The Official Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case


Since the first Raspberry Pi was announced in 2012, it was inextricably linked with XBMC/Kodi. It was built with the tinkerer in mind and capable of new advanced applications, but always with the perfect fallback of being the tiny living room Kodi media center that could. Today, the Raspberry Pi 3 has evolved to become a powerful media center with WiFi and Bluetooth built in. While maintaining its tiny size, it has been tuned to flawlessly play back content better than competitors and less than a third the cost. But with all of these improvements, the Raspberry Pi 3 remained incomplete.

Today, the Raspberry Pi 3 package is complete. With the help of a company called FLIRC, we are excited to announce the very first piece of hardware ever offered by Team Kodi: the Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Case.

After looking long and hard for the ideal design for this case, we found it in FLIRC, a tiny company located deep in the heart of Silicon Valley. This beautiful case has an aluminum core sheathed in silver and black. It’s designed from the ground up for your living room with its clean lines and sleek colors,  a perfect match for your TV and other media center devices.

This case is not only sleek, but also functional. Designed with the Raspberry Pi 3′s superclocked CPU in mind, the aluminum running throughout the Kodi Edition case acts as a passive CPU heat sink, silently and efficiently distributing and expelling the heat. This creative approach allows for the most efficient use of processor and potentially some casual overclocking at the user’s discretion.

NORRIS_LOGOWe are excited to work with FLIRC on this project and are doubly excited to announce that a percentage of every sale will go towards cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, where important strides have already been made in treating lymphoma, prostate, and colon cancer, among many other achievements.

The Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi case is a limited edition product. Additional units might be available in the future if there is strong user demand, but for now, get them while you can!







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  • Psysfaction Jun 22, 2016 

    this is great news…
    I hope you could offer this to a distributor in Asia…
    Element14 would be a good fit since they are the main distributor of the Pi here in South east Asia.

  • Erik Jun 22, 2016 

    This is a realy nice looking sleek case.
    I was wondering if there is a reason why this case has no (optional) hole for an IR receiver.

    • bledd Jun 22, 2016 

      I have two of these cases for my Pi2 and Pi3, there is a small slit that can fit GPIO cables through, so the IR works perfectly on it. It’s right next to the SD card slot. Enough of a gap so you can see the onboard LEDs if you look at the right angle.

      Great cases.

  • NetmanBest Jun 22, 2016 

    Hey! this is just great!! Congratulations! just one question – would acestream be available in PI?

  • Malcom Jun 22, 2016 

    So that’s the big suprise? Ok…
    I’d rather want to see more customizability of the Kodi appearance right out of the box.

    • jason Jun 22, 2016 

      Just return the money he paid for kodi. Oh that’s right…

    • da-anda Jun 22, 2016 

      Did you just volunteer to do the dirty work for this feature?

    • Ulf Meyer Jun 22, 2016 

      I know where you coming from but you could have said it in a nicer way. I admit i also was hopingo for something more special. But hey, better than nothing :)

    • eEe Jun 23, 2016 

      Kind of a weak surprise, especially with comments like “… it is something that’s way out of our comfort zone…”, I was expecting it to be something Team Kodi actually worked on/coded, not just a rebranded FLIRC case. A case with a Kodi sticker on it is not “random awesome” or “insane”, it’s just a case… with a sticker

      • Nathan Betzen Jun 24, 2016 

        It’s not a sticker.

        Also, I’m not sure how you thought “it’s way out of our comfort zone” could imply something that was well inside our comfort zone, like coding.

  • KtotheV Jun 22, 2016 

    Partnered with FLIRC, but didn’t integrate FLIRC in the case? I’ll still buy one XD

  • bananacue Jun 22, 2016 

    No doubt that its time to build my Pi3 with Kodi. really like that case. appreciate all the hard work guys

  • Aaron Jun 22, 2016 

    Is this the same as form factor as the Flirc Raspberry Pi 2 case? That case works well with the Raspberry Pi 2, but the Raspberry Pi 3, the micro SD card is almost impossible to pull out since they removed the eject mechanism. The only way I have been able to pull the card out is either using tweezers (which is still a pain to remove) or pulling apart the entire case which requires a screwdriver to take apart. Thank you in advance.

