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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on May 30, 2012 in Dev Journal

As some of you might have noticed, we are in the process of making life for all hard working translators a whole lot easier. And for those of you who wanted to contribute with translating XBMC but have always thought it was too much hassle, we have now made it easier than ever.

Attila Jakosa have been working hard on changing the current xml-based translations into gettext standard, allowing for the use of a web based translation service.

With this standard in mind, the Team has decided to use Transifex as a collabarative online translation service, with advantages like

  • Translation teams
  • Shared translation memory
  • Syntax checking
  • Web editor
  • Suggestions

See the forum post for more information and discussion on this.

If you feel like contributing, please don’t hesitate to register @ Transifex and request to join your native language team.

Transifex should be fairly easy to pick up and use in translations, but if you have any questions, post them in the appropriate forum.

Note to add-on developers: This will in the near future extend to all add-ons in the XBMC repository, so there is no need to go about creating your own projects.

UPDATE: If you have in the past translated XBMC to your language, please PM blittan on the forums and you will automatically become a coordinator for your language.

UPDATE2: There is now a wiki page for some help regarding Transifex.

Discussion - 17 Comments

  • seba May 30, 2012 

    Finally! This will make translation a lot easier

  • Harley May 30, 2012 

    Great stuff! How many languages have XBMC been translated to now?

  • blittan May 30, 2012 

    Counting on GitHub it is 45, but I would say 30-35 is maintained on a regular basis.

  • GB Translation May 30, 2012 

    Hi, it sound interesting to collaborate on a project like this, it’s a good piece of sortware so we would be interested in helping out. Is there an email address to contact to find out more about the translation process?

  • alanwww1 May 30, 2012 

    @GB Translation

    There is a wiki page to offer some help.

  • monkeysweat May 30, 2012 

    Wonderful, can I get Klingon?
    jIH muSHa’ Daq HoH Daq jaj ‘ej [XBMC] Daq ram

  • Harley May 30, 2012 

    Klingon and other fictional languages in XBMC would be geeky but fun!

    Would XBMC accept translations any fictional languages we submit?

    • natethomas May 30, 2012 

      I vote for pirate English.

  • blittan May 31, 2012 

    @monkeysweat, @Harley, @natethomas Ofcourse, we can accept it. But it would be removed if not maintained.

  • James May 31, 2012 

    How complete the new translation has to be for it to be included in XBMC and how that process works exactly? Do you have to download a nightly to get the latest translations or what?

  • blittan May 31, 2012 

    @James It’s complete, but you will have to use nighties to use it and get the latest translations. There are no need to update a translation for an old version, unless it isn’t completely translated to start with.

  • HTS May 31, 2012 

    Yes!! Finally, no more confusion with pull requests. Way to go guys!

  • James Jun 01, 2012 

    @blittan Complete as in 100%?

  • monkeysweat Jun 01, 2012 

    Well I signed up,, I was light-heartedly joking about Klingon, would be neat, but difficult to do as alot of words don’t translate well, like Videos, Movies, TV Shows,, wouldn’t be cool without the symbols, either.

    As for pirate english suggested by @natethomas – that would be less geeky but more cool and i’m sure more peeps would use,, however – you can choose Klingon as an option but no Pirate,, can you add that to translation project, I’ll see what I can do in my spare time :)

  • Tony Jun 02, 2012 

    How can i get chinese traditional version

  • Tony Jun 02, 2012 

    I can’t see anything when i setup chinese in system

  • monkeysweat Jun 04, 2012 

    Ok – I’ve requested Transifex to add English (Pirate) – Ahoy! Avast!, etc
    and I’ve also requested them to add English (Hacker) – 3133t haxxor, etc

    Please go and promote them to help the chances of them adding this to their official languages list, unless on their list, there is no way to have them inside XBMC

    -Klingon is already a supported language

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