup to be sure.

  • Erik Dec 29, 2016 

    Cool!!!!!!!! Thanks for your work!

  • Simakuutio Dec 29, 2016 

    I’m still bit worried about linux version and it’s HDMI problem I faced couple of times with Betas… haven’t seen any indication if they managed to fix this problem. Most recent Kodi 16 don’t have any problems with HDMI but when I installed beta 17, screen was totally screwed and unusable and had to make a complete reinstall for Kodi and it’s components to get my mediaserver back to work. I made a ticket about this issue to Kodi trac but … it seems to be still open and unassigned and it worries me alot. Kinda scared when my linux update tries to install final kodi 17… need to make very good backups to I can revert back to 16 if this fatal problem still exists.

    • fritsch Dec 30, 2016 

      Post in the linux forum, please and add a link to your trac report. Running linux daily in the living room and there are no such issues.

  • sgtdukem Dec 30, 2016 

    Seems like this release crashed the web servers today :)

  • bleze Dec 30, 2016 

    Awesome work! I cannot wait to try the new video player and also getting HD and object based sound working will be nice.
    Will the new video player support HDR metadata from the get go or planed down the line? Both for rips and streaming like Youtube?

    • fritsch Dec 30, 2016 

      It’s sadly not alone video players job. Video Player supports 10 bit HDR just fine. Sadly the output depending on the OS, Linux, Windows or Android are not accesible to us. Therefore we can only cope for our chain to be as precise as possible.

  • Szymon Dec 30, 2016 

    Can’t wait until next v. 18 including retroplayer. Is HDMI-CEC driver fixed? Latest beta had problem with update config – after any change CEC was dead until reboot.

    • Vintendo Jan 06, 2017 

      Ye cec pulse eight with intel nuc stopped working since krypton for me as well

  • Marc Dec 30, 2016 

    Hi. I posted this on Beta 7. Doesn’t look like it’s been fixed for RC1 unfortunately. On macOS Sierra (don’t know about other OSX versions) the cursor only moves about two thirds to the right of the screen. Beta 6 was absolutely fine. This only appeared in Beta 7 and is still present in RC1. Any advice?

    • Jokerus Dec 30, 2016 

      On my iMac with macOs Sierra the bug is fixed. On my Air Macbook the bug still exists.

      • Marc Dec 30, 2016 

        i’m running it on a MacBook Pro. works absolutely fine though, running Windows 10 through BootCamp on the same machine..

      • Jokerus Dec 30, 2016 

        On my iMac mini (2015) connected via HDMI on a Phillips LED (7181),the bug still exists.

    • boug Dec 31, 2016 

      Same as Beta 7 for me

      Macbook Air OSX Sierra 10.12.2 still problem with tracker pad

      Also Mac Mini with Magic mouse OSX Sierra 10.12.2 – same problem mouse only works on left 60% nothing on right

  • Flavien Dec 30, 2016 

    Where is the list of bugs fixed between beta 7 and RC 1?

  • Anna Dec 30, 2016 

    When will this be available to download for Android? Is there a way to do that? I have it on my windows computer and it looks great!

    • yotoprules Jan 04, 2017 

      Download and install the APK file onto your device, enable unknown sources in android settings/security first though

  • hurrikane313 Dec 30, 2016 

    Anybody else having problems with audio, tried multiple addons and get no audio through any of them.

  • daniko Dec 30, 2016 

    super…i wish in kodi …loading local subtitle automaticly even if not called as movie

  • cue1boy Dec 30, 2016 

    Which version do I need for Fire TV Stick ? ARMX86 or ARMX64

    • lawrence allison Jan 01, 2017 

      is there a way to down load kodi v17 from my laptop, to my fire stick

      • Jio Jan 06, 2017 

        you can sideload apk, but i think it would need some modification, ask on XDA forums for it.

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 


    • cue1boy Jan 08, 2017 

      Thanks for all the replies.

  • Dan Dec 30, 2016 

    Hi, great work

    Just to be sure, release candidate usually does not mean final version, I understand correctly that in this case, KODI17 RC1 IS the final version?

    • Kib Dec 30, 2016 

      You understand wrong. RC means release candidate, also in this case.
      The final release will hopefully follow soon.

      • Dan Dec 30, 2016 

        Thanks, can you explain this sentence:
        “…we are happy to announce this Release Candidate of Kodi v17.0 Krypton. This final Kodi v17.0 will be action packed…”

  • Jan Jeseter Dec 30, 2016 

    In the top right corner of the screen I see only the time. I would like see the date too. Is there any settings?

  • Sam Dec 30, 2016 

    How many release candidates are being released for this version before the final? Kodi 16 had 5 I believe…

  • grummel2005 Dec 30, 2016 

    cannot install via windows 7 and kaspersky – virus alert is coming up – had to delete the release and the downloaded file – what is going on there???

    • Me too Dec 31, 2016 

      this has hapened to me to on windows 10. kaspeskey removes Kodi v17 thinks its a mallware.

      • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

        pot calling the kettle black

  • Val Dec 30, 2016 

    Doesn’t work. I have mygica 4. so do I need mygica 5?

  • Gary Littlemore Dec 30, 2016 

    I’ve installed RC1 on an Firestick, and I’m getting all kinds of crashes, Kodi won’t load at times amd I’m having to revert back to Beta7.

    • KoLSMS Dec 30, 2016 

      Same by me, Fire TV (2nd Gen)

      • WmEugene Autry Jan 17, 2017 

        It seems, Amazon doesn’t like, ‘slippin’ ’round’ w/another product that may. take their business away.?[sic].
        try, “explorer”,..and check with You Tube, BE CAREFUL,..’tho’ there are a few
        XMBC/TEAM KODI folks keeping watch on the “shnooks”. Enjoy!

    • zoggy Dec 31, 2016 

      v17 RC1 crashes on my firetv, while beta7 and earlier were fine. tried latest nightly for krypton.. it works just fine. so just something in the RC1 that caused to crash on startup that appears to have been fixed already.

  • Gloria Adkins Dec 30, 2016 

    How exactly will the new changes affect my kodi16.

  • Ann Dec 30, 2016 

    Do we un-install what we have now and re-download this one?

  • MR. Sexy Dec 30, 2016 

    1. Please add “Repeat button” to the bottom overlay bar.

    2. Please add next episode air date for TV Shows.

    3. Please add option to make the video overlay completely disappear when pausing videos after so many second..

    Other then that the new Estuary Skin is really great!

    • Kib Dec 30, 2016 

      Please put your suggestions for changes to the Estuary skin on the forum in the skins section for Estuary.

  • Dave Anderson Dec 30, 2016 

    Will not launch on FireStick. Tried clearing cache and reinstalled. Only get a grey screen for less than a second and goes back to Amazon Home Screen

  • Jojkenstein Dec 30, 2016 

    What is the difference between Beta and Release Candidate? Is it only
    Beta x: We know we are not done yet!
    RCx: We think we are done by now!
    Because if, then RC seems only to be a prolongation of Beta.

    • Kib Dec 30, 2016 

      pretty much yeah.
      “This might still crash for some people, please test”
      “We are pretty sure this will not crash anymore – you really need to start testing now because we are about to release this and if you come whining after we release it’s your loss.”

      • Jojkenstein Dec 31, 2016 

        Aha, I like that reply. Thank you!

        I am still on Jarvis 16.1. Got burned so many times with my huge library during 15 and 16 Beta so I decided to be cool during the whole 17 beta period and managed to keep my download finger away! :-D

        The question now is if I risk to ruin anything by updating. I want all the settings and library and watched history to be intact. I guess all I can do is a backup of 16.1 settings before I let my finger loose :-)

      • danny clark Jan 02, 2017 

        I am new here,but u sound like u are the man with the plan.see i’m learning somthing already.

        • Jojkenstein Jan 05, 2017 

          The issues I have had during the last few years when updating (to a beta mostly) are

          1. The whole library needs to be scanned through again (which takes forever).

          2. For all the tweaks you have been doing to the library, like correcting erroneous remote library matches for titles, movie grouping, changing of movie title from original to English, changing of poster and background for titles, all these settings have been defaulted when updating!

          Number 2 is the worst of course, because you may have spent hours and hours in total with setting this up. I have to confess that I did not try to use a backup export for the old SW and try to import it into the new SW. I figured the new SW would not take exports of older SW (like from 15.x to 16.x but not from 16.0 to 16.1).

          • gibxxi Jan 11, 2017 

            Databases would be upgraded, and any ‘changes’ to database table structure incorporated into the existing library. Addons that have a corresponding entry in the ‘repo’ for that version of Kodi should automatically be updated on first run, post install.

            However, with 3rd-party addons, you are somewhat reliant on the 3rd-party developer having already done the work nessecary to bring his/her addon up to scratch for inclusion in the repository relevant for that particular Kodi release, which is less reliable.

            I would say, if you want a seamless migration, without having to set everything up from scratch on each release:

            1. Avoid Alphas, Betas and RC builds, and possibly even the first release of any given version. (depending on what has been changed and how that may affect the addons you have installed. In short – wait for the x.1 release, rather than the x.0 release.

            2. Check, re-check and triple check addon compatibility of all the addons you use (or plan to use in the near term) prior to moving across to a new version. At the end of the day, the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” goes double for Kodi.

            3. Don’t install faff addons that your rarely going to use, if at all. Keep your addon base to an absolute minimum. The less unessecary addons you run, the less breakage you’ll experience, when one of them is abandoned across Kodi versions.


  • joemex Dec 30, 2016 

    Crashes at start on Wetek Hub.

  • Hernani Dec 30, 2016 

    crashes on startup on OSX Mavericks

    • hernani Dec 30, 2016 

      Sorry, I meant: El Capitan

  • hernani Dec 30, 2016 

    On my mac mini with El Capitan Kodi Krypton keeps crashing after startup.

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

      uh huh

      now do a clean install

  • pabba Dec 30, 2016 

    is the 3DLUT feature working on Android TV? I can’t see it anywhere, and I need it.

