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Posted By: Keith Herrington on Dec 14, 2016 in Site News

By now, you’ve probably heard that Plex has brought their experience to the Kodi platform, and now it’s finally in the repo!

In case you didn’t know, Plex is a great way to organize and consume media on nearly any smart device you already have. Plex Media Server walks you through how to setup Plex easily.  Once you are set up, you can also share your server with friends and they can share with you as well. Full media togetherness!

Check them out at: and here’s a quick start guide.

Plex is the leader in this space, so we were excited when we met them at CES last year. They immediately mentioned the possibility of bringing the Plex experience to Kodi since they considered this something both of our communities could benefit from and were willing to dedicate some resources to bring this opportunity to life.

This add-on leverages Kodi’s immense work in getting the most possible out of the hardware with the ease of use of Plex. It allows the user to access Plex from a fully configured Kodi setup, with the exact same experience across all Kodi supported devices.

When building this add-on, one of the major components discussed was to bring the Plex UI to Kodi. Everyone worked at making the experience as fluid as possible to make sure every type of user can feel comfortable, if they’ve used any other Plex apps before.


Plex for Kodi brings a truly best-in-class Plex experience to our open source platform. While very functional, this is a beta release and there is still work to do, namely bringing Plex Companion (which allows casting and the remote on the mobile app to work) and adding some other features that are highlighted here.

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for the add-on to be available to everyone. If you don’t see it immediately, you can try a force refresh on the repo, or just download the .zip file before in the forum for the time being.

Currently in Plex Pass for testing and bug fixing, the intention is for the Plex for Kodi add-on to be available to everyone as soon as we run out of planned features and don’t see any major bugs. The code is on GitHub and we encourage others to take a look and please send a Pull Request if what you’ve added is beneficial to everyone. Can’t promise it will get into the add-on, but we’re excited to see what the community can come up with and we appreciate the contribution.

Please share your feedback on their forum, which is accessible for Plex Pass users:

This project truly showcases the power of the Kodi add-on ecosystem and how far you can take customizability to make the experience as close to native as possible. ruuk did a truly amazing job building this for Plex and the Kodi Team is proud of this collaboration.

If you’re a commercial entity who is interested in having an add-on built, please reach out to us at interest-at-kodi-dot-tv and we can help connect you to the right people to help bring your idea to life.


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  • himisk71 Dec 14, 2016 

    didnt need at the moment but iam feelig good for what kodi is growing up over the time..

    • James Otoole Dec 18, 2016 


  • sdsnyr94 Dec 14, 2016 

    Are you locked into the Plex UI, or do you still have the freedom to change skin?

    • Keith Herrington Dec 14, 2016 

      This brings the Plex experience to Kodi, which their UI is a huge part of. There’s unofficial add ons such as PlexKodiConnect and PleXBMC that allow library integration so you can use any skin you want.

      • sdsnyr94 Dec 14, 2016 

        Thanks. Currently use PlexKodiConnect – but will give this a run too.

        I did not see it mentioned – Kodi 17 only?

        • Keith Herrington Dec 14, 2016 

          Nope, v16+!

    • geerfear Dec 14, 2016 

      This is what I’m most curious about too. I’d love to be able to use Plex server on my NAS as the source for Kodi, but I want the ability to change skins (mostly to keep the TV OS as simple as possible). I’m currently using Emby for Kodi to accomplish this and it works well, but Plex appears to have more powerful tools for organization and a more active development/user community.

      • Keith Herrington Dec 14, 2016 

        Use PlexKodiConnect then, but keep in mind it replaces the entire DB with Plex only, so you can’t have any media in the Library outside of Plex anymore.

        We’re coming up with a more elegant solution eventually.

        • Raze Dec 20, 2016 

          More elegant solution? Keith could you elaborate?

          Also – a point of clarifiction – PleXMBC does integrate into local Kodi database and is dependent on specific skins to take advantage of its function such as Amber. Also – it looks as if there haven’t been any updates to PleXMBC in some time.


  • Spider-Borg Dec 14, 2016 

    If I wanted the Plex UI then I would use Plex. I use Kodi because it’s UI is superior.

    • kernelitto Dec 15, 2016 

      You’re completely right !

    • Alan Dec 23, 2016 

      Yes, I agree with you, I like Kodi default UI.

  • The Flash Dec 14, 2016 

    Looks like Kodi sold itself out to the corporations. Sad really…..

