XBMC 10.0

Posted By: Team XBMC on Dec 18, 2010 in Release Announcements

It’s been a LONG time coming. Too long. But here it is. XBMC 10.0 “Dharma” is ready for consumption. Those who have been following development know that add-ons are the main focus of this release. In the past, in order to find a new skin, you would have to dig through the forums, find a link, and hope it worked. Ditto for plugins, scrapers, etc. Those days are over. All of these things are now available within XBMC, no need to put down the remote to find new content or change the look of your HTPC. Just head to the “add-ons” section in the system menu. At the time of this writing, there are 11 different skins available, all with distinct looks and personalities. But we didn’t stop there. Want to watch your favorite youtube videos? Listen to some web radio or podcasts? Install a web interface to control your living-room experience, or even one to manage your media? It’s all available in the new add-ons system. Even before the final release, we have seen an average of 50,000 add-on downloads per day. It’s time for you to see what many others have discovered! And remember, the best part is that the add-ons are very much alive. New ones are being added every day, and current ones are continuously updated.

XBMC 10.0

But that’s just the beginning of Dharma. We have improved the entire experience. As always, we strive to play all of the current media formats available, including the new WebM/VP8 codec that is the latest buzz. Hardware acceleration has been added in windows (Vista or 7) via DXVA2, CrystalHD has been added for all platforms (best supported in OSX and Linux), VDPAU support has been improved in Linux, and VAAPI support has been added for the hardware that supports it in Linux. There are far too many improvements to list here, so check out the changelog for a full list. For those of you who would like to see what XBMC is all about without disturbing your current system, give XBMC Live a shot. It’s a bootable LiveCD that boots directly into XBMC, and even provides a nice graphical installer (check in “Programs”). If your htpc doesn’t have a cdrom, check out UNetbootin to create a bootable flash drive. And don’t forget to check out the iPhone and Android XBMC remotes, they’re the perfect companion to your mediacenter. We have spent almost a year on Dharma and we hope that you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it. XBMC continues to be a great example of open-source software and community-based development. Maybe we’ll find some time to kick back in our media rooms for a few days and enjoy the experience… or maybe we’ll just get to work on Eden. Note that the skins in the Skins Gallery page has not yet been updated to match the newly available skins. Look for a website revamp that includes a live add-ons browser in the near future. Update: Shoutcast support via the addon was broken at the last minute (yesterday!) by a change made by AOL. See here, here, and here. We have mailed them asking for an exception, but if they wouldn’t do it for VLC, they aren’t likely to do it for us either. We are looking into other options.

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  • hack my wii Dec 18, 2010 

    WOW , Thanks guys …. Going to buy a small pc just for this version :)
    XBMC has 0wn3d since the xbox1 days … and it keeps getting better!!!

  • Thank you kindly for this everyone involved, it amazes me that this is 100% free, and yet I stupidly have paid money for software not even half as good as this in the past year. I am sticking to XBMC and will be donating once installed!
    Thanks to all involved !

  • SikeMo Dec 18, 2010 

    WooHoo! Thanks guys. It’s been a long road. A wonderful application that I’ve been using for two plus years just got better.

  • Spiderlane Dec 18, 2010 


  • Lloyd Dec 18, 2010 

    Thanks Devs! This release is fantastic, you’ve outdone yourselves. Again.

    So glad this is finally out the door!

  • Johnny Dec 18, 2010 

    Thanks Team XBMC and everyone who contributed to Dharma!

  • Richard Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you guys! I’m a big fan of XBMC and it only gets better and better!

  • Tic0 Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you Team XBMC! kant wait to give it a try! I love XBMC!

  • Chris Dec 18, 2010 

    Great work! Merry x-mas to you all!

  • Nick Dec 18, 2010 

    Sweet! I know it’s taken a long time to exit the pre release phase but I think it was worth it. Dharma is solid and the addon system is a very welcome addition. Congrats!

  • John Dec 18, 2010 

    Good Job Devs!!!!! Addon System Rocks!

  • marcus s Dec 18, 2010 

    Great job!

  • Peter Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you very much for all the hard work a lot of people have put into this. I have enjoyed it since my xbox1 many years ago.