    • fritsch Dec 31, 2016 

      No. The platform does not support it. Especially not in combination with surface rendering, which is a black box anyways.

      • pabba Dec 31, 2016 

        is it OS dependent? will it change with Android 6.0 update for TVs?
        this feature is of course most beneficial on TVs, how can it be that it’s not available? :-(

  • LuckyD Dec 30, 2016 

    I cannot install any addons running on my Firestick.

  • Malcolm Dec 30, 2016 

    Installed Mac 64 Kodi 17 RC and having issues with mouse cursor changing from large to small and also issues with trying to reach right side of interface with the mouse it stops in the middle of the screen and won’t let me go any further across to the right side.

    This is the first time I have used Kodi 17 so please feel free to educate me if I am doing anything wrong?

    • Malcolm Dec 30, 2016 

      Whatever the issue was with the mouse seems to have resolved after shutting down and re-launching Kodi.

  • Marges Dec 30, 2016 

    Crashes a couple of seconds after startup on my 2015 Sony Android TV. No issue on beta 7. Had to disable Zeroconf as a workaround.

    • gtoribio Jan 03, 2017 

      Where did you find zeroconf? Can’t find it in RC2 on Android. Need to turn it on for remote app to function.

  • Niino Black Dec 30, 2016 

    Hayyy you guys are awesome is the install for krypton the same as the other builds?!

  • Danlat1415 Dec 30, 2016 

    The website main page announces that RC1 is released, but the download links (not nightly) are for RC2??
    Also says RC2 in the system settings. Compiled on 30th December

    • Kib Jan 04, 2017 

      UPDATE: Due to some packaging problems for Android and initial response we had to do quick bump to RC2 to solve this. If you had downloaded and installed RC1 before 31 December (available from system information) please upgrade to the newer version.

  • Styx_N_Stones Dec 30, 2016 

    When playing a video and pulling up stream info (IE number of audio channels, video encoding type, etc) theres no resolution shown (same for all Krypton betas). Jarvis had it it and I used it every time I played a video.

    It would be sweet to have it back. For me it seems like it should be a requirement…

    Thanx for all the hard work… it is truly appreciated!

  • wallou Dec 31, 2016 

    Same issue for me , crash at boot on android, windows
    I was updated from béta 7, if i make clean install, that resolved apparently this issue

    • wallou Dec 31, 2016 

      with clean install on android device : no trouble anymore
      Some add-on won’t to install it from repository (f4mtester for example)

      • EiEiOhh Dec 31, 2016 

        Although 3rd party addons are not endorsed, you have to allow them. Go to Settings>System Settings>Add-ons> and move the Unknown Sources Slider to the right to enable.

        This IS a great build

  • Dadi Dec 31, 2016 

    WTF – “connection timed out” when i try to connevt SMB.
    With all other apps it works! But not with KODI RC 2.

    How can i solve the problem?

    • flhthemi Dec 31, 2016 

      I had this happen too. Instead of using the normal SMB option I used “Add A Network Location” so Kodi could discover my sources.

      • flhthemi Jan 04, 2017 

        This has been reported on the bug tracker. If you do an UPDATE from 16.1 (need to have a source setup first) then update to 17 RC2 it will work.

        Track it here if you want: http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/17200#comment:1

  • Andrew Dec 31, 2016 

    I installed the latest Krypton release candidate a few minutes ago. Looks great but I’ve been having problems with freezing:

    Almost as soon as I open the settings/system menu, my mouse pointer freezes. After waiting for quite some time it begins responding, but freezes again soon after. Aargh!! A known issue perhaps?

    Cheers for the hard work!

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

      user error

      now do a clean install

  • Darren Dec 31, 2016 

    the new skin is bad had to go back to the old skin.People will not like it. Why is it so big where is all the info plus the info bar when playing movies is so big make it like the old version.

  • JOSH Dec 31, 2016 

    It would be helpful to have a site to go to that was for the beginner. I have not had a box long but perceiver for hours to combat problems. I did try facebook but gave up on that very quickly, any ideas?

  • Pyromaniac Dec 31, 2016 

    Is (Linux) KODI meanwhile able to shutdown without crashing? Still waiting for this “feature” since some years now…

    • fritsch Dec 31, 2016 

      Works since years. Don’t confuse Layer8 issues with your personal installation with common facts, thanks.

      • Pyromaniac Dec 31, 2016 

        Yeah…shure…watching Live-TV and then just shutting down is a “layer 8″ problem…for shure…just a small hint: Watching a Movie (NOT Live-TV) will not cause this problem…must be some type of magic-movie…

        • fritsch Jan 01, 2017 

          As you might have guessed in the meantime: This is no bugtracker and the information you provide is not existent. But hey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23721582/ <- see, working fine. I smell tvheadend :-)

  • Malcolm Dec 31, 2016 

    Issues on a Mac when trying to change display settings the mouse cursor changes so you can’t control anything on Kodi and also the mouse won’t move over to the right side of the screen as previously mentioned in an earlier comment. I have tried checking calibration for the screen and it is setup perfectly for my screen but still I am unable to reach anything with the mouse on the right side of the screen. If I am doing anything wrong then please advise.

