Kodi v17 “Krypton” The last Beta 7

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on Dec 19, 2016 in Pre-Release

It’s almost Christmas and as such we wanted to bring you the last Beta version of Kodi 17. This means we have good hopes we have squashed the biggest and known issues and up next we will go to Release Candidates which in the end will result in the final release. However let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first gather some more feedback on testing this Beta 7 version. The changes for this seventh an last beta are the result of the continuous effort from the developers, either from inside the team or outside to get v17 into final release shape. We sure would like to thank every one involved with either development, testing or simply helping out others with answering their questions.

Fixes done in this Beta 7:

• Update Estuary and Estouchy skin with some bugfixes
• Enable IEC61937 audio passthrough support on Android for DTS-HD, TrueHD, DTS:X and ATMOS in case the Android version supports this
• Fix PVR channel OSD display conditions
• Fix possible crash in PVR EPG
• Fix multiple selection in file browser
• Fix duplicate context menu for PVR recordings
• Fix wrong window size on OSX
• Fix problem on Windows that currently in use skins couldn’t be updated
• Further improvement of cmake build system
• Various other improvements and fixes

A full list can be found here

What’s new?

In general nothing really as this was just about bugfixing and further finalising our new buildsystem.

Estuary and Estouchy: next generation

Past March we announced that v17 would feature a brand new default skin called Estuary and since then it has been included in every build we have released. During this period our developers kept improving on how it looked, behaved and made use of the latest features that got included from what is shaping up to be the final release of v17. Since more and more users also started to use these development builds we started to receive a lot of feedback, where most was positive there was also some negative or at least constructive comments. As we are not deaf to these comments and try to create the best experience, our skin developer phil65 went back to the drawing board and rethought on how to incorporate this feedback into wat should become the final skin. With some help from ryanmah for the mockups, ichabod-fletchman for helping out this didn’t resulted in a total rewrite but simply reworking some parts of how the skin looks and behaves. The underlying skin code still remains the same for a very large part except for the parts where a smarter way of doing this magic was found. The visual top layer what you will see should still feel quite familiar if you have used any past v17 builds as not everything was redone.

At same time the touch skin Estouchy also got matched by our senior skin developer ronie to match the Estuary look.

For some screenshot you can visit the release announcement here: Default skin: Next Gen. Regardless you’ll see when you install this new update.


A new default web interface called Chorus2

Kodi has many hidden secrets and even team members don’t know the full potential it packs. One of those features you might not know is that Kodi also has a web-interface from which you can browse your library and start playback directly on your Kodi device. It’s something we’ve never really promoted that it was available and I’m not really sure why. However the past few years not much was changed to to it and it kinda fell into decay with only minor fixes done to keep it kind of functional. For Kodi v17 this has been radically changed as we have packaged up a brand new default web-interface called Chorus2.


For some screenshot you can visit the release announcement here: A new webinterface called Chorus2. Regardless you’ll see when you install this new update.

Krypton nightly builds

As you may have noticed we only release a new beta or release candidate once in a while that includes a list of fixes that were done since previous release. Additionally we also create these so called nightly builds specifically for Krypton that include the latest fixes that our developers have included and will end up in the next beta, release candidate or final release. By providing these builds we hope that users who install these will help us confirm the problem was fixed or identify if we accidentally created a regression from previous builds made. These nightlies are safe to install on top of the Kodi v17 you already have installed on your device and can be found on the download page. Be sure to get these builds from the Krypton folder and not from any other.


As previously noted, this is only a small summary of all the improvements in Kodi 17. For more, see the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 posts. Should you want to download and install this build please visit our download page. You can install these build just on top of your current Kodi installation without doing a reinstall or cleanup as we do a full migration if needed.

•  Official Kodi 17.0 development downloads

Of course we have also updated Windows Store with this latest version.
Get it on Windows 10

Bug reports

Please report any problems on our forum http://forum.kodi.tv and not on the release announcement as it is not a reporting or help section. Don’t forget we also have some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android and iOS. You can find the links to them on the download page.

Donations or getting involved

Getting involved is quite easy. Simply take the plunge and start using these 17.0 Krypton builds. If you use these builds, we encourage you to report problems with these builds on our forum first and after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing support in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote Kodi on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page. We are always happy to receive a donation by which you show your support and appreciation, and t-shirts and Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation and are typically used for travel to attend conferences, any necessary paperwork and legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware and licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.

