Warning – Be aware what additional add-ons you install

Posted By: Martijn Kaijser on May 02, 2016 in Dev Journal, Site News
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There seems to be a growing amount of reports where users are suddenly missing add-ons from their Kodi installation. It seems there are some factions out there that are removing each others add-on without the user approving or even knowing this. While we as team do not want to be associated with the groups we do feel that we must at least warn people that this can happen.

Kodi official repository

Since v10.0  which was the first version with an add-on repository, we as team have always checked the contents of each add-on and what it’s intentions are before it was added. This is done with the intention to prevent unwanted things happening when installing certain add-ons and upholding a certain quality standard. To give a better understanding on what this entails I will provide a short walk through of this process before these add-ons are added to our official repo. First of all a third-party developer writes a certain add-on and decides if he wants to make it available for public testing first for initial user feedback, or directly send it to us depending how confident he/she is about the functionality. We urge every developer to first read our repository rules before sending the add-on for review as that might already make it clear it will never be considered.

  • • All add-ons must be developed as described on the Add-on development page.
  • • You must include a license file (named LICENSE.txt). We recommend the CC-BY-SA 3.0 for skins and the GPL v2+ for others, but most copy left licenses will suffice. Please investigate which license suits your needs and you fully understand the contents.
  • • All files must be free and legal to distribute.
  • • The add-on must not violate any known copyright laws – if in doubt, let us know and we’ll look into it for you.
  • • All source files must be included. No pre-compiled files will be allowed.
  • • You acknowledge that you are the maintainer of your add-on.
  • • Team-Kodi reserves the right to update or remove it at any time as we deem necessary.
  • • If a new stable Kodi is going to be released no new submissions are accepted to the repository for the previous version. This will start from when the first release candidate (RC) of the new version is released. Only fixes and updates will be accepted and processed for the previous version (e.g. if the current stable is 13.x, no updates are allowed for 11.x any more).
  • • Monetization of add-ons (for instance advertising or paid subscriptions) will not be allowed. We can make an exception in case you own the copyright for the content the add-on provides. Please contact us on the forum (or add-on mailing list) if you believe such an exception may apply to your add-on.

These are the main rules that they should follow, with an additional longer list of items they must follow before they get the green light, you can view the full list here in case you are interested. Once the team has received the request we will go through the add-on and review code as good as we can according to our checklist, but of course there’s always the chance of human error however we do our best to reduce this a minimum. The first submission of an add-on can be especially hard as there’s so much code to go through that there’s as always a chance something slips through, however during this process we will always communicate with the developer should there be some doubts about certain functions, or simply point out improvement that could be done. Once all this done and the add-on is approved, we do an upload of this add-on to our central code repository then from this repository the server automatically creates the needed files, distributes them to a variety of servers, and about a day later this add-on is available to all users around the world. Any succeeding update will follow the same process, however is a lot easier as we compare the new code to the old and we can easily see what changed.

Of course all this is based on trust, and although we do our best it’s not fool proof system (though what is). We don’t claim Kodi is 100% secure or that any of the add-ons in our repository are 100% secure, the end responsibility is still with the end user and his/her decision on what will be installed.


Other repositories

Now comes the possible problem with any third-party repository. We as Team Kodi have a set of rules that each add-on must follow, however third-party repository might not have the same set of rules and standards. Do you as user know if there’s a certain review process in place? or is everything just uploaded and distributed to you as end user? This is a very important question that you must ask yourself when installing anything outside Kodi official repository.

Let’s first try make it more clear that there are different kinds of repositories available to install. The first kind are by an individual that uses it in a way that users can easily beta test the add-on(s) before sending them to official repo. It might also be that the developer simply doesn’t want to submit them, or that they do not fit within our policy that we can allow it to be added, or it could be a combination of these reasons. Second kind are by a group of developers working together in a single repository, with each maintaining their own add-on but sending it to this central repository. This makes it quite convenient for the user as he only needs to add a single repo instead of several separate ones, and it’s kind of similar to our official Kodi version. Another kind is a gathering of whatever repositories or add-ons that are out there and dumped into one huge list, some might be curated to what is added, however others just automatically grab whatever latest and available versions can be found. Hopefully we don’t have to explain that this could cause a variety of problems or even be dangerous to some extent.