    I love all the new features in Kodi 17 and it’s new look skin, hope all issues get resolved as this is an awesome version so far.

    Happy New Year to all the Kodi Team.

  • Joni Dec 31, 2016 

    It still has the bug with video year not getting scraped right… A lot of movies show 1969 as year instead the real year they first got aired…

    • Kib Dec 31, 2016 

      Please link to the bug report, post it on the forum and not here.

  • KRach Dec 31, 2016 

    Hey, Ive installed rc2 on my sony android tv, but video stutters and even freezes sometimes and audio passthough doesnt work at all. Is there any way to fix this on my side?

    • Martijn Kaijser Dec 31, 2016 

      Install the one from tomorrow and see if that fixes the stutter

      • KRach Jan 01, 2017 

        Tried that, there are still freezes and no sound :(

    • Nabaleka Jan 01, 2017 

      Hi, how did you do that, I am trying to update but the TV cannot allow me to download anything…

      • KRach Jan 02, 2017 

        Hey, download .apk file from this site and copy to your pendrive. Then plug it in ur TV and install .apk file using ES file explorer app (from google play). You can try new version, but it doesnt work for me, need to go back to 16.1

  • HappyNewYear Dec 31, 2016 

    Great work ! Is the Long Foldername with Dots Bug fixed (on Germany System), like (Name1.Othername.OtherYear.1234.otherword.thomethingelse.Something.Other.what.else.x264) ?! In my RC2 on Android and Windows the Bug still excist …. I dont´t know where to search for or sende a Bug ….. Happy new Year from here :)

    • Kib Jan 01, 2017 

      Bugs can be discussed on the forum ( http://forum.kodi.tv ) and after describing them and getting some feedback they can be created on the bugtracker ( http://trac.kodi.tv )

      • danny clark Jan 02, 2017 

        This new be thanks u for the info Kib.i will now surf to the main forum.

  • Florian Dec 31, 2016 


  • odoll Dec 31, 2016 

    Hm, TVH client doesn’t start / doesn’t load channels with RC on AFTV2
    Switching to IP TV Simple Client for a brief test works …

    • odoll Dec 31, 2016 

      ment RC2

      • Henry Jan 08, 2017 

        Did you get your AFTV2 working without stutters? I’m using TVH with Krypton on a AFTV2, but Full-HD content stutters on my box :-(

        Any thoughts appreciated :-)

    • odoll Dec 31, 2016 

      same with RC2 on W10(x64 pro)

    • odoll Dec 31, 2016 

      Grr -sry – my bad – my TVH server just did

      Everything works perfect after restarting TVH service – HNY!

      • odoll Jan 01, 2017 

        Minor update – though it obvioulsy needed a (re)-start of the TVH server to get it running on W10 and LE7.90.010 again ;-) , I still got the message “Starting PVR service” (or what ever it using Kodi in English) and a freezinhg Kodi on my AFTV2.
        After installing the RC2 version a second time, it also works there, now …

  • mda1125 Dec 31, 2016 

    I got the actual download installed of Kodi 17 RC2 installed just fine on my Ockel Sirius 8 (Windows App won’t work as apparently this device isn’t a true x86).

    No matter, the full download works just great!

  • Media Center Techs Dec 31, 2016 

    This is excellent news! Time to get the rollouts ready for our Android boxes. Happy new year Kodi team, keep up the great work

  • betyyy Dec 31, 2016 

    whats mean nightly version?
    nightly better or Release build better?

  • Skrooz Jan 01, 2017 

    RC2 Windows 10, crashes upon startup. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Going back to beta.

  • WmEugene Autry Jan 01, 2017 

    TO YOU ALL.!

  • Frazzled Jan 01, 2017 

    Apologies, I left out how well it does work. Great job with the new build!

  • Marc Jan 01, 2017 

    Latest nightly for Mac still has the same issue, with cursor only moving so far along the screen. Hope it’s getting looked at..

  • Randall Hubinger Jan 01, 2017 

    i can’t get Kodi to install on my laptop,
    I have windows 10 and google chrome.
    it installs but then the Kodi opening page comes up and just sits there.
    What do I need to do?

  • Randall Hubinger Jan 01, 2017 

    kodi won’t open .
    I install it and it goes to the Kodi page and does nothing.
    What do i need to do?

  • atyca Jan 01, 2017 

    Kaspersky deleted RC2 exe.
    So far, this was just the nightly build.

  • Tony Jan 01, 2017 

    Looks more modern but is terribly slow and all streaming buffers all the time and audio out of sync most of the time. Apart from that it is cool but because of the buffering I have gone back to 16 Jarvis.

