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The XBMC skinning engine has matured over the years to allow lots of different kinds of styles such as horizontal, vertical, touchscreen menus, fanart, clearart and advanced animations. Many users are familiar with our popular skins but we also have a vibrant community of developers creating radical new skins.  Getting from a mockup, to a fully working skin can take time but the results can be incredible. Sometimes the skins never make it out of the design phase so we thought it might be nice to show a few of them off. If you want to see a skin developed why not help out or show your support by taking part in our Skin WIP forum?

So here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite:

NOTE: All these skins are work in progress and may not be available yet to actually use in XBMC.
Some skin ideas may come from other designs or software. It should be the case that permission has been acquired to re-use the resources. Please feel free to discuss any issues in the individual threads.

Cycle -

Celestium -

Welo v2 -

Avalon -

Aerith -

Arctic -

Immersive -

Lightbox -

Maximinimalism -

Titan -

MetroTV -

Simplicitas -

Alaska -

Metroid -

Zbox -


Xbox One -



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  • Simon Feb 13, 2014 

    I would like to see more skins display the certificate information for movies and TV shows. Currently I use the Metropolis skin because it is the only skin I have come across which clearly shows the BBFC certfication logos on every view.

    Keep up the good work all, there are some wonderful looking skins out there.

  • leo Feb 13, 2014 

    looking great :) umm, but mod, I think that’s a typo up there – that’s supposed to be “whet” (not “wet”), isn’t it? :-/

  • Hasu0bs Feb 13, 2014 

    Well, it makes me sad that you chose the most exciting skin for the biggest image eventhough the project has been overtaken by some scumbag-4posts-wehaveallthedevelopresyouneed-contactme dude. :(
    I hope it gets back, it looks amazing!

  • Hector Feb 13, 2014 

    One new skin optimized for Raspberry PI (Openelec)?


    • Al Feb 13, 2014 

      Agreed. I use a couple of Pi’s as my main XBMCs now, rather than PCs, so I’d love some good looking skins that don’t lag it up (these skins are all looking fab, but I suspect they would grind the Pi to a halt).

    • stuCONNERS Feb 16, 2014 

      Im working on Xperience720 which is Xperience1080 skin but optimized for a raspberry pi. Converting is coming along fine, and I’m hoping for a release by the end of the week.

  • Celedrhim Feb 13, 2014 

    They are many very good skin , but my ion330 keep smooth only on default theme.
    By chance, I love the default theme :)

  • Kev Feb 13, 2014 

    Word for any skin devs reading this:

    PLEASE have the selection in the lists NOT go all the way to the top or bottom. Not having the selection in the middle really ruins some lovely looking skins.

    The original Apple TV interface had this nailed and it should be the standard. Not the move-the-selection-to-the-bottom-before-the-list-before-it-scrolls method.

    • costi Feb 15, 2014 

      This would look so great.

  • Hedda Feb 13, 2014 

    Can’t wait for XBMC to also get Quad HD / 4K support in skins!

    As I understand it, XBMC already supports Quad HD / 4K video playback using VAAPI and VDPAU on Linux, but there is not yet support for native Quad HD / 4K skin resolutions in XBMC’s GUI engine, so for now you would have to only upscale 1080p skins to Quad HD / 4K resolution if you own a owner of a such TV / display and a HTPC or media player capable of displaying Quad HD / 4K resolution.

    Hopefully something that we will see in XBMC 14 after Gotham?

    • Josh Lyon Feb 13, 2014 

      Codename: XBMC Hodor?

  • Joe T Feb 13, 2014 

    Why do skinners waste soooo much screen real estate? 90% of XBMC skins are very impractical. Why have tiny narrow lists in middle of screen? I guess I’ll stick with the 10% of practical skins and continue to wonder why people would waste so much time creating convoluted waste.

    • Galefury Feb 14, 2014 

      I wonder the same thing. The best skin I found so far is reFocus. I hope Jeroen will continue to maintain it.

      • da-anda Feb 14, 2014 

        +1 on that. I also don’t like these fanart addicted skins where I need a magnifier to read the info I care about. And I also hope that Jeroen is picking up the work on reFoccus again – best skin so far IMO.