Luckily there are certain repositories out there that are nearly, or equally trustworthy (we do our best) as ours, since they respect the users as much as we do and will not try to tamper with they beloved Kodi installation. The sad truth however is that certain individuals, or even groups are out there that can do damage to your Kodi installation. Some might install certain code on your computer that will start showing advertising, or any other annoying pop ups, but worst of all some might even go and delete certain files, add-ons or even wipe your system. Another possibility is they start gathering personal information, and/or retrieve username and password for certain websites. It is a fact that some of these things have already happened, with advertising being forced upon the users with pop ups, and add-on’s getting deleted by “competing” groups as they try to gain as many souls as they can. We are not sure if there has been any cases of personal information being stolen, however having seen some of the things that can happen there’s a strong possibility this may have occurred.



To sum up it, be aware of where you download Kodi from. The official Kodi version has no add-ons or plugins installed that would provide any kind of access to media. Should you manually install a third-party repository, then at least familiarize yourself with that individual or group to what their intentions are, or if they can be trusted (as far as you could tell), we cannot stress enough that you must be very careful on what you install. Don’t blindly follow online tutorials, how-to guide and YouTube videos that tell you to install whatever you can find, most of them will just point you to some one-click install wizard that does strange things without you even understanding the possible implications.

With this blog we try to add least give the users more awareness to this problem, and for Kodi v17 “Krypton”  we have added an additional one time warning where you as user must first accept that you are about to install something from an unknown source, and ask you think about this before proceeding. It is of course not foul proof and bad stuff could still happen though hopefully it will at least help to some extend.


Again this is just a warning and you as user will still have to decide by yourself what you want to install. Hopefully this brings some more awareness to these potential dangers when using Kodi or any other software.

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  • TheMonkeyKing May 02, 2016 

    Just one small edit: “foul proof” should be “fool proof” in the Warning section.

    Also, I know the core KODI team is very small but what would it take to be “100% secure”? I think each addon must follow a very strict or even cookie cutter installation script to pare down those addons that may overwrite another application or try to change core functions or report home (send info from the system to another server, etc.)

    I think to be an official addon, make it tough. I’m not saying you cannot help or provide feedback but make the official repository something to strive for, hoops and all. That way, everyone knows how tough it is to get that stamp of approval and everyone will know just how good the application is to be in the repository.

    • Nathan Betzen May 02, 2016 

      There’s no such thing as 100% secure in software. With that said, most of the team generally agrees addons should be sandboxed and possibly each addon should show a list of areas it intends to touch, similar to how Android apps work. It’s just that no one has taken the time to code this, as coding such an environment is a big, ugly undertaking. So for now, the only real source of protection is only getting addons through the official repo.

    • Glubbish May 03, 2016 

      Also, in the same sentence, extend should be extent. :)

    • frank lipsky May 09, 2016 

      “Foulproof” is fine; there an infinite number of fools and fowls

    • yolop May 14, 2016 

      air gap

    • mike Jun 24, 2016 

      You do know why they are small right? It’s cause their addons are boring why else?

  • purewitz May 02, 2016 

    Why not just completely block installations of third-party add-ons?

    • Make Man May 02, 2016 

      Because people like me and millions of others love third party. Stuff yes people do get bad or illegal stuff. But say for example a nice skin that isn’t in the official one well I’m sure there are plenty or other things kodi may not want but leave to the end user. It makes kodi more special and unique for each person :)

      • Gavin May 13, 2016 

        Then wouldn’t that make it more like the “App Store?”

      • mike Jun 24, 2016 

        That’s what I am thinking too. It’s cause of the millions using kodi that way. I see that you tube is blocking those answers cause they don’t want the public to know if it’s safe or not.

    • Matt May 02, 2016 

      As the post says, there are plenty of perfectly good addons for Kodi that aren’t included in the official repos either because they don’t meet one or more of the requirements or the creator simply doesn’t want t to go through the submission process. A lot of apps available for Roku and Android media players wouldn’t be allowed as Kodi addons simply because of the prohibition on monetization. A developer may not want to open-source all of their code, which would also prohibit that addon from inclusion to the official repos. The limitations on what is allowed in the official repos are pretty strict, and I think that’s a good thing… as long as third-party repos are allowed. Otherwise, Kodi becomes significantly less useful for many if not most of its users. Personally, other than skins, most of the addons I use come from (trusted) third-party repositories.

      Think of the ability to use third party repositories like the ability to install other app stores on Android devices. There’s nothing wrong with installing the Amazon App Store (or Amazon Underground or whatever they’re calling it this week) along with Google Play. But there are also a lot of shady app stores you should think twice about installing. Being able to use other software sources gives users choice and gives the software greater flexibility, but it necessarily requires the user to use some common sense when using those unofficial sources.

    • Nathan Betzen May 02, 2016 

      Regardless of what Bob thinks, we would genuinely not care if we dropped to 25% of our current userbase. Remember, we don’t charge for our software or use ads, so we derive essentially zero benefit from having a large userbase.

