This Site is the Only Official Source of XBMC Software

A few months ago, some of you may remember that a number of news sites wrote articles under the apparent mistaken impression that a site making a modified version of XBMC was an official XBMC source. For the most part, most of those sites (with the exception of Engadget) updated their original stories with a clarification after a quick email was sent by Team XBMC.

Then on May 4th, the group behind the modified version sent out another press release, and once again Engadget appears to have posted an unclear article. The Team has once again tried to contact Engadget for a correction, but Engadget has remained silent.

This is a disappointing outcome. We would rather not have had to point this issue out, but we felt it was necessary to let our users know that this modified version of XBMC is not an official release from our developers and should not be considered one. Official releases will always come from and will be clearly laid out on our Software page. Any software you come across that is not in that list should not be considered official XBMC software and will not receive support in our forums.

Update: It appears the lack of correction may simply been a case of bad timing. The author has replied and posted a quick clarification. Thanks to the staff of Engadget for the fix!

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  • Redskin May 06, 2013 

    Long live the old school xbox!

  • Goge May 06, 2013 

    Saw that article, clicked the link, and immediately recognized that it was a non-official build. I was also very disappointed in how unclear the article was about the source.

  • jackiebrown May 06, 2013 

    I guess they finally heard ya ” Update: To be clear, XBMC for Android is in no way affiliated with the official build of XMBC”

  • peol May 07, 2013 

    I guess you might want to mention that there _are_ also two official remote control applications (one on App Store and one on Google Play) that is not available through the Software page on this website.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Montellese May 07, 2013 

      @peol: Check XBMC Software and you’ll see descriptions and links for both remotes.

  • Veda May 07, 2013 

    Ok, I red it. Now I am curious what this ‘modified’ version offers more (less?) than the official one.
    Which modified version are we talking about here?

  • MrBozack May 07, 2013 

    … Or just dump the android remote and make YATSE the official remote! Now that software encouraged me to really take advantage of many new xbmc features.

  • N3MIS15 May 07, 2013 

    Yea, seen this and couldn’t believe Engadget had the nerve to use the word “official” to describe the release site in questions blog. It has since been changed to “project”.

  • chode May 07, 2013 

    I stay away from that highly biased tech blog. It is most likely that the writer(or friend of) of the article is affiliated with the unofficial site mentioned.

  • Harley May 07, 2013 

    Why not get XBMC Foundation lawers to send a cease and desist letter to those XBMC For Android people and threaten with legal actions?

    Make them take down their website because of copyright infringement. They must be unauthorized to use the “XBMC” name, and now they are willingly or unwillingly falsely misrepresenting themselves as an official site and product of XBMC. XBMC Foundation and should at least hold exclusive rights to the “XBMC” name for software, both for the website domain name and the software product itself.

    What if this was a Microsoft or Intel open source software, or any other open source software from a large company? Sure, the open source software license give others the right to reuse and distribute the code under its license terms, but it does not give others the right to use Microsoft’s or Intel’s company or products name in their website domain name or in their software product name.

  • Miesjel May 07, 2013 

    This blogpost strikes me as somewhat strange.

    Isn’t it one of the key-elements of the Open Source-community that no one owns the code, and that everyone is free to change the code, as long as they do not sell it but give it back to the community?

    Isn’t that just what these guys did? Understand me correctly, i think is XBMC is the paramount of opensource-possibilities, and is the best project i’ve encountered.

    Just don’t make it exclusive, keep it real.

  • natethomas May 07, 2013 

    You are mostly correct. In a technical sense, the author still owns the code, otherwise the requirement that all additional code also be GPL couldn’t be enforced. Also, weirdly, you are allowed to sell the application, so long as you also make the code freely available so that anyone could compile it. Some explanation or other of the GPL calls this “Free as in speech, not free as in beer.”