      • Scott Wallace Feb 23, 2014 

        Totally agree with the post-er who like reFocus (now reFocus BIG). I think it is far and away the slickest skin. Just got my Zotac Zbox nano all dialed in with it, and it is fantastic. Keep that skin going!

    • Rocker Feb 14, 2014 

      Because most skins are design for 10-foot user interface.

      You are suppose to be able to clearly read and see everything on the display from your couch 10-feet (3-meters) or more away from your television, and therefor the graphic user interface needs to be simple and without clutter.

      It needs to meet completely different demands compared to a interface designed for a desktop computer or tablet, which are referred to as 2-feet interface.

    • xbmc17 Feb 18, 2014 

      Because white space is nice to look at and designers understand that. You might find something impractical but for others (with better eyes or a bigger TV) it’s beauity. Stop being so negative, everyone has their preferences.

  • Brendan Feb 13, 2014 

    I hope some thought has been put in to 3d skins?

  • needtotest Feb 14, 2014 

    I just hope that we soon get past that addins/plugins need to be skinned for each skin.

  • Phantisy Feb 14, 2014 

    I would like to see more skins, that work properly, on Android. On my Ouya, there are a lot of issues with lag on some skins and crashing. Would be nice to have a few optimized Ouya skins at some point. :)

  • KevinOctobre Feb 14, 2014 

    Please Add 3D Skin ( Front & BackCovers ) This is the best collection Ever !

    We have Already Talk Here :

  • Watts Feb 14, 2014 

    The best skin will always be PM3.hd, worked great on the original xbox, and still works best on all current platfoms. I truly hope we will see a worthy successor, like a PM4.hd (hint, hint) that will replace confluence as the default skin.

  • agentp45 Feb 15, 2014 

    I use neon svn. Have been using neon for about 5 years. Cant fault it!

    • Kibje Feb 17, 2014 

      I would not use it out of SVN as it has never been in it :)
      You can pickup the latest git version from the Neon subforum though. It is working quite well for Frodo (v12) and we have been recently starting to update it for Gotham (v13)

  • allan Feb 15, 2014 

    For all the pi users of you haven’t tried Amber by pecinko is perfect! Lightweight, limited but enough customised options I really can’t recommend it enough.

    • Al Feb 15, 2014 

      looks nice, I’ll check it out thanks :)

    • David Feb 16, 2014 

      I absolutely agree.

      Big ups to pecinko for creating Amber.
      It runs great and looks very nice on my Pi’s
      It would be perfect if it had Kiosk mod as well.
      looking forward to future updates of Amber.

  • Tech Feb 16, 2014 

    Amazing work guys

  • Reynald Feb 16, 2014 

    Oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!! it s very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrik Feb 16, 2014 

    Awesome post. Great to see some news in the skinning department. If I had more time to code I would have done a skin myself I have planned on doing one for some time now but the mockup lays waiting for time to learn the coding needed. Some lovely work here I am excited! Good work everyone involved!

  • phool Feb 17, 2014 

    The original authors of Welo 2 and Alaska HD have stopped working on these skins (sometime last year already). The WIP skins have been handed over to new skinners but I have not seen any further updates as yet. So I’m not sure whether I’m missing anything when they are supposed to be released in 2014…

    • liquidskin76 Feb 17, 2014 

      Welo v2 is back with me now…

      • bootdisk Feb 18, 2014 

        Hi and welcome back! I have since’s frodo was released looking after a skin for frodo version. But i there is no one that i like, so my question to you is are you having plans to releasing Welo to Frodo or are you waiting for Gotham releasee?

        • liquidskin76 Feb 20, 2014 

          Hey bootdisk. It will be Gotham. Cheers

      • phool Feb 20, 2014 

        Well that is great news, since I found Welo I haven’t used anything else. I take it that all is going well with the baby and work then (or at least calmed down a bit) :)

    • Kibje Feb 17, 2014 

      You are missing that they are not ‘supposed to be released in 2014′. This post is a list of some skins that are currently WIP.

    • zag Feb 17, 2014 

      This is a “work in progress” thread, none of the themes are ever guaranteed a release.

  • Dirk Feb 17, 2014 

    Hi… I would like to find a skin for old small TVs (glass, non LCD/Plasma), so I could read something :-)

  • iMap Feb 17, 2014 

    Amber skin ftw!