    • Martijn Dec 14, 2016 

      Yes we are raking in the billions of dollars now

      • Jan van Westland Dec 16, 2016 

        Plex is Facebook. Facebook collect everything about its users. Facebook means lack of privacy and getting the peeping government in through the backdoor.

    • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

      If your definition of ‘selling out’ is having more official functionality via add-ons.. I don’t know what you tell you. Don’t use Linux then, it’s full of official functionality too. :)

  • Rudy Dec 14, 2016 

    I suppose this means that Kodi’s database efforts will never be anything more than ‘experimental’!

    • james Dec 14, 2016 

      I tried it already, never again. When it’s working (on windoze) it’s great but you just have to do a hardware change or driver update and MySQL corrupts itself (this happened three times). It’s a shame this wasn’t done using MS SQLExpress as in all my years of using it only a handful of customers ever managed to get a corrupted DB. Yeah, I know it’s not opensource and until recently didn’t run on Linux, but I think I’m right in saying MySQL only has tables added so it’s not like you couldn’t connect to an alternative DB and run similar fetch commands

      FYI :

      • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

        I’m being using SQL since… 9? 10? of XBMC and when it works its great.. but it definitely corrupts between versions sometimes and its not an ideal solution. Things like upnp library sharing exists today and works great too. Kodi is working on making the experience better with stuff such as what Hedda mentioned with Montellese’s work that I can’t wait to get into Kodi, hopefully v18.
        We also lack in very many database architect guys to help us figure out how to make the best awesome db that works for everyone..So if you know anyone who is willing to volunteer their time and awesome at databases, send them to Kodi!

        Kodi does care, just trying to figure out the best approach, and takes a major database refactor, which take smart people to figure it out, so if you know anyone, point them at Kodi.

        • dan1son Dec 15, 2016 

          I agree with this. I’ve been using Kodi with mysql as a DB across 5 regularly used devices and another 5 mobile devices with no issues whatsoever for many years. I used it way back in the Apple TV 1 (white box) days with crystalHD card (still thanks Davilla for that work) shared with htpcs back then. I’ve had no issues at all with it when able to run the same versions of xbmc then kodi. I update one, and everything else has the new data too.

          I’ve used Plex for several years now basically for remote access to the same library. It has started overtaking Kodi for mobile devices even in the house, except when I’m using Kodi’s DVR functionality which is incomparable to plex DVR beta right now. Without live TV I see no point.

          I’m currently playing around with this new add-on for Kodi and find it to be quite useful for my HTPCs and desktop/laptops. I’ve tried to stick with remote server use since it’s a separate DB for what I’ve watched from Kodi’s. That’s kind of annoying to be honest. I prefer Kodi’s interface for local content, but like the fact that the plex add-on is capable of linking my local and remote device views.

          • Zebraitis Dec 18, 2016 

            MySQL has been a godsend.

            I have been using it since XBMC on XBOX, and now I’m on windows, android, Linux and iOS. My network spans three buildings, likely seven systems.

            Never had it corrupt, although I did a reload when I went to a clean install of windows 10. Of course, that was a non-event, as I export all my data to my drives. (I’m up to about 40 GB now)

            HeidiSQL has been a great tool to drill down and modify the DB info, writing and editing film descriptions, etc.

            I can’t see any reason why I would care about Plex… and that is a great thing about KODI: For those that may need it, it’s there… for folks like me, I can ignore it.

        • Ole Dam Møller Dec 28, 2016 

          I have been working with databases for 25 years now, mostly for large telco’s. I will be happy to help out any way I can. Can you point me in the right direction, where to start? What are the issues, what do we want to accomplish?

  • mellomade Dec 14, 2016 

    Bolt-on add-ons like this are so tacky and really take away from the experience of using Kodi.

    If you want a backend server solution like Plex that actually integrates seamlessly into the Kodi libraries use EMBY.

    • Keith Herrington Dec 14, 2016 

      The Emby solution takes away from your ability to use the Kodi library like normal entirely, it replaces existing Kodi functionality. This allows you to use both still.

      • mellomade Dec 15, 2016 

        Emby for Kodi does not change any of the functionality native to Kodi. It does replace the database with one that points to the Emby data – but all that does is replace the media scanning and scraping that would be redundant with both solutions.

        Emby for Kodi scans all your media into the default Kodi libraries – so your movies, TV shows, etc all appear in Kodi just as they would if you manually scanned them in via Kodi’s scrapers. Once they are scanned in they are functionally indistinguishable – so you access them exactly how Kodi intended which means I can use the web interface, JSON interface, any skin I want, etc, etc.

