The Piracy Box Sellers and Youtube Promoters Are Killing Kodi

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Feb 14, 2016 in Dev Journal, Site News
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Over the past few years it’s become clear that many users have been watching pirated content using unofficial and unsupported add-ons that frequently break, and they are installing add-on repositories whose trustworthiness is questionable, leaving themselves open to numerous security exploits. Lately there’s even been a move to install “builds,” which intentionally break Kodi and, much like viruses, are almost impossible to uninstall, but have the benefit of adding LOTS of untrustworthy repos full of add-ons that don’t work.

Team Kodi maintains an officially neutral stance on what users do with their own software. Kodi is open source software, and as long as the GPL is followed, you are welcome to do with it as you like. So while we don’t love this use of Kodi, as long as you know what illegal and potentially dangerous things you are getting yourself into and accept the fact that the Team will not be providing you with any support, then you are welcome to do what you like.

The Problem

The problem is this:  There have been a wave of sellers who decided to make a quick buck modifying Kodi, installing broken piracy add-ons, advertising that Kodi let’s you watch free movies and TV, and then vanishing when the user buys the box and finds out that the add-on they were sold on was a crummy, constantly breaking mess. These sellers are dragging users into the world of piracy without their knowledge and at the same time convincing new users that Kodi is a buggy mess, because they never differentiate Kodi from 3rd party add-ons. Every day a new user shows up on the Kodi forum, totally unaware that the free movies they’re watching have been pirated and surprised to discover that Kodi itself isn’t providing those movies.

And there are even more people out there seeking to make a quick buck by selling ads on videos about getting free movies and TV while using Kodi in their channel name to make their content seem official, as if those videos are coming from us.


A Typical eBay Listing – They even spell XBMC wrong

Team Kodi is officially tired of this. We are tired of new users coming into the forum, asking why the box that “we” sold them was broken. We are tired of this endless campaign by dishonest salesmen to push a single use of Kodi that nobody on the team actually recommends. We are tired of these salesmen lying to users, claiming that pirate streams and pirate boxes are “legal” when they are absolutely not at some level or other. We are tired of being told by companies that they don’t want to work with us, because we are selling pirate boxes. Being removed from an App Store this summer because of the campaigning of others was like a slap in the face. Most of all, we are tired of a thousand different salesmen and Youtubers making money off ruining our name.

It’s gotten bad enough that core Kodi developers have threatened to quit in protest.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem is pretty straightforward. We now own the trademark to Kodi, and we plan to use it to finally battle the mass confusion created by those seeking to profit on unaware users.

This means we will issue trademark takedown notices anywhere we think the likelihood for confusion is high. If you are selling a box on your website designed to trick users into thinking broken add-ons come from us and work perfectly, so you can make a buck, we’re going to do everything we can to stop you. If you are making a video in which you claim to be a Kodi developer or Kodi team member or you are just using the Kodi name while assuring users that some pirate add-on is totally legal and isn’t going to break next week, we will do everything we can to take you down.

We Need The Community’s Help

Users, you are welcome to keep doing whatever you want with Kodi. Devs of all stripes, feel free to keep developing whatever you want. This is an open, free platform, developed under the GPL, and always will be.

But we are in danger now of losing key core developers and the soul of the application to the greedy individuals who profit on tricking users and remarketing Kodi to suit their needs. And we need the community’s help to stop them.

If you see somebody selling a box that’s “fully loaded” or comes with the phrase “Free movies and TV with Kodi,” please, ask them to stop. And let us know. It’s OK to sell a vanilla Kodi box. It’s OK to sell a fully loaded box that doesn’t have Kodi installed or fully rebrands Kodi to something else entirely. It is not OK to sell a fully loaded Kodi box.

If you see a Youtuber using the Kodi logo as part of his channel, constantly marketing Kodi as a source of free movies, ask him to stop pretending to be us and dragging our name through the muck. And, of course, let us know. Who knows, maybe the Youtuber has no idea that he or she is causing so many problems and a conversation might solve them.

We love making Kodi. We love working on a free, open source software that’s the best media center on the planet, able to do things no other media center can do. And we want to keep making Kodi better, every single day. But every day our name gets dragged through the mud, we are in danger of losing developers and losing the freedom to make Kodi great.

We want to make Kodi for as long as there ever is a need. Help us keep going. #KodiForever

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  • bvn Feb 14, 2016 

    How good are Amazon and Ebay when it comes to taking down items?

    • bob Feb 14, 2016 

      ebay are laughable when it comes to removing items that are fake/misleading, atleast unless kodi dev;’s are going the extra mile to threthen ebay if they do not remove the boxes/firesticks that come “pre-loaded” but ebay are more than happy to let people skirt around copyrights by using terms such as “fully-loaded” rather than “full of pirated content” and i’m sure the movie corps have probably been pushing pretty had to get them removed with no such luck, so if/when sellers start a new “pseudonym” for kodi i.e “fully loaded media center box” then it will be back to square one people will still be getting kodi preinstalled with 101 bull**** plugins and no support and all they have to go on is the big KODI! splash screen when looking for help

      • Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. Jun 11, 2016 

        I have been a computer pioneer since 1985, I do not like this idea of EBAY getting away with what we are talking about here. Hey, I order sometimes and don’t get the item and in the long run, I lost my money. EBAY, I think, has went the wrong way because of this ONE WORLD ORDER. Some of us out here think our butts off, so others can have, and we do it for NOTHING. I continue to search for these individuals that are killing KODI, not going to happen guys, KODI will remain around as long as I have anything to do with it.

    • Sorrenson Feb 16, 2016 

      They are excellent at copyright /trademark enforcement once Kodi registers with them

      DMCA can be a nightmare however KODI might want to start selling Kodi for 0 on sites like Craigslist , Kijiji etc

      Put up free ads about it being free software . Most people buying the boxes havent a clue that Kodi is free.

      • Hugh Gnads Feb 16, 2016 

        True enough, but some think it easier to buy the box with all the gunk installed. They may have been at a friend’s and seen it demo’d. The people who come here and to the forum typically know what’s what. There are a few on You Tube and I mean a few dozen but a main 3 I’d like to see gone. They are all about “FREE (pirated) TV”…

        • LaDon Bruster Feb 23, 2016 

          I love kodi..I have it installed on multiple devices..Let’s be real folks..We all know that Kodi was designed to be share pirated materials..The damn people that designed kodi knew that the app is real easy to use for pirated materials.. I firmly believe that it was designed specifically for that..You know damn well that people are going to put pirated materials on the app…I bet that over 90 % of the stuff on that app is pirated..The app was built for that..If they care so much about not having pirated materials on the app then re design the app and put in the proper checks and balances to prevent this..And don’t tell me it can’t be done because I am a firm believer in where there is a will there’s a way.. I’m just calling it like it is..You purposely made a product that was for sharing files and materials that you know damn well the shit is pirated materials but yet you want to claim “innocence” when it’s time for someone to be held accountable!! If you are truly concerned about piracy and “your good name” then rebuild the app so that it is hard to upload pirated materials.. In the meantime keep up the good work in building a functional app..

          • Nate Feb 24, 2016 

            Exactly! They’re mad because people are making money off it. You know damn well Kodi team made money off it as well. Sounds familiar just like the government.

          • vmiller4us Feb 25, 2016 

            “rebuild the app so that it is hard to upload pirated materials.. ”

            This is not practical, especially for open source software.

            Even when attempted, for example Amazon’s customized Android OS, you end up with a more more limited environment and “app” selection.

            I’ve been coding and integrating systems for over 35 years … once you make something “public” and “standard” (I consider these “good things”) you are going to have those who are going to try to “steal” with it. Whether it is identity, financial transactions, or pirated copyrighted material.

            Much better IMHO to figure out how best to persecute the theives, than restrict the software.

          • Tacobot Feb 25, 2016 

            Yeah, there is a way. Make it so that Kodi can only play DRM protected content and make it impossible to install 3rd party addons. Then there is absolutely no reason to use kodi because I can just buy a roku and have better support for all of the handfull of services I can use now and I can’t use it for my large library of cd and dvd rips that I spent the time and computing power transcoding to .flac and .mkv so that I could stream them in house to my various devices. Then they just gimped the best open source media center software available in favor of a bane of open source media anything (drm) not to mention they would likely have to package proprietary software and pay royalties on it to distribute it (guess who is footing that bill, the user) Now everybody is mad at kodi for doing this. The foss people are mad. The developers are mad. The users are mad. Congrats, kodi is dead.

            But wait there’s more! The people who are doing what is talked about in the original post could relatively easily gut the drm and do the exact same thing they are currently doing, they are almost unefected by this and actually benifeit because they now legitamately have more functionality than kodi does!

            At least then it would be harder to pirate things on the official release of kodi -_-

          • cmdrdredd Feb 25, 2016 

            I think you’re full of shit. Kodi wasn’t designed to enable piracy. It’s a media player, pure and simple. Just because it’s easy to install things to it that enable digital piracy doesn’t mean that’s what it was made to do. You’re correlation is totally incorrect.

          • konwektor Feb 28, 2016 

            you are wrong in this kind of thinking. do you know kodi roots??????
            do you ever saw first releases known as xbmp?
            i`m using it almost 16 years.
            started as app for xbox for playin and managing multimedia files on “GAME KONSOLE” – that ever nevere before happend (a little try on Dreamcast console with app …. search and you will know whats it was called)
            the best movie files player – takes all without problems on low end hardware (first xbox had 128mb ram PIII 700MHz proc (i think), and some of geforce 2 variable card.
            this machine could handle with 720p movie files – in 2003 for that kind of hardware that was awesome !!
            pictures, music, file managing – all at game konsole…. the best idea ever..
            evolved for streaming files,,,
            envolved for plugins
            python plugin script availablity
            its not the kodi developers fault that ppl writing scipts 4 tv watchin and so on.
            they always will do so.
            prob is that ppl like YOU thinking:
            “kodi is the best piracy platform ever”
            kodi is the best multimedia platform ever.!!!!!
            what kind of plugins you install or use lajter in it – that`s you choice.
            and that choice make YOU as a PIRATE not the app.
            kodi was never made for piracy (excluding fact that for using it you`ve needed mod-chiped xbox).
            Cars are made for normally users (drive to job, leave kids at school, make shopping, and so on), but some drivers upgrade cars to make bad things, escaping,, killing, bla bla bla.
            Is it mean, that cars companies say YES for killing ppl with their product?
            is they making fast cars for bank robbery ecape, of course not.
            everyone can drive.
            everyone can turn normal car windows to black.
            everyone can make bomb-car
            everyone can kill with that car.
            everyone can write plugin!!!!!
            everyone can use it.
            user is responsable of the way how is he is using product
            not the DEVELOPER or car producer.
            kodi is open source – developer team allows everyone for writing their own python scripts.
            OPEN SOURCE!!!!!
            when its stop – this will be not anymore open source project.
            ppl doesnt have enought time for checking and controlin scripts, and of course stupid idea.
            XBMP, XBMC, KODI – and still evolving… plus python scripts…

            saying app was developed for piracy – mean that you not USING other functions on it..
            , YOU ARE PIRATE”!!!!

          • Shirtsy Feb 28, 2016 

            I don’t think the software was specifically designed to pirate movies. I do believe they intended to make pirating easier. The Kodi brand is now synonymous with pirating movies. You guys are getting the “pirate bay” treatment because you distribute not source the pirated material.

            I understand the public outcry by the team at Kodi. Your loophole and argument is the same as pirate bays. Except you guys have a legit product. If you are really taking the stance you are now I would suggest releasing Kodi 17 with DRM protection and removing the ability to stream movies through adding and repos using torrent files. Yes there are legitimate uses for torrent but we all know what it is mainly used for.

            Stop crying! Embrace your creation and defend the community you have worked so long to gather. You made your software free and open source. Thanks to the gracious developers and testers that constantly work on Kodi for free. You are forever appreciated.

            i use Kodi everyday. But let’s be real. I use it to watch movies. All the other features are dope but we all know what Kodi made it easier to do. So own it guys. We aren’t stupid but your playing stupid. Also all you guys in the comments kissing ass like you guys don’t use it for watching free movies. You all know what your using it for. Stfu.

          • MuParadigm Feb 28, 2016 

            LaDon Bruster: “Let’s be real folks..We all know that Kodi was designed to be share pirated materials.”

            Kodi’s original name was XBMC, for X-Box Media Center. It was designed for people to have a pretty, easy to use, interface and media player on the X-Box. Over time that goal changed to being an open source media center for a wide variety of platforms and embedded set-top applications – and the name was eventually changed to Kodi.

            It was never designed for piracy. It was designed for flexibility and pirates took advantage of that. To claim it was designed for piracy is as silly as saying the internet was designed as a platform for delivering porn.

          • Matt Feb 29, 2016 

            Let’s not confuse this as kodi was designed for pirating. It’s certain add-ons, that do the pirate, who are created by people who have no affiliation with the development of kodi. There are 100s of legit add-ons whom many are made from and for the networks who own rights to such material. Let’s not blame Ferrari for those who choose to speed. But admire hard work for our entertainment needs for little or no money. Filmon.TV, then, NBC sorts are just a few who allow their material to be watched for free over UDP protocol in a web browser, app or an add-on.
            As for some unlegit boxes, they will say anything to sell. … Like a Farrâri dealer saying “Buy this! You can speed well over the speed limit with this thing and break the law!. Buying the box is just for hardware, what the user chooses to do with it, in terms of finding and installing add-ons, pirating or nonpirating, is up to them. Don’t blame Kodi

          • Wyrd Feb 29, 2016 

            If you care so much about not having the Kodi app slowly stagnate, become obsolete, and die, then you will pay attention when the Kodi devs ask for your help in protecting the *Name*.

            Obviously the app could be redesigned. How? Remove plug-in functionality. Boom! No more problem.

            Also no more fun.

            The whole point, at least from my personal POV, is for the Kodi devs to be able to *distance themselves* from what some folks *might* choose to do with the ability to install plug-ins.

            Heck, it’s likely some of the devs really *don’t* want anything to do with piracy. They really just want an Open Source media center because eff all the other media centers that exist ever. Or something like that.


            Way back in the day, there was this game played with technology and through the courts where cable companies kept trying to keep people from “stealing” cable by getting laws passed that made it illegal to construct such-and-such device.

            But then some clever hardware-nerd/lawyer-hybrid would discover a way to rebuild the descrambler as *two* devices interconnected… and it was off to the races again.

            I see Kodi as existing in a similar space. If you really want development of the Kodi project to continue, then you must allow the devs to separate themselves to the greatest extent possible from the “bad” end of the plug-in spectrum.

            If we do not do this, then Kodi will either eventually die or else fork into two halves–one with plug-ins and one without. And I wouldn’t want to take any bets on how long the plug-in side would last.

            Remember Napster. (Yes. I know. The situation is different from that one in half a hundred different ways. But don’t think it can’t happen again anyway.)

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

          • Mickey Duckman Mar 04, 2016 

            WRONG. Why do people simplify EVERYTHING to the point of idiocy? The software wasn’t developed to pirate ANYTHING, anymore than a car was built to SPEED on the freeway if it can go over 65 mph. It is open source which means freedom. And with freedom will come those who wish to exploit those freedoms for their own gain. If the Kodi team WANTED to pirate content, they would… there is a metric TON of official, non-pirated content on kodi… is it unreasonable that they ask those who wish to use it for their own devices to NOT use the official name to avoid messing up the legal end? I don’t think so. They aren’t saying “we won’t let you use it for your own gain” only “don’t use OUR NAME for your own gain”. This is FAR more nuanced than you seem to want to acknowledge.

          • Patrick Hogan Mar 04, 2016 

            By that logic, every media player, phone etc… in history is guilty, you think apple didn’t know when they released the ipod that people would download some songs from napster, or kazaa etc… back then? Or the VCR would be used to copy movies etc… Reading the post the kodi dev’s have 0 problem with the fact that some might use it for piracy, their grievance isn’t that. Their complaint is people packaging 3rd party apps, and claiming it as officially part of the core system. It’s the equivelant of selling napster and an IPod as a package, and then people trying to shift the blame onto apple for issues napster has.

          • thecooldude Mar 06, 2016 

            If the developers of Kodi are serious about protecting the Kodi name, how about having them develop apps or add ons for streaming or playing legal content.

            Add ons for streaming my Ultraviolet collection, iTunes library, Shomi, CraveTV, Netfilx are all strangely absent. Surely having addons such as these would help. Then the piracy box sellers can build a box with these apps all built in for legal content! Currently the market does not have anything that can play both Ultraviolet and iTunes content on the same device. This would be phenomenal if Kodi could be the first and do it quickly and the right (Legal) way.

            Also, how about Kodi support playing Blu-Ray or 3D Blu-Ray? My HT-PC which is running Openelec specifically made for Kodi and it has a Blu-Ray player but it is not used because I can’t play my Blu-Rays with Kodi.

            4K Blu-Ray is here. How about that? If not, then why not?

            Just my 2 cents….

            Surely the developers could add these functions in to make it easier to play or stream legal content would go a long way for saving Kodi and the community.

          • Herbert Raphael Mar 09, 2016 

            Please could tell me how I could access any of your wonderful work, ie addons. I have dreamlink HD T6 Android box. Whenever I try downloading any of ther addons I fail, the message is because am not not connected to the net work. Please could you tell me how to be
            connect to network. and what network. Thank you so much.

          • zanahue Mar 15, 2016 

            Would you say the same about the Internet? That it was created to promote piracy, exploitation and deceit? Would you want them to redesign the Internet with all the necessary controls and regulations……….in order to protect its “good name”? Unfortunately, this is the price of freedom, to whatever extent and in whatever society.

          • SX Mar 16, 2016 

            He’s right though, it was designed for pirating. Way back on the first xbox console the only reason you’d bother with it (it was ultra buggy for quite a while) was because you were copying your games to the hard drive. You could argue and say you just wanted to play DVDs, but given that you needed a $30 chip you would have been better off buying a DVD player if that were your only use case. Back then we were all fighting for our right to break encryption for our own backups, but “let’s be real” (as op says), it was illegal at the time to back up your own DVDs. You were a dirty rotten pirate regardless of if you purchased them legally in the first place. Since then the world has come to its senses and we have legal ways to backup our DVDs and games, to instantly access almost any movie we wanted to watch and to play old console games we remember from our childhood. But that doesn’t change that our roots are steeped in illegally piracy, even if it was in breaking the dumbest laws to have ever existed.

          • Nox Mar 19, 2016 

            No, it is not designed for piracy, and that much is obvious by doing a simple features comparison.

            HP and Microsoft (among many others) have commercial product with similar features. However, very notably missing from those features are the abilities specific to piracy, such as the very features these poorly made add ins that cause so much trouble attempt to provide.

            ~ Nox

          • judy Mar 20, 2016 

            would somebody help me to set koidi thank you

          • Santiago Draco Mar 23, 2016 

            Shirtsy you are foolish. Saying that it was actually designed to pirate and that the Kodi team “should own it” is like saying Microsoft built Media Center to pirate. There’s NO difference.

            Kodi was developed around the time that the vision was a home “media center” as a better alternative to the current solutions at the time.

            Using this logic ANY media player that runs on a computer was designed with pirating in mind. It’s ludicrous.

            Did the developers know it could be used for this? Obviously yes. However there were no “streaming” plugins back then nor were they necessarily visualized. The pirate problem today is specifically with plugins that make DOWNLOADING pirate content easy NOT playing it alone.

            But then again I guess ignorance is bliss when you have a soap box.

          • Justsaying Apr 01, 2016 

            It’s not the pirated material, it’s the sale of preconfigured boxes that don’t work and use kodi name.

          • gerry magennis Apr 02, 2016 

            they dont give a fuck what you do ,,, wht they care about is asshole selling people shit under their name and robbing people

          • Jim Belushi Apr 08, 2016 

            Just because you pirate shit doesn’t mean everyone does. You logic would have it that the people that make cigarettes just make them to kill people. Its unfortunate that people do die from smoking but they were not created just for the purpose of killing people off. Kodi can be used for pirating software but that doesn’t mean that’s why it was created. Go back to your moms couch where you live and lay down. You need a break from all the BS you are spewing.

          • No Shit Sherlock Apr 12, 2016 

            Exactly, Nathan’s message is a fucking joke. Why doesn’t he have the famous config tool from tvadddons removed? Why? Because he’s got millions pouring into his BVI account from the fuckers who run tvaddons and run all the pirate streaming plugins like [random crappy piracy add-on]. What a fucking joke. Really

          • Joe Apr 18, 2016 

            Cars have cup holders.
            Cup holders hold drinks
            Alcohol comes in some drinks
            Therefore it is ok if I drink and drive.

            Makes complete sense.

          • hies1971 Apr 22, 2016 

            You have just “nailed it”

          • Rob Osmond Apr 23, 2016 

            First Don you have your facts all wrong, i understand were your coming from but if you understand the history where kodi came from you would understand why the app is designed the way it is. It was never designed for pirated material, XBMC was first released as x-box media center, to allow easy networking/sharing of personal media. It is perfectly legal to have digital copys of DVDs, MP3, ect that you personally own and play them, or play a live stream thats hosted openly to the public. KODI has taken steps to not accept any app that has pirated content, but with it being open source you cant stop developer from tapping into severs that hosts ripped content. i agree that majority of users are using KODI for more then just the KODI default repo and if they restricted ability to install 3rd party apps would loose alot of interest in users. Believe they would go from top go to app for a media center to back of the line over night. I think the best solution would be by blocking the major hubs as sources (xunity, fusion, super, ect) and forcing users to look for and install the repos manually, would put a quick end to box sellers and the constant problems arising from them. when you leave things open to developers , great things happen, look at google play store. However just like playstore you can always find apks that are not in the playstore that have the goodies as well. KODIs a great app, im thankful for what they provide us..

          • G-Man May 02, 2016 

            You guys have missed the point. The OP never said they or the developers had a problem with piracy so your whole argument here is moot.

            What they have a problem with is the brand being tarnished by unscrupulous sellers selling boxes with poor installs of Kodi, cashing in on the brand name without selling a quality product, and not explaining to the customers what they are getting into.

            They don’t care if you build your own box and use it for viewing pirated materials… because you know what you are doing and accept your own risks. They rightfully carry no responsibility as to how their opensource software is used What they don’t like is unaware consumers being ripped off using the name Kodi… who then comeback later and blame Kodi.

            They are simply trying to protect consumers from unscrupulous sellers operating in their name.

            And fair enough.

          • epolaris May 10, 2016 

            I never knew people can be so collectively daft.. I know it’s been said many times already but consider it repetition for emphasis..


            Couple things worth noting. Firstly, I feel certain that a large proportion of the people who have said this, clearly have a superficial knowledge of KODI’s technical features.. For the people who are aware of this, I need not go on.. For the aforementioned people who obviously aren’t. I suggest reading… About these features. Nothing is wrong with not knowing. No one knows everything. But if you’re not sure of what you’re talking about, rather than jumping on the ignorance bandwagon. Doing some research might be in order. As the saying goes.. “Better to keep quiet and be thought of as a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”.. Too late for some, but not for everyone.

            Secondly, KODI is Open Source. And follows the legal rules of that GPL. You can take source code and manipulate it. You can design your own third party plugins for it.. What you do with this software is entirely up to you. In any situation where you have a choice, psychologically speaking, you can’t expect that everyone is going to follow the rules of unspoken morality.

            Prisoners Dilemma anyone?

            That however (for those of logically sound mind) should not suggest that this software in its entirety, deserves a perception based on the behaviors of a few.. As was alluded to in another comment. Would you stop driving or consider cars as being unworthy of being driven if you noticed that some drivers rob banks or get into accidents?. Obviously not. The responsibility lies with the driver NOT the car industry or its manufacturers. This is common knowledge and simple logic. KODI has so much more to offer. If only people took the time to actually LOOK. Beyond the superficial at least.

            Thirdly, KODI has the right to be bothered by the misuse of its TRADEMARK name.
            It can lead to misrepresentation. And while being open source, users can create boxes using the core source code. You can’t resell it under the KODI brand. That’s copyright infringement. And any negative press this garners as a result of illegal activities or poor performance/programming reflects on THEIR name. Not the name of the resellers using it. This isn’t hard understand.

            What can KODI do about it?.. Not a thing. Prisoners Dilemma exists in Society as a whole.. Not just business. Once given a choice, some people will cheat. By its very nature, Open Source ideals give people that choice, much like real life actually. There is nothing you can do about that. What they can do, is stop people from illegally using their copyrighted name and inform the masses about what KODI is really about.

            Which is what they are doing.. I hope this clarifies matters. Because frankly, this isn’t even up for debate.

          • Neal May 17, 2016 

            “Let’s be real folks..We all know that Kodi was designed to be share pirated materials”

            This is pure ignorance. I contributed a lot of my time and energy in the XDK building extensions for XBMC when it first launched on the Microsoft XBOX. Never once could I have imagined back then that XBMC (now Kodi) would become what it is today (there was no Netflix or streaming TV back then)

            I go involved in XBMC for a single reason, and its still the reason I use it today, so I could rip my VHS/DVD, CD/Vinyl, and Music collection to a server and enjoy them anywhere in my house.

            XBMC/Kodi has never been about piracy and anyone who suggests otherwise is speaking from pure ignorance.

          • Tom May 21, 2016 

            I agree. I think they may find that if they really do tackle piracy sellers etc that their uptake falls anyway. I bought my first box from a relatively popular vendor having just heard about our on the grapevine. Now I do it all myself. I probably wouldn’t be doing it all myself and for friends now though if I hadn’t bought from ebay in the first place. So there’s about ten downloads of kodi you can wipe from the slate and I highly doubt I’m am isolated case

        • Kodi Lover Apr 01, 2016 

          People are up here talking about people misusing kodi. I have found out that most people that talk about it are the ones that are doing it.

        • Flyin Apr 24, 2016 

          “LaDon Bruster
          Feb 23, 2016
          I love kodi..I have it installed on multiple devices..Let’s be real folks..We all know that Kodi was designed to be share pirated materials..”

          I can’t tell if you’re ignorant or an idiot. Kodi was not designed for that. Do some research. It was a media center that gives you menu and theme options. The devs are cool enough to make and keep it open source. They have gone out of their way and paid money to trademark the logo so people that do what you are talking about, can’t claim it’s an official kodi release. They don’t want to cripple it, which they could do, so that people who want to develop unofficial addon for ANY site can. Your so smart, why don’t you explain how you write code that will filter ONLY pirated content, but still allow anyone who knows how to code, make a kodi addon for their website. I wonder if you are a gun owner. Do you have bullets that only shoot bad people? Or were all bullets designed to shoot good people and they know it. Your lack or reasoning is surprising. If Kodi devs wanted to make money, they wouldn’t have made it open source. You probably don’t know what that means or the first thing about writing software and that’s why you spout your opinion as if it’s fact. You are allowed to you opinion, but that’s all you have, an opinion. It’s not based on the history of Kodi (XBMC) or open source software. If you did, you would realize how many things are wrong with your opinion.

      • Dobber Feb 17, 2016 

        I agree, I didn’t know Kodi was free. I had a “Friend” tried to sell me a stick for $150 after I saw him watching movies. So I looked it up and saw that they were selling sticks for half price on Ebay. Well, I looked at the explaination and saw it was a side load for android. Hmm Okay. I am good with android so I can do this. No problem, I will buy my own stick, then did some other research and found I had an old computer that has been blanked out and could be used for whatever, viruses, no biggie, just clean them off occasionally as the computer was going into slow motion. Of course I thought I was going to be slick and download every add on possible and broke what I had working perfectly to use for development of course. But my own friend knew about this and tried to sell this to me for $150. Good Friend.

        • Stupidaso Feb 18, 2016 

          I got suckered for $200 buying a loaded box. I didn’t know anything about Kodi. Luckily the box I bought is very supported and is using their build that they update all the time. Now I will only buy a box that’s blank and I can install my way. Thank you KODI I hope you win this battle.

          • J Michael Mar 11, 2016 

            who did you buy this from, I want one….. I think its a nice idea that they keep the box upto date for you…

          • Blakblu Apr 22, 2016 

            Kodi is a media player. That is all it does is play video, audio, and pictures. I don’t see how that is not understood in this comment section. The source of the the media is up to the one who uses the media player. Not everyone uses this for the same purpose. There are hundreds of legal add-ons that provide content. Any restrictions on the illegal content will cripple the legal ones.

            I love Kodi. I study Kodi, I use it every single day. Can’t live without it. I seriously hate Apple and all of its products because they discourage many uses, Android 4.4 restricted the use of the SD card for many apps. Had to find an alternative. I prefer to do what I want with my apps, hardware, and software. It is not up to the developer, government, or anyone else I do with my shit, and that is why I love kodi so much.

        • ZOOM Feb 22, 2016 

          i get Kodi and how they feel. it has really gotten out of hand with people posting stuff left and right. but lets face it, w/o most of the so called pirated addons that people develop kodi would just be software weight. im not knocking kodi, I been using xbmc for years, great program. its the people trying to make money off the loaded boxes with not just kodi on it. and it takes a lot of time testing apk’s on loaded boxes as I do every other day. I can understand them for trying to make a few bucks for their time finding, testing. and loading them in the boxes.

          • Rocky Feb 24, 2016 

            I help people all the time with loading boxes, people come to my house and see what I’m watching and they all want one, so I explain …..they can buy a box from eBay or straight from manufacturer, (China), since it’s android, they can learn to test and load all the different repositories themselves, or I can do it for them , I explain that most of the addons worth loading are pirated, so they have to be careful, also explain that kodi itselt ,doesn’t make or support pirated addons…..third party people do, but at the end of day they don’t care, they just want what I’m watching, and yes I do charge a fee, it takes me from 3-4 hrs, to load box properly, test all addons I install to make sure they work, I also support any box I load, my phone rings all the time, cuz addons work one day then they don’t the next…..I completely agree that most those that are selling on eBay and craigslist, buy the box for $60-70 , sell it for $200, then end user on there own, that’s where the bad rap comes in, box works great for week, then everything starts going to shit….but I tell everyone , there’s no guarantee on 3rd party software, that kodi itself is not responsible or condone any third party software for pirating anything, what they do with box is their business……but like most people they don’t want to take time to learn about repositories, video addons, etc,etc, they just want to turn on box and it works….plain and simple….so for those people I absolutely charge a fee …..I buy, load, bring to their house and setup, and show them how to use……if the developers of kodi , say or think I’m doing something wrong, just say so, and it ends right now….this is great software, and don’t want to see it laid to rest, you guys do a great job,…..

          • Winerdar Apr 27, 2016 

            I have used Kodi for years before there was even support of the add on repositories. It is a media center and multimedia file manager. I am actually streaming video files right now from an NAS to my xbox 360. I also use kodi to stream my video and music files to my laptops in my home network. All that is perfectly legal and is the same functionality in Windows Media Player. I have tried add ons before and they rarely work so i don’t bother with them anymore.


            people outside of the kodi team make these add ons without any oversite from Kodi. and Kodi can’t legally do anything about that since it is open source.

            People don’t realize this, but all the functionility in the vanilla version of Kodi can be done with Windows Media Player in Windows 7 and above. That software is just hard to use and buggy in library detection and such. I finally gave up on that and switched to Kodi (XBMC at the time).

        • Star Feb 24, 2016 

          Hi I have a media device having set everything up myself I did not pay anyone. I have helped people by fixing theirs. When they have paid $100 plus and all it has is the kodi. I do think it’s wrong to sell these like this because. It is bad for kodi and for us who use it. I have never charged anyone by showing people how to use it as it was originally intended.
          Your friend isn’t a friend!

        • El Feb 25, 2016 

          The same thing happen to me, I had a coworker who wanted to sell me a box for $200, I decided to think about it and do my own research and found out I could all of this on my own for free!!!

        • TimeIsMoney Feb 25, 2016 

          Oh, stop your whining! Just because you can’t monetize on a skill you posses doesn’t mean someone who can is trying to scam you. The extra cost added by those who sell those devices is added for spending THEIR TIME installing it and setting up required addons. Some people have the time and knowledge to do it, some would rather pay the extra to not waste their time doing it.