  • Rick Jan 01, 2017 

    Sucks that you need to have lollipop 5.0 and isn’t compatible with older android devices

    • selven s Jan 03, 2017 

      is true

  • Chris Jan 01, 2017 

    Hello, i’m not able to install any addons/programs. Download starts but the installation not conclude.. I’m on a minix z83-4 under win10. Thank you in advance

  • Tyler Jan 02, 2017 

    Does Video stream selection mean support for mkv ordered chapters (segment linking) could happen?

  • Gary Littlemore Jan 02, 2017 

    I’ve installed RC2 on to an Amazon Firestick and I’m still getting video judder. What is the reason that is causing this?

  • ben Jan 02, 2017 

    hello, once again, i would like to ask for help, how to update from the v15 to RC v17 on a raspbian system? the wiki is missing a lot on information on raspbian systems..
    is it for real that i need to compile it myself and fix all the dependences myself?

    best regards, ben.

  • Tukan Jan 02, 2017 

    Nice to see and expirience the Progress.
    Unfortunately the Picture section via UPNP (Windows Server) does not work. The last working Version was 15.2.
    Will this be fixed one day or am I the only one accessing Pictures via UPNP ?

  • danny clark Jan 02, 2017 

    I have always been a fan and user of open source software.I have learned so much,and done so many things with this type of software,we must all keep doing are part to keep it free,open,and fun for a long tine to come.Don’t let greed and power take away are fun. Speaking of fun i jest found out about KODI. I I can’t wait to dive into a new project and learn all about this one of a kind software.thanks and have a great NEW YEAR.Good buy from the WACKY WORLD OF WINDIOS,tell next time..

    • danny clark Jan 02, 2017 

      see u in the main forum thanks

  • Willow Jan 02, 2017 

    No end of video add ons not working……

  • david Jan 02, 2017 

    how do I install kodi17 on my ms8 boxes need hlp

  • Carl Heli Jan 02, 2017 

    great product. But since Update from Beta7 to RC2 I have massive buffering problems. Also I can’t found the cache entry within advancedsettings. They stil look like under 16.1 Jarvis.

    Any idea?


    • mkkyah Jan 03, 2017 

      There are some tag name changes in Kyrpton advancedsettings.xml. Check wiki: http://kodi.wiki/view/advancedsettings.xml
      scroll down to 2.8.4 for cache specific changes.

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

      stop using wifi

  • John Rose Jan 02, 2017 

    Can I please get a clear answer on when or if DTS passthru will ever work again on my aftv2?…I love 17 but this is a deal breaker…thanks to everyone for their hard work

  • WmEugene Autry Jan 02, 2017 

    When my arthritis/carpal.T allows me,..i’ll try to get this one.
    Messed up on my “Fire TV” set-up but..i’ll keep on keepin’ Nov.
    Thank you, XBMC-KODI, for the Super lookin’ skin ! Looks to mean business.
    Good Year to Y’ALL.! ea.

  • Colin H Jan 02, 2017 

    Wow this preforms better than kodi 16.1 for some reason 16.1 would always be buggy with the controls.

  • Cuco Jan 02, 2017 

    Ir remote issues. Win 10 x64

    Rc from the Windows store

    On a Intel nuc 6xxxxx

    Remote works perfect on Windows, on 16.1 works perfect too

    But on 17 rc goes crazy, it’s like you got a key pushed too long, idk

    With a usb keyboard works perfect on rc

    But even the power button can’t shut down properly Windows if kodi is o open. U need to push power button on remote like 10 times

    But if i close kodi i can power off on a single push.

    Ty for the great job guys

  • Mahatmacoat Jeeves Jan 02, 2017 

    Awesome release guys, using this on the new zoomtak box and it rocks!
    Thank you.

  • djnano Jan 03, 2017 

    Z4 is a 64bit processor, but can install 64bits version, thanks

  • Pedro Jan 03, 2017 

    Trying to install on Mac OS El Capitan, but it’s on “Add-on migration in progress – please wait” for half an hour now. Something’s wrong.

  • thecubasekid Jan 03, 2017 

    thanks for all the hard work,

    loving the new more organized / intuitive settings but….

    Seem to have lost 4k output though on my KB2 android box (S912 chip-set), was working in Beta 5 and (i think) 6 but since beta 7 in kodi settings it shows 1080p. i have the accompanying setting as ‘unlimited’ (also tried this set to auto but no change)


  • StarChild Jan 03, 2017 

    I cant play anything over smb anymore. Local playback is fine. Is it just me?

    • forkless Jan 05, 2017 

      SMB works just fine here over Windows 10. Android and Libreelec. You may want to check your connectivity/permissions for your network shares.

  • Andy Jan 03, 2017 

    on my Amazon Fire TV 4K still no dts passthrought and the option is also missing in Audio settings … a fix for this would be fantastic :-) Thanx for your hard work Guys !

    • Martijn Kaijser Jan 03, 2017 

      It won’t come back as there is nothing to fix

      • John Rose Jan 05, 2017 

        Can you explain what you mean?…are you speaking about the dts issue?