  • WarLion Dec 18, 2010 

    congratulations this look and amazing release
    thanks so much for this app i been using xbmc since the begining and everyday is even better

  • KidTwisted Dec 18, 2010 

    AWESOME! Many thanks to all the Dev’s and testers.
    I’m excited to get it up and running, best HTPC interface ever!

  • Exrace Dec 18, 2010 

    Nice job guys. Was loving the beta…what a nice surprise to see this released today. :)

  • Anonymous Dec 18, 2010 

    Hell yeah, I was waiting for the final version to install LIVE on my Acer Revo. Awesome!!

  • yellowman Dec 18, 2010 

    \o/ Finally! :) Great job everyone! Looking forward to upgrade my htpc:s.

  • Richard Ayotte Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you for this fantastic gem.

  • adsoto Dec 18, 2010 

    Just in time for Christmas. I am upgrading my HTPC right NOW!

  • Rob Dec 18, 2010 

    Sweet!!! Just waiting on a blackberry curve remote… haha I can’t even type that without breaking out in laughter. iPhone/iPod remote is awesome. Thanks for your work!!

  • enorlin Dec 18, 2010 

    Superb. Painless upgrade too, so far. The new addons approach is just great.

  • Andrew Dean Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you!! Should we install this over RC2, or is RC2 the same code?

  • Dunkster Dec 18, 2010 

    Great Work!

    Very much appreciated!!!

  • xvalentinex Dec 18, 2010 

    Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve been an XBMC’er since the XBOX days, and you guys never cease to amaze.

  • Jack Dec 18, 2010 

    Awesome! Thank you to all involved.

  • JP Dec 18, 2010 

    awesome! thanks for all your hard work team xbmc.

  • RabbiDreed Dec 18, 2010 

    Magnificent job by all. You deserve to be proud!

  • theuni Dec 18, 2010 

    Johnny: I deliberately left the TRAC link out of the post because TRAC can’t handle the load.
    Link removed from your post. No hard feelings, ok? :)

  • koop Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you for the release it updated fine on ubuntu minimal 10.10. HD trailers still buffer alot but the imdb scraper now uses sd trailers if you tell it to!

  • deepseth Dec 18, 2010 

    Excellent work guys, congratulations to you all, and thanks again for all your hard work. XBMC has because invaluable must-have software for my living room now! :-)

  • Alexander Dec 18, 2010 

    Wow what a great job again by you guys. greatings from germany and i just donated a littlebit… keep up the awesome work

  • Sonic Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you very much team XBMC!!!. Once again you give me wonderful gift in christmas present :) ..

  • Drir Dec 18, 2010 

    Great work guys, and excellent timing, right before xmass.

  • Jack Dec 18, 2010 

    awesome! thanks for all your hard work team xbmc.

  • Andrew Dec 18, 2010 

    Thanks to all of you, especially for the work that we can’t see — a dev who cares about dev process is a long-lived dev to be sure.

  • Steve Dec 18, 2010 

    Awesome work!

    btw did this patch make it in to the final release? http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10207

  • Sir_knumskull Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you all very much, i really like what you are doing. Keep on the great work!

  • Rothgar Dec 18, 2010 

    Yay! My Shuttle XS35GT just arrived yesterday. Perfect timing! Thank you team. XBMC 10 looks amazing and 11 already has so much great stuff planned.

  • latte Dec 18, 2010 

    Thx for your hard work and that you spend so much time for the best XBMC I´ve ever seen. XBMC is the Highlight in my Living Room. ENJOY THE SUCCESS and merry christmas to all especially to the Team of XBMC

  • Foppel Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you for all your work, all your effort and all your energy. I love XBMC, my wife and kids love it, and we couldn’t imagine our TV without XBMC at all. It plays such a central part in our daily life that we do not watch normal TV anymore but rely only on XBMC. Keep up this good work, please!

  • daemox Dec 18, 2010 

    Wow, perfect timing! I’m planning a fresh install on my next day off and I was hoping this would be out before then.

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work on this. It’s much appreciated and well done!

    Cheers and thanks!

  • explorerGB Dec 18, 2010 

    Great job on the new release, team xbmc! I’m eargerly looking forward to the new development process, the end of the Dharma feature-freeze, and the cultivating of organic code crazes as only open source software can do.

    Early, frequent releases are a great idea if done right. I understand that naming XBMC after sacred cities begs for monolithic releases, but just because Rome wasn’t built in a day doesn’t mean “XBMC Rome” has to be a thousand years off!