          • Rocky Mar 04, 2016 

            Your absolutely right……!!!!!

          • Wiitron Mar 05, 2016 

            You are absolutely correct! KODI is free but the time, skill, to custom install it is worth it to pay to have it done for some people. I tell people that is free but they would rather pay to have it done. There are dozens of YouTube videos on how to do it. Never had a unsatisfied customer yet!

          • Nox Mar 19, 2016 

            If you actually read the post, the complaint is not piracy and it is not other people making money. The major issue is dishonesty and crappy code. The specific targets of the outrage are the people lying about being part of the Kodi Team to scam money and disappear.

            In fact, they do explicitly say in the post they have no issue with people who want to sell a product that has Kodi as a part of the product as long as those people are honest about what they are selling and who they are in the first place.

            ~ Nox

          • kodi17 Apr 01, 2016 

            Well said mate :)

          • pokemon on iphone Apr 09, 2016 

            save kodi

        • ryszard raczka Mar 23, 2016 

          jak doladowac karta platnicza wasza televizja.

      • waylotul Feb 20, 2016 

        I recently attended a “Home Show” in Wichita KS that had a reseller there promoting a custome build of Kodi on a box. The box was 100 bucks on Amazon. He was using the CCloud and Sports Devil addons to showcase the functions and it was totally not stock with custom skin and all that. I have never seen it. Price 300 bucks. here that day, now he is gone. I don’t know how many he sold or who regulated that Wichita home show event but it was shocking to myself.

      • NOEL MCLAUGHLIN Mar 21, 2016 

        what information or entertainment can be received from kodi. I agree with everything ive read on sorrenson”s message to new users.

    • jennifer Feb 16, 2016 

      this item number and seller don’t care how they sell contacted ebay but never anything done about them
      also this item number 172078929008

      • TheMonkeyKing Feb 16, 2016 

        The idea that anyone is reselling an Amazon Firestick, (especially marked as jailbroken) should be on Amazon’s sh- list and be taken down. Or do they care?

        • Minnie Mar 03, 2016 

          Hell no they don’t care. There’s people on ebay how have sold over 5000 fire sticks. They have a foreign company make them, get their profit, and turn the cheek how they get used. Looking at any government agency to get involved and stop this is a useless notion. The only time they will get involved is when it benefits their pockets. Here’s a PERFECT example. Thank you for contacting the FCC regarding possible violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Although the Commission does not resolve individual complaints, each complaint is individually analyzed and assists us in enforcement actions to protect consumers like yourself. The TCPA permits individuals who have received certain unlawful telemarketing, such as junk faxes or telemarketing calls, to sue the violator in state courts where they may be awarded up to $1500 for each violation. Telemarketer agrees to $3.4 million FTC penalty over unwanted calls. They take the information YOU provide and sue the offender and you get squat. Kodi needs to take up a donation base legal fund to go after the offenders. Legally warn ebay and amazon, give a date for it to cease and desist, then go after the deep pockets when they tell you to take a flying leap.

    • Thomas Feb 18, 2016 

      yeah, try looking up, they sell cheap boxes for $250

      • Sean Lang Feb 20, 2016 

        They don’t seem to be using the KODI brand name.

      • Patator Feb 21, 2016 

        What’s “cheap”…? You mean they sell low end boxes at the insane price of 250$ or you actually mean that 250$ for an android box is cheap…? o.O (cause *that* would be totally insane… :D )

        • ZOOM Feb 22, 2016 

          its upto the smart person who is buying the box. I mean if you pay over 150 for a loaded box you deserve whats coming to you. plain and simple !!!!!!!

          • Wyrd Feb 29, 2016 

            Caveat Emptor is just a lazy way to place the blame on the victim.

            If the person selling the box knows it can’t really do what they claim, or if they know it shouldn’t cost that much, but they do it anyway, then they are a huckster and a scammer.

            The fact that they sometimes succeed in making a lot of money on it does not justify what they do. It just serves as a real-world example of how capitalism allows and encourages evil in the world.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

    • Scott Feb 19, 2016 

      Although the true legality is questionable, the only person breaking copyright laws is the person publishing the copyrighted material. Simply accessing and watching a movie still in theaters is not illegal in itself. You must download a copy to be infringing on copyright laws. To date there is no specific law on streaming. Therefore selling these jailbroken or fully loaded firesticks is fully legal. The person loading the software onto these devices is not an owner of the content either. Most often the content is coming from another country where the copyright laws are specific to that country and are not punishable by us laws.

      • Piers Feb 20, 2016 

        That is incorrect. Copyright laws are different from one country to another, but streaming is still downloading copyrighted content – both the uploader and viewer are violating laws in the United States, United Kingdom, and most of the European Union.

        • joey Feb 26, 2016 

          So..streaming will leave that movie on my device as proof or nah?

          By the same regards I can watch a youtube music video that was illegally uploaded and it is illegal for me to stream it from youtube?

          • iPhone 8 Mar 18, 2016 

            this is really bad, need to take action on them soon.

      • msk Feb 24, 2016 

        There are many countries around the world where only sharing is illegal. Downloading (movies, not software) and watching streams is legal at all.

      • Mark Feb 26, 2016 

        This is absolutely accurate as I understand it Scott, even in the USA . The reason some of the addons are even worse than other though is because they use torrents and use of torrents by its nature means sharing.

    • Vitaly Gurevich Feb 19, 2016 

      How good is Kodi at making official addons work properly?

      • Frank Collins Feb 23, 2016 

        Good question. Not even tvheadend is an official add-on anymore and it is a PITA to try to get working, if you can.

        Kodi is a great idea…………………………………that doesn’t work.

    • greg Feb 24, 2016 

      please check this guy out and put an end to his rip-off of Kodi and your hard work.

    • Scott Mar 07, 2016 

      I recently bought my parents a Android box to replace their WD live because of no x265 support? Seems fine but has Kodi on the packaging box. Didn’t advertise as free movies but boots up as Google TV.

      Mifanstech i68 Andriod 5.1 Smart TV Box with 2GB RAM+8GB ROM, KODI & XBMC pre-installed, H.265 4K x 2K Video Format, Bluetooth 4.0 and 1000M Ethernet LAN Dual WIFI

    • Mark Mar 15, 2016 

      First of all, kodi is a media center no different then windows mc. Second of all you, can not blame kodi developers for open source project. The truth is its the other company’s making money of producing preloaded kodi. I firmly believe that when you purchase android box or any other box as far as installing kodi and its plugins it supposed to be up to the user and not some jack off corporate asshole making money on kodi build for public access. Its no different then PS4 company running PS4 on FREE BSD OS. To be exact what FREE BSD got in return from that project? nothing. Technically a hooker on the street will get back more than Free BSD did. Thank you PS4. YOU wondering why you getting hacked. Technically same story. Corporate takes public licence that belongs to public and they make money. Kodi developers ain’t got nothing to do with it. Its always been up to the user which way the willing to use kodi. Everyone kept quite till eBay start promoting mxq. or other stuff out here. Why would corporate preload Kodi.???? and then put it on the market.???? perhaps there is a lot more out there then we know. Netflix Amazon etc…. We suppose to protect public licence. Other wise, freedom of information may die with our generation. Open Source projects is the freedom of programming.

    • judy Mar 20, 2016 

      to whom this may concern can any body help me through this

      • Pablo Apr 21, 2016 

        Did you ever get it sorted?

      • jerry Apr 21, 2016 

        What do you need??

    • Mark Apr 03, 2016 

      They are real good at removing american civil war memorabilia, anything else is hokey.

    • TheBigTizzle Apr 13, 2016 

      It appears that the problem isn’t so much the piracy but the misinformation. You are a media center that is open source and allows sharing. This is a lot like the old Napster argument in 2016 form. Once you are open source you should know 1) you automatically have enemies and 2) you are going to be considered a supporter of piracy. The minute you released you should know that at minimum you’re an enabler or would be seen that way in this environment. You need a PR campaign of information that distances the media center from the content and pair that with inner-industry participation at conferences and trade shows, panel discussions on piracy and the future of open source platforms, and lead an industry wide conversation on why its silly to blame the platforms for crime. Developers need legitimacy for the time and accomplishments they produce. I suspect they don’t mind people pirating, just using the Kodi name to do is problematic. A campaign to clean the name should do the trick. There are enough advocates of open source and free media out there to create a space for Kodi and it’s developers anyway…

  • Curtis Carignan Feb 14, 2016 

    GooBang Doo is selling theses fully loaded boxes on and advertising them as “magic boxes” that get you free ppv, movies and tv etc.

    • Sorrenson Feb 16, 2016 is Amazon .ca but show in Netherlands but a tracert actually shows it is a US server so DMCA can be used on them.

      • nooryani84 Feb 16, 2016 

        They’re advertising them on as well, just search for GooBang Doo

        I tried to find a “report” button, though I didn’t see any on the page. I’m guessing you would have to use this form.

        If Team KODI approves, then I think it would be great if Kodi users reported these directly to the likes of Amazon, Ebay, etc. If there is a template we could use, even better!

        Will make a post in the forums as it is a better place for discussion.

      • nooryani84 Feb 16, 2016 

        Nevermind about the forum post, I see there’s an extensive thread and I don’t want to add further to this as it would simply complicate the matters. I trust Team Kodi will do what’s best ^_^

    • Norm Osgood Feb 17, 2016 

      Not true.
      I bought a Goo Bang. Yes it has Kodi on it but not fully loaded.
      You need to set up your own sources etc.

  • Glenn Watkins Feb 14, 2016 

    Searching “Free TV Box” on Craigslist shows 167 listings, most of which are boxes with Kodi installed. Same for eBay and Amazon.

  • Mitchell Feb 14, 2016 

    And the same goes for fully-loaded OpenElec boxes I’m sure.

  • Sandra Feb 14, 2016 

    So glad I came to this forum before buying one of these “Fully Loaded” Kodi boxes off eBay. Happy to buy a MINIX and then install Kodi Vanilla style.

    • Adam Feb 16, 2016 

      You can also look into buying a Raspbery Pi and installing a kodi/linux operating system like OSMC or OpenElec

      • Jayblaze Mar 11, 2016 

        Raspberry Pi Suuuuuuck!!!!

        • Beemer Apr 11, 2016 

          Got a dog in this fight?
          The new pi’s are 10x faster than the original pi’s.

  • Reseller Feb 14, 2016 

    As a reseller, I have exercised the open source usage of Kodi and removed every hint that the application is Kodi and renamed it with a new logo. I will never advertise anything I sell as “Kodi” in respects to the great developers behind it. I stand behind you guys and I hope ALL of the “Kodi box” listings and channels get taken down.

  • Josh Feb 14, 2016 


    Amazon has a lot of these type of listings but typically won’t do much unless the trademark owner complains. Your post says to let you all know, but how do we do so?

    For example?–FULLY-LOADED-UNLOCKED-ANYTHING/dp/B00HVFLKD8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1455490990&sr=8-4&keywords=Kodi+fully+loaded

    That listing is a FBA seller (3rd party seller storing products in Amazon’s warehouse). If you all complain, this seller is 99% likely to get permanently suspended from Amazon. .

  • Éric Hanuise Feb 14, 2016 

    Excellent decision!!! Get in touch with the fsf and the EFF, they should be willing to help you correct the issue and might provide legal assistance/resources.

  • Steve Feb 14, 2016 

    I recently heard some coworkers discussing Kodi on Amazon firesticks and The Beast build or something like that. It’s this the type of practice that you are speaking of? Just wanting to know before I purchase one.

  • Pat Seguin Feb 14, 2016 

    Glad to hear that you guys are taking a firm stance on this finally. Is there any reason why you couldn’t close the source and make it not open source anymore?

    • henryford Feb 14, 2016 

      Because nobody wants that? And you can’t really close it off, it’s already out there.

      • Geo Feb 19, 2016 

        Without the addons, your product would be useless and you know it.

        • mobilemcclintic Feb 20, 2016 

          I’ve never used an add-on that these sellers are including. Not useless as it takes the place of multiple cable boxes and a dvr via mythtv (using the official repository as well as supported mythtv/hdhomerun system). Why have multiple devices plugged in when all I need is Kodi and a Bluray player?

        • cmdrdredd Feb 25, 2016 

          I’ve never used any add-ons that aren’t official and the app is fully functional. You don’t need these shady apps to watch stuff you’re not supposed to have access to.

    • Jan Feb 14, 2016 

      Open source, GPL – is the very foundation that made and continue to make Kodi what it is today. Its a community effort and product. And as long as people are able to develop and run add-ons, a closed-source Kodi in no manner hamper people from using it in the unwanted manners mentioned here.

    • eema Feb 15, 2016 

      The kodi team believe in open source.. Kodi is based on a lot of other projects with the same philosophy.. Kodi is and will always be open source..
      This doesn’t mean it will stand harmless to watch its name dragged into the mud

      • Geez Nucks Feb 18, 2016 

        KODI is a media center. It’s great software. Some people choose to use it for questionable purposes. People also hack and sell Apple TV’s, ROKU, and Amazon Fire to use for questionable purposes. The world moves on.

    • Barkerbaggies Feb 22, 2016 

      Kodi shouldn’t be (couldn’t be?? GPL???) closed source. I’ve been using this software since the Xbox and it stands as a testament to what an open-source project can be.

      I think the stated approach of disassociating the Kodi TM from disreputable sellers is the right way to go.

  • Ade Feb 14, 2016 

    Thats the nature of the beast, who actually uses kodi for legal purposes? It’s like verbatim complaining that their blank cds are being used to copy music albums. Someone will simply make another media centre if kodi goes

    • sdsnyr94 Feb 14, 2016 


    • eema Feb 15, 2016 

      Did you read the article at all? Kodi team doesn’t matter what you use kodi for.. It matters that the name isn’t used to do quick bucks or dragged into the mud from pirates addons…
      Your exampe is simply wrong. Kodi isn’t complaining someone uses it’s software for piracy. Kodi team is complaining that kodi name (thanks for youtubers and box sellers) is becoming synonym of piracy.
      Returning to your example “cd” or “verbatim” aren’t synonym of piracy. “kodi” is becoming a synonym of piracy and kodi team wants to stop that

    • Mitchell Feb 16, 2016 

      Ade, “… who actually uses kodi for legal purposes?”

      I do. I own every single movie in my KODI library on either DVD or Blu-ray.

      • Hugh Gnads Feb 16, 2016 

        …me as well.

      • Mario Feb 16, 2016 

        For watching your own movies (dvd bray,, whatever) you don’t need Kode or any other softwarw, come on…

        • Sean Nielsen Feb 17, 2016 

          What would you use instead..?
          A Bluray player..?
          I don’t own one.. Why would I..?

          I buy my bluray movies, rip them, transferring them to my nas.
          I sync the NAS with Kodi, and get a very streamlined interface, which my girlfriend finds easy to use..

          What are the alternatives..?

          • Keith Laws Feb 19, 2016 

            If you were in the UK what you describe is illegal in exactly the same way as getting the media from a torrent. Makes no sense but that is the law here

          • Patator Feb 21, 2016 

            What you do is illegal here too. Ripping a Bluray involves breaking it’s protections, which is illegal. Even if you own it.
            And I do agree with what was said before, people pretending they use Kodi for legal purposes are funny liars. I don’t believe a single second in “I do own every movie I watch with Kodi”.
            This is just… crap.

          • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

            Interestingly, Kodi also doesn’t rip blurays.

          • mr. Wobot Feb 23, 2016 

            I use kodi for addons, if it wanted a media center that I used with my media with an NAS I would used plex

        • Russell Spear Feb 18, 2016 

          Actually Kodi is very useful for your “own stuff”. Over the years my cd collection has grown. But Kodi makes organizing my music and playing what I want to play a lot more convenient. It also lets me play, via my home network, music from my computer on my tablet if I am outside and feel like listening to it.
          I am very much in favor of protecting the KODI name.

        • jbazen Feb 20, 2016 

          you are so right.if kodi stopped supporting these addons(which by the way made you famous) no one would even use kodi. now if another developer comes out with a mediaplayer and says they support all add ons kodi will be dead

        • cmdrdredd Feb 25, 2016 

          To keep them all in one place and not have to change disks, yes that’s what I use it for. I have a digital copy of ever Blu-Ray I own (100% legal) and I can pull one up at any time from my PC. Sure I could use a Plex server but you know plex is pretty much based on the same source as Kodi and Kodi works better for me since I do not need to access my content outside my home network.

          Keep trying to justify piracy though…

      • Lloyd Feb 17, 2016 

        In the UK making any type of copy of even DVD`s or CD`s is illegal ! so even if you do make a copy of something you own and use KODI to watch it you are breaking the law

        • cmdrdredd Feb 25, 2016 

          We don’t all live in the UK and in some countries there is a law that says you can make a digital copy of content you own for backup purposes for yourself. You cannot give it to someone else though.

      • Michael Feather Apr 02, 2016 

        Good for you Mr. Boyscout. Who gives a F**k?

    • nec240 Feb 16, 2016 

      I do.
      Nothing is better for watching my legally owned media on my TV.

    • Bone Feb 18, 2016 

      My kids kills DVDs. So they all live on bookshelves where they look pretty and never get touched. Kodi means I can Rip my DVDs to a central respository and have it accessible from all my TVs.
      Much the same reason I hacked the Wii, not to pirate but to prevent my kids from destroying the physical media.

    • cmdrdredd Feb 25, 2016 

      I don’t use it for digital piracy. The idea that everyone uses it just to pirate digital content like movies and such is false. Stop trying to justify it by insinuating there’s no other use for the software.

    • Mike Apr 01, 2016 

      I’m using Kodi for legal purposes, as are many people. I always warn people that I recommend Kodi to that they should stick to the official repositories as much as possible, add there are 3rd party repos that are either illegal (in the U.S. anyway) or break a lot. I make sure they know the things to avoid, as well as the awesome things they can do with the software.

  • abuisine Feb 14, 2016 

    Guys, your work is fantastic and fully appreciated by almost every tech I know.
    I hope you will win your battle.
    In the meantime, you are strong in our heart ;)

  • Bill Hines Feb 14, 2016 

    Shut these fools down ASAP , these guys are ruining the Kodi name and promoting the software as if they develop it.
    They have sold thousands of boxes under the guise of “free movies ,free pay per view” they market the box as “the cable killer”.
    Also go after these clowns also they also are ruining Kodi.
    These guys sell what are basically $30 dollar boxes for prices of $300 or more and promote their products as if they design the software and that they have factories tooled I’m producing their cheap poor quality hardware.
    You have been told.

    • Brendan Feb 18, 2016 

      Agree with this one, blatently using the KODI logo on their main webpage to advertise obviously illegal free programming

    • Kib Feb 19, 2016 

      To be honest the only thing they are doing wrong is showing our logo on a few spots.
      They rebranded the product, do not seem to pretend to be us, and as such are relatvely close to following our trademark policy.

    • Joey Feb 23, 2016 

      I’m hearing both sides but have a few questions. I understand kodi not wanting to be synonymous with pirating, completely. I’m fascinated by all of this. So much so I think I’ve decided what I want to go to college for. So cheers to all of you developers. Ima little confused though about kodi feels about retailers. I understand selling boxes using kodi name as synonymous with free tv/free movies…but someone who is selling an android box alternative to apple tv and amazon fire..isn’t wrong is it? So is what makes it wrong that retailers are mentioning kodi in advertisements along with the key words free, unlimited, etc. If they marketed their android box and offered additional accessory services (adding kodi app) or support services (ie unlimited box and kodi tech support) would that be better? Because I’m trying to stay neutral and see both sides but I don’t know or was introduced to kodi as a cd management or DVD management service. I was turned on because I sell customers fios tv services and directv packages at $250 /month and rent boxes forever and rent movies that stay on their box but lose when they turn in their equipment. I feel like working for Verizon fios I’m the one getting paid to rip people off, not someone who did sell me a box one time for $200 that I still have and am glad to have it. Thanks. Please reply!!

    • BigJRM Feb 25, 2016 

      When I see (they market the box as “the cable killer”), it makes me laugh, unless these TV boxes can be used without the INTERNET! Is there a FREE TO AIR connection? I only see network and USB connections. Here in Canada, we have MAINLY two internet sources, telephone line or TV cable line and both cost to get the internet connection. So, where is FREE? TV cable is a lot faster than telephone for internet and most homes have cable TV, so how are these boxes going to kill cable? I do not have cable TV, but I have telephone internet. I’d give that up in a second (including the telephone too) if I could get FREE TO AIR INTERNET. We all know that will never happen!

  • Franco Feb 14, 2016 if you see in the description is a fully loaded kodi box.

  • sdsnyr94 Feb 14, 2016 

    Sadly, I feel the only true way to do this is to stop providing official Android builds. Kodi for Android should be something that a company, such as Wetek, has to acquire the rights to per an agreement with the Team/Foundation. As part of that agreement, they would need to rebrand the software, stripping it of any association with the name ‘Kodi’.

    In the app stores, there should not be any references to Kodi. Third party builds such as SPMC should be put back (Yes, I understand it was built by someone who is/was a Team member), and ‘endorsed/recommended’ by the Team.

    This is the way it is with the Raspberry Pi. Creating a ‘fully loaded’ Pi takes 5 minutes, yet if you look for one on Ebay you may find a small handful (like 5 or 6).. lookup a fully loaded android device and you have thousands.

    • Wilfred Yung Feb 15, 2016 

      I agree with getting rid of the android/android TV builds and having it closed sourced and licensed out will be the only way to fix this – in addition to shutting down all the youtube and piracy box makers

    • Richard Ayotte Feb 15, 2016 

      They’re just going to build it themselves so it won’t stop anything. You also risk losing legitimate users who have FireTV or Ouya devices.

      • sdsnyr94 Feb 15, 2016 

        I’m going to talk out my ass here, since I really don’t have the understanding to back this up… but maybe prevent Android builds from successfully completing unless an encrypted key is present, and that key is what identifies the vendor?

        As far as FireTV, you could always sideload SPMC the same way you need to now, and the OUYA could use whatever was in the app store (again, such as SPMC).

        In my opinion, something drastic should be done before we all lose out due to lack of devs.

        • Brendan Feb 18, 2016 

          This may be an idea, given most fully loaded boxes are android, have a small fee on the app in Google Play or require a code to be issued by the KODI team in order to complete the install, that way you may possibly have some control over who installs KODI.
          Maybe a code on ALL platforms could work to help prevent this issue. If you see mass requests from one email source then it would give you an idea that it may be a seller.
          I know it could hurt legitimate sellers, but maybe the legit ones can enter into an agreement prior and have “SAFE” listed email address that codes can be issued to.

      • jason Feb 15, 2016 

        I love my fire tv boxes and it would not benefit anyone to lose the android portion. Why should android users suffer?
        Besides the only reason people don’t use the PI is its slow and sucks. Android provides the benefit the Apple Tv 2 was you could load XBMC but you could also watch Netflix, Hulu and other sources.
        The reason i use the fire tv is Netflix is in 4K and easy to use. Netflix on other droid devices is crappy doesn’t provide HD or 4K or DD 5.1. Also i get my prime tv since i am a prime member then i load kodi and use it to watch all my stuff on my 2TB hard drive. Also i also have un official add ons and yes i use it to replace cable. But thats my preference to do so.

        Just because you like the PI doesn’t mean others do and most won’t bother with it its not a mass unit its a project for hobbyists.

        • sdsnyr94 Feb 16, 2016 

          Your misunderstanding my intent. You would not lose Kodi functionality on the FireTV/ random Android box.. you would just need to use an ‘unofficial’ build such as SPMC.

          The only reason I mention the Pi is because it is a supported Kodi device, it even has it’s own thread in the forum, yet there are no official builds available… you need to use openelec, osmc, Xbian, etc….

          • Michael Feb 24, 2016 

            gettimg rid of kodi officially on android could possibly kill kodi, since right now the best build is there. i have a matricom with kodi bundled, and it works quite well with a few hiccups on most apps. I tried other media centers… kodi is the best. take it away, and you would lose people like me.

            i do not mind kodi trying to distance itself from pirates, but at least keep it open and available. remember, vcrs could pirate too.

    • Bandguy Feb 16, 2016 

      Assuming that Android boxes are all about piracy is no different than assuming Kodi is all about piracy. Not only is it likely that millions of Android users are not pirates I can assure you that thousands of service members use Kodi for a myriad of reasons including acquiring uncensored news feeds from the real world.

      You also have opinions from the U.S. Copyright office and Court decisions in the E.U. that clearly communicate that merely watching copyrighted content is not illegal. Sorting all this out will eventually have to be about legal processes, but as long as Debrid servers tout the legality of you paying for stolen copyrighted content there is the potential for a huge battle. As I grasp the message Kodi team simply wants no affiliation or presumed affiliation with anyone engaging in piracy or advocating that Kodi is about piracy. To that end it is not about Android, Windows or an operating system, but about people.

    • Tyler Feb 21, 2016 

      Stopping builds of an entire platform is incredibly hamfisted. I bought a Nexus Player specifically for Kodi because I was tired of having my laptop tethered to my television and I wanted a device with a nicely paired remote control. I don’t use any third-party add-ons, nor did I buy anything “pre-loaded”.

      I actually think stopping the official Android builds would only hurt legitimate Google Play users. What’s to stop a pirate retailer from grabbing the source and creating their own apk? They only have to figure it out once, then they can load it into a thousand boxes.

      I really don’t want to have to switch to a Raspberry Pi. I likely wouldn’t have X Windows to avoid bloat and speed things up which would mean I’d have OSMC and only OSMC, and even if I didn’t there isn’t really a decent ten-foot way of watching Netflix on Linux, so I ironically I’d be tempted to add a third-party add-on to make up for the lost content. So I think a lack of Android builds may actually incentivize piracy, and I can’t possibly imagine the reseller market would change in any tangible way. They’d either move away from Android or create their own build. The only sensible action is trademark enforcement, which is what Kodi is now trying.

    • Barkerbaggies Feb 22, 2016 

      Locking down the Android version is a shockingly bad idea – throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      I honestly don’t think the guys knocking out the pirate boxes are going to be slowed down by less-permissive software licensing. Kodi (and XBMC before it) is as close to a big brand as there is in media centre software – people will try to exploit that recognition, even if they’re running a forked build. It’s the price you pay for success.

  • Ryan (grayman001) Feb 14, 2016 

    These guys have been advertising this heaps. On Facebook sponsoring and websites in all different countries. It’s just a raspberry pi box with Kodi installed and the addons. I commented and let everyone know but they deleted my comment and blocked me. Hope you guys can take them down

    • Kode Feb 21, 2016 

      You seem confused on what Kodi are talking about, as far as I can see they don’t claim to have any affiliation with Kodi, or mention Kodi at all, basically… this is exactly what Kodi want?

  • Josh Feb 14, 2016 

    This is dumb. So if I buy a computer with windows… and install some programs to watch “free movies”, then microsoft should be worried because their platform is being used for illegal purposes? Shoudl windows be banned too? Or, in fact, every OS? Ridiculous.

    Just put clear statements in your websites and even a message inside Kodi istelf, Idc.

    • sdsnyr94 Feb 16, 2016 

      I can guarantee if you were selling boxes on ebay called ‘Microsoft Media Center – Fully Loaded – Free TV, XXX, PPV, etc…’ you would get a letter from their lawyers pretty quick.

  • CapricornOne Feb 14, 2016 

    Maybe put something akin to an anti-virus / malware into Kodi that prevents (or at least makes it difficult) to install Banned / Piracy Add-ons ?

  • Rick Harris Feb 14, 2016 

    Guys… This is an uphill battle. As Glenn said, a quick search shows HUNDREDS of listings (in one site only). Do you really have the resources (money/time/patience) to do this?

    And, even if you go after one seller and stop him, what do you think he would do FIVE MINUTES after that? (hint: to post ANOTHER ad, with a different name and a slight different description).

    I’m not condoning the pirates attitude. I’m just worried with you guys. What I can get from all this is that the team are (of course) visibly irritated with the situation, but I fear this course of action will only bring you more frustration.

    Remember: If even RIAA could not stop torrents sites… (of course, they try, but they HAVE resources)

    Please, chill out and think. Attack the immediate problem.

    * Are many newcomers coming to forum asking silly things? Put a pinned up message explaining the problem (probably with a link to this post) and reply with a “please read this” whenever you need.

    * There are many addons of dubious quality? Implement a trust/rating system for them and display a warning message before installing any untrusted/low-rating addon (albeit the pirates could easily recompile the source or use an older Kodi build to get around this one)

    Keep up the good work and remember: “If the path have spikes, do not try to cover it all with leather. Just use a leather shoe.”

  • Legions Feb 14, 2016 

    Damn, Kodi has been around along time and been only improving as a really great media center. It hurts to hear that people are hurting the image of Kodi/xbmc which only hinders the production of makeing Kodi/Xbmc even greater with much more support backing team kodi/xbmc.

  • Luke Feb 14, 2016 

    I just have to say I love you guys and I’m sorry that this has been happening. I promise to do has it and every day user of your product Kodi. This Media Center is the best media center of the world has ever seen and I will do everything in my power to protect it as you have given me the ability to make things happen I never thought possible.

    Kodi community, please let’s all come together and help them as they’ve made all of this possible for us.

    • Michael Feb 15, 2016 

      Keep up the good work guys, and that includes this particular fight! Good on ya.

  • John smith Feb 14, 2016 

    You might want to think about taking down that charlatan Husham Memar.I and many others are of the opinion that he has profited substantially on the back of your name and does nothing but proliferate rumours and lies within certain kodi communities.

  • Erle Bowman Feb 14, 2016 

    What about paying “Kodo” for the ability to cast to “Chromecast” and receiving crap?

  • Will Feb 15, 2016 

    Who goes to a public forum to complain that their piracy system isn’t working? And does anybody trust anything electronic bought on eBay anymore? Finally, how does the phrase “free movies” not ring a bell that something might be off? The gullibility of the few is overwhelming the majority. Ugh.

  • J876 Feb 15, 2016 

    Good on you guys for clamping down on people who drag Kodi’s name and reputation in the muck.

    If I come across someone doing this sort of stuff on YouTube or trying to flog dodgy highly modified illegal Kodi gear I will report it.

    I think you guys need to communicate with Amazon and eBay when you find these listings so they can hopefully be removed.

    To the developers who are threatening to leave please don’t! Not everyone uses Kodi to do the wrong thing.

    There is nothing like this media centre on the market that has this functionality.

    Please don’t quit!

  • Draven Feb 15, 2016 

    I have been trying warn people who are being preyed on by these MLM companies re-selling cheap streamers loaded with Kodi for 4-5x their value about what they are doing for months now. It’s a tough side of the issue to be on though. Surprisingly, people only care about “getting cable for free!”

    Glad to see you taking a stand and protecting what you’ve built. These people are ruining it for all of us.

  • Neil Feb 15, 2016 

    Why not close Kodi and make it a paying software. I for one would be very happy to pay for the software.

    • Dranzerk Feb 16, 2016 

      Because its open source, the reason it is being developed at all is because of that. If they put a price on it, that just closes down people to help on it for code changes, ad ons, etc.

      However, the idea of buying add-ons is appealing to me, you could make sure that old ones get phased out and new ones are updated more often when needed.

  • Reza Feb 15, 2016 

    BRAVO !! BRAVO !!

  • Kiro Feb 15, 2016 

    what about products like The Dragon Box?

  • Elpase84 Feb 15, 2016 

    There is a YouTube channel named solo man & he just began selling a magazine titled Kodi

  • Gabos Feb 15, 2016 

    So what do you guys actually use Kodi for if not to watch pirated movies? @Luke “make things possible I never would have thought” like what? I want to be able to use Kodi this way also.

    • ShadowTek Feb 17, 2016 

      You are missing the point, The Kodi team doesn’t give a damn what you use Kodi for, they don’t care id you use it to watch pirated movies, that is your business and they could care less.

