The Kodi Logo Decision and Kodi DevCon

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As many of you know, the path to our new name is only partially complete. Beyond the various legal steps still needed to be taken, we need to finally take a step forward in the design of our new logo. The logo that’s been posted on the alpha release threads has been an acceptable place holder, but now is the time to get serious about selecting something more lasting.

We need your help.

We’ve received numerous designs of all varieties in our logo suggestion thread. So many, in fact, that there are actually more submitted logos than currently active team members. Having an internal vote on which logos we like most is virtually impossible.

So instead, we’d like to continue pulling in help from the community. To start, we narrowed down some of the selections just a bit, so that logos that appeared to repeat themselves were eliminated. This still left 58 logos to consider. We then created a poll that allows anyone, users, developers, various grandmas and others to view the many different versions of the Kodi logo and actually vote for their favorite.

The Rules of the Kodi Logo Vote

First, please only vote once.

Second, this is ranked voting. That means you can say which logo is your favorite, which is your second favorite, and so on down the line. Often, those later votes can really matter in ranked voting. If you like, you can just rank a single logo as first and leave all the rest ranked 58th. Or you can rank a top 10 and ignore the rest. Or you can rank all 58 logos. The decision is entirely yours. You can even rank all of your top ten as 1 and the next ten as 2 and so on.

Third, many logos have added colors, backgrounds, or even additional words like “entertainment center.” When you are deciding, please mostly vote on the design of the wordmark Kodi and any attached icon design.

Fourth, the Foundation is obliged to make the final decision, but we will almost certainly pick from the top three or four, and unless there are serious legal or other objections, we will do our best to stick with the logo that the community prefers the most. Either way, the top few logos will all be sent to doghousemedia, where we will work with their design team to finalize the best logo we possibly can.

Fifth, and finally, before you begin voting, please look through all 58 logos. Our voting software randomizes the list for every new user so we can avoid people just voting on the first five they see, but this is a very serious decision with repercussions that could last years into the future. We want everyone in the community to be involved, but we also want everyone to take this vote as seriously as we do.

And that’s it. Here’s the link to the vote. Voting ends Friday, the 17th of October. We’ll see you on the other side.


On a related note, we’re excited to announce that Kodi DevCon this year will begin this Friday the 10th of October and run through Sunday the 12th. Again, we’ll try to keep a liveblog running throughout to keep people up to date on various presentations and discussions. This year we plan on breaking out into smaller groups in the second and third day actively work on some things that benefit from real face time. We will also try to live blog as much of these break out sessions, but we may have less success at that point.

Discussion - 137 Comments

  • joe Oct 08, 2014 

    the logo’s are nice, but man i just cant get used to the name KODI.. sounds like a kids name instead of the best media center ever

    • jjshabadoo Oct 08, 2014 

      Maybe someone can make an add-on that will replace all instances and graphics of Kodi with XBMC

    • kodishu Oct 08, 2014 

      Yeah, Kodi is my nick name and every time as somebody say KODI or wrote KODI I feel as someone calling me.

    • Robert Oct 08, 2014 

      same opinion for me. Kodi isn’t a good name et too different from XBMC for people who doesn’t know the history from XBMC to Kodi.
      XPMC as “cross platform media center” was a good idea, the nam is far more important than a logo for me. It’s just my opinion.

      kind regards everybody :)

      • Michael Tunnell Oct 08, 2014 

        ‘ XPMC as “cross platform media center” was a good idea’

        That is quite good actually…wish they would have chosen that. Unfortunately, I think we’re screwed and they are forcing this terrible name regardless of the community reaction to it.

        • SupaDawg Oct 09, 2014 

          Not entirely being forced. If a large enough segment of the community wanted to, they could easily fork the code and establish something with a different name. Wouldn’t take much at all to accomplish, but you would need a sizable number of devs to go along for the ride.

          • mngplg Oct 11, 2014 

            Forking something for namesake is not a good idea, IMHO :)

        • jjkusaf Oct 12, 2014 

          You aren’t being “forced” to use anything Michael. Last I checked, XBMC/Kodi was free and if those that spent countless of hours of their personal time developing this wonderful bit of software chose to call it “Pink Fairy Dust 14.0″ then so be it. If the name is so an issue with you…then use another alternative…you aren’t being forced to use Kodi.