  • Vik Dec 18, 2010 

    Oh man, this is a very happy day!!!!! Huge fan of XBMC! Much Appreciated on all the hard work put into 10.0. THANKS!!!!!

  • murk Dec 18, 2010 

    Big cheers to the awesomesssst media player on earth! this is it right here. no competition! :)

  • DaShocKeR Dec 18, 2010 

    Awesome work peeps!

  • Ego Dec 18, 2010 

    Maybe I missed the news, but did you guys release an iOS XBMC remote? I have the Android one that was posted about a while back, but I just did an App Store search for an iOS one and didn’t see anything new. Is there a port of the Android one coming, or are you guys referring to the collect3 one?

  • Abhijeet Dec 18, 2010 

    Great release guys, really appreciate the DXVA support. Running it on my Nvidia ION system, plays 1080p video without a hitch. Glad to move away from Boxee finally.

  • MrOnionSkins Dec 18, 2010 

    Thank you so much for such a brilliant product. Have loved it since I decided to bust open my old xbox like 6 years ago. One small question though…. after installing (Live) to my 2 ion based little HTPCs (ZBOX HD-ND02-U and an Aspire Revo AR3610-U9022) I see that the final release only includes the 195.xxx nvidia driver. Why is this? Are the 260+ ones still just way too buggy? Thanks again! Off to donate…

  • EMKO Dec 19, 2010 

    So does VAAPI work for ATI in XBMC live ?

  • Rob Dec 19, 2010 

    Icecast is awesome definitely add that too.

  • PatOso Dec 19, 2010 

    If not for XBMC would not make sense to have a HTPC in my living room.

  • Hamed Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks guys

  • Chris Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks for the Great release! Im using xbmc sinse i got my asrock ion 330 (first gen). But there is one little thing that is really a fun brake. W-Lan configuration. I am really thankful for a great xbmc release, but a GUI for W-Lan config would be the cherry on my sundae!

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks… for the release. Its going to be my Christmas present…I have been waiting for it for a long time.

  • Rodden Dec 19, 2010 

    Great work guys!
    I’ve been using xbmc alot and it’s a wonderful application.
    You have all done great! Merry x-mas to you all!!!

  • Rich Dec 19, 2010 

    Gracias por el aporte.
    You rocks!

  • Chris Dec 19, 2010 

    Congratulations :)

  • Jaspov Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Jaszy Dec 19, 2010 

    Thank you guys! Excellent work!

  • thefreedom Dec 19, 2010 

    EN: In what version to wait automatic playing of video of files?
    RU: В какой версии ждать автоматическое проигрывание видео файлов ?

  • dfmos Dec 19, 2010 

    Great News! Thanks a million you guys!

  • Johan Dupre Dec 19, 2010 

    THE BEST APP EVER!!! I can’t thank you guys enough!!!!

  • pho Dec 19, 2010 

    you are awesome, guys!

  • Anonymous Dec 19, 2010 

    did u count 11 skins wrong or am i not getting all the skins available.

  • viruz Dec 19, 2010 

    Gracias, XBMC the best.

  • d1ddyp0p Dec 19, 2010 

    I have been following XBMC since the days of XBMP :) LOVE dharma… I use it exclusively for my entertainment purposes..

  • Danny3 Dec 19, 2010 

    EN: Thank you!
    RO: Mulțumesc!

  • las Dec 19, 2010 

    EN: 0_О
    RU: Сам понял что спросил?

  • netcat Dec 19, 2010 

    This is an excellent product embracing the spirit of free software..keep the good work gentlemen…

  • Babalu Dec 19, 2010 

    Congratulations guys!

    I’m impressed with your work!

  • Pom Dec 19, 2010 

    Fantastic work guys, although the update did seem to break my Microsoft remote!

  • defiler Dec 19, 2010 

    You’re joking, right? It’s my birthday in 10 days – could you not have waited until then? Okay – me neither :)

    Well done, guys. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

  • pilluli Dec 19, 2010 

    Congrats to all devs, time to celebrate! :-)

  • DanM Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks for all of your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  • mad-max Dec 19, 2010 

    Cheers to the XBMC-Team!
    You´re hard work should be honoured with a medal :-)
    Following the development process was a pleasure…
    Thanks you so much guys for these hours spending time on XBMC.
    So let´s enjoy Dharma and hopefully soon get back to Eden.
    best wishes,

  • korbe Dec 19, 2010 

    Have you problems with the Live version?