      What they DO care about is people selling pirated boxes using the Kodi good name claiming to give out free movies, pirated cable channels etc.

      What that does is associate Kodi with piracy when Kodi has NOTHING to do with piracy, they (Kodi) are in the media player business, not the piracy business. companies that work with Kodi (thus helping Kodi be what it is today) will stop working with Kodi because illegal use of the Kodi name is associating them with piracy, and no legal company in there right mind will work with a company associated with piracy. That is the issue.

    • Paul Feb 17, 2016 

      What do people use Kodi for that’s NOT illegal? Come on now…surely you are ignorant to the sheer purpose of Kodi if you have to even ask that questions (I guess we know what you use it for eh? lol).

      * International channels – I get Greek and German channels here that I can’t even pay for if I wanted to.
      * unfiltered non-US based news – If you don’t believe everything Fox News says – then you may be intersted in Al Jazeera, BBC, and other 3rd party news feeds.
      * Peer Sources and streams – Some may be grey and non-legit, but there are many non-copyrighted content people will share!
      * Legal Addons – Nasa, HGTV, and a plethora of other ones are legal addons to use and provide content you’d have to view via a web browser or cable/satellite network even though they are freely available online.
      * LEGAL Cable TV – HDHomeRun Prime baby – There’s an official Kodi plugin, and Silicon Dust makes an app you can run on Android platforms….This ALONE saves me over $50 a month for set-top box rental fees from Verizon FiOS using cable card and android boxes as my “cable boxes”.
      * DVR – It’s your DVR front-end for cable and other 3rd party apps.
      * DLNA Media Player – Do you use Emby, Playstation Media Server, or any DLNA server to stream your PC media (movies, videos, music, and pictures) to your PS3? Well you can do this with Kodi too ;)
      * Anything you can code – If you are a Python developer/hobbyist (maybe others too) – you can make Kodi do WHAT EVER you can imagine within the confines of it’s abilities.

      This just touches the surface of what I use it for and many others. To assume it’s sole purpose is for piracy is sheer ignorance!

      I fully agree with references to Windows, guns, etc – It’s not the tool/OS/object that is illegal – It’s what people DO with it, that makes it illegal.

      I’m not going to lie either – sure I’ve checked out the seedy addons and some are pretty neat… However this is MY decision and risk. Selling pre-loaded “piracy boxes” is flat out stupid, bold, and wrong…They should be sued and/or shut-down. God damn leeches!

      I still mainly use my Kodi as my Cable and DLNA solution. If you know how to use Kodi right it’s extremely versatile, useful, and can save you lots of money…on LEGAL uses!

      • So_About_That Feb 21, 2016 

        RE: “* International channels – I get Greek and German channels here that I can’t even pay for if I wanted to.
        * unfiltered non-US based news – If you don’t believe everything Fox News says – then you may be intersted in Al Jazeera, BBC, and other 3rd party news feeds.”

        Are you paying the BBC and Al Jazeera subscription fees? These are not free services and BBC in particular goes to significant lengths to protect its content internationally. So if you are viewing it for free, then you are pirating. Also,just because you have no access to a transaction does not make it legal to steal the service. Unless the Greek et al channels are giving their content away, you are pirating. Just saying folks need be a tad reflective about creating an air of hypocrisy.

    • MrMidnight Apr 06, 2016 

      UK ex-pat living in Spain. The only addon I use is Filmon, for UK TV. It´s legal. Not everyone who uses Kodi is a pirate and I’m getting pretty sick of reading dumbass posts from ignorant fuckwits who think that everyone is a pirate like themselves.

  • Lee Bartholomew Feb 15, 2016 

    Good place to start is this site called just tons of supposed such boxes on there. They have some good stuff but the $$ stuff is alot of ?? behind it..

    simple search some are also on amazon. couldn’t tell whats legit. although trying to run movies straight off offers issues to begin with.

  • .Walid Feb 15, 2016 

    We love you kodi

  • LC Feb 15, 2016 

    Kodi is digging its own grave

    • nooryani84 Feb 16, 2016 

      How so? Both Mozilla and Canonical protect their intellectual property… there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • nec240 Feb 16, 2016 

      You are missing the point LC.

      Their post is about people selling “Kodi” boxes pre-installed with “untrustworthy repos” and “3rd party add-ons” designed for piracy. These people are making a buck off of Kodi, which is a free product, and at the same time associating Kodi with piracy, which is turning developers and app stores away from Kodi. They are hurting a free product we love by promoting it for piracy, which is something Kodi clearly stays way from.

      They are NOT trying to stop anyone from selling boxes for Kodi, or trying to stop you from doing anything you like with the Kodi box you have.

      Allowing the unapproved use of their copyrighted name for illegal purposes would be “digging their own grave.”

      • willdubs Feb 18, 2016 

        I agree nec240, and I think this is why they changed the name to Kodi. I don’t know that they would change it again. I’m tired also of the fact that people are walking around selling FREE software. And at huge markups at that, referring to hardware cost. I’m glad the foundation has taken action. But having to explain how a GPL license works to noobs? They don’t even understand the basic tenets of open source.

  • Jeff Feb 15, 2016 

    I am new to Kodi and I was just wondering what some official and legal Kodi addons there are? Thanks in advanced.

  • foxster Feb 15, 2016 

    Kodi. You know the software is used for watching pirated content and accessing tv streams and this is what makes Kodi so popular. If it wasn’t for that Kodi would be nothing and long gone by now…..

    what use is Kodi if you actually stopped using all the add ons such as Genesis etc? Not a lot.

    Accept what it is and stop denying the fact. Without the add ons Kodi is nothing more than just another basic media player.

    • nec240 Feb 16, 2016 

      1. If you think “Kodi is nothing more than just another basic media player,” you haven’t really looked into it, or compared it with others.

      2. Their post is about people selling “Kodi” boxes pre-installed with “untrustworthy repos” and “3rd party add-ons” designed for piracy. These people are making a buck off of Kodi, which is a free product, and at the same time associating Kodi with piracy, which is turning developers and app stores away from Kodi. They are hurting a free product we love by promoting it for piracy, which is something Kodi clearly stays way from.

      They are NOT trying to stop anyone from selling boxes for Kodi, or trying to stop you from doing anything you like with the Kodi box you have (unless you are doing Number 2 above).

      • . Feb 17, 2016 

        They are making money for the hardware they are reselling. Should Microsoft be attacking Best Buy, staples, and all the computer places that sell hardware at a markup install software and call it a Windows box that can play games?

        The resellers aren’t profiting from Kodi they are marking up the hardware cost (you know like EVERY SINGLE OTHER BUISNESS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD) and providing the extra time put it to install the programs that people would like.

        It’s no different then if they sell empty hardware tell the person to install Kodi, then charge them a flat or hourly rate to install that addons for them. With that process it would be 100% legal. That’s what every computer company in the world does. So why is selling a box marked up wrong?

        • shmo Feb 26, 2016 

          if you believe that then your stupid.

          for example amazon fire stick from amazon £35 on ebay with “kodi” preinstalled anything from £80 upwards that’s not an hardware mark up that’s the price of buying a £35 stick with kodi and apps preinstalled

      • ZOOM Feb 22, 2016 

        ask youself this question. would you use kodi as often if others stop developing so called pirated addons???? personally all you can watch on a stable basis are movies, and there are tons of android apps I prefer to watch movies over kodi. xbmc has been around for years and the people who developed it used and have made so called pirated add ons. do your research.. the problem is its gotten way out of hand too many new bees coming in and complaining wanting kodi to hold their hands……….

    • twf85 Feb 16, 2016 

      The poster went out of his way to clarify that the end user is ALLOWED to do whatever they like with hardware/software THEY OWN.

      The issue is not that HOW people are choosing to use their gear, it’s that 3rd-party vendors are linking the trademarked name with nefarious intent, and by doing so, are creating a MASSIVE headache on the forums.

      Also, I’m sure that the developers who are upset by this feel as though the fruits of their efforts are being smeared. How would you feel if a project you dedicated a big chunk of your free time to was being ripped off for the sake of someone else making a profit on ILLEGAL content delivery.

      You also have to wonder, should no clarity be provided, how long Kodi can expect to operate without coming under fire from the various media rights corporations who feel that Kodi too easily provides access to illegally obtained content. That’d be like working at a company whose stock is tanking. You wouldn’t know whether or not you’d have a job to come to tomorrow.

      This is an essential step for Team Kodi, and one I will fully support whenever and wherever I see vendors or channel operators attempting to deceive potential buyers.

      Having said that, as others have mentioned, I think that the community would benefit from a centralized reporting portal. Perhaps a detailed wiki explaining how to report a case of infringement on the top five sites (e.g. eBay, amazon, etc), as well as a form we can use to notify Team Kodi of the problem. The submissions could even go into a publicly accessibly list that users of the community could purview to enable more submissions per finding. That way we wouldn’t have to rely on users stumbling up a product individually, as I would think that volume here is a pretty significant determining factor in how quickly a product is taken down. I’m not too familiar with the take down policies of any of the big eStores, but I imagine that a seller is only allowed so many violations before their entire catalog is pulled. So if we had enough submissions sent in, we could put their business in jeopardy of losing a major sales channel. That should be enough motivation for them to at least discontinue the deceptive advertising practices they currently enjoy unchecked.

      All of this would require a centralized portal though. I think most people might feel some trepidation as they’re unfamiliar with the protocol/language used in these types of submissions. At the very least, we could really use a short how-to-wiki covering the major sites and how to submit a take down request.

    • Lukas Feb 16, 2016 

      “Accept what it is and stop denying the fact.”

      Where did they say that? Did you even read the article?

      What Team Kodi is saying in the article is not about “stopping piracy”, but stopping people from wrongly and misleadingly saying that “Kodi support piracy” – they don’t.

      They said they take a neutral stance, so long as the user takes responsibility for their own action (i.e. if you use Kodi to watch infringing contents, you are responsible for that infringement – not Kodi. It makes sense, otherwise you can probably just go out there and hit someone with your car then blame the car manufacturer for it – it’s your fault, not theirs). Kodi’s not gonna target individual users over what they watch at home, they will only target those who post all over the internet claiming that Kodi supports piracy.

      Your comment about the addons is off the mark too. So far as the video streaming / downloading / unlocking addons are concerned, they won’t ban you from using it, they just don’t support that kind of addons. So if you install that kind of addons and it doesn’t work or stops working, don’t come to the Kodi team asking for help, because you will get none. Zero. It’s not their problem.

    • jbazen Feb 20, 2016 

      dont complain. get famous. kodi is awsome, no doubt. if you just had regular addons i know you woukldnt even have this forum. i know you probably have kodi. you have mastered it and i bet you have a few sketchy addons….dont you?

      • Nathan Betzen Feb 21, 2016 

        We’ve had the forum since 2003. We didn’t have sketchy addons until 2011, and they’ve been banned from the forum since 2012. And nope, no sketchy addons for me. They don’t work nearly well enough for my needs.

  • gambLer Feb 15, 2016 
  • Neil Feb 15, 2016 

    I would love it if the kodi team made life difficult for these people… I have a idea but them if I posted it people could find away around it

  • Johnny Feb 15, 2016 

    Keep up the good work love useing kodi via my hdhomerun and cable card saves me 60 bucks a month on cable boxes love KODI KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT were with you.

    • KillerCat Mar 26, 2016 

      For me: HDHomeRun/MythTV (cablecard) frontend (which means I (over)PAY FOR MY CABLE SERVICE), listening to my premium DI.FM and SKY.FM subscriptions (which means THE ROYALTIES ARE PAID:, playing back the BluRay/DVDs I’ve bought and transcoded, playing back any of the music CDs I’ve bought or MP3s I’ve downloaded (and paid for) from Amazon.

      Of those the only marginally questionable activity is the BluRay aspect, but until someone forces MakeMKV “off the air” I’ll still do it, because I don’t want to drag around a BluRay player, for instance, on the plane. I’ve paid for (read: licensed) the content, I’ll play it back how/when I like, thank you very much.

      Those here who insist that Kodi is solely for playing pirated content should stop projecting their moral failings on others.

  • Senaxx Feb 15, 2016 

    I love that you guys are finally taking some action. These “boxes” are getting out of hand.

    Is there a submit form or topic where we can provide URLs?

  • Anthony Feb 15, 2016 

    I was just at the Chicago auto show and they had a both there selling the “kodi boxes” Amazon fire tv for 300 a pop. Saying cancel your cancel get everything free.

    • PAM SMITH Feb 18, 2016 

      PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT hdrays they are selling at State fairs

  • Wilfredo Feb 15, 2016 

    Wrong, Piracy is the cornerstone of Kodi (like it or not) you remove add ons what is gonna make me use Kodi over VLC, Plex or other “legal” stuff? You should remain neutral or people are going to move to other platform theres no loyalty in this type of things. Good Luck with your lega mumbo jumbo

    • nec240 Feb 16, 2016 

      Wilfredo, they do not care what you do to your Kodi box, or what you use it for. Read their post.

      All they are trying to do is stop people selling “Kodi” boxes pre-installed with “untrustworthy repos” and “3rd party add-ons” designed for piracy. These people are making a buck off of Kodi, which is a free product, and at the same time associating Kodi with piracy, which is turning developers and app stores away from Kodi. They are hurting a free product we love by promoting it for piracy, which is something Kodi clearly stays way from.

    • Brendan Feb 18, 2016 

      No one is saying remove the illegal addons. Read the OP. It is about Sellers making out they are selling legitimate KODI authorised boxes that are actually full of third party add-ons that break all the time.
      What people do at home in their own time for free is not of concern.

    • mobilemcclintic Feb 20, 2016 

      VLC, KM Video player and the like don’t have a media center interface.
      Plex also allows the use of addons that stream pirated content. (Still odd that Amazon sells it)
      Kodi provides one of the best GUI’s as well as can run without a backend server. Not sure if Plex supports Live TV via Mythtv or not, but personally I run both (Plex for remote use on trips or for the kids while talking to adults at a meetup) and honestly, Kodi is easier to setup and maintain.

  • ASWISS Feb 15, 2016 

    Where can we put the illegal Sites?

  • Twoods Feb 15, 2016 

    Wonder if you realize the reason kodi got so big in the first place is because of these unofficial add-ons. Crack down on it an you will be replaced. It’s that simple.

    • nec240 Feb 16, 2016 

      Twoods, you are missing the point. If the industrious vendors who do this would simply bother to rebrand Kodi, change the UI and call it something else, thus disassociating themselves from Kodi, no one would be going after them.

      The problem here is calling a box configured for piracy a “Kodi box.” If it comes pre-configured with unapproved repos and 3rd party add-ons, or, really, with anything other than vanilla Kodi, than it should not be called a “Kodi box.” Simple.

      If you want to install whatever you like on top of vanilla Kodi, go for it! They are not going after you, either. Just don’t try to sell your modified box as a “Kodi” product. This is not too much to ask, and they can legally do it, since they own the name. This was one of the reasons to switch away from “XMBC” to start with.

  • Scott Feb 15, 2016 

    Uh oh, Kodi is about to copyright the word “free”.

  • Jeff Feb 15, 2016 

    You guys should really do something about gear best.they have at least 60 different boxes for sale saying fully loaded

    • Jeff T Feb 18, 2016 

      I was just looking at some products on GearBest, BeeLink being one of them showing Kodi name. I decided to look at what Kodi was and why would I want the 50 most popular apps preloaded when I came across this forum. I have learned what I wanted to know and will build my own system with a clean copy of Kodi and go directly to their forum for answers I seek. Trying to make a movie server for special needs daughter that I can rip the DVD’s I own to a NAS and allow her to choose which video she wishes to watch without having her handle the physical media.

      To the developers, keep up the great work, and I saw some state a registration key to use. Consider this as a possibility, I register all the software I use with the developer, and will put up with the small hassle to do so, for the knowledge that working directly with them, I know the software is safe from unscrupulous programs.

  • kb Feb 15, 2016 

    They are selling on facebook and offerup.
    Promising free ppv and movies..

  • SmoothSinner Feb 15, 2016 

    That’s a good start. Now that you guys own the name KODI. Hopefully you guy can actually stop these people. Even here people are charging members to get early access to skins. It’s a tough fight ahead.

  • Lim Ann Hock Feb 15, 2016 

    Who can I contact if I get promotion from my facebook that claim the box that they sell is using Kodi.

    Good to have your service, I hope I can do something to help you.

  • greengeek Feb 15, 2016 

    What makes Kodi thrive IS that it is open source. It allows for so many people to contribute to it’s advancement. Closing the source would basically turn it into Plex and even Plex can be used with so many unofficial pirated channels. Lot of it’s developers and enhancements have came from the open source community.

    I think the way kodi is currently doing it is the best way. Take a strong stance against piracy and anything else that is illegal. Then go after anyone that might tarnish Kodi’s good name or cause confusion against official and unofficial products.

  • theincride Feb 15, 2016 

    Don’t forget to keep an eye on the chinese websites like …

    Crap loads of Android boxes coming preloaded with KODI..

    This will be a serious up hill battle.. My neighbour saw a ‘vendor’ at the canadian exhibition this past summer selling preloaded android boxes for $320cdn with all the addons you guys talked about.. He made sure to point out to customers in line that Kodi was free for anyone to download and there was no need for them to buy anything from these guys trying to make a quick profit..

    Needless to say they weren’t too happy about the customers that walked away because he spilled the beans…

  • Deviant Behavir Feb 15, 2016 

    I’ll be honest, I think Kodi is kinda full of it to just be taking this stance. When in so much of their information is basically a form of piracy or another. I get it, you think that by being legitimate you’ll get further with funders of your products, but you started out in jailbreaks and piracy and now you want to condemn it. Get real!

  • Geoff Feb 15, 2016 

    I agree with others. But you need to take it one step further.

    1. Establish in detail what is and what is NOT allowed for selling something listed with KODI.

    2. you need to do what other companies that have been copyright violated on Ebay / CL and Amazon do. Create a standard cease and desist form and establish a relationship with Ebay, CL and Amazon about what is happening so they can have those products removed.

    3.give us the user base the ability to help patrol these sites. Allow us a way to submit links when we find a product that is violating your IP so we can help.

    While this posting is a great way to notify the user base, without these followup steps, nothing will change, and the KODI name will continue to be tarnished.

    • Kristoffer Feb 15, 2016 


  • Bill Cardiff Feb 15, 2016 

    I actually use Kodi for er, sort of legal reasons. I’ve loaded a mini ITX board with OpenELEC for just the ability to play anything I can throw at it. It turns out that this platform will play any digital media I have, and play it the way it should be played.
    I have a Roku, an Apple TV box, and a BluRay player, as well as of course the media player built into my TV and I think there’s one built into my receiver as well.
    None of them will play the audio right, EXCEPT for the OpenELEC box. The rockets from Saving Private Ryan start where they are supposed to and explode where they should, the opening scene of Transformers 2 reverbs and echoes around my living room. No other players do this right. The raw decoding of the audio stream is the only reason I have a box set up with OpenELEC. I love the software, I have the TV shirts (many of them actually). I also have an android box, that I sold.. LOL.

  • Nicholas Faella Feb 15, 2016 

    GooBang Doo is selling these boxes with Kodi on Amazon

  • Elle Feb 15, 2016 

    Thank God kodi is trying to stop this. I went to a state fair where there was a couple selling these” kodi boxes” for OMG 300$ each I felt so horrible for the elderly couple that already purchased it as I was walking by. You could tell they weren’t tech savvy and would never be able to work the box. Such horrible people in this world to take advantage of people like that.

  • buriedpast Feb 15, 2016 

    Truly sucks that Kodi is having their name and rep dragged though the mud on this issue. I for one will be looking for those who improperly rebrand Kodi for their own purposes and will report as requested by the team. I enjoy the services the team provides me via development of Kodi and will do what I can to prevent their efforts being hampered by unscrupulous marketers. And in response to other commenters – I seriously doubt that any other team could develop a product as “polished’ for use by the masses as is Kodi in the unfortunate event Kodi ‘goes’. Just my $0.02.

  • DOGONE (Wayne) Feb 15, 2016 

    I never heard of this happening nor will I ever buy a box. But now I hear of people selling these boxes with the Kodi name, we have a Flea market in our city I hear of a guy selling TV boxes with 1000′s of channels for like $130cad. I will now check this out to see if he using the Kodi name and report him.

    I would hate for Kodi to go off line (ie. Developers leaving) I love this cannot get enough of Kodi better than downloading content cause Kodi is like your personal HDD station it will always be there when ever you want to watch something.

    Kodi devs stay where you are your doing an awesome job, it’s just these morons trying to make a quick buck at your expense, maybe just stop developing the Android version all together.

    The only way for this to work is only for Windows and Mac, I don’t know about Linux. Some kind pre-sent line of code to make sure the version Kodi YOU are using is legit once every time you open the software if it suspects anything out of the ordinary (the box only) it will shutdown.
    ^*This maybe the ONLY solution*^

    • Dave Feb 16, 2016 

      Are you in Edmonton? If so, I think I know the flea market you’re talking about…

  • Ed Feb 15, 2016 

    What a joke. Kodi is so full of it. Nice CYA PR stunt. I doubt anyone is using this device for legit means. Save it clowns.

  • LJ74 Feb 15, 2016 

    Ive been using KODI for a little while and its great and while i understand the trademark thing i cant believe that someone was using a third party app to watch movies and didn’t know that they were watching pirated content. it sucks that stupid people ruin everything.

  • Dan Feb 15, 2016 

    Regarding “fully loaded” Android builds, here is an idea.
    Create a small ‘shim’ apk version of the official kodi builds, with the official signing key, that links to market://com.whateverkodisnameis.xbmc. That way on first run it will grab the latest official version from the play store.
    I’ve seen google use these apks on phones with small system partitions.
    You could then incentivize box sellers to include that app to become “certified” or something like that. Then have a list of certified models on somewhere.

    Obviously this is a small idea that would only work for honest sellers.

  • Garret Noling Feb 15, 2016 

    I feel like Kodi users fall pretty firmly into two camps. Those of us that want an amazing media center, and those that simply want free/pirated content. I suspect there isn’t even a lot of overlap as is pretty obvious at least from those that comment — especially on facebook and social media.

    Kodi forever, I hope you guys/gals never quit and know that people appreciate yours, the communities, and all the past effort.

    It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a project disband over jerks like this, Kodi is just so great that it’s a really big target for this kind of crap.

  • Libman Feb 15, 2016 

    Why to fight for free? Trademark fight is good but what is better is you sell your own Kodi devices so that you be more on profitable business while keep developing the free open source platform.

    • da-anda Feb 15, 2016 

      the second we sell boxes, we also have to establish professional customer service, need some sort of distribution system etc. We’re no company, so who should do it? We’re also non-profit and I don’t see how selling stuff fits in that picture.

  • Dan Feb 15, 2016 

    While I understand Kodi’s plight here. At the very base, the unofficial addons aren’t doing much more than say explorer or Firefox can do – which is deliver streamed content to a user.

    Kodi should be looking at the explosion of the use of their product as a success – even if the use is primarily for the unnoficial addons. What Kodi is indeed providing is a vehicle for limitless curated content, with piles of bells and whistles that you can’t find on other platforms – or at least not integrated. There’s a reason why people are using Kodi for their content, and not something like explorer – it is a media player like no other.

    Getting to my point, given the fact that it is so easy to add content for just about any type of interest, country, language, add subtitles etc. Kodi could be the solution for many content creators to get their product to market. Cable is going the way of the Dodo, and fast – it’s just such a terrible deal – and it can’t deliver anything that the internet doesn’t already have in spades. Services like Netflix are great, but they don’t have the features, or Live TV. Kodi does it all.

    So instead of looking at “The Piracy Box Sellers” etc as dragging your name through the mud – look at this way, these are the people driving the product, and propping up it’s name. It’s only a matter of time before be cable companies and content providers catch on realize the inevitable. Via the unofficial and official addons Kodi boasts the largest collection of on demand video, and the largest amount of live streaming TV from around the world – in one place. What more proof do you need to position yourself as the platform for digital entertainment of the future?

  • Lee Feb 15, 2016 

    That’s the problem with all the shady quick buck scammers out there. It’s pretty easy to educate the consumer and let them know the facts. And on the same note offer after sales support anyways so kodis name doesn’t get dragged through the mud anyways. It’s pretty easy and there are a (very) few reliable sellers/developers out there.

  • Rup Feb 15, 2016 

    Guys, you need to automate this process or explain how we manually submit offenders so that cease and desist messages can be sent to eBay / Amazon / you tube

    Something along the lines of


    To make it easy for folks to report these guys but also easy for you to action. Otherwise people won’t realise what they’ve got to do and if they do there will be too many for you to manage.

    • willdubs Feb 18, 2016 

      This is a good idea.

  • Allen welk Feb 15, 2016 

    I agree with team kodi, greedy people suck!!!!!!!!!!! The sellers off these boxes should make there own tech, they should never profit off of free open source.

  • Mario Feb 15, 2016 

    This may already be part of registration for the forum but if not you should spell out clearly and make the user click on each item (inital here and here and here… etc) for instance… postings of the following nature will have your account suspended: ….(posting for support of unsupported addon, etc) hopefully you get the idea.

    That should help curtail some of the posting and if possible – have a user agreement and make all users new and current agree when it’s updated maybe?

    just a thought to help “spread your message and frustration” to everyone… because not everyone will even read this blog post but if you make them and then agree to it point by major point you can drive it home as they say.

    good luck – personally I think greed will always find a way… sadly.

  • Di3sel Feb 15, 2016 

    I know its against your guys ethics but i`d happily pay for Kodi.
    Just a quick search on lists over 7300 returns with the word Kodi.

    Im a long time user and started using Xbmc way back on the original Xbox to stream my own ripped dvd`s from my movie server, and with the onslaught of these boxes I can see it only being a matter of time before Kodi either ceases or is driven another way, away from genuine users who use it for the reason it was intended.

    If you could provide a link to report these illegal sites, Id happily help as it`s given a little back to you guys after many years of using your program for free.

  • Marco Feb 15, 2016 

    hmmm, site is tough to reach. Angry fake-sellers trying to DDOS
    Please share instructions ass Geoff comments.
    and maybe add

    4. set-up a network of (authorized) community members who help you in their country.

  • Peter Steenbergen Feb 15, 2016 

    Please just listen to what Scott said on the forum thread. He basically said exactly what I meant without the emotion added to it that apparently got me banned.

    Remove 3rd party support. Sign/Encrypt/Do whatever to only allow Kodi approved addons. They need to alter the code to get irt working, so soon enough one of those forks will be their new playground.

    Problems soved.

    • willdubs Feb 18, 2016 

      That’s a very good idea. I’m in support of modifications to the software in order to combat the problem.

  • Dennis E. Mungai Feb 15, 2016 

    A simple search and you’ll land on this junk:

  • Please just listen to what Scott said on the forum thread. He basically said exactly what I meant without the emotion added to it that apparently got me banned.

    Remove 3rd party support. Sign/Encrypt/Do whatever to only allow Kodi approved addons. They need to alter the code to get it working, so soon enough one of those forks will be their new playground.

    Problems soved.

  • heftyhipster Feb 15, 2016 

    The you-tubers in question announced yesterday that they are creating a Kodi fork called FMC.

    They may change the name and a few lines of code but it in the end it is still Kodi at its base.

  • ryan Feb 16, 2016 

    Why people aren’t happy with the shed load of legitimate content readily available through the sources that come with kodi I don’t know!

  • Alok Best Feb 16, 2016 – looks like these guys are using your name in a bad way then……
    they thrive on pirated stuff. Same as Wookie & entertainment box. Charging 50 pounds for a kodi wizard build…..
    This is why its all going to hell….greedy bums

  • Lee Feb 16, 2016 

    It’s so hard to find good people theses day kodi team all the good people thank you and your hard work since reading the lame people trying to earn money iv seen so many on eBay it’s sick you haven’t ask for any money or anything from us maybe if possible you can do like a password on kodi one code to one person I don’t no if that’s possible but worth a try dev don’t give up you guys are the best thank you for all your help for kodi really iv never moan or got mad if kodi went wrong or anything because I know what it’s like trying to make something for free I do play with programs ect so it is hard work thank you Lee

  • SaulHeno Feb 16, 2016

    Found this,
    They are making Kodi devs out to be the bad ones,if their skulls were any thicker it would just be a solid block.

  • Vitaly Feb 16, 2016 

    This is a problem with every platform. And I mean any. Should Microsoft complain that Windows PC is used to download stuff off pirate bay, or on android you can install apps that block ads and prevent google making money from systems they provide for free. Any platform can be hacked or misused, especially if it open source.

    Attacking people who make videos or sell boxes does not really solve the problem… They sell android boxes for the most part… so blame Google for providing an OS to run your software on.

    By they way Plex has addons that can be used to pirate content they same way… and they are fine.

    The problem with Kodi/XBMC is that its TOO GOOD and you guys are awesome!

    • Joey T Feb 16, 2016 

      The trouble though, is that these dirtbags are using the Kodi name to seek their garbage, which sullies the Kodi name.

  • keith Feb 16, 2016 

    Why not make add-ons which are OK get an official signing key and configure kodi by default only to installed signed addons? Or even make it so unsigned addons cannot be installed?

  • WarPigs Feb 16, 2016 

    Please let your team know there are 100′s of thousands or millions of users that appreciate the work you all do on the Kodi app. Engage your users for support and continue to fight. Long live Kodi! Thank you.

  • psysfaction Feb 16, 2016 

    I fully agree with this.
    I use Kodi and have installed it for many people as a media center for their local content.
    I once made the mistake of showing somebody one of those unstable Add-ons and it just caused headaches.

    Now I’m back to mostly local content and I’m even using my HTPC to rip my parents CD and DVD collection.
    Just yesterday I have gotten one of my old Xbox out of storage and was amazed to see that there is till a quite up to date build of XBMC/Kodi.

    Keep up the good spirit and don’t let these short sighted people get you down.

  • fonzie Feb 16, 2016 

    A couple of ideas. If anyone is good at scripting, they should make browser addons for chrome, firefox, etc to make it simple for someone to report URLS of people selling these shady boxes.

    Also, when signing up the forum, you can have a little disclaimer explaining about these “kodi” boxes and how they’re not affiliated or officially supported. Once they read that, they take a little questionairre to make sure they understand. If they pass, they can now post on the forum. May be a little more hassle for new users but I think it could cut down on those rule violation posts.

  • Scott Feb 16, 2016 

    Looks like your on right track but think you should go approved addon route. Get rid of all the unofficial crap.

    • Oath Feb 18, 2016 

      This wouldn’t help. They would just stop using newer builds that have that update in it.

  • Joey T Feb 16, 2016 

    Screw all the broke-ass Walmart shopping dirtbag pirates. Kodi is a fantastic media player and substitute for a Kaleidoscape-type system for those who would rather build it themselves than buy it.

    Keep up the good fight.

  • Torrie Feb 16, 2016 

    I have been using XBMX and Kodi to stream my home files for well over 10 years now. It shocked me at Christmas when I went to a local Christmas Bazaar at the EXPO there was 2 vendors selling boxes for 300-500 fully loaded with Kodi running Genesis. I even said something to the tools and they just laughed at me and asked me to leave.

  • Bill Feb 16, 2016 

    If someone was selling the devices with KODI on them BUT did NOT advertise the KODI name in any way.. would that person be in the clear?

  • Itanaman Dakar Feb 16, 2016 

    Does his apply to people using the name XBMC instead of Kodi, or TVMC instead of Kodi, even though they are using the Kodi software, but not mentioning the name?

  • kuya Feb 16, 2016 

    not to worry fmc is coming soon, then it will be back to normal

  • Aj Feb 16, 2016 

    How do we contact you to let you know when some cheeky git is using the Kodi name .. and robbing people … could do with setting up some sort of contact page just entirely for that so you get them all in a list … with options for where they are doing it, who it is and how they are doing it so you can legally go kick their ass !

