XBMC 11.0 – June Cycle

Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Jun 12, 2012 in Pre-Release

As mentioned previously, we have now moved into a monthly development cycle, in which we merge new features at the beginning of the month and then perform bug fixes through the rest of the month. This means, at the end of every month, developers, bug-reporters, and those willing to deal with potentially highly unstable builds can try a snapshot from the current development cycle, and the organization, in turn, will have a more stable and predictable development process. For those of you who would prefer a stable version of XBMC, we will always recommend the most recent stable release (XBMC 11.0), but for the brave, you are welcome to try the end of the month build. To give an idea of just how unstable/alpha these builds can be, there will almost certainly be months in which some platforms won’t actually have usable builds. As always, we recommend you backup your userdata folder before upgrading.

With that said, let’s review some of the more notable changes in the June Changelog.

Airplay Updates

Two major updates have occurred on the Airplay side. First, AirTunes have finally been implemented on the Windows side. This means you can send both music and video from your iOS and iTunes devices to XBMC for Windows.

Second, when sending AirPlay music to XBMC, XBMC can now read the metadata sent in the stream and display the music information (e.g. title, author, coverart, etc.) on the screen. Unfortunately, this is only possible when sending audio from iTunes. iOS devices use FairPlay encryption, which XBMC is not totally compatible with at this time.

GSOC Updates

The efforts of our GSOC students are beginning to come to fruition. Montellese has been working over time to make the XBMC library faster and smarter. This month he has managed to push two fixes/updates to the library. First, movie sets now sort in a manner that better fit the rest of the library. In the past, movie sets were simply listed at the front of the movie library, like folders in front of files. Now, they are sorted based on the category. For example, the average rating of the movies inside the set would determine where the set would reside in a “sort by rating.”

A second new GSOC feature by Montellese should drastically speed up movie listings over JSON-RPC, which will greatly benefit mobile remote users and anyone else accessing the library from non-local devices. In the past, every call to XBMC’s movie library required spitting out every item in that library, even if the remote device was only looking for a few items. Now, a device can just pull those items it needs at any given point, for a massive time saving.


That covers some of the more notable and easily visible changes in this cycle. For a full list of all the June changes, feel free to take a look at our list of June milestones. Also, keep an eye out for the July Cycle. Or, if you are feeling a bit brave and a bit lucky, just start downloading here for Windows (OSX should be available within 24 hours)! Look here for Apple TV and iOS installation instructions.. Given the additional complexities of distribution, builds for Linux are not yet available at XBMC.org.

Also, as you no doubt may notice, there are fewer big features this month as more man hours are spent continuing to improve the features already recently added to XBMC (e.g. AudioEngine) and performing work to get XBMC ready on all platforms. As such, it is likely that we may begin intentionally winding down adding on additional new features in an attempt to get Frodo out sooner than later. When a roadmap has been established, we will, of course, update everyone.


OSX is now available!

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  • Caleb Jul 13, 2012 

    I wish Android had a suitable replacement for Airplay :( I feel like I’m missing out…

  • otari Jul 13, 2012 

    Airtunes – fantastic!

  • Anonymous Jul 13, 2012 

    Caleb :
    I wish Android had a suitable replacement for Airplay :( I feel like I’m missing out…

    yeah its called DLNA

  • vinfromuk Jul 13, 2012 

    Caleb :
    I wish Android had a suitable replacement for Airplay :( I feel like I’m missing out…

    Play on XBMC from installing the official remote works pretty well.

  • kuba Jul 13, 2012 

    LOL … dlna…

  • fidomuh Jul 13, 2012 

    I’m just hoping this will give us a version with AudioEngine that actually works on my Linux / Zacate setup :D
    So far there’s been various problems, but never any sound. It is improving though, as I can see the alsa: hdmi setting now, where I only saw *nothing* before :D

    good work guys!

  • G Jul 13, 2012 

    What is that zappy image?

    Also, where are the 64 bit builds for OSX that were mentioned in the May Cycle?

  • Cristian Conti Jul 13, 2012 

    Hi, i know that this can be a stupid question, but i haven’t found a clear answer to put aside all my doubts.
    How can i run a “monthly cycle release” on the same pc where i have my standard and working Eden XBMC, without any risk to destroy all the work i’ve done? I just need to install it in another directory and keep a backup of my profile directory (Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\XBMC): is it right?
    Can i run the “monthly cycle release” with the -p switch to keep all data safe?

  • jmarshall Jul 13, 2012 

    @Cristian Conti: Yes, as long as you run with the -p switch, XBMC will only write your userdata inside XBMC’s folder.

  • incetardis Jul 13, 2012 

    that is zappy wearing an android hat… interesting!

