Platform Statistics: October

Posted By: zag on Oct 24, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

XBMC runs on many platforms and everyone has their favourites, but ever wondered which is the most popular?

Take a look at the chart below to find out (based on audio universal scraper usage*). Currently Microsoft Windows makes up over half of the XBMC user base but this is shrinking with the rise of easy Linux installs such as OpenELEC. We’ve also seen a large increase in Raspberry Pi users in the last few months. It seems many people like the idea of using a cheap bit of hardware as a home theatre device.



* The data was collected from 24 days of music requests from so its not a reflection of the entire XBMC ecosystem, just people requesting music metadata. The last time we checked our add-on statistics, we had around 1.9 million active installs around the world.


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  • Florian Oct 24, 2013 

    Interesting statistic. But I think it may be strongly biased, because a lot of people I know (including me) use XBMC only for movie playback. A statistic which include “video only” people would be really interesting.

    • Martijn Oct 24, 2013 

      It’s mentioned at the bottom that this indeed only includes stats of people who actually use the audio library

    • Shish Oct 24, 2013 

      Indeed, I didn’t even know that the music library /had/ scrapers :P

      Given that every copy of XBMC (AFAIK) will check the XBMC blog RSS feed on startup, I imagine that would be much more representative; anyone got stats for that?

      • Mike Oct 24, 2013 

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally have changed the RSS feeds on the 3 computers I use XBMC on to local and national news headlines instead of the XBMC info. So, at least those 3 systems wouldn’t be counted if they used RSS access data for their statistics.

      • Sigurd Oct 28, 2013 

        Mine checks instead. ;)

      • Travis Oct 29, 2013 

        The first thing I do on my RPi’s is to disable the RSS feed.. It helps speed up the home screen.

  • shavenne Oct 24, 2013 

    Wow… Ubuntu Linux.. much less than I’ve expected.

    • Daniel Malmgren Oct 24, 2013 

      Exactly my thought. I thought XBMC on Ubuntu was a quite common combination. But maybe many Ubuntu users has built their computer more as a pure video htpc and never uses it for music? It’s sure true for me, I’m using Ubuntu and is not included in that statistic :-)

      • Kalliban Oct 26, 2013 

        This. I have never used theaudiodb and only use xbmc for movies and tv shows. For music I usually airplay spotify from my ipad. Everyone I know that uses XBMC has similar usage. It would be much more interesting if the graphs were collected from thetvdb or themoviedb since that would be tha primary use case for xbmc users.

      • Michael Oct 26, 2013 

        I have recently started using the Music player in XBMC, and i think it sucks, i tested it when i made the first XBMC install on my Ubuntu machine years ago. i haven’t used it since. but started again a few weeks ago, used it for 2-3 days and hasn’t used since.

        • Ted Phillips Oct 31, 2013 

          I’ll second this. Mine gets stuck 2 or 3 songs into an album or queue.

    • Tommymsw Oct 29, 2013 

      I have 4 systems in my home and all run on Windows and i do not use the music feature at all. I am not surprised at the larger “windows” users as Windows is obviously a much more popular OS across the board. If there are more systems running windows to begin with, then that should reflect across almost anything. I do think the PI will make a HUGE impact though.

  • Backfre Oct 24, 2013 

    Interesting, but what about raspbmc?

    • someone Oct 24, 2013 

      linux debian arm?

    • Magnus Oct 24, 2013 

      Probably also included in “Linux Debian ARM”, like i guess Android is.

    • popcornmix Oct 29, 2013 

      I think linux debian arm *is* raspbmc

  • Magnus Oct 24, 2013 

    Is Android included in “Linux Debian ARM”?

  • Licantrop0 Oct 24, 2013 

    it should be very interesting to see the MoM trends (or WoW if you have with such granularity) on the top 6 OS.

    What about a native Windows 8 app? investing in this would result also to an easy porting to Xbox One, when the dev kit will be available.