      The reason we haven’t removed the ability to install third party addons is because there are a few legitimate use cases for them beyond all the pirates. It’s a lot easier for addon devs to develop addons. It’s easier for the community to test addons. Not to mention there are addons that we actually like, but for one reason or another feel don’t belong in the repo, such as the plexbmc addon or various skin derivatives.

      • Faisal May 03, 2016 

        “Regardless of what Bob thinks, we would genuinely not care if we dropped to 25% of our current userbase”

        True but bit harsh the way it is being said :)

      • J876 May 03, 2016 


        The YouTube addon comes to mind as the updated version is not in the official repository yet.

        Not all third-party addons are for piracy. Some are still being tested/worked on.

        If people could not install third party addons into Kodi, how will people be able to test new addons/addons under development?

      • classified May 09, 2016 

        i have the kodi program on my computer, however it has not been working for a couple of weeks now. my computer is up to date on updates. what could be the reason why it is not working. the program was installed for me by an old coworker. I cannot disclose my name or thiers due to our occupation.

        • mino May 12, 2016 

          my kodi is telling me i need to log into my amazon account and register?

        • yolop May 25, 2016 

          be less vague

      • yolop May 14, 2016 

        being foss theyd fork out bans

      • softwarek May 29, 2016 

        your holy than now adittude is the reason alot of people dont submit addons or use the program . Your quick to jump pirates but this program wouldbt be used by 1% of those who use it if it wasnt for pirates .there would be know use for this program if not for audio and video pirates having mp3 and video on your pc violate copyright in one way or another in almost every country , either in ripping them to the drive or how every they got there, Second the point not about pirates about script kiddies using flaws in the the program to remove others addons . The fact that it cant remove another addons is a security flaw there nothing from MPAA,RiAA or whoever in developing a adddon that removes all the addons it doesn’t like, If who every wasnt so afraid of the powers that be in the USA than they allow all addons regardless of it copyright problems of the billions of people on earth only 300 million live in the USA and they shouldn’t have so much power to control internet and software .it idiots like you that give they powers that be power. Maye the foundation should think about getting out of the USA and the pocket of big busiiness,.

      • efji38 Jun 05, 2016 

        re: “We would genuinely not care if we dropped to 25% of our current userbase”

        –> Bearing in mind that hardware manufacturers who sponsor the project do so in the hope of selling hardware (which directly relates to the size of the user base) that’s quite a vision you have for this project, friend.

      • mike Jun 24, 2016 

        So what you’re saying is that 3rd party addons are here to stay? Nothing to do with the millions upon millions using it the wrong way.

    • P. Oed May 02, 2016 

      Because there would not be much point in Kodi without them.

      • Jeroen May 21, 2016 

        Don’t mistake your opinion for a fact.

    • Richard Ayotte May 03, 2016 

      If Amazon did not allow third party apps, I wouldn’t have been able to install Kodi on my Fire TV. Installing third party software is a freedom that I enjoy and something that I look for in a platform.

      • yolop May 25, 2016 

        avoid new fw

    • Jaguarxt May 29, 2016 

      Because that would break the spirit of the openness of the Kodi.

      Even if they completely block installations of third-party add-ons that doesn’t protect from approved add-ons. There is no 100% safe in the Internet.

      I agree with others that the add-ons should be sandbox like Android does. At least then the add-ons would have a less of a chances of causing harm to personal and business data on the device (desktop, laptop, tablet, “smartphone”, etc)..

    • Mike May 31, 2016 

      That’s like saying only Microsoft programs should be allowed on Windows.

    • Per Jun 08, 2016 

      Because that would kill Kodi’s popularity

    • Gijs Jun 27, 2016 

      it would lead to a fork.

  • Bob May 02, 2016 

    Because if they did only like 25% of the current userbase would still use Kodi

    • Martijn May 02, 2016 

      And likely no one on the team would care of only 25% was left.

    • Kib May 03, 2016 

      Considering that the userbase roughly consists out of two type of users, I am pretty sure the team wouldn’t care if the obnoxious, piracy-using, constantly complaining, overflowing-our-forum-with-questions-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-the-open-source-project users would suddenly all be gone, and we would be left with the great communicty of people who enjoy working and contributing to the project.

      • Atreyu May 03, 2016 


      • Not your Oldsmobile May 04, 2016 

        Hmmm… spoken like a true pre-renaissance monk… Totally satisfied in handcrafting ornately scripted bibles in a monastery… that no one would ever read.

        Face it: You make a product that you choose to launch into the world.

