OpenELEC 1.0 released

Posted By: Team XBMC on Oct 26, 2011 in Community Updates

Team XBMC would happily like to congratulate Team OpenELEC on their release of v1.0.

OpenELECOpenELEC, for those who don’t know, is somewhat similar to XBMC Live. The basic concept is that the user interacts with XBMC without once having to visit a non-XBMC screen. The similarities between XBMC Live and OpenELEC end there though. Live is based on a modified and stripped down release of Ubuntu. OpenELEC has been built from scratch specifically to act as a media center. Live is based on minimal Ubuntu, thus you can easily install all services and applications that are available on Ubuntu repositories, and as a pre-requisite, Live includes all the system files necessary for the Ubuntu ecosystem.  Essentially, the user who is looking for an XBMC-optimized customization of the standard Ubuntu OS would likely prefer XBMC Live. The user who would like XBMC stripped down to the very most basic essentials for ultimate boot time would likely prefer OpenELEC.

In the streamlining process, OpenELEC cuts out any and all unnecessary drivers and optimizes those drivers that are present. In furtherance of this, specific NVIDIA ION and AMD Fusion-based systems have been developed, in addition to the generic build.

Beyond enhanced boot time, perhaps the most interesting features of OpenELEC are the network of additional addons that are separate from XBMC-proper, which allow for LiveTV functionality, GUI configuration, self-updating, and media downloading, among other things.

OpenELEC Settings Page

With release 1.0, OpenELEC becomes fully compatible with XBMC 10.1 Dharma. Now that most of the underlying architecture is in place, OpenELEC should be able to update to XBMC Eden relatively quickly, once Eden has been released.

For a relatively easy to follow guide on installing OpenELEC, feel free to check out the Lifehacker article on OpenELEC. And, of course, go to OpenELEC to download the goodness. For those of you who have already tried out OpenELEC in the past or are going to in the near future, head to the comments to let us know how the experience went.

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  • HwyXingFrog Oct 26, 2011 

    Love OpenELEC. Too bad I don’t have any AMD hardware to test out 1080p, as all my boxes are ION or NVIDIA. And those work awesome. Also like the auto update feature.

  • Powered.By.Porkers Oct 26, 2011 

    Pre-Eden versions already exist for the adventurous :-) Surprisingly stable too.

  • joshua ruehlig Oct 26, 2011 

    did xbmc-live for a few monthes. Then I learned of OpenELEC, and I never turned back =]

  • bjorn eriksson Oct 26, 2011 

    Using the 1.01 version I like it but i think i will go back to xbmc live when Eden drops!
    As always thanks for making my digital life a pleasure! :)

  • Jochen Oct 26, 2011 

    Running Pre-Eden builds of OpenELEC at the moment. If you want to have XMBC “as an appliance”, this is the way to go people

  • Lloyd Oct 26, 2011 

    Nice! Any further XBMC machines I build besides my main setup will probably run this. My main one is still XBMC on Windows 7, though, so I can have Bluray playback, HD audio bitstreaming, and “Full HD 3D” playback. If these features ever hit Openelec (and I hope they will), I can ditch Microsoft completely!

    I have high hopes for the HD audio, actually, what with the AudioEngine project and all. As for bluray, well, I know Eden will play unencrypted blurays now (without menus), but really I’d like to be able to just pop in a disk bought in the shop, and have it play with menus, 3D and all. For that, I unfortunately need PowerDVD, and therefore Windows. meh.

    Still, congrats on Openelec – it looks fantastic!

  • Tuxie Oct 26, 2011 


    My ASRock ION 3D (ION2) can play 1080p just fine and I’m pretty sure that even the first generation ION is able to as well.

  • SavellM Oct 26, 2011 

    OpenELEC is an absolute breeze to install, and setup!
    Its good fun, and I’m running Eden Dev build and its stable.
    Takes me 7seconds or less to bootup from cold…

    Running a Zbox ID41 and its super smooth even with 25gb .mkv’s.

  • Bob Oct 26, 2011 

    Really puts XBMC-Live to shame. I cannot believe that XBMC *STILL* allows no easy way to update the system. Not interested in nightlies, just basic bug fixes and updates. Sigh.

  • Numenorer Oct 26, 2011 

    Openelec is exactly what i’ve been looking for! Can’t wait for an official Eden – Openelec!!!!

  • Steini Oct 26, 2011 

    I was using the pre Eden build and it worked like a charm, however I did not manage to build boblight into it so I will have to wait (and hope for) a guide.