          • Aaron Oct 14, 2014 

            Free is Free. If someone gave you a FREE BMW and you did not like the BMW name or its logo then why take the car. Same here why take the FREE software and place it on your unit.
            KODI is the name I already like. And speaking for my self I also like the current used logo. So lets stay with that logo also and we just need a thumb nail icon to match the current logo.
            Then people who do not care about the name or logo because its FREE they will use it no mater what will be happy. And those who do not understand it that much then not so much will make then happy. But I am sure they still will use the FREE software.

          • squareeyes Oct 15, 2014 

            aaah but some of us actually donate and bring other donators to the party, don’t seem to care about our opinions anyway. lets face it there’ll be something else along soon.

          • Cecilio Thomas Oct 24, 2014 

            Actually l agree, free is free and despite that we are used to the XBMC name is their decision to name it KODI, well l l have been so happy since l discovered this media center, because l have never have to use torrent nomore, so what ever neme they decide using to replace XBMC for me is fine…

        • blue3c Oct 16, 2014 

          I feel so strongly about the name change. I just purchased plex. I would rather pay for a system then use the name kodi.

      • goldenpipes Nov 03, 2014 

        that was my idea!

        idk i thought it was pretty neat. to call it XPMC

    • deadpool Oct 08, 2014 

      I’m agree.

    • XKBoMdCi Oct 09, 2014 

      Amen. The Kodi name plain sucks as an entertainment center name. And don’t go giving me the BS that it’s too late to change it crap either.

      It us who donate that should have had an voice in the name. You just dropped in on us and said “take it and like it.”

      The name Kodi SUCKS!

      • BigJRM Oct 14, 2014 

        Sorry bud, if you don’t like it look elsewhere for a better named program. I love the program. At this point I don’t understand your gripe. The committee involved in making any decision to change anything about the program should be congratulated for their unpaid efforts and excellent results. If you can do a better job on your own, I wish you the very best. BUT ENOUGH of your disgusting gripes.

        Sorry if I offend anyone. (not really)

        • Silvia Dec 16, 2014 

          Totally agree. Simply the best Actually Im thinking to donate.

      • Martijn Oct 14, 2014 


    • Elysium Oct 09, 2014 

      Agreed, I can’t work up any enthusiasm over a logo when I find the name unappealing and not representative of this excellent piece of software.

      I still wish all the best for the media center software formerly known as XBMC, but I’ll never warm up to this new name.

    • Keito Oct 14, 2014 

      Amazing how many people are against the name, but XBMC are pushing on ahead with it regardless.

      This is Gnome dev behaviour. I didn’t expect this sort of thing from the XBMC team.

      Kodi, as a name for a media center, sucks.

    • forcedalias Oct 17, 2014 

      I know, right… Nothing about that name designates its purpose. At least call it KodiMC or something…

  • Logan Oct 08, 2014 

    Previously someone mentioned XPMC as in cross platform media center. It’s a far better name that seems to stay closer to this programs roots.

    The amount of times I see 3 K’s in logos and then think KKK just makes me cringe. I think the name Kodi is a bad idea and should be scrapped.

    • James Oct 08, 2014 

      I really dig the name, I don’t think it should be scrapped at all. I’d hate for it to be something as forgettable as XPMC. Sounds to me like a combination of Windows XP and Windows Media Center. To each his own I guess. Kodi seems to give the platform a fresh start to stand out to people who might be scared off by harsh acronyms. Either way it seems like the name has long since been decided. Time to move on.

      Oh and about seeing the KKK in the logos, that’s pretty bizarre. I went through the entire list and that didn’t occur to me once. Went back through, still don’t see it. Maybe going into the survey with different opinions on the name bring different results. I only saw some great logos in there.

  • Bram van Oplooo Oct 08, 2014 

    “Allready voted” it say’s. which definately is not the case!

    • Erik Oct 08, 2014 

      Same here ‘already voted’

      • Yespah Oct 16, 2014 

        The same here. I am home and tried through my mobile network. No luck :’(

    • Kib Oct 08, 2014 

      If you are voting from a company or similar which is behind a proxy, this might be the culprit. Try again from your home connection and you might have more luck.

      The voting system allows one vote per IP address.

  • G0d Oct 08, 2014 

    It’s a bit of a shame that the current logo isn’t in the running as well, some good designs to pick from though :D

  • Panofsky Oct 08, 2014 

    The voting system looks very promising and well thought out. Kudo’s Kodi-team!

