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Posted By: Cory on Feb 21, 2011 in Community Updates, Dev Journal

I promised an update a few weeks ago and here it is. Better late than never! There’s lots to discuss about what’s going on with XBMC development work. So how about this.. I’ll provide an overview as to what’s in the works, then respond to any questions/comments in a follow-up post. This information is aimed at our more technical users interested in the bleeding edge, so if you’re not interested in development, you may want to sit this one out. This is also a test-run for future posts. In the past, I have avoided writing technically as much as possible because it may not interest many of our readers. If there is a demand for more, we’ll make it a regular thing.


First up is our move to git. We said goodbye to SVN a few months ago and have experienced the pros and cons of a distributed vcs. Git can be challenging even for seasoned developers, but it brings many benefits. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:


  • Distributed. We can work as we travel. Everyone has a clone, so it’s much easier to say “try my code!”
  • Branching/Merging. These are obvious to any git user.
  • Github. The pull requests have proven to be excellent for discussing new features before merging them into mainline.
  • Code quality. Due to the above, we have been working hard to keep the master branch compiling on all platforms for each revision. Though git is a great tool, not magic..
  • git-svn. This provided many of us with a bridge to git.


  • Git is hard. It has proven to be a big change for several of our developers, and has made us quite cranky at times. We’ve even decided that the committer who makes the biggest git-related oops will be presented with the first-annual “git-wtf” award at the next DevCon.
  • The distributed nature means that it can be difficult to get a quick overview of what’s happening. We each maintain repos and branches, then merge them in upon feature completion. As a result, there may be zero activity in the main repository for a few days, followed by large feature-complete merges.
  • Rebasing can be voodoo to inexperienced git users.
  • Not related to git specifically, but switching our VCS has been a big hassle. We have had to fixup our buildsystem on all platforms, trac, mailing lists, irc bots, buildbot, etc.

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds were a big hit during the Dharma development phase, and proved to be very helpful for debugging. The move to git has slowed us down, but nightly builds started back up last night. Windows and OSX are up and running, our Ubuntu PPA will be up soon.


As with each major version, we’ve taken the opportunity to clean up old code, refactor for easier development, and abstract away as much as possible. The first big move was a “code reshuffle” by cptspiff, and it was a huge step towards cleaning things up. As a result, the classes and includes have undergone a major cleaning, and files have been moved to sane locations. One of the main goals was to separate our code from that of upstream libs, which had become tangled into a nasty mess over the years. This should help us move towards inclusion into Linux repositories, among other things.

OSX and Windows have undergone similar restructuring. The goal for these platforms has been to get away from keeping pre-built binaries in our repository, and to build them natively instead. This can be tricky, especially for unixy libraries in windows. Kudos to WiSo, CrystalP, and the others for getting ffmpeg built as part of the XBMC compile.

Jcarroll has recently been working to clean up some of our global variables. This is pretty transparent to users, though some Linux users may notice that the annoying “Critical Section” messages are no longer spamming their consoles. In addition, he is working to make external python default for all platforms so that we can finally stop building the ancient 2.4 with each compile!

New Stuff

Anssi has bumped FFmpeg to a more recent snapshot. For the most part, this means playback bugfixes and new format support, but in this case we were also able to trim a few dependencies: liba52, libdts, and libmms are no longer with us.

FneuFneu has submitted a pull request that provides FreeBSD support. This will surely undergo a few rounds of review, but should be merged in soon enough. This should make XBMC appeal to yet another audience.

Jmarshall has several projects going. With the iPad announcement, we have a new audience of touchscreen users. He’s working to make the experience better by providing skinners with a new set of touchscreen tools. The first bit was committed last night, it adds a touch-friendly slider during movie playback.

In addition, he has a “files-in-library” branch going that will lead us an overdue refresh of how the library works. Suffice it to say, the goal is to unify the File/Library views so that navigating is much more intuitive. From the work done so far, it is shaping up to be incredible. I hesitate to mention it here because it is likely to cause plenty of confusion, but we’ll discuss it more as there is more to see.