    • Ferguson Feb 18, 2014 

      I agree WIP, Amber is my current skin for its ease of use for people less tech savvy and it clean interface. Plus when i get those pesky CAPTCHA (spelling), I can see the whole thing even after the virtual keyboard pops up. So until I get another, probably from this list, Amber has my vote!

  • Ferguson Feb 18, 2014 

    Those are some really cool skins and some are really great! I can’t wait to try some new skins out!

  • Per Feb 18, 2014 

    What skin is currently best for live tv? I would also have loved to see reminder function for tv shows starting :)

  • louis Feb 19, 2014 

    no confuence ? i love the confluence-customable-mod
    and its light…

  • Eric Estep Feb 20, 2014 

    Can we please get more skins beside Aeon Nox that incorporate ClearArt and DiscArt into the movie and TV sections? It’s hard to get away from the beauty that those two add to a skin.

  • Staael2014 Feb 20, 2014 

    Looks amazing.. looking forward to try some of theese.. :-)

  • lost89577 Feb 22, 2014 

    i have found with a very large collection. That my need for custom filters have increased and that i am very limited. With skins that will allow me to customise the menu’s and sub menu’s to meet my needs.

    This is an issue that long time users who have build very large collection, that without XBMC would have a very hard time trying to sort though all the directory’s to find the moves and shows they want.

  • bertus Feb 23, 2014 

    Hello, i just had an idea.
    most skins now use big items and buttons more or less like windows metro had.
    sort of like you can use it with touchscreens.

    Now i have seen some tv shows or movies, where they use big monitors, with nice menus and windows with infomration popping op, in actual windows as opposed to areas in the screen.

    also i have seen soms lightwheigt windowmanagers that realy look basic. like a function bar with drop down menu’s , or a little like the start menu of windows used te be.

    maybe even more like OSX menu bar at the top of the screen.

    I think it would be great to have a skin that lookl like xbmc is a controlcenter / oeprating system, that monitors not information on people or locations ( like spying) ut would monitor your XBMC. so much more functions and setting right at the selection of a drop down menu, and then have a preview in a realtime windows that shows somthing of the contents so, settings for addons, settings for xbm, settings for library, settings for system.hardware settings for … etc, and when for menus about the content you could have info on location of folders, and what files or movie titles are in the library. on another window you could have a keyboard, or a remote/control panel to view / preview the selected item from the menu, and at last yoy cab switch to full screen, when pressing play, and switching back to the main view with the paused movie in a window on the “desktop”

    that would look quite “high tech” state of the art profesional / advanced. , and in control like a master on the system, and a little less like just a graphics skin over a system.

    when the menu is kept rather simple, much like sony Xross mediabar, but then with drop down items, things will be easy to find without clicking to other screens.

    when you then specify a “user only” menu and a “system admin” menu, things can be kept realy simple, for users, with no functions that arent used anyway, and very standard and complete for administarttive tasks.
    offcourse the backgrouds , wallpapers and system sounds should be add tot the look and feel, in a way you see on tv when like in series use see throug monitors with swipe, click and beep sounds.

    using the menu would be by moving the cursor/pointer to a corner or window edge like U are used to with windows 8, so with touch screens or touchpads it could still be used, when the screen is big enought, for smaller devices with touchscreens that would not work to well..

  • Stephaniie Feb 24, 2014 


    Which of this fancy Skins is available to try NOW? :-)

  • John_Doe Feb 24, 2014 

    I’m sad… Some of these great skins SHOULD be “officially” accepted, and should be on XBMC Skins page. Why? 1.(one). Those skins are a (possible) feature in XBMC. 2.(two) Adding a “new feature/skin” is a “must” in XBMC. 3.(three) If I need to use a skin fron a “beta” package, or a feature not avaiable in a “stable/official” release… ETC… SO, WHY NOT??? I love XBMC, because is the first mediaserver that worked for me, and it was easy to use… and I LOVED IT!!!

    • Ned Scott Feb 25, 2014 

      The decision is mainly up to the person who makes the skin, if they feel it is ready or not.

  • John_Doe Feb 24, 2014 

    I’m still here….
    I have a Samsung SmartTv, and for some reason I’ve tried AllShare/DLNA app’s from LG, Samsung, etc and NONE of them was complete/as expected… XBMC somehow worked like a charm. And I loved It.

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