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Posted By: Team XBMC on May 27, 2009 in Site News

For those who are picky about “judder” or jerky playback due to the difference in video source and display FPS, your screams have been heard. Play around with the new settings to find your favorite, you’ll find them in the “player” section of the video options. Be careful not to give yourself a headache from staring at the screen while comparing sync methods (as I did). And be sure to thank bobo1on1 for this excellent feature.

Video Options

For a technical explanation of the new settings, please see the forum post here. Note that you won’t find these options in the current 9.04.1 release, you’ll have to compile from svn or use a new 3rd party build.


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  • watzen May 28, 2009 

    Really good that you have started reporting these things! Even though I press the “new posts” button more times a day then I want to know, I still miss things.

  • John May 28, 2009 

    What skin is that?

    Stoked to go home and test 9.04.1, even though I just got 9.04 working perfectly!

  • theuni May 28, 2009 


    MiniMeedia. Watch for a feature of it here soon.

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