Welcome Bytemark: Hosting Sponsor

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 11, 2009 in Site News

logoLately the XBMC project has picked up a few new sponsors. Others will be announced as we begin taking advantage of their services.

First on the list is Bytemark. See them in our footer down there? They have been nice enough to give us a fancy server at their hosting facility in Manchester for us to use as we please. It’s our first utility server, and we plan on loading it up with buildbot which should help us with compiling various platforms (if you’ve ever built XBMC you know that it’s a very time-consuming operation). We’ll probably find some more uses for it down the road, who knows?

Thanks again to Bytemark. We (and the community no doubt) appreciate the generosity.

Discussion - 14 Comments

  • crash123 Dec 11, 2009 

    Cool. Thanks Bytemark!

  • BurN Dec 11, 2009 

    thank you bytemark!

  • sparkyar Dec 12, 2009 

    ole! ole! ole! ole! bytemark! bytemark!

  • Jens Andersson Dec 12, 2009 

    Thanks Bytemark, Xbmc needs all the help it can get :D

  • queeup Dec 12, 2009 

    buildbot is definitely wonderful…

  • Leandro Dec 12, 2009 

    Gotta love those companies that support good open source programs!

  • Lukas Dec 12, 2009 

    Thanks Bytemark. Your are great!

  • fosk Dec 12, 2009 

    ty Bytemark (:

  • Jason Dec 12, 2009 

    Great work guys, thanks for joining us

  • Rory Dec 12, 2009 

    When you have generosity like this, just makes Xbmc community grow even stronger!

    Thanks Bytemark

  • davidw Dec 12, 2009 

    Wonderful! – thank you Bytemark!!

  • dfrnz Dec 12, 2009 

    Thanks. I love this software!

  • Gerwin v. Nöthen Dec 13, 2009 

    Great to see such a good supporter as bytemark here.
    lets hope, this supportership will last long and prosper ;-)

  • egas Dec 16, 2009 

    Good looking out Bytemark!

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