Photo Challenge: Hidden HTPC – Update

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Nov 21, 2011 in Community Updates, Feature Friday

Where's XBMC?As many of you know, we’ve set a challenge for this week’s Feature Friday for you to submit your best hidden HTPC. At present, we’ve already gotten quite a few entries. Keep those coming!

We’d just like to update with the announcement that now we can confirm the addition of a prize for the winner of the challenge!

The nice folks at Pulse Eight have agreed to to give a USB-CEC Adapter to our Challenge winner. To refresh your memories, here’s the review we did of that Adapter. Safe to say, we think the Adapter is pretty awesome, and, as we keep inching closer to Eden being released, this adapter should just continue to be more and more amazing.

Unfortunately, the single easiest device to hide that also runs XBMC is the Apple TV 2, which can’t use the USB-CEC Adapter, so Pulse Eight suggested their ATV2 TotalMount as a second award for the best hidden ATV2. Since it wasn’t costing us anything, we said that sounded fantastic!

Now, for a refresh of the rule:

  • Email a link to a picture of your elegantly hidden HTPC. (Alternatively, a link to a picture of your elegantly displayed HTPC, if you are displaying it in an unusual way.)
  • Feel free to upload the pic to the site of your choice, so long as it’s possible to download that picture. (For example, we recommend
  • If you have a good story to go with the picture, include that in the email.
  • Send your link to natethomas AT xbmc DOT org with the subject: Hidden XBMC.
  • Submissions will not be accepted after 1AM, Eastern Standard Time, Friday morning. (the 25th of November)

The person with the best, most creative method of hiding/displaying his or her HTPC (based on our subjective opinions) will win the Pulse Eight USB-CEC Adapter. The person with the best, most creative method of hiding his or her Apple TV 2 will win a Pulse Eight TotalMount. We’ll announce the winners and display the best pictures Friday night.

If you want to thank Pulse Eight for helping us give away stuff (or want to find out about how things like the USB CEC Adapter are progressing), feel free to give them the thumbs up on their Facebook page. And keep sending in your awesome pics; we’re really enjoying them!

Discussion - 16 Comments

  • reven Nov 21, 2011 

    how does one use a remote with a totalmount if the ATV2 is hidden behind the TV? i love the idea, but not sure how you overcome that issue (other than using an iPhone/iPod as a remote…)

  • BLuetooth Nov 21, 2011 

    Use a Bluetooth ps3 remote

  • Rich Nov 21, 2011 

    Does a wireless 2.4ghz remote such as the Emprex 3009 work with atv? That’s how I overcame the problem with my vesa mounted revo.

  • Banned Dude Test Nov 22, 2011 

    “…as we keep inching closer to Eden being released…”

    Hurry up plz

  • rikardo1979 Nov 22, 2011 

    How do I know u get email for this “Photo Challenge: Hidden HTPC” when I dont have any confirmation u receive it ?
    Would be nice to have some feedback …

  • Enghamar Nov 22, 2011 

    Will the pictures of the setups that aren’t winning going to be posted on the website as well?

  • natethomas Nov 22, 2011 

    That’s the plan. Or at least as many pictures as seems reasonable.

  • natethomas Nov 22, 2011 

    That’s a good point. I’ll start sending out confirmations now.

  • gegs Nov 22, 2011 

    Yes, I wondered that!
    You would have to install BTstack and run the ATV2 from a Bluetooth device. The default controller is IR and ‘line-of-sight’ only.

  • Martin Ellis Nov 23, 2011 

    According to the product video from the manufacturer, the IR reflection from most walls is strong enough to just clip over the TV

  • Jon Nov 23, 2011 

    um, I don’t want to point out the obvious but if your hidden ATV2 is good enough to win why would you want the Total Mount? :)

  • Enghamar Nov 24, 2011 

    @Jon Good point :)

  • Mike Lowrey Nov 25, 2011 

    Why exactly should i hide my XBMC Setup? It should mainly fit into the overall media environment. Personally i’m using an A/V Receiver to gain HiFi quality sound so my HTPC has to fit to the receiver’s design.

  • lowfi Nov 25, 2011 

    @ Mike Lowrey

    Have a look at streacom cases:

  • Adam Nov 29, 2011 

    @Jon I came to say the same thing. It’s a nice gesture, but maybe they should give it to the worst hidden ATV2. =p

  • Trollslayer Dec 03, 2011 

    Mine really is hidden – in the old airing cupboard with HDMI to the AV receiver and Cat5 cabling.
    Add a IR/USB receiver and USB over Cat5, job done.
    A Harmony One remote brings everything together.

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