        Like a gun manufacturer…. you are shocked – SHOCKED !!! – that someone uses it for their own nefarious purposes.

        • andyr0ck May 23, 2016 

          Judging from the comments on this post alone, they seem to illustrate precisely, the (as I’m now calling it) “25% rule”.

      • Ben Wilson May 12, 2016 

        Sounds like the old XBMC days… right after XBMP and the forums were LOADED with people helping and creating whatever content.
        xbox-scene and the xbmc forum.

  • KodiUser May 02, 2016 

    over the last few weeks, there has and still is, a lot of discussion regarding 3rd party add-on’s on twitter and facebook.

    for those who don’t know, some very respected devs that make these add-on’s, took their add-on’s down. because a few bad apples were copying their free code and using this code to populate their add-on’s and selling it to the general public. thus trying to obtain money from people for an already free add-on.

    in one instance, the devs have repeatedly spoken to this code copier, requesting him to stop this practice. but he ignored the devs requests and carried on trying to gain money from unsuspecting people.

    the devs wanted to stop this practice and took down their add-on’s in protest. the copier took offence to this and started to post personal information about a few people, which then sparked an uproar in the 3rd party community. as a result of this, some 3rd party add-on’s embedded a line of code in their add-on’s, that if someone who has the copiers add-on installed, then they would be greeted by a pop-up. giving them the option to either un-install the devs add-on and keep using the copiers add-on, or to delete the copiers add-on and continue to support the original devs free add-on and hard work. if people don’t fully read the pop-up and then complain why the copier’s add-on was deleted, then more fool them. they were given the option. it was not forced upon them.

    a gentle reminder – 93% of the devs do what they do for free. they don’t get paid a penny for all the hard work they do…they just do it for the community. the other 5% are for the subscribed add-ons (IPTV’s etc). the other 2% try and charge money for other peoples hard work and pass it off as their own work.

    im not talking on behalf of any of the 3rd party devs or the community…far from it…but i thought i would shed some light on the current situation and probably as to why this blog was originally written.

    • mike Jun 24, 2016 

      So nobody gets in trouble if we happen to get curious and try 3rd party addons? You tube doesn’t do anything about it so they are just as guilty of wrong doing. If that were the case? I’m just saying.

  • Cas May 03, 2016 

    Of course, this doesn’t do anything for the illegal kodi boxes that come pre – installed with all kinds of shady addons, that either share your whole network or break at the earliest convenience. Perhaps adding a android – like set of permissions might be very handy in the long run.

  • jiffjaff May 03, 2016 

    I still believe that an improved Add-On website would be tremendously helpful here. e.g. http://addons.kodi.tv/show/plugin.video.aljazeera/ has no way to rate this add-on. the website link is dead and a few other issues are there.

    Addressing such problems would help users to determine which add-on behaves badly. Comments would also be helpful. Add-on website could use some inspiration from the mozilla add-on website.

    • Gade May 03, 2016 

      All the bottom links (except direct download) and most other info is auto generated. It’s up to the add-on authors to provide that info with the add-on.

    • Dave May 05, 2016 

      This would be a good idea.

      I’d also like to see a ‘blacklist’ that is third party repos that are untrustworthy.

      Perhaps such a list already exists?

    • samcoder May 09, 2016 

      There are some really valid points here. But implementing community reviews, recommendations and more than likely a sort of content recommendation system of sorts, seems like a logical step to take… I mean, you can’t fix people from trying to abuse others, and you cant always detect it, but you CAN warn others about it!

      But looking at different models where community extension and involvement are involved, having a way for the community to rate add-ons can be absurdly helpful! But they can also be abused, and I’m not sure it leaves you in a better situation or not…

      As a guy who’s written software that recommends content however, there is a measurable danger here. That is, if a new software were posted, by a new-to-the-community author, it’s essentially unrated, and not trusted. (It makes it hard for indi’s to get exposure)

      Simply put, say you’re recommending content, or add-ons by several simple metrics, such as add-on genre, User ratings, staff ratings, author history and ratings (have they abused the system in the past? Have they consistently built well functioning and moderately rated software?), user demographics (what are other people in similar age groups, and with interests using and liking?) etc..

      Without that historical data, the new entries of course show up weighted at the bottom with no exposure, or at the top, leaving the community at risk until the first few have a chance to post warnings or report it… And what’s worse (or maybe better) is these systems create a systematic distrust of newcomers.

      On the other side, what’s to stop these people auto-removing software from the machine, without permission, to try and find a way to poison the otherwise clean metrics? This is my first post here, I haven’t registered, and yet I have posting rights! I’m sure if a system existed, I could easily imitate John Doe, and up-rate my own malicious software, or down-rate a legitimate one to bring my own higher up on ratings.

