Server Issues: Solved

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Dec 16, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

We are pleased to announce that the XBMC download and addon servers are back up and running. We’ve switched over to some newer, faster hardware, and after a few hiccups, it appears the problems that have been hounding us for the past week or so have finally been resolved.

The only remaining issue is one we cannot fix on this end. If you are a user that managed to download and install a skin over the past few days, and that skin is missing textures or otherwise doesn’t look exactly right, you may need to delete and reinstall it. To do so, you will need to navigate to the packages folder inside your userdata folder, delete the skin zip file, and then open XBMC, uninstall the skin, and then reinstall it. This issue will likely affect a very, very limited minority of users, but for those it does affect, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the forums if you have issues.

For everyone else, downloads are up and running. Feel free to browser some of our addons and download to your heart’s content, or get to downloading XBMC itself.

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  • Rob A Dec 16, 2013 

    It’s good to be back….thank you…

  • Rob A Dec 16, 2013 

    What do guys think about xunity talk?

    • Martijn Dec 16, 2013 

      Highly not advisable to even think about installing it.

      • enis Dec 20, 2013 

        i truyt xunity,then i was forcet to riinstall all ower again many problems,do not truy.

  • Michal Dec 16, 2013 

    Welcome back, XBMC! Everything works fine again. Thank you very much!

    • teena Dec 17, 2013 is still down. does anybody else has this proble because it says that issue is solved but nothing i can open on desi tv.

      • Martijn Dec 17, 2013 

        We have nothing to do with that site.

  • Donnell Dec 16, 2013 

    Thank God!

  • Mark Collins Dec 16, 2013 

    Great work. I have participated in using XBMC since it was first released on good old XBOX1.

    Every build gets better and better. Wish you centralize the database. Not asking to play from the server that hosts but rather have a central database for the raw pictures etc and have the media somewhere else.

    So I connect the frontend – it looks at two spots. First MEDIA location and second DATABASE location and matches them up. Just on my wishlist of things.



  • bonochromatic Dec 17, 2013 

    Hell yeah! I knew you guys would figure it out. Thanks a thousand times for all the hard work you put into this!

  • AJErazzor Dec 17, 2013 

    Im getting nothing at all after picking the repo – just me?

  • AJErazzor Dec 17, 2013 

    actually looks like a force refresh will do it – cant seem to direct download from though?

  • PO Dec 17, 2013 

    I can’t open xvmc after update!?

  • Tom Dec 17, 2013 

    Still getting dependencies not met when trying to upload hub wizard help please

    • Martijn Dec 17, 2013 

      Stop using that harmful “hub wizard”! This is very bad for your system.

      • Tom Dec 17, 2013 

        So what’s the best thing to do then ???

        • henryford Dec 20, 2013 

          To do for what?
          Don’t use/install xbmchub – end of story.

  • Candy Dec 18, 2013 

    XBMC is the best! Xunity I tried it and don’t like it…interferes too much with my XBMC and plus the sites and addons rarely stay working…that’s my take on that…TY XBMC TEAM :)

  • leghorn Dec 18, 2013 

    A nice Maine-Coon in front of the laptop. Same as on my desktop ;-)

  • Tom Dec 18, 2013 

    Still getting dependencies not met ant fix


    • henryford Dec 20, 2013 

      No – not for the stupid “hub wizard”. And for the love of god: Stop talking about this harmful addon. It’s getting really annoying.

  • Anthony Dec 19, 2013 

    Still having problems here !
    “dependencies not met” !!

    But not happening on all devices: mainly on the ubuntu PC in the living room (less problem with the android tablet)

    • henryford Dec 20, 2013 

      With which addon?

      • Anthony Dec 23, 2013 

        With almost all addons
        1Channel, projectfreetv, t0mm0s common stuff, urlresolver, metahandler, etc…

        but, as mentionned, this only occurs on one of my system…. (unfortunately the main one from living room)

        • HenryFord Dec 25, 2013 

          Those addons are not supported here.

          • Anthony Dec 25, 2013 

            I thought “t0mm0s common stuff” was in the official xbmc repository

  • Fianfa Dec 19, 2013 

    Instalé hace una semana xbmc en mi Imac y actualicé a ox 10.9 y me ha dejado de funcionar, cuando lo pincho para abrirlo, hace intención pero no se abre y desaparece sólo del Doc, hay solución? Muchas gracias por el programa es cojonudo.

  • Harry Dec 20, 2013 

    Couple of addons are not working like, filmy by nature. Is fusion better than xunity?

    • Martijn Dec 20, 2013 

      We do not support piracy. Go ask some where else where you got them.

  • Kevin Dec 20, 2013 

    Can anyone help me install the much movies app on xbmc, had to reinstall xbmc on phone and now I cant find much movies, help me please ?

    • Martijn Dec 20, 2013 

      You are most likely talking about piracy add-ons. These are things we do not support

  • Scanner_7011 Dec 20, 2013 

    hello still mine is not working on OSX10 got gotham 13.0 but theres an error on loading . can u help me fix this .


  • Gordy Dec 21, 2013 

    Out of curiosity, do you have more details on the server issue? If this is covered in the forums then please point me to thread. Also, why did the addons have md5 mismatch errors?

    • Martijn Dec 21, 2013 

      the old server had severe issues with certain software package and we already were planning on replacing it soon. this just pushed it way sooner than planned.

      the md5 issue was just a major OOPS from our side. we changed the DNS settings for and started generating add-on from there however we simply forgot to change the DNS setting where other mirrors sync from. Normally we see when mirrors are out of sync with timestamps but since this wasn’t disable either on the old server we never noticed until I did some further digging. On top of that due to the earlier issues some mirrors became stuck in the sync process so never updated any more so we had to contact them to restart it.

      • Gordy Dec 22, 2013 

        Thanks for the info. I think I get it. I guess it has to do with having a different location (containing the md5 sigs) acting as a validator for addon packages and the addon packages not being updated due to the mirrors becoming stuck but the md5 sigs were updated.

  • jurrabi Dec 23, 2013 

    I was in fact one of the affected for this skin issue. Thanks for the tip on how to fix it, but in the process I discovered some other skin I’m liking as much. So no harm no fault.

    Great work folks.

  • showanda Dec 23, 2013 

    I can’t download the latest stable release of 12.2. It says there is a problem with the site. Help Please?

  • KennyZ Dec 23, 2013 

    Forum appears to be broken now….

    • Martijn Dec 23, 2013 

      Only through Tapatalk as normal Web browser works

  • Jarrod Dec 26, 2013 

    I have difficulty to Watch films with TS files. They split the file. Is it possible with your application to see the files in one package, one file or film?

    Thanks in advance for your time and answer:)

    • Martijn Dec 26, 2013 

      yes it should be possible if named correctly

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