  • Luisitofrias Feb 16, 2016 

    We love Kodi, the best Media Center.

  • CommonSense Feb 16, 2016 

    XBMC please clarify something for me. If one sells a device with android O.S. device and say that it includes the open source streaming media player Kodi which allows users to stream digital media from LAN and the internet…that’s not a violation or smear of any kind right? So, if you agree with that don’t you think you bear some responsibilty of reputation risk if modifications for pirating comes about especially when you create that code under GPL? If you really want to protect your name and your brand walk away from GPL, privatize Kodi, and be done with it. As long as you operate under GPL add-ons approved or not will continue and you won’t stop it. A merchant indicating that their device is fully loaded with kodi bears no implication whatsoever of any impropriety or misrepresentation. Personally, I think it’s stupid if a seller does this, but you going after a merchant that uses this for selling a device with Kodi is a waste of time and resources and hardly actionable. Most guys on the web/youtube (you know who they are) make no guarantees about add-ons to kodi. Most stream device sellers don’t need to make outlandish claims to sell Kodi with their product. It’s already out in the universe what Kodi can be used for legitimate or not.

  • Mike Feb 16, 2016 

    Sorry, but pandoras’ box has been opened….I’ve been running different flavors of ubuntu for years now, and never knew what XBMC was capable of until the fire stick, and kodi…..and now word has spread like wild fire….NOT FROM ME….I had no clue……then when I heard ( from a cop friend) who got a fire stick with Kodi….I investigated, and was like ” damn….I had XBMC all these years and never knew!!”…..don’t know what to say except to just post a GIANT disclaimer…..if that even helps…..what did the people that developed the first cd or dvd burner do?… can’t help what someone does with what you came up with……just hope it doesn’t bite you in the ass in the end I guess….

  • Gabi Feb 16, 2016 

    Hi, i think what your’e doing is wrong, and I’ll tell you why :
    It’s like a picture you created using photoshop and uploaded i to some photo website to share with the world, and then someone took this picture and starting advertise it on his website and logo for other thinks, there is nothing you can do about it !!!
    It’s like blaming Microsoft for pirate gaming because they use it’s OS to play the games.
    You created an amazing software that other people use for there own gain, this is how the world works unfortunately …
    If you think you can fight it good luck to you, I’m using your software everyday for my local content and it’s AMAZING !

  • rrain Feb 16, 2016 

    Kodi is a great open system for media, Just like Windows is a great system for PC’s

    Both Systems can be uses for good or bad things. it is not Windows or Kodi’s job to police.

    That being said vendors of any TV boxes using Kodi should pay a fee per box to Kodi.
    This would not indicated Kodi approval of the vendor or how the vendor is using the software.

  • S4rs Feb 16, 2016 

    There really is no reason for piracy now a days on kodi either. It’s easier then ever to get legal content with the pvr addons, HDHomeRun support, and great plugins like youtube and the many other on the kodi official repo. I would be the first to say I don’t have a problem with you removing access to additional repos. I know some are useful but maybe you could compile that option out for releases and rcs. Or make people compile kodi themselves and swap the badging in git when people download the source. I know you shouldn’t have to do anything but I would hate it if you have to spend money on legal.

  • robby Feb 16, 2016 

    love it lol it was only a matter of time serves them right no matter how many times people read not to buy into anything that its free they never listen thinking there going to one up someone else when in fact 100% they have less then a guy like me thats been on this since xbox media center i love how far kodi has taken this id never pay a single dime unless its a hell of a gaming computer lol or faster internet them boxes are poo

  • David Jacobs Feb 16, 2016 
  • Skoutariotis Feb 16, 2016 

    Kodi team ought to team up with approved boxes.
    Create a page on Kodi site, create a promo and give it to all approved vendors and let THEM promote YOUR promotion of THAT approved vendor. DO NOT ALLOW vendor to promote Kodi, anyone can do that as they do now! Have some verification process of the vendor linking to your promo page. This will inform people to know THIS IS an approved box, vendor is happy and so is the user and WE honest existing users get to keep our Kodi going! Make those box makers who make money off off YOUR hard FREE work pay something towards the cause!
    Also, if you DO come up with such promo page, let us know so we can promote it!

  • Matt Feb 16, 2016

    are selling “kodi sticks – Never pay for films or football/sport again!
    Ditch your sky and be better off every month!”

  • Cassisy Feb 16, 2016 Free TV and movies on Kodi

  • Johnboy0070 Feb 16, 2016 

    Before I heard of Kodi, I paid £80.00 for a box that, quite frankly. was a waste of money.
    It claimed to have everything installed, but most of the links didn’t work.
    Now I have Kodi on my PC, it works fine and it needs to be protected against these scammers and fly boys.
    It’s an uphill battle.
    Pirate software has been around since the start of personal computers in the home.
    But good luck anyway, and thanks for a great program……

  • Jong-soo Feb 16, 2016 

    Couldn’t the devs just be adult about it and simply ignore these ripoffs? So much wasted energy…

  • steve janeway Feb 16, 2016 

    Please, please, please for the sake of us over 50 crowd, use language that the dumbest guy in the room can understand when posting. Us old farts want to learn too.

  • Kitsab Feb 16, 2016 


    I’m an early fan of Kodi(XBMC) since Eden. I’m very happy that this software exists and I want to say a big thank you to all developers working on this project.
    I’ve donated 50€ today and I hope the work on Kodi will be continued.
    Please don’t stop this project. Kodi is great, I hope there will be ways to avoid the Kodi abuse. Maybe by a different license model.

    Thanks Kitsab

  • mattv Feb 16, 2016 

    Please, please get this guy off of Youtube and him selling “fully loaded kodi boxes”

  • Gabos Feb 16, 2016 

    How about focus on making Kodi even better…People have been using Mac and PC’s for years for piracy…why not go to the source of the problem “the internet” shut the internet down then things will really be moving forward….but seriously make Kodi a must have software the first thing you want to install when you get a new laptop/phone/box etc quit worrying about how ppl use their Windows 10 or Mac OSX or Kodi Isengard.

  • Geeba Feb 16, 2016 

    It’s always been a problem…. I’m an old skool Xbox user and it was the reason why you couldn’t sell a modded xbox on ebay for many years…

    The amount of junk for sale on the web that comes with Kodi installed is a concern but you can’t point a finger at android, that’s just plain ridiculous… any OS can be used for piracy.

  • Geeba Feb 16, 2016 

    Taking Kodi and using it for their own personal gain?

    Isnt that Plex? LOL :D

  • Gabos Feb 16, 2016 

    Okay I think I’m starting to get a better understanding about whats going after realizing Kodi is selling their software to Box Companies like Nvidea, Minix so in reality Kodi really doesnt care about the 3rd party addons, its the box sellers that are installing Kodi on a lot cheaper boxes from conpanies Kodi doesnt make money off, which I have no problem with Kodi having a issue with them about, if I could afford a 400$ Minix box or a Nvidea shield box I would much rather have one of them than a 35$ fire tv stick or watching off my android phone…I was thinking it was about Kodi having a problem with piracy in general being used, but the bottom line is if everyone was buying a Minix or Nvidea Shield boxes there would be no complaining and everone would be happy and once apple tv see they are losing out to companies like Minix they will eventually work out a deal with Kodi…but with all these lil cheap android boxes getting in the way they are hurting Kodi deal with the major box companies…I personally would love to use the Kodi software on a Nvidea Shield I just cant afford it at the moment.

    • alma Feb 16, 2016 

      you even spell NVIDIA wrong

    • Bingoking Feb 16, 2016 

      Please link the place you found stating that Nvidia is paying off Kodi. I will go get my popcorn ready while waiting….

  • rostyk Feb 16, 2016 

    Well… I think we have reached a boiling point here!
    Lets imagine this “Bright future of Kodi”
    1) Kodi becomes fully close sourced Payware peace of software protected by DMCA, (Preferably owned Microsoft / Apple… You name it)
    2)All of content within it become strictly VOD with lets say $500 per hour for a TV programme and 1500-3000$ for a movie.
    In That case all of the content will be strictly legal, and everybody will be happy living it their utopic world wearing their great pink glasses, counting dozens of big and fluffy flying elephants grassing on a honey meadows.
    Well… To be honest I don’t think so.

  • SanderBroek Feb 16, 2016 


  • Luis Feb 16, 2016 

    Separate piracy addons from kodi is something like separate movie files from any popular player.
    Sooner o later a new software media center will come to sustitute kodi in order to offer ways to watch iptv or streaming movies free.
    Sellers will always make money offering hardware with effort of others, Youtubers always will make money advertising people ways to watch for free contents.

    Kodi becomes popular because of these type of addons and will die because of avoid them.

  • Stephen Feb 16, 2016 

    Have my support KODI. Keep on rocking.

  • D Feb 16, 2016 

    The issue with is Kodi being associated with piracy as if they were promoting piracy. I see it the same way as when you see the cheap “Android TV Box” as opposed to an actual “Android TV”. NVidia Shield, Google Nexus Player, and Razer Forge TV are the only “Android TV” boxes. But you will see untold legion of “Android TV Box” being sold and represented as the same thing, which they are most definitely not.

  • rambo Feb 16, 2016 

    Its so easy stop piracy over KODI just not allow stream add on to install on KODI you can reslove this step by step using some API key or using only licenced add ons, if DMCA, MPAA and RIAA start monitor you, that will be end of KODI.

  • Dan Feb 16, 2016 

    I was walking around a travelling flea market type place last summer and I came across a vendor selling Android boxes with Kodi installed for $300. They didn’t come out and advertise that you could view pirated content on it but it was heavily implied and there were specific add-ons installed on the demo unit that are banned for just this reason. I decided to take about and hour out of my day and explained to anyone that looked like they were interested just what they would be buying. I chased away a number of sales in that time and got some very satisfying dirty looks from the sellers. The point I am trying to make here is that the community could help stop this sort of thing by leaving comments or reviews wherever these things pop up to warn people of what they are thinking of buying. Maybe even point them to or even this particular post. This would have the double effect of drying up sales of the shady boxes and increasing the awareness of this wonderful media center software that many of us have come to love. Just my two cents.

  • Del Feb 16, 2016 

    The move to android/apple has well and truly bitten kodi on the ass.

    A victim of it’s own success.

    Whilst development for Android and Apple continues then so will the cat and mouse.

    No one cares as long as the $$$ are rolling in.

    Get rid of one another pops up.

    The only way to root out the problem is to have an authentication process for installation of addons in future releases of Kodi. Guess it would be easier than trawling page after page and sending DMCA take downs after another.

    Dark days are ahead.

    • rambo Feb 16, 2016 

      Stream add ons are problems, they offer movies, tv shows, sports chanell and more ilegall staff.In future relase of KODI they must stop and block those add ons.

    • Someone who can think Feb 17, 2016 

      Yes, because the open source code wouldn’t then be forked to lift this option, creating a HIGHER demand and premium price for the forked copy of Kodi that doesn’t have this restriction.

      You know kind of like the exact firesticks that can be sold for 2-5 times the $35-$40 cost because someone else can install the software that’s not in the “Amazon Approved Market”

  • Ian Feb 16, 2016 

    I’ve seen some sellers claiming that only downloading content is illegal, but streaming is not. Is this true? This looks like a loophole that might make it difficult to stop them.

  • springroll Feb 16, 2016 

    These guys need to be reported too. They would even set up booths at baby shows selling their products.

  • Ian Feb 16, 2016 

    PS – thank you Kodi devs, there are many people out here who support your great work so please don’t let a load of greedy, unscrupulous idiots get you down!

  • ariendj Feb 16, 2016 

    Go Team Kodi, stop the douchebags.

  • Mike Feb 16, 2016 

    All you idiots need to go back and read the post carefully. They said they don’t care what you do with the software (load third party add-ons,, watch all the pirated stuffs to your heart content) just don’t go selling (advertising) it as a “Kodi” box.. It is an open source software, go in the code and change the “kodi” name and logo to your own… like “the_magic_stick” and advertise it as that. SIMPLE.

  • Phil Freeman Feb 16, 2016 

    Using the trademark rights of Kodi to prevent it from being used in a manner that the owners do not wish it to be is a good idea.

    The problem is with sites such as ebay, that don’t care a jot about so much of the misleading selling that goes on that breaks many a law is various countries.

    I have contacted them at the top level a few times and all I get is the same corporate bull that also states that because the business is essentially run outside of the borders, then there is nothing that anybody can do.

    What I would suggest is contacting regional government elected representatives and ask for them to take up a crusade against such practices that happen within their borders but where they seem to have no control because of where a business is registered.

    Politicians are always looking for a platform that will get them media airtime and raise their profiles to further their own ambitions, so it should not be difficult to find such an opportunist.

  • Mathias Feb 16, 2016 

    You should probably change the headline to read

    …Are NOT Kiling Kodi

    (like a mission statement)

  • DEv CPP Feb 16, 2016 

    Craigslist is another such website that has the issue of selling these items and people saying that watch free tv and movies. They charge anywhere from 75 to 150 for the devices. I receive calls from people who i have done work for and I advise them to be very careful when buying electronics on Craigslist and to stay away from such people who sell the devices.

  • Gogelle Feb 16, 2016 

    Kodi Deutschland:
    call for donations:
    They offer modified build on
    Funny thing is, they complain when others extract some of their addons claiming copyright:

  • Richard Feb 17, 2016 

    Check out this website I think theirs enough on the first page.
    ( and wow look at that price )


  • Plastic Jeezus Feb 17, 2016 

    I just donated, I had meant to for a while now. Screw them. Thanks for all you do .

  • Bandguy Feb 17, 2016 

    You can not start requiring signatures nor can you block developers or add ons. Once you start that then it is just a matter of time before the time wasted trying to maintain their Kodi installation makes Kodi a bad proposition. Additionally you will find that too many Kodi team resources will end up devoted to dealing with issues related to authentication rather than application development. I think the Kodi team has got it right. Protect the Kodi name and denounce piracy. There are likely few products anywhere that are safe from someone finding some questionable way to use them. It can not be Kodi’s responsibility to police the world. Kodi might be correct in making it part of their licensing agreement that the software may not be used fr piracy or illegal purposes, but trying to enforce your wishes on the world will surely wreck the entire project in the long run.

  • Trespasser Feb 17, 2016 

    I agree with your article. Thanks for writing it. I can understand why coders who work on Kodi are offended by all this exploitation.

    I’ll, also, do as you suggest. When I see someone using the name “Kodi” in and unfair way I’ll post in response to it. It’s the least I can do to support this cause.


  • freak Feb 17, 2016 

    Kodi is the best thing since sliced bread and has completely revolutionized how the world is watching TV. My hats off to the K Team, never ever give up on your dream and to those who wish to try and scam it, be aware we Will hunt you down !!!

  • JustAGratefulCustomer Feb 17, 2016 

    There were rumors online of the team’s frustration and that this was coming. I really can’t say as I blame them but would say that this project is so very worth it. Be it from the product features to the flexibility of the application to the absence of data mining there are just so many things to like about the solution. Would ask that the team hang in there. There are so many of us who truly do appreciate this product and the work you all are doing.

    Having read online that this may be coming and working in the software industry myself I’ve been mulling ideas on ways to try to cut down on this problem without taking away from the beauty of how you’ve designed the product. Wanted to offer a few lines of thought. Perhaps using them in concert.

    The first is just good old plain education. Build an encrypted component into the application that stores a list of approved Kodi plugins. This component would be updated using the same update mechanism as the application. Then add a periodic nag screen the pops up when an unapproved plugin is launched that educates the user that unapproved plugins are not supported, may violate licensing, yadda, yadda, yadda, and finally provides a link for reporting a plugin. This doesn’t stop the bad guys from building boxes and selling them to those who are gullible enough to buy something without doing any homework but it does either force the builder to hack the code and not allow updates or gets the end user to realize what they’ve got and thus maybe cut down on support requests.

    The second is a bit more targeted and that is to reduce the audience for these plugins from who knows what repo or box builder. So many people who are getting these boxes are doing so because they are fed up with high cable and satellite subscription costs. Most cord cutters understand that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a handful of other streamer options can be MUCH more than sufficient for cutting the cord. When they look at options they see that Apple TV, Google TV, Roku and a few others provide streaming options but they lack the functionality that Kodi has for Live TV (OTA, etc.) and offline library integration (no, Plex doesn’t cut it). People (me) just want a clean single solution for their browsing and media consumption. If Kodi were to integrate the major streamers into the core product it you would have a product that is SO much more powerful than Apple TV, Roku, etc. I believe it would also reduce the desire for the grey/black market plugins. I know this has been rejected before, and understand why, but wish you would reconsider.

    The last idea would be to look for options in modifying the GPL terms and then license box builders. It would afford you a much deserved revenue stream, afford a degree of quality control, and provide a bigger hammer to user to go after these box builders. Again, I know I’m not the first to recommend this but just putting it back out there.

    For me, my primary driver for using Kodi is to have a single tool that addresses 3 desires;
    * Cut the cord
    * Play my offline library (music, pictures, tv shows, pvr)
    * Cut down on big brother data mining (don’t mind that they know I watch a show but don’t like them knowing when I watch plus all the other data points they are trying to track now.)

    Sorry for the book but hope it helps. Thanks again.

    • Anthony Feb 18, 2016 

      Good points!

    • Let's Move Forward Feb 27, 2016 

      I agree that major streaming services need to be integrated with Kodi. I would like to also note the lack of accessibility of digital copy movies. I do not even know how to obtain a movie as a file except to use video conversion software that takes more time than it is worth. I LOVE KODI but it is insane that Team Kodi complains about piracy box makers and youtubers when there are such limited options for accessing content legally. I can’t seem to access digital copies that I own through Kodi since I do not see Flixster, VUDU, Disney Movies or UltraViolet addons.

      Music addons are also lacking. Free options for Spotify, Slacker Radio, Amazon Prime Music would go a long way to making KODI media center that is relevant in terms of legitimate content providers.

  • It's not eight Feb 17, 2016 

    I have several names of people who are selling kodi…….

  • George Clooney Feb 17, 2016 

    I am afraid any actions taken against sellers can be only enforced in North America and Europe leaving GooBang Doo and his Chinese friends have the market to themselves. Sellers do serve the buyers e.g. if something is wrong with the hardware they will give a new one and they also provide a little bit of technical support to their customers. In the likely scenario of Chinese reseller dominating the market, if something is wrong with your box, you will have to ship it back to China and wait months for it to be shipped back to you hopefully repaired/new.

    The demand is created by users to save on their cable/sattelite/Netflix bills. The sellers are not pushing the demand.

  • Vitaly Feb 17, 2016 

    To tell you the truth, half of the Kodi OFFICIAL add-ons don’t even work properly all the time. Also, Kodi IS made to pirate things. The dam things scans databases and ads fanart to movies that are…………. pirated from beginning, they created this monster and not it came back to roost.

    • MrMidnight Apr 06, 2016 

      Yeah, right. Like computers are made to pirate things. And tablets are made to pirate things. And phones are made to pirate things. And DVD burners are made to pirate things. Are you naturally that stupid or have you had to work at it?

  • Vitaly Feb 17, 2016 

    DON’T BE A CRYBABY, you cant get other companies to work with you because the product is unstable. It’s hard to use and there are easier alternatives. going after people makes just like a stupid cable companies trying to control what people do on the internet.

  • nero Feb 17, 2016 

    kodi is not an easy software, and not YET an issue. However i strongly agree to take down ALL listings and sites that sell KODI with any third party addon that are illegal. i think KODI team should form a new team “kodi legal” and have them scrap the different sites and take them down…

    KODI will die if this does not happen!

    If the above becomes a success, i can tell you what will happen next

    Someone will develop XBMC alongside kodi and all users will start using XBMC instead of KODI. and now kodi team has no control over anything.

    KODI TEAM WONT be able to break the piracy, however they can make life a hell, and complicated. which is the way forward…

  • Bandguy Feb 17, 2016 

    I suspect what happened is Kodi went to the show and thought they were going to be a shoe in and no corporation step forward to applaud or make Kodi a revenue generating marvel. So the companies, most of which really don’t brig much to the party anyway, used the excuse that Kodi was piracy bait. The truth is much closer to the peons at the show just could not get out of the corporate box or they just had nothing worth offering. This is nothing new, They had half of America getting college degrees for 20 years only to have it come true that they had nothing to offer and people were loaded with school debt. Kodi will find a match and will do fine. It takes time and the right formula. In the mean time the idiots will blame Kodi simply for being Kodi rather than admit they just don’t have the brains to make innovation happen.

    • Vitaly Feb 17, 2016 

      I really question the decision of who ever runs Kodi to go after developers or sellers… most of those boxes are sold outside of US anyway… they are just making them selves look like a poorly managed company…

      • Lampin Feb 17, 2016 

        Sold outside of US? There are tons being sold here. just jump on CL or ebay. It’s ridiculous.

  • Ali Feb 17, 2016 

    Just curious, does anyone actually use kodi for legitimate content?
    Be like buying a supercharged V8 to go on leisurely sunday cruises

    • bill Feb 19, 2016 

      Of course people use it for legitimate purposes. I’m one of them.

      A lot of people have older video boxes, like WDTVs and Asus O!Play units. Those machines are now discontinued. So when they die, Kodi boxes are excellent replacements.

      For those with large TV/movie/music collections, Kodi’s organizational abilities (thumbnails, synopses, lyrics, etc) alone make it worth using.

  • rostyk Feb 17, 2016 

    BTW, I’ve just noticed that one of KODI Sponsors is actually MINIX, which is actually one of so called “The Piracy Box Sellers” you mentioned in the article.
    So, I’m just curious to see will it be busted by KODI aswell ;)

    • cody77 Feb 17, 2016 

      Are you totally braindead? Minix are a hardware manufacturer who’s boxes are being sold with 3rd party software added from unreliable/unethical sources. You either must be or you lack comprehension on these matters OR you didn’t read the damn article through!

      I suppose you think Nvidia (also a sponsor) engages in such things as well then…

  • Amby Feb 17, 2016 

    I knew XBMC since my first Xbox and it was an application that only works on modded boxes. To mod my Xbox had only one meaning: Playing pirated games. So thats the community that brings you here.

    The people who are using you software don’t use it to watch their own blu-rays, photos or vacation-videos. They use XBMC or now Kodi to see what ever the want to see. I guess 99% of this “material” is pirated. So you are developing software for pirates… the best by the way.

    You only have this community because of the great freedom Kodi offers (including these bad bad addons). I hope the Kodi-Team will spend their time on developing new cool builds and not for this here… Think of your past… and why you are here… and be proud of it.

    • Vitaly Feb 17, 2016 

      case closed

  • Stefan Feb 17, 2016 

    I think 3′d party programs are a good thing to allow but what I do not like is when someone try to sell a Kodi Box with 3′d party stuff on it and then pass it off as a Kodi release because that do hurt Kodi as then they get shit for it plus that it hurt us whom using Kodi on an everyday basis as an media player…….with or without 3′d party stuff on it…….and as said it is not what we put on it as a private user but to me the problem is when someone release Kodi loaded with 3′d party stuff on it and say it is a Kodi release because Kodi do not come with that stuff on it……But I want to make clear that 3′d party programs and stuff are very Important to have the ability to use if we wish..but it is not OK to sell a box loaded and call it a Kodi Release because as said it will only harm Kodi and everyone using Kodi and in my opinion Kodi is the best Media Player out there right now.

    This was my post on Torrent Freak.

  • Alex Feb 17, 2016 

    found a video on youtube promoting one of these box’s

  • Anti-AntiPiracy Feb 17, 2016 

    Hello, We will fight to keep our websites of addons UP, is not illegal.. it’s completely legal, you Guys are making censorship, without addons you call “illegals” Kodi is begin dead..

    No one will use Kodi to watch temperatures or videos or imagens of yourself or family.. All of this guys is commenting i am sure, they use Kodi to watch and see Movies and Series..

    So, you are crying for what? Kodi it’s the name of program.. what do you like to call? Koudi? Let’s stop cry..

    • atreyu Feb 18, 2016 

      You, Sor, sadly just don’t seem to understand. Sorry bout that.

  • Bart Feb 17, 2016 

    These two sites are super popular local markets in Ireland. Both of them offer tons of “fully loaded KODI” boxes.

    There is an option to report particular ad due to “Copyright Infringement” but it’s probably good idea that Foundation contact them directly about the issue ?

  • cody77 Feb 17, 2016 

    How about this wanker –

    Seems to think that his ‘custom build’ warrants him to profit off the hard work of devs and others with REAL vision. I guess his getting things for free aren’t enough for him as he needs to profit off this as well. Just another worthless maggot that needs to be removed from his sales scheme of B.S.

    I hope someone who is capable of shutting him down sees this and is able to take appropriate action(s) to do so.

    • tchoot Feb 18, 2016 

      that one would be easy to cut off just report them to PayPal they hate piracy

  • costa Feb 17, 2016 

    If you clarify on top of the main page what KODI is and what it is not that would help as a major first step.
    The first things what falls into the visitors eye are KODI, MINIX and NVIDIA

    The casual visitor automatically assumes that they are connected in some way.

    Put a box on top what clarifies that KODI is ONLY! a media center software. 3rd party addons / apps can be added but have nothing to do with team KODI..

    Any hardware running the free KODI software is in no way affiliated or the responsibility of the KODI team.

    something like that

  • Luke Feb 17, 2016 
  • Reality Check Feb 17, 2016 

    I totally understand XBMC/Kodi being upset about their software being sold in conjunction with shity piracy plugins. But let’s be real here XBMC was a piracy app that only ran on hacked xbox’s designed to play illegal back us of DVD’s. Also 80%(most likely more) of Kodi user’s use the app the same way with blu ray releases today downloaded from usenet. So let’s jump down off of that high and mighty soap box for a moment and get real.

    • Mario Feb 17, 2016 

      Spot on good sir. Spot on.

      This post is the epitome of the truth here.

  • KaiZen Feb 17, 2016 

    I get the problem with having people flood your forums with idiotic questions. The thing is, these boxes are marketed as ready to go, when in fact you need to know how to actually configure Kodi yourself to get things to work properly. Mind you I myself have bought a box pre configured, but I did this out of curiosity to see if the addons actually worked, can’t say I was surprised half of them didn’t, I just went ahead and redid Kodi to my liking and left it as such, these boxes are not for people who have the know how, and the sellers need to stop marketing them as such.

    • KaiZen Feb 17, 2016 

      That should be not for people who do not have the know how.

  • Bns Feb 17, 2016 

    People’s thoughts on this situation are so out of left field. Kodi has not flourished do to these streaming plug ins, they are and have been doing just fine since 2002. Only until recent years have streaming plug ins become a thing. Kodi would/will have no issue with surviving without the streaming add-ons. I would venture to guess most users that are buying these fully loaded boxes have any idea of have of the features kodi offers, they clearly don’t care about the lengths the kodi developers have gone to insure high quality playback, the last goes on.

    Two problems I see here with this approach though. Both are probably out of the hands of kodi though also.
    1) this is like the war on drugs or gangs, you kill off, make an arrest or what have you. And minutes later someone will take there place. It’s not a winnable situation
    2) from the sounds of it, as long as you change the logo kodi doesn’t care nor has the ability to go after the creators of these new builds. I understand this is open source work and therefore anyone is allowed to use and modify the code. But it’s painful to see so many people riding on the backs of the devs here.

    Two more points. At almost all trade shows, fairs or events that allow vendors I now see multiple boths (funny part is that there is actually competition between these box “makers”) selling theses boxes that clearly run kodi. I’ll have to remember to look if I see the kodi name.

    Finally unfortunately these pre-built boxes are probably less then half of the problem. There are so many builds being made now that you just click to install. And so is this day and age, there is nothing that really can be done. I really hope this doesn’t ultimately effect team kodi for the worse. Being a user since the Xbox days it would be devastating to see the best media player go away.

    Thanks for all your hard work and the crap you have to put up with kodi team.

  • hmmm Feb 17, 2016 

    Hello team kodi,
    how do you ensure, that video plugins in the official kodi repo do not violate the terms of use of the content providers? I know some providers whose service is financed by advertising, but your plugins hides this. Also it’s not allowed to use thirdparty apps to get the content.

  • Tommy Feb 17, 2016 

    Go get them all, it’s one thing to rebrand it, a whole other thing to impersonate the fine kodi developers.

    Europe have provisions for taking down content just as the US has.

    It’s really not that hard since you can prove that you own the rights, but it’s hard for me to file that for kodi. But perhaps a way to tip the kodi legal team and let them take action?

  • Tom Feb 17, 2016 

    With you all the way.
    Best MC ever!! Lets keep it going!!
    #KodiForever !!!!

  • Tonka128 Feb 17, 2016 

    Read the post properly and comprehend it before responding people….

    Seriously the majority of comments on here are ridiculous

    Go team KODI – your plan of attack seems to be a logical one .

    Would love to see some system implemented that would allow the community to help

    Keep up the good work.

  • Dave Feb 17, 2016 

    Can you not just change your license so that reselling of Kodi is not allowed?

    The irony of this is that Kodi promotes the ripping of DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s which is still illegal in the UK and I’m sure many other countries too

  • Jon Feb 17, 2016 

    Instead of trying to take eBay on in court alone, why don’t you guys team up with the likes of Comcast, Hollywood and the Viacoms of the world? You ugys may not have the money to sue eBay but THEY do. They stand to lose much more than Team Kodi.

  • Mario Feb 17, 2016 

    I think a great idea for a step in the right direction is to provide these sellers with the tools and resources required to re-brand KODI and remove all associated logos and trademarks.

    Does such a tutorial or wiki article exist?

  • Bns Feb 17, 2016 

    The kodi team needs to implement a reporting system. As it’s quite aparent, supports are willing to help with the fight.

  • Sjonnie Feb 17, 2016 
  • Jack Feb 17, 2016 

    How does this work? Kodi is GPU License and directly from and

    “General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for this service if you wish)”


    “this license which gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software.”


    “You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a fee.”

    In additional I have talked to resellers in the past and they even stiupulate that Kodi is a free program and that the purcheser IS NOT BUYING KODI. The cost of the purchase is for the hardware you are buying, the sellers time in setting up the hardware (purchasing, manufactoring, inventory, delivery, advertising), time to install the software, and the support of the seller.

    Now I ask was this seller breaking this law even though he strictly expresses that Kodi is not being paid for but simply be given as a perk in addition to the product and services being purchased?

  • Jack Feb 17, 2016 

    In addition to the above

    Directly from

    Does the GPL allow me to sell copies of the program for money? (#DoesTheGPLAllowMoney)
    Yes, the GPL allows everyone to do this. The right to sell copies is part of the definition of free software. Except in one special situation, there is no limit on what price you can charge. (The one exception is the required written offer to provide source code that must accompany binary-only release.)

    Does the GPL allow me to charge a fee for downloading the program from my distribution site?
    Yes. You can charge any fee you wish for distributing a copy of the program. If you distribute binaries by download, you must provide “equivalent access” to download the source—therefore, the fee to download source may not be greater than the fee to download the binary.

    Does the GPL allow me to require that anyone who receives the software must pay me a fee and/or notify me? (#DoesTheGPLAllowRequireFee)
    No. In fact, a requirement like that would make the program non-free. If people have to pay when they get a copy of a program, or if they have to notify anyone in particular, then the program is not free. See the definition of free software.

    The GPL is a free software license, and therefore it permits people to use and even redistribute the software without being required to pay anyone a fee for doing so.

    You can charge people a fee to get a copy from you. You can’t require people to pay you when they get a copy from someone else.

  • Kevin Feb 17, 2016 

    Whenever a person purchases something with their money they assume responsibility and risk for said product. So if they buy a “fully loaded kodi box” or “fully loaded whatever box” then they assume the responsibility and risk of virus’ etc from un-safe repositories and add-ons in my opinion. That is their choice and not for Kodi to police.

    With that said…..

