Kore – The new official Android remote

Kore - Official Android remote

We are happy to announce that once again we have a fully working Android remote. As you may had noticed, our previous Android remote wasn’t updated for a while and as such didn’t work any more due to code changes we’ve done over time. One of our team members who developed it back then, simply lacked the time to bring up to par again nor didn’t any one else within the team.
Some months ago a developer Synced Synapse started working on a new Android remote that was more of these days. We all liked the simplicity, the design, and the fact that is was fully open source. As such we asked him if he was willing to make the remote he made the official Kodi remote and be part of our team. And here we are, an all brand new and working Android remote that will help you control all your Kodi installs throughout your home. More features will be added in the future.

Kore™ (Android)


  • - Android 4.0.3
  • - Phone or a tablet

With Kore you can

  • – Control your media center with an easy to use remote;
  • – Including several colour themes;
  • – See what’s currently playing, including relevant information
    (movies, TV shows, music, pictures and add-ons);
  • – Change, sync or download subtitles;
  • – Switch to the desired audio streams;
  • – All the usual playback and volume controls at your disposal;
  • – Toggle back and forth between windows or full screen playback in Kodi
  • – Add, check and manage the current playlist;
  • – View what is in your media library with details about your movies, TV shows, music and add-ons;
  • – Direct link to relevant IMDb website for extensive information;
  • – Library maintenance like clean and update;
  • – Wake-on-LAN and other power control actions that the selected device supports;
  • – Send YouTube videos to your currently selected media center;
  • – Send text to the instead of using the keyboard in Kodi

Currently not added yet

  • – Browsing smartplaylists
  • – PVR controls

These features will be added in future versions

Works with

  • – Kodi 14.x “Helix” and 15.x “Isengard”;
  • – XBMC 12.x “Frodo” and 13.x Gotham;

Current supported interface languages

  • – Bulgarian
  • – Dutch
  • – French
  • – German
  • – Italian
  • – Portuguese
  • – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • – Spanish

More languages will follow in future releases

License and development
Kore is fully Open-Source and released under the Apache License 2.0
Should you wish to help on future development you can do so by visiting https://github.com/xbmc/Kore for code contributions.

Need help or have any problems?
Please visit our forum at http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=129

As of this moment, it is available from Play Store for you to install. As time passes and new features and languages are added, you will automatically received updates once you have it installed. For further support you can visit our dedicated forum.

Here are some screenshots showing it in action on a normal Android phone.

Kore - Official Android remote Kore - Official Android remote Kore - Official Android remote
 Kore - Official Android remote  Kore - Official Android remote  Kore - Official Android remote

Discussion - 68 Comments

  • anon May 30, 2015 

    Having yaste why didnt you started a partnership? That remote is soooooo good.

    • Martijn May 30, 2015 

      It’s not open source.

      • anon May 30, 2015 

        :/ Pitty. I’ve been testing the new official remote since my post and its quite good!
        But its not the same, maybe because I’m used to.

        • Nesio Jun 02, 2015 

          No its just that good or im used to it to lol tried others but like yatse too much.

  • Gosh May 30, 2015 

    Love it! Great to see a working official remote again!

  • MrFlopsie May 30, 2015 

    Are normal IR remotes working? I tried the beta builds a few times but it wouldn’t detect my usb IR remote

  • Tom May 30, 2015 


    i do not have play store installed on my android and i dont have a google account.

    haw can i download the app?

    did you considered to add it to f-droid?

    greets, tom

  • willem nl May 30, 2015 

    I like the looks of this app!

    So far I have also been using Yatse, which works splendidly for me. I would prefer an open source app, so I’ll be looking into this Kore app.

    Does it support sending media (videos, or Youtube links) from my phone to the Kodi box? That’s the function I use the most with Yatse.

  • Twister May 30, 2015 

    PLEASE… subedit.

  • mdpauley May 30, 2015 

    Why not use Appcelerator to create a cross platform cross so iOS users can enjoy also?

    • goldenpipes May 30, 2015 

      Don’t forget about windows 8 (10) devices and phones!

      Especially with windows 10 incoming. There are a few 3rd party remotes on the windows store now but to have the official one would be the bee’s knees.

  • Pop006 May 30, 2015 

    Didn’t Yatse have a HEAP of trouble and even got kicked off of the playstore for having pictures of random movie posters on their app screenshots? Shouldn’t we be a little smarter and cut those out before we end up in the same mess?

    • Martijn May 30, 2015 

      We know what we are doing.

      • araldwenn May 31, 2015 

        whaou ! what a pretentious answer !
        Wouldn’t it be easier to simply answer that there’s no problem as these movies are released under the CC license ? Would have been more didactic for someone who only wanted to help…

        Well, taking about Kore, had a try on it and got very disapointed : doesn’t work as expected (arrows don’t work for searching inside media…), and lack promised features (where is the subtitles sync function). Looks more like an alpha to me, even if it could be promising.