Gnif continues his development on his new AudioEngine, a complete rewrite of our audio system that solves many problems at once. This is mainly waiting on the OSX portion and testing.

Dushmaniac and several others continue their work on the PVR interface while the other piece of the puzzle, cptspiff’s binary add-on work, continues as well.


Davilla, Amet,  Gimli, and others continue to work tirelessly on these ports. A quick update (10.0-7) was released on Feb 19 featuring:

  • Faster picture loads
  • Improved rendering speed
  • Remote thumbnail fixes
  • More flexible h.264 playback
  • Disabled portrait mode (while this is a cool feature, it was more annoying than anything)
  • Enabled ZeroConf
  • Updated Samba

A special thanks for Memphiz for working out several bugs lately.

This will be the last release for a while. They will now focus on integrating the port into mainline code.

Dharma 10.1

We have been working on a bugfix release for Dharma, due out very soon. The main reason for this release is a bug that keeps us from updating skins on the official repository. In Windows, if a new version for the current skin is released and automatic updates are on (default), XBMC will fail to load the update, leaving users in skin-limbo. Ouch. This has since been fixed. You can follow the merge request here. Only packaging is holding up this release.


We’ve begun tallying add-on statistics so that we can display download counts, popularity, etc in XBMC. The numbers are VERY impressive. Next up is a post with some details.

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  • Magnus Falk Feb 21, 2011 

    Are there any plans for the Spotify plugin (or any other music-related plugin)?

  • g33kboy Feb 21, 2011 

    I would not consider myself technical at all, but I truly enjoyed the post and the deep details provided as to what is going on. Fascinating the efforts that the whole team is putting forth here and I thank everyone. After being an oldschool Xbox XBMC user, I have been enthralled with the work for ATV2 and enjoying using XBMC again!

  • James Sumners Feb 21, 2011 

    I’m a recent user of XBMC. I like that you are providing a technical status update. I would rather know what to expect other than “we’re working on it!”

    I have to ask, did you evaluate using Mercurial instead of Git? I switched from Git to Mercurial and have not regretted it. I’ve recently dealt with a couple Git based projects and found Git to be unnecessarily frustrating. I know you’re not going to switch again, but I’m curious if you evaluated both, and, if so, why you chose the one over the other.

  • Martin Feb 21, 2011 

    Where are these newly restarted nightly builds you mention available from?

  • theuni Feb 21, 2011 

    Thanks for the nudge, linked in the post. See here: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/

  • migueld Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to future news updates, keep up the good work ;)

  • russg Feb 22, 2011 

    Wow, nice update! I have been trying to keep track of the latest news through Trac and the forum but this is awesome. I vote its a keeper for sure.

  • Todd Feb 22, 2011 

    You mentioned gaining the attention of touch screens. Any thought of pouring this to Android, it is linux based. With all of the new tablets coming out, that’s something I’d be interested in.

  • Greg Feb 22, 2011 

    Great post, i like the format. Do have any updates to share regarding the Sigma port? Anything else in the works on the embedded front?

  • Arnaud Feb 22, 2011 

    Thank you for this update !

    I would also be interested ton know how you can build statistic with addons repo as you only have XML files.

    Cheers !

  • spartan711 Feb 22, 2011 

    great update! I don’t think it was too technical, as you gave a very concise summary. If people want more details, then they can go to the respective threads in the forums. It was a great snapshot of where xbmc is – looking forward to the next update! P.S. – I cannot wait till LIVE can play BLU-RAY ISO!!!!

  • delirial Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks theuni!

    As a developer and devout XBMC fan the update is very much welcome.

  • John Bäckstrand Feb 22, 2011 

    @Magnus Falk

    You can try mopidy combined with the mpdclient addon! Still doesnt work 100% reliably, but good enough for me. Mopidy currently has a bug which makes it necessary to search before any playlists are shown every time you start mopidy, this is the major showstopper. I just don’t restart my xbmc for now.

