Thanks for all the bug reports

Posted By: Team XBMC on Sep 09, 2008 in Site News

Just a quick post of gratitude for all the bug reports we’ve had over the last month or so.  Without your great support at testing things out and taking the time to narrow down and get any issues reproducible, XBMC wouldn’t be as great as it is now.

As you can see, we’ve been busy tackling these reports – 228 closed tickets out of 326 at the time of writing, so we’re 70% of the way there, and that includes only bugs that have actually had tickets assigned (i.e. not stuff we’ve discovered ourselves or was reported on the forums that there was an easy fix for that didn’t really warrant ticket creation).  sho has been doing an awesome job at managing the trac reports – busy assigning them to us devs and following up on them to make sure that they get fixed.

We hope to have the first beta release out within a week, and will be shortly inviting some of our more active users on the forum and trac to come aboard the team as official beta testers.  There’ll be some nice surprises included with the beta as well that we hope you guys will smile about, including a treat or two for you Mac users.

Let’s keep up the testing and bug bashing to make Atlantis as stable as possible.  Your help in looking over the trac reports and reproducing and supplying more information about the reports makes our job much, much easier, so keep it up!

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