Rapier 3.0: Ready For Consumption

Posted By: Team XBMC on Jan 03, 2010 in Site News

What a way to kick off the new year with the release of Camelot and then the flurry of skins released thereafter. It’s time I join in on the release frenzy and add Rapier 3.0 to the mix. It’s been awhile since the last update and the changes are too numerous to list so it’s best to check out the changelog or this thread which highlights some of the more notable changes/features accompanied with screenshots. Some people have expressed worry that Xbox users would be left behind with the latest Camelot release but I’m happy to report Rapier 3.0 has no problems and runs smoothly as of SVN rev25497. Head over to the dedicated Rapier 3.0 release thread if you’d like to share your thoughts and/or have specific questions.

Update: Version 3.06 has been released which replaces the problematic fonts. CPU usage should be back to normal, check the download link for the latest version.



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  • Fiestaodin Jan 03, 2010 

    When I active this skin my xbmc have 100% CPU load. I have Xbmc Live 9.11. Is this confirm?

  • hobbybobby Jan 03, 2010 

    Yes, all new skins uses more CPU, XBMC code is’t good optimized

  • trenton Jan 03, 2010 

    You won’t get an answer here, go report a bug

  • johhny Jan 03, 2010 

    crashes twice today. and im using w7. never had this problem with confluence or transparency b4.

  • Heaven2.9 Jan 03, 2010 

    I can confirm this on Win. Everything lags, including video and audio. Hope for an update, because the skin was awsome otherwise. Back to Confluence until then..

  • scarfa Jan 03, 2010 

    Yep the high cpu usage is related to the new fonts I used. Hoping for an XBMC fix in the future. Until then I’ll be replacing the fonts later tonight.

  • theuni Jan 03, 2010 

    This is an XBMC bug that surfaced with the fonts used in Rapier. not a Rapier bug. A temporary fix is in place in svn.

  • Doc Stellar Jan 03, 2010 

    thank you XBMC community for all these skins. you spoil us too much. teehee

  • mistenkt Jan 03, 2010 

    Great skin! No problem with lag using latest svn build!

  • scarfa Jan 04, 2010 

    I’ve updated Rapier to 3.06, should fix the high cpu usage problem.

  • migueld Jan 04, 2010 

    Great skin in general but that menu bar just ruins it for me, it just looks out of place IMHO.

  • erree Jan 04, 2010 

    you can change its colour, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Mummi Jan 04, 2010 

    I love this skin. Although I would like the top bar to become visible when I pause “the one with the clock and the weather” I used plex before and it became very handy to see the temperature before going out for some more coke :D

  • ParanoidAndroid Jan 04, 2010 

    Slow as hell. I’ll stick with confluence

  • animyte Jan 04, 2010 

    cant get the new views to show, just icon and list, also only videos in menu, no tv, movies, etc
    any suggestions

  • benjamin Jan 04, 2010 

    Skin is great, not slow ! use 3.06 version.
    When play music and press m-button or go home page, current track number is missing
    and album name and band name is better put separate row.
    Year is with track name, better is with album name

  • migueld Jan 04, 2010 

    @erree changing the color certainly helps, but there is also the issue of font size. The font size of the top menu is too big compared to the rest of the skin. It takes away from the elegant design.

  • Grodanboll Jan 05, 2010 

    Im not getting any plot-info from themoviedb scrapers, just get the title, category and runtime when having wrap info as the image above?
    Any clues/suggestions?

  • scarfa Jan 05, 2010 

    Try going into the view options drop down menu of wrap info view and enable ‘show full plot’

  • johhny Jan 06, 2010 

    ok. is there a way to make the main menu (bottom movie,pictures, system etc) slightly slimmer? its taking too much space at the moment?

    other than that 3.06 is much2 more stable than previous release. only 1 crashes so far, and its still slower than confluence / transparency.
    ps:/im running on win7 64bit with 12gb RAM

  • Grodanboll Jan 06, 2010 


    Thanx worked like a charm. The skin got very slow though, but I guess you cant have it all :)

  • Cegadede Jan 06, 2010 

    Does this skin have a file-manager? It (the file-manager) is the only thing holding me back in PM3-HD skin.

  • MAURICIO Jan 07, 2010 

    i can`t use the plugin of peliculasalacarta it dosenĀ“t play just shows the carpets

  • John Jan 08, 2010 


    I have the same issue, I can’t see the wrap option. I am using the latest build of xbmc on windows 7 and the latest build of rapier skin.

  • Kevin Jan 09, 2010 

    I have the same issue. Does anyone know how to get wrap option up and running? I can’t see that option at all. Thank you

  • ghost Jan 10, 2010 

    I get error when trying to extract .rar file Tranparancy! for windows. latest version I downloaded it on 1/10/2010 :

    *This is from winrar*

    ! C:\Users\computer\Documents\Downloads\Transparency!.rar: CRC failed in Transparency!\images\backgrounds\weather-conditional\44\weather-432.jpg. The file is corrupt
    ! C:\Users\computer\Documents\Downloads\Transparency!.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    Any suggestions ?

  • animyte Jan 11, 2010 

    video/files/add source/set content to movies or whatever then scan then go to library. may need to restart to see movies in home menu
    This skin is awesome..

  • Andromeda Jan 11, 2010 

    Awesome skin! I have it as default skin with multiple images in the menus and it still runs very stable, with hardly any lagging. Thank you for this cool skin!

  • johhny Jan 11, 2010 

    ghost :I get error when trying to extract .rar file Tranparancy! for windows. latest version I downloaded it on 1/10/2010 :
    *This is from winrar*
    ! C:\Users\computer\Documents\Downloads\Transparency!.rar: CRC failed in Transparency!\images\backgrounds\weather-conditional\44\weather-432.jpg. The file is corrupt! C:\Users\computer\Documents\Downloads\Transparency!.rar: Unexpected end of archive
    Any suggestions ?

    transparency! = rapier. different skin.

  • andras Jan 11, 2010 

    very nice skin

  • prutoen Jan 12, 2010 

    just a suggestion, why not make rapier as one of the default skin for XBMC.
    in terms of stability, i would say its currently in the confluence, transparency, rapier order.
    in terms of show-off-abilty, im would say its rapier, transparency and confluence order.

    heck just bundle all 3, and i would be happy knowing that the best 3 is already included in my default download.

  • Nick Jan 13, 2010 

    How do you get the wrap info view?

  • Javier Jan 14, 2010 

    Hi, I like the skin. I install it in my xbox and works fine, the only problem is the font. Is to small and is hard to read it. Is not an option to change the font type or font size :( any sugestion ?

    and also i have the plugin for subtitles, when i tried to download a sub I got the message extracting file… and nothing happen.

    thank you and sorry for my English

  • Ronan Jan 15, 2010 

    Hi, Im not getting the wrap link options under view… Only getting Icon, Big icon, List…. Am I doing something wrong


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