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Posted By: Team XBMC on Aug 05, 2008 in Site News

Further to my previous discussion, I’ve been playing with ways to improve navigation.  There’s two things that have just hit SVN:

Jump by letter down a list

Two new actions allow you to jump through a list by the first letter of the items (in terms of their sort order).  This probably needs a little more tweaking for certain usage scenarios but it works well for alphabetically sorted lists.  For numerically sorted lists (eg sort by track number) it’s not so useful, but then again sorting by track number isn’t useful for long lists anyway.  One idea I have is to ensure that the number of unique “sort letters” is sufficiently high (eg at least 10) before enabling it in a list – for instance, if we have 100 strings all starting with the letter A, we could switch to the first 2 characters as the identified piece.

Highlight the first letter while scrolling

This is pretty cool – as you scroll quickly, we have a new visibility condition Container.Scrolling which comes on, allowing the skinner to fade something in and out based on scrolling.  This, combined with the new ListItem.SortLetter info label allows the skinner to have a large letter pop up when you’re scrolling with the first letter of the sort order.  Quite a nice addition (even with my rather shabby skinning).

Fast scrolling in action

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  • Jeroen Aug 15, 2008 

    Cool stuff!

  • sho Aug 22, 2008 

    This is a much wanted feature.
    Any idea though why when going through playlists you only get numerical watermarks?

  • jmarshall Aug 22, 2008 

    sho: It works on the current sort order, and playlists are generally sorted by their playlist order, which is numeric. I did it this way to ensure that the letters wouldn’t jump around too much as you scrolled quickly. If you can think of some ideas to improve it let me know :)

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