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  • Alex Otoo Dec 19, 2016 

    Thanks a lot we will test and examine any problem to this platform…

    • charettepa Dec 20, 2016 

      it still has big issues with the “new video player” under android. i have a shield, and nexus players. they all have the same issue. any video played through pvr/tv live or recorded ota plays for 3-5 seconds then the video freezes and audio continues. if you dont stop the video it eventually crashes the box and reboots. if you disable hardware acceleration this does not happen but you get weird banding and stuttery videos. live/recorded ota tv is my main reason for kodi this makes v17 still far from ready. for now i continue to use 16.

      • fritsch Dec 22, 2016 

        Has nothing to do with VideoPlayer. It’s mediacodec issue, all other platforms (besides AMLCodec) are fine. Btw. we don’t have an Android maintainer anymore. We try very hard to get out a release that works “somehow”. For more support file a bug on trac.kodi.tv – we gather them for new people wanting to contribute for that platform.

    • Psul Jan 02, 2017 

      How do I installed krypton for testing? Please help

    • Steve Podgorski Jan 08, 2017 

      Is there anyway to add sleep mode to Kodi. I am using Windows 7 with a PRO-LCD-B. To have it work 24/7 with a clock/display, I need to have it in away mode. Got it to work in windows with calling sweep mode. But in Kodi there is no sleep mode.

  • ANDREW Dec 19, 2016 

    I am happy I am the second!.

    Seriously I think it is mature enough for a release. All these betas tend to frustrate people.

    • Martijn Kaijser Dec 19, 2016 

      Yeah and if we don’t do it we get yelled at for releasing a junk release which was never tested.

      • andrew Dec 19, 2016 

        What I am saying is that you release a beta every month or so. The beta takes a few days until it gets to my distro (libreelec) Until it gets there there is another beta and so on. This can go for some time.

        I understand that the release often is better that the release never but 7 betas and 2 alphas and 5 pre-releases and 6 whatever… How is that different than getting a nightly build every two weeks?

        My suggestion would be to release a beta or two and move on to a version every 5-6 months.

        Anyway it doesn’t matter because at the end the user decides what to do but it is better to have a solid version than 10 betas. The solid version will go everywhere but the betas won’t.

        The many betas give the illusion that you release often but the releases are betas that are not installed by the many who wait the solid version.

        • Trenchant Dec 19, 2016 

          Yeah… what you want is available on the Downloads page. It’s listed under the following:

          - Current release: Kodi v16.1 “Jarvis”

      • ky41083 Dec 22, 2016 

        I completely and wholly agree with the developers, on the release schedule of Krypton to date. The more frequent and many pre-release builds it takes to deliver a stable and functional platform at the end of the cycle, the better. Far too often these days, stable branch users are being used as beta testers for software updates (looking at you Microsoft), and the case is even worse for open source software (pfSense, anyone?). Kodi’s current release style and number of pre-release builds, should be used as a literal model of “how to do it right”.

        The only reason the Kodi projects current release cycle confuses or irritates anyone, is because those people, along with many software projects today, have COMPLETELY forgotten, what “stable”, “release candidate”, “beta”, and “alpha” actually mean, and what their role is SUPPOSED to be, when it comes to proper software development.

        Kudos to you, team Kodi, for continuing to show everyone how to correctly manage a software release cycle. There are not many left, that have retained this knowledge. And those that know, very much appreciate it.

        • dac Dec 27, 2016 

          i also think its because people really want to try all the new stuff in krypton, but dont want to try the betas. so people start complaining that it takes to long. i’m happy with 16, tried a beta, wouldnt play video so went back. push 17 when its done untill then realese betas often so it gets tested propper!

          awesome work!

    • Trenchant Dec 19, 2016 

      I fail to understand the logic… If you’re getting frustrated by the number of betas, you shouldn’t be running the beta releases. That’s what the active stable builds are for.

      Considering that major core functionality such as stable video playback on Android was broken until Beta 6, it needs the work.

      • charettepa Dec 20, 2016 

        i am still having video issues under beta 7 in android with a shield and nexus players. 16.1 is still the only acceptable solution for now.

        • Silvatyrant Dec 22, 2016 

          Same here. Particularly with 3D. Monoscopic mode still shows the side-by-side split (on SBS videos). And there is no 3D detection (i.e. TV doesn’t activate 3D automatically). Hope this gets fixed before the stable release.

          • fritsch Dec 23, 2016 

            We won’t fix it. As we don’t have the manpower to do so. Time for the community to step up. Kodi is not a company and especially the android release is put together with the last energy of more or less volunteers. Time to organize development contributors.