  • James Jun 22, 2016 

    It’s a nice looking case. I’d pay $50 for a case that had an IR receiver, power switch, room for a 2.5″ drive and flowed all the cables out the back.

    The closest I’ve seen is Plusberry ( and it was supposed to be out a year ago and still seems sketchy as hell.

    • nooryani84 Jun 22, 2016 

      This completely defeats the purpose of the Raspberry Pi as a small form factor/cheap media PC. With all the added costs of these different addons you would be better off going with a Chromebox or braswell-based NUC

      • James Jun 24, 2016 

        I’ve purchased both a USB power switch and an IR receiver for less than $5 combined. You double the size of the case to accommodate a 2.5″ laptop drive, design the case to funnel the cables out the back and double the price to $40. This would give you a simple box that looks like a home theater component but small enough that you could take with you to a hotel or the in-laws for the weekend.

        Even with the Raspberry Pi you’re well under $100 which is cheaper than a NUC or Android box and it would be an option. What we have now are literally hundreds of boxes where the only differences are minor and cosmetic. The only reason to buy this box is it’s branded.

        • nooryani84 Jun 30, 2016 

          With the a 2.5″ HDD and a SATA to USB cable you will also add extra heat to an already quite hot Raspberry Pi 3. Unless you make the case significantly bigger or add a fan you will run the risk of overheating the Raspberry Pi and/or the HDD will wear out faster. I just can’t picture all of these extra components, a small case AND adequate cooling. If you find a solution, then let me know. The Plusberry Pi is big and hideous imo.

          A far better solution (IMO) would be to use an external HDD or even one of the larger USB sticks (128 / 256 GB seem resonable) for trips and a centralized media server for home usage. If you want you can even add Plex to this server and just switch out the microsd card with Kodi for one with Plex when you’re travelling. You can use a Flirc adapter or a smartphone app to control both Plex and Kodi.

          • Rich Aug 08, 2016 

            For the aluminum case to truly work as a heat sink, the case should be physically touching the heat producing parts. Are there small aluminum columns (blocks) touching the tops of the chips and the case? All that would be needed is the heat conductive rubber pads which can be placed between the top of the chip and the aluminum column. If the case does not have this feature, small properly sized aluminum blocks can be placed after the fact with the heat conductive rubber pad on both ends of the alum column.

          • Martijn Aug 08, 2016 

            Yes it does touch the CPU using a heatpad

  • Nenad Hecimovic Jun 22, 2016 

    Please send to Croatia !!!! Pleaseee I need this case

    • Grinder Jun 24, 2016 

      Go outside and wait by your mailbox. It should arrive shortly.

  • max Jun 22, 2016 

    A Kodi-case without a hole for a IR-receiver? What’s the point?

    • bledd Jun 23, 2016 

      I have two of these cases for my Pi2 and Pi3, there is a small slit that can fit GPIO cables through, so the IR works perfectly on it. It’s right next to the SD card slot. Enough of a gap so you can see the onboard LEDs if you look at the right angle.

      Great cases.

  • paja Jun 22, 2016 

    How onboard WiFi and BT work inside an aluminium case?
    Why it is not sold to all EU countires (i.e. CZ)?

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 24, 2016 

      In unofficial testing, it doesn’t seem to have much effect on wifi and bt. We haven’t done any official testing. And either way, unless you’re right next to the router, we generally suggest using ethernet over the built-in wifi of the Pi3.

  • Roderick Jun 22, 2016 

    Just wondering exactly what this is. I have an amazon fire stick that I uploaded Kodi on. Is this a media device that has kodi running in it?

    Also if thats the case if I want to sign up as an affiliate to sell this how much would I get on a $19.99 sale.



    • CTown Jun 24, 2016 

      No, this is not a whole media-playing device. This is a case for the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi comes completely naked (to save on costs) so many people buy cases to help protect the bare circuitry.