    I have try to burn it on CD and make et LiveUSB : Failed :(

  • Muzza Dec 19, 2010 

    How about a simple recently played list on future roadmap? I can’t get a playlist to work to mimic this proper, the sort order is locked into name or movie date etc, not when played. And then how do you add playlists to home screen? Life is tough without such a rudimentary feature. Otherwise, fantastic work.

  • hansie Dec 19, 2010 

    Ya, thanks, how to enable connecting to windows shares (after live essentials update)? I still cannot connect. The trick with libsmbclient did not work here. Don’t know why…. Anyone?

  • topfs2 Dec 19, 2010 

    No official iOS remote in the works, the collect3 one is very good though!

  • Lars79 Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks a lot, very nice gift for Christmas. Greetings from Poland.

  • Justin Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks so much! Dharma and it’s addon system have gotten me to where I’m really happy; now I just update the big RC / final releases instead of trying every SVN, because I’m so content.

  • Tommy Dec 19, 2010 

    One question, will the remote driver for Asrock 330 work by default now??

  • tibex Dec 19, 2010 

    Come faccio a cambiare il numero di secondi di skip associati alle frecce destra e sinistra? Uso XBMC per OSX

  • Kujo Dec 19, 2010 

    Kudos to all the hard work by the developers, and for getting out the final Dharma release before the new year. I don`t know what I would do without XBMC. Major props guys!

  • tibex Dec 19, 2010 

    Sorry for the italian…
    I’m using XBMC for OSX, is there a way to change the amount of “skipping” associated to right and left arrows?

  • Morgoth Dec 19, 2010 

    This is great. Wonderful. Thanks folks. Keep it up.

  • tslayer Dec 19, 2010 
  • boingman Dec 19, 2010 

    Nice, thanks for the release. Hopefully, the bug in the PM3.HD skin which makes it impossible to change anything in the audio/subtitle menu while watching a video is now fixed.

  • Ashlar Dec 19, 2010 

    @tibex Yes, look in the wiki under advancedsettings.xml

  • Greg Dec 19, 2010 

    Whenever I see XBMC on my desktop get erect. Thanks.

  • Lucy Dec 19, 2010 

    Good evening,

    I am a _complete_ newbie, but is it possible to run XBMC on a Boxee?

    I am trying to use Boxee as HTPC (not as streaming TV) with external HDDs connected, so is it able to play 1080p .mkv movies? DVDs with subtitles? Which file format does it recognize? I have my disk formatted as NTFS.

    Thank you

  • Pete Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks for the brilliant release, this has so many great additions to it, the hardware acceleration has helped out tremendously with low spec hardware. Looking at your plans for version 11 especially PVR support I can see it removing even more of the clutter under my tv, XBMC will be unbeatable.

  • topfs2 Dec 19, 2010 

    If you mean the boxee box the answer is no, doubtful it will ever really.

  • Ivan Dec 19, 2010 

    Really this is great stuff you made for this release. I and the whole Internet think you are making the best media center application. Thanks for this release.

  • Mdoubleok Dec 19, 2010 

    Same thing i was thinking. But no that has to be a mistype.

  • supermario Dec 19, 2010 

    It’s nice, smooth and full of functionality as always. But unfortunately the lack of support for mythtv-backend .24 renders it almost completely unusable for me. I wish you all the best anyway. Bye.

  • Hyper Dec 19, 2010 

    HELL YES !!!
    Could not await this day :D

  • yesss Dec 19, 2010 

    Yes, xbmc is a great piece of software!

  • Marcos Dec 19, 2010 

    Thanks a lot for your hard work guys, XBMC is the best independent software i’ve used

  • tibex Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks, advancedsettings.xml worked

  • Max Dec 20, 2010 

    Does it support TV tuners yet? You can’t really call it HTPC software then, can you? And don’t come back you fanbois with answers like “you just need to run this particular linux distro with these dodgy scripts and this backend and this workaround and a kernel recompile” lol.

  • boingman Dec 20, 2010 

    Never mind. I got it sorted out thanks to the thread in the skins forum.