          • charettepa Dec 23, 2016 

            seeing as how ‘fritsch’ just said they wont fix it, it might be nice if 2 things happened
            1- tell people this is a known issue
            2- allow people to use the old player that actually works

            its nice to say step it up, but im sure if someone knew what to do they would
            seems pretty logical to not distribute the new version with the “new “broken” player” until it is capable of working. can you please ship the android version with the old player.

            i know what you are going to say, just use 16.1. but there is a problem there too. a few versions ago you decided to merge the pvr repo as part of kodi. so when the pvr addon is updated you can ONLY get it through a kodi update. dvblink had a big bug in it that has been resolved and was commited to 17 and 16 but i cant get it in 16 as there is no new 16 version. if the repo was separate from kodi like the rest of the repo’s this would not be an issue.

          • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

            @charettepa – the PVR repo we had was worthless, as it was never used as long as we had it. Reason is, that delivering binary add-on on certain platforms (like Android) is not as easy as it seems. We still don’t have a master plan on how to move binary add-ons into repos for all platforms, which is why we still bundle them with the Kodi binaries.

            As for the 3D issue. You’re likely using mediacodec for video decoding. Mediacodec is basically bypassing any video processing inside Kodi as it’s using a secure HW decoder route in Android and the Android devs simply provide no support for anything 3D related. This is also the reason why we can’t switch your Android box into any 3D mode, because Android doesn’t give us the tools for that. That’s at least what I gathered from talking to our former Android dev.

    • atreyu Dec 19, 2016 

      Only those who suffer from ocd/add/both.
      I have never understood the fixation on versioning.

      • fritsch Dec 23, 2016 

        read again. We don’t owe you any version of Android as now said multiple times: We don’t have an android maintainer anymore, we search help since many months. So – you as user – why not step up and fix that stuff, you seem to use it.

        If you feel Krypton should not be released for Android as the quality sucks on your system, continue to use Jarvis.

        • Edrikk Dec 27, 2016 

          That’s nonsense.

          That’s like your dealership mechanic telling you that “sorry Bill left, so either figure out why the Check Engine Light is on and fix it yourself, or put a black tape on it.”

          For a guy who talks down to all the other devs, you’d figure the guy you rewrote VideoPlayer would take accountability and make it work…

          Nice! Very nice as always!

          • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

            it has nothing to do with the videoplayer work, it’s related to the fact that we removed most of the device/chipset specific hacks which we where not able to maintain without a platform dev (same with audio passthrough issues you might run into). The good thing about the removal is, that device and chipset manufacturers finally start to fix their firmwares and use the Android APIs correctly. As we also only support official Android APIs now, this means, that once the device/chipset manufacturers release a proper firmware Kodi should be working fine again.

          • Edrikk Dec 31, 2016 

            Thank you da-anda for a “proper” explanation (both at the technical, but also at the “human” level.

            Cheers to you!

    • J876 Dec 20, 2016 

      I have tested the beta editions of Kodi and Krypton is a big release with a lot of modifications.

      I rather have more testing done and squash most of the bugs before release candidates than have a show stopping bug in the final release.

  • Zider Dec 19, 2016 

    Will there be a universal app for the Xbox one?

  • Scope Dec 19, 2016 

    I am still seeing constant stuttering unless OSD is ON.. As soon as I switch OSD off it starts to stutter/not smooth again.. I have uploaded video to a thread I’ve started in the “Linux and Live support” forum.

    • Raymond Dec 19, 2016 

      What do you mean by OSD ON?
      OSD is the On Screen Display…

      • Scope Dec 19, 2016 

        Yes, the “On Screen Display” when watching a movie.. I would have understand it if it was the other way around, considering the OSD would use resources as well, but switching it on (menu button) actually improved performance of the video.

        • Xonic Dec 21, 2016 

          I have the exact same issue. Video/Sound totally out of sync, but when I bring up the OSD it “FWD” to a sync point and stays in sync as long as the OSD stays on screen.

    • Raymond Dec 19, 2016 

      Never mind, I watched the video and understand now

    • goodton Dec 19, 2016 

      I can see this issue also, in my case seem to be related exclusively to 4K-material in true fullscreen mode. I have GTX 1050Ti taking care of HW-acceleration and Krypton handles performance wise even 4K HEVC Main10-files easily, so this is clearly not a performance issue. Immediately after starting video, screen starts stuttering and also in my case audio starts to drift away. By overlaying for example the movie info on screen, video synchronizes with the audio and plays smooth as butter. Remove the overlay and stuttering starts again. Really strange, cannot be seen in Isengard or for example in MPC-HC.

    • atreyu Dec 20, 2016 

      I really tried to reproduce because i am curious.
      Havent been able to.