      • may Oct 16, 2016 

        Wow! you guys are really getting worked up over a case. I’m just trying to get my ATV 1 to download Kodi 16.1 so I can watch tv. But, this RP 2 or 3 seem like it’s well liked between all the comments. Maybe I’ll look into it.

  • Mitchell Jun 23, 2016 

    Nice, but I want one for the C2. :)

  • Sunny Jun 23, 2016 

    Are you going to make it available in India anytime soon ?

  • Miguel Mayol Tur Jun 23, 2016 

    Make it available worldwide, please, from Spain

  • RockerC Jun 23, 2016 

    Cool, but would have been ever nicer if you also offered an optional VESA mount so that it could be easily mounted on the back of a television or monitor.

    • Knocks Jun 25, 2016 

      VESA mounts are an overkill for a tiny device like this. Just get some velcro picture hanging strips, and you’re in business. I’ve had my Amazon Fire TV attached this way for over 2 years, no mounts needed.

  • Ada Jun 23, 2016 

    I want know if it will work in Canada and Africa?

  • Szymon Jun 23, 2016 

    Hmm i excepted something more … impressive. This case is nice but it is a way too expensive as it is still only a piece of plastic. 15 pounds = 3x pi0, or Pi0+case+uugear hub + 16GB SD card…..

    There is nothing to bother

    • FiB3R Jun 23, 2016 

      You should probably read the article.

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 24, 2016 

      It is in no way a “piece of plastic.”

  • John Jun 23, 2016 

    Need something with integrated IR/remote control support, so that it is family proof.

  • inkonts Jun 23, 2016 

    how to install on a television? is there a how to installl video?

  • buongiorgio Jun 24, 2016 

    That’s really nice, but please consider also people who’s not able / doesn’t want to build his own system: an already assembled kodi device would be great.

  • Scott Jun 24, 2016 

    Nice case. Need some weed killer on you drive.

  • enen92 Jun 24, 2016 

    Great news and nice timming. I was in the market for a case for my Pi which is grabbing dust without a proper case. Just ordered one. A bit expensive but nothing brexit can’t solve :)

    Cheers to you all

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 25, 2016 

      It’s not a sticker. Why do people keep saying it’s a sticker?

  • dave Jun 24, 2016 

    are you shitting me! $20.00 for this.. and the bullshit hype of a video to boot…. if you buy this your on CRACK. $2.00 cost…. too easy to get done ANYWHERE!!!!!

    • Nathan Betzen Jun 25, 2016 

      Alrighty. Let me know when you get your $2 version.

  • M. Jones Jun 25, 2016 

    You should separate the UK/EU one you know…

  • J876 Jun 25, 2016 

    Very good looking case!

    Is the case all Aluminium?

    How does the internal WiFi and Bluetooth perform?

    All metal cases and RF don’t mix unless some of oit is another material.

    • Nathan Betzen Jul 03, 2016 

      The bottom is plastic. In testing, it doesn’t seem to affect wifi all that much.

  • odoll Jun 25, 2016 

    Nice case, but who’s blowzy garden is this?!

  • Stew Pidasso Jun 26, 2016 

    Whats the best/fastest box for kodi and 4k streaming

  • Jason Kay Jun 26, 2016 

    Wow immediate improvement, its quite warm here and so my pi3 in its previous plastic case with a little brass heat sink attached tended to overheat. As soon as I placed the pi in this case the temperature stayed low and I’ve had no trouble, plus it looks great and is weighted down unlike before so it finally stays in place. The sd card is a little annoying but as I keep it as a pure Kodi device its fine. Dunno why people are disappointed. As for it being possibly dearer than the standard flirc case, they are donating some money to charity and you pay fro the Kodi brand, which when you think of the money some people pay for branded products isn’t that bad.

  • Gonik Jun 26, 2016 

    What kind of bull is this? The link mentions UK/EU but many EU countries are not even listed. Only 16 countries are. (and these include Switzerland and Norway who are NOT a part of EU),

    I know that it’s not your fault (as kodi website) but come on. What are we? Children of a lesser God?