  • Pete Oct 26, 2011 

    Very nice, boots very fast!
    Too bad there is still no HDMI Audio for ION machines, just like every other distribution :(
    Would expect that especially from the ION build :)
    Well lets hope for 1.1…

  • explodedk Oct 26, 2011 

    i have ion 330 and it works with 1080p playback no problem..

    i use xbmc live cause i also use my mediacenter as incomming ftp @ home. installed glftpd. to much work on openelec for that to work :)

  • Adam Oct 26, 2011 

    Can HULU be played via OpenELEC? This is the one thing that i need my internet browser for currently in my windows setup.

    If it can play HULU is it via an standard video add-on or is it a program add-on of a browser with flash capabilities?

  • sdsnyr94 Oct 26, 2011 

    Been running pre-eden builds of Openelec for months…. and they have run fantastic. I have a Zotac MB with an Atom 230 (Single Core) processor, and Avatar BluRay rip plays perfectly.. something I could never quite achieve using XBMC-Live. Congrats to the Openelec team for the release, and Congrats to the XBMC team for being very well represented.

  • h.udo Oct 26, 2011 

    I built an HTPC box XBMC Live based for a friend a while ago and, because he insisted on using AMD hardware, despite my best efforts, HD content was unwatchable. I then decided to give OpenELEC a go after reading AMD support was being added. Guess what? For the most part, HD content now plays fine.

    From now on, I’m gonna recommend OpenELEC to all my friends building HTPC boxes. Those more tech-savvy can still play with other options (XBMC Live). For the rest of the chaps, OpenELEC is the way to go.

    Well done, guys. Congrats!

  • bulkzooi Oct 26, 2011 

    Great news! Only disadvantage (for some users) is that the OS-partition is read-only. So you don’t have the Freedom to change whatever you like.

  • HwyXingFrog Oct 26, 2011 


    I know that 1080p works on ION1 and ION2, that’s why I only have ION boxes. I’m curious if AMD can do it with OpenELEC.

  • Aaron Oct 26, 2011 

    I have had a Revo 3610 running Live for the last few versions. Has been running fine. However I decided to switch to OpenELEC a few weeks ago, mainly attracted by the auto update feature. Boy I was impressed with how smoothly it all installed and worked. It just did! I also didtched the harddrive at the same time, and stuck in a 16GB SD card and boot from that – no noise from the HDD fan.

    I was excited when release 1.01 came out. Sure enough it just downloaded and updated XBMC itself. Gone were the days of a new Live release, and having to take a deep breath before immersing myself in the week or so it takes to get the system running properly – audio, network, remote, etc.

    Well done to everyone concerned and thanks for your efforts.

  • Phil Oct 26, 2011 

    I put this on an old Celeron laptop and it will play 720P content perfectly. Since my other box is an ATV2, it is the perfect bedroom device. Only reason I will use something different now is if we decide we want Skype on the TV.

  • fgburchard Oct 26, 2011 

    I have been using Openelec for a couple of weeks and has been a great expirience. Installation is so easy that my 8 years old could do it.

    Good job!!!

  • sunfizz Oct 26, 2011 


    Actually, HDMI audio works for my ion box and there’s even a tutorial in the OpenElec forums that walk you through the process.

  • Jaccoh Oct 26, 2011 

    Would this work on a Mac Mini as well? ION based…

  • Matt Oct 26, 2011 


    Jaccoh :
    Would this work on a Mac Mini as well? ION based…

    I have it working on my second gen mac mini (first intel version, no hdmi). mac mini is NOT ion based. core2duo processor. use the generic download

  • Mitch Oct 26, 2011 

    Really looking forward to trying this out – the only two things that I like from my full ubuntu install that I’m unsure of how this handles it – can you configure it to host samba shares and run transmission?

    The current set up I have i really like that I use it to download, stream over the network to other computers, and watch on xbmc. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Bob Saget Oct 26, 2011 

    This is one thing I don’t like about OpenELEC.
    I changed over from XBMC live for the quicker boot time, but there were a few tweaks I wasn’t able to make. Such as when using confluence in media view 2 for movies, I changed the rating to the year. Something I can’t do on OpenELEC.

  • ICA Oct 26, 2011 

    Get NFS built in on the next release and it will be exceptional.

  • bossanova808 Oct 26, 2011 

    Bob Saget :
    This is one thing I don’t like about OpenELEC.
    I changed over from XBMC live for the quicker boot time, but there were a few tweaks I wasn’t able to make. Such as when using confluence in media view 2 for movies, I changed the rating to the year. Something I can’t do on OpenELEC.

    Easy as pie to do on openelec – Usign SSH (e.g. WinSCP) Copy the default confluence skin to your addons folder (which is writable and in .xbmc) – rename in the xml file to MyConfluence or whatver, and make your changes. Piece of pie.

  • bossanova808 Oct 26, 2011 

    ICA :
    Get NFS built in on the next release and it will be exceptional.

    Already supported via simple netmount.conf system (or amnual mounts in with the current Dharma release and will be supported native in Eden releases.

