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Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Dec 12, 2013 in Community Updates, Dev Journal, Site News

If you’ve tried to download XBMC, update an addon, or download a new addon over the past few days, you may have noticed that our servers have been behaving poorly. Let me begin by assuring you that we believe we have tracked down the issue to a malfunctioning piece of code on our primary mirror server running MirrorBrain. Whether this malfunction is merely a symptom of a greater problem is still being assessed. Some good news is that this code is not affecting this blog, the forum, or the wiki. Some bad news is that the bug is making it very difficult to actually download XBMC or XBMC addons.

More good news is that we can easily correct the results of the bug by hand. The bad is that the bug continues to create problems on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately, until we get this resolved, downloads will continue to suffer on an intermittent basis.

The moment we get this fully resolved, we’ll be certain to create a new blog post to let you know. In the meantime, please bear with us as we sort through this issue.

Finally, for current users of XBMC who are not trying to install new addons, your current addons and other features should continue to work without issue. Users of a fresh install of XBMC may have some issues with addons that have unmet dependencies. Unfortunately there is little we can do about this until the situation is resolved.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Additionally, if any users have happen to have a thorough knowledge of the innerworkings of MirrorBrain, feel free to speak up in the comments.

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  • Ardijan Dec 12, 2013 

    Dear XBMC Team, thank you for your great work with XBMC.
    Can u allready tell us when xbmc Gotham 13.0 will be released?

    I am using a macmini with xbmc and since the latest update from osx mavericks there ist the 12.2 issue that xbmc won’t Start anymore.

    Since that i am using the latest stable beta Version. It works fine but not perfekt.

    Best Rgds

    • Humpatz Dec 13, 2013 

      Wtf is a “stable beta”?

      There is no Beta of Gotham yet, it is in Alpha stadium currently.

  • SuzieD Dec 12, 2013 

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated. Much appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  • my fix... Dec 12, 2013 

    my temp fix for this was to add to the host file then have nginx reverse proxy a mirror from there. worked a treat for me :)

    • Kib Dec 12, 2013 

      Smart thinking there – I like your style :)

    • bonochromatic Dec 15, 2013 

      Seems that the problem persists today – every addon returns an “md5 mismatch” in the logs and therefore won’t install.

      I’ve seen above mentioned a workaround using nginx and reverse proxy – could anyone please post some details on that up here so that we can at least work around the issue to install add-ons…

  • Just some guy... Dec 12, 2013 

    Thanks Obama…

    Wait, what?

  • DjStarX Dec 12, 2013 

    Oups ! was I still using those servers to Mine my coins? …My bad ;-)

  • Alex Dec 12, 2013 

    Hey guys!

    Do you know how long it takes approximately. I always get the Dependencies not met errors. Would be nice if you get this to work. Thanks for xbmc. It’s great.


  • Gonçalo Oliveira Dec 12, 2013 

    Hi.. I’m newbie in XBMC.

    In the last day’s I have installed the XBMC with add-on. What happens is that the first time I use it work’s ok. The second time I trie to use the add-on opens but the video don’t star.

    Is because of this issues that you are suffering??


    • Kib Dec 12, 2013 

      No, if you already installed the addon it shouldn’t matter.

  • Assassindroid Dec 12, 2013 

    Thanks for the update, any ETA for this to be fixed?
    I hope Gotham 13.0 will be optimized for touch devices. I have one installed on Win 8.1 touch device and find it real hard for navigation and text input.

    • Kib Dec 12, 2013 

      Today we moved the main mirror redirector over to a new server.

      It will take a few days before we have all the other bits and pieces over, but at this moment we are already serving our 38 million redirections every day from it.

  • ThunderSherpa Dec 12, 2013 

    The bad thing about this glitch is that my wife had been this app on her phone for a while and when I finally get around to it, the servers go wonky. Keep up the great work tho guys!

    • Carlos Dec 15, 2013 

      I know what you mean man, I have wanted to try XMBC since it was first released on XBOX1, and now everytime I try to add video addons I get “installation failed”

  • ThunderGod Dec 13, 2013 

    lel awesome XBMC!!!11!!

  • SherpaDaDerpa Dec 13, 2013 


  • Pedram Dec 13, 2013 

    No problem, I was able to download it from filehippo when your server wasn’t working. Keep up the good work.

  • zorro Dec 14, 2013 

    why u stop creating the linux version of xbmc ? is it because microsoft pays u now ?

    • Martijn Dec 14, 2013 

      have you actually read the wiki pages?

      • ttringle Dec 15, 2013 

        Come on, you know trolls can’t read. They can only write like that the same way that the giant bugs spoke in Mimic.

  • Sketh Dec 14, 2013 

    I’ve been having problems trying to access the revision 3 and your other official add-ons, I get a index error. Is this due to your server issues? Btw I’m running into these issues on Android

  • Irltankman Dec 15, 2013 

    Any updates guys. Getting md5 mismatches for every addon download request. :(

  • SNAPster Dec 15, 2013 

    First of: Thx for your GREAT efforts!!!
    But… Is it just me? Or are there more users who can’t use subtitles anymore?