        As a Kodi user this maintains every feature I love about using Kodi as my media player. This PLEX add-on effectively renders Kodi a fancy external player. And that is a shame.

        • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

          Replacing the DB is entirely ‘changing the functionality of Kodi’. It’s literally breaking a core feature of Kodi, to be able to have a local library. If it works for you, great! Continue on, but Kodi can’t ever endorse or support something like this, because it’s a hack.

          As Hedda mentioned, there’s other options out there and hopefully the Emby guys will work with the Kodi guys to make something thats official so all Kodi users can benefit instead of just the Emby approach today which as you even said, cuts out a bunch of functionality thats core in Kodi.

          • vortexdk Dec 15, 2016 

            Actually you can have a local library side by side with the emby for kodi library, and they integrate seamslessly,

          • Maaarv Dec 15, 2016 

            It’s just not true that the Emby addon cuts out functionality in Kodi.
            I use it for some time now and it just updates the Kodi databases with the Information provided by Emby (in realtime).
            You can still use other addons like ‘IMDB update’ or ‘Movie Set Artwork Automator’ to enrich your Kodi library with additional Information. The only thing Emby is doint is adding or removing media and syncing watched states between different Kodi clients (if you want it to).
            Kodi stays completely the same and Emby operates as a local database behind it.

            I think there should be another article for the Emby addon because this blog makes it seem that Plex made the invention of the year. Just my opinion.

  • James Jimmerson Dec 14, 2016 

    Honestly does Plex provide any advantages over Kodi? Kodi is excellent. I’ve set up Plex on my system a few times in the past and been unimpressed. Has it evolved to the point that it can compete with Kodi as a home theatre gui?

    • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

      They’re just different. Plex has different goals than Kodi, if you’re happy with Kodi, I wouldn’t worry about using Kodi. If you travel and want media to come with.. Plex is a great solution for this.

    • Brett Dec 16, 2016 

      I made the switch to Plex when I moved. My MySQL got corrupted on my unRAID server and I had problems getting it set back up in a docker. The main reason I have stuck with Plex has honestly been the casting feature. Because your files are hosted from a server, you are not playing them directly. This allows them to be cast to a Chromecast. This is great for playing shows in the kids playroom since all the TV has is a Chromecast. While I love the Kodi interface, I quickly adapted to Plex and it serves all my needs. I ran both for a little, and probably won’t start running Kodi again until my HT is complete and it will be a dedicated (no MySQL) database for it.

  • jdiesel87 Dec 14, 2016 

    Emby has been doing this for many years now and has a very good and mature Kodi app.

    • Jason Dec 23, 2016 

      Emby works well with kodi but that’s where it ends. Everything else is sub par. The mobile apps, smart tv apps and other apps aren’t nearly as good as Plex. I think this is a great solution.

  • Hedda Dec 14, 2016 

    Hope to see Team Kodi merge Montellese’s work media importing and library integration sooner rather than later, see:

    I think that if anything would be the best way together your own local Kodi library with content from Plex Media Server.

    • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

      Yes yes! Thanks for mentioning this. I can’t wait until its in Kodi. :)

    • xnappo Dec 15, 2016 

      Yes – Montellese’s work is quite promising and the Emby team looks forward to moving to a officially supported mechanism for database manipulation.

  • Dark Helmet Dec 15, 2016 

    To be honest after reading the news text, watching the video and reading some parts of plex’s website I still do not really know what the “Plex experience” is, where the difference to kodi is and how i can benefit from it. Sorry to say it but it reads just like an ad to me. Exactly why is the “Plex experience” so great? It certainly doesn’t help that a subsciption is necessary to even read the linked forum threads at plex’s website.

    • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

      Plex allows you to have a server and streaming your own media to multiple devices with a single library, so the opposite of the Kodi design. I travel a ton, so I use Kodi to watch HD content locally, and then use Plex when traveling and it’ll transcode to the bandwidth offered when remote. The beauty of add ons in general is, if you don’t think you know what it is, you probably don’t need it. :) As stated in the post, its only under Plex Pass during beta, hopefully it’ll be a short time and then it’ll be open for everyone.