  • Orbi Dec 20, 2010 

    Champagne!! A merry Christmas and happy new year to all devs. Big thanks!

  • Matrox Dec 20, 2010 

    Thank you thank you for the Xmas present!!! Will download it after work!

  • MrIcka Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks for the best Christmas present !

  • David Newvine Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks again for yet another fantastic revision of the greatest multimedia software there is! I’ve been using XBMC (XBMP) since the early days, and yet I continue to be further impressed by each new release. Be proud of what you have collectively accomplished, and know it brings joy to countless others, worldwide.

  • Jio Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks for the great work a great christmas present!

  • Troyk Dec 20, 2010 

    Dear XBMC Team / developers / hosters / users ,

    I would like to thank you all for contributing to one of the best open source software solutions i have ever used.

    Thank you so much and i wish the XBMC team the best of programming ‘luck’ for Eden!


  • robi782 Dec 20, 2010 

    How can i update from last Version to XBMC 10 on windows?

    deinstall old version and install the new?
    or install new 10.0 over thze latest version?

    Thanks :)

  • Dan Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks for all the hard work the XBMC team put into this.

    FYI the UNetbootin utility doesn’t seem to work properly on XBMC Live.iso during the installation it says cannot mount CD-ROM image.

  • @vel Dec 20, 2010 

    Feels awesome, to be part of XBMC by using it. Thank you all.

  • Tsjibbe Dec 20, 2010 

    I like the new XBMC. Does anyone know when the spotify plugin is available?

  • wilson Dec 20, 2010 

    I have installed all the Betas and RC of Dharma… On sunday I bougt an Asrock Ion 330ht and sorprise you give us the final Realease.. It is awesome
    thanks all works out the box except the Remote but It is not a Big deal to make it work…
    Dharma Rocks….

  • reyazi Dec 20, 2010 

    Just Perfect! 10/10 ;)

    Thank you,

  • lucy Dec 20, 2010 


    yes I’ve meant the Boxee box. So what is the point of XBMC then? Sorry for stupid questions, but should I buy real computer to run it?

    I didn’t want a computer, they’re expensive and badly looking, so I went with Boxee. Obviously they are focus to streaming more than to HTPC capabilties.

    Anyway, gladly I have found this although I’m missing the point as friend told me Windows 7 already contains Media Center with remote support. But I can’t put windows 7 to boxee I thought this will do the trick.


  • Cuba Foreign Investments Dec 20, 2010 

    Big Hug for all of you guys!!! is great i’m downloading the new release now, on time for my new mod, a dvd case for a zotac mobo, will be great to have new case and new guts!, great work, as always, i’m a big fan of XBMC. merry xmas for all.

  • Ujjwol Dec 20, 2010 

    Dharma is a great codename. I love it.

  • Johnny Dec 20, 2010 

    @lucy , XBMC is a HTPC (Home Theater PC) software.
    Checkout the definition of wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_theater_PC

    XBMC will run great and play all 1080p videos on all NVIDIA ion & ion 2 based small nettops.

    Most of these are like made for XBMC, and many of them come with a remote control, see:

    Personally I recommend the Asus Eee Box EB1501 series for best set-top box experience :)

  • Pipps Dec 20, 2010 

    How do I update from the XBMCLive Dharma Beta 4 to THIS full version from within the XBMCLive terminal?

  • marc Dec 20, 2010 

    Thanks to you all, folks. You have made a tremendous job !
    Merry Xmas guys. I wish you a successfull year of developpement on Eden for the year 2011 !


  • Manny Dec 20, 2010 


  • thefreedom Dec 20, 2010 

    Не переживай они понимают, я не раз уже писал.

  • Anonymous Dec 20, 2010 

    Dan :
    Thanks for all the hard work the XBMC team put into this.
    FYI the UNetbootin utility doesn’t seem to work properly on XBMC Live.iso during the installation it says cannot mount CD-ROM image.


    never had a problem with any of the betas

  • andy Dec 20, 2010 

    I have not been more impressed with any developers, than I have with you XBMC.
    If you were a woman I’d court you.
    Thanks for keeping my Media problems so simple.
    When I get out of college expect my CS know how to help how ever possible. (and my dollar)

    -A solution enthusiast

  • andy Dec 20, 2010 

    oh and Happy Holidays.

