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Posted By: Team XBMC on Jun 23, 2010 in Site News

LinuxTag 2010 was a great success, and XBMC was there in Berlin to do its part. In attendance this year: Sigurdur Olafsson (sho), Stephan Diederich (mdd), Gunnar Norin (blittan), Michael Probst (Stephan’s friend and helper for the week), and Cory Fields (theuni). Also,  Matthias Kortstiege (vdrfan) and Thomas Thönes (clumsy) managed to drop in for a day or two.

This time around we shared a booth with ffmpeg, vlc, and mplayer… that’s quite impressive company! We enjoyed getting to know everyone there, as well as meeting some other folks we deal with on a regular basis like the friendly Beagle‘rs from TI, the FSFE, and maintainers of various Linux distros. We were also invited to attend several parties and cookouts, and witnessed the craziness in the streets as the World Cup started up.

I must repeat as always that these shows are great for everyone involved. Thanks to everyone who came and/or helped, especially to the LinuxTag staff and volunteers. Check out a few pics below, and come join us in July for OSCON in Portland, OR.

LinuxTag 2010

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  • Oreste Jun 23, 2010 

    Nice! What a quartet in that stand!

    And you guys don’t seem to be nerds. That’s nice as well :P

    Keep on the good work!


  • Max Jun 23, 2010 

    News about a new release and PVR-client would be nicer.

  • Henry Jun 23, 2010 

    Max: Way to encourage the developers ..

  • groumpf Jun 24, 2010 

    I think going to conferences is the best way for developers to remain motivated and committed to the project.

    Keep up the good work guys !

  • vlatro Jun 24, 2010 

    If you want news on the next release, look in the bug tracker under “Timeline” (the projected date is just an estimate and highly subject to change). That will show you the open tickets that have been assigned, the priority they’re given, who’s working on them, and provide comments on the progress of each bug and/or feature they’re working on, often with forum links and discussion. You’ll see, they’ve accomplished quite a bit in a relatively short period of time. It’s Open Source code, so if you want it to go faster, you could volunteer to test, provide feedback, or even ask to be assigned coding tasks. The Devs won’t post data on a new release until they have time to asses what has been done and are confident the features they’re working on will be in the final release. That assessment is hard to make when you’re still working on the next build. It does look like they’re getting close. In the mean time, you can use the nightly builds. They are progressing very nicely, and from the looks of it, just need a little more polish before we see something more official.

  • Fiestaodin Jun 25, 2010 

    I find this is the best App for Video & Music. Please keep up the great work.
    The ARM Device from FFMPEG Team was also nice.
    See you at the next Linux Tag.

  • Eric Dunn Jun 25, 2010 

    How do I get a build with PVR client for testing? I am running Mythtv and XBMC at the moment. Searching on the internet I see that some people are testing the VDR client. I would like to help test the Myth client, but can’t seem to find any builds at the moment.

  • Mo Jun 28, 2010 

    Guys, when is the next release date? Great work as always!

  • Mo Jun 28, 2010 

    @Eric Dunn
    Here it is… choose your OS…

  • Shizzle Jun 28, 2010 

    I was wondering if as a normal end user would I be allowed to visit the OSCON 2010 in Portland? I live in Portland and it sounds like a hoot to be able to check it out if possible.

  • N!K Jul 06, 2010 

    love what you have done wit the monitors in the background..with the fish is that all done via xbmc?

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