      Pick your poison I guess… I think community ratings, reviews etc is a wonderful idea, I just don’t think it’s been implemented in a perfect way yet.. anywhere.. =)

      • Mike May 29, 2016 

        Include a section dedicated to Fresh addons to help get them initial exposure and metrics to help counteract this.

  • PhilS May 03, 2016 

    An easy way to help tackle this is to name the factions that are found to be doing this.

  • Reckoner May 03, 2016 

    “The official Kodi version has no add-ons or plugins installed that would provide any kind of access to media.”

    This is a strange and incorrect statement. Perhaps you meant access to pirated media?

    • Martijn May 06, 2016 

      No. Kodi has absolutely no plugin installed by default.

  • jAMES kELLY May 03, 2016 

    I downloaded Kodi from Google and it downloaded ok, but there was no icon of Kodi on my apps window, so I have no way to open Kodi. Help!

    • Andreja Dodov May 04, 2016 

      if you downloaded KODI from Google, you
      may or not have a problem. What you have written is l
      ike: i found the book in the city. Download KODI only and ONLY from http://WWW.KODI.TV
      Uninstall your KODI, delete the folder and download it fro KODI.

  • Neill May 03, 2016 

    Maybe a tool for checking your installation for anomalies would be helpful. There are a lot of folks that may not know that their installation is “bugged” by these crooks. As mentioned above I had to go to another site to install a youtube plugin that worked. Now I worry that it could be dubious. I do run network tools such as wireshark to look at what traffic is going in/out but sometimes there’s TMI and it’s hard to determine what is good or bad.

    • smitty May 25, 2016 

      Yours is an excellent idea. I’m too much an outsider and noobie to know if what you are suggesting is feasible.

      Most of us try to be protected from identity theft and invasion of private space. I would absolutely use a tool that detects a bad add-on or install.
      When I say “bad” I mean: as defined by Kodi Team, as I am using their product and I believe they are fully invested in this product (with their time and lives!). Yeah, I do have a difficult time trusting others who are not as invested, nor as straightforward as to their intentions. I was totally bummed when I read through this post. Silently deleting add-ons is totally F’d up. Kodi SHOULD be taking steps to stop it.

      Meanwhile, the straightforward Warning being pursued by Kodi team seems like the minimalist approach to a potentially disastrous situation. And doing the minimum at this point is the right way to step forward toward doing the right thing in the long run. Despite it being minimal, the Warning would be appreciated by myself and many others who are not as aware as devs and/or expert users.

  • Phil May 04, 2016 

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah piratesssss somebody call the wammmmmbulance. team kodi forever trying to scare people into not pirating shit. get over it.

    • Nathan Betzen May 09, 2016 

      This blogpost was written specifically because certain addon authors were deleting the addons of other addon authors. You are welcome to heed or ignore the advice at your discretion.

  • google is evil May 04, 2016 

    Why not be more like linux?

    Your directory tree is yours and you cannot r/w other’s

    HFS, NTFS, and ext4 all support ACL type stuff right?

    But yes. stop using a repo to install repo

    AND STOP using scripts to install repos or extensions — that’s as foolish as it is for webserver software… *cough* cpanel *cough* arvixe incompetence *cough*

  • Margaret Lamb May 05, 2016 

    my kodi is telling me i need to log into my amazon account and register?

  • KodiUser May 05, 2016 

    hay! what gives!!! why haven’t you authorised my last comment?

    it was not rude, it supports what your doing and i was only shedding some light on the subject, for people who were in the dark on the hole situation.

  • Graham May 05, 2016 

    Although I use a few unsupported addons, I’d totally get behind blocking them all together, I imagine most people who come to these forums would do the same, the same people who donate.

    Blocking would likely get you into the Amazon appstore yes?
    Blocking would give some devs the kick up the arse they ‘metaphorically’ need to get their item in the official repo.
    You could even go as far as diverting some of the donations to official addons as encouragement to develop for Kodi.

    I’ve seen unofficial Kodi forks on the internet before, if you’re open source and throwing the code out to the world it doesn’t stop others from using a branch of Kodi, see CyanogenMod for details.

    Just my two cents as a long term fan, active user of the forum (reader not contributor mostly) and donator.