  • wallou Dec 15, 2016 

    it’s nice on kodi 17 béta 6 and spmc 16.5.2
    I have an issue, i added plex shortcut on my homescreen, but i can’t launch it from shortcut

    • Keith Herrington Dec 15, 2016 

      Known issue, check out the forum, there is a workaround with adding it as a favorite, and then shortcutting the favorite. Because of it’s complexity (its a script and a plugin) we need to figure out the issue (the workaround presented comes up in Programs which the dev doesn’t like..)

      • Mads Dec 21, 2016 

        Could you explain how to add a shortcut to a favorit? :)

  • Mifune Dec 15, 2016 

    Plex is not really needed for Kodi in my opinion cause if you have a nas then it recognizes it and if your on the go Kodi can be installed on your smart tablet or laptop anyways and besides I don’t about you guys but I don’t have as many movies or TV shows as Kodi lol we except anime but that’s about it so for me I should say plex is not needed but great for people who wants it , but thanks Kodi team and thank the open source community for making this all possible for everyone to have and share with the world most favorite pass time which is entertainment ( don’t judge all the run ons sentences I know its horrible lol)

  • TheMonkeyKing Dec 15, 2016 

    Funny. Elan left XBMC because of a dispute in the way XBMC was being built and now, coming back to integrate the two.

    Man, he must really miss those Dev parties you guys throw.

    • Will Dec 15, 2016 

      Ya I found it rather odd since the founder of Plex left the OSX Xbmc team on bad terms, forked the xbmc code then developed his own closed source server software so he could make money.

      I would have preferred an open source solution personally. I’m sure half of the Kodi devs weren’t around for those days so whatevs

      • Jason Dec 23, 2016 

        There is nothing wrong with making money.

  • Lefteris Dec 15, 2016 

    I haven’t used Plex about xm, maybe 2 years now but I had many probs download subs, the way it works with Kodi. Nice setup yes, especially for traveling abroad, but Kodi beat them imho

  • Rafael Lucero Dec 15, 2016 

    I want to know if plex is free or what? Thank You

  • Alexandro Dec 15, 2016 

    Why so much negative comments? Most of you are comparing apples to oranges… The purpose of Plex is much different than Kodi. I access my library locally via KODI, but I am also sharing it to some friends who need to access it via PLEX. They also have their local content which is not as rich as mine and they must have different devices for the different libraries. One PLEX client (to access my media remotely) and a KODI one (for their local content). So I think that official PLEX plugin is just awesome.

    • mellomade Dec 15, 2016 

      This is absolutely not apples and oranges. A ‘local’ library and a Plex library ARE THE SAME THING. You don’t need both. Why would you spend time scraping metadata separately for Plex and Kodi?

      This whole concept of Kodi being an ‘island’ for library integration is antiquated. How many people access their media library with just Kodi? A single server solution using Kodi as a client is far more flexible.

      • eg4190 Dec 15, 2016 

        I think the primary use of this add-on would be accessing Plex servers shared by friends/family without having to switch apps.

        I run Plex and Kodi side-by-side, and my experience is that Kodi does a MUCH better job of handling a very large media library. The navigation in Plex on my local network is pretty slow, whereas Kodi is snappy and responsive even with thousands of movies and TV shows. I only use Plex when I’m traveling on business or otherwise outside the home. Would be nice if Kodi eventually had that live transcoding / streaming functionality without losing any local performance.

        • Raze Dec 20, 2016 

          I hadn’t thought about your first point re: accessing media shared by others in remote locations. good point. you might not want this integrated into your local database.

      • zpaolo Dec 16, 2016 

        IMO this addon is not really for Kodi users, but for Plex users. Let me explain: I have a Plex server and consume my media streaming to a Smart TV, iPad and Mac. I don’t have an official player for Linux, so when I hook my server to a “non smart” TV to play my media locally I use an unofficial client. Now, if I want, I can use an OFFICIAL client from Plex that runs on Linux, it’s like saying that this add on is “Plex for Kodi”, where Kodi provides the base platform over which Plex is running. If you are not a Plex user I don’t see you switching to Plex just to use this plugin, the vice-versa is more reasonable.

      • Raze Dec 20, 2016 

        Agreed. This is the perfect implementation for my setup and I’m not sure why this can’t be an official option for those who might like this setup. I’ve been using PlexKodiConnect for several months (after using Emby which was also great) and it blends my mobile and 10 foot interface needs together into one place. I can watch a show on my TV, pause, and then resume from the same spot on my smart phone in the car. Fantastic. Croneter deserves some major kudos for his work.

        Maybe because there is some uncertainty about where the Kodi database is going in the future and thats why there is reluctance to add to official repo?