    • avens19 Oct 24, 2013 

      Windows 8 apps rely on a limited .NET core. Porting XBMC to Windows 8 would be very difficult, as the VLC team has been discovering over the past year

  • Moinois Oct 24, 2013 

    I’d say it is more like 2/3 Microsoft Windows, since half is just Windows 7/8 64-bit. Adding the rest of the Windows flavors will bring it closer to 2/3 I think.

  • Dennis Oct 24, 2013 

    Those poor lost souls still on windows. Openelec on raspberry pi rules!

    • Pynto Oct 24, 2013 

      Those poor lost souls still on Raspi, without HD audio :)

      • Michiel Oct 25, 2013 

        How so? We have very good HD audio here. If your’s dont have it, buy a tv/amp that handles DTS and/or AC3. Wait, you should already have that if you want HD audio ;-)

        • pball Oct 27, 2013 

          Only reason I haven’t given the raspberry pi a chance is the lack of 10bit video playback. It seems like it will be a while before there is hardware support for 10bit, since it’d require brand new chips to do so. That or something with enough cpu power to decode it, which kinda goes against what the raspberry pi does.

        • Blank Oct 30, 2013 

          DTS and DD is not HD sound
          DTS-HD or True-HD on the other hand.. is..
          both not supported.
          and trying to run truehd if I remember right, will cause video to skip frames, and no sound..

  • Smobbo Oct 24, 2013 

    Interesting to see the usages figures for XBMC!

    Too bad this doesn’t really give any relevant information.
    Just the audio side is very limited.
    The chart is also very hard to read because of the way it’s set up.
    If some more comprehensive data comes up perhaps it’s usefull to specify per OS and then split within an OS. Also a division into standardized machines (RasPi, Android, AppleTV, etc) might be nice!

  • Hans vdC Oct 24, 2013 

    So little osx? Bought a Mac Mini 2yrs ago for xbmc. Really surprised about this.

  • Jakke Oct 24, 2013 

    Only users using music library AND scraper?

    • zag Oct 24, 2013 

      Its the music library universal scraper which virtually everyone uses.

  • Adam Oct 24, 2013 

    I am using OpenElec, but have only watched movies and used the PVR in the last month.

  • Dave Oct 24, 2013 

    Uh, The “12.04″ version of OSX makes me think these statistics might be a little bit mixed up (there is no such version…)

    • zag Oct 24, 2013 

      Fixed the Mac OS tag, thanks.

  • John Dean Oct 24, 2013 

    I always look forward to XBMC posts, but this one leaves a lot to be desired. Wish it was a TRUE representation of all user’s systems. I’ve used XBMC since the XBOX one and never used Music.
    3 RaspBMC’s and 1 Windows 7 32bit here.

  • steven leeman Oct 24, 2013 

    i’m still using it daily on my xbox classic…connected to internet so why isn’t it listed?

  • isamudaison Oct 24, 2013 

    Unfortunately my ‘main’ xbmc instance is on my server, which happens to be running win7/64bit. However, it’s only function is to scrape. I have three xbmc boxes in my house, all of which run linux but do not scrape (and simply point to my server’s db). I think the majority of the xbmc userbase would be fine either: installing a plug-in if asked that sent this type of data to, or (if asked) on install would send this data to That would paint a much more accurate picture of ratios.

  • Rodalpho Oct 24, 2013 

    Yeah, I don’t use XBMC for audio, ever. Would be much more interesting to get this same info with video stats.

    Where is android? Shouldn’t be debian ARM; android is usually ARM but not debian.

    • zag Oct 25, 2013 

      This is only the top 35 platforms by popularity so android doesn’t even make it yet. This is mainly because OpenELEC uses many browser headers so take up a lot of the top ones.

      I’m pretty android will gain some traction soon ;)

  • Peter Fels Oct 24, 2013 

    I’m a big believer of Oppenelec

  • Jim Woodside Oct 24, 2013 

    I was wondering if there are plans to host xbmc on PlayStation 3?

  • Nate Oct 25, 2013 

    As one of the many that never use XBMC for audio, this means nothing to me.