    Outside of changing their listings and not using the Kodi name or whatever (which is about all that can be done in my opinion)

    … I don’t believe there is much else that can be done because Kodi is open source. What is to say I don’t build my own box or buy my own box and then install Open source Kodi on it? Do I not call it Kodi now even though I install an official Kodi release and then add-ons from a non-trusted source because that is what i wanted to personally do??

    Again, I assume responsibility and the risk right?? But again, not for Kodi to police.

    Finally, if you don’t want people using the name Kodi in the listings of their boxes you might have a case with that. But that would be the only case that you do have. And then of course they would just come up with another synonym for Kodi and tell users that it contains that and soon people would realize that the synonym is indeed Kodi or a Kodi clone and that they could then watch free tv, free content, replace their cable etc etc etc…. you get the point.

    Keep up the great work Team Kodi and continue your journey for the love of open source development.

    I in no way shape or form endorse or condone piracy of any kind. Merely stating some food for thought here in regards to this topic.

  • jurrabi Feb 17, 2016 

    This is the kind of news one doesn’t want to read in this web…

    So sad.

  • Marlon Feb 17, 2016 

    Then what’s the purpose behind Kodi if not being able to watch movies etc.

  • kdev Feb 17, 2016 

    Can’t believe this company started a multi-level marketing company

  • Glenn Watkins Feb 17, 2016

    This guy promotes Kodi Piracy big time

  • Erik Feb 17, 2016 

    Gonowtv in LasVegas is advertising on the radio “One time setup replace your cable forever!!! get all the channels and 250,000+ movies for free forever!!!”

    You can call them (702-834-6161) and they ask you to go down so they can demo the box for you.

    Really Sketchy

  • wkD Feb 17, 2016 

    As someone who supported KODI since 2007 – we will no longer – you guys are digging your own graves on this one. We use KODI for one thing only – the TV and movie addons – you dummies!

  • htsob Feb 17, 2016 

    it is so sad and depressing that we continue to be the architect of our own misfortunes…greed and selfishness causes us all to suffer…in my country they have started importing cheap boxes with creative advertising fly by the night companys and selling at 300%profit…poor ignorant buyers get stuck with crap that doesnt work and quickly blame the software…i will do my part and report all such activities to you

  • Haxman Feb 18, 2016 

    It’s amazing how many people can’t read the article and don’t understand even basic trademark law. Kodi are protecting their trademark so it does not become synonymous with piracy. They are not restricting add-ons in anyway.

    All team Kodi are asking anyone to do is to fork the project and change the instances of the Kodi name and logo to something else. It seems uneducated users and vested interests are trying to push a completely different narrative to the reality of what team Kodi are doing and trying to achieve.

  • htsob Feb 18, 2016 

    put up a disclaimer when Kodi launches so that even the most ignorant can understand…also moderate the forum more aggressively and ban newbies posts that don’t satisfy a certain criteria like….research first before asking questions….or refer to FAQs…


    Have this message display upon every launch or scrolling like a RSS feed.. and i’m sure they will get the point…

  • Phil Feb 18, 2016 

    I have an idea that can make the problem of the Kodi foundation being blamed for this and that go away.

    It involves actually helping the box shifters and co.

    Produce an easy to follow guide on what files/areas need to be modified for sellers to create their own custom look that has no reference to Kodi shown.

    If it’s easy enough, the suppliers will be able to advertise and supply with only their own brand name stamp on it, which then stops people from thinking that the Kodi foundation have anything to do with what is being sold to them.

  • james set Feb 18, 2016 

    In total agreement. Kodi has been solid(I’ve, also, utilized it as XBMC) for years…period. It’s a real shame it’s being dragged through the mud of ‘unsupportedness’ and greed. There are reputable entities that are trying to make a real go at it and you will pay a little more but it’s worth it. Speaking of which, I’d like to donate via not pay pal(don’t trust it – don’t care that others do). If there’s a postal address to send a money order to…I’d like to reward you guys with a long overdue donation. Since you don’t post e-mail addresses I’ll know the address is legit if sent to my e-mail.

  • Minnie Feb 18, 2016 

    The saddest part being a newbie to this is you know what’s legal and what’s not by common sense. Amazon could shut this down asap by building a new devices that protect against illegal use. Ebay one seller 4097. At $40 per stick Amazon made $163,880 selling them to this one guy. Go after the deep pockets.

  • Pierre Feb 18, 2016 

    you need a Kodi AppStore

    by validating add ons you would have full control of your platform

  • Terrance Feb 18, 2016 

    Major Piracy Seller

    Thinks its perfectly legal

  • Bill Feb 18, 2016 

    This can’t be true, supposedly it’s all legal according to this person selling it.

  • willdubs Feb 18, 2016 

    I’m sorry that you’re in a position where you have to review the content of others. The actions thus far should have a conceptual effect on all users, hopefully training them to respect open source. Time will tell if this has any affect in the forums. I salute you.

  • Eduard Feb 18, 2016 

    I think we all know what is permanent solution. Start selling Kodi instead giving it for free. Find some reasonable price like 10usd. Its low enough that everyone can afford and to expensive for android box sellers.

  • NA Feb 18, 2016 

    So does this guy –

    First one for your Take down notice me thnks

  • Jay Feb 18, 2016 

    Like this dick… He even says it comes with a ‘Kodi 1 Yr Warranty’ hahha….

  • Stian Sigbjørnsen Feb 18, 2016 

    I made a donation based on the above post. The devs are doing an awesome job, and I can understand that they are discouraged when their result is sold as a pirate product for profit. I hope we will see Kodi version 30 and more!

  • Jacob Feb 18, 2016 

    You need to do something to educate with videos like this being out there :

    Is Kody illegal? Can I get in trouble?

  • Manfred Feb 18, 2016 

    Machts ma lieber hinne mit fertig werden seit RC3 sind schon 2 wochen um!!!

  • john Feb 18, 2016 

    I know someone on facebook who sells streaming boxes and has developed what he calls Black Kodi…which has a black kodi logo instead of the blue logo.

  • Rusty Nail Feb 18, 2016 

    It’s totally easy to side load Kodi yourself on a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box. WHY ARE YOU PAYING THESE RIPOFF BOX BUILDERS TO DO IT!!! With very little research online or help from a friend you can do it yourself. STOP BEING LAZY AND SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! I often do setups for family and friends all the time. The most I was ever paid was a bottle of some fine wine for my time. I’m am willing to help anyone that asks or wants to learn. It’s free knowledge and will cost you nothing. Come on people, share the joy!

    KODI TV team, we got your back. Keep up the amazing work and don’t stop fighting!

  • JoeJoeAZ Feb 18, 2016 

    The problem doesn’t seem to be that people are putting bad builds of Kodi on these cheap boxes, but instead they’re putting broken/non-functional plug-ins within kodi/xbmc on these boxes.

    I like the idea of a plugin validation system of some sort, so that you would know whether or not you’re using “certified” plugins. That’s not to say that un-certified plugins wouldn’t work, however there should also a mode/config option in future builds to block un-certified plugins. A certification process would at users can have reasonable assurance that with a set of certified plugins, that they will have a reasonably stable experience.

    That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for reading.

  • Asphyx Feb 18, 2016 

    It’s a shame that you are being forced to waste time on protecting the project.
    But I don’t see how you have any choice in the matter.These Piracy boxes using the Kodi TM are doing some serious damage to the project and are probably one of the main reasons why content providers like Netflix refuses to support and embrace the Kodi Architecture.

    Going after it this way is far better than the alternative which would be to shut down all custom repo support and forcing all add-ons to be vetted through the Official Kodi Repository.
    That would stifle development of new add-ons which no one wants.

  • Yodas barber Feb 18, 2016 

    Doe kodi have a wizard for people to install,because I personally use the power wizard and think it’s excellent,but if kodi has a safe trustworthy wizard for people to install with all safe addons preloaded that would be great and easy for beginners.

  • jose Feb 18, 2016 

    New Kodi user, I seen sells and co-workers selling the fire-stick for 80 to 125 “fully loaded”. I did my research and found that you can install it yourself. I decided to purchase it myself and download Kodi myself through YouTube help and downloading it from the official website. Then I started searching more. People different builds. One comes to mind and the one I’m using now. Build by some developer “Kodimaster” the build is title “FireFiix” How do I know the build is legit and trusted source? The only reason I downloaded the build is because its easy to navigate through. Does anyone have any experience with this build or this developer.

  • Rocky Feb 18, 2016 

    Kodi team the best way to combat this issue is to have a reporting system where users can anonymously send in websites that sell kodi boxes. Also if its possible you can contact the ebay team and have the word kodi and xbmc removed from search results or unsearchable. You could also have google remove any sites that include kodi and or xbmc.

  • Wassle Feb 18, 2016

    TONS of them, and they are very good at removing notices.
    Calling them kodi boxes

  • ChapeL Feb 18, 2016 

    Maybe change how addons are handled, some sort of app store that you guys can control?

    • Sean Lang Feb 20, 2016 

      Not only would moderating addons be a huge burden on the Kodi team, but preventing unapproved ones from being installed would require some form of DRM, which is completely antithetical to the ideals of free software. I’m disappointed to even see this suggested.

  • murrayphd Feb 18, 2016 

    I’ll admit, I didn’t read every post, so, if this is redundant, I appologize. I’ve gotten lost with what is and isn’t legal, but it seems much of what is being “added” is not. Kodi personnell: I had great success talking directly to Amazon about an unethical seller, and the seller was taken down. If you can scan for inappropriate sales, Please do call them. They are more responsive than you imagine. I can’t speak for ebay… I’m sure that domain is more difficult to monitor and control. But it does have a return policy, and if sellers don’t abide by it, they are pulled off. So I’d suggest you ask purchasers of illegal devices to request returns… either to ebay or Amazon. Sellers do take notice when they don’t make money and have to accept returns.

    I’d like to use Kodi legally. I must have something not OK on my device at this point, as it is not working well… and presumably you’ve been able to skuttle it. I’ll happily download a legit version… please tell me which version is stable and legit! Thanks.

    • Pseudobolt Mar 16, 2016 

      This seems like a possible solution to me. If someone comes asking for help with an unapproved addon they bought on ebay, encourage them to file a refund with ebay for “product not as described”. Even better, have them file for a partial refund — that way they don’t have to ship the product back, they only provide evidence that it was non-functional or not as described, and request (say) half their money back or something. Then the seller starts losing profits for selling crap.

  • matt Feb 19, 2016 

    rip rockcrusher

  • Alan Reboli Feb 19, 2016

    This guy just appeared on the Facebook swaps.

  • RIck Feb 19, 2016 

    Found this idiot in Charlotte. Even has his own website setup.

  • chumby Feb 19, 2016 

    The title of this article makes an extraordinary claim, so I think it merits a thorough analysis:

    I basically agree with the theme and the intent of this article, but do not think the issue is quite as simple as represented here. For example, when I installed OpenELEC on their flagship TV box with a supported OTA tuner, at the very least I expected to see a working EPG that includes my local OTA channels. But right from the start, you dont even see the Live TV menu and have to go searching for help. When I followed the instructions in the Kodi wiki to set up TVheadend, it says “PVR manager is starting up”, but it never completes. When I enable the PVR client, something promptly disables it again, without any on-screen notification. I have never installed any banned addons or repos on this device. And a fresh install of OpenELEC to a new SD card did not solve the problem.

    After a year of trying with every new build, I still cannot get the tuner to work in Kodi. They also shipped it with a power supply that cannot be used in the countries where the tuner was designed to work. If an experienced PC user cannot get this running, the typical user doesnt stand a chance. The official builds do not fully support the most common hardware, and you complain about unauthorized builds hurting Kodi’s reputation?! You’ve got to be joking. When I see people in various forums saying stuff like: “there is no working root level distribution that can run Kodi properly” -or- “my box has been unusable with OpenELEC since version 5″, I think you need to hire more developers before you go hiring lawyers to prosecute trademark violations.

    When people realize that many features of Kodi are broken or incomplete, they turn to Google for help, and that is when they find the banned add-ons. (And some of those add-ons work better than the official components!) Just look at how easy it is to find legitimate subscription services on Roku & Apple & Android TV. They are practically crammed down your throat. If Kodi made it even half as easy to find and purchase on-demand content, and it had a decent setup wizard with even a partially working EPG + some free IPTV channels, a lot of end users would never go looking for anything else.

    At the very least, I think you need to start classifying addons by sub-type in the official repo, so people can find subscription services more easily. There are legitimate apps on Roku which allow you to watch some fairly recent movies & TV series for free, with a few commercial interruptions. You can also buy a subscription to Netflix or Amazon and watch the same stuff without commercials. So there are legal ways to view copyrighted content, both free and paid. Kodi should make it easier to find these things by creating separate free & paid categories in the official repo just for TV & movie add-ons that employ commercials or subscriptions.

    There are also many free and legal live channels, but it seems impossible to create a custom EPG with those channels that simulates a conventional cable or satellite box. We may not have schedule data for every IPTV channel — but we need a place to view it when you do, because there ARE some schedule providers that have free EPG content for some of the major free channels. And many other internet broadcasters would be happy to create EPG content for Kodi if you gave them a tool that would allow them to publish guide data in a format which Kodi can use. The EPG should work immediately with free IPTV channels right from the start, even if the channels have no program data and you have no tuner module.

    Why cant Kodi include a TV guide like the Pluto app, but instead use a crowdsourced channel database like Channel PEAR, so the end user can easily create a custom live channel lineup that is tailored to their interests? At the present time, Kodi is where Windows was before “plug & play”: configuration is a bloody nightmare, and that is what drives people to try unsupported solutions. But any machine can be used for piracy. If you are so keen to discourage Kodi users from doing that, you should bundle a FULLY FUNCTIONAL copy of Kodi with an officially supported Linux based TV box that works better than all of the junk which OpenELEC is promoting. Of course you should prevent your trademark from being used with unauthorised builds — but that trademark does not mean anything to the end user if the official builds do not support legitimate free & paid content in the way that one would expect from a modern OTT device:

    The future of television is the seamless integration of free & paid OTA and IPTV sources. While Kodi has that potential, it often fails in practice. My only reason for buying a dedicated Kodi box was to accomplish this, and that is the one thing it will not do. The primary purpose of an open-source TV platform is the ability to customize the user interface and play any content that you could view on the desktop. But if it is not as easy to use as the proprietary TV platforms, and it does not support most of the same subscription services which are available on those platforms, and it does not replicate the functions of a cable box with an EPG, why should you be surprised or annoyed that people are using custom builds which attempt to address those issues through piracy? Kodi developers ought to share some of the blame for neglecting to provide a sensible alternative:

    The OTT market is dominated by Apple & Roku because they understand that piracy declines when you give the public a reliable system which makes it easy to find and watch on-demand content in a legitimate manner. And this attracts content providers to the platform. But the long term growth of proprietary platforms is limited by the fact that the user interface cannot be customized and there is no native support for an OTA tuner or an EPG. Kodi could still become the number 1 TV platform if it can combine the benefits of proprietary and open-source ecosystems. If you can handle these problems and fix the most serious bugs, Kodi will become much more popular, and then more legitimate content providers will want to sponsor the platform. The pirates are not hurting Kodi nearly as much as the developers who have no strategic vision. They dont know how to position the platform and they dont recognize which tasks should have priority. And integrators like OpenELEC just make it worse when they do not deliver what their advertising implies.

    Truth be told, the devs that are threatening to quit are mad because they are not making money. They do not really care about piracy and they are not defending the interests of some movie mogul in Hollywood that is making millions of dollars. The solution is to sell a fully-supported official Kodi box with robust support for legal content and use the profits to pay a bounty to developers for features & bug fixes in addition to enforcing the trademark. It would also be helpful to use code signing for approved add-ons like Firefox does, so its easy to tell by looking at the screen which apps did not come from the official repo.

    • hscotty55 Feb 19, 2016 

      You obviously don’t know how to comprehend what you read.

    • Krzystof Feb 20, 2016 

      The solution seems pretty clear, based on what is done with other software that supports 3rd party add-ons:
      * create a fork of Kodi (perhaps with a new name), with locked down source, to give your dev team a level of control;
      * make the troublesome plugins go through an approval process, eliminating the association of Kodi with defective/unreliable/mal ware-loaded add-ons;
      * distribute the new Kodi only via secure, authorised channels like Android play store/Windows store/Apple store/etc, so users can be assured of getting only the authentic program and ate always up to date.
      The existing userbase may either keep using the old version with buggy addons, or switch to the new system with reputable, dependable plugins that have been tested to work with their platform, you maintain your reputation and your support demands will rapidly diminish.

  • chumby Feb 19, 2016 

    If you try to post with cookies disabled, your post is submitted but does not appear when the page is reloaded. So people often post again because they think the connection was reset and the post was not received by the server. That is just another example of why Kodi has so many bugs, because the developers do not pay attention to detail.

    • Sam Feb 19, 2016 

      Hi Chumby,

      Why don’t you be a developer for kodi then if you think you can do better.

      Remember this is a free open source application and it’s not always going to be perfect hence why it is always updating to find and fix bugs, it’s all a work in progress.

      If you don’t like it don’t use it, simple as that!

      • chumby Feb 20, 2016 

        You have no idea what I have contributed to Kodi. And contributing to the code base is not the only way to help either. For example, you can write apps or documentation, and work with content producers to support the platform. And sometimes ideas are even more valuable. Besides, you dont speak for team Kodi when you tell people not to use it. You are just changing the subject because you were offended by what I said, and that is really immature. The topic is not “which of us can do better” or “how many commits did you make”, it’s how to stop the unauthorized resellers. One way to achieve that is to sell an official box which makes it easier for the public to find more legal content (both free & paid), much like Roku and Apple TV. Yes, this would make Kodi better. Why is that a problem for you?

        I was just pointing out that people often turn to unapproved builds because they make Kodi easy to use, and it should be EQUALLY easy to find LEGAL content on the official builds, just like it is on proprietary platforms. If we had an official Kodi box with fully supported hardware, plus a native EPG with free live streams, and a special category in the app store for on-demand apps which use commercials or subscriptions, fewer people would go looking for a “fully loaded” solution from another supplier.

        Making Kodi easier to use and making it function more like the mainstream platforms would also make it much more popular: An officially supported box with robust support for legal content could be sold in retail stores, and this would reduce the market for unsupported pirate builds. Who would buy a Kodi box from some dude at the fairgrounds when they could buy it in a store a few blocks away for half the price? The key is to make the official platform a brand that people would recognize as a legitimate alternative to Roku or Apple TV. If you are going to assert ownership of the trademark, you are asserting ownership of the official code base. If you are going to do that, you could also change the software license to say that people can use or modify the source, but they cannot sell hardware with Kodi pre-installed on the device. That would channel the profits from retail hardware sales back to developers of the official code base. Another thing you could do is make an interpreter for Roku apps, because the providers of free and legal content (like movies & TV shows) are supporting the Roku platform more than anything else.

        I know that Kodi is not perfect; you are stating the obvious here. But I think I have a right to speak up when I paid for a legal Kodi box which does not violate the trademark and the tuner does not work. That is an even bigger fraud upon the public than a trademark violation. Kodi could be extremely successful if it gets to the point where a Kodi box is a better value than Roku or Apple TV. Native support for an EPG with live streams and OTA tuners would go a long way there. If Kodi does not do it then somebody else will. So I think it is helpful to mention this when the hardware does not work right out of the box. False advertising by authorized retailers is more harmful to Kodi than unauthorized use of the trademark!

        I want Kodi to succeed, and that is why I provided some suggestions on how to make this happen. People dont have to agree with me, but being painfully honest might make them think about how to solve these problems. I realize that my criticism may sound harsh to some developers who have made significant contributions, but I do not complain for the sake of complaining: when I criticize something, I offer solutions. I dont see you sharing any ideas for how to defeat the pirate box vendors.

        I am not saying that all of the devs are lazy or incompetent — I am saying that Kodi needs a project manager who understands how to make it a commercial success without making it closed source. I give my ideas away for free, and others have profited from this in the past. Sometimes you have to do that if you want to see an open source platform become a popular standard that retailers and content producers will support. If developers are angry that scammers are profiting from their work, I advocate a system which would allow the buyers of an official box to vote on what they want to see fixed and have the devs get paid for it. I am only debating what strategy might work best for Kodi, while you are debating whether I ought to use it. That is a form of censorship which does not help Kodi at all. It also cuts in both directions: if you cant handle the truth and and you cant even stay on topic, then dont use this web site, “simple as that.”

  • Rob Feb 19, 2016 

    Seen an ad on facebook for G-Box Midnight Canada is this a legit add on ? or one of the companies you want to stop.

  • Josh Feb 19, 2016 

    This guy Justin Stewart is fequently on the local fb sales group for my area advertising the Kodi fire stick and claims to be apart of the developer’s team of KODI and has been for over 10 years. He sales it “preloaded” with over 1000 snes games as well. trust me. this guy is a lying shitbag and is selling the firestick for over 100$. He Claims there is no copyright infridgment and people can file all the complaints he wants.

    • arkryal Feb 20, 2016 

      Wow… thanks for that FB link, lol. That is the biggest douche-bag I’ve seen a very long time. Every post he’s flipping through the same stack of cash trying to convince people he’s getting rich, while standing in the kind of “kitchenette” you only find in shit hole apartments. Pyramid scheme propaganda, gun down the front of his pants (brilliant person). Who is he trying to impress, and more importantly why does he think this would impress them, lol? By all means, buy AV equipment from this guy, he clearly has his shit together…

      Don’t worry about his misrepresentation of the product, the only people he could screw would have to be dumber than a guy who deliberately points a gun at his own crotch. If people that dumb do exist, I don’t think they matter.

  • Nathan Tollinger Feb 19, 2016 

    Just got a “sponsored” popup on my FB wall for “Lodi, a fully loaded Kodi. Use Lodi, not Kodi”. Needless to say…that doesn’t feel right.

  • TARGETin1080p Feb 19, 2016 

    Another guy you should shut down is “touchtone”

    and also “Tech Timeruuu”

    Those guys promote illegal 3rd party addons while misrepresenting Kodi’s Trademark big time!

    • TECH TIMERUUU Feb 19, 2016 

      But why mention me, why not Husham or Joe they do worst things than me.

      • Joenobody Mar 05, 2016 

        Hey badabing, my videos are all illegal addons, so what. Buy me a beer

  • Robert Edmunds Feb 19, 2016 

    When can we expect the final release of V16?

    • Sean Lang Feb 20, 2016 

      Your comment is unrelated to the article and if you want to know when it’s going to be released, you should follow along with the commit log and judge for yourself, rather than bothering the developers with your questions.

  • Asphelt Feb 19, 2016 

    If you can not finish them, because they still take advantage of you? is not it time to create your own official line “kodi box” where the profit goes to developers and take it out piracy and the people can see that are a line “original” and other “piracy” line.

  • Tech Timeruuu Feb 19, 2016–bSroEeBQ “TARGETin1080p”

    Breach the kodi trademark.

  • Tyler Feb 19, 2016 

    I’m honestly starting to think Kodi is already dead. The official add-ons have been breaking all over the place in the past few days and the developer of the YouTube add-on has left entirely. I know this is a voluntary community-based project, but if they want to keep it alive they’re going to need to get someone working on those add-ons, because without them Kodi is basically a ten foot VLC. Hell, I’d develop a couple myself if I knew more about Python.

    It’s a damn shame, because I was one of the few people who actually used Kodi for legitimate purposes. Especially for YouTube, because their official Android TV app is awful. It’s full of ads and you can’t disable autoplay, and Kodi was a fantastic alternative in its heyday. But with add-ons breaking, I find myself only able to use it to stream things from my local network. Which is still awesome because Kodi can handle whatever format I throw at it, but it’s a fraction of what I once used it for.

  • TECH TIMERUUU Feb 19, 2016 

    Husham does it worst than me. I do not even support box sellers please dont listen to target. I do videos on 3rd party addons but please guys. I will work to take everyone down with you

  • uomiarz Feb 20, 2016 

    While I understand that you are all about being open yet you promote (not directly) pirated stuff on forum.
    Pulsar, Quasar, Sopcast, Acestream , etc… how long you are going to pretend its perfectly legal as long as blah blah blah…(many reasons to let them post on official forum)
    The only reason these threads generate so much interest is because of “free” movies.
    I understand there is a million reasons to let them develop and post on official forum. If not here they will post somewhere else. But guess what? When searching for help people come to your forum because that’s the “official” thread for Pulsar, Quasar (you name it)

    With all that being said I do watch pirated content but rather follow less known private trackers.
    For me from day one of first XBOX installs this was and still is best music player.

    • Alex Feb 20, 2016 


      Still have my original XBOX with XBMC installed that still works ( I still call even the latest releases XBMC once in a while). Currently running Kodi on a new computer build. Those android boxes seem to be ruining things. A bit of a blessing and a curse though. When someone who is 70+ is asking you about how to get free TV using an android box, should you be happy that they are embracing technology, or be upset because they are ruining the image/development of Kodi?

      • Patator Feb 21, 2016 

        Asking how to watch free TV (ie get pirated content) is not exactly “embracing technology”.
        The first and only thing you should think to say to your 70+ elder is “stop asking for illegal stuff, If you can’t afford the real thing, forget about it. period”.
        And Android boxing ruins nothing, it’s the people selling them as pirated stuff players who do.
        Don’t blame the tool, blame the user.

  • allen Feb 20, 2016 

    Gees am I the sucker I fell for the fire stick loaded crap bought it on eBay gonna request my Monet back

  • anton Feb 20, 2016 

    I´m so glad that we all have the best media center software: kodi!
    All you developers do the best job i can imagine.

    So lets fight all the kodi enemys!

  • Zeke Feb 20, 2016 

    Well, there have been (at this point) probably hundreds of thousands of hours spent by the core developers and many skilled others making XBMC/Kodi the titan of a media centre that it is. They have a right to protect their IP and I think if it’s gonna take legal action to shut down people making money from piracy and ruining the software’s reputation then that’s what must be done.

    It’s a shame they have to do that at all, but when something gets popular enough you’ll always have idiots trying to cash in on that, similar to how bootleggers sell counterfeit cheap t-shirts outside of gigs that are a quarter of the price of the official band ones and made out of crap fabric. That’s the fact of it.

    Fair play to Team Kodi, I hope they succeed and the core devs don’t quit. The odd minor bug here and there the software just gets better and better with every version, adding new features, improving playback quality, you name it. And in all the eight years I’ve been using it it’s always been free, and always available for whatever platform I need. To quote Tony Shalhoub in Galaxy Quest, “That’s a hell of a thing.”

  • L0RE Feb 20, 2016 

    I have another Idea. How about a Funktion for Plugin Developer that Can be Implemented . that Check if Illegal Content is installed. SO it could be Implemented Message:
    “Warning You use Illegal Plugin “XYZ” , be aware it could Broke your Kodi even Encrypting your Disk or use you as Spam bot is Possible ”
    Or “This Plugin cant be used when using Illegal Content,and will get now support for it on since we against illegal content”

    Image this in an Addon like Youtube :-) , Could help to inform the user.

  • Yodas barber Feb 20, 2016 

    What about SBMC ,if kodi stopped would people just use that instead?

  • Yodas barber Feb 20, 2016 

    Sorry I meant SPMC

    • Patator Feb 21, 2016 

      Quoting SPMC’s home page :
      By popular demand…
      Most of SPMC is merged in Kodi besides the rockchip specifics.”
      Prolly the reason why SPMC seems to have died more than half a year ago (and more than one year ago on Google Play)

  • Mystic Feb 20, 2016

    Look at this fool trying to sell on his ebay account… now he claims all this his because its on his website where its being pulled, and turned off his comment section before because he knows what he’s doing is wrong

  • Rolando Feb 20, 2016 

    I have a couple of the “piracy boxes” and I built one on my own using a Raspberry PI and OSMC, nice toys. The boxes can be purchased at Amazon, a real peace of technology, running any Linux and Android. So Android will be in trouble too? or just the Kodi guys?. The same Sh!t happened years ago with project. F#ck the the pirates and f#ck the stupid laws we are developers, not felons.

  • Fred Feb 20, 2016 

    I didn’t figure you had the honesty or decency to post my comment about your piracy software. That’s what it’s for, skirting the law. Just admit it; it won’t be long before you’re outed anyway.

  • Moravec Feb 21, 2016 

    Better call Saul…

  • fredphoesh Feb 21, 2016 

    With respect, as a voluntary donor to Kodi, going on about “Broken” illegal add-ons does not help your argument. Many illegal add-ons work just fine. The point should be that it is illegal, not that they do not work, they often do. Saying they are broken makes the valid points you make less credible.

    I wonder if ebay/amazon should be approached, perhaps using a petition generated from Kodi, to enlighten them that they are selling hardware that is openly advertising and selling boxes based on their ability to illegally view movies?

  • SCOOTER2014 Feb 21, 2016 theres another bad site for Kodi. Also stealing builds tv and reselling.

  • Jim Feb 21, 2016 

    As the hardware available on Amazon and eBay is legal (it is hardware after all) but the software maybe illegal is there a straight forward method to wipe out the system and just replace it and maintain it with downloads from Kodi? I am considering some kind of unit but want it to be in keeping with the community.

    • GDkitty Feb 29, 2016 

      Look for specific ones which are NOT pre installed.
      Don’t buy from the sellers you see advertising it specifically.

      If you look at something like the NVidia Sheild, the mygica units, etc.. boxes that come pre-installed with the android TV OS pretty much only..
      You can then manually install Kodi, etc on it.

  • Yodas barber Feb 21, 2016 

    Bring back VHS and we can all pass them round again.

  • renw0rp Feb 21, 2016 

    community effort – non-devs can help:

    down-vote any misleading product (for example on Amazon)

    report abuse whenever possible

  • jone5 Feb 22, 2016 

    So what do people do who were duped? I have a “K box” that my mother bought me at a convention center. I like the idea of being able to legitimately use the software but how do I wipe off the crap and get a clean legit install to start over?

  • Roy Feb 22, 2016 

    Someone else who thinks kodi is not just for those wanting to pirate movies/series.
    Ref: June 8, 2015 article from, “Windows Media Center is dead – here are the best alternatives”:
    WMC has always had competition, on both Windows and other platforms. Perhaps the biggest contender is Kodi, which is the new name of the open source XBMC (Xbox Media Center). XBMC started as a hack of the original Xbox, which was essentially a locked-down, Intel-based PC in its first incarnation. Over the years Kodi has been tremendously extended in scope and platform support. It offers playback of just about any type of audio and video file, an extensive plug in architecture, heavy customization of the UI through skins, and the all-important DVR functionality with third-party TV tuners. …

  • Tim W. Feb 22, 2016 

    Not all do bad things sells boxes that have kodi preinstalled and do do advertise “free TV” the boxes are ok. just to be safe I format and install my own O/S and programs

  • Esther Feb 22, 2016 

    This is a dutch website selling raspberry with and without full Kodi and all addons like Navi etc. They specifically call it KODI / XBMC mediaplayers

  • Lydia R. Feb 22, 2016 

    So, my husband comes home with an OMG box he got at a home show 3 weeks ago. We had been researching boxes, and he was getting overwhelmed by the “how-to’s” on you tube. Then he went to a home show and watched the salesman, asked him a lot of questions, loved the fact that it came pre-loaded, and brought the damned thing home.

    Mind you, my husband is NOT tech-savvy – I am more than he. However, this is a brand new field we’re in, as we cut the cords of ATT, Comcast, etc. We have figured out how to find almost all our shows, which sucks because I wanted a reason to return it – LOL.

    Is it safe to say that this was a bad thing? Kodi is right there on the home page, and the one we go to for everything. There’s a 30-day return policy on this box, and I hate the idea that he may have paid WAY too much for something that is ethically (and possibly legally?) wrong to own.

  • Lydia R. Feb 22, 2016 

    To be specific, I hate the idea on moral grounds. Not just on the quantity of money. I only want to own a box that’s legal and ethical.

