Photo Challenge: Contest Closed

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 25, 2011 in Community Updates

Quick update: That does it folks! Thanks for your several dozen submissions. Just a quick glance tells me this is going to be a difficult one to judge. Looks like the non-busy members of the Team have some work to do.

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  • rikardo1979 Nov 25, 2011 

    nice1 ;)
    so we will see the pics tonight ?i cant wait to see some photos for inspiration :)

  • Fanatic Nov 25, 2011 

    when you think you’ve get it done ?
    < - realy exited :)

  • Reece Nov 25, 2011 

    I’m excited for inspiration as well.

    Keen to see them all, and the winner

  • h.udo Nov 25, 2011 

    I can’t wait to see the pics.
    Surely the majority of them are awesome. Hope you guys publish ALL the pictures, not only the winners.

  • rikardo1979 Nov 25, 2011 

    Yeah,i hope too you post all the pics not just the winnig ones ;)
    I belive you guys r pretty bussy but I hope we see the pics today

  • digitalw Nov 25, 2011 

    I was integrating my HTPC in to my TV stand ;) but it will be finished next week :( However, i hope i\ll se something new and interesting :)

  • natethomas Nov 25, 2011 

    In an effort to get as much input as possible from the entire team (being a worldwide foundation can be tricky sometimes), I’m planning on postponing publishing until midnight hawaii time, which is pretty much Saturday for all the rest of the world. Sorry guys!

    The good news about this is it’ll give me time to include every one of the more than three dozen entries we got.

  • Craig Nov 26, 2011 

    Perfect. Very excited to see everyone’s setup

  • xbmc Nov 26, 2011 

    Looking forward to see all setups.

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