  • Daniel Oct 08, 2014 

    Too bad I didn’t know about this contest, I would have participated… :(

    • Nathan Betzen Oct 08, 2014 

      Sorry Daniel. We posted a big long blog post about it back in August.

      And also mentioned it several times in the social media circles. It’s also been on the front page of the forum general discussion area for the past 2 months. There’s not much else we can do to get people aware of it.

      • Daniel Oct 08, 2014 

        Wowowo…I didn’t say it was your fault. I said “I didn’t know about it”…I didn’t say it wasn’t advertised properly, I meant that I missed the information.

        With that kind of aggressive attitude, I’m ok that I didn’t participate after all.

        • B Oct 08, 2014 

          I see nothing but an apology and information, no aggression. Text can be difficult to understand unfortunately.

        • Nathan Betzen Oct 08, 2014 

          Honestly wasn’t going for aggressive. These are just all the ways we tried to get the word out. We’d have liked to have done even more to get the word out, but it really wasn’t possible.

        • Kib Oct 08, 2014 

          I really don’t think that was meant aggressively.
          Knowing Nate, I seriously think he was just being apologetic.

      • Rob Dec 31, 2014 

        I would think the RSS feed at the bottom of everyone’s XBMC/KODI screen would have been a good addition to the forms of communication used.

  • Frankie Oct 08, 2014 

    Hi, the most code I can write is very simple stuff in BASIC, so I lack the skills to submit my idea in graphic form.
    However, none of those logos shown in the thumbnails on Twitter cut it. No artistic imagination. Skilfully programmed, no doubt, but lacking creative flair.
    To me, the new logo cries out to be the word ‘KODI’ seemingly bursting out of a box. If you think about it, that, in fact, is what is really happening.
    I don’t expect a bell-boy to ring my doorbell and hand me chocolates and flowers, along with a ‘Thank you’ note from you guys, but if you stop and think…it’s a good idea, no?
    Cheers from rainy Belfast, Ireland,

    • Znuff Oct 08, 2014 

      I felt the same way… so many choices, yet I couldn’t stop on a single one that screams to me “this is it!!”.

      • c3p Oct 16, 2014 

        Probably because they are new logos, it’s like Club Mate – you get used to it.

  • zag Oct 08, 2014 

    Love all the designs but the simplest ones are the best imo. Especially the ones that look good in black and white. Just my opinion though :) voted my top 10!

  • HungryThirstyDead Oct 08, 2014 

    LOL. I went through all the Kodi logo designs, only to find the one I voted top, in last position :O! I wish we could see the results, but I do understand that this could get people to vote down the top, just so a bad one gets picked

    • zag Oct 08, 2014 

      The initial display of logos is random. It has no reference to its place in the results.

      The results will be released at the end I guess.

    • Kib Oct 08, 2014 

      We set up randomisation of the logos for every submitter, so that there is no bias at all on the logos.

      • HungryThirstyDead Oct 08, 2014 

        I know that. I read the post above I was just stating, tat I had already gone through almost all of the submitted logo designs on the forums. I was just saying, that randomly, my favorite was last, and I had to scroll down for ages to find it :P

  • Pete Oct 08, 2014 

    Hate to be ‘that guy’ but the submission page says:

    “Kodi (formally XBMC)”

    …it should be “formerly”

    • Nathan Betzen Oct 08, 2014 

      A rule of life is you’re always going to make a mistake somewhere. Now that the poll is actively running, we might not actually be able to fix this. Thanks for the heads up though!

  • andreas Oct 08, 2014 

    This is just a terrible name suggestion.

  • Stefan Oct 08, 2014 

    Have Voted Now….Thank you :)

  • Jake Oct 08, 2014 

    Kodi is a dumb name. How about having a vote to decide a name that’s actually good?

  • Hedda Oct 08, 2014 

    In related news, there is also a fun little discussion in the community forum what the codename for Helix v15 should be

  • James Oct 08, 2014 

    I actually rated all of them. I only intended to pick out my favorites, but there were so many good choices that I couldn’t help dragging and dropping them all to sort it out. Can’t wait to see the results… or for that matter to finally replace XBMC with a non-alpha or beta version of Kodi!

