Working on live searching/filtering

Posted By: Team XBMC on Aug 03, 2008 in Site News

Currently I’m working on refining the “live searching”, based on some of the work done by Bripeace for live filtering using the remote (and now keyboard).

My current thoughts are that search is more useful in general than filtering – filtering only has use for the current list, which is really just another method for scrolling through the list.  If you are looking for something in particular, then searching is the way to go.

Search in the music library is quite nice already, albeit the input method is a bit clunky.  There’s no edit control, so all users (no matter the input device) have to go through the virtual keyboard to enter the search string.  The search is then performed in the background (unthreaded though currently) by hitting the db and updating the list below.  If we can get rid of the big virtual keyboard that’s effectively hiding the list (i.e. use an edit control for keyboard + remote with SMS input users, and ideally a smaller keyboard for gamepad users) then I think this will be really nice.

Assuming search is done really nicely, then filtering could be reduced to just a method for faster jumping through the list – i.e. don’t actually remove items from the list, but instead jump through it.  There’s some issues with this though – the main one being that lists need not be alphabetically ordered, so this needs some thought.

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