    If you built something into XBMC that phoned home to your servers now and then to collect user data, you would be able to collect a good deal of user data and choose where to put your development time, but probably every single person objecting to the inaccuracy of stats in this post would also have a problem with the collection of their data (not a fan of MS, Google, et al, but if I have to look at ads for my free email, at least its crap I am interested in, instead of unicorns and rainbows – take my data if its anonymous usage stats and improves my experience).

  • I agree, this is only a very small slice of the market. All my implementation runs without music, only video. I have about 12 units running, not one with music content…

  • ZileXa Oct 25, 2013 

    So TOTAL RASPBERRY Pi = OpenElec Linux + Linux Debian ARM ?? Thats 38.594 unique users. I expected more, but its still biggest group after Win7 x64. Perhaps because people simply copy an image to an SD card, you cannot distinguish unique RPi users as well as you would like?

    • popcornmix Oct 29, 2013 

      This only shows users who have scraped their audio database in the last 24 days.
      The total users captured is ~200k compared to 1.9M active xbmc users, so it looks like these numbers may only be 10% of the total.

  • Billy Oct 25, 2013 

    I have to agree with Florian. My XBMC library only contains video files, so those statistics would be interesting to see

  • dschidschi Oct 25, 2013 

    You do know, that the sheer number of collected data makes this chart pretty represantative, no matter how many of you do or do not use TheAudioDB :) So even if there is a way to collect the data of each and every xbmc-user, the numbers wouldn’t change very much percentage-wise.

  • Mohammed Oct 25, 2013 

    Please can you develop XBMC on XBOX ONE Platform? XBOX ONE as a hardware will support 7.1 audio output and 3D, 1080p, 4K video output, it will also support Windows 8 applications.

    • Martijn Oct 25, 2013 

      In short. NO we will not. No one has any interest in doing this.

  • ilya Oct 25, 2013 

    I’ll add myself (and my three openelec non-arm machines) to the list of people that don’t use music metadata.
    I wouldn’t object to a (one-off?) phone home for statistics, but can’t see myself installing an addon or any non-automated procedure to submit – But, I am interested in the results:)

  • Zoner Oct 25, 2013 

    This only concludes one thing….
    Just how awesome you guys are and what a great product you developed

  • Tolotos Oct 25, 2013 

    I use 3 XBMC installations. Two for playback only running OpenElec and one Installation on my Windows Vista for scraping only.

  • Tkgafs Oct 25, 2013 

    I seem to be in the minority here but my xbmc is only used for music, so will be counted here. running win7 32bit

  • richard smith Oct 25, 2013 

    XBMC next version should have an option to report back the OS string. That way you could see accurately how many OSs are in use. Personally i use OpenElec Linux because i dont want to use Windows 7 licence on dedicated media PC. Just adds too much weight and slows it down. Least OpenElec gives you a set top box experience and that i like.
    Having small 60gb SSD in each PC also helps tons!

  • jeroen Oct 25, 2013 

    On OS MAverik it fails

  • Joce Oct 25, 2013 

    Soon, with the Chromecast arrival, we will see an incredible increase of the Android platform as favourite XBMC hosting.

  • BigJRM Oct 25, 2013 

    Percentage-wise, I think it may be fairly accurate, but I don’t use the scrapers for audio or video. I choose my own thumbnails and fanart.

    I use Windows 7 (32 & 64) because I find network setup and transfers easier with Windows than Linux or XBMC. Otherwise, I would use OpenELEC Atom NVidia. I have yet to figure out how to allow other Windows computers to write/send to OpenELEC. But then I find that I do other Windows work on the main XBMC computer, so I’d still need Windows on it.

    In closing I have to say “YOU XBMC FOLKS DO A FANTASTIC JOB!” Excuse my yelling, but that’s the way I feel. As a media player; audio, video, weather & streamer, I find XBMC the easiest and most intuitive software around. Then you make it FREE! THANKS A LOT!

  • The_D Oct 25, 2013 

    Was Windows Vista not included for some reason?

  • Spawk Oct 26, 2013 

    Windows Vista… lolollolololloolllol
    rotflmao… oh …. oh…. stop it!