  • Christine May 06, 2016 

    My Kodi just quit working completely. It quit in the middle of a movie and now nothing will open. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Rob May 08, 2016 

    why has kodi stopped working. I update one of my sticks to 16.1 and the other stll has 16.0 fusion as the link. it has stopped. re-download but wont update

  • Jim Stoll May 08, 2016 

    Hi there. So after reading this latest batch of complaining- which is exactly what it is I’d like to ask a couple of questions. First, when did free and open source suddenly mean as long as people do what you say? This has no doubt been pointed out many times and I’m going to repeat it. You have a fantastic work in Kodi. Many people have committed many hours to come up with this product and have been willing to share and improve something the general public could never have access to otherwise. However there will always be people who for one reason or another will take open source programs and by virtue of “open source” will change or abuse the program because they can. I have been a believer and advocate in XBMC and now Kodi for a long time. When I read about losing all but 25% of the people who use Kodi and how it would be a utopia I’m wonder who has the bigger problem. Is it the so called you-tube sudo-teachers who try to help others rightly or wrongly or the people who have the proper knowledge and rather than actually help someone understand the true reason Kodi is out there and throw tantrums and don’t try to explain the proper way. All this does is send more people on the exact path you supposedly want others to avoid. True open source has no caveats- good, bad or otherwise. It would strike me that some folks need to learn about sharing their toys.

    • Nathan Betzen May 09, 2016 

      Jim, there’s a massive difference between a warning and a complaint. Certain addon developers have started deleting other addons for various reasons. We decided to give a warning to users that things like that can happen. If you don’t care or don’t care about the warning, then feel free to go about your day.

  • Maxi May 09, 2016 

    So… no post updating us on the Krypton new features ??? (for us lazy users who don’t make frequent visits to the dev forums). I suppose leaving us waiting for the news is your way of punishing us for not learning to code :-)

  • keldog May 09, 2016 

    i try opening kodi and i get a error and thats it said unable to create app . exiting. should i uninstall and reinstall or is there another fix. ? thanks

  • Bandguy May 10, 2016 

    As i read through these post I often see a complaining about pirates and often there are many who wish to redefine what a pirate is. Both the Euro Union and U.S. Copyright office have issued decisions indicating that merely watching on a computer that is inclined to cache bits of a video file does not constitute piracy. Certainly file sharing in near any way does.

    It should also be noted that anyone who wants me to believe that those scores of movies on hard drives and in Kodi libraries are all legal is drinking the Kool Aid. The fact is if you ripped or copied any of your DVD’s to hard drive you have already violated the copyright. whether you own the DVD or not. Read your license. My point is that if anyone thinks Kodi came to fame though folks using and playing only public domain content or limited license content using Kodi he/she is simply dreaming.

    Is the FACT that Kodi is popular with “pirates” a fault of Kodi? I don’t believe so. It is about personal accountability. However, the pot calling the kettle black does nothing to resolve issues. Kodi team or users can not eliminate everyone who has used the software for some questionable purpose without killing the Kodi project itself. That would likely eliminate near everyone and everyone needs to ponder that before pointing fingers or raising the stakes

    • Stefan May 20, 2016 

      Well said @Bandguy.
      Only one thing though to me it is not against the law to make a rip of your own DVD’s to have a file library instead of place those plastic disc’s into the PC each time you wish to play a DVD -yes I know by law it is not leagal- but in my opinion it is a stupid law as in my opinion I have the right to rip my own shit as I see it fit plus it saves the disc too, maybe time to change that law in my opinion.

      • idonotlikecensorship May 24, 2016 

        also remember its not illegal in all countries. not where I live for example. you can even borrow a disc from a friend or the library and make a private copy, but you can not make a copy(s) and give it out to friends. which actually makes some odd sense to me. sorry for the stupid username. Martin

  • Ben Wilson May 12, 2016 

    I just wanted to say KODI is awesome! The team is superb and they all deserve a round of beers, at least.

  • Kate May 12, 2016 

    Been using Kodi for years now and it is getting ridiculously bad in the sense that NOTHING seems to work on 16.0 Lots of dead ends! How about a list of the ADDONS that are creating the problems of wiping out one another app making it unusable that would help the general public. Maybe then if all end users stop using the BAD APPS/PLAYERS ADDON then maybe they would heed your supposed warnings “coders..do not use malicious code” that goes across the screen.

    If no-one is stating publicly who the BAD APPLES are it is ruining KODI because I for one have tried 16.0 and 16.1 and reverting back to 15.2 does nothing either!

    Gone are the good ole days when we installed KODI added APPS and it ran flawless. Setting everything up is time consuming only to get a lot of dead ends without fully knowing which APPS/ADDONS are the culprits.

    So, if you are so inclined to block those apps how about all the folks being aware of which ones because it is making KODI a very UN-ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE RIGHT NOW.