      • goodton Dec 20, 2016 

        This issue seems to relate to combination on usage of HW-acceleration and Adjust Display Refreshrate at the same time with high bit rate material (at least in my case). Toggling either of these off, this specific problem disappears but of course other performance issues and refreshrate judder will be seen. By the way, platform used is Windows 10 x64.

        • Xonic Dec 21, 2016 

          I got rid of the issue when I turned HW acceleration off thank you. I also turned dithering down to 6 from the default 8 for a much smoother video render.

  • Bernie Dec 19, 2016 

    Great work – hope to see the final release soon.
    One MAJOR wish (mentioned on prior betas already): Please increase the letter sizes on lists and movie/TV information – it could be an option as before.
    With the new skin the letter size is dis-proportioned to the grapics.
    At lease I cannot read it from 10 feet.

    • Alex Dec 24, 2016 

      I personally think the font type and size is perfect. My wife and I can easily read the file lists at 1080P. I have not tried Kodi on a 4k screen.

  • sabrex Dec 19, 2016 

    For those who want to enable MPEG-DASH in YouTube 5.3.6 running on Kodi 17 beta 7, you’ll need to go to Add-ons > My add-ons > VideoPlayer InputStream and make sure that InputStream Adaptive is enabled. It is disabled by default on the Windows Store version of Kodi. This will allow playback of 1080p and 4K videos via YouTube 5.3.6 and above.

  • gianfranco Dec 19, 2016 

    hello to all, greeting the staff of kodi, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, a good 2017, as it will be good Krypton 17, the lucky number, thanks again the magnificent job in Italy I can see admire beautiful film Kody Jarvis 16.1, can I ask for add-on kodi in Italian film x sports, again good job, gianfranco, from Rome, Italy

  • sabrex Dec 19, 2016 

    I’d like to suggest that when viewing videos, it would be very useful to have the display resolution (i.e. 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p, etc) shown when invoking the Media Info option. It could even be shown as the full image dimensions (1280×720,1920×1080, etc)

    • josh Dec 19, 2016 

      I second Sabrex’s request as it would be very useful information.

  • Rmuilman Dec 19, 2016 

    Sorry dummie question:

    How do i get a clean version of the latest version On my Raspberry Pi 2
    Running Osmc

    • atreyu Dec 20, 2016 

      Download the official image, burn to SD, insert, start..?

  • Florian Dec 19, 2016 

    Awesome, thanks for all your efforts!!

    • Rmuilman Dec 20, 2016 

      Thnx. Sounds easy ;-)

  • Lefteris Dec 19, 2016 

    Hello, have u fixed on this latest beta, the ability to be able to create custom menu items? Ty :)

  • Zak Dec 19, 2016 

    Impressive improvement, can’t wait until the stable version comes out.

  • Bill Gates Dec 19, 2016 

    Windows Store version still says beta 6? When will Beta 7 go live on Windows Store?

    • JB Dec 22, 2016 

      Kodi 17 Beta 7 is now in Windows Store.

  • MR. Sexy Dec 19, 2016 

    When DXVA2 is enabled it causes slow seeking in videos.

    Will this be fixed in Kodi 17 final?

  • Keith Dec 19, 2016 

    It is highly recommended for users to not make any purchases in anticipation of running Kodi on Android without first researching the device you want to buy. Before you do buy, make sure multiple people have verified that it works! If in doubt, do not buy that hardware!

    This is the message in the android section . Can someone tell me what this means or rather what android based device does this apply to ?

    • Trenchant Dec 20, 2016 

      It means that whatever Android TV box you’re thinking about buying,don’t just assume that any and every Android box will work. There are a lot out there, many that run outdated versions of Android that won’t support newer Kodi releases, and others that have chipsets that may not support all the correct sound options you want or proper hardware decoding of videos. Whatever box you’re looking at buying, run a Google search first for something along the lines of “box-name Kodi”, and see what others say about it. If there are any known problems, you’ll quickly find out.

  • Darnell C Nelson Dec 19, 2016 

    I have nvidia shield tv and when I go to kodi it mute so I turn up the volume with blue tooth keyboard it switch back to mute I don’t know why but please fix this please

    • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

      seems you muted Kodi at one point. If you have CEC, try using your TVs remote to unmute or use one of the smartphone remotes or the webinterface to unmute.

  • Ken Dec 19, 2016 

    Why does everything become(recently added movies, movies in progress, buttons) so big on Beta 6 and 7? How can I change the size back as beta 4?