  • CANADIAN KODI FAN Feb 22, 2016 

    I would go after this guy. He just used the media to advertise his business in an news article.
    Free TV for life? It’s here, and it may even be legal
    Loaded Android box promises TV shows and movies with no monthly bill

    Photo of Sophia Harris
    Sophia Harris · Business reporter · CBC News
    4 Hours Ago
    Joel Adams Android box
    Joel Adams displays one of the devices sold online by his company Android TV Boxes Canada. The box comes with the promise of television with no monthly bills. (Joel Adams)
    1.6k shares 253 comments
    The online ads sound too good to be true.

    “Say goodbye to your cable bills and get your TV for free,” boasts an advertisement for the Free TV Box in Canada.

    A U.S. company promotes its TV box as the “cable killer.”

    “You will have instant access to watch every episode of any TV show … and never pay a monthly bill!” promises the company’s website.

    Customers do have to pay for the device, which sells for around $100 to $200, depending on the model. But the promise of television without monthly bills is real, and it’s a fast growing business.

    Here’s how it works: vendors start with a basic Android TV box. The devices are similar to Apple TV, but they use the Android operating system. That means vendors can load them with special software so the gadget can access an almost unlimited amount of television shows and movies.

    Customers attach the loaded box to their TV and stream whatever they want, with no commercials. There are no monthly fees, just the up-front cost of the device.

    The device could be a threat not only to cable companies but also to video streaming services.

    “It works very similar to Netflix, except you get to watch whatever you want to watch,” said Joel Adams, who sells loaded Android boxes online from his home in Hubbards, N.S.

    “And it’s free.”

    So, what’s the catch? Turns out, legally, there might not be one in Canada, at least not yet. Yes, sometimes customers are watching copyrighted content, but they aren’t downloading that material. They’re streaming it, and streaming falls into a legal grey area.

    “It’s not illegal,” claims Adams. “It’s up to yourself to decide if it’s immoral.”

    • Tyler Feb 22, 2016 

      I just came here to see if anyone else had posted that article. It seriously made me sick. It not only promotes an unofficial use of Kodi, it not only straight-up links to one particular reseller’s website, but it even has the gall to claim streaming is legal, even though fundamentally it’s just temporary downloading. That’s like arguing torrenting is legal if you put it in the recycle bin afterward.

      It wouldn’t even bother me if they wrote an article saying, “Buy an Android TV box, download Kodi, then add unofficial add-ons.” Piracy is one thing, but this guy selling them at double the price and making a quick buck off it is disgusting.

      I haven’t felt this ashamed to be a Canadian since Harper was in office.

    • Brian Mar 18, 2016 

      He didn’t use the name Kodi anywhere in the article though nor on his website so neither of those is a concern for complaint.

      Neither says one way or the other whether he has de-branded his Android boxes.

  • Lydia R. Feb 22, 2016 

    Please let me know if OMG is legit or one of those using Kodi improperly – thank you!! =)

  • JohnnyBee Feb 22, 2016 
  • Rich C Feb 22, 2016 

    Kodi Team, What are the names of the sites, You Tube folks, or Box Sellers that are hurting the KODI name. I might be using a build that I thought was endorsed by you. it will help your case and shed light on those not with the same intent as the KODI Team. I like KODI and I don’t want it to go away or for the DEVs to leave. Don’t Give up. hang in there, KODI is big, and getting bigger.

  • Stephen Feb 22, 2016 

    Look, even news stations are advertising for these scam artists:

    • smd Feb 23, 2016 

      Haha, yeah I saw the same thing today. That guy is even advertising the boxes as fully loaded XBMC(Kodi) boxes, which Kodi says is not OK. Their web site is here:

  • Foxial Kidsia Feb 22, 2016 

    Whenever asked I tell people Kodi is free if they already have a computer

  • Tiger Ali Feb 22, 2016 

    A lot of console hack tools note in their splash screens that the software is free and should not be charged for – giving users notice. It helps protect against sellers selling the software – perhaps the official Kodi releases should do something similar.

  • Joe Bot Feb 22, 2016 

    Please take a look at this one, I believe it meets the criteria for action:

    On the following site, I don’t believe they mention KODI, but it is implied:

    Good luck!

  • oldcollegegal Feb 23, 2016 

    I have questions about these streaming devices and using KODI. I bought a Roku 3. It’s great for Netflix and some of the other channels where we can watch old movies and tv shows. Also great for music videos. Here is my question and I apologize for being a real newbie at this. EVERYONE in my circle tells me I should have downloaded KODI to my old laptop and used it instead of buying a Roku/Android/whatever. They also tell me I should be able to watch everything I now watch on cable for free. But I am not sure if they are referencing legal KODI or some hopped up version, There are many channels I can get on the Roku but any streaming stuff similar to what I watch on cable has a fee attached. So I am curious and these questions are directed to the author of this post to which we are all commenting, Is KODI supposed to be for eliminating the cost of cable? We want to watch sports but right now, unless we buy MLB extra innings or NHL Centre Ice or NFL Sunday ticket, we have to watch it on cable. All these premium channels cost money and if we bought into all the channels we would be paying as much or more than we currently pay for cable. So, for a non-techie, who is a senior citizen, with a little computer knowledge, can someone explain to me how this is supposed to work? I want to get the most out of my Roku. Am I doing so with just the channels available to me in Canada on the Roku? Will KODI work on the Roku? Can someone point me to useful link for this? Thanks!!

    • Katie Feb 25, 2016 

      Chances are if you are able to stream things for free that normally cost money there is illegality behind it. But youtube, netflix and bbc iplayer ( if in the UK) can all be used through Kodi as well as connecting your local library ( itunes purchases etc) and a dvd or blu ray player. It brings a lot of media together into one program which is easier to interact with, You cannot download Kodi to a ROKU but you can do what is called mirroring, from Android or Windows 10. If you have a little google you can work out how to do this.

      If you are considering using KODI, do a little research and read up. As a general rule illegal add ons are contained in this group although they are not the only ones out there.

      As a first time user this may help you out

  • Ome Feb 23, 2016 

    I just this site where they are selling Kodi box for a very high price

  • Ome Feb 23, 2016 

    I Just found this site where they are selling Kodi box for very high price

  • John Feb 23, 2016 

    Can you clarify your statement on making videos? Claiming to be a Kodi developer or team member is pretty straightforward. The second part is less clear “or you are just using the Kodi name while assuring users that some pirate add-on is totally legal and isn’t going to break next week, we will do everything we can to take you down”. If I understand this correctly, you would have to use the Kodi name in conjunction with a claim that a 3rd party add-on is legal to trigger a DMCA or trademark takedown.

    I think you need to be clear here on what your expectations are for instructional videos are. Plenty of people make them for 3rd party add-ons and they need to understand the ground rules.

  • Nishan Feb 23, 2016 

    I agree with Stephen. As a Canadian, I am ashamed our national broadcaster is publishing this crap. Here’s the link to the site They use the words “Fully loaded with XBMC (Kodi) and other apps for all of your multimedia needs!” Good luck Nathan!

  • Keith Feb 23, 2016 

    Given that ebay and craigslist are the two main offenders, why don’t you contact them and tell them to ban/delete an ads/auctions with the name KODI in them?

  • June Feb 23, 2016 
  • Jack Feb 23, 2016 

    Promoting Kodi as a pirate box at You need to take legal action against this scumbag.

  • Soul_Est Feb 23, 2016 

    In the ‘mall’ near me, there are many a peddler selling these ‘IPTV’ boxes. When I went to Canadian International Auto Show 2016, I even saw one there.

    The most notable ones I have seen are from:

    Red Rhino Entertainment


    There are more that I see around the area recently. This post has been quite timely as I have been wondering what to do about them.

  • CANADIAN KODI FAN Feb 23, 2016 

    So its official. The guy used CANADIAN funded News outlet to basically get free advertising. See fot yourself


    - The Guys site:

    - Image to prove he is useing CBC fot free advertising:

    - Snapshot of his site if he removes image:

    Kodi Tream you need to go after this guy. Also if i was you I would also go after CBC aswell.

  • CANADIAN KODI FAN Feb 23, 2016 

    I also updated wayback as evidence if they do remove the CBC part if you guy do take legal action

  • Jess Feb 23, 2016 

    I’ve used XBMC since the early days when Navi-X was one of the most popular addons and was relatively new. The problem really comes down to the fact that it is so easy to get pirated content these days. It used to be much harder to find sites to simply link to that provided pirated content. Navi-X usefd to catch a lot of heat over being THE pirating add-on. Nowadays, anyone with a basic understanding of Python can make a pirate enabler type add-on.

    Have the Kodi Team considered a listing defense? Make a blacklist of sketchy sellers and promote that list so that it is easily found – anyone searching Google for a box sees the list and gives their purchase a second thought at least. Also, they know up front to go find their own support as their getting none from Kodi.

    Or maybe do an approved list. People would flock to a list if they knew that it was something they could trust. Of course vetting the sellers could be a nightmare but if it has not been Kodi approved then it is junk. Still, make it clear that support is their own problem and nothing from Kodi.

    These are just a brainstorms that need to be refined if at all, but the general idea is to get the desperate, the pirate content seekers, the lazy, to come to Kodi before buying a so called “Kodi box” or “magic box” or whatever so that they at least know about the scam boxes and lack of support.

    Keep up the good work guys! You are appreciated. It’s like the AOL kids of years gone by – “teach me how to hack.”. Only now it’s cheap Android boxes – ” teach me how to get free movies.”

  • Z.A Feb 23, 2016 

    Go after this guy, he advertises on Facebook constantly, trying to sell the boxes key words being legal and completely free.

  • dc Feb 23, 2016 

    Good god people – how many times are we going to post the same website and link to the same CBC article ?

  • Robertp Feb 23, 2016 

    I think it’s better and fast for someone from the kodi team to contact ebay with this link:

    Today i’ve reported a few ebay items for trademark infrigment

  • Steve_CA Feb 23, 2016 

    Just read the same article as Canadian Kodi Fan, very disappointing.

  • Donavan Feb 24, 2016 

    How do we know what add ons are legit?

    Are there any good movie/TV Show legit add ons?

    Why do add ons break next week?

  • Keith Feb 24, 2016 

    Kodi shut this guy down:

    This guy even has the audacity to get Yahoo to claim YOUR loaded software is legal.

    • CANADIAN KODI FAN Feb 25, 2016 

      He/they did not try and tell yahoo. Yahoo pulled the article from CBC.CA. Kodi software is legal its the banned/unapproved addons that are not.

  • robert Feb 24, 2016 

    Come on people, everyone knows that when there is spoken off free movies, series/sports, you name it, it is propably illegal. You normally do know the laws in your country, so you do know it is propably illegal when you buy it, but most people have dollar signs in their eyes and stop thinking further because of that. If in Canada streaming isnt illegal yet, then they found the money spot. Its just a metter of time till this will change. Just my opinion.

  • Robert Feb 25, 2016 

    eBay do not care and reporting these ads to eBay will not make a difference. Take a look on eBay now and nothings changed.

  • jd Feb 25, 2016 

    in Dartmouth , Nova Scotia, Canada. at a flea market at the Dartmouth Sportsplex there is a seller with signage advertising free TV and Movies and using the Kodi logo. If this behavior is allowed to continue we are going to lose Kodi either through over regulation or the developers giving up due to risk of legal action. I love Kodi, if you do too pay attention to this issue.

  • andreina Feb 25, 2016 

    How is piracy killing Kodi??? by giving them thousands of new faithful users?? By having hundreds of people promoting their brand??? Open source software and the internet is about giving the people the freedom to do whatever they want. I don’t know why people get so upset when talking about piracy. Are you losing money by people watching movies for free???? If we start attacking this, we are all gonna lose it! Not only box sellers but all of us that enjoy Kodi and those amazing addons out there (what do they even make out of creating those FREE addons? They’re doing it for us to enjoy for FREE and this how we thank them). It’s ridiculous to me when people talk against piracy like if they get affected by copyright infringement. What movie did you release recently?? The only ones that could be mildly upset are billionaires movie makes or the monopoly of cable companies. Oh no! they’re gonna make less millions! really?? are you that worried about universal studies making less money??? but the funny thing is that 2015 was their more profitable year ever. Even many independent artists are not against copyrighted infringement. Because real artists want their content out there for people to enjoy… and real fans supports their favorite artists (just check Netflix expresses that they’re not worried about piracy. They even show a study that every country where they take Netflix, piracy use reduces. What does that mean people?? That we are just looking for an affordable way to watch our favorite content and you guys are fighting free market by defending billionaire movie industries that are not going anywhere. The fact that companies are failing to adapt to the new technologies and the demands of people is what brings the success of Kodi and these boxes. Kodi is being hypocritical by saying that piracy is killing Kodi. Going against this TV revolution is going against the majority of the people and supporting companies instead. Supporting high rates and crappy service. While actually is not illegal to stream content. Why fight for some billionaires to get richer, why not get as angry as some of you, for the injustice and abuse of freaking companies. Who control the laws and who are always lobbying??? Freaking companies… and them some of you go like little puppets repeating the same stuff that they want you to repeat… ahh piracy is so bad is destroying earth… not multibillionaires…. piracy…

  • Richard H Feb 25, 2016 

    So is this the type of use that you do not want?

    Eric Nathaniel Thomas
    3 hrs
    Amazon Fire TV Stick Brand New Jailbroken Kodi 16.0 Installed FREE HD MOVIES & LIVE TV
    $70 — Phoenix, Arizona
    Install Only w/Your Own Device – 20$
    Amazon Fire TV Sticks -70$
    Amazon Fire TV 4K Box for 140$
    (I can install Kodi to any Android device “including media streaming devices, cell phones & tablets”, Any PC or Laptop, and any Apple device running iOS 9.0 or below.)
    Stop wasting your money paying hundreds of dollars to people overcharging you for Kodi services. I have several years of PC repair & tech support experience providing one of if not the best build on the market (based on reviews from my customers) that I put together myself.
    It runs on Kodi 16.0 Jarvis (The latest fully-functional build out)
    It notifies you when updates are available.
    It uses functional sources THAT ACTUALLY WORK without you having to spend 10-20 minutes finding a decent stream.
    It’s packed with all of the popular add-ons ons giving you access to the NFL Network, HBO, Cinemax, all Netflix & Hulu content, live TV, Cartoons, & much more!

  • Ari Feb 25, 2016 

    Good Read. Well said. I, for one, would want that open source software is respected and think that it is important that these battles are not only on the legal but also on the community side of things.

    Not only with trademarks and brands should we battle these pirates, but also with the force of the community – aware of what good open source software is and the freedom that offers us all in the short and long run.

    It is important that we -as open source community- at the same time we steer away from piracy claims and conflicts, care for our biggest asset: the Open Software legacy.

  • Katie Feb 25, 2016 

    I bought my first android box a while ago, typing android box into Amazon back then came up with lots of fully loaded boxes with Kodi or rather XBMC. I think they have balanced at a little now.

    To be honest though,(after buying a one) I would never suggest anyone get one of the fully loaded boxes. They have shaky firmware and even shakier software. Ridddled with bugs and bloatware. I ended up completely wiping my first box and installing Kodi itself and doing my research from there.

    Kodi is such a great platform and makes bringing together your media into a nice interface, easy and managable. My blu ray player on its own creates crap sound and is awkward to use, using it through Kodi makes such a massive difference.

  • Chad Feb 25, 2016 

    FIrst of all let me start by saying that I love Kodi and have been using it for years for streaming content. What I can’t understand here is the stance that Kodi has taken. “Team Kodi maintains an officially neutral stance on what users do with their own software.” But we just create a software program that makes it insanely easy to pirate content. Has everyone forgot that this software was originally written to organize our newly formed libraries of music we downloaded from Napster and our movies that we could now download from newsgroups (if anyone is old enough to remember these)? If it were not for pirated content, Kodi would have a quarter, or less, of its current users. And lets be honest here, the percentage of people that honestly own ALL of the content on their servers is incredibly small. The majority of the content that people are watching on their servers has been downloaded from torrents.

    And as for all these third party addons that are breaking Kodi, what ones are they? I use a handfull of the popular ones and they work flawlessly. They have for years.

    It seems pretty simple. If you want to distance yourself from pirated content, disable all third party addons. If you want to profit from your work, which everyone here would completely understand, lock down the software and start charging for it. The vast majority of the people using this software would gladly pay for it (if third party addons were allowed that is).

    Bottom line, the Kodi devs have become a victim of their own success and have put themselves in an unfortunate position.

  • D Feb 25, 2016 

    Simple solution. Start charging for a license. I’d pay it, i’m sure people who love the kodi community would too.

  • Mark Feb 26, 2016 

    Kodi Devs have a lot to be proud of here, but it is open source.

    It is just the latest “disruptive technology” . Like most disruptive technologies it will change the way that marketing of TV content in this case is attained.

    Asterisk and VoIP was not intended to replace traditional telephony but it has , and what was the competitive commercial offering? cell Phones. Some people still do not like that asterisk is used by telemarketers, but it does not stop anybody from using it as a home or office PBX.

    Napster was another disruptive technology. Sure it came and went but it gave way to new things unfortunately all owned by the likes of Google, Apple and Amazon..

    What someone does with open source is their business not yours . I make and sell asterisk systems and I tell people it is asterisk . It is still asterisk underneath even if I am running it under a GUI like freepbx or Elastix. I can even install unlicensed codecs that in SOME countries do “legally” require a license. I can even configure asterisk to do things that are inconsistent with many laws like automatically dial and play a recording, which is illegal in some states. That however does not mean it is illegal everywhere.

    Need I refer you what has happened in Antigua? . They have gone so far as to not recognize US copyright laws so such a system may not be so illegal in a place like that.

    Get over it all disruptive technologies evolve into something better and the devs here have a lot to be proud about

  • Phil Feb 26, 2016 

    Would all these users be as equally annoyed if they paid $200 for a box with Fedora and LibreOffice pre installed on it? I imagine not. You are paying for the hardware and the builders time and experience in configuring it, not for the open source software.

    That being said, there is no issue in enforcing a trademark in this case. But don’t be heavy handed on legitimate build makers or developers who want to work with you on this. Although I’m not an active Kodi developer in any sense I often put on my cv or publish videos with “Python”, “Windows” or any number of trademarks. How can you publish a help video if you cant mention the product? Would the python software foundation issue a takedown if I submitted a video on how to access
    netflix for free? I doubt it, information should be free.

    I have nothing but respect for the Kodi development team and the community of users that has grown around such a great product, but punish the sellers, those making money incorrectly directly off the brand, not those who follow guidelines with their builds or who are building the community through online work .

    • elmerohueso Feb 27, 2016 

      Personally, I don’t have much of an issue with selling a box with everything baked into it. Where I do have a problem, though, is that they are misleading buyers by telling them streaming pirated content is legal. In the end, it would likely be the end user who might get in trouble, not the seller.

  • noel pearson Feb 26, 2016 

    when i get to config wizard it willnot work keeps saying error, can you help please

  • Justin H Feb 26, 2016 

    Shoot, Just go on youtube and type in “Kodi XBMC”
    Theres a video with your Logo that shows the complete fusion install wirelessly. ive seen this video passed around facebook numerous times as a DIY tutorial

  • jack Feb 27, 2016 

    Confession Time, i am one of those youtuber’s who have made a tutorial on how to get free movies and TV through the use of third-party add-ons on kodi. But I specify that Kodi itself does not provide then (even in the video title). But anyone who doesn’t understand that just has no business making a tutorial in first place. It is that kind of stupidity that makes me dread humanities future. Kodi is the best media hub I have found to date (and I’ve gone through a lot). As such I have promoted thoroughly and have convinced most of my friends and my family’s friends to download it. So just wanted to say, it vexes me that people too stupid to know better are ruining the Kodi for those who haven’t found it yet!

    ps. as to those who try to make a profit from the kodi teams good work by selling “fully loaded boxes” and such shloud just be put to a firing squad

  • w3b Feb 27, 2016 

    some people have nerves

    advertising for kodi xmbc software on a dutch site named marktplaats

    and then being redirected to a “groupon” , changed the name to x9film
    and sell the damn software for 9.95

    i am sure u need to counter stuff like this but its like fighting against
    piracy, it aint happening, and wont work. ever.

  • K405 Feb 27, 2016 

    Good! Take those mofos out. I cry a little inside every time I hear ignorant noobs on bithday parties or on the workfloor talk about kodi like it’s theirs. Do you know what I mean? People suck (well except us of course ;-) )! It always comes down to this.. with everything. Yes it is depressing.

  • supporter Feb 27, 2016 

    you have my full support. ripping off GPL-software to turn a cheap profit is one of the worst things.

    I specifically asked this german ebay-seller (first search reasult upon searching for “kodi” on; ) if his product is in compliance with the regulations stated here and first he replied i should talk to his lawyer and then, when i asked again if he could provide the technical details about his product he answered i better buy this product from his competitors.
    speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  • Spachtel Feb 27, 2016 

    I use kodi onli for 2 addons TV and movies!
    if kodi team is against ebay seller then goes kodi team just down with ebay seller!! Thats true guys

    • Soggy_Pronoun Feb 28, 2016 

      If I’m understanding you correctly through your poorly written comment (seems like English may not be your native language), what it seems like you’re saying is that Kodi will die without ebay sellers. That is SO far from reality. I’ve been using some form of Kodi since back when it was XBMP and it has only ever gotten better. It’s just solid quality software, all the time. EBay sellers will kill it way before it falls on its own. They are attaching the Kodi team’s name to shit products,that they know they won’t be held accountable for when they break, but the Kodi team will.

  • elmerohueso Feb 27, 2016 

    A company, I believe called Jelly Time TV, was at my county’s home show today selling a and Android box they advertised as providing free TV and movies. Looks like a generic Android box running Kodi, a custom skin, and something like Genesis. When I walked by he was showing an older couple how they could stream movies that were still in theaters for free, telling them it was totally legal.

    I butted in and his argument was that the box isn’t pirating, but the servers and people hosting the streams were the ones doing the pirating.

  • JoelE Feb 28, 2016 

    Often the top search result is a blog by the name of seo-michael which is loaded with articles on illegal addons. This one is obviously one of the worst culprit trashing the Kodi name and should be a target for take-downs.

  • K2B Feb 28, 2016 

    What’s really weird to me is how even major retailers are now selling products that are not ‘official’ Kodi devices and using the Kodi logo to advertise them. Case in point: The most recent flyer from Visions (a western Canadian electronics chain).

  • MinixUser Feb 28, 2016 

    A clear message. But what now to do with those thouisands of users already owning a pirated box? Throw away and go buy a new legal Kodibox? Don’t think so. But maybe Kodi dev team can make an add-on to auto analyze the box for pirated versions and make the user aware of it. Subsequently Kodi team can advise this user on correcting his pirated box somehow.

    just my 50 cents.

  • DRooGz Feb 28, 2016 

    The solution is make a licensed Kodi Tv Box. Have a great day.

  • Steve E.J. Sapthu Feb 28, 2016 

    I like to add here that Kodi only needs to focus on their goal. If there are people who wants to make a buck through your name and selling unsound equipment, well we know better.
    The problem is that when something is working excellent they want to make a fast buck or even copy what Kodi is doing. When you start to fight agains this, it will consume a lot of time and effort to make it stop, especailly because Kodi is a Internationale thing, and not in all countries in the world there are laws for this. I’m a ICT Professional with a own company, and it’s hard to fight against the whole world who wants to make a fast buck, by using your knowledge or system. It’s time and resources consuming.

  • paul treen Feb 28, 2016 

    there are loads of people are selling loads of these so called kodi boxs on there. I myself have even been messaging some people who are selling them that they are copyrighting the kodi trademark and that it is illegal but yet they still continue to sell these boxs. I suggest maybe getting in contact with the pwner pf the sphock app and inform them about this matter and tell them they need to get the sellers of these boxs removed as they are copyrighting the kodi name and this is against the law, And i hope kodi never ends you are all doing an amazing job just please keep fighting to get rid of these so called kodi box sellers once and for all i will continue to inform you if i see any more adverts for these so called kodi box sellers

  • paul treen Feb 28, 2016 

    hi i just messaged you in regards to this app and peoppe selling these so called kodi boxes i misspelt the name of the app the app is called shpock and is available on android and itunes

  • paul treen Feb 28, 2016 

    this is a uk selling site there are various sellers on here selling these so called kodi boxs they need to be stopped please investigate and get them taken off

  • paul treen Feb 28, 2016 

    this is another uk selling site there are loads of people selling these so called kodi boxs on there. please investigate and try to get removed i dont want kodi to ever end it is the best thing ever

  • Juan Castillo Feb 29, 2016 

    What is Kodi’s stand when it comes to builds like beast, Spartan, Spinz?
    They are all free

  • rambomambo Feb 29, 2016 

    why you not stop install add on who offer links for tv show, movies, and tv chanell, arena sport, sport klub and so.I think DCMA its so close to RAID something with pirated add ons, or offer people payed version of KODI, piracy will kill KODI very soon.

  • Kevin Feb 29, 2016 

    The Kodi add-on directory allows add-ons that use the logo and “names” of entities such as Bravo, ABC, Al Jazeera etc etc too. So while you don’t want anyone using the “Kodi” brand name you are allowing add-ons in your own add-on directory to use other people’s brand names and logos? Did the Kodi foundation get permission from those folks to use their name and logos?? While the directory disclaimer states that Kodi is not responsible for the 3rd party add-ons etc etc? That doesn’t excuse the fact that the names and logos are indeed on Kodi’s domain address and servers. If its in the directory? Kodi is responsible.

    Sadly, you don’t get to have things both ways. And unless you want to see the likes of BravoTV, CNN etc etc have you remove those add-ons from your own directory? Which would lessen the appeal of the Kodi product for lots of users, It might be best to keep quiet.

    Just food for thought. I love Kodi but again you can’t basically do the same thing and then expect for others to not use the Kodi name.

    Especially if the box builders/sellers are indeed installing an official Kodi release. It’s basically free advertising for Kodi and they are telling the truth if it is an official release. The box does indeed come pre-loaded with Kodi. They are able to do this because Kodi is free and open source and their listings are truthful as in (truth in advertising). Should they get permission to use the Kodi name and logo in their advertising… FOR SURE YES!!

    Should the Kodi foundation also get permission to use logos and names in their own add-on directory from the likes of Bravo, CNN etc etc?? FOR SURE YES!!

    Keep up the good work everyone. Just was giving a little food for thought to the conversation.

    I in no way shape or form condone piracy I am merely stating opinions that are my own and providing food for thought to this conversation.

  • Joe Feb 29, 2016 

    Think about this ..lets say a man goes out and buys a new Ford Truck.. today.. Then next week he decides to get in that truck and go rob a bank…okay do they then go an arrest the Ford dealer for selling him a truck that he later used to rob a bank?? Its what you do with it .. the builds people are downloading are short cuts to disaster and are being put together to sell .. they are vulnerable and constantly breaking down …learn from the vids how to add stable plug ins…lots of source means it accessible code does not mean free or free to steal ..or free profit…someone who watches an install tutorial on Kodi not a developer…and its for the most part people going to you tube and using tutorials to get Kodi running ..thats why the short cut wizards are so popular..quick quick quick… all the fan art and the porn on the front page…then it pushed as free tv and movies and porn…which you can get all of that on the web without the Kodi app…its what you do with it…I love this app… and I stay away from the custom builds…torrent links and downloads..

  • mrm Mar 01, 2016 

    Hello guys,

    This idiots sells the kodi software on a dutch website what called marktplaats: Kodi op je Android mobiel of tablet?

    € 20,00

    Kodi (XBMC) software (upgrade)
    € 25,00

    He responsed to me on a message were i have told him to stop selling the kodi os and he replyed me with mind youre own business. I have send a message to marktplaats and told them to erase the advertisement. I hope we can stop this idiot with youre help.

    Keep up the good work and have a nice day!


  • Daniel Mar 01, 2016 – crawling with stores selling “free iptv” and kodi-boxes. Maybe it’s possible making them remove such items from their website. I know they done things like that with for example pirated boardgames. But probably a long shot.

  • Jo Buggins Mar 02, 2016 

    Better start with the big boy on the block nVidia and their Shield android box.

    But wait… that’s FREE advertising on an internationally respected brand’s site.

    • James Rebleo Mar 08, 2016 

      Nvidia promotes Kodi as free, and I have never seen them even suggest loading unofficial add-ons.

  • nbakken81 Mar 02, 2016 

    This is a problem. I’ve also noticed this in the Google Playstore, not people selling hardware laced with pirated addons, but people sellling android alypps with the kodi logo. Not justforks that are tweaked but also, apps that are said to install all the best repos, or unlock thousands of free channels and movies, or some similar enticing hook. When more often then not all they do is regurgitate freely available info, or mirror functions built into kodi and represent it as something totally new and innovative. They always ask for money, even if the app is free, it will shut down after a day and demand a subscription, on top of it lifting your already making money off you from adds and personnel info selling. It’s disgusting, and people who aren’t aware that KODI is opensource, or don’t understand the meaning of opensource, shell out big bucks. I saw one app, that charged 3.99, and had over 100k installs!!!!! Without fail, everyone of these sham devs, uses the KODI/XBMC name, and does it;s best to present itself as affiliated.

  • Rod Mar 02, 2016 

    So people are talking about a plain android box for $50. I don’t know much about this. I recently bought a Minix latest model – preloaded with kodi and other things. It was 3 times the price of a plain box as described here. How is the Minix not a plain box? Did I buy something that was plain and then modified to be sold for a markup? I am confused!

  • Thatcher LaPrise Mar 02, 2016 

    On a recent visit to Florida we bought a Kodi box from a flea market seller. He had a program called Freestream. Once we found that the box was non-operational it was to late to go back and work things out. No surprise when we tried to contact them, there was no reply and a looping voice mail. Is there anything you can do to help?

  • andrew Mar 02, 2016 


  • Roberto Mar 02, 2016 

    I have been using Kodi since it was XBMP on the xbox. Just to clarify, XBMP was a multimedia app installed on a modded Xbox ( without Microsoft consent, so in essence illegal). As much I love Kodi I really don’t thing hypocrisy is a good way to go.

    • Thesuffering Mar 09, 2016 

      Not illegal. Against Eula? Sure. But this is apples oranges. Installing xbmc to a Xbox is the same as a jailbroken iPhone or a hackintosh (provided you bought OS X legit)

  • Frustrated Mar 02, 2016 

    I know I will get flamed for this one, but start charging for it, I would pay. I pay 70 for a triple A game and it does not bother me. Add Denovu v3 or better for DRM. This would end quickly.

    Before anyone flames me that that is too much to pay, please note I am considered in one of the lowest economic classes in the US (I make just enough to not qualify me for government help). I live paycheck to paycheck, but I would STILL pay, I have been using XBMC/KODI for years and I love it and would pay for it. I pay for triple A games that turn out to be crap.

    You must get a handle on this or the dev’s will leave and worse you may get blocked by AV’s and ISP’s in the future. Hard code messages, remove the code from being open sourced, do what you have to or KODI will die.

    On a side note I did a craigs list search in my city for KODI, 191 results. 190 were for hacked boxes, one was for a KODI cooler???? I posted an ad warning people who are buying a KODI hacked boxes and it was flagged and my post was flagged taken down in less than 1 hour. I am going to start offering to meet these people who want to sell them except have a police officer there who will be aware that the seller is selling something that facilitates piracy and stolen material.

    To the dev’s you need to fix this or the media center that had one of the strongest influences on killing windows Media Canter will die… the writing is on the wall, act as you see fit, and time will tell

  • Stephen Mar 02, 2016 

    OK, so used Kodi since the early days along with many other media players and whilst they all do they same thing, Kodi is by far the best. Support your developers because without them, Kodi wouldn’t exist. These days I use Google Play Movies for my viewing but if Kodi ever had a way of accessing my “legally” owned movies I would be back as I loved everything it could and still can do. #kodiforever

  • OnKz Mar 02, 2016 

    Please stop the “Kodi UK.TV General Support” group on Facebook. They have TOO MANY members and none of them know what Kodi actually is and what it does. They just know it as a form of pirate friendly software. PLEASE get them off Facebook. I hate them. Most of the sellers you see online are OPERATING and SELLING in that group. Long live the REAL Kodi.