  • Patrik Feb 22, 2011 

    Any plans to update to Python 3.2 version of the scripting engine?

    phoronix.com wrote this about this recent stable Python release:
    “Some of the key highlights jumping on the list include the introduction of a stable ABI for the extension modules, an overhauled GIL implementation, an extended email package, an improved SSL module, a sysconf module for accessing configuration information, improvements to the Python Debugger, and much more.”

  • Viljo Viitanen Feb 22, 2011 

    “If there is a demand for more, we’ll make it a regular thing.”

    Please do, there is demand! :)

  • menace Feb 22, 2011 

    @John Bäckstrand

    It appears Mopidy does require a linux install, which may be a showstopper for some. More info here: http://www.mopidy.com/

  • Razor_109 Feb 22, 2011 

    These technical updates are great! I read the forum more than daily and even then its sometimes hard to keep track of all ongoing development. Posts such as this one gives a great overview!

    Great job on entertaining and updating the community! ;)

  • blaize Feb 22, 2011 

    I love these kind of posts! very informative :D
    cant wait for the next one(s)

    more news about the PVR branch and the Signa port would be most welcome

  • Lincoln Feb 22, 2011 

    I would love to see such a post at least once a month!
    Eagerly waiting for the PPA here…

  • tezzatheman Feb 22, 2011 

    Awesome post! I love hearing the technical improvements going on in the background. This posting was perfect. Keep up the good work!

  • MindTooth Feb 22, 2011 

    I truly recommend that the whole XBMC developers team read this from start to finish: http://progit.org/book/

    I’ve read as far as to chapter 7, and I’ve learned a lot about Git and the “Git way”. So, it there are team members that don’t fully grasp the concept of Git, or DVCS, this is the book to get them started on a ventures journey ;)

  • martijn Feb 22, 2011 

    Just wanted to say thanks for this nice update and even though I am ‘just’ a user the information was very readable! I hope you find time to keep this information coming our way :)

  • arfoll Feb 22, 2011 

    Very much liked the code reshuffle done, makes the code much nicer to read and understand. Also congrats on getting rid of deps, when can we expect the removal of faad2 + faac?

  • HughT Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks, great update, gives a real sense of momentum. As russg said it can be hard to keep on top of everything on the forums and through trac, consolidating it here really helps.

    Any more definitive ETA on packaging 10.1, that bug (and the VDADecoder issue) has been causing me a few headaches and I’d rather stick to official builds. Anyway keep up the good work!

  • Bernhard Rode Feb 22, 2011 

    Really enjoyed the post, i hope there will be some more technical insights in the future.

  • JustMe Feb 22, 2011 

    As a technical user, I really enjoyed this update! Please keep them going, it’s nice to have a unified post detailing all the recent work rather than watching commit comments.

  • Richard Ayotte Feb 22, 2011 

    Great stuff. Looking forward to future posts like this.

  • Simon Feb 22, 2011 

    Magnus Falk :
    Are there any plans for the Spotify plugin (or any other music-related plugin)?

    I’d love a spotify addon too!

  • Tony Feb 22, 2011 

    SSA/ASS Subtitles for the idevices please. we so need them to work.

    Thanks :)

  • yellowman Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

  • Craigz Feb 22, 2011 

    Semi technical knowledge here altho more on the hardware side of things. I truely enjoyed this update. Nice to know whats going on with one of the best pieces of software I’ve ever played around with. I have a dedicated windows machine and trying to get my appletv2 to work although i’m having some problems with only part of the library showing up.

    Keep up the great work.

  • rflores2323 Feb 22, 2011 

    This is a great post. very informative. I am just a regular user however this post is easy to read and to follow. Keep up the great work team xbmc as this is the best media center out there. The new ios port has been awesome and cant wait to see if an android one comes out wtih all these new tablets coming. Very exciting time for xbmc users and developers. :)

  • Ron_C Feb 22, 2011 

    I definitely enjoy technical updates. It’s nice to see what’s going on behind the scenes and learn a little bit more about the application I use on an almost daily basis, especially since I consider myself a pretty technical user. Keep them coming, and keep up the good work!