    • scarcry Dec 22, 2016 

      I just upgraded on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS from beta 5 to beta 7 and I’m experiencing the same issue.
      From ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log:
      18:52:10.689 T:139822028281856 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (17.0-BETA7 Git:20161219-nogitfound). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit
      18:52:10.689 T:139822028281856 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x64 build
      18:52:10.689 T:139822028281856 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Dec 19 2016 by GCC 4.8.4 for Linux x86 64-bit version 3.13.11 (199947)

      Running the default new skin Estuary on beta 5 was nice on a 1080P tv but on beta 7, even though system info still shows the resolution to be 1920×1080, all fonts and icons are so big they fall of the screen mid-way if you get what I mean.
      I’ve tried the video calibration but the screen edges already are showing to be correct.
      I’ve found nothing so far in the settings to change the way the interface is displayed with regard to this matter.

      Anyone know how to fix this?
      I’ll try lowering the resolution to 720P and then back again see if that will force a proper output.

  • Marc Dec 19, 2016 

    Hi. I’ on macOS Sierra and just installed Beta 7. For some reason the cursor stops about two thirds along the screen and won’t move to the right-edge. Just in case it hasn’t been raised already.

    • Rolf Dec 21, 2016 

      Same problem here, the issue also arises on el Capitan, even new nightly builds don’t help.
      Only going back to beta 6 resolves this issue. Pls fix for next release beta or rc.

    • Alex Dec 23, 2016 

      I just tested beta 7 on MacOS Sierra and have the same issue. Using the keyboard, you can access every needed option, but you are unable to move the mouse cursor past 2/3′s of the screen to the right.

    • boug Dec 28, 2016 

      Same with my Macbook air 11″ running sierra 10.12.1 – mouse not working on right 3rd of screen cursor stops at that point

  • Paul Dec 19, 2016 

    Is there any audio feature to adjust sound levels of individual channels? I.e. have vocals louder than other sounds.

  • SBW Dec 19, 2016 

    I think Estuary V2 skip is a step backwards IMO the previous versions where A LOT better. Of particular note is the recordings screen of the TV plugin, it is just a terrible layout. Also the graphics look cheap and out of place.

    • atreyu Dec 20, 2016 

      It’s all a matter of opinion.
      Some think this, other that.

      Thing is, this is whats given to you; if you dont like it find another skin or create your own

  • paul faucheux Dec 20, 2016 

    hi when will the final krypton be released the beta 7 is very cool and accessible with the screen reader addon kodi screen reader.1 issue the windows store download gets stuck at 79 percent and gives the following error something went wrong try that ag and the error code 0x800073cf9.

  • Peter Dec 20, 2016 

    “let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first gather some more feedback”

    PLEASE increase font sizes to that of Kodi 16 including an equivalent font size to that of Kodi 16′s “larger font size” setting!!

    • atreyu Dec 20, 2016 

      I REALLY would like to see this, too.

    • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

      you can still install our v16 skin Confluence via the add-on repository, which means you’ll have the exact same UI as in older versions.

  • Peter Dec 20, 2016 

    Also please bring back an equivalent view to that of Kodi 16′s Media Info 3.

    And in Kodi 17, when disabling background fanart, the background fanart should also be remove from the fanart view. I know the view is called fanart, but some people may just want that information layout and still want the background fanart gone to try to increase the legibility of movie/TV show lists.

  • JB Dec 20, 2016 

    Happy Holidays to the many individuals that contribute to the development and success of Kodi. Your efforts in providing a quality program are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Jeanne Williams Dec 20, 2016 

    I would like to buy a Kodi. I hope you can give to some advice. I am having so much problems paying for cable and I have a friend who tells me Kodi is the solution. I am 70 years old and not very tech savvy. Please help me because, I love watching movies

    • atreyu Dec 20, 2016 

      You cant buy ‘a Kodi’.

    • Hector Dec 24, 2016 

      you don’t need to buy kodi. Kodi is a free software. You need to buy a device, for example a “fire tv stick” or a computer that will run kodi. As far as I know a windows or apple pc will run Kodi. I use a fire tv stick that i got from best buy on black friday on sale for $29 but normally it’s $39. I got it because it was more affordable. Kodi is a software that runs on these devices. As for getting cable, i don’t know anything about that but i’m sure you could find the answers your looking for by searching youtube videos. Also picking the brain of your friend for more information. Side note i go without cable and get several major channels using antennae but reception varies based on your distance from the tower and your antannae type. Make sure your antennae get’s both uhf and vhf signals well.

  • Benny X Dec 20, 2016 

    on my Amazon Fire TV 4k i don’t have DTS Passtrough (Dolby Passthrogh worked ) the DTS Passthrough Option ist also missing in Audio Settings :-(

    • John Rose Dec 21, 2016 

      Same here..still..this is a deal breaker :-(

  • Igor Dec 20, 2016 
  • Igor Dec 20, 2016 

    error in your skins for a long time please correct!


    many developers have fixed the new official skins!