    On one of my 3 pc’s running xbmc in various installs.
    I have Both Openelec, Raspbmc and this Netbook with Linux mint and xbmc as addon “ontop”. with BOTH RaspberryPi’s, I can’t get ANY video addons to work since 1-2 weeks.

    Except a few like revision 3 and some others… Alluc is broken, PFTV, also broken, Videubull… broken aswell… Those 2 pc’s is more or less useless, except from maybee 2-4 addons.. and watching content from hd… =/

    Mutual for all 3 pc’s is that subtitles won’t work on anyone of them… Even though I have seen the addon updates being installed…
    A friend of mine cant get his weather services to work on his “Xtreamer”. Neighter one of us can change the RSS feed… Another wierd thing is that his xtreamer with a STEADY 100Mbit conn have lag issues tryinmg to watch streamed content.. I only have a mobile phone ISP, But I more or less NEVER have issues watching stremed content. Except from some cases, where ther sems to be some issues with buffering… Many wierd questions at once…
    So, What’s up?

    And Finally… A Merry Christmas to Ya’ll!!! ;-)

  • fishblood Dec 15, 2013 

    Hello, not sure if this problem with the servers is contributing to my download issue or if it is a navi-x issue, but i can stream videos no problem but when i try and download anything it just stays in the download qeue and doesnt download.

    can anyone help with this issue please?

    Thank you

  • thanar Dec 15, 2013 

    What’s the status on these server issues? I thought there was a problem on my side, reinstalled XBMC from scratch and I cannot even install YouTube addon now…

    • ttringle Dec 15, 2013 

      If you are still having troubles downloading add ons then they probably have not finished fixing it yet. I would suggest waiting. And trying again tomorrow or use the actual support forums for help with your problem. All this post is was an announcement of the issue. I am sure once the problem has been recognized as totally fixed they will post something to that effect.

    • Miguel Dec 15, 2013 

      I had the same problem here

  • Charlie Dec 15, 2013 

    Same problem as thanar here, wiped my system to find out it wasnt anything wrong with it =) your probably working you asses of, but any ETA on when it may be online again?

  • Jimboab Dec 15, 2013 

    Hi a further update would be appreciated, realise this must be a nightmare server side – trying to build a Raspberry Pi Christmas gift and can’t install a skin (haven’t even tried the video add-ons yet).

  • Daniel Dec 15, 2013 

    So…. is it a security issue, or is it safe to download plugins and attempt to install them manually

  • chris Dec 15, 2013 

    I just wanted to say “good luck. we are all counting on you”

  • Anyeos Dec 15, 2013 

    The md5 that the server gives for is:

    But when I do the md5 to the file it returns:

    Anyway in the directory listing where are the file there are no .md5 file at all. The md5 are generated on the fly?

    • bonochromatic Dec 16, 2013 

      Anyeos – Yep, that’s the md5 mismatch error that’s at the heart of the issue. I suppose the md5′s must either be generated on the fly or retrieved from a non-visible location. Either way, the bottom line is that the md5′s don’t match and there isn’t an option to override the matching (likely for security reasons).

      Best we can do is try to download add-ons (and dependencies, which is harder) to zip files, ftp them over to machines and install from zip via the interface. Please let me know if you have any success doing this; I tried yesterday with Watchdog on a clean installation and was able to install it (despite the message saying it had failed) but when I tried installing Trakt, I wasn’t able to do so (likely due to an unmet dependency that won’t download due to MD5 mismatching).

      My advice: sit back, pour yourself a drink, and decide whether it’s critical enough to warrant manual cajiggering (as with the guy above who’s giving an XBMC media player for Christmas) or whether it’s something you can let linger for a week or two until the XBMC crew can get their mirroring software to stop misbehaving (I sympathize guys, truly). If it’s truly critical, better look into manual installation of plugins from zip; if not, relax with your drink until it’s fixed!

      • Martijn Dec 16, 2013 

        Best advice in any case :D

  • meule Dec 16, 2013 

    I’m getting the issues “remote communication server” and “webserver” failed to startup. Is that because the issue you discribe in this article?

  • monkey Dec 16, 2013 

    @bonochromatic you can remove the hash checks by simply removing true from the repo definition.

  • rkpisanu Dec 16, 2013 

    For linux/ubuntu users, manual install work as workaround to MD5 mismatch:

    sudo apt-get install xbmc
    cd ~/.xbmc/addons
    rm *.zip
    Set Ask

  • monkey Dec 17, 2013 

    sigh. the pony ate my markup. that should be the hashes xml tag from the repo definition.

  • rpickul Dec 23, 2013 

    Dear XBMC, I am trying to download the latest stable release of 12.2 on a new windows systems (W7). However, it says the site is unavailable or can’t be found. I have a screen shot of this if you would like. Please Help?

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