    Another thing is ‘download the official kodi app’ I assume when I go to kodi.tv that the app I am downloading is OFFICIAL, however some of them will not download as APK so this is a problem. Talking older versions to the newest 16.1 (16.0) seems to be the only one actually downloading as an apk.

  • Michael May 12, 2016 

    Wish to really know the reason why Kodi is going the route of Google instead of Apple? Do a search for “PseudoTV” or “Cinemavision.” Both of these add-ons are not on the official repo, but are very good, very legal, and quite easy to use (and don’t crash). Both of these add-ons, if not allowed in Kodi, would force people like me to go to a Kodi clone (SPMC comes to mind), and try it there.

    I for one like Kodi’s team going the Google route: Warning the user of potential problems instead of banning 3rd-party add-ons. It is also one of the reasons why Android runs on approximately 76% of all portable devices. Sure piracy will still be abound, but VCRs caused a ruckus with movie companies, cassette tapes with the music industry, etc.

  • Etcine May 13, 2016 

    Excuse me, I know I’m about to step on everyone’s toes, but why are you griping about piracy? I don’t see how I could ever feel bad for the DMCA or film companies who makes millions on not only their own productions, and merchandise, but OUR private data. I feel bad for Kodi developers, I do, that they have to take the heat, but I will never feel awful from taking from a company as vile as DMCA. As entrenching as their connections to third-party data is, I am glad I can at least get them back in one aspect of seeing their subpar production without them having to take what little money I’ve bled for. Besides, other than a few music add-ons, I haven’t found anything that still works properly. Everyday a good add-on goes down for me.

    • yolop May 25, 2016 

      how much work will you do for zero pay?

  • yolop May 14, 2016 


  • yolop May 14, 2016 

    i will never use android without root or adblocking

    google hates privacy ergo do not kowtow

  • Peg May 15, 2016 

    I have the mx111 4k android box. Since it did the new update to kodi everything i try to watch keeps telling me one or more items failed check log. I did the system add on an still not getting anywhere. i can’t find log viewer for kodi..
    HELP plz if possible

  • concerned person May 16, 2016 

    My question is if I downloaded a 3rd party app for kodi that allowed me to watch/stream shows from hbo, starz, showtime, and movies that are not on netflix, or hulu yet, and are not even on dvd yet. Is that illegal or stealing since I dont pay for them?

    • yolop May 25, 2016 

      it is failurd to justly compensate for labor: immoral and illegal.

      I license content AND use the tools to get appropriate bitrate with less compression LICITLY

  • erik whitaker May 17, 2016 

    I wood to try it

  • Phil May 19, 2016 

    Thanks Kodi. I and many others are grateful for your efforts. However whilst I realise you cannot recommend add-ons the Kodi Users Community can. If someone gets bitten by a bad one I am sure they will tell the rest of us pretty quick.

    Couldn’t you (Kodi) start a thread where experienced users can recommend, and has been suggested, even review add ons?

  • JOHNNY GOODE May 22, 2016 

    is there a working list or DB of known bad addons or vad developers to refer to?

    • JOHNNY GOODE May 22, 2016 


  • HappyKodiUser May 23, 2016 

    Do some research on micro VM’s. This would eliminate a lot of the headaches with ad-ons screwing things up. Basically every ad-on should install and only be run on it’s own micro vm. Some security companies are starting to roll this out in the browser. Basically every new “tab” you open in your browser opens in a separate micro vm separated from all your other programs, tabs etc. When the tab (webpage) is closed. The VM is tore down.

    Kodi ad-ons could/should work the same way.

    Love Kodi and appreciate everything the developers do. Truly an amazing program!!

  • Brian May 24, 2016 

    Well as a user with very little knowledge I am I suppose a prime target .My problem is that I have posted on the forum many times and either been told that I am posting in the wrong place or that the topic is not allowed ( I didn’t realise it was from an addon that you don’t like ) or I simply just didn’t get a reply .I understand that newbies are a pain and that no one wants to reply to the same question time and again but that sadly is the nature of the beast the videos help but every time you release another version we thickies are off again
    I thank you for the work you all do and long may it continue
    May be I need to learn a bit more about the gummins and workings
    The android idea seems to me to be part of the answer but as only us thickies need the help it is a lot to ask for the boffins to spend hours on our behalves write code time and again with each new release

  • idonotlikecensorship May 24, 2016 

    I think the setting and message is a great idea, however I am not for censoring what I like to install on my computer or kodi. I know kodi developers can do what they will, but I think blacklisting or completely cut third party addons, would hurt development (how can we check our code) and think it can become a vicious circle just like any other invokement of freedom we see in the world today in the name of protecting ourselfs. however I like the setting because it causes users to think about their own actions instead which is much better both in kodi and in the society we live in.

