Students Time to start applying for GSoC

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Apr 23, 2013 in Community Updates

Hey all you students, now is the time to beginning applying to work with XBMC on your favorite project this summer during 2013′s Google Summer of Code. To apply:

  1. Take a look at the XBMC Ideas page
  2. Prepare an outline for your GSoC proposal using our outline guide
  3. Visit the Google Summer of Code 2013 homepage and click Apply for Students.
  4. Once you’ve finished, head over to the GSoC XBMC subforum and tell us about your proposal. Potential mentors will be browsing that sub-forum looking for interesting projects, so speaking up there will be the best way to get noticed and selected.

We are excited to read the great proposals, so get on it!

Discussion - 7 Comments

  • Tommie Apr 23, 2013 

    GSoC suggestion;

    A plugin/screensaver which pull in data from social networks, newsfeeds and various other sources to create a “river of information” on your screen while XBMC idle.

  • memo Apr 23, 2013 

    about EDL file
    Some scenes +18
    There are some mistakes
    I hope to fix it like xbmc 11 eden

  • Harley Apr 23, 2013 

    Home Automation front-end GUI and matching API for back-end addons please!

    Would love to be able to control Home Automation devices from XBMC

    Could be implemented similar to the PVR front-end and back-end concept

  • Tyler Harpool Apr 24, 2013 

    I was wondering if anybody needed some help? I’m a student and I love XBMC, but I don’t have the full skills to do such a cool thing.

  • Jakke Apr 25, 2013 

    Do you already know how many student slots XBMC will get for GSoC projects this year?

    Picture Library with database for metadata is something that I think is missing in XBMC!

  • Anonomouse Apr 27, 2013 

    My idea: Access scraped media library from a nicely presented http page (which is half way there already) but include transcoding (both optional and browser agent based).
    I wish I had done Computer Science as a kid… xbmc is a such a great client, but I wish transcoding (yes… even on the client) was tightly integrated to allow for strange, non-xbmc guests and internet access etc.

  • zag Jun 24, 2013 

    Don’t forget to submit!

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