    • Kodicted May 31, 2015 

      @Pop006: all the movie posters in these shots are taken from “Open Source” movies from blender.org. The KODI guys ARE a lot smarter.

  • Steve May 30, 2015 

    One thing I like about original remote was the widget.
    Any plans for a remote widget for Kore?

  • Yaqot May 30, 2015 

    waiting for iOS devices

  • kevin May 30, 2015 

    With this design you can bring it to ios :P

  • J876 May 31, 2015 

    Great work!

    If the Kore/Kodi teams can add PVR controls such as the EPG and ability to set timers from the Kore it would be even better.

    Thanks guys!

  • andy May 31, 2015 

    I use Yatse and it works fine.. this official app can’t connect to Kodi. It can find it on my network but can’t connect to it…

  • Congo May 31, 2015 

    Amazing speed and great functionality.
    Just a question: I have a 3 TV sets and would like to know if something is streamed via DLNA and to which of TVs.

  • Patrik May 31, 2015 

    I cannot get Kore to connect to Kodi. When I search for my media center it does find it (with the green icon) but no matter what I do, it does not connect. I am using Helix (14.2).

  • antivirtel May 31, 2015 

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t see upgrade on Play (just an April version), and the same is on the Kodi’s release site.

  • Dave Jun 01, 2015 

    Crawls out of the blackberry woodwork …

    Any chance of doing a playbook release — it’s often just a simple compile from your android source.

    Otherwise, I suppose I might be able to sideload it.

    … back to the woodwork:)

    • valdearg Jun 07, 2015 

      I’m using it on a BlackBerry Passport and it seems to be working fine, only issue was that it wouldn’t auto-detect the server. I wouldn’t imagine it’d be too difficult to sideload onto the Playbook.

  • BazRod Jun 01, 2015 

    I use Yatse on my android phone paired with a smart watch ( LG R ).
    This allow me basic control of Kodi via my smart watch ( Yes I’m the epitome of lazy or Gadget freak, UR choice)

    • Monty Jun 17, 2015 

      Hate to destroy the party… but I’m watching Kodi on my smart watch (android) :p
      Who needs remote control… when the TV is on your hand any how ;)

  • Meee Jun 01, 2015 

    Works well enough, but why not have the up/down/left/right buttons emulate those keys on the keyboard? being forced to use FF to skip around a video is annoying.

    Hope it beefs up in the future, but I’ll be sticking with Yatse.

    • Meee Jun 01, 2015 

      Oh for some reason it didn’t find my Kodi instance on its’ own. I had to manually set it up. But a biggie, but unexpected.

  • Med Jun 01, 2015 

    Good news, but what surprises me are the comments from the official site about the previous remote control app no working since KODI release: the previous remote control app has been working for me without no problem, no matter if using previous versions of XBMC of the current KODI releases. At least the usual features (play, stop, forward, backward, info, OSD navigation) have always worked.

  • Daniel Jun 01, 2015 

    Do you need bonjour to automatically find Kodi?

    If that so in the FAQ
    check this page to get Bonjour only.

    Is this really necessary?
    I don’t want any Apple software on my computer

    Do you need to turn off the firewall or make a rule?

    Can someone please make a step by step guide

  • mr_tawan Jun 01, 2015 

    Just download it, haven’t used once (still resort to the good old tv remote). One thing noticed is in the Google Play, Kore is translated to “Korean” at least in Thai language (I’m Thai). You might want to check with the translator to see what went wrong (and I guess this is translated by Google Translate).

  • Jared Jun 02, 2015 

    When do you expect the version iOS ???

  • Jan Jun 02, 2015 

    How does it work? Do I need [email protected]? Or does it work via BT or Infrared or so?

    • antivirtel Jun 02, 2015 

      It is communicating through Internet Protocol (IP), so you need WLAN – BT and IR is a lower level technologie!

  • Neumann Jun 02, 2015 

    Text input still does not work with key commands. Thus no way to zoom pictures or to bring up info. Also no way to reach buttons on screen bottom when inside a list.

  • Nuubee Jun 02, 2015 

    Would like to be able to switch audio profiles using a toggle.
    Prefer the neon screen due to its clean look and this remote has similar clean feel.

  • Don Jun 02, 2015 

    I installed Kore and it didn’t see any of my 5 KODI installs. Yet YATSE sees them all with no problems. I applaud the author of this app, but keep working on it.

  • Dan Jun 03, 2015 

    I have been really enjoying this remote for a while now. It’s the first one that’s consistently allowed me to suspend my machine and successfully use Wake-on-LAN also. I’ve tried IR in the past, and they were gimmicky and my keyboard was always bulkier than I liked. I picked up a really cheap Android phone a few months back, and after turning off the cellular abilities I’ve been using it to run Kodi, my smart lights, and to access IMDB while watching movies. I’ve never been happier w/ my media center!

  • Castro Jun 03, 2015 

    Great app!

    Any reason why direction arrows don’t skip increments during playback, though?

