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Posted By: Team XBMC on May 28, 2009 in Site News

Author’s description (skunkm0nkee)

The idea for the skin grew out of the feedback we got for the MediaStream skin. A lot of users seemed to want to make MediaStream pretty much transparent so that they could see the background images better. Since MediaStream was designed to focus on the media it wasn’t really practical to adapt it for that purpose. Instead I decided to create a new skin from scratch where the core concept was to make the skin itself very minimal so that the backgrounds could shine through.

At the moment the skin is still effectively in public beta as I’m still adding a few finishing touches (including a new design for the Showcase view) and fixing any issues/bugs that are reported by users. So far the feedback has been excellent and very helpful in moving the development along. A number of users have even pitched in and translated the skin into their language (Danish, Dutch, English, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish so far) and hopefully we’ll soon get a few more to help us with further translations (such as French, German, Italian etc).

Overall I’m very pleased with how the skin has turned out. It still holds to it’s original minimal design concept but the fluid animation, fully implemented feature set (including file manager and all the various dialogs) and ease of use (hopefully) make it enjoyable for users to play about with. I think it’s a skin that comes across better in use than it may in the screenshots as it’s only when you start using it that you begin to really appreciate how well it works.

Visual Tour

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More Information

Like what you see? Head over to the MiniMeedia forum and check it out.

Discussion - 9 Comments

  • Emory May 28, 2009 

    Looks great, except I really hope that comic sans is NOT the default font. Come on guys… Why would you soil such a beautiful clean looking skin with that atrocious font??

  • wiseguy May 28, 2009 

    The font isn’t comic sans. It looks good imo.

  • skunkm0nkee May 29, 2009 

    Try it out and if you don’t like the font I’ll give you your money back!

    (Alternatively you could just switch to one of other optional fonts)

    A few people have commented on the font (it’s not Comic Sans) but most of them are pleasantly surprised when they actually use the skin.

  • Dan Dar3 May 29, 2009 

    Screenshots look pretty good, trying it soon, thanks for sharing!

  • Simon P Jun 01, 2009 

    Will this be ok on widescreen PAL?

  • skunkm0nkee Jun 01, 2009 


  • AndrewIshy Jun 08, 2009 

    This is really really good, the best skin that i have tried, works / looks really well on my 42″ screen.

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  • flamingpolo Jun 19, 2009 

    Looks very nice! I do agree with some here that the font feels “weird” but will try it before complaining!

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