        However I can see eg4190′s point below about how you might not want other people’s remotes servers to integrate into your local database. Give users the choice.

        • zpaolo Dec 22, 2016 

          I think that croneter explained once that since PKC “messes with Kodi database” it can’t be in the official repo :)

  • Troy Dec 15, 2016 

    I prefer the PlexKodiConnect and Emby for Kodi implementation which just invisibly syncs with the Kodi database and allows the full customization that regular Kodi allows.

    If Plex could develop that kind of solution officially it might help persuade me to switch over from Emby.

    • Raze Dec 20, 2016 

      I agree that PlexKodiConnect is a superior implementation. I urge people who haven’t done so, to try it out.

      • Jason Dec 23, 2016 

        Plexkodiconnect is just too slow. I have to wait for new media to sync and it isn’t that stable.

  • amilino Dec 15, 2016 

    How to share videos with friends over the web? I am using amazing Chorus2 webinterface, but having more users in Kodi and share couple of movies is not possible. With Plex you can share things with friends without letting them mess up with Kodi features and settings like with webinterface.

  • Leigh Dec 15, 2016 

    This is super many thanks really useful. I use both Kodi and Plex and merging the two is super.

    Is there any chance that a solution for playing ISO files within this addon could be developed then it would be perfect.

    Many thanks

    • zpaolo Dec 16, 2016 

      For this add on to play ISOs you’ll need this ability in Plex, which is something I don’t see coming soon (or ever)

  • Chris Fourie Dec 15, 2016 

    Every year a give Plex another chance. Every time it’s a disaster. Don’t use Plex if you have a SSD on your server. Plex is so full of bugs. Been running openelec xbmc/Kodi since 2008. More recently MrMC a fork of Kodi on all IOS devices including Apple TV

    • WileECoyote Dec 15, 2016 

      Agreed. Plex and Emby are (in my opinion) not very well built. The trans-coding is a complete joke. I have several Nvidia Shields and Xbox One’s and it trans-codes everything! Why???? I even went to the trouble of converting almost my entire library to H.265 so it would be native, but still, its trans-coding. Why everyone loves Plex and Emby is beyond me. I don’t watch on mobile devices so for now I’ll stick with what works thank you, Kodi…

      • xnappo Dec 16, 2016 

        Sounds like you don’t have Emby set up correctly. The forum is quite helpful…

      • Foghat Dec 16, 2016 

        You have something setup wrong. Using a Shield, none of my movies (h.264 with HD audio) transcode when using kodi with either plex or emby

    • Billy Dec 16, 2016 

      Yes, same here. Last time I gave it a chance I found it was running my server at 100% for 4 hours every night. And sending a significant amount of traffic to Plex’s servers. If I watched something with subtitles, it had to transcode, because apparently the Plex client apps are too dumb to overlay subtitles, they need to be burnt in. This thing of transcoding a video when your client device can probably play it anyway is just a huge waste of resources and very obscene in these green-aware times.

      Im also uncomfrotable with the closed-source nature of Plex. They are funded by KPCB who have close ties to the CIA via InQTel. Why did KPCB invest in a piracy-enabling product? What telemetry is Plex collecting? Who are they sharing it with? Plex is extremely shady imo.

      • hegemon13 Dec 21, 2016 

        If it was still transcoding for subs the last time you tried it, that must have been a long time ago. Or, you were using really outdated versions. Plex is constantly improving, and it is hugely improved now from when I started using it four years ago. I had used Kodi since my original modded XBOX prior to that. I still love Kodi and it’s customization options for the client side, but until there’s a good server/client model, it just doesn’t meet my needs.

    • zpaolo Dec 16, 2016 

      My experience is a bit different: I had zero problems with Plex, with all my media in a centralized location, scraping and library building done once and immediately available for all devices, each device with its own official fully supported client suited for the device screen size, interface etc.

      Yes for some clients transcoding is needed when subtitles are on but my server can transcode, so no real issue here.

      Kodi is Kodi and Plex is Plex, you can feel at home with one or the other, they are too different to directly compare.

  • RM Dec 15, 2016 

    How much longer for the release of V17?????????arghhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Paul Dec 15, 2016 

    I use KODI for my theater room (local content)
    I use PLEX for streaming everything to devices and outside the house

    The only reason I use Plex is for how simple it is to stream to other devices (in and out of the house).