  • corb06 Jun 04, 2015 

    You guys should just team up with Yatse. Yatse has had many years to perfect their app to work awesomely well with Kodi/XBMC.

    So why invent the wheel again? Join up together and make the app even better!

    • Martijn Jun 05, 2015 

      It’s not opensource. As such we will never team up

  • teomor Jun 04, 2015 

    File browser doesn’t show full file names, so there is no way to actually know what you are playing next. And more importantly, what you have already watched should be marked with a check mark, but it isn’t. Yatse does it better.

  • Wizgnome Jun 05, 2015 

    Why no option to list and search for song titles?
    This is far more useful than listing by album name.
    also see no support for selecting playlists.
    Will continue to use Yatse until missing features have been added.

  • Xervantes Jun 06, 2015 

    In my opinion this is a brilliant remote. Keep up the good work. For all those saying Yatse does some things better, let us be happy that we have a choice to use the remote app we prefer. I think this is a amazing result for a first release, I am eager to see the future improvements.

  • TV Jun 07, 2015 

    What about STREAMING TO device? When will this be possible with the official remote?

  • fifthrider Jun 07, 2015 

    I’m definitely impressed with this remote, esp. compared to previous options – the volume control using the phone hardware buttons is brilliant!

    I’m encountering a pretty major bug, though – it only seems to find some of my TV shows in the browse view. (And not in any sort of obvious order, either; it seems to be finding them essentially at random.) Updating the view doesn’t work; either it does nothing or Kore crashes. Any ideas?

  • ichibansenshi Jun 12, 2015 

    Nice App. I Like it.

    For the next update please insert a function that updates all Covers, Actors etc. pictures with on click and that saves them on the phone. so that i can still browse trough my list of movies and TV-Series with pictures even if i’m not in my network.

  • Ali Jun 12, 2015 

    I could help with Persian translation if you guys are interested,
    Good job by the way. Keep up the good work :) Thumbs up

  • thenycdj Jun 13, 2015 

    Awesome Remote apk. Works much better than my bluetooth mouse. How about a keyboard for text input while searching???


  • Liam Jun 15, 2015 

    Is it required an internet connection to use this remote control? I mean,can it work without a Wi-Fi access point? I´ve read the FAQ but I don´t understand much of the subject.

    In a simpler explanation,can someone tell me how does this work?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Liam Jul 02, 2015 


  • Ken Jun 20, 2015 

    looks like this does not work with chromecast?

  • Perry Jun 25, 2015 

    Does it except voice commands? Like can i say “jurassic Park” and it will find it??

  • Wouter Jul 09, 2015 

    Kore works just straightforward and does all it must do imo, except…
    when I issue the shutdown command from the Kore dropdown menu, then connection from Kore with Kodi is lost but Kodi doesn’t shutdown.
    I guess I have to configure something in Kodi but I don’t know where and what.
    My system is a self build little server on which I installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS and Kodi from the repository (version 2-14.2-git2015)
    Shutdown works well when issued from the inside the Kodi screen, if you know what I mean.
    Thanks in advance for your answer,

  • Adil Hamami Jul 22, 2015 

    My xbmc remote control in my android phone is not working.

  • waleed Jul 25, 2015 

    thanks for this great remote but i have only one issue
    when i try to send Arabic text to kodi all letters are sent reversed and separated
    for example i wan to send “وليد” it will be sent “د ي ل و”
    i don’t know why
    thanks in advance

  • waleed Jul 25, 2015 

    i also can help in Arabic translation
    thanks again

  • Phil Jul 26, 2015 

    Kore is way better than the old XBMC remote.
    Why is there no stop button???
    I can only pause or FF/RW.
    thats a very basic requirement. Please add it, i don’t wanna keep using Yatse….

  • Samuel Jul 26, 2015 

    This remote is Ok, Granted it is better than the dated android remote.. It is no where as good as the one for Apple iOS… I keep old iPhones around to use a remotes for XBMC/Kodi The developer needs to rethink the main layout it sucks to change screens to access buttons that should be on the home screen.

  • jeff Sep 04, 2015 

    Would LOVE the ability to use my phones keyboard to type in the Kodi search!

    • Mário Pedro Sep 19, 2015 

      I can do it at home when Searching subtitle. Works flawlessly outros of the box.

      Now i installed Kodi on another laptop with the same OS and it doesnt work…


  • Mário Pedro Sep 19, 2015 

    Hello folks.

    I loved yatse but i love kore even more.

    I recently stumbled across an issue.

    At home i can input text and send it to Kodi. At my parents i cant. The Android keyboard does not pop up.
    Can anybody explain to me which setting is responsável for this?


  • mkok Sep 21, 2015 

    please HELP i’m goin’ crazy.
    i have set all the settings that is required in my kodi on win7 n i set the host n everything. i come to my phone n enter the host n etc. to my kore App but it doesn’t recognize kodi n i do not know y…!!!! GOSH !!! i also used Yatse n that doesn’t recognize kodi tooo..there’s nothing with my firewall n i’m effin’ confused.HELLLPPP

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