  • Neil20009 Dec 20, 2010 

    How cruel! You drop Dharma just as I have to leave for two weeks of holiday travel. Now I have to wait to install it on my Acer Revo 3600 HT until I get back. :-( Of course I could take a copy with me on my laptop and play with it instead of all of that family stuff. ;-) Hmm

    Seriously, many many thanks. It looks fantastic and the new add-on capability is HUGE!

  • Omar Dec 20, 2010 

    What great job! and its Free… Best software ever!

  • topfs2 Dec 20, 2010 

    You can view recorded and live tv if you have a compatible backend (mythtv works fine and is what I use)

    Also, there is no requisite for dvr in HTPC software, its an optional component.

  • Kamil Dec 20, 2010 

    I had no knowledge about Linux, but I installed the 9.11 Live anyway. After reading hours and hours in several forums, I managed to solve the missing sound problem on my Asrock A330. Just as I had everything up and running, 10.0 was released. OK, why not, I’ve got nothing better to do, so I installed the 10.0. Everything worked with no problems, even the Sound was there! Now, after setting it up and using the iXBMC with my iPhone, I can control it now even as a nearly blind person. I like XBMC Remote better, but it is not accessible with VoiceOver. The iXBMC app together with the navigation sounds of the XBMC itself makes it even usable for people with low vision!

    What ever you do, do not remove the sounds! :-)

    And sorry for my bad english… :-)

    Merry christmas to all!

  • spartan711 Dec 20, 2010 

    Hm…. the forums are down. Or at least I can’t access them.

  • John Dec 20, 2010 

    I installed an older version of XBMC on my xbox using Auto-Installer Delux. How do I update to this new version on my Xbox? I have absolutely no clue.

  • jurrabi Dec 20, 2010 

    Merry Christmas to us all!

    Thanks TeamXBMC

  • Anonymous Dec 21, 2010 

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Peter Dec 21, 2010 

    Thank you soooo much!
    Probably the best Christmas present I will get this year!! :)

  • Johnny Dec 21, 2010 

    XBMC for Xbox is no longer supported or developed by Team XBMC, and it hasn’t been for a long time now.

    However, the Xbox version was forked by some other developers and they call that fork XBMC4XBOX, see:

  • bAum Dec 21, 2010 


  • Ssin Dec 21, 2010 

    OHMYGOD you’re right! XBMC doesn’t have direct TV Tuner support! Once i realized i threw my pc out the window and i cried for hours. No TV tuner.. how… HOW!!!! Thank you Max, now, while i’m going to tell all my frends, you should also destroy your pc and never… NEVER come back to this site.. because, you know.. it’s not really an HTPC. Damn.. i’m still crying.. Tnx Max really.

  • SwitNJ Dec 21, 2010 

    I have a problem, version 10, windows. If in the process of watching the movie press stop, then the viewing of any other movie would go very hard, the video will slow down, and this can only be solved restarting XBMC. It is very unpleasant. In the past they had a similar bug, but he has always manifested itself after the computer from hibernation. Solved, too, just restart the program.
    У меня есть проблемы версией 10, windows. Если в процессе просмотра фильма нажать на кнопку стоп, то просмотр любого другого фильма будет идти очень тяжело, видео будет тормозить, рвать кадры, и решить это можно только перезапустив XBMC. Это очень неприятно. Раньше тоже был похожий баг, но проявлялся он всегда после выхода компьютера из спячки. Решалось тоже только перезапуском программы.

  • Cluster2k Dec 21, 2010 

    You doing grat job!

    But I also mean the Dev shouldn’t waste time for example the improvments on Windows. In my opinion XBMC is only made for fixed Setup.

  • golfer Dec 21, 2010 

    hi all,

    just installed 10.0 and yes the remote of the asrock doesnt work AGIAN.. !!!! removing the lirc driver and reinstalling ( work around for beta 2) doesnt work anymore..

    can someone help me ?

  • Golfer Dec 21, 2010 

    Dame !!!!! there is my old post :) .. sorry guys

  • robgola Dec 21, 2010 

    Is the DXVA2 working with Intel Core i3/i5 processors ?