    Kodi is better in delivers a much better and fluid experience (especially the skin/GUI part, which I personally think is the most important). I really wish Kodi had an easy way of streaming media to other devices (keyword: easy).

    No matter how many Media Centers I’ve tried in the last 12 years (MP, Plex, Roku, WD, AppleTV (new and old), and many others… Kodi is, by far, the best. Glad to see nothing has changed to the core or community (like selling out, or any other type of drastic change).

  • Pedro Dec 16, 2016 


    Cheerful, bright you’re a person of action and communication. That is why you need to exchange, discover and learn together with others. Curious by nature there is an insatiable thirst for knowledge that often makes you push the limits and go to unknown horizons. Designing your daily life with a little fantasy you are particularly creative and intuitive.

  • Rob Dec 16, 2016 

    I am already running a minimal Ubuntu 16.04 server for Kodi, that directly feeds a home theatre system, and casts to another display.

    So why would I want to install a full Plex server on the same server as Kodi? All I see is trouble running both apps on the same server.

    I would be sacrificing resources, running 2 separate databases (Plex does not support MSSQL, it has it’s own), having double the updates, not to mention the possible issues associated with updates.

    I am not criticizing, I just see a lot of risk and maintenance headaches for a couple of additional features..transcoding and remote support.

    Please enlighten me, and provide more information on the requirements for this addon.

    • zpaolo Dec 16, 2016 

      I think Plex would be overkill for your setup: you are already using Kodi as a “server” and you don’t seem to need more “clients” for your setup. This plugin allows people who already built a Plex server to leverage the power of Kodi as a media player platform, with an official Plex client.

    • qoonik Dec 24, 2016 

      Plex is good when you have multi device setup: one server and -> many clients. You can watch some movie on kodi plex plugin then you continue watching this movie on android device. I really like plex + kodi combo. I am using plex kodi connect.

  • Richard Dec 16, 2016 

    ok, not sure here after reading all the comments, but willing to give it a try for the streaming to other deviced possibility.
    It’s an add-on so if I dont like it, no problem right?
    Just delete it and I’m back in my current state, nothing drastic being changed?

    • Rob Dec 16, 2016 

      That was what I was asking.
      It is an Addon, but you need to install the full Plex server first.
      It sounds like the Addon is just a Plex client, integrated into Kodi.

  • some user. dope Dec 17, 2016 

    Does the Plex plugin cost 4.99$ a month?

  • arucard Dec 17, 2016 

    Congratulations to both Plex and Kodi on this add-on.

    I think that having interoperability between products is a good thing, especially when it’s done in a way that it only improves upon both products. This add-on is a good example of how to do this. Neither Plex users nor Kodi users lose anything by having this add-on available, but it increases the possibilities for both communities. Plex users gain the option of using Kodi as a front-end for Plex and Kodi users gain the option of using the powerful streaming capabilities of Plex.

    Aside from this, there are also some indirect benefits for Kodi. As an example, this add-on has brought more attention, and possibly more resources, to the library integration and media import functionality in Kodi (as mentioned in earlier comments). This would improve Kodi itself and could improve the Plex addon as well as any other addons that might want to integrate with Kodi’s library.

    Unfortunately, there’s also the possibility of indirect negative consequences for Kodi. I think the most prominent of these is the possibility of Kodi catering too much to their commercial partners, reducing the open-source community to second-class citizens. I think this is the fear with pretty much any add-on for a commercial and/or closed-source product, not just Plex. This is something we need to be wary of, but I personally think that Team Kodi has done a great job of making it clear that this is not their intent.

    • James Otoole Dec 18, 2016 


      • James Otoole Dec 18, 2016 

        Thank you

  • bababooey Dec 18, 2016 

    boss *chops lips*, I’m still perplexed by this add-on. While I think plex+kodi is amazing I still don’t get the purpose of this add-on. If it’s purpose is just so you won’t have to alt+tab or assign another hot key to open plex it’s essentially a usually add-on. samba and/or webdav work as well if not better as you could lets say integrate the library, have various osd info, and background playback which as of now you can’t get with the current plex add-on

  • RJ Dec 18, 2016 

    I removed the current release of PlexKodiConnect to try the official add-on. The original PlexKodiConnect would wake up my server and wait for the hard drive to spin up and then play a video, this is not happening in the official add-on and all that I receive is a constant error that one or more items could not be played.

    Also there are no real setting for this add-on and you now have to log into Plex and give them your email address which is immediately spammed over and over again.