    The trick is, that only applies to the code. The NAME is a different matter. This is why when people compile and make alternate versions of the open source Firefox, they call it Iceweasal. When people compile the new, more popular version of OpenOffice, they call it LibreOffice. In the past, when people compiled alternate versions of XBMC, they called it Plex and Boxee. People are welcome to use the code, but the right thing to do, if you are going to fork it so that it doesn’t behave like the authors originally intended (for example, but replacing the standard internal video player), is to give it a different name. That’s been the standard open source custom since open source began.

  • umOuch May 07, 2013 

    or what its worth… the release was done with respect to each and every stipulation/request made by the Official Team at XBMC. We included a disclaimer, one written by the official XBMC Foundation Team, in the press release. We addressed this build as a third party XAF… created and hosted by a third party.

    This error, if any, is on Engadget.

  • May 07, 2013 

    Will be care when referencing to official blogs

  • Miesjel May 08, 2013 

    That makes sense. Didnt pick that up from the blog. Thanks

  • natethomas May 08, 2013 

    Perhaps the disclaimer was in the press release? It certainly doesn’t appear to be in the linked blog post.

  • Harley May 08, 2013 

    Think the people behind that XBMC For Android site is also the ones behind EXOON? Their XBMC Android TV site openly promote piracy addons, proving publicly that they don’t care about copyright laws.

    Looks like EXOON posted several press releases over the past couple of months via PRWeb, there stating that their box is the “Official XBMC Android TV Set Top Box”.

  • XBMC Andoid TV May 08, 2013 

    Just wanted to clarify a few things as we support XBMC 100% and just did a release giving them link credit directly yo the site and we have plan in the very near future to donate a % of every sale to the xbmc team.

    Most importantly we only claimed we launched an official unit under the EXOON name and have not meant to disrespect XBMC in any way shape or form.

    I have even emailed Nathan directly to become a official sponsor of the XBMC Team and we plan on every future press release to give a link giving credit to the XBMC Brand and Team.

    We do have plans to only use the official XBMC build and not the XAF build as we have never used this on our units at all. On our new Q2 quad core Samsung unit with 2G if RAM, we on plan on using the 12.2 official release and it will clearly point the link back to the site as the official build.

    We will always respect the wishes of XBMC and make any adjustments that may mislead any opinions otherwise giving XBMC full credit for all their work.

    We are only a device provider and want to continue a relationship of support with


  • Rj May 10, 2013 

    Always crash on Apple tv2 .. Why?

  • Harley May 10, 2013 

    @XBMC Android TV. You might then want to show more good will spirit, so why not also donate the domain name to the XBMC Foundation, and the domain name too if that is registered by yourselves? You should just get a new unique domain name for the EXOON products, or for your company, without “xbmc” in your domain names.

    Your websites currently have “Copyright XBMC Android TV ©2013 All Rights Reserved”, and “Copyright © 2013 XBMC ANDROID Media Player”. That’s wrong in more ways than one. You hold no copyrights for “XBMC” or “Android”, so you can’t reserve any rights.

    MOD EDIT: remove domain name links

  • umOuch May 10, 2013 

    To be clear… The post above is someone NOT AFFILIATED with or… in ANY way. ;)

    Also, of course there is no disclaimer on OUR site when WE release something. WE HAVE, however, gone as far as including the disclaimer in 80% of our addons.

    MOD EDIT: remove domain links

  • bugii May 12, 2013 

    Hello :) i have a tablet with android 4.1.1 and i can’t run xbmc. Says “unfortunately xbmc has stopped” anyone knows what is the problem? thank and have a nice day!

  • bugii May 12, 2013 

    Sorry the double post. The chipset its RK3066

  • Rifas May 13, 2013 

    XBMC Frodo RSS feed issue with OpenELEC.
    Whenever we change the time settings on XBMC, The RSS feed stop running.
    To fix this issue, we have to change back the time to default and RSS feed is working but we can not set the time to our local time.
    It’s one of the major bug in XBMC Frodo.