  • ivica Dec 20, 2016 

    DTS not working on Android TV Sony Bravia.

    • Martijn Kaijser Dec 20, 2016 

      Complain to Sony

      • ivica Dec 20, 2016 

        Why, on Sony with Jarvis works OK

        • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

          we removed all chipset and vendor specific hacks in our Android port because we don’t have a Android maintainer and the rest of the team just can’t maintain hacks. So as long as Sondy doesn’t fix their firmware to properly use Android APIs, you’re unfortunately stuck. But you can enable AC3 transcoding to still get surround sound (if you depend on SPDIF). If you have a AVR that does support multichannel PCM, then you don’t have a reason for passthrough anyways and can just disable it without any quality loss (it doesn’t matter if your AVR is decoding or Kodi, it’s digital)

          • wesley Dec 28, 2016 

            Does the Amazon Fire TV work without issues on the New V17? just wondering if we need to all start asking Amazon to fix things also.

  • Flavien Dec 20, 2016 

    Looks like navigation is still broken. This used to work in Jarvis. When do you plan to fix that? http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/17075

    Also, please sign your windows installers.

  • Dippy kaos Dec 20, 2016 

    please make stereoscopic SBS playback work for Android. It works for isengard but not Jarvis or any Krypton betas. Works OK for Windows, but need it for Android to be able to use in VR headset.

    • Silvatyrant Dec 22, 2016 

      Agreed. Even when trying monoscopic mode, picture still shows up side-by-side. 3D is broken on Android.

      • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

        please see my explanation given in a comment above. It’s related to mediacoded and that we’re not able to modify/cut the picture when using hardware rendering on Android. Disable mediacoded (-> use software decoding) and it will work as expected.

  • gesu Dec 20, 2016 

    4k HDR and A/V sync support?

  • Vitaly Gurevich Dec 20, 2016 

    Could you please add a possibility to add skin shortcuts to the main menu. PLEASE!!!!

  • Steve Dec 20, 2016 

    HELP! I downloaded the “Master” and installed it now I cannot get the final beta to install. I want to START FRESH, but not lose all the work I did to organize the way Kodi works. Can I BACK UP the settings and data and etc…ONLY? I want to install the Beta 7 and then restore my settings and things. Any help is appreciated.

    • Vitaly Gurevich Dec 20, 2016 

      uninstall kodi, but don’t delete user file. reinstall.

      • Steve Dec 20, 2016 

        THANKS… so, whee would the USER FILE be? And is there an UNINSTALL option somewhere? Appreciate the help!

        • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

          please seek for help on the forums – the comments section is not the correct place for this. Also, try searching the wiki and the forum first – IIRC this question came up several times already and has been answered. Thanks.

  • Samy Gjerulff Dec 20, 2016 

    Well have just tried nightly build of android platform, still cant delete or rename in kodi even if I can see one need to give permission to USB devices and all network.,,,, and I have given permission in files in kodi… also STILL stutter when playing dolby Digital still no option for Spdif output which I have on my maticom G2 box…. also I can see DTS sound option is gone for now,… I hope things will change for the better for android windows platform now is a lot more stable than android…

  • Sebastian Dec 20, 2016 

    Pulse-Eight USB CEC Adapter still not working…
    Tried to get help from Pulse8 but theres no way to get it work.
    In Kodi 15/16 the Adapter works great…

    • tavoc Dec 21, 2016 

      on which system?
      On my ubuntu 16.04 with the Beta7 the internal CEC is still working.

      • Sebastian Dec 29, 2016 

        I tried it on 4 Win 7 PCs (Home/Pro/Ultimate).

  • Gil Bates Dec 20, 2016 

    Please bring back XBMC!

  • Rainman Dec 20, 2016 

    Using profiles still makes context menu entries unusable :-(


  • selven s Dec 21, 2016 

    if i download a tv show and i want to delete it from in kodi i can t ,put in that function please

  • Ego Dec 21, 2016 

    Probably a longshot, but I hope 7.1 E-AC3 passthrough gets fixed before final (and its AC3 core passthrough for S/PDIF)

  • Darnell C Nelson Dec 21, 2016 

    hi I have a nvidia shield tv and the audio keep muting please fix is there a way to turn off kodi volume and just use nvidia shield tv volume I know why you the kodi volume it for the kore app and pc user show they can control the volume but android tv have their own volume control so on the final release please allow us to turn off kodi volume and use nvidia shield tv volume in setting please I’m tired of seeing the mute symbol on the upper right hand corner of the screen please fix this in the final release please

  • flhthemi Dec 21, 2016 

    I noticed that when playing a Dolby Digital 5.1 1080P file with 17 Beta 7 I have control of Kodi’s volume. In 16.1 It was locked out if you were in pass through . In Krypton if Kodi’s volume is set to less than ~95% you get volume drops in the audio. Have you experienced this?