  • bleze Feb 22, 2011 

    Epic post! Exactly the kind of inside which is nice to know and will keep the hope and spirit alive :)

  • Josh Lyon Feb 22, 2011 

    Great post! It’s good to see the technical details hit the front page.

  • sdsnyr94 Feb 22, 2011 

    When do we get to test the new audio engine?

    Also, will the new audio engine also be included in the AppleTV 2 builds, or is that just OSX/Windows/Linux specific?

  • HwyXingFrog Feb 22, 2011 

    I’ve been using XBMC since 2005, and have been using the linux port and live version since it first came out. The ability of 1080p on anything Nvidia 8200 or higher has been awesome.

    I’m very interested in finding out what’s next on hardware that can support 1080p. With Boxee running on the Intel CE4100 series, is there any work going into this for XBMC on any of the upcoming CE4100 based hardware coming from Asus and Acer? Now that aTV2 is supported, I know there will be more options coming soon, Sigma, ARM, CE4100.

    Although the current solution that works best is basically a PC that is capable of running Windows 7 along with XBMC or XBMC Live. Having an extremely small sub-$200 complete box that can do 1080p is what I’ve been waiting for. Once that happens I know I will be able to get MANY more friends and family using it.

    Also, I haven’t heard anything at all about a potential Android port. I’m sure this will be much more difficult than iDevices since the hardware isn’t consistent on Android.

    Detailed technical updates are definitely appreciated, and please keep us updated on the status of Sigma and any other portable platforms. I watch the XBMC RSS feed for any updates and am always excited for any new info.

  • George Feb 22, 2011 

    Please, keep us informed. Very informative post, really like it.

  • Ian Feb 22, 2011 

    As a daily XBMC user, and not a very technically-oriented one, I did rather enjoy the technical aspects of the post. Keep it up!

  • Robert Feb 22, 2011 

    I am also interested in the Audio Engine branch given it’s supposed to support bitstreaming HD audio. Bitstreaming isn’t as important as simply not sacrificing the HD audio (in the case of DTS HD). I can live with TrueHD being decoded on the PC sending PCM to my receiver (today’s reality)… but I still include MPC-HC as an external player for DTS HD tracks so that I can enjoy HD audio.. I’d LOVE to forget about MPC-HC and use XBMC’s internal player for everything.

  • Lukano Feb 22, 2011 

    Great post, love the insight into the back-end dev processes!

  • sebak Feb 22, 2011 

    Very interesting read!

  • NoGood5 Feb 22, 2011 

    Nice read, thanks for the update!

  • Christo182 Feb 22, 2011 

    Great post – looking forward to more of these in the future!

  • agroman Feb 22, 2011 

    Excited about the ffmpeg update. Hopefully this will fix issues I have been having when attempting to play Shorten (shn) files.

  • morfeus Feb 22, 2011 

    theuni, after your post 6. feb. “expect a post in the next day or two outline what else we’ve been doing”.
    I’ve checked 2-3 times daily for a new update.
    It took some time, but it exceeded my expectations :)
    If you’ve got the time, please make post like theese, more regualy.
    Many of us(if not all of us, who checks the website regualy) appreciate your posts very…very very much :-)
    Thanks again, for the post, and all the hard work on XBMC you guys do, on a daily basis. Respect.

  • Rothgar Feb 22, 2011 

    I thought the post was a great addition to the site and keeping people informed. I think it would be helpful if you guys had a subscribe button on the main site. I found the RSS feed by using http://xbmc.org/feed/rss/ but it took me quite a while to figure out and it could help keep people informed who use RSS feeds as their main news resource.
    Also I am very excited for the PVR branch and look forward to future ports to webOS and Android.

  • bogdanc Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks for the update guys! Any news with official VAAPI support for 790GX chipset?

  • costi Feb 22, 2011 

    Great post, definitely keep this up.

    I was wondering if your were planning on adding more flexibility to the menu structure? Right now we only have “Movies” and “TV Series” and no option of adding other entries/categories (Anime comes to mind), except for using custom skins.
    What would be great is if users were able to add menu entries themselves, defining what folders and which scrapers should be used for each entry.