  • bossanova808 Oct 26, 2011 

    Seriously folks, the storgae part of openelec is default writeable so simple skin tweaks, basic shell script stuff, advancedsettings.xml etc, adding .zips like weather packs or whatever – all of these are possible in Openelec very easily.

    It’s only driver chantges and the like that you can’t really do as in Live, but all the normal xbmc tweaking stuff is easy.

  • Cocheese Oct 27, 2011 

    My 2.0 ghz celeron laptop seems to be worthless, even with generic openelec installed. Cpu@ about 97%. Any hope?

  • Jaccoh Oct 27, 2011 

    But it has VDPAU nVidia..

  • Jaccoh Oct 27, 2011 
  • Richard Oct 27, 2011 

    Installed OpenElec 1.01 on a new Asrock 152d D525 atom/nvidia system with 60GB SSD in 10 minutes. Performed the mod for audio over HDMI as specified on their website. Plays 1080p very well indeed & all skins even with a lot of fanart all operate very quickly. Everything worked as expected remote & all! 10 second boot as well – great!

  • Anonymous Oct 27, 2011 


    Cocheese :
    My 2.0 ghz celeron laptop seems to be worthless, even with generic openelec installed. Cpu@ about 97%. Any hope?

    Use one of the Pre-Eden builds of OpenElec and enable Dirty Region rendering (
    This will probebly help your laptop to run OpenElec just fine.

  • Mcage Oct 27, 2011 

    As with the Live version, can’t get my wireless N Linksys USB stick to work. Only way for me to hook up to my network :(

  • Kujo Oct 27, 2011 

    I may consider OpenElec when the Eden version comes out as I only use XBMC as an HTPC. At the very least, I’ll test it on another drive.

    Did anyone have issues getting OpenElec to work with their HDTV, in terms of getting a 1080P resolution? I assume you can tweak some settings ala the xorg.conf file in XBMC live to get it to work if necessary?

  • Alex Oct 27, 2011 

    After reading so much about OpenELEC I installed yesterday in my HTPC (ASRock NetTop ION 330HT-BD). From entering the OpenELEC website to download it until it was installed (on a USB stick) and scanning my library it did not take me even 30 minutes. I was impressed that the remote worked out-of-the-box (it took me quite some time and effort to get it working the first time with XBMC Live Dharma). Can’t wait to try the Eden version… and hopefully it will update itself. Great job, team!

  • tacoguy Oct 27, 2011 

    Openelec works very well with an atom and broadcom crystal hd chip. Thanks.

  • Jorma Oct 27, 2011 


    I tried OpenELEC on 2010 mini and wireless wouldn’t work and neither did the alu Apple remote.

  • TheCooK Oct 27, 2011 

    Anyone got the Logo Script working with OpenElec? I have my stuff sitting on a NAS (Samba) and OpenElec complains about “Error in Path”… worked flawless with the prior live i had installed… atm the logos are not shown and the logo script doesnt work… anything else works like a charm….

  • mark Oct 27, 2011 

    didn’t work for me. I found the trick to use the plop boot manager in order to boot from USB as my bios does not support that. However, internet doesn’t connect as there must be no driver for my ethernet card. I don’t understand how one would use this if the drivers don’t happen to be in the build. Should I expect my Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-850 to also ‘just work’? My hardware is a 9 year old gateway tower machine with P4 and GeForce 7600 – NVIDIA so it seems this should be enough. I like the idea of this product as the holy grail for me would be something that works for live TV, PVR and my ISO files without being a linux guru.

  • Brad Oct 27, 2011 

    I wish there was a newer Eden nightly than October 16th. I’d LOVE to use this with my current setup but the later MySQL versions from around the 23rd on changed the DB around – Otherwise it’s awesome. Can’t wait for a new Eden build. This was EXACTLY what I needed for my Ion.

  • cowfodder Oct 27, 2011 


    Hulu works just fine via the Hulu plugin. Been running OpenElec for the last few months with no problems on my Zotac IONitx-G-E. Full 1080p and HDMI audio work just fine if you know how to setup your xorg the right way.

  • sraue Oct 27, 2011 


    please add a feature request at so we can add support for your ethernet card. we add drivers for unsupported hardware on request.

  • Kujo Oct 27, 2011 


    I just realized how silly my question regarding xorg file was. I

  • Cocheese Oct 27, 2011 

    Is there a generic version of pre eden? generic is the only one that even attempts to install.

  • newphreak Oct 28, 2011 

    This only works in the pre-eden builds.

  • Michael Oct 28, 2011 

    Is there no pre-eden build for the Apple TV Version1 With Crystal? I see the link and see every build EXCEPT for the appletv.