    • fritsch Dec 22, 2016 

      Yeah. We use the official Android API since that release. But that is so severely broken on 90% of the devices that it’s just ridicioulous. Everything works the way the manufacturer wanted it for you … which is really sad.

      Same for the DTS issues on FTV, FTV2. They (be it amazon, Sony or others) just don’t care. As long as the content works that user needs to pay for, all is fine.

  • Jacob Dec 21, 2016 

    -Font size need to be bigger (or at least the option to change it)
    -I want to see if a movie is in 1080p/720p, etc.. when i press the media information.
    -Favorites has a menu entry. Good! But why does it pop up in a window? I Want it to open like the other menu entries and be able to change the view. For example “list view”.
    -Krypton is still sluggish and needs to be optimized/snappier, especially when stopping a video and going back to the list it takes some time.

    a Nvidia Shield TV User

    • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

      Favs open in the dialog because that’s how they are implemented in Kodi itself. Being able to change the view requires core changes IIRC

  • Dani Dec 21, 2016 

    App crash after stop movie;

    Win10, remote control MCE Philips SRM 5100.

  • Luis Santiago Dec 21, 2016 

    Need web site to download Kripton v17. 7.

    • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

      really? the link is in the blog post

  • kodilover Dec 21, 2016 

    Can you or someone put a addon for nollywood

    • atreyu Dec 22, 2016 

      Can you?

  • Mathias Conradt Dec 22, 2016 

    Kodi Krypton Beta crashes right after the splash screen on Android Huawei Mate 8 (NXT-L29), Android 6.0.

  • Peter Dec 22, 2016 

    Hi ! Skin looks Great :)
    But why is the button to start optical disks removed? I think its a basically funktion to have a one in all solution ?

  • Ribero Dec 23, 2016 

    Very nice work done on this version ! Congratulations !

    However there are still very important issues still not solved with this version (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=281517).

    Does it means it will go RC without a fix ?

  • I_B Dec 23, 2016 

    Thank you so much for your dedicated effort. Krypton truly is astounding.

    I called the Louvre. They agreed to yank M.L. off the wall and replace it with screenshots of Estuary.

    Merry X-mas to the team.

  • Edje Dec 23, 2016 

    Is it a known issue that Kodi keeps crashing if you do nothing? I have 17 beta 7 on W10. Start it, and do nothing. After 10 min a popup: kodi stopped working. I can click ok and its gone. That keeps happening. Log: faulting module name: ntdll.dll..

  • Poris Dec 23, 2016 

    Got a green line on the button on certain hevc files, someone else have the same problem? I’m on the nvidia shield.

  • Robbie Dec 24, 2016 

    When I use the search, it brings me back to the previous page and Ibhabe to click “up a directory” to see my search results. Why does this happen?

  • nickr Dec 24, 2016 

    Guys & Gals if you want support, the forum is the place to go, and don’t forget your debug logs when you post there!!

  • Trump Forever Dec 24, 2016 

    I hope uncle Donald’s FBI arrest every single of one of the KODI developers for contributing to piracy. There’s a new sheriff in town!

    • Happy Bunny Dec 24, 2016 

      Oh, look… we hear from the southern states.

      That’s so cute.

    • atreyu Dec 27, 2016 

      Just as misinformed as the great new sheriff i see.

  • Costa Dec 24, 2016 

    I am unable to download any krypton 17 version on the latest android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version. It’s needed to be fixed.

  • steven Dec 24, 2016 

    hi how do I use kodi on Roku stream stick thanks

  • Joel Dec 24, 2016 

    I want out of the beta program. I have a nexus player and can’t downgrade to 16.1 that I can find. Issues with video playback on any source, choppy, laggy, etc. I have become used to the ui and it’s sleek, but 16.1 is much more stable on any of my devices.

  • TheCommunist Dec 24, 2016 

    I was wondering, will v17 be light enough for the FireStick?

    Is anyone currently using v17 on the Firestick and what are your thoughts? Has [random crappy piracy add-on] been updated to be used with v17 and how do you like its functionality with the new UI?

    Thanks to anyone who takes time to reply.