  • H. William Levy May 25, 2016 

    Does the dev have the ability to rate the Kodi related apps on Google play ? thay seem like distributors of Kodi builds and app wizards ??

  • Miss Not So Techy May 27, 2016 

    So….I’m super new to Kodi. And have used YouTube to figure out most of this whole fire tv/Kodi world. I appreciate what you guys are doing. I don’t want to use the “bad addons”. So how can I get the “good ones”?I recently had fusion, and that started having buffering and check log issues. Since then I’ve been on you tube trying out build after build. I’m guessing those would be the bad addons you are referring to. Just asking for a little advice. Don’t wanna ,mess up a good thing. Thanks.

  • John Merrill May 27, 2016 

    Here is the list of banned add-ons: http://kodi.wiki/view/Banned_add-ons

  • Jaguarxt May 29, 2016 

    After testing I noticed some third party “not approved” add-ons, like BBC-iplayer, would not appear at first. Once I got back to the main menu and then back into the category, like Video add-ons, the third party “not approved” add-ons, like BBC-iplayer, would appear. The third party “not approved” add-ons, like BBC-iplayer, have a delay before appearing in the category like, like Video add-ons. This seems to be more like a bug in the time the Kodi software sees the third party “not approved” add-ons, like BBC-iplayer.

    Not really anything malicious going on. Just a small bug in the Kodi that delays third party “not approved” add-ons, like BBC-iplayer, in appearing.

    I wonder if this is what is really happening to these other end users?

  • Ann May 29, 2016 

    Is there something wrong with the Kodi link, it will not upload from the arm on the android. Can you help.

  • Rogen Jun 05, 2016 

    All your other programs, tabs etc. When the tab (webpage) is closed. The VM is tore down.

    Kodi ad-ons could/should work the same way.

  • Tom Lasten Jun 07, 2016 

    Good idea to google the addons beforehand to see what other users have said about them, just some commonsense is needed sometimes and a bit of research and you should be fine.

  • Omar Jun 07, 2016 

    KODI is amazing but if you could work on the arabic subs and make it just like the VLC one,KODI will be perfect

  • bigboreguns Jun 08, 2016 

    I applaud the Codi (XBMC) team for all of their fine work, thank you!

    Common sense goes a long way, I am a fan of “opensource” and as such I understand that I open myself to deviant activity and am responsible for my own security, so I tend to research everything extensively to ensure that security.
    The team issues warnings, what I do with that warning is up to me, anything that is offered by the team that is beyond that warning is a courtesy, if I feel that a service or site or blog should exist, instead of complaining to the devs (who already have a full plate) perhaps I could contribute and create that which I desire instead of trying to put more on the team who already work for free or for donations.

    Be responsible for your self, research is the key.

    • Rick Jun 12, 2016 

      Bigboreguns, thanks for the “Common sense” I completely agree. I would encourage EVERYONE to read your post.

  • gjones Jun 18, 2016 

    i am new to kodi and plz could someone help me as i am not getting a picture only audio when playing anything, ive tried unticking acceleration in expert on settings but no joy ive uninstalled kodi then installed a fresh 1 numreous times to no avail, im using windows 7 alien ware thanks

  • Tom Jul 10, 2016 

    About John Merrill’s post on May 27, thanks for posting that list. Everyone should open it and have a look. I laughed pretty hard when I read the banned ones. Those banned repositories and add ons consist of at least 99.5% of all KODI / SPMC / ZDMC / and all other forks have installed on their computer / TV BOX / Media Player / smart phone / tablet or any type of computer. The main reason people install KODI and or all of its forks is to watch those banned repositories / add ons. I would love to see the other ” short ” list of “allowed content to view”. One of my short cut icons disappeared the other day of perhaps the most used add on this year. I thought that was very strange and very much suspected that was the work of a “bad actor”. I simply went back into add ons and reinstalled it and in seconds it was not only reinstalled but the shortcut icon returned by itself. The same thing happened to one friend of mine with the same type of programming and I walked him over the phone how to re install it in less than a minute he was up and running again as before. I don’t understand why others with the same programming did not lose theirs and have to reinstall it. If this is how the bad actors get their kicks? I think that is very childish. Do they really think that people won’t reinstall their favorite add on in less than a minute? I know some of these banned repositories and add ons have worked great for years so I doubt they are the ones trying to mess it up for everyone else. I suspect someone who charges money to watch “their” content.

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