  • Cocheese Oct 28, 2011 

    I have updated to pre eden, added dirty regions to advanced settings, looks like celeron( 2 ghz) will not push xbmc effeciently. Anyone want a cheap cheap toshiba satellite a15-s127?

  • Bunher Oct 28, 2011 

    works perfectly (dual boot with other OS), ASUS EEEPC EB1501

  • tuxen Oct 28, 2011 

    Also mini keyboards/mouse remotes such as Logitech di Novo works with all the media keys, somthing that does not work with XBMC Live.

  • Eric Oct 28, 2011 

    Does anyone know if there are any iOS remotes that will work with OpenELEC out of the box?

  • Igor Oct 28, 2011 

    I’ve installed OpenELEC on old Core 2 Duo PC, connecting last to LCD-TV via HDMI-cable. MKV and Blu-Ray (BDMV) – no problems :) )) SPASIBO (RUS)

  • chewitt Oct 28, 2011 

    Michael :
    Is there no pre-eden build for the Apple TV Version1 With Crystal? I see the link and see every build EXCEPT for the appletv.

    For now, use the Generic build, it works fine on ATV mk1

  • John Oct 29, 2011 

    I also have an EeePC EB1501 and OpenELEC makes it smoother than ever! The previous small but noticeable lag on AEON-type skins has dissapeared! :) I do use one of the experimental builds though since it also supports AirPlay from my iPad.

    Great stuff, the remote/ir-reciever works flawlessly out of the box! Which has been a major difficulty in getting XBMC-Live onto it!

  • Cocheese Oct 29, 2011 

    If you can find the updates share folder, download the pre-eden version. The updates folder should be empty. Place system and kernel file in updates folder. Ignore the md5 files. Reboot. And thats it. On windows xp i found updates in my network places.

  • Peter Oct 29, 2011 

    I tried on my ASRock NetTop ION 3D 152D, and it’s amazing :) Remote and wifi works instantly, bootup and shutdown is fast, there are good tutorials on website, and it has a simple config. But there are 2 downsides (as for me):
    – wifi connection dropped after 2 days uptime (lost connection with the router, but both are on ups, so no power outage. sleeping is disabled on the machine. it connects back after restart)
    – transmission config is in /storage/.cache, so i have to set transmission every time i restart the computer
    Maybe there’s a simple workaround for these problems, but i could not found it. :(

  • teemac Oct 29, 2011 

    Media Centre Machine – OpenELEC-Generic.i386-1.0.2, Intel I7 920, 6gb ram, 6x 2tb + 1x 640gb drives, nVidia 9800GTX, Sony 7.1 Bravia Amp, Sony 36″ Bravia TV, HDMI. It took about 2 minutes to make 8gb (all I had laying around) USB key (on LinuxMint9 x64), about 60 seconds to install from key to 640gb test drive, 35 seconds to reboot into a working XBMC. Add sources, add Transparency Skin, customize skin and screens etc – All up from scratch about 15 minutes to a working media system. Everything works ‘Out Of The Box’.
    Fantastic – so quick and easy – can’t wait for full stable Eden version which will become my permanent version to replace standard Mint plus XBMC..
    (The OpenELEC-Generic.i386-devel-20111026023515-r8630.tar.bz2 version made a key but wouldn’t boot – only blank screen.)

  • Casper Oct 30, 2011 

    Will this work on my Mac Mini 2010 ? and with my HDHomerun ?

  • Anonymous Oct 31, 2011 

    @Tuxie – I have an Acer Aspire Revo 3610 (Atom 330 + ION) and 1080p works flawlessly.

  • Jake Oct 31, 2011 

    I would also like to know how this works on Mac Mini Early 2009 with nvidia graphics, and what build to is the besto one to use?

  • lucas Oct 31, 2011 

    Cool! Seems like the perfect 1-click solution to get XBMC working! I don’t have time to tinker with setting up Linux XBMC or even XBMC live. This sounds like a great solution for the rest of us.

  • Dush Nov 01, 2011 

    You have to correct the colour space settings in XORG if you’re running a Revo 3610. All the colours were very dark. It also doesn’t work with keyboards over IR like MCE Keyboard so your remote configs on harmony may get screwed up as it won’t have as many buttons. Also on the Harmony 500 series MCE Remotes work a lot slower than MCE Keyboards so you’re forced to use another remote.

  • Lucas Nov 05, 2011 

    Does OpenELEC support LCDproc (and hd44780 LCD )?

  • Xbmc Old school Nov 05, 2011 

    Has any one loaded openelec on to the new Zotac Nano? Contemplating an upgrade. Any comments or links? I also noticed that there isn’t a custom kernel for AMD, am I blind?

  • Dave Erken Nov 09, 2011 

    excellent program, got it up and runnig in just a few minutes on an Asrock coreht-231d
    who needs an OS if you have openelec :-)

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