  • Cuco Dec 25, 2016 

    My remote still has gone crazy since beta 3, or maybe since Windows store kodi

    Idk. W10x64 Intel nuc

    Marry xmas

  • Trond Øien Dec 25, 2016 

    Oh, how I wish for proper music queuing! Play next/Play now/Add to queue etc. Please? :) Otherwise Kodi is close to perfect software in my view. Thanx..

  • Kaytie Dec 26, 2016 

    How do I add a zip file through the new Kodi beta 7? I’m having a hard time finding this; so, I’m unable to add [any random piracy add-on]. Thanks!

    • da-anda Dec 28, 2016 

      no support for piracy add-ons

  • Captain Birdseye Dec 26, 2016 

    Someone is slacking – how come these replies have references to dodgy addons and boxes? A mod needs to clean this page up otherwise it looks like KODI is promoting these idiots on the front page.

  • Raymond Dec 26, 2016 

    System Info > Hardware > CPU: Unknown

    KODI beta 6, 7, RC nightly does not display the CPU info

  • Raymond Dec 26, 2016 

    System Info > Hardware > CPU: Unknown

    KODI beta 6, 7, RC nightly does not display the CPU info

    Windows 10 only. Linux is okay

  • Ed Dec 27, 2016 

    Why do people download a Beta then whinge when something doesnt work, stick to a stable release if you dont know what a beta release is!
    Fyi, running beta 7 and haven’t encountered any issues, great job guys

  • teomor Dec 27, 2016 

    On my MacBook Air (Mac OS X Sierra) version 17 (beta 7 but previous betas also) uses too much CPU, so much that I actually started hering the CPU fan, which I never ever hear on my Mac. It happens on 720p videos while playing and also when no video is playing and I’m on the file list, and the currently selected filename is too long and is automatically scrolling horizontally. This last part is also happening on version 16 (stable).

    • Zebu Jan 06, 2017 

      Try disabling the RSS feed and also the watchdog library updater addon, If you have that installed. These two things combined, made my Mac Mini 2012 use 20-25% CPU in idle and kicking in the fan. Much higher CPU load than watching a movie.

  • JD Dec 28, 2016 

    Complaining or bitching period about a free program which allows you to watch movies and pretty much anything for free it retarded, You entitled little pricks should just say thank you. Or a kick in the teeth maybe?

  • anon Dec 28, 2016 

    any chance for external player PLAYLIST support (i have it so video files use kmp player as poor movie support on older systems) and the ability for kodi to load up when clicking on a playlist.m3u file without having to close kodi so that vox commando can support calling up a kodi playlist directly. (by playlist external player support i mean clicking on a playlist brings up play using option wich kodi does not yet do but does so for tv/movie files).

    if you have kodi open and click on a playlist file it does nothing (with kodi associated to .m3u files,etc) but does work if you have kodi closed.this would be greatly apreciated for us that use vox commando with kodi.

    thanks and happy holidays

    Also having options for it not to autoplay music folders when you hover on them would be nice. great work guys.

  • Raja Dec 28, 2016 

    I installed Beta 17 on my Fire Stick the only problem is that movie does not stop after pressing player stop button. When you press back button from remote control the movie restarts. Please fix this bug in the Kodi v17.

  • Kelsey Dec 29, 2016 

    I downloaded kodi krypton beta 7 and it won’t let me install anything, everytime I try it fails and says failed due to dependencies or something like that. Please help because I love kodi but I don’t know what to do

  • Keith Dec 29, 2016 

    Hi: Kudos to the Kodi development team for a great product. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s way better than anything else out there. I was surprised to see a comment above regarding the Android version not being a major market for Kodi. I would have thought it would be THE major market by now and, if not yet, then very soon (with all the firesticks being sold). Please view the android version as a very high priority for the development team. Thanks, Keith.

  • michel moglia Dec 31, 2016 

    And for android ?

  • youlee Jan 01, 2017 

    Kodi 17 rc from the windows store has issues with playback on a second monitor. Low frame rate even in window mode, however if you drag the window on to the first monitor the problem disappears.
    It’s annoying because my setup consists of a laptop and a 27″ monitor via hdmi.
    Has anyone found a fix?

  • Petes Jan 04, 2017 

    Please add a “larger font size”.

  • Carlos Viana Jan 04, 2017 

    Still no video gamma control?????

  • Kevin DeVore Jan 08, 2017 

    I love kodi krypton 17 rc it so easy to work then 16.1look better feel good

  • Luis Palacios Jan 21, 2017 

    HI, very nice krypton 17 rc, however I’m seeing stuttering when watching TV and audio has also a small drift.
    Anybody knows how to set the resfresh rate manually to make tests? (i.e.: 50Hz is not shown in the list of options, only 60 and 59,97).

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