  • arielgr Feb 22, 2011 

    Thanks for the update guys! keep up the good work.

  • CrossEye Feb 22, 2011 

    Thank you very much for the update, please keep them coming!

  • Matte Feb 22, 2011 

    Great work with XBMC! I as many others love these technical reports.

    Also I wonder if there are any work in progress for Spotify support, that is the most important thing missing in my setup.

  • Stones Feb 22, 2011 

    Thank you for the post. It highlights yet again how much work you all put in behind the scenes; thank you.

    Yes a donation is long over due.

    How many developers would $50 (AUD) feed?

    What are the financials of XBMC like? Are there any particular saving targets to buy certain tools/assets?


  • Jonathan Feb 22, 2011 

    Any plans for a Honeycomb version of XBMC?…. Motorola Xoom… Now that would be EPIC!

  • CL Feb 22, 2011 

    Yes, Thank you; More than anything else, I would LOVE to have xbmc as my PVR. PVR FTW!!! My life would be complete,

  • BBT Feb 22, 2011 

    Thank you for this great post.
    And thank you for this piece of SW.
    I’ve discovered XBMC when Dharma was released and I was waiting for an ATV port.
    ATV port made my day and I use it almost every day.

    Thanks again, you guys rock !

  • topfs2 Feb 23, 2011 

    The plan is afaik to first target 2.x flavour and later allow for 3.x, mostly to minimize headaches with addons.

    We strive to keep all platforms to have somewhat similar core features and any platform will use AudioEngine when and if it is merged into mainline. This is why we want atv2 work to be merged into mainline so they can benefit from work done to mainline. Note that even if core is shared among platforms some features may not be possible due to harware restrictions, this may apply to atv2 and iDevices with AudioEngine.

  • topfs2 Feb 23, 2011 

    It is not released yet so hard to say, android is interesting as stated elsewhere but without hardware it is rather hard to do anything and verify if it is possible. A port is alot of work and does not happen by magic, as with all open source software the progress comes from someone having the hardware taking alot of their time to solve problems. If you wish to donate a couple of xooms to the developers it may happen, it may not, at this point we can’t say anything about feasibility as we do not have hardware, we don’t even have a finished SDK.

  • Steve Feb 23, 2011 

    Agree spot is a must. I have XBMC running on my big tv via my acer revo. Spot needs a 10 foot interface, spot needs xbmc and xbmc needs spot.

  • liquidskin76 Feb 23, 2011 

    Excellent update theuni. Great to see more tech stuff!

    The FFmpeg update will hopefully resolve some minor playback bugs i see on Windows. The ‘files-in-library’ move will be great. Finally, really looking forward to the new AudioEngine, and in particular HD audio bitstreaming.

    Great work TeamXBMC. You guys are the business!

  • Johan Feb 23, 2011 

    Great post, more of those please :)

  • popcornmix Feb 23, 2011 

    Excellent post. Very well written and informative. It would be great if you could make these reports regular.
    Many thanks to you and the XBMC developers. I’ve recently bought an ATV2 and I’m having a lot of fun with XBMC.

  • kkiff Feb 23, 2011 

    Hi there,
    thanks for the update.

    Loving the aTV2 port, however, you say that you won’t be updating the aTV2 port for a while, I’m desperately waiting to be able to play .iso files and Video TS folders as this is my entire library. Is this planned? Or beyond the capabilities of the aTV2?

  • Paul Feb 23, 2011 

    Great to see touchscreens getting more attention. This is dearly missed!

  • Android Feb 23, 2011 

    topfs2: @Jonathan

    Jonathan: Any plans for a Honeycomb version of XBMC?

    It is not released yet so hard to say, android is interesting as stated elsewhere but without hardware it is rather hard to do anything and verify if it is possible… …we don’t even have a finished SDK.

    Android 3.0 SDK was actually released yesterday and it’s optimized for tablets :)

  • Arnd Feb 23, 2011 

    I Would love to see my Advent Vega with Tegra 2 run a smooth copy of XBMC. You can add me to a Beta Testers list if you like.