    This was not thought of or even tested as a solution for the Kodi community and should be removed until it can be fixed in a manner that is responsible and reasonable.

  • Qba Dec 18, 2016 

    Plex is nice but Kodi is brilliant! Kodi is more adjustable and more personalized than Plex. And one more else. Kodi is totally for FREE against to Plex.
    I choose Kodi – always

  • Gabriel Dec 19, 2016 

    Anyone know which plex media server I should download for a MINIIX UI ?
    I cannot see this information on the plex homepage.

  • Gadgety Dec 19, 2016 

    Flex is an interesting addition. I don’t get Kodi’s product policy, though. Elsewhere Kodi officials have stated that only open source software should be available on the Kodi platform. I was looking to use software which required a VST plugin. The info on that was that Kodi will not use VST because it will enable commercial closed source programs to piggy back on Kodi.

  • Shaun Bartlett Dec 19, 2016 

    So all I’m looking for is a way to stream my existing Kodi library (the metadata is stored in MySQL, if that matters) to an AppleTV on the LAN without having to rebuild Kodi for the ATV every week.

    Will this new plugin meet my needs? I’m a little bit confused as to what becomes the authoritative source in this scenario, but I’m trying to read up and educate myself. I still want Kodi to be the master/authoritative. I simply want to use a Plex plugin to stream media to the Plex app on the AppleTV which I received for free in a DirecTVNow promotion. Thanks.

    • Oneacer Dec 20, 2016 

      FYI, update 98 kills the add-on, it is now only for Plex Pass users … bummer

      If you can, turn off your internet, go into your add-ons in Kodi and open Plex and turn off Auto-Updates. Then turn back your internet on.

  • nick Dec 20, 2016 

    Does this mean that my Kodi library will be available to stream if I’m on holiday? I’ve been wanting to make this happen for years, but can never find an easy way to do it. Plex seems to be the answer, but I’m running Kodi on Android and the Plex app doesn’t do it – and the server app wont install on my system :(

    • zpaolo Dec 22, 2016 

      nick: “Does this mean that my Kodi library will be available to stream if I’m on holiday?”

      No, your Kodi library will remain the same, for what you need Plex (or Emby) is the answer, but you have to install Plex (or Emby), set it up to let it scrape your current library so it can create its own library, and then you’ll have remote access through Plex clients. This means that you’ll have to manage both Kodi (and its local library) and Plex (for the same library). If you want to manage only one library but you still want to use Kodi as a player then you’ll need this official plugin or Plex Kodi Connect to allow Kodi to play your library “through” Plex.

      I don’t know if it’s clear :D

      • bick Dec 22, 2016 

        So this plug in requires a plex server to already be set up elsewhere? Then I’m failing to see what this plug in is adding. Strange.

        • zpaolo Dec 24, 2016 

          Not necessarily “elsewhere”, you can set it up on the same unit where Kodi is. I have a small compact Plex server with OpenPHT and Kodi+PKC for local playback, but I mostly use other clients (ipad, smart tv etc)

  • Rmuilman Dec 20, 2016 

    What repo is it On?

  • Magnus Dec 23, 2016 

    Little heads up

    Plex being plex went and made this plex pass only in a effort to make money off it.

    Got to love that company making money of a addons for a open source bit of software.

    Of course this is plex so this is nothing new

    • zpaolo Dec 24, 2016 

      Right now it’s in beta, and everything beta in plex is “plex pass only”. If it will be plex pass only once its out of beta you could have a point, right now your comment is slightly off-mark. Plex Media Player followed the same route and is now free for everyone.

  • Magnus Dec 24, 2016 

    Actually your wrong on both marks.

    Plex for android isn’t tested in plex pass and never has been and in fact this is the only time the android beta has been made plex pass only.

    You are tech right that plex media player is free but you didn’t bother to mention that you can only play 5 min of video and you need to buy it to use it.

    If you going to give facts then please give all the facts not just the ones that makes plex look better then it is.

    • zpaolo Dec 25, 2016 

      Sorry but you are wrong again:

      I’m not sure I get you point on Plex for Android, Plex for Android is not in beta AFAIK and you don’t need plex pass to use it. Plex for Android is an app, and all plex client “apps” allow free play for one minute to test, and you have to pay a one time fee to unlock. No need for plex pass. It’s true that if you are on plex pass you have automatically all apps unlocked, but you don’t need plex pass to unlock single apps.