  • Carl Oct 08, 2014 

    I am not sure I like the whole “Kodi” thing. The name just isn’t doing the software any justice. “Hey guys have you ever tried Kodi” .Response from your friends: “Hey, dude we are not into little kids” :D

    Thanks for the name though, my sister is pregnant so Kodi will be my nephew’s name :)

  • Elliot Oct 08, 2014 

    I have voted and made my 10 choices. As someone else mentioned above, I stayed away from the designs that used the three K’s. … Is someone going to tell us what KODI stands for? (Hint, hint: Nathan – LOL) I was also thinking a child’s name (as someone else mentioned), but the last two letters, DI, suggest “Digital Interface” to me. :)

    All the best!

  • Stbb Oct 08, 2014 

    Here’s my top 6

    Nathan Betzen, could we eventually have an idea of which logos are the most popular in the next few days ? Thanks

    • Nathan Betzen Oct 08, 2014 

      Maybe. I’d like to avoid giving out any info though, as I don’t really want previous opinions to affect the vote.

    • pko Oct 09, 2014 

      Absolutely no overlap with my top15 :-D

  • TK Oct 08, 2014 

    Please reconsider the name!
    Kodi is absolutely wrong! It carries nothing of the legacy from XBMC and is ABSOLUTELY NOT worthy as a proper replacement for our beloved media centre.
    Look at all the comments agenst this horid name .. You seem blinded and deafened towards criticism. Why so set in stone? Give up this loosing battle and propose a better name!. Kodi will never take the crowd… Only kill the legacy of XBMC

    • zag Oct 08, 2014 

      We can’t reconsider anything about the name really, it was submitted for trademark a while ago.

      I remember when we changed the name from XBMP to XBMC and heard similar complaints from everyone ;)

    • Karol Oct 08, 2014 

      C’mon, Kodi is really not that bad. Ok we got used to XBMC, but life is full of changes and this one might help with a marketing of the product a little, you know not many people i was telling them about XBMC could even remember the name :) Whether it is a Kodi or XBMC as long as it gives me the same features I am happy.

      • James Oct 09, 2014 

        Exactly. I can’t tell you how many other people (especially those who are less tech savvy) couldn’t remember the name XBMC for the life of them. They loved the idea, but the name just made their eyes glaze over as though I was explaining the value of Linux.

        Even with those who are unhappy with it, Kodi clearly has a recognizable and memorable name. It’s not easily confused with any other brands. Kodi can only help reach those folks who were intimidated by the XBMC name. Sure there’s a vocal minority complaining. People always complain about name changes. Remember when the Wii came out? As long as the features remain they’ll stick around. It’s going to be nice in a year or so when everyone has adjusted and this isn’t even an issue. It’s a great name and it needed to be done.

        • Oliver Schmid Oct 26, 2014 

          No one seems to remember that this software is used around the world in many languages not just English. The word kodi may have different connotations to non English speakers. I believe it has been stated clearly that legal issues regarding a new name have to be dealt with as well. Then there were time constraints making a lengthy voting process in respect to the list of possible names as put forth by the organizations partners impossible. Getting the name trademarked takes time. Due to an agreement with an unknown entity XBMC’s name change has to be completed by Dec. 31
          Had voting on a list of names been done for a week or two there would have been an outrage about such a short voting window. And the persons dissenting here would still not be happy.
          The XBMC team has been through this before. They know and understand that there are users that are selfish and if they don’t get their way they will bitch. Those users may be ignored and rightly so.
          Only two or three of the above posters actually brought something to the table and suggested a new name. The rest of you only bitched and contributed nothing but hate.
          I love the new name. It’s easy to say, easy to spell and most importantly easy to remember, especially for those “what’s ctrl alt delete?” folks.

    • BigJRM Oct 14, 2014 

      GET OVER IT! Move past the name or on to something else. It is a free world and the program is free. If you are really that upset, call it whatever you like, create your own logo and BE HAPPY!

    • zag Oct 08, 2014 

      Nope, results are not available to the public (yet)

    • Zebraitis Oct 09, 2014 

      Yes. Add THAT !!!

  • Marc Oct 08, 2014 

    If you don’t want to enstrange users completely make small changes and use the current xbmc logo with the kodi letters.

  • Woerd88 Oct 08, 2014 

    Voted! Seeing al these logo’s makes it easier to get used to the new name.
    Thanks for including the community in this decision.

  • Marcus Oct 08, 2014 

    Sorry, but these are all terrible…

  • heimlich Oct 08, 2014 

    Sorry but KODI isn’t a serious name!!
    I’m very sad ot this, i would prefer XBMC.
    It was THE name of THE media center, with much more history!