  • Jonas Feb 23, 2011 

    I love those kind of updates! Pleasant reading!

  • Shish Feb 23, 2011 

    > I have avoided writing technically as much as possible because it may not interest many of our readers. If there is a demand for more, we’ll make it a regular thing.

    More tech posts, I demand it!

  • Mike Feb 23, 2011 

    Are you going to merge in an updated version of lirc along with the FFmpeg and 10.1 releases? More and more forum users are popping up that have new IR Receivers that aren’t in the standard lirc database, and it’s just giong to get more and more common.

  • John Feb 23, 2011 

    Please update XBMC to have in the system menu an About section.
    In the About section, list the version of XBMC (IE: v10 rc1) and build.
    for the live CD, add the version of Linux (IE: v10.10) and any plug ins and versions.

    And, of course, have the website address and feel free to add a window that scrolls and list the contributing members.



  • Gdekoning Feb 23, 2011 

    Awesome update! more like this pls =)

  • topfs2 Feb 23, 2011 

    Hehe, yeah I saw that just after I posted :)

    Still, it can’t be developed without hardware so please donate (hardware or money towards it) and perhaps it will happen

  • BLKMGK Feb 23, 2011 

    Any chance we could have threaded chapters in XBMC? There are apparently ffmpeg patches to allow it although they may be old. VLC is supporting it and some others. Would make BD conversions much easier :-)

    That said, I continue to appreciate the work you guys put into this software and have converted quite a few friends over to it. All of them have been very happy! Thank you and please keep up the good work!

  • BLKMGK Feb 23, 2011 


    You can get the Zotac MAG boxes for as little as $239 when they go on sale at NewEgg. This comes with memory, drive, everything except an IRDA receiver. It’s an ION box so it’s 1080P capable. Not sub $200 but a pretty killer deal IMO – I own 2 of these an an ASROCK ION…

  • Fisslefink Feb 24, 2011 

    Great post — knowing what’s coming down the pipe on XBMC is part of what keeps me excited about it. With most devices, once you buy it, the OS is stagnant and quickly becomes outdated. XBMC, like any good FOSS project, is a living breathing entity. I only with the MythTV community had as much vigor — it doesn’t, and that’s why my HTPC now runs only XBMC. Keep up the great work, devs.

  • Pete Feb 24, 2011 

    @Mike yeah I am one of the people that had to find out how to compile lirc for my receiver. Basically just to add an extra entry to the Device ID’s the vendor was already there. I was actually surprised I had to recompile just to do this I expected to find them in a config file which would have made it easier for a nix novice. I don’t know if newer versions would improve on the situation I guess they would at least have more Device ID’s by default.

    @theuni – I like a technical post every so often to see what you are up to.

  • Orbi Feb 24, 2011 

    These kind of posts are great and really wraps up what’s going on behind the scenes. +1 to keep this up and a big thanks to all developers for this wonderful program!

  • dabadab Feb 24, 2011 

    Thanks very much for this post, it is something that I can really appreciate.

    A question regarding the library redesign: I have seen some talk in the forums about using some central database so if you are running multiple XBMC boxen (and this will only get more common as the prices for XBMC HW are constantly falling) you could keep them in sync. It did not happen so far but I would really welcome it if you could include it in the new Library.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Me Feb 24, 2011 

    These updates are great, please keep ‘em coming

  • Johnny Feb 24, 2011 

    Excellent post. I enjoy reading about what is going on with development.

  • asteiner Feb 24, 2011 

    This post is perfect. Is exactly the kind of information we want to see. Technical but not too nerdy.

    A suggestion: It would be nice to have individual pages on all the different features being worked on, (what’s done so far and whats left) , so that the individuals can give updates as they come.

  • David Feb 24, 2011 

    Perfect. These notes are uber. I hope the FFMPEG update fixes the video pixellation corruption when fastforwarding or rewinding with DVXA enabled.

  • Brice Feb 24, 2011 

    Cool, thanks for the Git pros and cons, it’s good to read this feedback.
    Also very nice to keep us posted on technical stuff, even if i’m not a developper on these technologies.

