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Posted By: Team XBMC on Sep 09, 2009 in Site News

I have many singles in my music collection – songs that were released independently of an album, or perhaps in parallel to an album release. As part of an album release, the single may be a particular edit (such as an edit for radio) and thus be somewhat different than the album version of the track. There’s also a whole heap of singles released that don’t end up on an album.

Singles and albums are different and it’s always irked me that music software tends to just lump the two together into a single listing, where you end up with hundreds of single-song “albums” in your listings. Of course, this is the same way XBMC has dealt with it. Until now.

Now, you have another option for your Singles, thanks to the suggestion by forum member thomash72. If you wish your singles to be separate from albums, then just remove the ALBUM tag from the track. XBMC treats any songs without an ALBUM tag as a single, and thus:

1.  Album covers aren’t cached for these blank ALBUMs – instead we cache the thumb per song, so each single from the same artist can have it’s own covers.

2.  The songs don’t show up in the Albums listing in the Music Library (after all, they’re not albums).

3.  If you browse to an artist, then it’ll list all the albums by that artist and, in addition, will group the singles by that artist into a Singles folder.

Singles item when browsing by Albums by Artist.4.  Lastly, if you have any Singles in your music library, a new Singles item will be available in your Library listing.Library listing with Singles

Finally, a nice way to have your singles available in the library without them cluttering up the albums listing!

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  • Mart! Sep 09, 2009 

    Very nice functionality. Great to see these kind of things in XBMC. This makes XBMC stand out even more!

  • wyild1 Sep 09, 2009 

    YES! AWESOME!!! nice feature :)

  • Nmarconi Sep 09, 2009 

    Love it!

  • sdsnyr94 Sep 09, 2009 

    Great Feature! Nice to see someone’s forum post get implemented so quickly!

  • AzzX Sep 09, 2009 

    Another fantastic feature to XBMC. Great Work.

  • rich710 Sep 11, 2009 

    Very great feature!! Amazing, It’s small things like this that make XBMC stand out…

  • SeñorKahuna Sep 14, 2009 

    And what if i only hane singles for a given artist?

    I mean, selecting an artist from the list it brings you the ‘albums’ menu. Would be nice that if you have only singles for a given artist, selecting that from the list would bring directly the songs menu.

    [excuse my english]

  • Mark Sep 14, 2009 

    Great work! Now if we could implement a playlist system that is on par with other media players out there … see the forums for that discussion :)

  • rickatnight11 Sep 17, 2009 

    I believe it will act like the TV Shows section, where if you only have one season, it won’t make you navigate further to that season…it just displays it. If not, then that’s how it should work with albums, like you said.

  • rickatnight11 Sep 17, 2009 

    Another “what if” for you: what if an artist has an album titled “Singles”. Would it not make more sense to do one of the following:

    1.) Leave the Singles category at the top of the album list, and possibly “bold” it.
    2.) Put the release year next to each album, so that you automatically know that the one without a release year is the subcategory, and not an album called “Singles”.

    These may just be skin-specific tweaks.

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