Meetup Postponed to Next DevCon/SCALE/LinuxTag

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Sep 02, 2012 in Community Updates

Our apologies to Vienna users. The lack of consistent internet plus the incredible amount of discussion and work that we’ve managed over the past two days has made it next to impossible to put together and adequately advertise a Meetup in time. Even as this post is being written, we’re STILL discussing potential UI upgrades!

Thanks to all those users who expressed interest in the comments! More interest has been expressed this year than ever before. We’ll do our best to make it happen next time.

We should have a full recap of all the many topics we covered at this DevCon within the week. For a VERY informal recap, feel free to check out the LiveBlog posted over at

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  • Matt Sep 02, 2012 

    Sounds like you had a good meeting.

    I liked this sentence from the LiveBlog under the PVR discussion. :-)
    “So… there’s really no other stopper. Without binaries, PVR is possible now. The September Cycle is going to be an exciting one!”

    Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work!

  • CutSickAss Sep 02, 2012 

    Judging from the photo, it must have been a real Vienna sausage fest!

    Also, is M. Night Shyamalan attending the meeting? (Second guy on the left)

  • justinb Sep 04, 2012 

    man I hate the pvr back-end/front-end they are so slow even when running on same computer

  • Zebraitis Sep 04, 2012 

    Hmmm… No meetup… “inconsistant internet”.

    I’ll have to send this news in a letter to the Prussian consulate in Siam by aeromail.

    Am I too late for the 4:30 autogyro?

    (Keep up the good work!)

  • natethomas Sep 05, 2012 

    Blast. “inconsistent.”

  • Joey Sep 05, 2012 

    I thought that Sigma Designs used HbbTV and CE-HTML based GUI frameworks today for all of its SoCs?

    If you integrated WebKit into XBMC then it could use OpenHbb to display HbbTV scripts and apps!

    In case you did not know the HbbTV platform is a competitor to XBMC when it comes to set-top boxes.

  • Savell Martin Sep 05, 2012 

    OpenELEC and XMBC under 1 roof would be the best thing since sliced bread!
    The lightness of OE with the power of XBMC and the Dev’s working together would be amazing…
    Companies could use it, like you have the 1 hotel running XBMC, this way they can use lightweight hardware and still have a great experience!

    Also it would benefit all of us, that want a dedicated XBMC player for the TV, something that just does XBMC and does it WELL!

  • Maximilian Sep 06, 2012 

    With PVR being in mainline now the XBMC team should also attend IFA and IBC trade shows every year too ;)

  • Tahini Sep 07, 2012 

    I agree with Savell Martin. OE is well over 8 months out of sync compared with XBMC, if we are talking about stable releases. I know that developing an underlying OS on which XBMC plays seemlessly is more complex and I appreciate the effort the OE devs are making and I think we cant really ask for more on their side, but maybe if more resources are thrown their way maybe we can reduce the time gap between XBMC releases and OE releases. Who needs XBMCbuntu when you have Openelec? ;)

  • Anonymous Sep 07, 2012 

    @Tahini Well – I have to disagree, seeing that XBMCbuntu is a full-fledged OS whereas OpenElec is not even close to (and not trying to be) that.
    Different approaches with different goals…

    However – talking about OpenElec being developed under XBMC’s roof is another topic which I would agree to.

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