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David Teirney and I just got back from hosting a successful booth at the open day in Wellington, NZ.

It was great to meet a bunch of people and show them just what XBMC is all about.  In particular it was great meeting Erik de Castro Lopo of libsamplerate fame, which we use for resampling audio when video is synced to the refresh rate of the monitor.

We had 3 systems showing off what XBMC could do, one of which was the MSI Windtop AE2020 – an all in one unit with a 20″ touchscreen kindly on loan from MSI Europe (Look out for an upcoming post where you’ll see some of the new touch stuff being utilized within XBMC.)

Thanks heaps to the organizing committee and everyone who popped over to the booth – we’ll definitely see you all again in Brisbane at next year’s!

Left: Jonathan Right: Patrick

Left: Jonathan Marshall (almost smiling for once), Right: Patrick, JM's helper for the day

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  • Name Jan 28, 2010 

    Go XBMC!!!

  • stanley87 Jan 29, 2010 

    “Look out for an upcoming post where you’ll see some of the new touch stuff being utilized within XBMC.”

    EXCITING!!! :D :D

  • oos Jan 29, 2010 

    Good work! I think it´s a really good thing to be at events like these and get people aware of Xbmc.

  • Fanatix Jan 29, 2010 

    Touch screen support soon, W00t! The Trekkie in me now really want to see that LCARS skin for XBMC finished!

    Yeah since Windows 7, touchscreens is set to become standard this year on new desktops, laptops, and tablets.

    Follow-up questions to this is will this make the 10.5 stable release, and will you support Tegra and ARM tablets?

  • Richard Jan 29, 2010 

    Hey just wanted to say. great job. I am glad to be part of such a great community and product that keeps getting stronger. Great job guys!

  • Ryan Deezy Feb 01, 2010 

    i have been waitin gfor touchscreen support for xbmc for a while, now i am quite excited to see wht you guys are doing with touchscreens, i think it is going to be a useful development and will come in handy for lots of people. Example = touchscreen xbmc in kitchen, or on wall

  • Miles Prower Feb 01, 2010 

    On another note… Think you guys can get XBMC running on a PS3/OtherOS?

  • George Feb 01, 2010 

    I would love to run XBMC on small screen touchscreens with embedded ATOM/ION computer on the walls around the house, like in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, workshop, cars dashboard and headrests, and of course my home cinema room, all as a much cheaper version of high-end home enetertaiment system yet more advanced :)

    Would also be very cool to see XBMC used as a platform for in-flight entertainment units someday in the future ;)

    What’s next, integrated home automation control with an addon interface similar to the PVR stuff you guys are currently working on?

  • Christian Feb 02, 2010 

    So when why have we been shot down when wanting touch-friendly features in the forums then? *grumpy*

    -Christian W-

  • jw Feb 02, 2010 

    eagerly awaits the touchscreen details ;-)

    MSI Windtop user here, running XBMC for a living room jukebox!

  • Kyle Feb 03, 2010 

    Personally I’d love to be able run XBMC on the new JooJoo tablet!

    I’m going to buy one as soon as they become available, as with any tablet computer it is touchscreen only, so it would be really cool if we could run a full blown media center software like XBMC on it and fully control it with touch alone.

  • johhny Feb 04, 2010 

    what you guys want is multiitouch support not touchscreen support.

    as of now, touchscreen already working if the OS/screen supports it, and it works similar to mouse support under xbmc.
    just try it out yourself if you already have win7 and touch-ready lcd with you.

  • Bill Feb 04, 2010 

    You do not need (nor want) multiitouch support in a media center like XBMC, single thouch is enough. What XBMC needs is GUI and skin support for touchscreen specific features, like the scrollbar in the OSD and scroll slider while browsing the library and files, plus shutcut buttons in the skins for functions like back, home, and context-menu since with many single touch touchscreen you do not have the right click function of mouse or the extra buttons on a remote which you can map to those functions, with a single touch touchscreen you only have the one finger click function.

    @Kyle, yeah I love the idea of running XBMC on Fusion Garage’s JooJoo tablet, just hope that it will really be sold now that TechCrunch has a law suit with them over the whole CrunchPad ordeal. I think that we are going to be seeing more of these types of tablets on the market soon, the concept of a tablet is solid.

  • touchme Feb 05, 2010 

    When is the news for the touch related changes going to drop? Getting sick of looking at the coffee tray sitting on the red chair, in the report..

  • Wulfsdale Feb 07, 2010 

    Multitouch would be fantastic, like the idea of running xbmc on the upcoming MSI tablet.

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