  • Magwheels Oct 08, 2014 

    I am not too fussed about the new name but reading through these comments I actually thought “Kudos” would have been a much better name for such a great piece of software!!

  • ThisIsAnonymous Oct 09, 2014 

    Just wanted to chime in and say I really don’t like the name Kodi. Perhaps I missed it somewhere but what is Kodi supposed to even mean or indicate? In the end, all that matters is the quality of the software so it’s not that big of a deal. Still, I’m just curious as where Kodi came from. Was it voted on at some point?

  • igor Oct 09, 2014 

    yes .. kodi sounds too much like cartoon caracter for 5 year old kids , and im sure it was on purpuse , there are this people that think infantile will be main stream , look at what happand to ios and windows .. this will evetualy go out of trend but until then we need to live in kindergarden

  • Joro Oct 09, 2014 

    The list is missing at least 3 or 4 very good logo suggestions from the forum thread, while some very serious pieces of crap made it. Why ?

  • XKBoMdCi Oct 09, 2014 

    The logos SUCK!
    The name SUCKS!
    I don’t get a woody any more from this weak media center and what it’s turning into.

  • t Oct 09, 2014 

    with all due respect to the designers, a major bulk of the icon designs (not logo) are reminiscent of the kde logo. :(

    thats why i voted tor the one that closely resembles the current – and final – xbmc logo.

    to the haters – hey, it’s still xbmc under the hood. Whatever name or logo it takes form, i’ll always be using it because it is undoubtedly still the best media center software around. if you dont like it, you’re all welcome to jump to itunes, plex or god forbid wmc.

    • Stephen E. Baker Oct 10, 2014 

      Agreed, a factor in my voting was avoiding anything that looked too much like KDE.

  • tree Oct 09, 2014 

    Kodi is fine. My dad uses xbmc but can never remember what it’s called. xmbc, xcmb, xbcm, whatever! He was really happy when I told him it was to be called Kodi in the future.

  • Tia Oct 09, 2014 

    Please cut down the amount of choices here….there are way too many and its a real turnoff from trying to vote on these with such a weird voting system.

  • Adolfo Oct 09, 2014 

    So, where is or

    • fr1day Oct 10, 2014 

      looks like it’s going to be

  • Zebraitis Oct 09, 2014 

    A few comments…

    1) I have to say, out of all the choices available, I LIKE THE “PLACEHOLDER LOGO” BETTER !!! Why is the placeholder logo not an option? Most of the other choices seem way too serious.

    2) I’m surprised no one took the older XBMC shield, kept that and the font, and replaced XBMC with KODI…. seems like that would have made the transition easier for those on this comments board with the vapors.

    And finally… the name.

    I am SO tired of explaining to people that XBMC has nothing to do with an XBOX. (and I’m one that had several modded XBOX’s)

    Face it people: A rose, by any other name, would still smell as sweet.

    For all I care, it could be called JSOT (Joe’s stinky old tshirt) and I would still use this as my media center.

    And for the techies among you: Don’t forget… “Windows” was once called “DOS”… and we survived THAT change as well.

    • Magwheels Oct 09, 2014 

      Err no Windows was never called DOS! DOS was DOS and Windows is Windows! But yes agree with the name and still being the best Media Center Software around. I would still use it no matter what name it was called as long as it works as well as it does, Credit to you Dev’s.

      • Zebraitis Oct 10, 2014 

        “DOS was DOS and Windows is Windows!”

        Windows 1.0 shell would like to disagree with you,

        But I digress… :)

        ( On second thought, call our media center KODI or ANYTHING… just not “O/S 2″… that would doom it entirely.)

  • te36 Oct 09, 2014 

    “The Mediacenter once known as XBMC” *sob*

    • Zebraitis Oct 10, 2014 

      Don’t you mean the media player once known as “XBMP”.

      That was the original name, after all.

      Then XBOX Media Center… Much later XBMC Media Center (with redundancy, avoiding the whole brevity thing there.)

      Just another name change.

  • John Hoek Oct 09, 2014 

    I still not like the Kodi naming… Every well known company is honorring their roots, car manufacturers, IT companies like Microsoft, Samsung etc. Even Apple keeps Apple, even if if sounds stupid for a company. We should honor the name XBMC. And not trying to change it to another. That’s my opinion.

  • igor Oct 10, 2014 

    after looking at the logos and voting , now i like the name kodi .. :D

    the designers made it look like i feel it should look like

    good job !