  • OnKz Mar 02, 2016 

    Along with the pirate Facebook group, this website is the source for these Kodi Killers.
    EVERYTHING is on here. AND IT’S BAD! Pirates love that site for the easy builds and tutorials on there to get sports for free. The official Kodi team NEED to sort this out! If these guys carry on, Kodi WILL turn into a platform for all illegal TV viewers.

  • Wayne Winquist Mar 03, 2016 

    While I’m in favor of what you are doing, I like Kodi – especially in the Windows 10 era – because of what it is, and in media center builds would like to install it (unmodified EXCEPT where hardware, such as a TV Tuner, suggests.) Is this okay? What constitutes a “vanilla Kodi” box?

  • Bryan Hanson Mar 03, 2016 

    I just donated again…. I love the product you are producing and I feel it is worth much more than I donated…. I have been looking for a replacement to SAGETV for many years and your product is the ONLY thing I would consider as equal or better. I hope you guys realize how appreciative I am and I am SURE other people feel the same way….

  • xOnur Mar 03, 2016 

    You’re absolutly right with this topic but i think its also important to support the legal addons like Youtube.
    Unfortunately youtube doesnt work anymore because of an api problem
    Pls fix it.

  • CamC Mar 04, 2016 

    I’m making a simple addon for builders that will pop up with 3 lines: pirated content warning, Kodi disclaimer, and for more info see… does anyone have any other suggestions on what should be in it. It has to be short and to the point so people will read it

  • Aubrey Kloppers Mar 05, 2016 

    @Nathan Betzen:
    you guys from Kodi seem to target the wrong builders and alienating support structures so desperately needed in the Kodi code.

    The problem is that you are targeting builders not involved in advertising piracy under the “cloak” of your so-called attack on piracy.

    Case in point: You have forced the builders of Zidoo to remove the name Kodi and fork a build for the RK chips, although NEVER involved in piracy! You refuse to pull the RK chip fixes into the Kodi code, alienating the smaller box-builders away from the Kodi code. This is in error and I find this totally short-sighted on the side of Kodi. Just because you do not want to support one of the fastest growing Kodi markets, you are loosing some of the finest fixes available today.

    Please re-evaluate your attitude towards not only legitimate code, but also legitimate builders…

    • Martijn Mar 06, 2016 

      That’s where you are wrong. The zidoo version was full of all that is illegal. Get your facts straight

  • Mike Mar 05, 2016 

    All the cam movies and the ones that are still in theaters should be banned and something should be done about them…but in defense of movies that are released,what is the difference between watching one you borrow from someone you know or streaming one from online….if you are going to go after the ones that stream movies then you will have to go after the ones who let people borrow things…..kind of makes me scared to borrow sugar from my neighbor if the maker of the sugar tries to charge them for giving me the sugar….I went to a spring show last weekend in Charlotte and they were selling cheap boxes with Kodi on them for $499,they had me escorted away for telling the elderly people they were lying to that they were being ripped off….

  • Tracey ODonnell Mar 06, 2016 

    As just a typical Kodi user for about 7 months now, I regret to admit i’ve used Youtube dozens of times to learn how to use Kodi and to obtain repository and addon information. So how does a simple user like myself know exactly what is legitimately developed and whats bogus? Thank you for all that is done with Kodi, its an amazing resource with a wealth of information; after all this time Im still learning .

  • Kat Mar 06, 2016 

    call the INTERNET POLICE!!!

  • 345tfg Mar 06, 2016 

    Well, what about sort of a statutory-warning when an add-on first start-up? “This add-on could potentially land you in jail” “Proceed if you don’t mind FBI at your doorstep”, you know, at least 1 out of 10 will never use it.

  • Malibu Mar 06, 2016 

    I agree with the KODI Development team in respect that copyright should be protected. I also agree that those who use the KODI as a base system to adapt it to their own formats should not call their system Kodi. Kodi has a route to protect their product bith from a copyright point of view as well as the law of passing off. However, unfortunately until they actually take someone to court there will be a degree of apathy.

    From my point of view knowing the amount of effort and time that goes into improving and updating any software, I support the Kodi attitude.

  • Derek Mar 06, 2016 

    I enquired about an android set top box in currys and the salesman offered to tell me how to get free SKY and Movies, i was slightly annoyed to say the least and left before Derek_UFC came out to play.

    • Derek Mar 06, 2016 

      And he specifically said USING KODI.

  • LycanHD Mar 07, 2016 

    I recently bought my parents a Android box to replace their WD live because of no x265 support? Seems fine but has Kodi on the packaging box. Didn’t advertise as free movies but boots up as Google TV.

    Mifanstech i68 Andriod 5.1 Smart TV Box with 2GB RAM+8GB ROM, KODI & XBMC pre-installed, H.265 4K x 2K Video Format, Bluetooth 4.0 and 1000M Ethernet LAN Dual WIFI

  • Rob S. Mar 07, 2016 

    What about people that market products as offering “Free cable TV”, which use Kodi to access pirated streams but do not disclose or advertise that they are using Kodi?

    One of the greatest culprits in this respect are the sellers of a product called the MediaCube. They aggressively market their product as offering “Free” HBO, cable TV, Netflix, etc. What they are selling is a cheap S812 AMLogic box, which is marked up to $300USD, has Kodi preinistalled along with several of the addons mentioned in this article.

    They do NOT mention Kodi in their advertisements, but NOT because they are respecting the trademark. It is because they do not want the unsuspecting consumer to know that they can get run the same software with the same capabilities on any other box and pay a great deal less.

    While the MediaCube sellers may not be directly profiting by using the Trademarked name “Kodi” or “XBMC”, They are still a hug part of the problem mentioned in this article.

  • Thesuffering Mar 09, 2016

    These guys post all the time on a Facebook swap shop and use images say kodi OS, their website uses the Kodi name along with clearly stating they are using Genesis and other piracy add ons. They claim in their ads you will never have streaming problems which is downright laughable with Genesis.

  • Jack Mar 09, 2016 

    This site sells different version of raspberry with kodi installed on it. There is even a wrong and long description of kodi

  • Eftimios Mar 09, 2016 

    The Kodi team should focus on the forest and not the tree. Otherwise they will stall and destroy this beautiful software…

  • Tornicade Mar 09, 2016 

    There is nothing on Kodi I cannot find somewhere else. 3rd party android sites are making apps that achieve similar results. so is Android facilitating piracy? Linux? etc.

    Kodi has the capability to integrate everything and that’s what makes it so popular.

    VLC has server scanners that actually exceed kodi scrappers that allow streaming directly from Networks.
    Straight from the Matricom box.
    G-Box is the world’s most popular Android IPTV set-top box for internet streaming, along with free movies, capable of receiving free TV, for all the sports fans there’s free sports not to forget international viewing by being compatible with free IPTV international broadcasts all running within the Android OS (Setup is required in XBMC/Kodi, based on your desire, to receive any free TV, movie, sports or international broadcasts. Matricom provides support only for legal streaming capabilities of the G-Box and will not assist with the setup of any XBMC or Kodi add-ons that are illegal in nature).

    Now this Box has a Full DLNA player, alleged airplay, miracast and Lollipop with Android.
    However they chose this backhanded advertisement based on the ability to utilize Kodi without even installing it.

    Why because people read this and say oh… illegal streams “gimmie” even though there are plenty of completely legal options for free TV inherent in the box.

    I consider Matricom one of the good guys whose product stands on its own yet even they know that for every 10 people who buy this box on its merits without Kodi . 20 more people will buy something else because they don’t see a reference to Kodi.

    What I have seen though is Amazon, Netgear, Roku, Asus and Sony go out of their way to force people to upgrade boxes that are perfectly capable of playing content but chose to kill google play by not supporting their firmware which Marvell told everyone was quite capable of being updated to a more current android that could support perfectly legal channels available through android. This is piracy to me and Kodi has helped make a product available to encourage these open source boxes. so I don’t think they are the enemy either except for the custom builders that sell you outdated firmware with an unauthorized Kodi logo.

  • theanytime Mar 10, 2016 

    How about having sellers maybe register with you guys? would that help?

  • justin Mar 10, 2016 

    I was at a trade show in billings, mt this last weekend and saw a booth for “Kbox”
    I grabbed a business card:

  • Bryan G Mar 10, 2016 

    These guys on youtube continue too show videos and charge for iptv even after you told them to take down some of their vids. They continue to make money off of the Kodi name and should have their youtube accounts removed. There youtube channels are Husham Memar here is his latest vid another youtube channel is Dimitrology and newtechevolution among others in their group. These guys continue to charge for internet tv streams that are copyrighted.

  • Carl Mar 11, 2016 

    AT&T Uverse television service runs on KODI software.
    Establishing a relationship with AT&T could be a win-win.
    Especially now with the brand name needing validity, and AT&T
    using Direct TV for their main television product…AT&T and KODI
    could benefit. Not sure if KODI is software run on XBOX, but I know
    AT&T attempted to have the XBOX run the Uverse software. Ran into difficulty.

  • Marx Mar 11, 2016 

    I think that to make things clear there can be done some information on home screen, or during startup Kodi or plugin, that user has nonofficial repositories or plugins. Legit plugins can be signed by Kodi team. So the user gets clear message that it uses unofficial repo or plugin on his own responsibility.

    • Mauricio Navarro Miranda Mar 13, 2016 

      Like Firefox or Android. Firefox is starting to force add-ons to be signed on the browser, and Android lets the user know when he’s installing an apk from “untrusted sources”.
      I think this shall be optional, since users need to be able to enable “untrusted” plugins, just because they whant. :)

  • J.R. Mar 11, 2016 

    You guys are acting completely appropriately in trying to protect your brand. In fact after reading the post above, you guys are actually being pretty nice about it, all things considered. I’ve had some opportunistic brand-jackers (I think in India) try to swoop in on the illustration/graphics/media brand I’ve been running with since the early 2000′s (Krikit Media if anyone’s actually wondering).

    In case you haven’t seen this one with clear Kodi branding:

  • Julian Mar 11, 2016 

    Found these two facebook pages of people who sell Kodi boxes with illegal stuff:

  • Alan Mar 11, 2016 

    I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but it seems to me that the problem of people reselling boxes with the Kodi name on them has a very simple solution. Modify Kodi so that it can have it’s logo and any mention of the word Kodi replaced with something else. Software sellers do it all the time. If the people who are trying to make a buck selling loaded kodi boxes could rebrand kodi to their own selected name, they would do it in a second, and then Kodi’s doesn’t have to worry about their reputation. What you would have is100′s of different boxes with different names on them, none of which are Kodi.

  • Steve Mar 12, 2016 

    I found this person claiming to be the official shop for kodi selling Fire tv with all the addons on.
    As the home site for kodi this is one person you can shut down.

    Even has the nerve to sell fire tv claiming RRP is £139 when i checked on Amazon its £44.99 for voice version.

  • rambomambo Mar 12, 2016 

    if you not to be RAID from FBI and DMCA, stop and block ACESTREAM and SOPCAST(Plexus (P2P Streams)

  • Mauricio Navarro Miranda Mar 13, 2016 

    Hope it will help!

  • Artimus Mar 13, 2016 

    I’ve actually seen a few people selling them locally. There’s a pawn shop in my town selling the $40 Fire TV Stick with Kodi and a bunch of piracy add ons for $75, and the owner said they’re selling so fast, she can’t keep them on the shelf. She also told me a pawn shop 15 miles away is selling them for $125, though I haven’t seen that myself. There’s another guy at the local flea market selling the $100 Fire TV for $150.

    Here’s hoping things start to get better. I love having an easy option for my home theater and would hate to see our tech illiterate government have to get involved. That won’t end well for anyone.

  • James Mar 14, 2016 

    It’s called having your cake and eating it too. Kodi is using a genius method where they have provided the ultimate media center application, perfect for pirated content, but then protest against using pirated content. This method avoids copyright infringement laws because they themselves are not the people pirating, it’s all third party developers “add-ons” and the users that use Kodi for pirated content. This means Kodi’s hands are kept clean. Kodi’s developers are geniuses and I have a lot of respect for them. I use Kodi every day, its better than torrents. The only small problem is the lack of a solid download manager, you can download movies, its just a little cumbersome. But this will surely soon be fixed by some third party add on :P

  • Clint Mar 14, 2016 

    My custom Android box has only 4 additional add ons on it that covers everything I want to do. Never buffers unless the Internet drops, streams HD effortlessly and it’s only a 1 meg android box dual core processor. Only thing it dosnt do is play YouTube, no big deal as YouTube streams with the YouTube android app. Everything auto updates. Problem is with Chinese boxes is there fully loaded with crap and repetition. They have little idea why the boxes stutter. I use my box also to mirracast too when I want a big screen for my PC. My connection is 30 mbits and never have a problem. I even use my android box for streaming presentations at work as the mirracast feature is superb. When I was in Hong Kong I went to watch Star Wars The force awakens in
    4dx I actualy went twice once to watch the 3D version and again to watch the non 3D version. 4dx is superb, moving seats light and extra touch, smell and sound effects. I paid equivalent of £26 for each screening. So if I happen to then watch it again on a Kodi app why am I pirating. I’ve already paid for the movie twice and have no intention keeping it. In 2 years time will be on tv for free. If I like a movie I pay at the cinema. Most movies I watch on my Android box I wouldn’t pay, Old classics I love to watch. Most of them I’ve seen at the cinema. Would I buy and collect. No. TC shows I have to wait to be on the uk I can watch now. Why should I pay I’m just watching a year early without the adverts. I also like the convenience of watching an entire series back to back. Is that piracy when they have already in some cases been screened on tv? Btw I’m dyslexic and don’t care if my spelling offends. Some people will never go to the cinema or buy a DVDs or blue ray even if there was no Kodi box. If they watch sport and had no Kodi box they would watch in a pub. Movie studios to studios clubs and to channels cry revenue loss but if people who use these boxes didn’t have them would they pay. I think the vast majority wouldn’t. So revenue I think is complete bollox. Incidentally I have a Netflix and Amazon streaming services. I pay for that for the 4K streams as everything else on it is diluted from American Netflix which they now block my VPN. Why because they like to regionalise everything that you can already watch on Kodi. Are they mental. They will also alienate there custom base if they carry on. If it wasn’t for the 4K I would be off. I don’t mind paying for anything that I like from music to movies. TV shows no chance. Incidentally most of my streams on Kodi are 720p to 1080p the to stuff as I said I love. Kodi and the android box in paticular is superb. I hope it dosnt end up being just a simple file server music and video streaming app. Hell I like the fact I can browse the Internet my dual sided air mouse tiny keyboard. TV has come of age with Kodi don’t ruin it and don’t buy that fully loaded Chinese boxes. There awful. Did I waffle probabaly ha ha. Dyslexia rules ;)

  • M Argent Mar 14, 2016 

    Just seen this in the UK

    Start date
    Founded in June 2014
    Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
    Short description
    Unlocked Amazon Fire Sticks – Free UK & USA Channels, Box Sets, Series, Movies, Box Office Movies, Sky Sports, BT Sport. – One Off Fee!! Auto Updated!!
    Long description
    Amazon Fire Sticks Unlocked!! JailBroken!

    *** 100′S OF FREE MOVIES ***
    *** FREE UK DELIVERY ***

    *** ONE OFF COST ***


    Email address
    [email protected]

  • Junt Mar 14, 2016 

    someone at work just told me about this:

    Looks like they’re trying to setup a pyramid scheme sales model

  • misterbarlow Mar 14, 2016 

    Retailers are not helping by allowing bulk purchases for these ebay resellers!!
    I have been trying to buy a firestick from my local Tesco, but they are always out of stock, this week I asked an assistant about new stock and he said they did have loads out the back and went and got me one, he said they have had to start putting them on the shelf one at a time now, because if they put more than one out, the same guy keeps coming in and buying them all in one go… they wondered where they were going first until they noticed this same guy coming in every day and buying any stock of them they had…. and over a few weeks he bought dozens so they have had to ration them on the shelves…

  • Squanto Mar 15, 2016

    Friend of mine sells this crap. He doesn’t admit that it is all piracy. Tell him to stop ruining things for everyone else…

  • Blaunt Kursk Mar 15, 2016 

    your own website has already support the minix maker of the android tv box with configured kodi installed. if you people want to clean of pirate contents should also no accepting support or donation from any maker that use your kodi application on their box for pirate conteents…

  • TexasKodi Mar 16, 2016 

    I love Kodi as a media center. I backed up my 900 DVD collection and stream to my TV’s. I’ve connected all of my family photos. I’ve connected all of my music. Truly Kodi is an amazing media center. I installed Kodi myself on 4 Amazon Fire TV boxes. Shame Kodi is not in the Amazon App Store or Samsung Smart TV App Store like you can Plex. I find that the Kodi add-one are mostly a pain to work with so I never bother. Even legit ones are flakey or don’t provide any real value. I have many movies, Tv shows, music etc all legally purchased and Kodi is the ultimate way to manage legal multimedia. Ive read all about how you can get pirated content etc. I really don’t see how Kodi is responsible for that anymore then Dell being responsible for phishing attacks. I do think that Kodi should be more vigilant about what add-one are available and perhaps setup a similar vetting process to what it takes to get an app published at the apple App Store. I think Kodi should only come installed with official Kodi licensed add-ons. Perhaps this would allow it back in the Amazon App Store so we don’t have to keep side loading all the time. You can come out of the shadows and operate legitimately and still keep the open source concept. Anyways, I love Kodi and appreciate all that you folks do. It’s awesome for my legal content needs!!

  • frank Mar 16, 2016 

    Here’s another Facebook one…from syracuse, NY

  • JJ Mar 16, 2016 

    eBay do have a program called VeRO(verified right owners). I know that because i used to work customer support for eBay. . I am not sure if Kodi team is registered with them . If not then please do it at the earliest. Once eBay verifies Kodis credentials to Intelectual property they will grant a user id with special privilleges . That user can reporting listings in bulk which he thinks is infringing his IP. Vero reported listings are taken down almost immediately AFAIK

  • Sigmaxt Mar 18, 2016 

    Police Raid Pirate Android Box Sellers, Six Arrested – TorrentFreak

  • apjapj Mar 18, 2016 

    Dear Team Kodi,

    Its good to hear that you are now going after those heartless bastards but please help us to help you by providing the infrastructure to report the details and information to you.

    - setup and advertise a reporting email address and/or a web page form to provide the important details of the seller / auction.
    - Create and publish on the web an official white list for ‘good’ sellers / manufacturers who promote the project and potentially sell them an image to use on their own sites to help them promote their legal purchases.
    - Create and publish a ban list as a warning, of any verified illegal sellers / manufactures that will be audited and extended whenever new users with issues pop up
    - Write standard information letters describing the project and pointing to both lists that you can send to all interested parties from Amazon to eBay as well as others to help them assist you in the good fight.
    - Create a separate sub forum for users to post information and updates to assist the team in their fight.
    - Update your news page regularly with details of any wins and successes so that we can cheer you on and the ‘pirates’ learn of the costs of their illegal actions.

    Should be enough for starters ;)

    Good luck !


  • Menorca Man Mar 19, 2016 

    UK technology site Alphr should have known better than to publish a tutorial on how to install [random crappy piracy add-on] on Kodi. I posted a comment telling them it was a dumb decision!!

  • joe blow Mar 19, 2016 

    the software still sucks period even without the buggy addons it is a poorly designed POS
    convultued and confusing and difficult to use or or to customize

  • Test Mar 19, 2016 

    I sent you a list of people on youtube that are using kodi for pirated content but you seem to not care because you took my message off…so why ask for the help???

  • niki Mar 20, 2016 

    free source people are amazing people. there is no other place that a callout to help does not include a guilt trip for money. if i had a donation i would send it but alas i am poor lol just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work from one of the little guys who appreciate you and all that believe in the free source movement.
    we are not all assholes looking to take advantage or use without appreciation like some of the prior comments, dont let them get to you and keep up the good fight ;)

  • Loothor Mar 20, 2016 

    It’s sadly not surprising to see how many people in this forum think the point of this article was Team Kodi saying “we’re not pirate software!” They’re not, but that wasn’t really the point of the article at all.

    Team Kodi doesn’t care about piracy. They don’t care whether or not people are pirating media and using Kodi to watch it, and they SHOULDN’T care.

    It’s up to content providers to try to protect their content if they want to, and it’s up to individual people not to break the law. It is NOT up to everybody who makes any sort of product to make sure their products can never be used in an illegal manner. Kodi, at it’s heart, is simply an interface for organizing and playing back media files. It is not their responsibility to make sure those files are legitimately owned any more than it is the responsibility of a television manufacturer to make sure every image shown on their TV is being legally viewed, or the responsibility of a camera manufacturer to make sure users have a right to take pictures of whatever they’re pointing their camera at.

    The point of this article is that Team Kodi doesn’t want to be portrayed as having endorsed or sold all the crappy, unreliable 3rd-party addons that these piracy box sellers load onto boxes (because they didn’t), and they don’t want to be portrayed as people who sell stolen media (because they aren’t).

    They don’t care if people are using Kodi to playback pirated media, they don’t care if people are writing their own software that facilitates illegally downloading stolen media. Which they shouldn’t – you don’t blame a legitimate tool maker for someone using their tool for illegitimate purposes.

    They just don’t want their logo and name associated with products that come with bad software and stolen media. Which is perfectly understandable, because they didn’t write that bad software and they didn’t steal or distribute that pirated media.

    What they are asking for here is simply their users help in preventing their name and logo from being used to endorse products that include software and media they didn’t provide.

    • rambomambo Mar 21, 2016 

      Try to explaine this to DMCA and FBI, they also dont care, just RAID you

    • andyr0ck Mar 28, 2016 

      Agreed, claims of “well, we all know Kodi was designed for playing pirated content” is dubious supposition at best and slanderous/libelous at worst. Moreover, such claims have *nothing* to do with what they’re asking here. I wonder how people who make such claims would feel if Kodi did lose developers and shut up shop as a consequence? Gutted, most likely.

      Folks saying “this was designed for piracy, you made money off of it..oh, and keep up the good work in creating something cool!” are clearly talking out of their arses. What the devs are saying here looks pretty simple to me: if this doesn’t stop, they’ll quit. I take that as a serious complaint, not as ‘some pirates having a winge’.

  • MAYKKOSA Mar 20, 2016 

    email me a direct message on how to help KODI . i support you guys

  • Newsbeast Mar 21, 2016 

    Kodi is a good tool and it is a shame that it may acquire an undeserved reputation as a source of content piracy. As for @TexasKodi and your comment as to why Kodi is not available directly on a Samsung SmartTV, consider this: Samsung bought out the Boxee Box development and shut it down. The boxee box is eol as a consequence. Samsung obviously does not want any competition against their media platform offerings, old and new. The best that the boxee box offers is a hack to load an alpha version of kodi 15. It works well enough but would be better if boxee owners could just root, wipe and install what they want, Otherwise its a 200+$ paper weight. It would be interesting to follow the money on the piracy box sellers to see how far up the chain such corruption occurs. Where am I going with this? I love a good conspiracy. I’ve since purchased an android box but am half sorry and ought to have build my own media player, electric bill be damned. In any case kodi will always have a place on my network.


    the Beast

  • ronald Mar 21, 2016 

    Scanning and reading this. Kodi team problem is that people are claiming these boxes are kodi boxes not android with kodi loaded. the second fully loaded.,- there is no such thingmost boxes have inadequate memory to run from it ram and internal memory this means external memory is needed and so runs slower (if you have an android phone you will have seen ths too) it is the claims Kodi has a problem with. any box costing more than about $50 or 35GBP is costing for the install work.
    Now for problem resolution to solve the bad add on problems, tthe solution is the same as with a computer makea back upthere is a kodi back up and restore addon that can be used. i will not post it here in case it is 3rd party. There are ways to fix the pirate installed addons and that is to clean the cache and data from kodi in settings this gives a blank sheet and allows you to install your addons not all sorts of unwanted stuff you may never use. Yes it may take hours to reprogram but when done and you make a backup you have your box your way with kodi installed on a kodi supported platform. You also have a way to recover media if needed without relying on google play and the cloud.
    I willsay Iam new to kodi as a media player and I am surprised i have not used it before.Very nice job Kodi developers. Given a chance I would help develop for Kodi. since ihave software , hardware and engineering experience.

  • Some Dude Who Loves Kodi Mar 22, 2016 

    I’ll just help everyone who is overlooking the key factors. See I don’t know as much about this world known as (k)coding as many of you seem to. I’m a simple nerd who just loves to learn. But I do know something about history.

    You can embrace this ability and ride this and keep it (Cool) like the Facebook movie Social Network and let the people describe their own defiance for software that you developed or, well, you can end the party early and put some red tape on this product and disable it’s previous abilities. Let it ride, you understand why FB is a billion dollar corporation that doesn’t sale anything. End it’s ability to allow the average everyday joe to learn something from your program will just push them to the next “Kodi.” Don’t believe me? When’s the last time anyone on this site downloaded Showbox, Bluestacks, or any form of Utorrent/LimeWire software? Don’t worry, I’ll wait….
    My Point is simple. If you try changing anything from what you already have you will end up just like these sites described above. They are good alternates but Kodi….. Kodi changed the game. I haven’t been using Kodi for that long. I wont lie. And like I said before, I have been working with software and hardware all my life but I never learned how to code.. I have never seen a piece of software so brilliantly put together to allow anyone, I mean anyone to learn and enjoy it at the same time. No matter what you try to do, meaning every software developing company, there will always be someone on the sideline waiting to hack it or modify it’s perimeters. Just think of Microsoft Windows or whatever they ever put out. Some people pay… But with the right knowhow or KMS directory, poof, and you have dudes in lab coats back in the lab like, how in the F*#k did they do that.
    Bottom line, if people want to do it, their gonna find a way. There is nothing you “should” do by “trying” to be the pioneers of cracking down on piracy, considering the entire freaking internet is a breeding ground for larceny. You can let them come to your software or they will just go somewhere else. In the process of trying to stop a few bad apples you stop the mass of ones trying to grow….. Kinda like myself.
    But I would like to throw you guys the squinty eyes, like yall don’t be using it like we be using it. I know cops who use it. It’s not even low income homes who take advantage of it. It’s everyone. You are the next Facebook. Embrace it. Hell, ya need to add a skype type application for those who have Kodi on Windows, Lynx, Android, I Products or Macs. An actual independent webpage with profiles would be awesome. You are already becoming a household name. Now go Bigger. But keep it simple. Complicating things will only ruin something that will defiantly bring you big name sponsors who may be trying to shut you down right now but when they come to the conclusion that piracy is just the way of the real new technical world we live in they will be begging to add your application platform as a standard interface requirement. The truth is, your software allows the average person across the world to stick it to these cable and satellite providers who have raped the community for something that should be offered free in the first place. 10 years ago you had a tube TV that you plugged up but then they made you buy that darn digital box. Movie companies, Cable providers or whatever other form of entertainment companies aren’t hurting for cash. But their customers are. Something you should give great consideration to before changing your process or even the future of your software and it’s possible decline of public interest. See, I told you everyone missed the overall bigger factor. Keep going. The underdogs are rooting for you.

  • Cristiano Mar 22, 2016 

    Which is the last working version of Apple TV 4 generation?
    and where can I take ?
    Thank you

  • BGTV Mar 22, 2016 

    This has been going on where I live since July 2015.
    Actually it was the first time I heard about Kodi so I
    decided to do my own research and installed Kodi for free.
    There are 2 people in my area that are now selling boxes and charging to install.
    I know of people getting disgusted with kodi and blaming Kodi for having
    problems with their boxes and having to call in the installer only to be charged to have the issue fixed.

    Harry Daw II

    Harry’s Advert:
    “The reason this is such an important item to consider buying is that it can
    save you over $1,000/year if you’re the typical Cable/Dish/Direct TV customer.
    Use your high speed internet to cut the cord and watch any TV show or Movie
    that you’ll find on Netflix/Hulu/Vudu/Charter on Demand or any pay service.
    You only pay $125 one time, no subscription cost. Check out The Kodi Box FB page
    for more information and follow my blog. A recent post will show you how to (potentially)
    double the download speed of your internet by running 10 minutes in test. Go ahead,
    cut the cord and watch TV your way without commercials!!”

    Amy Volz

    Amy’s Advert:
    “I have Amazon FireSticks cracked, with KODI installed, that gives you and your family instant access to the following features:
    -ALL CURRENT Box Office Movies
    -HBO, Starz, Showtime
    -Hundreds of thousands of movies
    -Access to all the TV shows you love
    Why keep paying expensive subscriptions for Netflix and HULU? CANCEL THEM!
    The Amazon Fire TV Stick connects to your TV’s HDMI port. It’s an easy way to enjoy over 250,000 TV episodes and movies that u would find on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, or Hulu, … games, music, XXX and more!
    4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory
    Take the Fire TV Stick with you to watch your favorites away from home.
    DITCH your CABLE!…get one for each TV!
    Everyone wants one!-give them as gifts!
    My family made the switch from over-priced cable to the Amazon FireStick with KODI, and it is amazing! We love it! We cancelled our cable and have more channels & movies than ever before!
    Call today! 3147492417
    Delivery Available!”

  • Raypairman Mar 23, 2016 

    I just put a guy on blast for trying to sell Sticks loaded with Hulu and Netflix free.Check it out:

    Ray 2 hours ago
    So do I need a Netflix account to use this?

    Seller ( Changed his name) 2 hours ago
    Nope, everything that’s on Netflix will be on Kodi which is the software added to the stick
    1 hour ago
    If your interested in one, please let me know.

    Ray 43 minutes ago
    Your Ad is misleading. Unless I read it wrong it state Netflix and Hulu,. If I am correct you should change it. Thanks

    Seller 30 minutes ago
    It means anything on hulu, Netflix, whatever else on there is all there exclusive shows, movies, etc. For only the one time fee which is the price of the unit. I don’t mean to miss lead anyone

    Seller 15 minutes ago
    Ray, I apologize and have changed my add to help others understand. I do appreciate your constructive criticism. Thank you :-)

    Ray 10 minutes ago
    This still isn’t true. You cannot get Showtime on Kodi which you can on Netflix. I have been programming Android devices for over 4 years. I see your ad as many which with ambiguous statements like your’s. I see it’s working for you and that’s great if you can live with that. I am part of the Kodi Community and enjoy this as a hobby. If your interested please read this link below. Ads like this places you in the dishonest and misleading group. Thanks for your reply. At least you do reply which is better then most.

    Seller 4 minutes ago
    I will check it out, THANKS

    Ray 0 minutes ago
    Sorry your last reply came in before my last statement. Good luck to you.

  • stanley cartwright Mar 25, 2016 

    Kodi is a media player. There are others…remember winamp,abc and 123 player on windows when there wasn’t much else.VLC was ok.
    If you’ve a rasperry pi then Kodi is the only all in one media player for it.
    A top job to the people who made it.

  • J Michael Mar 25, 2016 

    is this Kodi?

  • Freddy Mar 25, 2016 

    I appreciate your software and your message. I hope you can stay in business for a long long time without getting mucked by some legal issue brought about by those that abuse and damage your name.

    That having been said, let me tell you a story.

    About 8 or 10 months ago, I saw (on FB) that an old friend of mine was selling (re-selling) these “free movie” boxes for around $400. I wondered what the hell it was (aside from too expensive). So I started searching around and I gradually learned the basics. I had never heard of Kodi, but it didn’t take me long to realize what was going on. Then I spoke with my friend. She was disappointed because she was planning on making a big percent on these boxes as she signed up (and paid a nice chunk of money) to be a “distributor”. She felt like a fool, but backed out and counted her losses. In the process, I decided to get the software, free of course, and play around with it. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had discovered something no less than fantastic! I was a cord cutter already with Netflix on Roku. So I got a couple of reasonably priced android TV boxes and put Kodi on them to supplement our existing setup. What an awesome experience it’s been. But part of the message of my story is that it took exposure to the abusers for me to even realize that Kodi existed. So there was a good side effect to the existence of the abusers. Now I inform my friends via word of mouth of the fantastic software, called Kodi, that’s available. And I tell them of the different ways they can install it and use it. I’m no expert, but I’ve helped provide enough information to them to empower them to create their own Kodi setup and do maintenance. Some of them now incorrectly think I’m a genius! In conclusion, I wish there were more legitimate avenues for people to learn about Kodi. But I’ll continue to spread the word myself.