  • Diegowa Oct 26, 2013 

    What about Mavericks? Good crash huh? ;)

  • Sébastien Oct 26, 2013 

    And if you check rapidely… X64 possibility are the most popular..

  • bootlegninja Oct 27, 2013 

    Yeah, I would also say that you’d get a much clearer example if video database scans were recorded instead. I say this since I never use music scrapers on my systems. But at the same time, I have a diverse collection that I keep.

    A HTPC with XBMCbuntu, a Windows 7 x64 PC, a Raspberry Pi with OpenELEC, and a Debian Squeeze server running a headless version for shared database scans. All running a stable Frodo for now.

  • Gizmo Oct 27, 2013 

    Who uses XBMC for streaming audio ?
    Personnaly I use an iMac as server an iPhone, an ISP box, a Ouya box and an iPad as receivers
    If i find à HTPC with satellite Tntsat compliant and managed through xbmc… I throw ouya, isp box and my satellite box
    By thé Wayne on Ouya the official version bugs with audio but the earlier non official Still works fine

  • Hedda Oct 27, 2013 

    Maybe good time now for 64-bit version of XBMC for Windows with over 50% of users on 64-bit Windows?

  • Rasmus Havhus Oct 27, 2013 

    I suppose the OSX share will plummet, now that XBMC doesn’t work on Maverick?

    • Nathan Betzen Oct 27, 2013 

      It’ll probably take a hit until XBMC 12.3 comes out and fixes the issue.

  • Richard Oct 28, 2013 

    Interesting stats. In our household we have 3 Raspberry Pi-s, 1 nettop (Acer Revo) all running OpenElec. However, I also have 1 XBMC running on Windows 7 (my desktop). Out of the 5 installations, the 3 RPi’s do not scrape, but the other two do. They’re all hooked to a central media server, so all have the same scrape information. So add 3 RPi’s to your stats. :)


  • Tobor Oct 29, 2013 

    I applaud the effort here, but it’s kind of like trying to count the number of people in the world by analyzing the number of shoelaces sold.


  • Tartifless Oct 29, 2013 

    Windows is widely spread and my guess is it won’t decrease that easily given the quality of the last OS.

    I have been an XP user and switched to ubuntu with VISTA, then a small time with OSX and now back to MS since W7.
    I must say that I enjoy the whole Windows ecosystem, i dropped my iphone and got myself a WP8 last week, love it, an XBMC app would be amazing !

    I would really like a linux system that would not require any console entry, would switch to that asap, but so far i haven’t been able to get a linux system up and ready (with all drivers (remote, etc…)) as fast as a windows one. Apple remains very expensive and too closed a system. It’s sad to say but so far windows is still the best mix between ease-to-use and openess unfortunately.

  • Marcus Oct 30, 2013 

    Missing the XBox 1 in this chart, mine is still alive with XBMC :-)

  • Stephen E. Baker Oct 30, 2013 

    Aw, Arch Linux land was too small a pool to get counted I guess.

    In my experience autostarting xbmc from openbox with autologin on the display manager and advanced launcher to run any other apps (emulators, games, etc.) is a pretty nice way to go.

  • HBKsweden Nov 02, 2013 

    I have a HEPC with Win 7 and XBMC Alpha 9 and it runs like a clock with everething. Tvcard, Blueray, mkv, avi, mp3, flac etc couldent be happier. Thank you XBMC team!

  • Realist Nov 02, 2013 

    Thanks for the update, this is great.

    Why is everyone so concerned about their platform winning. This is a sample size of 10% which is much much more then enough to extrapolate, so the results are valid and a true representation of the userbase. Linux, OSX and Apple tv users like to think they are gaining ground but in reality are a tiny portion, same is true for all OS figures. Let’s not even get into the superiority complex of a lot of these users. I’m a Ubuntu and Mint user, but come on, Windows shits all over Linux for usability and software options.

  • Gilles Nov 02, 2013 

    Most Of the Addons Will not work anymore all of them are broken please fix it i use my addons from

    • Martijn Nov 02, 2013 

      Talk to the addon authors to fix up their add-ons

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