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Posted By: Team XBMC on Mar 27, 2011 in Dev Journal

As you may remember, XBMC 10.1 was recently released in order to address a bug that would cause a crash for Windows users when receiving an automatic update for the current skin.

Now that a few weeks have gone by we are comfortable sending out skin updates. For those of you who still have not updated to 10.1 (especially Windows users who don’t use the default skin!), please be sure to update now.

Enjoy the newly updated skins. In addition, be sure to check out some of the new ones that have gone in recently like Simplicity and Neon, plus two more from our very own Jezz_X that are slated for inclusion in the next few days.

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  • HeavyDante Mar 28, 2011 

    Since I update new version I cannot connect to internet! the add ons does not work, nothing that has to be with the internet works.. any ideas or solutions? thanks for everything.

  • Tuxie Mar 28, 2011 

    Neon is the first skin that I’ve actually LIKED in many years. I’ve tried many of them but always went back to the default. Raiper was pretty good but isn’t updated anymore.
    Yesterday I tried Neon and it has now become my favourite skin. It’s good looking AND usable and its ability to put arbitrary items on the home page is fantastic! I wish all skins could do that.

  • wnuck Mar 28, 2011 

    Nice, thx.
    Could you please remove the “change skin” notification popup after AUTO-update.
    I think you usually don’t want to change the skin every time, when there several skins updating in the backgound.

  • DiabboVerdde Mar 28, 2011 

    Couldn’t agree more with wnuck. Can you please provide an option to remove that pop-up? That is SO annoying that it kinda forced me to remove almost all skins to minimize the number of times it appears.

  • spiff Mar 28, 2011 

    it’s a bug. it’s only supposed to happen for new installs. i’ve identified the logic error, will be handled in due time. thx for notifying us.

  • Ferre Mar 28, 2011 

    Thx guys.

  • Timothy Friesen Mar 28, 2011 

    Any chance of getting an updated Rapier skin? This is the one skin I miss from pre 10.1 days.

  • Francois Botha Mar 29, 2011 

    For us new XBMC users, how do I update skins? Is there a built-in function in XBMC or do I just apt-get update?

  • Stefano Mar 29, 2011 

    @Timothy Friesen

    also here, an update to the rapier skin is appreciated. keep the great work!

  • ghede Mar 29, 2011 

    Just wanted to say thanks, and I LOVE the NEON skin. I’m in Tuxie’s boat, I always went back to the default skin. Never really fell for any of the others, not that there was anything wrong with ‘em. But NEON – ooh la la. In case you haven’t been told in a while, you guys are awesome, XBMC is the best.

  • Anonymous Mar 30, 2011 


    You can turn notifications of from the menu on the left, when in Addons settings.

  • MidnightWatcher Mar 30, 2011 

    Biggest problem as others have mentioned is the pop-up that asks if you want to use a new skin after it gets updated. I hope a 10.11 fix gets released asap. Thanks for the excellent work!

  • Vinneman Mar 31, 2011 

    Nice, new skin updates!! :D

    None of the skins are actually nice and clean and that’s a bummer. I loved Rapier, but isn’t updated any more. I use Shade at the moment. It’s nice but the views in Movies and/or TV Shows aren’t all that.

  • jackob Apr 03, 2011 

    I recently start using xbmc. I am a newbie. I want to change the skin to aeon show mix. I am using xbmc 10.1 where can i find all the information to install this skin? Will I be able to install this on xmbc 10.1 version? Any help appreciated.

  • muffel Apr 03, 2011 

    Hey there! I updated XBMC to 10.1. After this, the Program doesnt show any pictures, logos etc.
    Would be great, if sb could help me!

  • Snellie Apr 04, 2011 

    I don’t know if I’m being really dim. I’ve upgraded to 10.1 (windows) hoping to see some nice new skins like NEON (currently use Transparency!).
    But when I go to add-ons -> get add-ons -> add-ons -> Skin -> all I get is a list of 9 that were there before (which doesn’t include Neon or Simplicity)
    Any help would be lovely.

  • fr0sty Apr 07, 2011 

    I love the skins, but most skins dont support the subtitle button :(

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