  • incetardis Jul 13, 2012 

    click the “…” at the end of the post for anyone who hasn’t noticed!

  • Uxorious Jul 13, 2012 

    Get a Nexus Q

  • Harley Jul 13, 2012 

    http://xbmc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/zappy.png haha that is funny! :)

    Zappy smashed the Android robot maskot and is wearing his scalp as a trophy?

  • Max Jul 13, 2012 

    Finally, I’ve been updating the page nonstop since the first of July :D One question though: Which nightly build for iOS is closest to the alpha3-version for windows? I use mySQL so I don’t wan’t them to use different database-versions or something like that :)

  • Max Jul 13, 2012 

    Max :
    Finally, I’ve been updating the page nonstop since the first of July :D One question though: Which nightly build for iOS is closest to the alpha3-version for windows? I use mySQL so I don’t wan’t them to use different database-versions or something like that :)

    Nevermind, I just saw that the iOS did get the alpha3-version also! Perhaps it would be a good idea to write that up there instead of linking to the wiki which instructs you to download a nightly build? :)

  • Rasmus Hetoft Jul 13, 2012 

    Hey guys, thanks for keeping us all updated. ;)

    Two kind of noobish questions;

    1. Which is the newer version/build? This one, Frodo Alpha 3, or the latest nightly, XBMCSetup-20120707-4d1bbd6-master.exe, (dated 8th of July)?

    2. How come the nightlies aren’t updated on a day-to-day basis now? The latest compiled .exe on the server is dated 8th of July :)

    Regards, Rasmus

  • natethomas Jul 13, 2012 

    @Rasmus Hetoft
    Alpha 3 will not be as new as the July 8th nightly, but should be more stable.

  • natethomas Jul 13, 2012 

    The iOS wiki link goes to the following line, “Installing a semi-stable monthly build is the same as installing a nightly build, but with the url in step 1 replaced with http://mirrors.xbmc.org/snapshots/darwin/ios/” No instructions to install nightly builds.

  • Edward Jul 13, 2012 

    Excellent work.

    My dream is next for the UPnP server to serve files I’ve added to the library (i.e., to be a UPnP server). Currently XBMC’s UPnP server (running on windows or ubuntu) shows up on any client I’ve seen as an available UPnP server, but all it seems to be serving are empty video and music folders–nothing I’ve added to my library and currently see in XBMC.

    Of course if there is currently an iOS, PC, or Mac DLNA client out there that does see some files or streams served by XBMC’s UPnP server, I’d love to know about it.

  • HTS Jul 13, 2012 

    Great news, guys.

    I specially like the library updates. My humongous library thanks you.

    On my way to build a linux test version.


  • hegemon13 Jul 13, 2012 

    Please say that the zappy image means what I think it means.

  • theuni Jul 13, 2012 

    you think it means zappy likes funny hats? Nah, that can’t be it…

  • Gamezonline Jul 13, 2012 

    welp time to pull my google tv from the basement

  • A Jul 14, 2012 

    Hi, the mac build still hasn’t popped up. Am I just going to the wrong directory?

  • Michael Jul 14, 2012 

    A :
    Hi, the mac build still hasn’t popped up. Am I just going to the wrong directory?

    No, unless i am too :-(
    either they have to fix some bugs to get to the same level, or the forgot it because of the xbmc for android news ;-)
    nightly builds for os x have been created the last few days.
    so i guess i try one of them again until they release it.

  • Michael Jul 14, 2012 

    nevermind my last comment.
    they released it!
    (i guess my browser cached it or something like this)

  • A Jul 15, 2012 

    That was it! Chrome seems to have cached an old version for whatever reason! Thanks!

  • SadMac Jul 15, 2012 

    Please sort out the Linux monthly build situation. You’ve already got nightly PPAs automatically building – it really can’t be any more effort than. You’re going to store up bugs if people are only installing it yearly.

  • Oby Jul 17, 2012 

    @SadMac Agree completely, had to fight pretty lot to get nightly from Nathan Rennie-Waldock launchpad build site running. Was very eager to test stuff etc… Is there at least any status update for us momentarily “unlucky” linux users?

  • noiz13 Jul 19, 2012 

    why are the headphone outlets not working

  • vlitkowski Jul 19, 2012 


    is there libcec for usb-cec adapter support ?

  • Ali Jul 23, 2012 

    How do you display the cover art that is streamed by Airplay?

  • Tuxie Jul 25, 2012 

    When will the so called “stable” branch ever get any stability updates? I’m sure there are plenty of Eden bugs that are fixed by now but XBMCbuntu (and ppa:team-xbmc) still has the same 11.0 packages as when it was first released.

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