    • Maxx Jan 04, 2017 

      Same here. I’am using 1st gen Amazon Fire connected over HDMI to my AV receiver. I’ve tried many things, but I don’t get DTS Passtrough working …

  • kart Jan 03, 2017 

    Tried to install on Amazon FTV and unable to use the repositories or add new addons. this issue is happening since the last 3 builds. Unsure if its an V17 code issue but had to revert back to 16.1. Only if overwritten on the existing will work but doing something clean and installing repos wont work.

  • grummel2005 Jan 03, 2017 

    kaspersky deletes all the setup files
    every time
    what is the solution?

  • Paul Jan 03, 2017 

    I have always enjoyed Kodi and have never given a negative comment but I believe any comment is useful so….

    Installed krypton. Cosmetically Pretty
    Uninstalled Krypton: ugh! Jarvis was better, reliable, easier and more user friendly.
    Re-installed Jarvis: happy again

    • Zee112 Jan 04, 2017 

      Same exact comment was made when Jarvis was in beta, and Isengard before that.

    • Zee112 Jan 04, 2017 

      Betas are always unstable.

      • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

        and yet people continue to purchase microsoft products

  • fred Jan 03, 2017 

    i got a MXQ pro with the S902 processor with android 6.0 and internal memory 64 GB. I try many times to install the new Kodi 17 on it. Every time i get the message not installed. What do i wrong?

    • Trenchant Jan 04, 2017 

      Was running into the same problem on one of my A95X boxes. I had to uninstall the existing Kodi v16 to install v17.

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

      that’s storage not ram

  • relkai Jan 03, 2017 

    I’m using XBMC/Kodi for several years without major problems.
    You guys did a fantastic job and I absolutely felt in love with Krypton and the new Estuary 2.0 skin.
    Thanks a lot for this master piece!

  • gtoribio Jan 03, 2017 

    Anybody out there know what happened to the webserver menu or how to turn on zeroconf in Krypton RC2. I cannot connect my remote app (Yatze). Can’t find the host.

    • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

      betcha your dhcp logs will help

    • justin Jan 05, 2017 

      go to control panel on your PC and find network and sharing centre click you WiFi it will be blue and click detail then look for ip4mask and put the Address on the app and connect it worked for me

  • cuban island socialist paradise Jan 04, 2017 

    be sure to alienate rpi users too by requiring Raspberry pi 3 or higher

  • dynajet Jan 04, 2017 

    Men To bad at Navi x is not working

    • atryu Jan 05, 2017 


  • rysth Jan 05, 2017 

    using mini m8s 2gb/8gb running lollipop android, some video in 2k or 4k can’t play smoothly like in jarvis version

    other than that, it’s quite good

  • Oliver Rensch Jan 05, 2017 

    does it work on xbox one (s) ?

  • Tamas Kardos Jan 05, 2017 

    It’s not working good enogh for me at Gigabyte “mini” computer.

    I installed from windows store, movies plays great, but series episodes not. It plays only 8-10 seconds, after that jumps to the next episode or exit to menu, depends on content of the folder.

    Any idea?

  • cirehawk Jan 05, 2017 

    I have Galaxy Tab 4 (7 inch) that I was able to stream live IPTV with no problems. Now with Krypton (have on tried beta7 and RC1), live TV will stream for about a minute and then it stops and goes back to the menu. This happens with any channel I stream. TV shows and movies have no issues.

  • fazza68 Jan 05, 2017 

    what is the path to kodi 17 install? I installed over top of 16.1 since I don’t have a lot of addons. I don’t even see Kodi listed in Program and Features anymore to remove the old Kodi.


  • sidewinder Jan 05, 2017 

    DTS passthrough won’t work with v17 on Fire TV. Only reason it worked on v16 was due to some sort of a hack which the devs apparently decided not to implement on v17 claiming conformance to android standards (not Amazon). Based on sheer number of devices under the Fire platform you would think there would be an exception but apparently the decision was politically motivated and the end users are left holding the bag. Until there is some fork like SPMC based on v17 which might enable the hack again, the only workaround for now is to set audio channel to 2.0 and enable DD transcoding.

  • P3pp3R Jan 06, 2017 

    How log will it take till the final release? do you have any expierience?

  • DDS Central Jan 06, 2017 

    Built the latest LibreELEC with Kodi RC2 for my Raspberry Pi 3 (in Kodi case), works fine for me, no problems at all. Apart from having to build from the source, that is.

  • John Rose Jan 06, 2017 

    Awesome!!..now all I need is 23.976 support and all will be perfect but I think that’s a limit of the hardware…damn amazon :-)

  • kodi usr Jan 06, 2017 

    Please fix the “character set” hidden under “expert” setting in the language -> subtitle setting, that has started in the middle of the beta for kodi 17, very confusing (for non english language subtitles) with the regional “character set” settings as well.

  • Chris Jan 06, 2017 

    I downloaded version 17 to my new firestick but i’m having trouble finding where to unzip the file. looks like it’s not the same process as previous versions. I did go and allow the ability to download unknown apps. Could someone point me to where I can unzip the app? Any help would be great.