  • Frank Jun 26, 2016 

    How do I get in Canada?

  • Frank Jun 26, 2016 

    Sorry how do I get one in Canada?

  • Name redacted to protect me Jun 26, 2016 

    I have to agree with a few others: A case is not very exciting. Nice for the geeks, but not a “real” system.

    As stated, it needs to incorporate IR, 2.5 inch disk, and have the ability to support all the expected audio, video and be responsive to massive libraries.

    With the marketing pitch of “It’s designed from the ground up for your living room with its clean lines and sleek colors, a perfect match for your TV and other media center devices.”… if fails if “stuff” needs to hang off of it, or be double-stick taped to it.

    Seriously, why go through all this trouble?

    If you want a machine that meets an average user’s needs, and does not require you to spend time making it work, then look at

    Linux based, IR included, mSD, HDMI, comes with a remote, and preloaded with KODI, with a supportive software development team.

    (…and, saying “It’s not a sticker” … reminds me of Arnold saying “It’s not a tumor”. If people thing that it looks like a sticker on a Rpi3 case… then it’s telling you something)

  • DubbyHarry Jun 27, 2016 

    No optical out / SPDIF? Really???

  • chico neto Jun 27, 2016 


  • Gregor Jun 27, 2016 

    I switched away from the R-Pi to an Intel NUC as my main Media Center 2 years ago and haven’t had any regret about it.

    I still use a Raspberry Pi 3 as an on-the-go Media center, when I’m visiting friends for Movie Night or yet another TV show binge.
    There is one and a half thing that i sorely miss for my Pi: a case with an IR-Window and a GPIO IR receiver (with matching remote), and a matching software, that does not need to be configured for every remote button.
    That would be a nice addon.

  • Albert S Jun 28, 2016 

    Thanks for making these. Looks great. Ordered it the second i saw this page. Usually hide the cases behind the TV, but i have to leave this one out.

  • Emerson Jun 28, 2016 

    You will deliver to Brazil?

  • Chris Jun 28, 2016 

    How do we get one in Australia?
    for someone who asked earlier the fastest machine for kodi in my opinion is the UGOOS UT3S with 4gb Ram/ 32GB Rom. This machine absolutely flies. If anyone is interested.

  • camccar Jun 29, 2016 

    I just ordered it.

  • Antonio Jun 30, 2016 

    Too bad for me I’m using the LattePanda and it’s way better then raspberry. This would have been great to own.

  • Petar Jul 06, 2016 

    I’ve tried Raspberry Pi official case, similar to this one, but I was not satisfied with that solution, since temperature of CPU went up about 5 degrees C . So, I have tried acrylic case, without sides, only top and bottom with Raspberry Pi 2, and that was it. The best solution for Raspberry Pi imho, and looks great also. Cheap, 3-5$.

  • Dijital Portal Jul 07, 2016 

    Hey thats great case. I have an Apple TV 4th generation but i love Kodi’s movie playback from a HDD with raspberry pi…
    I built a simple case from a paper before :)

  • Jrat Jul 08, 2016 

    Will this be available for purchase through Amazon? I don’t trust my card with very many sites

  • Gordon Jul 09, 2016 

    Would my NVIDIA Shield (android) tablet be suitable for KODI? It lacks an HDMI port but is there a suitable adapter available for it? Thanks in advance for help.

  • MysticTaz Jul 23, 2016 

    How well does the Rpi3 handle x265? My Core2-Duo with an Nvidia can’t handle it, and I don’t think an Rpi has as much power as that.

  • Shawn Jul 28, 2016 

    The Kodi box already has Kodi built in? Just plug up to Internet using HDMI! And your good to go? Thx!!

  • AL LAGSTROM Aug 08, 2016 

    I have a raspberry pi 2 I use for my kodi.but when I watch something threw it.i can not figure out how to turn off the close caption on my raspberry.thank you

  • Spaz Sep 09, 2016 

    Wish I could get one for the Odroid-C2

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