      Plex Media Player IS free for everyone and there’s no time limitation. You are talking maybe of the Windows 10 app that you can get from windows store, that is an app and as for every app you have to unlock it. Sure you can use it on a WIndows 10 PC (not necessary a tablet) but still it’s an “app” while PMP is a software you download from plex website and use for free, the only thing they have in common is the UI

      • Magnus Dec 26, 2016 

        Your facts are all messed up so all go through and fix the mistakes.

        Plex server is free to anyone but is mostly useless without a client and they have been moving to block out any third party clients.

        Plex as a client is Not free its free to try which means you can watch five minutes of video and then you have to pay to use it anymore.

        Beta testing is Not done in plex pass its actually done in sub forum labeled beta testing and plex pass is paying monthly for extra features.

        There a company and making is money is what they are suppose to do but they gotten too full of themselves.
        They refuse to have any communication with the actually users and ignore ongoing issues in the name of adding money making addon’s they can charge for.
        They are now making a addon for kodi which is a open source platform and have gone and made it plexpass only

        You know they lost all moral and ethical concerns when they are charging for a addon that runs on open source software.

        • zpaolo Dec 27, 2016 

          “Plex server is free to anyone but is mostly useless without a client”

          Which is pretty obvious, because it’s a server/client system

          “and they have been moving to block out any third party clients.”

          This is not true. OpenPHT is a third party client and still works like a charm. PlexKodiConnect IS a third party client.

          “Plex as a client is Not free its free to try which means you can watch five minutes of video and then you have to pay to use it anymore.”

          Again, Plex Client APPS are free to try and pay once, all Plex Client SOFTWARE is free, Smart TV (Opera TV) client software is free. Only apps for mobile devices (and Windows 10 store because of the way app in windows 10 can be used on the desktop) are try before you buy. And none of them requires plex pass. And Plex Media Player itself is free.

          “Beta testing is Not done in plex pass its actually done in sub forum labeled beta testing and plex pass is paying monthly for extra features.”

          Beta FEATURES are rolled out on Plex Pass users before, and on every user later. Experimental clients are rolled out on Plex Pass users before. Plex Pass users pay for the extra features that plex pass brings, AND for the opportunity to use software before official release.

          So Plex got full of themselves? This is such a childish comment. Plex Ninjas and Plex Employees are often making posts on the forums to help people, they have still issues sure, but who doesn’t?

          “You know they lost all moral and ethical concerns when they are charging for a addon that runs on open source software.”

          Seems Kodi staff is not so pissed off by the addition as you are. To everyone here who is not a troll (i.e., not you), Plex addon for Kodi will be free to everyone as soon as it exits beta. Exactly like PMP did before.

  • martino Dec 28, 2016 

    The point of this addon is to bring good support of devices when you don’t need to transcode the file (locally on shield tv for example)
    And this is the a huge things flex is lacking in my test..
    i will wait for the free version of this add on to test it…but if it works well i could buy a pass
    (plex with pass is probably best multi user centralized media db..something i want to be able to do…kodi design is really poor for that…and the lack of ease to do it also show its age)

  • jurrabi Dec 28, 2016 

    This is so weird… wasn’t plex an xbmc fork for apple computers? I’m sure I tested that some years ago…

    • zpaolo Dec 29, 2016 

      It’s weird if you see Plex as a fork of XBMC for the Mac, but this is quite an old story: from 2010 Plex is a client/server media distribution system based on a centralised database. If you got into Plex later (like I did a couple of years ago) you’ll see its XBMC “roots” only in some now discontinued players like Plex Home Theater.

      Integrating Plex in Kodi makes a lot of sense if you want to leverage the strength of both: centralised server and streaming abilities from Plex, powerful playback engine and customization from Kodi

  • toy Jan 09, 2017 


  • C. Howitt Fielz Jan 19, 2017 

    I’ll continue to use PleXBMC since it works very well with Kodi 16.1. I prefer to use PleXBMC add-on because I like the way the PleXBMC add-on handles subtitles. Why use a beta when PleXBMC add-on is stable and proven. All thumbnails scroll very fast and works with various skins.

    Another thing is I already have the full Plex client installed on my FireTV, so when I’m in Kodi I can also launch the native FireTV Plex client app and it jumps right from Kodi into the native FireTV Plex client. When I quit the FireTV Plex client it jumps right back into Kodi. I actually prefer PleXBMC because when videos require subtitles I have plenty of control with font, color and size which is better than what I have with the native FireTV Plex client.

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