  • Flip Jan 06, 2017 

    I do not understand why the skin is so limited with its font sizes. Have not installed it on my media box for my TV yet, as testing it on my computer first. The biggest problem when I go in and manually change most fonts is that they look all funky or bad. I am not a coder, but sure devs could fix this quickly.
    Why not include movie and tv ratings? Preferably cool colored flags that can be customized.
    I see previously watched movies are marked by a white checkmark. Why not make it a different color than the text to have it stand out better?

  • Todd Jan 07, 2017 

    Struggling with buffering in Krypton. Non-issue in previous versions with use of advancedsettings.xml

  • Marc Jan 07, 2017 

    the macOS issue with cursor sticking at the right hand side of the screen, has now been resolved in the RC3 nightly (well, it has for me anyway). thanks chaps

  • Steven Cooley Jan 07, 2017 

    When will the Kodi 17 be released that isn’t a beta version

  • Patric Huges Jan 07, 2017 

    Will the Kodi Cydia repo offer version 16.1?

  • Josh Jan 07, 2017 

    Is this a final release now? It’s still shown under “development” in the downloads section

    • Zebraitis Jan 08, 2017 


      I have seen previous Release Candidates go to RC1 RC2 and RC3

  • Samy Gjerulff Jan 07, 2017 

    I have issues with this when playing a video on the windows platform it is pretty choppy it is stuttering and it have never been a issue in the previous versions…. also Imon manager keep crashing now. I have a android matricom box and still issues wiht Dolby digital the sound is dropping all the time….

  • sidewinder Jan 07, 2017 

    Someone earlier posted a link to download a test build that has DTS passthru enabled. I just tried and it works great. I would like to know why this link has since been removed. Is there an issue with that particular test build that I should be aware of?

  • Tigran Jan 07, 2017 

    I have upgraded KODI 16 to 17 but TrueHD passthrough still not working (no audio)
    The Onkyo TX-NR646 connected to Windows PC via HDMI.
    Could you please support to get TrueHD audio?

    Thank you!

    • fritsch Jan 08, 2017 

      TrueHD is supported since 5 years on Windows. If it does not work for you it’s a configuration issue on your side. Head over to the forum and ask for help.

  • Marco Jan 08, 2017 

    “Don’t worry you can keep using Kodi v16 on all previous Android versions ”
    But, when having multiple devices running on 1 shared database, it is still not possible to have 16 and 17 running on the same database? Or is that fixed?

  • jmk Jan 08, 2017 

    just getting started

  • jmk Jan 08, 2017 

    very good

  • Henry Jan 08, 2017 

    Hello Kodi-Team!
    First of all thank you so much for your work! Krypton looks awesome.

    I’m owner of both Fire TV generations and Krypton works great on the 1st generation. Today I felt brave and installed the current nightly on the 4k box and unfortunately experience stutters with TVHeadend Live TV playback – looks like slow motion. I then deactivated ‘MediaCodec (Surface)’ and it works better now, but there are still some sort of micro stutters with FHD channels. Does anyone face the same problem and could help me with some ideas?


  • Bart Loonen Jan 08, 2017 

    Guys, really good work. Two little things.

    1. While listening to music during a slideshow of pictures, the music does not continue after the slideshow is showing a short video clip which is also stored in the same folder as the pictures.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    2. What happened with custom backgrounds in estuary? Really nice skin btw

  • Christopher Blackburn Jan 08, 2017 

    Anyone else have issues when updating? It’s been stuck on migrating add ons for an hour on my fire stick.

  • Skinn Larue Jan 09, 2017 

    The RC is a lot slower then the beta versions? what’s up with that? i was running beta 3 for a while with hardly any issues. i did a fresh install as well as an upgrade and it takes a while to load addons

    • bry Jan 09, 2017 

      Please post on the forums with a debug log.

  • Binno Jan 09, 2017 

    so is this current 17 RC stable and ready to be installed on android? if not, is there any ETA for a safe release? thanks

    • bry Jan 09, 2017 

      it is RC which means release candidate

  • firstforme Jan 09, 2017 

    I can’t get 17 rc2 to load on my beelink m18. I downloaded the arm 64bit version. I have read where the 32 bit version will work but will stay with Jarvis until the issue is resolved. Anyone else have this problem.

  • Samuel E Jan 09, 2017 

    Which flavor do I need for FireTv 2?

    • Jennifer c Jonquet Jan 12, 2017 

      id stick with jarvis 16.1,,,the new kodi 10 krypton isnt performing well at all..in fact the new 17 krypton is really confusing lay out for noobs and seems to stutter and restart a lot too..not liking much about the new version at all…anyone else having problems?? the set up is atrocious as well :(

  • Jay Jan 10, 2017 

    Installed RC2 (Linux build) on a Zotac with AMD GFX and I’m getting really screwed up graphics – flashing screen and like a big Z or cartoon lightning bolt across the middle of the screen. I can just about navigate to the settings and have tried to change resolution, refresh and even the skin, the only thing that gives me a stable output is changing to “windowed” output but I would obviously prefer full screen. Going to try to update my graphics drivers but if anyone’s got any other ideas they would be appreciated. Thanks for the great work BTW..

