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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jan 05, 2012 in Community Updates

scale10xJust a quick note everyone. XBMC will once again be in attendance at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 10x), and we’d love to see everyone who isn’t TOO far away. Right now, it’s looking like Malloc (Sean), theuni (Cory), Keith (Keith), and I (Nate) will all be there with a primo booth to show off some pretty exciting software and hardware that maybe not everyone has seen quite yet (fingers crossed).

If you’d like to make the trip, SCALE is happening January 20th through the 22nd (about two weeks from now) at the Hilton LAX Airport hotel. Our booth will be up on the 21st and 22nd, and you might be able to sneak a peak at us setting up on the 20th. Our Meet Up last year was, perhaps, not the rousing success that we might have hoped for, but if anyone expresses interest in the comments, we’d love to do another one. This time, we might even try to go somewhere slightly closer to the Expo area!

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  • Giannis Jan 05, 2012 

    That’s very nice!
    I love that you pay attention to the Linux version of XBMC!
    Linux rocks ans so XBMC!

  • Lloyd Jan 05, 2012 

    Will there be pi? ;-)

  • NineT9 Jan 06, 2012 

    OHhh close to home, I might just make a visit :)

  • h.udo Jan 06, 2012 

    Too far away for me.
    I wish you guys a sucessful meeting and drink a cold one for me!


    P.S. – XBMC hardware news is always good news! Maybe Sigma’s XBMC port kinda of news?

  • Lunerceli Jan 06, 2012 

    If it were that time in Feb I would love to be there, but I am currently deployed and won’t be back in time. Make sure you guys have fun for all of us that are over here that are huge fans of what you guys do with this wondrous piece of software genius.

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2012 

    You guys ever coming downunder( Australia ) to melbourne

  • Foobar Jan 07, 2012 

    Tell me that you will release XBMC Eden during this meeting ! :)

    Keep on the great work !

  • Gary Jan 09, 2012 

    LOVE XBMC. Just threw out a $100,000 ELAN system to replace it with your products. Some teething problems, but overall, couldn’t be happier. Would like to get into email contact with you directly if possible Nate. Based in South Africa, so too far to come over for the meet & greet, but want to run a really cool concept by you.

  • Jon "maddog" Hall Jan 10, 2012 


    I intend on being at SCALE on January 21st and I am looking forward to speaking with you. My time of arrival is not known yet, but I will be staying until Sunday morning so perhaps a few of us could go out for a beer Saturday night so I can explain to you what I am doing.

  • Mr.Ty Jan 12, 2012 

    Can’t wait to see you guys again this year. I love SCALE & XMBC.

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