  • THOMAS Mar 26, 2016 


  • 4Kyxx Mar 27, 2016 

    For the original kodi developers—if I had millions of dollars you could have it all to keep on doing what you’re doing……….. and that’s all I have to say about XBMC/Kodi.

    • theo point-o Apr 06, 2016 

      why not donate a million dollars to children with cancer?

  • Jack Handy Mar 27, 2016 

    The KODI team needs to contact Craigslist legal department to have ALL ads removed and blocks put in place to stop the ads. At any given time there are hundreds to thousands of “jailbroken” Amazon fire stick with KODI loaded on Craigslist claiming they can watch all movies for free. Craigslist has put blocks in place before, just try and post a Lane Cedar Chest and it will be blocked. If KODI were serious, they would start going after the websites that facilitate the selling of those piracy boxes using the KODI name.

  • Monkey Butler Mar 31, 2016 

    You may want to have a word with Hotukdeals, as this has got a LOT of attention today…

  • Fabian Apr 01, 2016 

    All those in comments who are saying Kodi was created for piracy, respectfully, you’re idiots.

    Kodi was originally created to be a decent media player on the original Xbox (Hence the last name, XB(ox) M(edia) C(enter)).

    It’s evolved since then, and yes, people are now using it for piracy. I would actually say a fairly hefty amount of Kodi’s userbase (I wouldn’t say a majority, since then I’d be talking out of my ass and making assumptions based on nothing) are using Kodi for some form of piracy, and if you’re including those who use it to view pirated content which was obtained elsewhere that’d grow even further.

    But the fact is this, it’s a media center. Somebody said they could make Kodi only play DRM-protected content clearly doesn’t understand that the nature of DRM protection would make it illegal for Kodi to play it at all, and very hard to do at that.

    I’m glad the team are taking the initiative, and time, to start taking advantage of their trademark. One thing this article fails to mention, is that most of these boxes don’t just have failing software, the hardware itself is often cheap and you’re paying a lot for what you’re actually getting.

    Some of the ones I’ve seen have literally been Raspberry Pi’s running OSMC in cases with IR sensors, whilst others are just poorly created Android devices running a custom launcher that opens Kodi immediately.

    And to those who are saying to get the Kodi name blacklisted, that’s a terrible idea. This article clearly states that they’re more than happy for people to use their name when selling boxes, as long as they’re not misleading people into thinking that third party software is in any way linked to Kodi.

    The reason it’s now getting to the team, as they stated, is because it led to the removal of Kodi from the Amazon App Store with a charming letter stating that it’s a tool that enables piracy (quite ironic considering they also have a media player, which can be used to view pirated content itself). That’s what’s happened to the Kodi name – an Amazon representative believed it to be a piracy tool.

    To the team: Keep up the good work, I’ll be reporting any of these fully loaded boxes I come across, and I look forward to using Kodi for the hopefully foreseeable future (assuming your name doesn’t get totally trashed by some reliable piracy addon in future, leading to the addon being made illegal in my country).

    • Paul Lynch Apr 01, 2016 

      I guess the only irony in your reply/history lesson on XBMC/KODI is the fact that in order to use XBMC originally you had to have your Xbox chipped i.e. to allow it to circumvent anti-piracy/DRM controls that MS had placed on the XBOX in the first place!… so maybe time to get off your high horse..

      • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2016 

        Fun fact. It’s entirely possible to oppose DRM without supporting piracy. I officially take no stance on piracy, but I wanted to point out that those are not related concepts.

    • Philip Gray Apr 23, 2016 

      Adding DRM would stop me from viewing DVDs from other regions that I have legitimately purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

  • Krazijoe Apr 01, 2016 

    Do you remember when there were no free media players. You had to buy the DVD Player software for your PC? We could go back to that, if you like?!?!

  • Palladini Apr 01, 2016 

    I bought a StarStream Android box from a local computer place, he loaded KODI up for us. less than 8 months later, a lightning storm fried the box, so we had a computer, I downloaded KODI off of the KODI site then went to Youtube and typed in KODI Addons in the search engine, and watched several videos and got lots of addons on my KODI now.

    I love KODI, thank you developers and everyone else who helped in any getting this Awesome program out to the public, Thank You

  • Rave Apr 02, 2016 

    Just a thought,

    How about implementing a kodi signing key for repos and plugins.
    And then have a vetting process for getting your repo or plug in into kodi?
    Yes this would mean more man hours vetting repos and plugins constantly, but it would kill the piracy dead, and I’m sure verified repo/plug in devs wouldn’t mind the extra hurdle as they do it for the platform and the love of just doing it.

    • Marduk Apr 03, 2016 

      …then people would prob just use usb sticks instead of repos to put add-ons.. or hack that part out and have a forked version of kodi same as ghost kik, other programs.. or even microsoft windows.

  • James Hamilton Apr 02, 2016 

    If they would come up with their on brand and name for the pirated software and add on maybe they can keep doing what they are doing and take responsibility for their own behavior. Or at least put a dsclaimer on their products stating they are not associated with Kodi or Kodi Developers.

  • Guenter Baumgart Apr 02, 2016 

    What’s wrong saying that Kodi is being installed ? I wouldn’t care at all about people adding piracy plugins and sell bundled boxes. Without all that plugins, Kodi would be pretty useless. Really, what for you would use a Media-Center which only plays Youtube and DVDs or Folders. You must be childish to think that your call will stop people what they want with Kodi installation, its like you’re attempting the same like the copyright industry, go ahead killing you platform, dear Kids

    • Nathan Betzen Apr 02, 2016 

      This comment leads me to believe you haven’t read the blogpost. And if you haven’t read the blogpost, then I’m not going to try to explain it to you here.

      • Philip Gray Apr 23, 2016 

        I agree the poster either has not read your blog post or the poster does not understand your blog post.

    • bill Apr 03, 2016 

      Saying Kodi is useless without piracy plugins is like saying that DVD and BluRay players are useless.

      • NightFlight Apr 08, 2016 

        Well… they kinda are at this point.

    • Jeroen Apr 08, 2016 

      Just because you don’t see the benefits of using Kodi without these add-ons doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I have been using XBMC/Kodi since the xbox years and never used these add-ons.

      • Winerdar Apr 27, 2016 

        Same here. I use it to stream music and video files from my NAS/file server for years back when it was XBMC. I literally use it to do the same stuff my xbox 360 does by accessing files from an NAS to play. And that is simply because Windows Media Player does a shit job trying to do the same thing.

        And that DRM advocate from a bit ago in the comments sounds just like Microsoft did a decade+ ago trying to push for WMV because it had DRM in it. Even Apple stopped doing the DRM bullshit on i-tunes that it started with. DRM is a head ache to use.

        I know i am preaching to the choir. lol

  • miguel Apr 02, 2016 

    Hi guys I would suggest that especially for newbs kodi could put an official kodi logo next to plugins they deem to be in keeping with the legal requirements so that one can tell at a glance if it is legal (or not) it would be a shame to see kodi ruined.Anyway just an idea.

  • The Pirate Apr 02, 2016 

    Yo douchebag. Get a life and stop spreading rumors. Xbmc was created to circumvent the xbox operating system. Youll got sued and changed the name to kodi. Same intention nothing changed. Now you have a problem because independent devs create addons and make make money off it. Shit thats what youll wanted to do in the first place just cause somone beat you to it doesnt mean you gotta be a sore loser. And resllers selling boxes again you braindead moron check with the manufactures of the boxes it comes preloaded wonder if you ever bought a box in ypur life. I sell boxes i sell 200 pieces an average a week dont know what you can do about it but hell yeah bring it on.

    • Jeroen Apr 08, 2016 

      You’ve got a big mouth for someone who is completely clueless about the actual problem.

  • What’s weird is… why would someone want to pretend to be kodi or add-ons come with it ? there’s a TON more money to be made rebranding kodi into your own build (removing all pictures icons and mention of Kodi with your own product name) and selling it as a different product/build all together.. then you can be the sole provider of servicing (service fee $$$) as well as only supplier on the net . people look up the name kodi if you give them one and may try to make their own but self branding they can’t.

    just seems backwards but i guess people are doing it. they are slow.

  • Dave McArthur Apr 03, 2016 

    Kodi need to have a word with Sony people who work in Currys. Their staff are actively selling their TV’s on the basis that they can run third party apps through Kodi.

    I was disgusted when I went into a store to find a guy who’s wearing a Sony shirt who’s the Sony specialist who told me that Kodi is available in the Sony play store as an Android app and you can then “side load” software to allow additional content such as Sky sports etc.

    Looking into this a little further, these specialists are employed by Sony to work in Currys stores. I wonder if this is happening in every Currys store in the UK ?

    Sony, of all people, should not be promoting this as they are promoting piracy of their own movie content.

    It’s not just the unknown kodi box makers who are using this to their advantage, it’s big multi national companies who are also using it to “make a quick buck”. This was talked more about than any feature including picture quality. I’m sure this is happening across the world.


  • Jazzparr Apr 04, 2016 

    They are offering pre lodaded kodi addons, and offer free movies and tv series with it. which is obviously illegal. (note: site is in dutch)

  • dogwillis Apr 04, 2016 

    I tend to agree with Rave, why not have a logon facility or something similar, surely this must help in the long run.
    Keep going Kodi we’re behind you

  • Wiz OF OZ Apr 05, 2016 

    I think people only donate because what kodi can currently do, if the team dont want that that can code out third party addons or protocols but that will just kill kodi completely and all the donation money they make…. and we all know they know this…. so its a sticky situation….. back in the days you had to pirate MS XBOX to load kodi and they knew this and was all in for it…. believe it or not what goes around comes a long way….. sad to say…… box makers cant kill kodi only the developer can…..

  • Charles Ruzic Apr 06, 2016 

    I have seen Kodi for sale in the Philippines together with a Monthly Subscription Price to Access Movies & TV shows in other countries. IS THIS LEGAL? Should I buy it?

  • eckolaw Apr 06, 2016 

    I am very onboard with this movement! I hate seeing people trying to sell there trash to people. I refuse to provide service to people who buy from these scammers. I actually had a lang time friend’s son try doing this after I had mentioned Kodi to him. Pissed me off and made to warn people about buying the crap. Sure enough, about a month later, they all started breaking and all looked to me to fix them. I refused. I will always support kodi and provide the service for support and setup but will never try to make money on scamming people. More than happy to work on systems that were installed and configured by me. People need to appreciate what the team at Kodi has done and realize spectacular it really is. Along with all the people supporting them.

  • MrMidnight Apr 07, 2016 

    575 comments, 2/3 of them from people who either didn’t read the blog or are complete morons. That, in a nutshell, is why you’re always going to be fielding complaints from people whose addons/boxes don’t work and who think you’re responsible for it. You could create a new landing page for your site consisting of nothing but a bloody great big notice in 96pt dayglo block capitals stating that you are not responsible for third-party addons, you do not offer support for them and will not answer questions about them, and people will still post in to complain that that their box is a p.o.s. and it’s all your fault.
    You won’t overcome natural stupidity (it’s why 419 scams still work, ffs), or the fact that some people will always try to blame others for their own stupidity, and in my view anyone who pays well over the odds for a cheap bit of android kit without first doing their homework and finding out what they’re getting for their money deserves everything that’s coming to them. If they’ve used a search engine to find the product there is no excuse for not using it to find out more about the product.

    With regard to going after the scammers, good luck with that. As has been said, the ones on whom you can put pressure (via Amazon, eBay et. al.) will just alter (ever so slightly) the wording of their ads while the rest of them will laugh in your faces. Lawyering up, I suspect, will leave you broke and bitter unless you can find a brief who is a big Kodi fan and will do it pro bono.

    Ultimately, Kodi is a becoming a victim of its own success. Almost any good product, particularly if it’s free and open-source, will be abused by the asswipes out there who are just out to make money at the expense of others and do a bunk they moment they get rumbled. You can’t unring a bell. There’s no easy solution.

    In the end your only practical options may be to either get philosophical about it and defend yourselves where you can (and no, I wouldn’t be too happy about that if I were in your shoes) or knock the whole project on the head and let someone else take it on and deal with the shit that will inevitably go with it. It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes we have to decide whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

    As a part-time spod who is occasionally asked to fix screwed-up boxes and addons and give advice about what products to buy and software/addons to use I will continue to support Kodi, I will continue to educate people who obviously don’t know what they’re getting for their money and I’ll do what I can to get people to watch what they do when they swim with the sharks. IIt’s probably the best any of us can do.

    Is there any chance of an update on this article in a few months’ time?

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Ikem Apr 07, 2016 

    There is obviously a market for a box with a fully loaded Kodi.

    My suggestion is to sell such a box yourself. That way you get the bucks.

  • NightFlight Apr 08, 2016 

    Kodi is a tool. Like any other it gets used by people, with both good/poor intentions. Its not the handgun’s fault its used to shoot people. They’re very cool and fun to shoot cans with. I enjoy shooting cans. I certainly don’t advocate shooting people. The gun needs someone to pull the trigger and make the decision of shooting cans or people.

    Analogies aside, I like the flexibility of Kodi and I use it on my ASRock box with a custom build to playback using VAAPI on the new chipset ( I don’t think another platform is as supported by the dev community and so open.

    That being said I also enjoy all the add-on fun and the piracy. Piracy makes the world go round and push the limits. People don’t like change, but piracy is the driver. Suck it up princess.

    • me83 Apr 25, 2016 

      I’m sure if KODI had security features, it wouldn’t be used as much, and eventually it would die. I love using KODI, it’s very different from all other apps, but these people need to stop. Like it was said before, KODI is a free, legal software. What you do afterwards is up to you. However, some people just want to get rich no matter what. If KODI is banned, they’ll just find another app to exploit.

  • LinuxPusher Apr 12, 2016 

    I remember when TV was free commercials paid for it, cable was just a way to get more channels even during bad weather.
    Stereos came with a record player and cassette player everyone could put their songs from record onto cassette and listen to it in the car or boom box.
    People shared records and that is how I bought my first vynal record.
    Then Greed took over and drm was invented to take away freedom.
    Now CD are not to be shared with friends.
    Store bought DVD movies could only be played on a DVD player that could only connect to your TV.
    We killed the TV in my home.
    Now I find out XBMC Kodi is being used to “Pirate” I am confused when did TV stop being Free.
    Now I have to research this entire subject what a PITA !

  • Joe N Apr 13, 2016 

    Have we forgotten that paying for tv is backwards…….we are paying to view commercials! Thanks Kodi, all you have to offer is superb. Long live free tv, as it should be and was back in the old days. :-)

  • WeirdG Apr 18, 2016 

    Just did a quick search on, and I found some Kodi boxes fully loaded addons. The screenshots all show pictures of some pretty popular Kodi addons. It’s complete BS. Wish people could figure this stuff out on their own… it’s not difficult.

  • Tom Apr 22, 2016 

    I’m sorry to say it, but I have to disagree, I leave in Canada where the TV market is regulated and dominated by 3-4 companies forcing people to buy expensive packages just to get the channels they want with no other choices. Few months ago I bought one of those so called fully-loaded Kodi android TV box, best investment I’ve made in a long time! I’ve cut the cable cord, I even cancelled Netflix and VPN since Netflix is cracking down on them. Now thanks that little TV box and more importantly the people who make it happen I have more choices than before for free. Do I feel guilty, absolutely NOT, the greedy and stupid corporation need to learn a lesson. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying free movies, TV show, live TV from all over the world and what not. I’d recommend fully-loaded Kodi TV box to anyone who is looking for an alternative choice to expensive cable. And I won’t snitch on anyone selling them, in fact I recommend them to my friends left and right!

    • RapJoe May 28, 2016 

      You can get pirated content elsewhere other than Kodi.
      I feel sorry for you Because your fully loaded system will soon be broken because pirate plugin seem to break often.
      Maybe you could use some of the default video addons on Kodi.

  • Markolarko Apr 22, 2016 

    I think the real solution is to make Kodi an easy to install and update piece of Software.
    If one could download a ‘pre-installed’ zip file that did a complete install without having to dig under the bonnet then ‘anyone’ could download and run Kodi without needing to revert to socialist ‘pirate’ sellers.

    I have been involved with software since 1969 and when I first came across KODI / XBMC 5 years ago I found it quite difficult to get my head around. So if one had a pre installed ‘free’ version then the pirates who sell Kodi would have the air taken out of their sails. Anyone agree on this strategy?

  • Philip Gray Apr 23, 2016 

    Piracy is a worldwide problem that affects many industries and combatting it is a huge
    problem. Pirates using and slightly altering legitimate trade marks is also a huge problem and not easly combated. You have my complete support in stopping this nonsense.

    The solution suggested By Shirtsy is his/her post of 28 Feb to add DRM is rather harsh and is not a solution because it would impact users that have DVD movies from various regions that they have legitimately purchased from repurable online sellers like Amazon. For example I am in region 2, I have a number of region 1 and region 4 DVDs that I have purchased because they are not available in region 2.

    Furthermore adding DRM to Kodi will not solve the issue because whoever pirated the movie in all likelihood removed the DRM portion from the movie. Also there are lots of region 0 movies and documentaries available.

    I use Kodi in Linux and in Windows.

  • Menorca Man Apr 27, 2016 

    I am surprised that Alphr (a well-respected UK technology website) has published detailed tutorials on Kodi and some specific addons that actively encourage downloading of pirated media.

  • Klaas De Smedt Apr 28, 2016 

    Found an other one:

  • Louie Apr 28, 2016 

    Unlocked cody…? Is This what you mean by people scamming others?

  • RChiocchio May 01, 2016 

    Purchased a set top box from ODI TV. They demonstrated this thing and it was amazing…. However, when I got it home I found that the streams were basically all in standard definition, could not view live TV as promised (especially sports) and it needed a masters degree to figure anything related to it out, considering there is no manuals or any instructional materials. It appears that the underlying programming is Kodi. I am wondering if ODI TV is pirating the technology and I have been taken!!!

    • Geonosis May 27, 2016 

      When XBMC was first released, you could only install it on a modded Xbox. So you were breaking the law and Microsoft’s wishes.

  • Mike Pugh May 02, 2016 

    I feel really bad about this disturbing news. Mainly due to me just finding this App on the Google Play Store and downloading it on all of my devices to find on the website here for Kodi this sad sad story of event occurrences. I haven’t yet got a chance to enjoy this awesome Kodi application and tool. I enjoy the experience thus far and wish to help the Kodi web dev team to put this nonsense to a stop. I am a YouTuber and I do tutorial videos out there a great deal. I will definitely create some informative tutorials on how Kodi functions including the info you supplied here about these App invaders aka manipulators who are creating these bogus Add Ons.

    They should be ashamed of themselves if they all know that what they’re doing is illegal. I hope you get the pirates taken down and so Kodi can live on for as long as possible. I even downloaded the Kodi App onto my wife’s smartphone earlier this morning.

    I actually located it on Google Play as a suggested App and that’s how I discovered it just yesterday. So this is very important for me our desire to use such as a player and method to access legally useful approved third party Add Ons that Kodi supplies listings for.

  • WeirdG May 06, 2016 

    You might want to contact site owners like RedFlagDeals about people posting threads like this.

  • Damion May 07, 2016 

    Heres my view on it which are more about principles I guess? ive been a tv/av/sat engineer for 25years so have seen many changes in how or what we can expect from our TV’s and streaming devices? First and formost I think what team kodi and all the backround developers have come up with truly is exceptional and I personally have yet to see anything that will come anywhere close to it… so no matter how the software is being used at least they can sleep at night knowing its working to best of its current ability? but also the country is not being bled dry for using the software unlike other main providers of tv and sat services…. I can only speak from what services are available in my country which up until now have had the monopoly on most of it for last 25years and for which ive seen prices rise from the original 16 channel box at just a few quid a month (£10ish) to now with stand alone sports and things getting close to £150 a month? now that’s what I call robbery?lol
    I can only assume its needs to be so high to cough up the couple hundred thousand pound per week certain high end footballers get in wages? obviously I’m not encouraging anyone to break the law and use the various devices that’s now available? I’m almost begging you to pahahahaha. hardly think anybody going to be breaking kodi anytime soon?? and if I were responsible for what they’ve managed to create i’d be walking tall knowing id have clipped the wings slightly of the big bad wolves but more importantly have given people where I live a “Choice” of a different service?something which has been well overdue.. anyway there my views and lots of my loyal customers.. so massive pat on the back team kodi and may you reign for next 25years doing what you do so well… far from being dragged through the mud?? maybe someone got muddled and meant you need “medals”?lol.

    anyway over and out. work to be done.and thanks kodi “Top Notch Company”

    Damion S

  • nelsonm May 08, 2016 

    TSS >>>> kodi I don’t believe that Kodi is the problem itself how ever a lot addons that work on Kodi are destroy Kodi //It does matter if we pay for or not any way it make un useful the platform ///what ever will be the case you Kodi software is not goin to stay on top because instead of bring more people to use is they area living ///some because the third party add-ons are kiiling you or because you don’t take decision and say I want to keep this software let make some Business’ whit the company wanted to use or ge revenues from Kodi because trust me people that they use Kodi for connection whit paid ****IPTV server they are not receiving any assistance so you are gone lose /// the Iptv carrier are gona Lose and the customer will Run into another IPTV carrier that can offer some Tech Support because at then end there is $ between jejeje and this is the most Important symbol in the world and sorry but not $$$ no presence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Dibbs May 11, 2016 

    open-source meaning definition:

    denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

  • juanita walker May 11, 2016 

    love it

  • Александр Дужуржи May 11, 2016 

    Maybe if do the same, as does Mozilla regarding extensions for Firefox, the number of illegal Kodi based boxes decreases. I think the extensions developer’s registrations with mandatory signing and similar measures according to repositories could help solve the problem.

  • DriveWipe May 14, 2016 

    Let Kodi die and SPMC take it’s place. At least the creator of SPMC knows what he is doing.

  • Jason May 14, 2016 

    Kodi Team,

    Thankyou so much for all your hard work. This product is truly exceptional and has been such a big part of my life. Since the moment I laid eyes on this gorgeous OS/program hybrid I was in-love. I am still as in love today as I was the first day. I wish I was an engineer/programmer so I could work along side of this amazing team. I am sorry to hear of your troubles and will do as you suggest.


  • Rob S. May 18, 2016 

    We now have people flooding the Facebook “Virtual Garage Sales” in my area, promising “free” cable, tv, ppv, etc. I try and report them to the page admins, but it’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole.

    One of them that keeps popping up is selling their fully loaded boxes on this site:

    I have asked them to remove any mention or logo of Kodi, to no avail.

  • netspend May 23, 2016 

    i like this post

  • Sara May 23, 2016 

    Hola! Me gustaría que se añadiera un botón para reflejar la app a la smart TV. Enhorabuena por todo vuestro trabajo, un saludo!

  • Dawn May 24, 2016 

    Well, now I’m scared. I just purchased a T95 OTT TV Box over the weekend, and came to this site looking for tips on how to use Kodi.. and then I see this. I am in Canada, and I saw the CBC article from February. I was told that this was all legal.. the store programmed the box before sale, and it has all of those add-ons ([random crappy piracy add-on], etc.). Now I have this sinking feeling that I was duped into taking part in something illegal, and they offer no returns at the store where I purchased the box.

    • Peter May 26, 2016 

      Contest the charges if you can if you paid for it with a credit card/debit card. Inform the bank that you were sold a device with pirated content and most banks will happily reverse the charge and the seller will be stuck without a box and without the money

  • Jose May 26, 2016 

    I have seen a couple of people on facebook claiming that they make ports for roku and iphone..
    I know they are liars. i hate how other leeches take a opensource program and claim they made it to someone who has no idea that the software existed.

  • Rom May 29, 2016 

    Hello, sometimes when I press to play a list of the file it is taking too long and then lock and close the Kodi.

    I am Brazilian, I use windows 10 pro 32bit, intel dual core CPU and 3GB ram memory. upgraded system. update the application.

    I made a donation. lack a form of contact on the website.

  • Steven Zawadzski May 30, 2016 

    I could not disagree more and I wish that the Kodi team would rethink their attitude and approach on this. I have used Kodi/ XBMC for at LEAST 10 years. I do very much appreciate the work everyone has done on this. But, it is the YouTube guys that are being disparaged that have unlocked a lot of the power of Kodi. I have seen reps from the Kodi team promote the idea that they are bad and that people should just read the voluminous, partially out of date, and confusing documents out there. I used it … but till I had these enthusiastic people showing me how I was not aware of a LOT of the really fun and interesting things locked inside.

    The basic mistake in my opinion is that they are thinking that all or most are out for a buck and are somehow different from the people they are writing this software for. In my experience the people online are the BIGGEST fans of the software. Most of the people doing Builds are just taking the idea of SKINS to the next level. They are predoing a HUGE amount of work that saves time and energy for people that are NOT going to spend years trolling through the docs in order to make Kodi do cool and interesting things.

    Builds are just mods of particular skins that have been “tricked out”. Some are collections of pics and backgrounds and additional features which the original team did not think of or did not have time to implement. To me this seems to be buyers remorse. If you like open source and you embrace it then you understand its POWER is in leveraging the world of developers to stretch what you envisioned and to take it to places you were not able to see. By this vilification it seems that though the team likes the idea of open source if it means they stay in the sandbox they were given but do not like it when it move beyond them.

    Respectfully, get over it. Talk to the people on YouTube and work WITH them. Find out what THEY are looking for since most are your BIGGEST Fans! Let them know where the hard limits are that make you guys upset and most would probably work with you and be added onto your team!

    You have a call to arms to get more developers working with you but in the same breath you are saying you want to prosecute most of those that are most motivated to want to work with you. There really is some cognitive dissonance here.

    Again, I say this with love. I have always loved Kodi/ XBMC and I love it so much more now after the training and fun cool stuff these YouTubers have shown me. I look forward not only to new releases of Kodi but from updates to the cool build some guy in some other country has slaved over to update backgrounds and tweak out features and add ons for me to play with. I am FULLY capable of uninstalling addons that do not work. It is SO much easier to strip down something that was worked on than to one by one by one slavishly add them all on.

    At this point I advocate Kodis usage and point people to the right ones to talk to online and on Youtube to show them how to make it fun. Please! Embrace the people that are your biggest fans! Get them to work with you and not around you! If someone is a real problem then call them out on it but do not throw out all the people doing great work to promote your software! Oh and thank you very much for all the great work.

  • free porn May 31, 2016 

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  • Ali May 31, 2016 

    please , I need the best new wizard for Kodi jarvis 16.1. with the last update for Mac.

    With kind regards.


  • Ed Jun 06, 2016 

    Just seen advertised on Facebook, just piracy boxes on there.

  • J. Jones Jun 09, 2016 

    As someone who uses Kodi on our ODROID systems at work to display marketing materials, I can confirm that Kodi is not “just used to pirate movies and TV”. And back in the day when I modded my Xbox and loaded up XBMC? I didn’t load games to the hard drive. I used the mod to let me back up my game saves (it was still a pain to do but that at least made it possible), and I used XBMC to stream my music in my living room without having to have a separate purpose-built box for the task.

  • Oleg Jun 10, 2016 

    I get the frustration, but this is the price of success. You’ve built a great app/service and now other people want a piece of the pie. Capitalism, baby.

    I’m not a lawyer, but not sure how patenting Kodi would help taking down products bundled with it. GPL fully allows you to do that. So, while you may own the trademark for KODI(tm), legally, people still can distribute or change the original software, provided they supply the necessary mentions and/or sources.

    So, while you may not like it, this is a battle lost before it even began. Suck it up and move on, that’s life :-)

  • B101 Jun 10, 2016 

    Just so you guys know, I was in a mall today, The Laurel Mall in Hazleton, PA. These 4 arrogant guys from NYC were trying to push an “OMG FREE TV” box on me. They didn’t know what xbmc was, barely knew what kodi was, etc. I saw a ton of outdated known pirating addons. I called them on their BS. They told me they guaranteed world wide warranty coverage. I asked for documentation and they spun BS. Just thought I’d let you guys know.

  • shepd Jun 10, 2016 

    Interesting message coming from software what was originally named XBMP. Yes, the same XBMP that used a pirated Microsoft SDK to run on the original XBOX.

    And the name XBMP, chosen because it was an XBox Media Player. I wonder how Microsoft felt when their SDK was pirated to create unauthorized software that would only run on modchipped consoles, and then worse, the same software used their trademark?


  • YourFriendlyFan Jun 12, 2016 

    Give me a break Nate. I mean sure, I will agree with you on a few points. The sleazy piracy box sellers your referring to certainly are hurting the Kodi name, as are a number of addon promoters on Youtube, many of whom are more interested in slandering various Kodi fan groups than providing useful guidance of any sort.

    There are also a handful of fan sites out there whose antics over the past few years have been utterly repulsive. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate as anyone who has been an active Kodi user the past few years knows the groups I’m referring to.

    And then there is Team Kodi who can do no wrong right? Completely 100% Anti-Piracy and they will go after anyone promoting the use of their software for piracy with an iron fist, Right?

    Laughable. Lets take a look at some of the addons in the official forums shall we. First lets talk about Quasar and its predecessors, Pulsar and XBMCtorrent. Excellent addons without question. The only video addons in the official forums aside from Youtube that I would use if I were still a Kodi user.

    I should say XBMC user as I’ve been more of a Plex kind of guy since the name change.

    These addons have been defended on a number of occasions by the senior most members of Team Kodi because, and I paraphrase ‘The addons are an implementation of the Bitorrent Protocol so it is allowed’.

    The original XBMCtorrent was 100% out of the box capable of streaming pirated content out of the box.

    The later two torrent streaming implementations separated the streaming component from the provider component which is great because it allows a certain level of plausible deniability.

    This is the same tactic that Marijuana users have used for decades when purchasing Bongs from smoke shops, as long as its for tobacco use only and you keep the drugs separate than its ok right?

    Nothing against Marijuana users but we all know what those Bongs are really for ok so don’t try to bullshit us.

    Next we have another absolutely awesome addon that I personally believe to be one of the coolest things Kodi has to offer. That is the Internet Archive Rom Launcher. Just think, all of you favorite retro games at the click of a button and all for free. Coupled with the excellent Retroplayer builds of Kodi this could be a game changer ‘No Pun Intended’.

    Everyone in the emulation scene knows that emulators themselves are ok, completely legal, and rightfully so but copyrighted Rom files downloaded freely from the internet without the consent of the copyright holder is not legal.

    One might think that because these files are being offered by the Internet Archive that they must be legal to download and distribute. A reasonable misunderstanding, but sadly this isn’t the case.

    You don’t need to take my word for it though, you can read the Internet Archives Terms of Use for yourself if you like “” Paragraph 3 to save you from skimming.

    I’ve written this comment, not as a user but as an enthusiast who at one time actively developed and maintained addons for this wonderful software. I developed my addons because users asked for them and because I loved XBMC / Kodi and wanted to contribute.

    Users were grateful for the effort I had put in to my addons but Team Kodi met my efforts with nothing but negative comments and threats because the pirated content that my addons made available was not of the caliber that Team Kodi is accustomed too.

    Perhaps I should have worked on some sort of Bittorent streamer for Kodi instead?

    Moral of the story. If your going to try to convince the world that your anti piracy, have some integrity about it. Walk the walk. Or find someone who will.

    Or better yet, embrace your user base and quit alienating your users. The reason Kodi has so many dead addons isn’t because of shitty addon developers, its because nobody wants to bust their ass working on making a media player better when the Core Team does nothing but spit on them for it.

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.