Virtual Controller by EqUiNoX

Posted By: Team XBMC on Nov 16, 2009 in Site News

In another bit of late news, here’s  a cool new app from EqUiNoX. This handy (and skinnable) program lets you control XBMC from anywhere on your network. Sadly, it’s Windows only so I can’t test it myself, though I’m sure it’s up to EqUiNoX’s usual high standards.


Head over to the Team Blackbolt site to get the app and the source. Keep in mind that this is not an official tool so please don’t report any bugs that may result from its use; use his bug tracker instead.

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  • onesojourner Nov 16, 2009 

    That looks great I will see if it will work under wine in a few days. A windows mobile, android, iphone port of this would be great.

  • Jezz_X Nov 16, 2009 

    Indeed it would be a nice remote program for a fullscreen touch phone or an ipod simple remote replacement without all the extra stuff liek file lists and now playing stuff (thats what the tv is for)

  • Jamie1984 Nov 17, 2009 

    looks good… @onesojourne there are some great apps available for iphone/ipod touch – and for Android

  • Dan Dar3 Nov 17, 2009 

    Wow, just tried both XBMC and the remote on Windows and it’s pretty slick! must look some more into this event client/server…

  • LoonQ Nov 18, 2009 

    It looks nice.. but a smaller skin to fit the screen of my netbook would be nice :)

  • Krzysztof Machocki Nov 19, 2009 

    Yeah, if only we had a Windows Mobile port… There’s plenty of decent iPhone and Android apps out there, but not a single one for WM (or rather there’s two half-finished half-functional abandoned apps).

  • Cyloo Nov 22, 2009 

    Thanks! Very nice, but same remark as LoonQ, as smaller skin for netbooks screens would be great.
    Keep up the good work.

  • petr Nov 25, 2009 

    Hi, pls how this app work? i would like control my xbmc(on notebook) by my phone nokia e51 symbian. thx petr

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