    To ALL the XBMC team and occasionnal commiters, you rock!

  • Oral-B Feb 24, 2011 

    Great post, keep ‘em coming!

    I’ll wait for those PPA updates now… :)

  • Drew Feb 25, 2011 

    XBMC Rocks! I use it Every day with my ATV2. any thoughts on “GUI-izing” MySQL support for distributed libraries? or perhaps a gutted down “server” version of XBMC that can run on a headless box purely to scrape and maintain a media library that can then be distributed via MySQL.
    Again, awesome product! Keep up the great work!

  • xhaos Feb 25, 2011 

    Please people as long as you consider restructuring, consider the move to a frontend – backend (server) architecture.

  • Android Feb 25, 2011 

    xhaos :
    consider the move to a frontend – backend (server) architecture.

    If you mean a client – server model then know that it can already use MySQL server as a backend database.

    You might however also want another seperate interface GUI for the database to manage the media library.

  • dzirkelb Feb 25, 2011 

    liquidskin76 :Excellent update theuni. Great to see more tech stuff!
    The FFmpeg update will hopefully resolve some minor playback bugs i see on Windows. The ‘files-in-library’ move will be great. Finally, really looking forward to the new AudioEngine, and in particular HD audio bitstreaming.
    Great work TeamXBMC. You guys are the business!

    +1 on the HD Audio, it’ll be nice to not have to use WMPC to watch my MKV’s!

  • flash Feb 25, 2011 

    Enjoyed the more technical update. More of these please.

  • Dennis von shopclever Feb 25, 2011 

    Great to see that you´re still working.
    Few Days ago i made an update und was realy suprised about the new skin. :)

  • topfs2 Feb 25, 2011 

    xhaos :
    Please people as long as you consider restructuring, consider the move to a frontend – backend (server) architecture.

    XBMC will never require a frontend – backend architecture, this is something which gives _alot_ of headaches for the majority of the users of the media centers which have gone this route and we are very proud of not forcing this upon our users. However, it becomes increasingly popular with multiple clients in a home and we recognize this and will work on ways to make it possible to simply share libraries among XBMC powered boxes. MySQL is such a way but it is obviously far from ideal and we are hoping to find a better solution than that when more developers have multiple clients (very few have multiple as of yet) as then more developers will have incentive for coming up with better solutions. Afterall you shouldn’t need to be tech savvy to have multiple clients and multiple servers and we always strive to have XBMC being very user friendly while still retain powerful.

  • macleod_1980 Feb 25, 2011 

    Plus one!

  • Anonymous Feb 28, 2011 

    Same here !! Cant use it for playing my library of Video TS Folders. Hope it gets some attention soon. Otherwise, love the product (-:

  • Mindzai Feb 28, 2011 

    This is a really useful post. It’s great to get an overview of what’s going on in this format. I usually check commits here and there, but this is a much better way to get a sense of what is in the pipeline.

    I’d love to hear some more about the new library system.

  • Liberty For ALL! Feb 28, 2011 

    More iOS Apple TV updates please! ;-) Love it.

  • Hansbe Feb 28, 2011 

    Thanks for the interesting update. +1 for more of these in the future. +10 for .iso support on ATV2 ;-) Thanks for all your hard work…

  • Kevin Poynter Mar 01, 2011 

    Thank you guys for all you do to make XBMC such a great media center, it is truly amazing.


  • Nic H Mar 06, 2011 

    On git:

    Git is *not* hard. It’s a different methodology than VCS’s like SVN or CVS, but it has a very low learning curve. You need to understand the philosophies behind git and stop trying to translate methodologies from SVN.

    While git is a distributed VCS, it’s very beneficial to keep a centralized master branch. Commit often, push when you are ready to share your changes. With large numbers of developers it can be helpful to push often to minimize conflicts.

    When rebasing is in question: DON’T. Merge from master frequently, twice a day even. This will keep branches from becoming diverged while maintaining good histories. Yes, there are situations for rebasing, but as a rule of thumb: MERGE, don’t rebase.

    Git will make your life sooo much easier :)

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.