  • mitchell May 14, 2013 

    Xbmc is great product…
    but even on my dualcore… it doesn’t do 720p or higher
    the xaf built does…

    So, im wondering
    why doesn’t the xmbc team come with more alternative builds? ( like exteral player support)
    if you dont hear the cry from your supporters… for h/w acc (and move2sd)

    then how makes it work the first, gets the glory and support (from review sites like mine)

  • Ned Scott May 15, 2013 

    The official build has supported external players for quite some time. There’s literally nothing special about the “XAF” build outside of it auto-installing add-ons to access pirate video streams (in crappy quality and hardly reliable, even if you don’t mind the piracy part).

    The first builds to support external players came from the guy who makes Dice player on Android, and pre-dated XAF by a long time.

  • Ned Scott May 15, 2013 

    This has nothing to do with the blog post here. If you need support then please post to the XBMC forums:

  • Joel May 16, 2013 

    The other website would not be necessary if XBMC.ORG officially supported external players. I’m tired of the BIG LIE you put out there, saying that this xbmc for android works in high resolution. The truth is .. it does not on most devices. Start supporting hardware acceleration, via external players, and you put that other website out of business. But you won’t do that, because you’re in bed with Pivos, and they don’t want you to support that. You can’t even be bothered to put the ‘libstagefright’ version for android into the standard release.

  • Joel May 16, 2013 

    @Ned Scott
    The official version FOR ANDROID does not support external players using the native build. You have to muck around with playercorefactory.xml – and even then it still doesn’t work. Please stop the lie. This has been discussed on the forums, and it was made clear that this ‘was not the way you wanted the xbmc android app to go’. It is such a shame that wiki basically lied about the fact that this version of xbmc works with full HD.

  • BigJRM May 16, 2013 

    The RSS feed “This site is the Only Official Source of XBMC Software” comment doesn’t say much. I think “ site is the Only Official Source of XBMC Software” says everything. “This site” could be any site. I also think that the comment is preaching 99% to your deciples like me who know that site is the Only Official Source of XBMC Software, because this is where we get our favourite MEDIA PLAYER software. The other 1% are the people who need to know unless other versions also get the same RSS feed as we do. Then you should really specify your site by name.

    I do like many of the new features of FRODO, but the video player has some strange issues that I’m sure you already know about. I will upgrade to FRODO on my main entertainment center when they have been sorted out. In the meantime, EDEN runs very well for me.

    I extend my THANKS to all the XBMC programmers who put so much free effort into making XBMC the premier media program on computers. XBMC is our best method of watching our picture slide shows, TV series, Movies and DVDs. I love it!

  • old timer May 16, 2013 


    Completely agree – I’d go further though:

    no matter what you read in their replies, it’s clear these people are intentionally causing the confusion and are attempting to take credit for work which is not there’s. This is not to do with GPL, the code is free, the name and the copyright is not. They are either delusional or low-lifes, here to make a quick buck – plain and simple.

  • Joel May 17, 2013 

    Xaf build supports non-Neon.
    Xaf build was first to support external players.

  • Ned Scott May 19, 2013 

    It’s a simple fact that XBMC does work with external players. This is the same for XBMC on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. All XBMC versions require that the external player be defined in playercorefactory.xml. XAF has this file already modified, and that is all.

    The first person to do external player support was a developer on TeamXBMC, but he did not like the code he came up with and wanted to do a better job, in 2012-07 (…external_player ). Then the developer of DICE Player posted his patch and builds on 2012-08 ( ). XAF was announced in 2013-01. External player support was officially merged with XBMC in 2013-01 ( ). So XAF came out about half a year since people were already using external players for XBMC on Android.

    If we were in bed with Pivos then what’s the deal with OUYA and VidOn.Me, who also sell Android players and also sponsor TeamXBMC? Libstagefright is not in a stable release because we normally only do one stable release per year. Pivos users had to wait for a stable build, too. Work on libstagefright isn’t even finished yet, but we provide builds and make it easy to access, so bleeding edge users can have access to it.

    The XBMC wiki warned of limited support since XBMC for Android was first announced. I should know, I wrote those pages and put in big banners with bold text telling people that HD support was extremely limited. We’ve always been straight with the community on this.

    Those are the real facts.

  • zag Jun 24, 2013 

    The only source for real info :)

  • Estela Jul 19, 2013 

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    this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers
    and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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