  • Azzy Dec 21, 2010 

    if you tried it with an USB stick – repartition it, if it is too big it thinks it cannot fit on a DVD ;) (no joke – this works)

  • forcedalias Dec 21, 2010 

    XBMC Live on Zotac IONITX-A-B: standard analog audio still not working since beta 3. Some folks pointed out some possible solutions but I have not yet managed to get them working. Besides, without a fix in the actual release we’d have to reapply fixes everytime something is wrong that calls for a reinstall. :(

  • Geff Dec 21, 2010 

    Congrats!! I tested in windows 7 64 Ultimate, and it works beautiful!

  • Nic Moon Dec 21, 2010 

    “FYI the UNetbootin utility doesn’t seem to work properly on XBMC Live.iso during the installation it says cannot mount CD-ROM image.”

    Yep experienced that during both alpha and beta of 10.

  • Arthur Dec 21, 2010 

    Keep the fantastic work!!

    one feature is missing, but available in all ather players.. jump to a given position during a movie.

  • theuni Dec 21, 2010 

    Just type the time you want to jump to.

  • human potato Dec 22, 2010 

    This has been a real letdown for me. I really needed DXVA, but this new version has caused me nothing but problems. It hanged when importing my video library, so I had to re-scan everything. Then my cover art doesn’t show 95% of the time. It runs quite slowly, and is just all round less polished than the previous release. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to stick with camelot till you get the bugs ironed out.

  • human potato Dec 22, 2010 

    @human potato But thanks for trying anyway.

  • taxer Dec 22, 2010 

    wow thanks for the fantastic release! Installed it yesterday on my revo and it works like a charm :-)

  • Ross Dec 22, 2010 

    the happiest day of my life, your media center is decades more advanced than any commercial attempt. I went here and suggest all the people show their appreciation too http://xbmc.org/contribute/donate/

  • footagehead Dec 22, 2010 

    Advice Pls !!
    I installed XBMC on my first gen ATV/ Intel Mac fed, in 2009, and blocked all ATV updates since. Never have had a problem.
    Fantastic system and kudos to developers !!!!
    Now I’m interested in Dharma…. do I have update the first gen ATV to 3.2 – I have no idea what version it’s running.
    Also I am a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ”
    I am not that tech savvy so would greatly appreciate advice
    thank you in advance

  • longinous Dec 22, 2010 

    Screw AOL!
    Icecast rulez!

  • DK Dec 22, 2010 

    Greet software! Kicked MythTV from my maschine.
    XBMC 10.0 is great Software.

  • mark pitchford Dec 22, 2010 

    1. Hardware acceleration on my windows HTPC
    2. ADD ONS!!! trying skins without searching is amazing


  • mark pitchford Dec 22, 2010 

    Oh yeah, and a dead silent ION330 with buttery smooth 720p H264 is amazing.

  • Assen Dec 22, 2010 

    A quick-and-dirty add-on to replace the dead SHOUTCast with Icecast:


    More info on it on the forum:


  • hansie Dec 22, 2010 

    Thanks for the new xbox live. I have had the time to check it out a bit further on my Asrock ION 330HT-BD. Generally very nice update, it is, but few challenges remain for an Ubuntu-newbie. In order of severity:

    (1) Audio/sound: the sound of the menu is off, but more importantly there is no sound for the videos. My Asrock is directly connected to my TV via HDMI. I have went the alsamixer route and the audio mixer route as well, but this only works for the current session. After rebooting, I have to enable the audio all over again. Is there a simple (ubuntu-newbie-friendly) solution?

    (2) Internet brower: I now the option via Launcher and Firefox, but manuals to set it up differ, are generally complex, and there is no perfect solution, it appears. For a newbie, can you help me out with a simple set up method?

    (3) Uitzending Gemist (for Dutch comrads): the Rieter zip works fine, but is anyone able to stream, for example, Net5 and Veronica? The internet browser option (see 2) would provide a nice solution here too, but if that is not easily feasible, a simple Uitzending Gemist method would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help! And enjoy the holiday!

  • hansie Dec 22, 2010 

    I did not try the remote (included with the Asrock) yet (because I am used to my mouse), but will this work out of the box?

  • Skye Dec 23, 2010 

    Just installed this on my Ubuntu/Revo box and two words…..

    Love the new plugins!! I’ve never had Youtube work right before.