  • derty Oct 10, 2014 

    Honestly I can see where everybody is coming from sayin KODI is just so far away from the XBMC and it’s weird and crappy, but I agree with someone else to commented earlier that the name KODI really gives the software a brand new start. It’s an interesting name that, once having an awesome logo, people will want to know more about and get behind. Seems more friendly as well. I will always love XBMC, but I will b proud to sport a new KODI hoodie this winter ;)

  • lost89577 Oct 10, 2014 

    Alot of the logo’s look quiet bad on the voting site because of cropping this will affect the voting results.

  • Stelio Oct 10, 2014 

    Firstly, eternal thanks and donations to all the devs who make XBMC a reality for us all.

    I know a lot of hard work went into the logos – I apologise, but unfortunately I don’t like the look of any of them. This is probably due to the name which is terrible. Another vote for keeping the name XBMC.

    • jkmacc Oct 10, 2014 

      I’ve gone to vote 3 times, but just can’t pick out a single one I like. These all look very slick, just not…something.

    • kib Oct 12, 2014 

      There is no ‘vote to keep the name XBMC’ as we were simply forced to stop using it due to trademarking issues. We have to stop using this name within this year.

  • TV ADDONS Oct 10, 2014 

    I can’t believe the number of haters commenting here, if you don’t have anything constructive to say don’t say it at all. I like many of them and voted based on your instructions.

  • Michael Oct 10, 2014 

    I think that XPMC “Cross Platform Media Center” would still be a great name alternative to Kodi. Is it still a possibility that we could change to that or are there too many wheels turning, now? On a more positive note, I love what you guys do. Thanks for the great media center, regardless of the name!

    • kib Oct 12, 2014 

      No, too similar.

      We really wanted to include the community in the name change but it was just not possibly (both physically and legally) to do that and still be able to register a trademark, all the sites and do the change within this year.

  • Benoit Oct 10, 2014 

    Love the new name, will go for a vote in a few sec, hope one catches my eye !

  • Kodi Fan Oct 10, 2014 

    Kodi is a great name! Go for it. Many of the logos are just fantastic! I have made my selections. Look forward to the best one that will be selected. Great work guys!!!!!

  • lonewolf Oct 10, 2014 

    I didn’t really like any of the logos.. the maximum score i gave was 20. Is it just me?

  • Kn3at Oct 11, 2014 

    Those logos all suck. I had a hard time just finding one I kinda liked.

  • Brian Oct 11, 2014 

    Hmm, nice we get to choose, but maybe u should have kept to a maximum of 10 logo’s…

  • David Campbell Oct 11, 2014 

    I wish they voted on the name like they are voting on this logo, it seems within their power to do so.

    I cant recommend a program called KODI lol, its like endorsing a boy band in front of metal fans…

  • Benoit Oct 11, 2014 

    Personnaly i prefer recommending Kodi than XBMC. Xbmc always made me look like a geek or video games lover, which i am not. Kodi sounds more mainstream and is far better.

    By the way, many logos are great, hope the final one will be one of the more epurates one.

  • Robert Oct 11, 2014 

    Here in France, Kodi sound like a funny name not like a very good media player :)
    just see that:
    Fun stuff for women nails ;)
    Are you drunk to find a name like that? ;)
    Please, reconsider that name. I wish a vote for the name if there were none.

  • beerg33k Oct 12, 2014 

    I have no idea why everyone wants to keep an acronym as the name. I guess it is just fear of change. I love the fact that KODI is easier to say than XBMC. Already cut the syllables in half there. KODI has a nice ring to it. Other than the fact that I feel a little weird saying a guys name when I talk about it to my friends…lol. But all seriousness. I like the name and I really dig the simple logos. They are the best ones. I really hope that an overly complicated logo does that make it through. But knowing a lot of nerds out there they probably do want something uber busy and complicated to look at.

    Here’s to KODI! lets hope this logo is a good one.

  • Ali7777 Oct 12, 2014 

    Oh man, calm down. once its up and running, dont even see Kodi or XBMC. its about the cataloging and media.