  • Michael Hebgen Jan 10, 2017 

    On Jarvis (Kodi V16) I have used profiles. On Krypton (Kodi V17 from Windows Store) I have tried it and gave up – no language selsction etc. Will we get it fixed?

    • bry Jan 10, 2017 

      Please post this on our forums with a debug log. If it is an issue it looked into and fixed.

  • frikxxx Jan 10, 2017 

    Wie kann ich kodi 17 beim Wetek play2 instalieren??

    bitte um hilfe

    • bry Jan 10, 2017 

      Look at LibreElec there is a 17x build

  • Amir Jan 11, 2017 

    When Kodi Krypton will be officely realised ?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 11, 2017 

      When it’s ready…

  • Jennifer c Jonquet Jan 12, 2017 

    nope sorry ..had kodi 17 rc 2 installed for over a week now and its a disatser!!!!!wher do we start?? improvements? they changed all the settings controls and put in a ton of new metro tiles like windows 8, then have a bunch of new hidden afeas you have to dig deep into to get permissions to use certain apps…ive been a kodi/xbmc user since the early days of the original xbmc and have installed kodi on thousands of android and windows systems…there shouldnt be this new learning curve or new interface ..i switched back to 16.1 , it is faster and more stable on new fire tvs and nvidia shield tv..anyone else agree??

    • relkai Jan 12, 2017 

      Nope, I absolutely disagree.
      It is indeed a small learning curve, but once you get used to it and understand the reason for the much more logical layout, it’s actually easier and more noob friendly.
      No one is forcing you to upgrade. If you prefer Kodi 16, just stick with it.
      Your other option is to install Confluence (or any other skin) in Krypton to have the classical design back.

  • tvk Jan 12, 2017 

    Any news regarding UWApp for Xbox one? Will it even get approved?

  • Daniel Jan 13, 2017 

    Oh I see you deleted my comment :D good way to “listen” to users :D keep up the good work.

  • ACOSTA Jan 13, 2017 

    Hello. I was very satisfied with kodi V16 and without any problems, but now that I’ve update to the very new Krypton V17, Im having a problem: when I see a movie and when the movie ends our if I pause, the Kodi blocks and shutdown the application. Can anybody helps to solve this problem?

  • HUGO Jan 14, 2017 

    comment on change la langue dans la nouvelle version kodi 17

  • JOSELPENIZA Jan 17, 2017 

    I am using KODI 17 RC2 on WIN10.
    I would like to update to RC3 but cannot find where or how.
    Could some body help.

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

      There’s the word “Downloads” written in big, friendly letters at the top of this web page. Start there.

  • Artur Jan 17, 2017 

    I have upgraded KODI 16 to 17 but passthrough still not working.(I have only PCM Audio 2.0 (HDMI and Optic) KODI can’t find DSP on my smart TV:

    The SONY Bravia KD-55XD7005, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Mediatek MT5891, ARM Cortex A-53.

    Could you please support to get ?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 17, 2017 

      Please post any issues to the forum, not the blog.

    • Martijn Kaijser Jan 17, 2017 

      Call Sony that they fix it

  • Alisa Jan 18, 2017 

    I have Kodi on my PC but the video will not play. I have windows 7. Do i need a better windows program or is there a way to fix this in my computer settings?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 18, 2017 

      This is an (old) announcement thread – please post to the forum for any support issues.

  • Dani Jan 19, 2017 

    Hey guys, I need help.
    I purchased a streaming box V88 4k. It comes with kodi 16.1 jarvis
    Already installed and it’s an android 5.1.1 operating box.
    I uninstalled the 16.1 and installed the 17 krypton very easily.
    Changed to a skin that I didn’t like and couldn’t change it back to the original one and it got froze so I had to reset the box and now I don’t know why it won’t give me the option to install the 17 krypton ver. Only 16.1. Can anyone help me how to fix this?

    • Prof Yaffle Jan 19, 2017 

      Please post in the forum for help. Remember as well that we don’t provide hardware, and can’t support third-party “builds” of Kodi.

  • Barry Smith Jan 20, 2017 

    Why do I keep getting kicked out of kodi17 (fstick) after 10 secs,have I downloaded the right one? Release 32?

  • Mahmoud Jan 21, 2017 

    Hi, please find sulotion for Arabic subtitle. i was using older versions, it is very easy to use and Arabic subtitle was very good. So, i hope to help me.

  • something Jan 22, 2017 

    I can honestly say that after installing and working with this software and watching countless videos on youtube I get more functionality out of chrome running Plex and using tabs for netflix, amazon and local videos then i do from this clunky antiquated software. I have XBMC installed on an original Xbox and it worked great in 2000. needing repositories and all this other stuff just to watch a video it pointless and most of the addons don’t work. Sorry to say its a good thing this is the last of KODI

    • Kib Jan 23, 2017 

      I can honestly say you do not need countless videos on the internet to configure the application, unless you are trying to use bootleg video add-ons which are not the intention of the software nor allowed for discussion on any of our sites or forums.

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.