OpenELEC 3.0.0 Released

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Mar 25, 2013 in Community Updates

Congratulations to our friends over at OpenELEC for their release of OpenELEC 3.0.0! OpenELEC is an embedded operating system built around XBMC designed to be as lightweight as possible.

OpenELEC 3.0.0 incorporates XBMC 12.1 with support for NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel solutions, along with a dedicated Raspberry Pi build. In addition to XBMC 12.1 and the Raspberry Pi port, 3.0.0 brings stable AMD XVBA video decoding, along with many other stability improvements and other improvements across the entire platform.

For more information or to update your copy, feel free to visit theĀ OpenELEC 3.0.0 announcement page.

Discussion - 11 Comments

  • ilya Mar 25, 2013 

    Excellent news! I’ve got openelec on 3 completely different platforms and could not be happier. For dedicated xbmc machines, it’s the perfect distro!

  • camccar Mar 25, 2013 

    Nice, to to upgrade.

  • camccar Mar 25, 2013 

    *time to upgrade,

  • n8 Mar 25, 2013 

    Looking forward to testing this out. 12.1 is a much more stable release for me. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2013 

    Any plan to merge stable xvba into mainline?

  • Kris Mar 26, 2013 

    Just installed this on my raspberry pi – my god has this taken a huge dump on my Apple TV! Never going back

  • Randyb Mar 26, 2013 

    I upgraded my RPi last night and so far, so good. It seems to have fixed an issue I was having with the RPi intermittently shutting itself down I was having with 2.99.5. This is a very nice distro for the RPi. Thanks to both team XBMC for all the work to bring 12.1 out and the OpenELEC team for their efforts to bring a stable, lightweight distro to the RPi.

  • MDKRUSH Mar 27, 2013 

    My auto update ran yesterday on OpenELEC. Flawless execution… Been running OpenELEC for about a year now (Atom ION Board) and never had any issues… It just keeps getting better… Thanks XBMC and OpenELEC!!

  • EricV Mar 28, 2013 


    There is even more that pure xvba code to merge has rendering has been modified also. The branch used to build openelec has always better worked for NVIDIA than official branch for me on Linux and even windows…

  • @kalle Mar 31, 2013 

    Needs some more work. Keeps hanging when browsing through tvseries and movies. Sometimes just Xbmc ans sometimes the whole os.

  • Ajith Apr 03, 2013 

    I am a big fan of XBMC for long and hosted around 6TB of media onto my living room home theater and it is hosted on a Acer Aspire Revo 1600 ( that small form factor book sized netbook – I love that little champ) on windows XP and it started creating problems even with 3GB RAM. I tried many config changes and it get stuck in the initial minutes of playback with 100% CPU usage (I use ISO file playback for all my movie DVDs). It started this behavior with some recent OS updates. I was researching to find an alternative and I couldn’t find one. Then as an experiment, I stitched to OpenELEC and it works silky smooth. I installed OpenELEC onto an SD card and configured the system to boot from the SD. The only issue I faced during the setup was the setting up of audio. But with a little bit of browsing thru the forms, I got enough information to set it up. Now I got my XBMC as an appliance. (Boot up and XBMC is ready within 20 seconds and my resource are well within limits)


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