  • dsfa__________ Dec 23, 2010 

    do we have XBMC remote standard, so 3rd party company now can concentrate creating xbmc standard remote instead of MCE
    i wish also a machine XBMC box like boxee box but with size like revo

  • wilson Dec 23, 2010 

    Not, you have to install Asrock Driver…

  • Vodoo Dec 23, 2010 

    Very well indeed, but wasapi is still missing !!!
    And without wassapi is stil a bad factor for good sound :(

  • Brad Dec 23, 2010 

    I just wanted to throw some kudos to the developers here, you are all amazing. To work on this for free and still come up with the absolute best solution for HTPCs is remarkable. I want to be using XBMC on my home theater systems for the rest of my life.


  • Ayyub Dec 24, 2010 

    Just want say Wow………..! this is fabulous

    I just thrown all others softwares.

    I am using only Xbmc for all entertainment.

    The skins are awesome………………..

  • Mr. Orange Dec 24, 2010 

    Hooray! Thanks for the great Christmas present!

  • Peter Dec 24, 2010 

    XBMC 10 is a KILLER app! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • CrystalP Dec 24, 2010 

    Dharma can use wasapi exclusive with Windows Vista and 7. Make sure xbmc doesn’t run in an XP-compatibility mode (check the compatibility options in the file properties for xbmc.exe and the shortcut to xbmc).

  • rave Dec 25, 2010 

    Merry Christmas to all at the XBMC project.

    Thanks for a lovely xmas present this morning! :)

  • Martijn Dec 27, 2010 

    Thanks a lot guys, you have done a fabulous job! it works great on my asrock(w7)!

  • da-anda Dec 27, 2010 

    thanks for info, didn’t know that one. A little GUI would be nice for a perfect noob experience though.

    In general, there are a lot of features hidden from most of the users not having read everything on the Wiki (which is also not that userfriendly in general, but I know, quite common for open source projects). Are there any plans for some sort of “getting started” section/wizard right within XBMC? I think this would help quite a lot of people. Something like an overview of keymappings and a short description of that feature should be sufficient for a first step. The information might even be fetched from and managed in the wiki.

    Please don’t get me wrong – I love XBMC and appreciate all the work you did and do – I just wanted to point you guys on that – nothing more. But I guess you already know about that.

  • Edz Dec 28, 2010 

    Just a quick note – please feel free to update this if its out of date but attempting an update in karmic resulted in no xbmc due to an ongoing PPA problem. If you have a working system under karmic probably best NOT to try to update to Dharma at the moment until this is resolved. Unless you’re willing to update ubuntu first!

    As always this is my experience yours may vary and it may have been fixed by the time you read this (these guys are good) but be careful out there!!

  • rawzone Dec 28, 2010 

    Know it might not be the purpose of this app, but i misses a way to watch DVB-T TV in it to make it a allround app for my mediacenter…

  • Rico_s Dec 29, 2010 


    Will there be a xbmc based on ubuntu 10.10 instead of 10.04?

  • Baz Dec 29, 2010 

    I’ve been using XBMC for a couple of years and this release is by far the best and most stable. I’m particularly impressed with the addition of Hardware Acceleration – which now plays my HD content flawlessly without skipping or tearing! My kids are so pleased with this – Well done team XBMC

  • Jimmy Dec 29, 2010 

    Wow! I have try every player, this is the best! Very well done, thanks alot!

  • JF Dec 29, 2010 

    Wonderful, now everything work flawless on my Zotac IONITX-A!!! Thank you soooo much for your effort!!!

  • Vivien Dec 29, 2010 

    Awesome release, espacially the Youtube Add-On : it works perfectly ! ;)

  • Luís Dec 29, 2010 


  • jkoci Dec 30, 2010 

    Amazing update was worth to wait for it !!!

  • Livid Dec 30, 2010 

    Just installed it on my Apple TV. Works great! Big thanks to everyone involved!

  • Benoit Dec 30, 2010 

    An anoying bug for LCD/VFD users:

    The tag from LCD.xml has no effect (turn off LCD while playing video). In Camelot 9.11, it was working great.

    This is an unfixed bug, wich was already reported: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10254

    Should not be hard to fix, however…

  • Nuoc Jan 01, 2011 

    Brilliant job, would like to configure the weather segment to show temperature in Celsius, is it possible? May 2011 bring you all you wish for.

About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.