  • Stuart C Oct 12, 2014 

    So will the web page be changed to

  • Stuart C Oct 12, 2014 

    I think for legal reasons KODI works because you can’t register XBMC (XBox Media Center) Micropuke won’t allow that. (did ya’ notice a few of the logos had that circle with a R).
    I don’t know if a controlled name would shut down the “almost” XBMC sites out there, like Chubhub, which would be a shame.
    That’s what happened kinda to foobar2000, decent in the ranks caused a split so one group of coders left taking their addon’s with them…

    • kib Oct 12, 2014 

      You seem to be a little behind the news :)

      1) It was not Microsoft, as we have mentioned several times. We are legally not allowed to tell who it was, but they were very friendly and nice to us. They could have shut us down a year ago but they decided to give us ample time.

      2) Kodi is trademarked and this is the main reason XBMChub changed their name to tvaddons. So far the trademark is working as intended. We are not after shutting down other sites – we just do not want to be associated with piracy and illegal activities all the time.

  • Dirk Oct 12, 2014 

    Please guys, let’s stop moaning about the name for once. The name is there and it’s really not what counts. The fact it’s a damn good piece of software does! That being said, vote for your logo! ;)

  • Sam Oct 12, 2014 

    I kinda like the placeholder logo, and immediately looked for it in the possible choices in the poll. Why is it not being considered?

  • t3ch42 Oct 13, 2014 

    Its sad, but all of the logos are as bad as the name choice.
    If it really is about XBMC growing up, then go all the way. Support the streaming services that everybody uses and charge for the front end.
    The way things are progressing now with media, I foresee the late widespread interest with xbmc (kodi) fading away shortly.
    Hoping I’m wrong but I think the relevance is fading too.

  • Chris Oct 13, 2014 

    None of the logos are visible to me. I have tried both Chrome/Chromium and Firefox under both Linux and Windows and I cant see any of the logos. Is it just me?

  • Vilho Oct 13, 2014 

    Cody ? Like Buffalo Bill was…

  • Martin Oct 14, 2014 

    I think the names XBMC/KODI/Helix/Gotham/V13.XX and the way it’s presented to the users it’s a mess and I understand because we are all a bunch of nerds but it’s just cringe worthy and it’s not professional. I know that it’s not fair to compare, but Plex looks amazing and it works right out of the box, similar to Apple. I don’t think one is better than the other, they both have some pros and cons, I use them both.

    I feel Kodi can present itself the same way as Plex without losing the customization part. The splash screens, the nerdy names and Confluence skin are awful (and dated) in my opinion. They need to get proper branding and still allow customization/addons/skins.

  • Mirco Oct 14, 2014 

    Personally I don’t have any problems with the name Kodi, but at least in Germany most users won’t like it, because it’s the name of a household supply store chain:
    As a journalist I’m happy with the (or any other) new name, because we can produce all the xbmc articles again …
    Now give us a complete cli and I’d be really satisfied!

  • mcdaddyjay Oct 16, 2014 

    I don’t care if the program is called “Nutsack”. It’s still the best media centre by a very large margin.

  • Tight_wad Oct 16, 2014 

    Since the servers are down, will the vote deadline be changed?

  • cihat kaya Oct 16, 2014 

    I like the name because it short but yeah they could of come up white a better name I assume also I voted for my logo hope it comes true. got about 10 of them favorites

  • somename Oct 17, 2014 

    all the logos on that list aren’t very professional. If KODI/XBMC wants to spread to a non-techie user base they should hire a logo designer!

    Nerds are no good at design!!

    • Martijn Oct 17, 2014 

      then you haven’t read the blog posts

      • Jay Oct 25, 2014 

        Please disregard all the submissions and let professionals do their thing. None of these logos look very professional at all.

  • dirt Oct 17, 2014 

    if you guys are so frustrated with the name and icon just right click and rename it, and wile you are at it you can change the icon too, no need to stop using great software just cause you don’t like the name.

    I’m sure there will be a skin too for those who still feel attached to the XBMC name (like myself)

  • Dyna Oct 18, 2014 

    A lot of these logos are quite good, maybe there’s room to make the logo easily user selectable from perhaps the top 5. That might make it easier to get a logo that meshes with a skin as well.

    If we only get one, I’m very much on team “green swirly text” :)

  • Joe Dadey Oct 20, 2014 

    Such strong feelings about changing the name. For those of us who just “can’t deal” I’m probably going to just keep calling it XBMC no matter what the actual name of the software is, just like I did when MacFrugals became Big Lots. Eventually when I’m ready, I’ll start calling it Kodi (Never around my friend Cody though as he might get confused).

    A rose by any other name, even one I am not fond of, still smells as sweet.

    I think all of this banter about how terrible the name is however, is tremendously disrespectful to the people who dedicate a lot of their time an energy to bring us this amazing software.

    If you just secretly call it whatever you like, I promise I won’t tell anyone.

  • Oby Oct 25, 2014 

    @Joe Dadey,

    exactly…. Shakespeare understood that already 500 Years ago :D

  • GnF Oct 26, 2014 

    is there any disrespectful to the people who dedicate a lot of their time an energy to bring us this amazing software, or is there a huge disrespectful to the people who used/advartised this software and made it well known?

    So who is supposed to respect and listen to who? History has shown that if developers do not listen to end users they end up with a product that is useless.
    And yes brand name is a huge part of a product.
    Brand name goes along with promotion and kodi as a brand is far from appealing.

    As for the amazing software mate…….. i would just like to make you imagine.
    Imagine developers make xbmc some years ago and noone gets interested. Can you imagine where xbmc would stand?
    A developer is a vice versa relationsip with the users. The product cannot stand with either of them. Unless there are alternatives so the end user is able to jump to another similar product.

    So i ask again. Who is not respecting who? do you see both sides? or do you see only one? Do you see the side where every one as a user gives power to a product by using it? Do you see the side where a developer gets more interested into making stuff if there are users interested?

    So who exactly needs who is this relationship? Name me one product that has no users and is able to stand as a product. And i am not talking about products that have no competition.
    Then tell me who needs who and who should respects who.

    Kodi? really?

    • Matheus Oct 27, 2014 

      People love Kodi for its qualities not because its name.

      That said, XBMC was really a bullshit name. Difficult of pronouncing on the majority of languages. The “community” who is complaining about probrably done something relevant on Kodi’s development. It has no right of bitching about that.

      • Matheus Oct 27, 2014 

        probably* never have done*

  • Maxwell Oct 29, 2014 

    Honestly – the name KODI is crap and so are all of the logos.

    The one thing that really matters is, that the system provided is excellent – so you can name it whatevery you want as long as the system stays performant and stable …

  • HeSays Nov 02, 2014 

    Wow – Surprised at all the trolling here over the New Name Kodi and upcoming logo. Seems we have a bunch of Haters who just prefer to Hate – I’m still surprised on How many choose to try and settle them down – Newsflash they are Haters – That AWFUL Breed of Internet Clan that choose nothing but to complain – And over Free software? Oh wait you contributed $5 – Then you must be the leader of da pack – Control Issues anyone? It’s Free – Get over it yah bunch of Hating Puffs – If only we could invent the over the Internet Slap in the Head app….

    • B Lee Nov 09, 2014 

      Just because someone has a differing opinion does not make them a troll.

      People too freely throw around the word troll now.

  • Rob Nov 03, 2014 

    I don’t see a problem for a name change, the issue is I still have to use Frodo. XBMCbuntu Gotham never booted on a brand new PC and it is a manual update! XBMCbuntu was the only version worth having and they have broken it, looking elsewhere now…

  • MDXBMC Nov 03, 2014 

    I really don’t care about the name as long the app stays as awesome as always. As for the logo, what’s wrong with the current Kodi logo?

  • Marcus Nov 06, 2014 

    Please reconsidering using the name kodi. If you hav to change it. Use XPMC instead.
    Is it possible to fork xbmc last version and keep the name?
    Also, I got the feeling this name change is all about money aka plex, normally a name change that get this much negative comments from the community and still forced throu can’t be good.

  • Skylarking Nov 13, 2014 

    Well, it’s mid November and still no decission on the new logo being that the name is decided!

    The odd thing is that XBMC, now Kodi, is an open source project and as such, well openness is expected to a large extent. Yet the reason for being pushed to ‘rebrand’ can not be stated due to ‘legal reasons’ which smacks of being anything but open…

    Guess it’s just that i’m curious who, other than Microsoft, would have any legal claim ot the XBMC name? And we have already been told (by Kib above) that it’s not Microsoft. So who can it be, maybe someone simply trademarked the name XBMC hense doing the dirty on the project? If so, why wasn’t a tradmark challenge considered to be an option?

    Again i’m just curious…

    As for the logo itself, since i didn’t like the name change but have accepted it (what else can i do), I’d prefer that the current logo as used in Helix remain…

    After all, I don’t want change just for the sake of change… Helix has a Kodi logo and it works just fine…

  • gizmo Dec 14, 2014 

    The best logo seen so far. Nice choice.
    Simple and smart

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.